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JEANET EWING (1781-1855)


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-James

          Jeanet's name is recorded in Indian John's record as "Janeat Jr." The junior signifies the presence of a senior "Janeat" (Jeanet), which would be, of course, John's sister, the Jennie who married Archibald Clendennin.

          The fourth child to come into the cabin on Stony Creek, Jeanet Jr. was born 3 March 1781, in Pocahontas County when it was still Augusta. And she is the last of John's children whose baptism is recorded in his book. That ceremony took place 10 September 1773.

          Jeanet was 20 when the family left Greenbrier River country for Ohio. Some have it that the man who was to become her life's mate also lived in the Greenbrier River area. If so, and if the two knew each other, it did not become a real romance and marriage until three years after the Ewings reach the Ohio.

          He was Levi HOWELL, tall and slender with coal black hair. He was born 13 February 1765, in New Jersey, son of William and Mary (DARNELL) HOWELL. His family had lived in Allegheny County, Maryland, Hampshire County, Virginia and apparently in the mountains where the Greenbrier flows, before moving west to the Ohio River. Several of Levi's brothers settled in Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio and established large families, whose descendants still live there today.

          The marriage of Levi and Jeanet is the 12th on record in Gallia County, Ohio. The entry reads:

          "The State of Ohio, Gallia County, the 10 day of March, 1804. I do hereby certify the Levi Howell and Jane Ewing were married the 12th day of January, 1804, by me and before me - Nicholas THEVENIN, J.P."

          Descendants are wont to dispute the date, inasmuch as the first Howell child arrived 29 April 1804, but it is quite plain in the record that the marriage was performed 12 January 1804, and recorded 10 March 1804. I do not see any reason why babies could not arrive in three months back then, just like many do today.

          Jeanet and her husband set up housekeeping on the Virginia side of the Ohio - on Crab Creek, along with Jeanet's sisters Sarah and Susannah, and their HOLCOMB husbands.

           The HOWELLS' first two children were born there on Crab Creek in today's Mason County, West Virginia. When John, the second, was 6 weeks old, the family moved across the river. That would have been 1 May 1806, and that was about the same time the HOLCOMB group moved to what is now Vinton, Ohio. But instead of moving inland as the HOLCOMBS did, the HOWELL clan, including Levi and Jeanet, stayed closer to the Ohio River, and located in today's Harrison Township. The settlement was on the Little Clay Lick, and that's where Jeanet and Levi and their ever-increasing family lived for the next 10 years, surrounded by other HOWELLS. According to the 1814 Gallia County tax list, Levi and his brother, James HOWELL, were on the same land in Harrison Township that year.

           Not long afterward, a new county came into being. Jackson County, Gallia's offspring to the west, was formed on the 12th of January 1816. And that's where Levi and Jeanet headed. Though Levi was not there to vote Madison Township into existence that date, he was at least there in 1817. He made the Jackson County history books by being a member of the jury of 1817, which found one John MC GHEE guilty of bringing a pack of playing cards into the county, and fined him $5.00 and costs.

          Levi and his family settled in Madison. He is said to have had 184 acres in Section 8, apparently the same tract belonging in 1874 to one M. COLB, northwest of Oak Hill.

          Nine years later a tragic accident took Levi's life. He was thrown from a horse and his leg was broken. Gangrene set in, and Levi died the 25th or 29th of October 1834. He was buried on the hill above the house where they lived in Madison Township. The stone marking his grave was long ago destroyed by a team of runaway oxen.

          Jeanet was 53 at the time, with a family of eight ranging in age from 9 to 21, all still at home. The children were married one by one and went into homes of their own. At some point prior to 1850, Jeanet gave up the Madison Township farm and went back to Gallia County to live with her eldest daughter, Ann. She is listed in the 1850 census with Ann and her husband, Niles HOLCOMB, in Huntington Township.

          However, when Niles and Ann moved west about 1851, Jeanet chose not to go with them, but went to live with her son William and family in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

          In later years a granddaughter, Jennet Marie HOWELL GIBSON, wrote the following description of her grandmother. As Jennet Marie was only 11 days old at the time of Jeanet's death, she could hardly be writing from memory but rather, most likely, from what she had heard said of the revered founder of this HOWELL-EWING line.

          "Jeanet was slender and straight, even at 70 years of age. She had light brown hair. She swam the Ohio River many times. She was clean and orderly. She was a fine spinner; her thread was fine and smooth as boughten, almost impossible to break."

          Jeanet outlived Levi by 21 years. She died 14 August 1855, age 74 years and is buried in an unmarked gave at Rocky Hill Cemetery near Winchester, Bloomfield Township, Ohio.


4-1                   1.    William D. HOWELL, b. 29 April 1804 Mason County, West Virginia.

4-2                  2.    John Ewing HOWELL, b. 15 March 1806 Mason County, West Virginia.

                        3.    Abner HOWELL, b. 29 February 1808 Little Clay Lick, Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio d. 4 April 1828 Jackson County, Ohio - 20 years. Buried on family farm with father.

4-4                   4.    Ann Smith HOWELL, b, 30 April 1810 Little Clay Lick, Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

4-5                   5.    Simeon Cowper HOWELL, b. 6 June 1813 Little Clay Lick, Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

4-6                   6.    Levi HOWELL JR., b. 18 March 1816 Little Clay Lick, Harrison Township, Gallia County or Jackson County, Ohio.

4-7                   7.    Julia Ann HOWELL, b. 5 November 1819 Jackson County, Ohio.

4-8                   8.    Samuel Ewing HOWELL, b. 1/25 February 1825 Jackson County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-John-James

          The first child to come into Jeanet and Levi's cabin at Mercer Bottom on Crab Creek in today's Mason County, West Virginia, was William D. (possibly for Darnell) HOWELL, born 29 April 1804. After his marriage in Gallia County on 16 February 1829, William settled down to being a farmer in Jackson County, Ohio where he remained the rest of his 76-plus years.

          William's wife was Amanda HOLCOMB, daughter of the John and Chloe (MUDGE) HOLCOMB who play such a large part in these chronicles. Amanda was born in 1800 in New York. She was 29 when she and William were married, and he was 25.

          At the time of their marriage, Amanda had a 3 year old daughter, Virginia Caroline HOLCOMB born November 1825, in Ohio. Virginia remained single all her life and lived with William and Amanda on the farm in, first, Bloomfield Township, Ohio and finally Scioto Township, Ohio where William had 37 acres (according to the 1874 atlas). After the death of her mother on 28 July 1871, and with William aging and ill with diabetes, Virginia became the head of the household, and is so listed in the 1880 census. With her was William, her step-father, and their son, John A. HOWELL, born July 1861; also her cousin on the Holcomb side, Sylvester POLLY.

          William and Virginia had two other children, Sarah HOWELL, born in 1848 and Mary Florence HOWELL, born August 1856.

          William died some time after the 1880 census. By 1900 the son John was married and the head of the household, his 75 year old mother Virginia living with him and his wife, Ella.

          ISSUE (by Virginia)

                        1.    Sarah A. (or M.) HOWELL, b. 1848 Jackson County, Ohio. Not in 1880 census with family.

4-1-2               2.    Mary Florence HOWELL, b. August 1856 Jackson County, Ohio.

                        3.    John A. HOWELL, b. July 1861 Jackson, County, Ohio. 1880 census: listed as a HOWELL with his mother Virginia HOLCOMB head of household. 1900 census: head of household, Scioto Township, with wife Ella, born 1863, his mother living with them. No issue by 1900.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Jeanet-John-James

          Mary was born in August 1856, in Jackson County, Ohio to William HOWELL and Virginia HOLCOMB. She was at home in the 1860 and 1870 census, and in 1880 was listed as a servant in the home of Henry and Mary C. WEBER, Scioto Township, Ohio.

          A fine old family of Jackson County were the HORTONS, who were among the first settlers in Madison Township, John HORTON being the progenitor. They figured into the RADABAUGH side of my family by marriage. But strangely - strange in that they were so very prolific and did much to populate Jackson County through the years till it seems everyone in the county must be HORTON related - there is only one instance of marriage, HORTON to EWING, in the entire HORTON GENEALOGY (Published in 1929).

          That one was the marriage of Mary Florence HOWELL and Henry Franklin HORTON, which took place in 1890. Henry, who had been married previously, was the son of Henry and Nancy (PATTON) HORTON, and was born 7 January 1855. Henry the father's grandmother was a RADABAUGH, so progeny of Mary and Henry the son and I are twice-cousins.

          Sadly there was not much in the way of progeny. Mary and Henry just had one daughter, and that daughter had but two children, both of whom died young.

          (For the record, Henry Jr.'s sister, Mary Jane "Jennie" HORTON, married a EWING, but not one of ours. He was John EWING son of Peter EWING from Madison County, Ohio. John was at one time sheriff of Jackson County, Ohio - first elected 1874, but no relation.)

          After their marriage, Mary and Henry lived in Jefferson Township in a cluster of HORTONS, their daughter, Dorothy Irene HORTON with them. Henry had a son, Walter, by his first marriage, who also had a daughter Dorothy Irene HORTON - a confusing situation for later family historians!

