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My book included 27 chapters. Most or all of these chapters will be added to the site as time permits for the editing of the information. The information for the generations that currently living will be edited to some degree so that private information will not be available.

Information that is available:

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1-8          Chapter 1                Origin of the Ewing Name

9-18        Chapter 2                Out of Scotland and in Ireland

19-26      Chapter 3                Robert Ewing [birth estimated between 1646 to 1655]

27-42      Chapter 4                Margaret Ewing. [She married Josiah Porter]

43-65      Chapter 5                William Ewing. [birth about 1660 and married twice]

66-80      Chapter 6                Aexander Ewing (1676/7-1738) [son of Robert, 1st generation in Colonies/America]

                                                Second Generation children of Alexander Ewing

81-96      Chapter 7                James, William, and Samuel Ewing [sons of Alexander]

97-123    Chapter 8                Eleanor Ewing [She married Andrew Porter]

124-169  Chapter 9                Margaret Ewing [She married Andrew Porter, different from one above]

170-185  Chapter 10              John Ewing

186-233  Chapter 11              William Ewing

234-258  Chapter 12              Alexander Ewing (1752-1822) [third generation, son of John Ewing]:

259-286  Chapter 13              James Ewing (1790-1866) [fourth generation, son of Alexander (1752-1822)

                                                Fifth Generation, children of James Ewing:

287-301  Chapter 14              1st Oscar Smith Ewing [married Evaline Lumpkin McAlister]

302-303  Chapter 15              2nd John Love Ewing [married Mary Jane McAdoo]

304-320  Chapter 16              3rd Sarah McGavock Ewing [married Timothy McArty Allison]

321-335  Chapter 17              4th Lucinda Clemmons Ewing [married Joseph Hopkins “Hop” Kennedy]

336-356  Chapter 18              5th Alexander Bailey Ewing [married Emily J Wilson]

357-446  Chapter 19              7th James William Ewing [married Elizabeth McCarty Allman]

447-449  Chapter 20              8th Nancy Elizabeth Ewing [married William E Davis, Sr]

450-466  Chapter 21              9th Martha Jane Ewing [married Lycurgus Vestus Kennedy]

467-478  Chapter 22              10th Benjamin David Ewing [married Kate Temperance Weathers]

479-538  Chapter 23              11th Shadrack Newbern Ewing [married Mary Drusilla Kennedy]

539-543  Chapter 24              14th Eldridge Lafayette Ewing [married Nancy Foster]

544-557  Chapter 25              16th Randall Bransford Ewing [married Eliza Frances Ford]

558-561  Chapter 26              18th Helen G Ewing [married Thomas J Ford]

562-591  Chapter 27              19th Gustavus Henry Ewing [Irene Samantha Williams]

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