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Chapter XVIII

George Ewing of Amelia and Wythe, Virginia

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At an early day a George Ewing lived in Amelia County, Virginia. On July 27, 1742, he conveyed 287 acres of land to Hugh Callers. No wife is mentioned in this deed. The land is described as in Nottaway Parish, adjoining Baker and others. (Deed Book, Amelia County, No. 3, p. 245.) I have not been able to learn when he obtained this land, as the records of Amelia County do not disclose. He must have been 21 years old at the date of the deed, and if not older he would have been born at least in 1721. This George could, therefore, have been the son George of the Samuel Ewing, who died in Prince Edward County, and whose will is probated there in October, 1758. This Samuel was, as shown, one of the immigrant brothers. As Samuel’s son, George had a son George, it is reasonable that one or the other Georges mentioned in the Bible records herein given was a grandson of this Samuel.

Miss Olivia Davis, of Tennessee, furnished me a family chart, and says that the family tradition is that the George, born September, 1767, according to the Samuel Ewing Bible, the original from which I discovered subsequent to Miss Davis’ information, through whom she descended, was the grandson of this Samuel and the son of his son, George, who was the son of the Samuel who died in 1758. I have found nothing to disprove this tradition.

The Amelia County records disclose no Ewing marriage: but Miss Davis, who long industriously studied her family history, says that the elder George married Elinor Caldwell, of Virginia. Hence, we have, continuing the line of this Samuel, who died in 1758:

George, the son of Samuel, who married Elinor Caldwell, had children:

1.   Samuel, who was born in Virginia in 1752, married Mary Daniel, and later moved to Georgia; died there in 1809.

2.   John, born about 1754. Married Polly Ewing, a daughter of Robert and Mary Baker Ewing. Mr. James L. Ewin, in data left, says this John lived most of his life in Kentucky, and, perhaps, died there.

3.   George (II), married Margaret Ewing, said by tradition to have been the daughter of the Samuel Ewing of Maryland, who married a Craig.

4.   James, never married; died in 1826.

5.   Margaret, married Alexander Purdun.

6.   Ann, married Samuel Cosby.

7.   Mary, married Urbin Ewing, son of Robert, the Bedford immigrant.

8.   Ellen, never married; born 1760; died 1831. F. M. Cockrell, Jr., of Kentucky, informed me that this Ellen and her brother James are buried on the James V. Ewing farm, three miles from Lewisburg, Tennessee.

John Ewing, of Logan County, Kentucky, applied for pension April 3, 1833, age 72 years. His application shows that he was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia, 1761, in June; that his father moved to Montgomery County, Virginia, when he was ten years old, “to that part now in Wythe County;” that he volunteered in the Virginia militia in 1778, in the company of Capt. Henry Francis. This company gathered at Lead Mines, in Virginia, and marched under Colonel Crocket to the headwaters of the Yadkin River, North Carolina. Later this applicant shows that he served under Colonel Alexander Trigg; and yet later under Col. Wm. Campbell, of Washington County. He says he furnished a horse and equipage and got no pay. It is shown that this John Ewing fought with the patriots against Lord Cornwallis’ army, and that he was also engaged against Tories in North Carolina, likely at King’s Mountain. He was pensioned and on the rolls May 30, 1833, his home address being Russellville, Kentucky.

Of the above children of George and Elinor Caldwell Ewing, according to the Davis chart, Samuel had:

(a) James D., who married May E. McLeary in 1808. Miss McLeary was a daughter of John W. McLeary, who married Elizabeth Ewing, of Pennsylvania, a daughter of William Ewing. This William came from Ireland about the time the other Ewings of Maryland and Virginia came, and was reputed to be related, according to information written in 1878, and quoted by Miss Olivia Davis in 1913.

(b) George married Jane Cunningham.

(c) Andrew married Margaret Cunningham.

(d) William D., married Rebecca, daughter of William David Ewing. This couple had seven children, of whom the youngest was James Scott Ewing. The latter married Eliza Blevins, and had George Wythe Ewing, who married Alice Patterson, and had Elsie, Pauline and Llewellyn.

(e) Samuel, born 1794, died in Georgia in young manhood.

(f)  Joseph Preston Ewing, married Elizabeth Newton. They had Joseph Erwin Ewing, who married Agnes Gibson; Leonard Newton Ewing, who married Janet Welsh, and Alvan Brown Ewing, who married Louisa Newton. The latter had Kittie, who married Scott D. Davis, who had Olivia and Mary Newton Davis. (Letter by Miss Olivia Davis, Elizabethtown, Tennessee, 1914.) Mary Newton Davis married A. E. Helmick, and they have children.

George II, son of George and Elinor Caldwell Ewing, married Margaret Ewing, and the following regarding their family is given as taken by Mr. Heuser for me from the old Bible of Samuel Ewing, at that time in Wythe County:

George Ewing II, Sr., was born September, 1767; died February 19, 1838.

Margaret Ewing, his wife, born June 7, 1770; died July 10, 1837. Married August 6, 1793. It is said this Margaret was a daughter of Samuel Ewing and wife Craig.