          After 30 years of marriage, Henry died 11 May 1920, age 65,

but Mary lived for several more years. One of her enjoyments was attending the HORTON Family Reunion, held every year in Jackson County. She went in company with her daughter and family and frequently with Henry's sister, Jennie HORTON EWING.

          Mary attended at least the reunions of 1932 to 1936. I do not have the reunion reports of the next two years. In the 1939 report, her name does not appear as one who attended - just Dorothy and her husband - so I conclude Mary died 1936 to 1939, age 80 to 83.

          (Note: A.E. EWING was "Poet Laureate" of the HORTON Reunion Association in the 30s.)


                        1.    Dorothy Irene HORTON, b. 21 July 1891 Jackson County, Ohio

          Dorothy, born 21 July 1891, was the only daughter of Mary and Henry HORTON. Like her mother, she married into a fine old Jackson County, Ohio family. Her husband was John Newton BUCKLEY, son of Harrison and Jennie (EVANS) BUCKLEY. John was born in 1888 on the homestead near Oak Hill of his grandparents, John and Frances (SCURLOCK) BUCKLEY. John and Dorothy were married about 1911.

          Dorothy is found in the HORTON genealogy and John in the HANNA Genealogy, which notes that he was in World War I.

          Dorothy was another HORTON who was great on attending the HORTON reunions in the 30's: in fact, she was so involved that she found herself president of the Horton Association in 1939.

          In 1959, at the time the HANNA genealogy was published, their address was Route 1, Jackson, Ohio. There was no listing for either of them in the 1982 telephone information check.


                 1     John BUCKLEY, b. about 1912, d. young

                 2.    Hattie BUCKLEY, b. about 1914, d. young

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-John-James

          John Ewing HOWELL, named for his illustrious grandfather, Indian John, lead an off-beat life for the times. He was frequently addicted to wanderlust and never hesitated to quench that thirst when it came on him. And he was not content in being a farmer. In fact he often joked that he didn't know if a cow had four legs or five and didn't care. Although he lived most of his life on a large farm, it was his wife's to take care of, not his.

          John was Jeanet and Levi's second, born 15 March 1806, on Crab Creek in Mason County, West Virginia. He was six weeks old when the HOWELL clan moved across the river to Little Clay Lick, Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio and was 10 years old when the family moved further inland to Jackson County, Ohio. He spent the next few years on his father's, and may have attended school (at least he was quite a writer), but was out in the world at an early age earning his own living.

          That was at the salt works on the Kanawha, where others of his kin were known to have worked at the same time, including two Thomas EWINGS - the one at Ewington who was Swago Bill's son, and a very famous Thomas EWING who became Ohio Senator, Secretary of the Treasury and first Secretary of the Interior, who carried the nickname "The Salt Boiler" all through his life for his years in the salt works. (he was no relation.)

          According to tradition, John spent 20 years in the salt works. It was probably not quite that many. In 1832 he was married to Nancy COLLINS, born about 1810, daughter of John and Hannah (EWING) COLLINS and a granddaughter of Joshua EWING. John and Nancy must have lived on the West Virginia side of the river near the salt works, for their daughter, Jane, born 15 July 1833, is recorded as having been born in (West) Virginia.

          The marriage was not destined to last long. In November 1834, John presented a petition to the Ohio State Assembly "praying for divorce from his wife." No records have come to light to show if the divorce was ever granted. And there is nothing to let us know Nancy and Jane's whereabouts in the next few years. Many of Nancy's sisters and brothers went to Van Buren County in the HOLCOMB movement of the early 1830's and some feel she went out there too. Others think she was with her mother in Gallia later Vinton County, Ohio. (Her father died in Hunt, Ohio on 1 January 1835)

          For sure at least John was in the Van Buren County, Iowa area in 1839. Portland, where the HOLCOMBS and COLLINS were, is only a few miles from Luray, Clark County, Missouri, where John entered land in April, 1839. He bought his 800 acres from a Mr. Clark of Jefferson City, Missouri.

          And for sure he was in that area in 1845, for that is the year of his Great Adventure.

          Bless John Ewing HOWELL for his ability to write, for his keen sense of observation, for his desire to preserve the history of the occasion - in short, for his journal.

          John kept a day-by-day log of his journey over the Oregon Trail, starting Friday, 11 April 1845. Fifty-two years later his son, Levi II sent a copy of the Journal, prepared by his sister, Mary HOWELL FINNEGAN, to the Washington University State Historical Society at Seattle and it was published in its entirety in the State Historical Quarterly Volume I, No. 3, April, 1907.

          It's a gem. I wish I could repeat every word of it here, but of course that's impossible. But perhaps I can capture the feel of it in a few lines.

          John departed on that April day from John THOMPSON's farm a few miles north of Luray in Clark County, 25 miles west of Keokuk, Iowa. He says that he was in the company of B.F. BRIGGS, which probably means that Briggs was his wagon-mate. I still think Robert V. and Stephen Allen HOLCOMB were on that same trek, though they are not mentioned in John's diary. (But then B.F. BRIGGS is never mentioned again either.)

          On departure, John and BRIGGS had one wagon, three yoke of oxen and one horse.

          At first, John's journal was only concerned with where they camped each night. Following on a map, you can see them taking a west southwest heading from Luray to Independence, Missouri - rather, Camp Oregon, Jackson City, on the waters of the Blue.

          They crossed the Missouri Friday, 24 April and by Saturday, the 26th, were at their immediate destination. They remained at Camp Oregon five days while the party organized, but on 2 May 1845, the huge wagontrain was on its way over the Oregon Trail.

          In the weeks ahead John wrote primarily of his surroundings. He commented day by day on the geology, landscape, terrain, trees, the water available to travelers, the soil, vegetation and the conveniences of the camp where they spent each night of that six-month trip.

          Encounters with the Indians came to the surface only in the early part of the journey - in Kansas and Nebraska - and that apparently only because the Indians were starving.

          For instance: "Sunday, May 18, 1845 - Crossed Vermillion, a large creek. Camp near a grove. Hard rain this morning. The emigrants gave Indians two lame oxen which they butchered and fought over, using clubs, bows, arrows etc. The Caw Nation."

          On Saturday, 11 July, they arrived at the great travelers landmark, Independence Rock on the Sweetwater River in Wyoming, "a singular mass of rock." Perhaps John's name is one of the many hundreds scratched on the rock's surface.

          A week later the caravan was crossing the Great Divide. It pleased John to be able to write in his journal that the waters they camped on were branches of the Colorado that emptied into the Gulf of California, that the waters going to the Mississippi were behind them.

          If there were difficulties or happenings of note in the miles ahead they were not mentioned by John. It appears he was mainly writing a guide book for the convenience of future travelers. The miles they covered per day varied from four to 20, and the average was 13.

          On Monday, 29 September, five months after departure from Independence, Missouri, the train arrived at the Dalles, "where the wagon road ends," as John noted. The end of the Oregon Trail. They remained there until Thursday, 2 October, then moved on to their ultimate destination, Oregon City, now called Portland. In his introduction to the printed version of John's diary, Levi said, "My father helped to build the second building in Portland. He claims to have suggested the name. Portland, Iowa, furnished the name and vanished from the map."

          (The name actually came from Francis PETTIGROVE of Portland, Maine, or so the story goes at any rate. Pettigrove flipped a coin with Asa LOVEJOY of Boston to see whose hometown the new city would be named for, and Lovejoy lost.)

          John devoted the next several pages in his journal to the look of the country around Portland - its waters, trees, soil, mountains, hill, etc. Then suddenly, without any fan fare, it is 16 May 1847, two years from the starting date, and he is "45 miles from all humans," enroute to the States.

          He did not note the date of his arrival back in Missouri, but presumable it was five months from when he left Oregon, so about the middle of October. That same year, 1847, was the year of Nancy's death, exact date unknown. It may have been the reason for his returning to the States, or the news may have greeted him on his homecoming. He appears to have returned to Ewington, Ohio immediately, his daughter Jane either going with him from Portland, Iowa, or joining him on his arrival in Huntington Township, Ohio.

          Within a very short time, John was married again. On 30 January 1848, in Gallia County, Ohio, he and his second cousin Electa Jane EWING were wed. Electa (13-30) was the daughter of Jonathan and Margaret (MC MILLIN) EWING, and granddaughter of Swago Bill. It was the first marriage between an Indian John and a Swago Bill. At the time, John HOWELL was nearly 42 and Electa Jane EWING was six months past 25, she having been born 24 June 1822, at Ewington, Ohio.

          They were listed as a family in the 1850 Hunt census. With them was their first child, Lynn, born 16 January 1849, and John's daughter, Jane, 16 years old. John's occupation: blacksmith. His main business at the forge at the time was the making of plowshares, and over the years he had devised an idea for one that he finally put on paper and got a patent for. He, his brother, William D. HOWELL, and one Joseph SIPE applied to the U.S. Patent Office and received Patent No. 7021, dated January 15, 1850, for a "combination of a crown-head and bolt with the upright by which the plow is made to cut any width and depth desired." No tales have come down through the family that any of them got rich from it.

