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Chapter XXII

Other Cecil County, Maryland, Ewings

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William Ewing, whose ancestors are believed to be remotely related to William of Ireland, the latter the father of Nathaniel and those who reached Cecil County about 1725, came from the old country and settled near what is now Blake, Cecil County, in 1790. He bought land, built a comfortable home; and to him and wife were born, John, whose birth occurred in transit on the ocean; Henry, Ellen, and one other son who emigrated early in life to Ohio. The county to which he went was new and the rest of the family lost track of him.

This John, the oldest boy by a first wife, had William M., Washington, George, Jefferson, Elisha R., Ann, and John, Jr. The children of a second marriage were James, M. David, Amos, and Emma.

Henry, the second son of this immigrant William, had by the first wife, Samuel, Jackson, William, Sarah, Anna, Eliza, Kate and George W.

Ellen, of the immigrantís children, married Richard Jones. They had no children.

Johnís oldest son, son of the immigrants, William M. Ewing, married Eliza Henderson of Providence, Maryland. They had six children: John Wesley, September 7, 1845; Lillie
Ann, married W. B. Kirk; Joseph, July 29, 1850; George R., September 7, 1853; Harvey W., December 1, 1858.

This Harvey W. Ewing married Jennis Janvier, of Still Pond, Maryland. They have one son, Maury Janvier Ewing, born in Wilmington, Delaware, February 18, 1890. Harvey W. Ewing was educated at Old New London Academy, Pennsylvania, Delaware College, Newark and the Drew Theological Seminary, and in 1903 he received the degree of D. D. from the Iowa Wesleyan University.

To Dr. Ewingís courtesy the author is indebted for this genealogy of the family of William, the Cecil County immigrant of 1790. The author has many other descendants of this William, and shall gladly give them on request.      

This family has furnished several merchants of some prominence, many farmers and artisans, a number of teachers and some ministers of note. The earliest to enter the ministry was Amos, son of John, son of the immigrant, but who unfortunately died early in a promising career. An only child survives, the wife of Frank Foster, Collingwood, New Jersey. W. Frank Ewing, son of David, grandson of John, the oldest son of the immigrant, is a favorably known minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, now at Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Dr. Harvey W. Ewing, a man of splendid force, has filled pulpits for long periods from charges in Maryland to Covington, Kentucky, and in Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts. As we go to press he is stationed at Wilmington, Delaware.

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