Then follows a list of births, evidently children:

Samuel Ewing, born June 7, 1794. Death not given. Married Sally Braly (according to the
     Miss Davis chart).
George Ewing, May 1, 1797. Died May 5, 1838. Married Elizabeth Wood. See infra.
John Ewing, March 13, 1799. Died November 14, 1845. Married Polly Painter, February 23, 1830.
James V. Ewing, February 14, 1805. Death not given. Married E. E. Ewing, July 22, 1830.
Joshua Ewing, August 25, 1809. Death not given.
Sally E. Ewing, January 23, 1812. No death given. Married Patrick Ewing, March 16, 1834,
     son of Samuel Ewing (according to Davis chart).
George Wythe Ewing, February 9, 1835. No death given.

The births of the children of the above Samuel Ewing are thus given:

Margaret Jane Ewing, September 5, 1820.
Emily Hannah Ewing, February 23, 1822. Married Abraham Painter, April 26, 1841.
Evaline Patten Ewing, May 10, 1823.
Mary Ellen Caldwell Ewing, June 28, 1828.
James A. Ewing, November 17, 1831.
Mary Jane Ewing, October 27, 1833.
Margaret Elizabeth Ewing, January 7, 1836.
Joe Kent Ewing, January 23, 1838.
Lydia Caroline Ewing, March 7, 1840.
Amanda Craig Ewing, March 5, 1842.
Ann Johnson, September 30, 1848.

Mary Ewing and James B. Johnston married November 11, 1847, but which Mary the record says not.

The Painters were the grandparents of Mr. H. M. Heuser, who copied the record from the old Bible. Emily Painter died, as the Bible shows, February 9, 1889. Mr. Heuser says: “My wife has the old Ewing Bible which belonged to Samuel Ewing, the father of Emily.” (Letter of April 11, 1914.)

Some of the descendants of the older George shown above sent me family tables claiming descent through George Wythe Ewing, and that he married Elizabeth Wood. But from the above Bible record it is evident that George, born May 1, 1797, has been confused with his brother George Wythe, born February 9, 1835. As given to me by L. M. Ewing, a descendant, the Ewing-Wood marriage was celebrated October 4, 1821. If so, and I know of nothing to dispute that date, then it was George, born May 1, 1797, and not his brother, George Wythe, born February 9, 1835, who married Elizabeth Wood.

That there should be two Georges in the same family living at the same time is well calculated to give rise to error in later years. The Ewing-Wood record has April 30, 1797, the correct year of George’s birth, and also the correct date; but its error lies in Wythe as the middle name. It was George—not George Wythe—who married Elizabeth Wood October 4, 1821, as that marriage date and children were given to me by Mr. L. M. Ewing, of Knoxville, Tennessee, in a communication of August 23, 1913.

On the chart sent by Miss Davis I find this note:

George, William and James Ewing, cousins of the above (indicating the children of Samuel, who died in 1758), lived near Maryville College, East Tennessee. George married a Caldwell, and their daughter married Rev. W. E. Eagleton. James, or William, one married a Campbell. Their children, Rev. John Campbell Ewing, and James Ewing, married Stinsins.

Miss Davis did not have the Bible record, which is copied under George, of Montgomery County, now in the Pension Office; but she evidently indicated this George, who was a soldier in the Montgomery County troops in the Revolution. That record affords considerable light upon both the family and the note on the chart to which I have just referred.

The children of George Ewing, not George Wythe Ewing, as seen, unless the Bible data of George Wythe’s birth is incorrect, and Elizabeth Wood Ewing, were: (a) Henry Wood, September 1, 1822, March 12, 1901, for years a justice of the court of Sullivan County, Tennessee; married Emeline P. Bartee in 1850, lived in Scott County, Virginia, and subsequently at Bluff City, Tennessee; (b) Margaret Ann, January 2, 1824, married John A. Moore and left several children; (c) Sarah Jane, May 29, 1825, married Major Henry W. Holdway, lawyer, no children; (d) May Bird, January 29, 1827, married A. J. Livingston, 1841, and left children; (e) George Craig, June 9, 1828, died 1833; (f) Nancy White, December 30, 1829-1833; (g) Ellen Maria, 1831, married William P. Horton, 1857, children; (h) Marion Hopkins, May 12, 1824-1859; (i) Elizabeth Gurie, February 13, 1836, married J. A. Harris, 1859, left children and died 1868; (j) James Valentine Osborn, July 27, 1837, died 1861 in Highland County, Virginia.

George and Elizabeth Wood Ewing lived on their large farm in Scott County. She was the daughter of Henry Wood, son of Jonathan Wood and wife, Sally Lawson, daughter of William Lawson, who came to America from Scotland in 1750. Elizabeth died December 19, 1882.

The oldest child, Henry Wood Ewing (a), married Emily P. Bartee, October 10, 1850, daughter of John Bartee, “one of the handsomest men of his day,” it is said, and cultivated his farm near Gate City, Scott County, Virginia. He was a man of exceptionally clean life, devoted to his family, a Methodist, a Mason and a Democrat. Their children: (a) Victoria Gains, September 25, 1851; (b) George A., July 30, 1853, May 11, 1900, was a very able lawyer of Scott County, Virginia. He married Mattie Queen, September 14, 1893 and they left two children, Monterville Q., a physician, and Henry P., who served with expeditionary forces in France during the World War; (c) Martha Elizabeth, 1856; (d) Lodilius M., June 26, 1858, a successful traveling man, now living in Knoxville, has children; (e) Alonzo D., April 25, 1861; (f) Laura E., May 23, 1863.

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