          Early in 1851, John and Electa left Ewington, Ohio for Clark County, Missouri to settle on John's 800 acres in Folker Township near Luray. On 7 July 1851, they were blessed with a second child, Fremont. Living nearby was the family of Granville ARNOLD ESQ., who had a son named James Madison ARNOLD. Young Jane and James were married on her 19th birthday, 15 July 1852. On 22 July 1853, Jane died, no doubt in childbirth. She is buried at Conkle Cemetery, Folker Township, Clark County, Missouri.

          That same year, on 10 November 1853, John and Electa had a third child, William, and on 5 July, 1857, a fourth, Margaret E. A year and a month later (August 1858) tragedy struck the Howell household. Diphtheria was rampant and in a space of four days, John and Electa lost 4 year old William on 2 August; the baby Margaret on 5 August, and 11 year old Lynn on 6 August. Only Fremont was spared. All three of the little victims were buried at Conkle Cemetery.

          Electa was distraught and wanted only to be back in Ewington, Ohio. John agreed to take her there and they packed up for a move back "home." John's son-in-law, James Madison ARNOLD, remained in Clark County, Jefferson Township and in the 1860 census was listed there, quite alone, one house away from John Jordan EWING, Electa's cousin.

          On 16 July 1859, John and Electa's lives looked a little brighter when Levi HOWELL III arrived at their Ewington home. The four of them are listed in the 1860 census of Huntington Township, Ohio; John a blacksmith, with real estate valued at $5,000 and personal property at $300.

          Before John left Folker Township, he had made certain arrangements with his friend and neighbor there, John THOMPSON. Three letters John wrote to Thompson during the brief period he was back in Ewington came into the possession of Lois Luann HOWELL, who passed them on to me for use in this book. They contain enough interesting material to warrant printing them in their entirety.



                                              Ewington, Ohio, May 29, 1859

Dear Sir,

          Your letter of the 6th of March was received in due time but I deferred answering it until I could hear from James GORDON. I have written to him twice since I left Missouri. I directed the first to Etna and the second to Fairmount. Perhaps he has not gotten either. If so, he may not know who has his note. I have not been able to get a line from him yet but hope that there is nothing wrong.

          You spoke of some trespasses on timber since I left. I will say here that I consider it all in your hands except what reservations that I made to you when I left and that was, first, JOHNSONS were to have dead and down wood for fuel and the use of any dead timber on the land for the use of the farm and posts to fence in the graveyard, and the dead timber on hand David CRAIG was to have. I shall not enjoin it on you to act the part of the dog in the manger but exercise your own judgment in the matter.

          I will here say that we are in our usual health. We still have something to eat though we have nothing laid up for a famine. The winter was wet and also the early part of spring but lately the weather has been fine. The wheat prospect is tolerably good and the prospect of an apple crop is tolerable in these diggings. Wheat has been up to $1.50 per bushel but is lower now. I have gotten into my house. It will do to summer in as it is, but will require more work before we can winter in it comfortably.

          There was a serious accident happened her. Four weeks ago last Friday, three men while working on the new academy in this town on scaffolding 20 feet above the earth's surface were suddenly hurled from thence by the scaffold breaking. The three came all down in a crowd. Their names were William G. MC CARLEY, James BURKE and Henry K. TURNER. The latter was at your house a short time after I moved to Missouri. BURKE was the worst hurt of the three and in less than a week was dead. MC CARLEY had one leg badly broken and was otherwise injured to some extent, but is getting well. TURNER was hurt in the back and hips. No bones broken. He can walk about some now.

          But speaking of accidents I will not slight myself. I took to Portsmouth this spring on the cars, my first adventure. Before we got 30 miles the locomotive flew the track, pitched down an embankment and broke to pieces. The tender was thrown across the track and mashed there. Some freight cars ran off on the opposite side from the locomotive, the balance stuck to the track. There was no one hurt and I believe no one bad scared. I was in the rear. The car that I was on stopped on a bridge about 20 feet high. The engineer had some eggs on the locomotive. He examined them as soon as convenient and found that there was one broken. He then cussed the luck.

          Give my respects to Mrs. Thompson and family.

                                      John E. Howell


                               Ewington, Gallia Co. Ohio Nov, 12th 1859

Dear Sir,

          We are in good health at the present time and have been generally, with the exception of an accident that happened to Fremont. He fell off a fence into the mud about the last of august and broke his arm. It is about well now.

          Jacob EWING left here about a month ago for Illinois and Missouri. He intends staying all winter. He said he would be at your house as he goes to his brother's in Mercer County and give you the items. We have heard from him once since he left. He was then in Schuyler County, Illinois, building chimneys.

          It is scarcely necessary for me to say that I am in need of money just now and one payment from WILSON and John JOHNSON will soon be due. I would like to have it as soon as I can get it. I have it spent now. I have written to the Johnsons this day, setting forth the necessity. They will probably want to pay it to you. If so you will please receive it and forward it on to me in a check to Cincinnati or still further east. The interest due on the note will be $70.60.

          You will please retain enough to pay my taxes.

          Old Brown has furnished us with some late news, or we should have been without any. General George HOUSE, Democrat, of Gallipolis, is the representative in the Ohio Legislature for the next 2 years. He is only 79 years old.

          Give my respects to Mrs. Thompson etc.

                                              John E. Howell


                                              Ewington, Gallia Co. Nov. 18, 1860

Dear Sir,

          I will now try to write you a line to let you know that we are still breathing with tolerable appetites, hoping the best for you and yours.

          News reached here a week or two ago by letter that my friend Israel YOUNG and a good portion of his family are in Clark County jail for murder and that there were eight more confederates but no names given except the YOUNGS. The news seems to be rather straight to be disregarded. It was also said if the law did not hang them that the people would. I would like to hear the particulars.

          We have just passed through two of the most exciting elections that it ever has been my misfortune to witness. Stumpers were abound and falsehoods and misrepresentations were in order. Everything was done to get votes that can be invented. The pretense of a prospective tariff did the work in this part of Ohio, as far as the iron region extends. What the result will be I will not pretend to say. The papers gave the accounts of inflammatory public speeches in the South, governors and legislators and other civil officers participating, and depression in commercial affairs predicted. It seems to me at least the fanaticism is in the ascendant on both sides of the Mason and Dixon line.

          We had a fine season and abundant crops where there was soil enough to produce it, and a good crop of fruit with good health generally.

          We are still living or staying in Ewington but I am making calculations to return to Missouri some time next season. I have a few plows on hand that I want to take along if I do not send them sooner.

          Mr. John ROBINSON from Schuyler Co., Ill., arrived here a few days ago and will return again before very long. My old friend Dr. Ira HOLCOMB died last September with consumption.

          There are very few going west from these parts now and as few coming here although emigration from Columbiana has not entirely ceased.

          I cannot think of anything more to write just now and will close.


                                      John E. Howell

          John made good his promise to return to Clark County, Missouri the next season. They were there by the 16 of December 1861, when Mary HOWELL arrived to make their family complete.

          By that time John was 55, Electa 39. John continued with his blacksmithing and Electa tended the farm, house, children and garden. John specialized in building-trade metals, such as nails and hinges and plowshares.

          Life continued for the Howells pretty much the same for many years. There was no retirement at age 65 for John. But soon his health began failing and he was "poorly" for several years, and finally in the winter of 1884, age 78, was confined to the house most of the time. He had neuralgia of the heart. Death came 2 April 1885, age 79 years, 19 days, "after weeks of painful suffering."

          He was buried at Conkle Cemetery, Folker Township, Clark County, Missouri near four of his children.

          Electa carried on in true Electa fashion, then 62 and just as spry and active as she had been 40 years before.

          An idea of what she was like in those later years is presented in a long distance phone conversation between two of her descendants in 1979. On the one end was Paul Raymond HOWELL, John and Electa's grandson, born in Clark County, 1904. On the other was Paul's niece, Lois Luann HOWELL. Lois transcribed his part of the recorded conversation. Her later additions are in parentheses.


          "Electa was a very ambitious woman. Very. She never hesitated. Obstinate and not afraid. But well liked with people. Very anti-smoking. On the train didn't want people smoking....didn't want smoking in there. In town, men smoking cigars would hide them behind their backs when they saw her coming.

          "She was a pretty set-minded lady. She managed what farming was done, took the mule herself and plowed. John managed his forge and hooted at farming. He had a lot of land, maybe 2,000 acres, but it wasn't good land for farming. Just a place to put the forge. John said he didn't know if a cow had four legs or five and he didn't care, so Electa managed the farm. He was no farmer.

          "Electa retired to Medill, Missouri, a little railroad stop village on the Santa Fe, still in Clark County, (Lincoln Township) and not far from Luray, and caused there a house to be built for her long and by herself...spry and active. Mary, her granddaughter, stayed long stretches with her and attended school at Medill...not because she needed Mary there, she just liked her company."

          (Paul was frequently taken to 'grammy's' and he adored her. She always had peanut butter and cornflakes and Paul loved them, but he laughed that he didn't like either one today. But "grammie" was always well stocked with peanut butter and cornflakes. And Grammy had a perpetual garden where a point of pride was an unusually early garden. I understand her house still stands in Medill and a Mrs. Spear recalls Electa of her childhood, that Electa accompanied the mid-wives at their duties.)

          "She was an avid suffragette and longed for women's rights and worked for this, but it was passed after her lifetime. In all things she wore her WCTU ribbon and pictures taken of her in her 90s show her ribbon.

          (The family had a dinner for her birthday every year as her age advanced and Paul said for me to remember he couldn't have known her if she hadn't lived long. I think at least one group portrait was taken on such an occasion.)

          (The only time I remember my dad mentioning his grandmother was because, for some reason, he always remember his grandmother spinning. I mentioned this spinning to Uncle Paul and he said, "Yes, Grammy had a spinning wheel." I have from another source - the Ohio EWINGS grew flax and Jeanet EWING HOWELL spun exceedingly fine linen thread and I have been given a fragment of linen cloth made from thread she spun. It is indeed as even and fine as any cloth made today. Yellow with a fine brown check line.)

          (Paul remembers her as small, but when he knew her she was in her 90s. She is buried at Conkle Cemetery in Folker Township, with John. With two different, but handsome, stones. Three children buried beside her who died of diphtheria in August 1858 and several grandchildren who didn't live long. Her son Fremont had seven children, but only one grandchild. It may have been RH...the eldest children of each male lived, the younger ones living shorter each time. We have speculated. The three children have a square, identical, and I think nameless marker. The square is set on one corner, giving above ground, a triangular effect. As she lived a long time, there may be an obituary. Luray had a paper, the only known issue is in a Los Angeles museum, so it would almost have to be in someone's possession.)

          On the reverse side: Mary HOWELL FINEGAN collected material on her family, HOWELL and EWING, and had quite a lot of things, but died young (in her 50s) and George died too, leaving the home in Kirksville, Missouri with the youngest son, I think a teenager. He went to join a brother, then in public utilities in Wisconsin, and "who knows what happened to everything Mary had."

          They remembered Electa's retirement home in Lincoln Township, where she was living (alone) in 1900, that it was very big - but only one room had furniture. They also recall that whenever she was to travel a great distance, she wore seven skirts and seven waists all at once so she wouldn't have to tote a bag.

          She was a great one for attending EWING family reunions and rarely missed one in Hancock County, Illinois across the river, and a chance to visit with those remaining of her sisters and brothers (the JONATHAN) and their families there. She even made it very far afield one time for a reunion - all the way to

Hillsdale County, Michigan to mingle with the Enoch EWINGS, where she was a most honored guest. Whenever her children went with her, much was made of them for they were the most "Ewinged" of all.

          Electa did not make it to the 1910 Hancock reunion, and notice was made of her absence ("greatly missed"). Her chair was empty in 1911, too. and in 1912, she was listed as a descendant of Pioneer James EWING who had "passed on to the great reward." Electa died 3 August 1911 at the age of 90 years, 1 month, 9 days. She is buried as noted above, at Conkle Cemetery next to John.

          ISSUE by Nancy COLLINS

4-2-1        1.    Jane HOWELL, b. 15 July 1833 (West) Virginia.

                 by Electa Jane EWING

                 2.    Lynn HOWELL, b. 16 Jan 1849 Ewington, Gallia Co. Ohio d. 6 Aug 1858 of diphtheria Clark County, Missouri. Buried: Conkle Cemetery, Folker Township, Clark County, Mo.

4-2-3        3.    Fremont HOWELL, b. 7 July 1851 Clark County, Missouri.

                 4.    William HOWELL, b. 10 Nov 1853 Clark County, Missouri d. 2 Aug 1858 of diphtheria Clark County, Missouri. Buried: Conkle Cemetery, Folker Township, Clark County, MO.

                 5.    Margaret E. HOWELL, b. 5 July 1857 Clark County, Missouri d. 5 Aug 1858 of diphtheria Clark County, Missouri. Buried: Conkle Cemetery, Folker Township, Clark County, MO.

4-2-6        6.    Levi HOWELL III, b. 16 July 1859 Ewington, Gallia Co. Ohio.

4-2-7        7.    Mary HOWELL, b. 16 Dec 1861 Clark County, Missouri.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Jeanet-John-James 

          Jane was born to John and his first wife, Nancy COLLINS, on 15 July 1833, when they we living in Mason County in what is now West Virginia. She was only about 2 years old when her parents separated. She lived with her mother, but whether in Ohio or Iowa, no one seems to know. After the death of her mother in 1847, she went to live with her father and remained in the family when John was married to Electa Jane EWING. When they moved to Missouri, Jane went with them, and it was there in Clark County that she married James Madison ARNOLD. They were married by Jabez HARRISON at the residence of Granville ARNOLD, Esq. 15 July 1852, Jane's 19th birthday.

          One year and eight days later, Jane died, possibly childbirth. She is buried at Conkle Cemetery, Folker Township, Clark County, Missouri with so many others of the HOWELL family. James was born in 1832 in Kentucky, he remained in Clark County, at least for awhile. He was found, living alone, one house away from John Jordan EWING, Electa's cousin, in the 1860 Clark County census.

          NO ISSUE

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-William-James 

          Fremont was the first of many on these pages who were "twice-Ewinged," descending from both Indian John and Swago Bill. He was born 7 July 1851, in Huntington Township, but spent most of his life in Clark County, Missouri. He married there about 1875 to Sarah BOSWELL, born 1853 in Indiana, the daughter of Garrison and Amanda BOSWELL of Indiana and Kentucky. Sarah's parents were living with them at the time of the 1880 census, in Folker Township.

          Fremont and Sarah had three children when she died after the birth of the third, Estella, born 1881. Fremont married again, about 1887, Margaret EUSTACE, and they had three children, although it is recorded in the 1900 census that she had four children, one (John Ewing HOWELL II) then living, but no one in the family can recollect the fourth. They were then still living in Folker Township.

          Maggie, as Margaret was called, died about 1910 and Fremont went to live with his eldest, Mabel HOWELL KELSEY. He survived Maggie by seven years.

          It is strange, but of Fremont's six children, only John Ewing HOWELL II produced progeny and then only one, and that one produced only one. Some of the family have speculated that the RH Factor was involved.

          ISSUE by Sarah BOSWELL

                 1.    Mabel A. HOWELL, b. 1877 Folker Township, Clark County, MO. Married: _____ KELSEY; raised her young cousin, Paul HOWELL (5-2-6-6). No issue.

                 2.    Ethel E. HOWELL, b. 1878 Folker Township, Clark County, MO. Married: _____ DUNCAN. Lived in Missouri.

                 3.    Estella Mary HOWELL, b. 1881 Folker Township, Clark County, MO d. 1882.


                 by Maggie/Margaret EUSTACE

4-2-3-4     4.    John Ewing HOWELL II, b. 8 Feb 1888 Folker Township, Clark County, MO.

                 5.    Mary E. HOWELL, b. 1889 Folker Township, Clark County, MO d. pre-1900.

                 6.    Virgil A. HOWELL, b. 1891 Folker Township, Clark County, MO d. pre-1900.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Fremont-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          John was born in Luray, Clark County, Missouri, 8 February 1888. He and his wife, Esta KOPP, made their home across the Mississippi River from Clark County, in Quincy, Illinois. John died there 20 August 1962 and Esta on 13 September 1978. Both are buried in Memorial Park, Quincy, Illinois.


                 1.    Lee Eugene HOWELL, b. 11 June 1926 Quincy, Illinois. Married: Shirley Ann HUDSON of Quincy.


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Ewing Family Lineage       John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Levi was the third, though not in a direct line, to bear the name of Levi HOWELL. He was named for both his grandfather and uncle. He was born 16 July 1859, Huntington Township, Ohio, when his parents went back there from Missouri after the deaths of their three children of diphtheria in 1858.

          Levi lived to be about 98, and in those long years he was quite a controversial figure. Some of his family have described him as unpopular, disliked, a wanderer, "neglected his family," stiff, aloof and unfriendly (especially to his grandchildren). Another has said "oh, he was just different."

          But on the positive side of the ledger (to my thinking anyway) he was very interested in his forbearers and listened attentively whenever his father spoke about his grandfather, Indian John, or great-grandfather, James EWING. I have many letters that passed between Levi and A.E.EWING, and Levi was always eager to convey the knowledge he had gained regarding the Ewings and the Howells. Using his background as a civil engineer, Levi drew to scale the plat of the other James EWING'S lands, the lands on Indian Creek in Monroe County, West Virginia, from the calls of the grant of 1796, which A.E. had sent him.

          I was especially pleased to note that Levi's version of the Clendennin Massacre, Jennie's escape and John's captivity coincided almost identically with the version I have adopted as the official version, printed in Part I of this book - pleased because his would have been passed directly down from his great-grandfather and not have been influenced by other versions then in circulation, which Levi did not have access to. And it was Levi who made sure posterity had his father's diary of that trek across most of a continent to Portland, Oregon, in 1845, published in the Washington Historical Society Quarterly, 1907.

          So I have a fondness in my heart for Levi, even if some of his descendants don't.

          Levi spent his early years at home. In the 1880 census he was 20, a schoolteacher living with his parents. He became a civil engineer after attending Kirksville College, now a university.

          He was married on 6 October 1890, to Luella Romaine

CARTER. Luella had been married previously to a CARDWELL and had two daughters, one of them Nancy. Luella was the daughter of Charles CARTER of Huntington Township, Ohio - who later moved to Clark County, Missouri, brother of the Robert B. CARTER who married an ABRAM.

          Though Levi and Luella had six children, apparently marriage was not what Levi wanted most, and he was often bitten by the traveling bug. A son was born 19 April 1900, in Luray, Missouri, but Levi is not listed in the 1900 Missouri census index. A son was born 22 July, 1904, in Luray, but in 1905 Levi was in Marshall Junction, Washington (per Washington Historical Society Quarterly of 1907). Luella died in Luray, Missouri about 1916, but Levi was in Colorado. A granddaughter is not quite sure that he even returned for her funeral. (However, A.E. gives his 1913 address as Luray, and he was in Luray in 1929 when he and A.E. corresponded.)

          Levi's absence from home so frequently put their eldest, Victor, in charge when he was still a boy. He had to take over the farm and the care of his younger brothers and sisters. The farm had been foreclosed from under Luella - even the horses and wagon - and the family existed there in the mercy of the new owners, who didn't evict them, and Victor held things together the best he could.

          Luella had heart trouble and was not able to care for the baby, Paul, so he went to live with his childless older cousin, Mabel HOWELL KELSEY, in Luray, Missouri.

          Before long Luella was so bad that she could not even stay at home and went to live with her daughter, Mary Irene HOWELL MC CARTY, in Luray. That is where she died in 1916. She is buried in Luray beside her first husband and her daughter, Nancy CARDWELL.

          Levi made at least one visit home, in about 1944, when he was about 85. His son, Verne, went to get him in Colorado and took him to Luray for a visit with Kin. He stayed at Victor and Imogene's, and is remembered as neat, well dressed and precise but distant to the grandchildren. (He spoke only to Verne.)

          Levi died about 1957 in Trinidad, Colorado. His body was returned to Luray, Missouri and he was buried near his parents and three little siblings who had died nearly 100 years before.


4-2-6-1     1.    Victor Majellen HOWELL, b. 1891

4-2-6-2     2      Mary Irene HOWELL, b. 1893, near Luray, Mo.

                 3.    Rachel Emma HOWELL, b. 10 Jan 1896 Clark County, Missouri d. 14 Feb 1978 Caldwell, Canyon County, Idaho. Buried: Luray, Mo. with mother. Married: briefly to Conda WRIGHT, after divorce used maiden name. "Well known story in family". No issue

4-2-6-4     4.    Iva Maine HOWELL, b. 1898

4-2-6-5     5.    Verne Virgil HOWELL, b. 19 Apr 1900

4-2-6-6     6.    Paul Raymond HOWELL, b. 22 July 1904 Clark County, Missouri.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Victor, born 15 July 1891, was Levi and Luella's first, and was always the "Big Brother." He was very young when it became necessary for him to take over the management of the farm and the care of the other children in the family. A daughter later recalled, "Some might think Dad moralistic, strict, stern, but he had to be. As a mere boy he had to take over the farm and his younger brothers and sisters."

          A brother commented, "I don't know what we would have done without Victor."

          In 1917 Victor married Imogene DIETERICH, born 1 July 1896, the daughter of German immigrants Louis and Mary Evalena (ARMSTRONG) DIETERICH. Their household quickly became the "in" place. Imogene, described as "sweet as could be" was greatly loved, especially by her children. There was always room at their home, and always something going on. For instance, when company came, the older boys were dispatched to town for ice and rock salt and ice cream was ceremoniously made. All the children had their chores. Those old enough to milk, had cows. One of the boys' enterprises was a watermelon patch.

          Supplying nine children on a subsistence farm, and that's all it was, was a constant struggle. A son remarked of a neighbor, "he had a good car and we didn't even have a good horse."

          But on this 60 acre Clark County, Missouri farm, nine children all living in 1979, were raised to be fine, upstanding citizens. Even though it was during a depression and times were hard, each one of the nine children finished high school.

          Imogene died in 1953, Victor in 1956.


4-2-6-1-1         1.    Mary Evelyn HOWELL, b. about 1918 Luray, Clark County, Missouri.

4-2-6-1-2         2.    Emery Delbert HOWELL, b. about 1919 Luray, Clark County, Missouri.

                        3.    Lloyd Victor HOWELL, b. about 1921 Luray, Clark County, Missouri. Married: Helen WEBER. Resided: Wyconda, Clark County, MO.

4-2-6-1-4         4.    Almeta Romaine HOWELL, b. about 1923 Luray, Clark County, Missouri.

                        5.    Edna Anita HOWELL, b. about 1925 Luray, Clark County, Missouri. Married: Leland Wayne SCHUSTER. Resided: Kahoka, Missouri

                        6.    Glen Wayne HOWELL, b. about 1927 Luray, Clark County, Missouri. Married: Jean LOUGH. Resided: Fort Madison, Iowa.

                        7.    Dean Elmo HOWELL, b. about 1929 Luray, Clark County, Missouri. Single, Resided: Wyconda, Clark Co., MO.

                        8.    Iva Jean HOWELL, b. Nov 1931 Luray, Clark County, Missouri. Married: Wayne Carson MC KINNEY. Resided: Springfield, Missouri

                        9.    Don Reginald HOWELL, b. Nov 1934 Luray, Clark County, Missouri. Married: Norma Jean ALBRIGHT. Resided: Clark County, Missouri

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Victor-Levi-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-Williams-James

          Emery was born 9 October 1920 in Clark County, Missouri. He grew up on the farm but after his marriage on 2 November 1946 to Freda Mae DILLAVON, born 12 March 1920, they moved to the Waterloo, Iowa area where they have lived since. 1979: 4545 Lafayette Road, Evansville, Iowa 50707.

4-2-6-1-4                                                    ALMETA ROMAINE HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Victor-Levi-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                      Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Almeta was born about 1923 in Clark County, Missouri and was married to Linley Ellsworth EGBERT. In 1979 they lived in Wycona, Clark County, Missouri.





Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                      Electa-Jonahtan-William-James

          Mary's obituary reads as follows: "She was born in Clark County near Luray, 10 December 1893, and died at St. Joseph Hospital in Keokuk, Iowa, 22 August 1947, at 2:15, age 54. She had been ill a long time. She was married 24 September 1914, to Foster Carl MC CARTY of Luray. In 1930 she joined the Methodist Church of Luray. The funeral was held at the Church of Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Missouri and she was buried in the churchyard."

          Mary lived all her life in Clark County, Missouri close to the original HOWELL acres - five generations, including her daughters.


4-2-5-2-1         1.    Neva Lucille MC CARTY, b. 18 June 1915, Clark Co.

                        2.    Cordonna Marie MC CARTY, b. 29 Dec 1920, Clark Co. Married: Carson PARRISH.

                               1979: Resided Luray, Missouri

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-Levi-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Neva was born 18 June 1915, in Luray, Clark County, Missouri. Neva and her husband, James ADAMSON lived in Luray in 1979.



4-2-6-4     IVA MAINE HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Iva was given the middle name of Maine because at the time of her birth, the battleship Maine had just been blown up (15 February 1898, 9:40 p.m.). She grew up to be a pretty young lady and a popular schoolteacher in Clark county. She met and married the village postmaster, Wayne Noble SHINN, about 1927. He was a widower, and later operated a hatchery. Iva died on 8 April 1928, four days after the birth of her only child, a son, at the Kirksville hospital. She was 30 at the time of her death, and is buried at Green Top, Missouri.


                        1.    William Wayne SHINN, b. 4 Apr 1928 Kirksville, Missouri. Married: Lovena Jeanne JONES, b. 1 Apr 1927 Arkansas. William was in the Royal Air Force in 1955, stationed at Burtonwood, England, and in 1979 was a Kansas City, Missouri attorney.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                      Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Verne was born 19 April 1900, in Luray, Clark County, Missouri. At some point in time he was in the Navy, probably during World War I. He was about 30 when he married Olive Lettie FRANKS, who died in 1942, when their youngest child was only two, of cancer. Three years later he married Edna Eleanor BAKER. In 1944 he took his wife and family to live in Caldwell, Idaho. That is where he died 1 August 1974. He is buried at Canyon Hill Cemetery there.


                        1.    Doris Revenue HOWELL

4-2-6-5-2         2.    Lois Luann HOWELL

                        3.    Veva Auldine HOWELL

                        4.    Zella May HOWELL


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Verne-Levi-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Many parts of "James Ewing, Pioneer," especially the John and Electa EWING HOWELL line, would not have been possible without the help of Lois Luann. She provided almost all of the information in this chapter, from John and Electa on down. But in addition, she gave invaluable help in providing abstracts of what she found at the National Archives in Washington D.C. regarding many of our Union soldiers in the Civil War. Her material came so thick and fast there for awhile that I decided she must be spending every minute she wasn't actually teaching school, poring over pension papers and military files. Her home in Washington D.C. is not far from the Archives but I began to get the impression that she lived at the Archives, not near there. She spent a lot of time working in Daughters of the American Revolution records, too, gathering information. She also wrote page after page of reminiscences, which have been incorporated into the EWING story.

          Although she now lives in the nation's capitol, her heart is really back in Clark County, Missouri, where she was born on 3 February 1935. She has been able to make it back there frequently for the HOWELL reunions, and when she does, she never fails to gather more tidbits about her family. A work like this needs all the Lois Luanns it can get! Bless her for her help.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Paul, was born on 22 July 1904, did not have a chance to know his parents very well. His father was mostly out in Colorado and his mother was too ill to take care of him, so he was sent to live with his cousin, Mabel HOWELL KELSEY who lived nearby. His mother died when he was about 12 years old.

          It was Paul who recalled for his niece, Lois Luann HOWELL, some delightful visits with his Grandmother Electa EWING HOWELL.

          Paul has lived all of his life in Clark County; in fact, he probably never set a foot out of it. He regarded anyone who did as "restless." He was, until retirement, an expert radio and television technician in Kahoka, Missouri.

          Paul was married twice. His first wife was Mary June CALVERT, of whom it was said in 1979, "She is quite flamboyant and energetic, even at 75." June, as she is known, owns nine organs and "plays them all." She is much in demand for old-time funerals, because she knows the old hymns and plays them the way people want them to be played."

          A disagreement over having her aged parents live with them was cause for their separation and subsequent divorce, but they remain good friends. Paul married, second, an obstetrician, Dr. Grace L. GRAY, who delivered many HOWELLS, including Verne's youngest three. "Doc" was somewhat of the local historian. She knew the county thoroughly, where every battle or maneuver of the Civil War in Clark County was, and which old farm was North or South and the details of everyone's birth, etc. The last word on "Doc" was that she was in a nursing home. Paul himself lives in his retirement years at the Kahoka Senior Center in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri.

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4-2-7        MARY HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          The last of the double-EWING children of John and Electa was Mary, born on 16 December 1861, in Clark County, Missouri. When she attended one of the Ewing reunions at Burnside, Illinois she was called the most "Ewinged" of all the Ewings there.

          Unusual for the day, Mary wanted an education, so she entered the teachers college in Kirksville, Missouri (now a branch of the state university). There she met fellow student George Thomas FINEGAN. George was born 1 May 1858, near McComb, McDonough County, Illinois, the son of Michael and Emma (FOSTER) FINEGAN, a Protestant Irish family. George and Mary were married on George's 29th birthday, 1 May 1887.

          They lived at first in New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, Missouri, where they were found in the 1900 census. But in 1901 they moved to Kirksville, mainly because George had an opportunity to enter his family's baking business there.

          But it seems that Mary was a diabetic and her death came not long after the move, on 29 November 1909, when she was only 47. She was mentioned at the 1910 Burnside Ewing reunion as a faithful who would be sorely missed.

          At the time of her death, the youngest of her five children, Adra, was only 10. the eldest, Ava Zea, 21, had been working in Washington State but came home to look after the family. Sadly, within a short time, 26 December 1915, George, too, died. Then the home was completely broken up, and 16 year old Adra went to live with his brother Clive in Wisconsin. Through the years, Mary had collected much material on the Ewings and Howells - photos, newspaper clippings etc.- but with the closing of the FINEGANS' Kirksville, Missouri home, that collection disappeared. At least one item was preserved, however. It was Mary who had her father's diary, kept on his trip over the Oregon Trail in 1848, and it was she who typed it up for publication in the Washington State Historical Society Quarterly. Adra, the last to leave home, took the diary with him, and it fell to his daughter, Patsy FINEGAN, who in the late 1970s gave it to her cousin, Bryan FINEGAN of Palatine, Illinois.

          Both George and Mary are buried in Kirksville in Highland Park Cemetery.


4-2-7-1     1. Ava Zea FINEGAN, b. 19 Mar 1888, New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, MO.

4-2-7-2     2. Vera Floss FINEGAN, b. 27 July 1890, New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, MO.

4-2-7-3     3. Clive Malcolm FINEGAN, b. 11 Feb 1893, New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, MO.

4-2-7-4     4. Ina Vay FINEGAN, b. 31 July 1895, New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, MO.

4-2-7-5     5. Adra Bland FINEGAN, b. 14 May 1899, New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, MO.

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4-2-7-1     AVA ZEA FINEGAN


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Mary-Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Ava, born on 19 March 1888, in New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, Missouri, was 13 when the family moved to Kirksville, Missouri. The move gave her the opportunity to attend the teachers college in Kirksville, and she embarked on a teaching career - destined to be a brief one. She was teaching in Washington State when news came that her mother had died. She gave up the position and hurried home to take charge of the family.

          But before very long, she and Clarence Glen GABERDIEL found each other and on 4 June 1913, in Kirksville, they were married. Glen, as he was called, died on 20 September 1956, and is buried at the Sylvia Cemetery, Reno County, Kansas. Ava lived to be 85 years old. She died on 7 July 1973, and presumably is buried next to her husband.


                 1.    George Wesley GABERDIEL, b. 7 Apr 1914, Oil City, Louisiana, d. June 1914. Buried: Highland Cemetery, Kirksville, Missouri.

                 2.    Mary Agnes GABERDIEL, b. 20 June 1915, Spencerville, Ohio. Married: Lester W. PETERSON.

                        1984: lived in Kileen, Texas

                 3. Lawrence Ewing GABERDIEL, 21 Nov 1917, El Dorado, Kansas. Married: Nancy _____

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Mary-Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Vera followed Ava Zea into the Finegan household in New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, Missouri on 27 July 1890. Like her sister, she attended the teachers college at Kirksville. She and her husband taught in Chicago until their retirement. He was James Calvinis WILLIAMS, born 30 May 1892. They were married on 22 May 1918, at Trenton, Missouri. Vera died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 11 March 1976, and James died on 4 October 1976. They are buried at Westlawn Cemetery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


                 1     Rita June WILLIAMS, b. 20 June 1920, Chicago, Illinois, d. 10 Feb 1947 - age 26, Chicago, Illinois.

                 2.    Bernadine WILLIAMS, b. 22 Nov 1921, Chicago, Illinois. Married: 20 Dec 1947, Jesse CROOKSHANKS.

1982: Perrine, Florida

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Mary-Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Clive, born 11 February 1893, New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, Missouri, was the third in the family to attend the teachers school in Kirksville, and the third to take up a teaching career (also brief). He was teaching in Wisconsin when his father died, and his younger brother, Adra, came to live with him. At the time of World War I, Clive was in public utilities, and so was exempt from the Army.

          He was married on 29 November 1918, in Hannibal, Missouri, to Ida May PRIMM. About that time, he switched careers and became a Certified Public Accountant. He and Ida and their three children lived in Chicago. Later they moved to Lafayette, Indiana, where Ida died 18 July 1948. Clive married on the

1st of September 1949, in Chicago, Virginia RAY. His third marriage was to Rosemary STEVENS on 19 December 1959, in Chicago. Clive died 24 August 1976, at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Lafayette and is buried at Memory Gardens Mausoleum, Lafayette, Indiana


4-1-7-3-1         1.    Clive Malcolm FINEGAN JR, b. 4 Apr 1920

                        2.    Bryan Primm FINEGAN, b. 15 Dec 1923. Married: Patricia Ann JONES.

1982: Andover Road, Rural Route, Palatine, Illinois. It is Bryan who has the John Ewing HOWELL "OREGON TRAIL" diary.


                               1.    Linden FINEGAN

                               2.    Scott Alan FINEGAN

                               3.    Dr. Robert Franklin FINEGAN, b. 17 Feb 1926. Married: in Evanston, Mary Joann POPP.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Clive-Mary-Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Clive is a very good correspondent, and seems to be as eager a "family hunter" as his cousin, Lois Luann HOWELL. He was the procurer of the Mary HOWELL FINEGAN line for me.

          Born 14 April 1920, he is now a mechanical engineer, a machine designer, and is the Senior Plant Engineer for the Detroit Diesel Allison Division of General Motors at Indianapolis. His home was in Brownsburg, Indiana.

          Clive was married on 15 May 1944, at Evanston, Illinois to Berenice Marie ANDERSON, a native of Evanston, born 14 January 1922. They had two children. The youngest was only 3 when Berenice died on 4 February 1951, in Evanston. She is buried at Memorial Garden Cemetery, Evanston, Illinois.

          On 2 November 1951, at Shaker Heights, Ohio, Clive and Barbara E. WILLIAMS were married. Barbara brought up Clive's children, and gave him another son as well.

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4-2-7-4     INA VAY FINEGAN


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Mary-Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          And the fourth to attend the college so near at hand was Ina Vay, born 8/31 July 1895, New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, Missouri. She taught for awhile before her marriage on 20 June 1917, to Jesse Thomas WHISLER. He died in June 1974. In 1979, Ina at 84 was in good health and sharp as a tack. In 1979 Ina Vay was living in Albany, Missouri.


          1.    Robert Lamar WHISLER, b, 9 Oct 1919, Ridgeway, Missouri. Married: 10 AUG 1941, Zoe REDENGER, b. 10 July 1921. 1979: Lived in Newport, Oregon

          2      Charles Keith WHISLER, b. 7 Apr 1923, Ridgeway, Missouri. Married: 15 May 1955, Dorothy MORRISON, b. 26 Nov 1926. 1982: Rapid City, South Dakota

          3.    Betty Jean WHISLER, b. 17 May 1927, Ridgeway, Missouri. Married 1 Dec 1946, Edwin L. TANNER.

                 1982: Danube, Minnesota


          4.    James Thomas WHISLER, b. 9 Sept 1929, Ridgeway, Missouri. Married: 23 Dec 1950, Betty CLARK, b. 11 Nov 1932. 1982: Colorado Springs, Colorado

          5.    Kathryn Elaine WHISLER, b. 14 Feb 1933, Ridgeway, Missouri - working on family history. Married: 7 Nov 1951, William John COLLIER. 1982: Gentry, Missouri.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Jeanet-John-James

[double line]                        Mary-Electa-Jonathan-William-James

          Adra, born in New London, Spencer Township, Ralls County, Missouri, on 14 May 1899, was 10 when his mother died and 16 when orphaned. He went to live with his brother, Clive in Wisconsin, and attended the University of Wisconsin. He had intended to be a physical education teacher, but switched courses in the middle of the stream and went into business education instead. Thus he had a long career with the railroads as an accountant.

          By that time, he lived in Chicago, and there he met Myrtle Louise CARLSON, daughter of Charles and Nellie CARLSON. She was born 10 February 1897, in Chicago, and that's where she and Adra were married 27 November 1924.

          They were living in Cicero, a suburb, when their two daughters, Patricia and Barbara, were born in 1928 and 1931 at Oak Park Hospital. In 1941 the family moved to the south side of Chicago, and Patricia attended Fenger High School.

          It's a small world. The southside of Chicago is where I lived the last 15 1/2 of my first 18 years - only we were father south than the Finegans were. We were in Morgan Park and Beverly Hills, and I went to Morgan Park High School. Morgan Park and Fenger were arch rivals. I had left Chicago completely by the time the Finegans moved south, but come to find out in 1984 Myrtle was a retirement home at 2340 W. 113th Place, a block or so from where we once lived at 2250 W. 112th Place! A small world, indeed!

           Adra died in Chicago on 8 May 1961, and in 1984 Myrtle had been a widow for 23 years. In 1984, Patricia said that she was 87 "and a healthy, going woman!" She had six grandchildren, but none was married or had children at that time. Patricia commented that "She's waiting to be a great-grandmother - and waiting and waiting!"


                 1.    Patricia Doris FINEGAN, b. 15 Oct 1928, Oak Park, ILL. (Patricia was born in a hospital there, family lived in Cicero) 1984: Single, school teacher, Glenview Illinois. Traveled a lot, had a beautiful garden; provided information on the Adra Finegans

                 2.    Barbara Jean FINEGAN, b. 2 Feb 1931, Oak Park, Illinois. Married: 1st 6 Dec 1952/1953, Kenneth ENRIGHT. Married 2nd 1979/1980, Bill PALIN.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-John-James

Ann Smith was Jeanet and Levi's fourth and was obviously named for Jeanet's mother. She was born 30 April 1810, when the family was still in the HOWELL settlement on Little Clay Lick in Harrison Township, Ohio.

          She grew up in Jackson County but it was to Vinton in Gallia County, Ohio she turned when looking for a mate. He was Niles HOLCOMB, 13 years her senior when they were married in Huntington Township on 9 August 1827, by Niles' uncle, Samuel R. HOLCOMB J.P., Niles was a son of John and Chloe (MUDGE) HOLCOMB.

          Niles and Ann set up housekeeping in Huntington Township, Ohio. They had seven children over a 22-year span; however only four reach maturity. The other three were buried, two as infants, at Old Holcomb Cemetery. The third, William R., died 29 October 1852, age 20 years.

          Niles was a justice of the peace in Huntington Township, Ohio, and among others performed the marriage of Ann's brother, Levi II and Mary Ann POLLEY in 1840. In the 1840 census, Niles was head of a household with a wife, and two females who would be Lavona and Jeanet. There were also two males. One would have been William R., then 8. The other, in the 16 to 26 age category could have been Samuel Ewing HOWELL, Ann's youngest brother, who had been fatherless since his father died in 1834.

          In 1850 the family was still in Huntington Township, Ohio, Niles a farmer, $2,500. By that time Ann's mother had given up the farm in Jackson County, Ohio and had moved to Vinton to make her home with Niles and Ann. Jeanet was 69 in the census with them that year.

          Shortly after the death of son William, Niles and Ann heard the call of the "west" so many were hearing then, though they were the only ones of Ann's family to go at that time, except John Ewing HOWELL. Ann's mother, four brothers and sisters were all behind in Gallia and Jackson Counties.

          The HOLCOMBS went first to Missouri, perhaps to Clark County, where Niles' parents and so many of his family were. However, those HOLCOMBS were in Chequest Township. Niles and Ann settled in Village Township, and that's where they spent the rest of their lives.

          They were listed there in the 1860 census, Niles a farmer, value, $450. Lavona had married and died by then but Jeanet, Return and Esther were still at home.

          But in the 1870 it was just the two of them, Niles and Ann. In fact they were the only two HOLCOMBS in all Village Township and most of the whole county, Niles listed as a farmer, $500/$380. He died in 1877, age 80. Ann is said to have outlived him by 10 years dying 1887, but I cannot account for her in the 1880 census. Both are buried in the Portland (Leando) Cemetery.


                 1.    Chloe Ann HOLCOMB, b. 10 Apr 1828, Huntington Township, Ohio, d. 23 June 1829-age 1 year, 4 months, 13 days. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery

                 2.    Levi HOLCOMB, b. 27 May 1830, Huntington Township, Ohio, d. 30 Mar 1831-age 10 months, 3 days. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery .

                 3.    William R. HOLCOMB, b. 13 Aug 1832, Huntington Township, Ohio, d. 29 Oct 1852-age 20 years 2 months 16 days. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery.

4-4-4        4.    Lavona HOLCOMB, b. 1836, Huntington Township, Ohio.

4-4-5        5.    Jeanet HOLCOMB, b. 1838, Huntington Township, Ohio.

4-4-6        6.    Return Ira HOLCOMB, b. 24 Feb 1845, Huntington Township, Ohio.

4-4-7        7.    Esther A. HOLCOMB, b. Jan 1850, Huntington Township, Ohio.

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4-4-4        LAVONA HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Jeanet-John-James

          Lavona was born in 1836 in Huntington Township, Ohio. Sadly she did not live long enough for there to be much to write about her, nor leave any family. She was married in Van Buren County, Iowa, 7 September 1854, the second wife of James F. MERCER, who was born in Indiana in 1819. They had two sons, one of whom died at 5 months. The second was born 30 October 1856, dying nine days later, the mother dying 12 days after that at the age of 20 years. Lavona and her sons are buried in the Portland (Leando) Cemetery, Portland, Iowa.


                 1.    Harlin MERCER, b. 14 Sept 1855, d. 13 Feb 1856. Buried with mother in the Portland Cemetery, Portland, Iowa.

                 2.    Infant Son MERCER, b. 30 Oct 1856, d. 10 Nov 1856. Buried with mother in Portland Cemetery (Leando) Portland, Iowa.

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4-4-5        JEANET HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Jeanet-John-James

          Jeanet was born in 1838 in Huntington Township, Ohio and was about 12 years old when the family west first to Missouri and finally to Van Buren County. She was 12, at home, in the 1850 census and 22, at home in 1860, a teacher.

          In the neighborhood was the TORRENCE family of Ohio and Maine with a son by the name of John F., born July 1834, in Ohio. John was listed with his mother, Sarah, very near the HOLCOMBS in the 1860 census. He and Jeanet were married on the 16th of August 1860, in Van Buren County, Iowa. Though their first child was born in Van Buren county, the next five all have Illinois birthplaces, and one narrows it down to McLean County, Illinois. They were not in the 1870 Van Buren County census, and probably could be found in Illinois that census year.

          In the 1880 census, they had moved to Murray, Troy Township, Clarke County, Iowa, all five children with them. Jeanet died sometime between then and 1900, when John, the widower, was living with his daughter Ann, in Murray, Iowa. He was a carpenter.


4-4-5-1     1.    Ann Smith TORRENCE, b. Aug 1862, Van Buren County, Iowa.

4-4-5-2     2.    Sarah TORRENCE, b. 1864, Van Buren County, Iowa.

4-4-5-3     3.    Homer C. TORRENCE, b. Jan/June 1866, McLean County, Illinois.

                 4.    Samuel TORRENCE, b. 1867, Illinois. 1880, 13 at home, no marriage record Clarke County, Iowa. Not in 1900 Iowa index.

                 5.    Niles TORRENCE, b. 1872, Illinois. 1880: 8 at home, no marriage record Clarke County, Iowa. Not in 1900 Iowa index.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-Ann-John-James

          Ann, born August 1862, Van Buren County, Iowa, was named for her grandmother, and though she may not have been aware of it, her great-great-grandmother, too. She was married after the family had moved to Clarke County, Iowa, from Illinois. Her husband was Andrew JOHNSON, born 1853 in Sweden. They were married 9 April 1882, by H.B. HERMANDER, J.P. in Murray Village.    In the 1900 census, she was in Murray, Troy Township, Clarke County, Iowa as the head of the household, recorded as married but no husband in sight. There were four children with her (though she is recorded as having had five children, but only three living) also her father, widower John TORRENCE was listed with the family.


                 1.    Earl R. JOHNSON, b. Aug 1883, Iowa. 1900: at home. Occupation: telegraph operator.

                 2.    Frances V. JOHNSON, b. May 1889, Iowa. 1900: at home

                 3.    Marion O. JOHNSON, b. Oct 1891, Iowa. 1900: at home

                 4.    Nina J. JOHNSON, b. Nov 1899, Iowa. 1900: 6 months old

                 5.    _____ JOHNSON, b. ? (mother recorded as having 5 children)

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4-4-5-2     SARAH TORRENCE


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-Ann-Jeanet-John-James

          Sarah was born in 1864 when the family was still in Van Buren County, Iowa. She was 25 when she married 54 year old John DOUGLAS. It was his second marriage. They were wed 31 March 1889, in Murray, Clarke County, Iowa at the residence of Rev. M.L. ROSE. John was born in December 1835 in Hamilton County, Ohio and was the son of John and Eliza (VAN SICKLE) DOUGLAS.

          It appears that Sarah died soon after the marriage, possibly with leaving progeny. John was in the 1900 Clarke County census but his wife was Elizabeth, 60 (born 1840). He was recorded has having a daughter, Bernice DOUGLAS, born December, 1892, and she could be Sarah's or possibly Elizabeth's (although Elizabeth would have been 52 at the time of Bernice's birth.) Other than that, no known issue.

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4-4-5-3     HOMER C. TORRENCE 


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-Ann-Jeanet-John-James

          Homer was born in January or June of 1866, and according to his marriage certificate, that birth took place in McLean County, Illinois. He was married in 1898 to Laura FARRIS, daughter of William and Carrie (NOYLE) FARRIS. She was born in March of 1875 in Iowa, her parents were born in Canada and Illinois. In 1900 the two of them were in Murray, Clarke County, Iowa, he was listed as a carpenter.

          No issue as of 1900.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Jeanet-John-James

          Return Ira HOLCOMB was not your typical, everyday, run-of-the-mill EWING-HOLCOMB. His way of life was far removed from most of his family and friends around him. I've often wondered what it was in him that set him so completely apart.

          He was born 24 February 1845, at Vinton, Ohio and was the only one of his parents' sons to reach adulthood, two brothers having died in infancy and another at age 20. Return Ira was obviously named for his father's great-grandfather and though he may have been very proud of it, he always used just his initials and added an "e" to his last name, R.I. HOLCOMBE, in his later life.

          His early years were spent in Vinton, Ohio on a farm with his parents and three sisters. When he was about 6, the family moved perhaps with John and Electa HOWELL, to Clark County, Missouri where they lived a short time before moving to Village Township, Van Buren County, Iowa.

          Return was still a schoolboy when war was declared on the 6 May 1861. It did not take him long to answer the call for volunteers. Though only 16, he enlisted 25 July 1861, along with his older, twice second cousin, Stephen, at Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa, for three years. He served in Company D, 10th Missouri Infantry. The two were mustered in together on 22 August, 1861 at St. Louis, Missouri.

          There are many papers in Return's pension file in Washington, but none of them deal with his actual service so it is hard to tell exactly where the 10th Missouri was. Apparently at first it was in Missouri. One of his first Company Muster Roll slips dated January and February, 1862, carries the sad note: "Absent with leave to escort corpse of Stephen HOLCOMB to Portland, Iowa." Stephen had died of Typhoid at the Warrenton, Missouri, Army Hospital on 21 February 1862, age 20 years, 8 months, 11 Days.

          In May/June 1862, Return was on detached duty near Clear Creek, Camp Clear Creek, near Corinth, Mississippi under Lieutenant Colonel SMITH. (James R. EWING was recorded as being there also.) The 10th Regiment was in or near Memphis, Tennessee in late 1862, when Return became sick and went to the hospital in Memphis. The next few months were a bit of a headache for him. Though he was recorded as "sick in hospital" and then "sick in Northern Hospital," the Provost Marshall charged him with deserting his company on 20 December 1862, from Oxford, Mississippi.

          That was a time when desertion was rampant in the United State's forces and on 10 March 1863, President Lincoln issued a proclamation guaranteeing amnesty for soldiers who turned themselves in. Return was back in Portland, Iowa at the time. He gave himself up and was sent to the U.S. General Hospital at Keokuk, Iowa.

          At Return's court martial in September, he was found not guilty of desertion. But the court found that he was absent from his company without proper authority from 1 February to 20 September, 1863, a period of seven months and 20 days. He was sentenced to forfeit his pay for that time and to serve an additional six months at the end of his enlistment. He reported to his company for duty 25 September 1863.

          There is no indication of where he served from then until 24 August 1864, when the term of the three-year Company D was up. The company was mustered out at St. Louis, Missouri on that date, but Return had been transferred at Rasaca, Georgia to Company I, and served out his additional six months. He was honorably discharged at Beaufort, South Carolina, 29 January 1865.

          By that time the war was almost over, and Return went home. But not for long.

          He was almost 20 at his discharge and already knew that Van Buren County was not for him. The writer in him was beginning to emerge, and for the next 23 years he knocked about the tri-state area (Iowa, Illinois and Missouri) as a literary worker and writer for newspapers. He got his start in the field as a printer, his occupation as given in the 1870 Iowa census. At that time he was in Clarinda, Nodaway Township, Page County, Iowa, boarding with Eliza HUTCHINS.

           It was in Clarinda that 25 year old Return was married on 6 December 1870 by the paster of the Methodist-Episcopal Church. His bride was 32 year old, Indiana born Lucinda Hannah DEARMIN. The marriage was not to last.

          They had one daughter, Lillian Maude HOLCOMB, who was born 17 April 1872, in Centreville, Appanoose County, Iowa, the only child Return was to have.

          Lillian Maude was seven when Return divorced Lucinda in Clarinda in December 1879. It was not easy for a man to divorce his wife then. One wonders what happened in this case. Lucinda did not remarry and was living alone in Clarinda in the 1900 census. She died after 1915.

          Return moved on and, not long after the divorce, was in Marshall, Saline County, Missouri where he and Miss Mary A. ALEXANDER were married by Justice of the Peace HAWLEY on 26 January 1881.

          This marriage was not to last either. Where or when in the next seven years they separated is not clear. Sometime in there he may have lived in Marion and Greene Counties, Missouri for he authored histories of those counties. He definitely was in Adair County, Missouri in 1888, for mention is made in the history of that county published that year that he was a resident then, and a veteran of the 10th Missouri Infantry.

          At some point in this period Return was on the staff of the St. Louis Globe Democrat, writing under the name Burr JOYCE. It was noted by a historian at the National Archives that he was "a significant historian of the Civil War and Indian history."

          In July, 1888, Return, now 43, left Missouri in favor of St. Paul, Minnesota where he had a job as assistant librarian at the Minnesota State Historical Society.

          When he went to St. Paul, he was alone - and he was a loner from that point on. He and Mary A. were divorced in September 1892, she filing suit in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. She subsequently married Honorable E. J. BROADDUS, who at one time was District Judge of Kansas City, Missouri.

          Return was 48 when he first applied for a pension. That was on 3 January 1894, in St Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota. He complained of chronic rheumatism in his legs, arms and left hand.

          He applied for an increase in 1903. At that time he was 58, stood 5 feet, 9 1/2 inches tall, and weighed 210 pounds. He had gray eyes, grayish hair ("bald on top"), and a fair complexion. He had a large scar on the front of his left leg below the knee and a scar on his forehead over the left eye.

          He had been living in a rented room with Mary E. SCHMIDT and her family at number 603 Randolph Street and according to her, he was almost like a member of her family. She testified that his left hand and arm were so badly swollen and he was suffering such pain that he took to bed and had a physician attend him. She was his nurse and administered the prescribed hot packs, lotions and medicines.

          She cited other instances of illness also, saying he was frequently in bed with rheumatic and bilious attacks, severe headaches caused by biliousness, and attacks of lumbago. On one occasion he was in St. Paul City Hospital for three weeks with bilious colic and gallstones.

          His best friend was Henry T. BEVANS who, in January 1903, was, and had been three years, mayor of Morris, Stevens County, Minnesota. Prior to that he was Assistant Adjutant General of the State of Minnesota. His office was in the State Capitol Building, where Return's office was too. They saw each other daily, BEVANS said, and spent much time together. He testified to Return's recurrent illnesses, also, and Return received a $24 a month pension.

          Through the years in St. Paul, Return authored histories and biographies of Carver, Hennepin and McLeod Counties in Minnesota, a history of the First Minnesota Regiment in the War of 1861-1865. He also wrote several chapters and 129 biographies for a history of St. Paul, Minnesota.

          In spite of all his miseries of those late years, when death came it was sudden, from an acute dilation of the heart. He died 21 November 1916, at 370 E. 10th Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, age 71 years, 8 months, 25 days.

          Return by then was very much alone in the world, his only near kin, his daughter, having died previously. It was her husband, Orra Eugene MC ANULTY, who went to St. Paul immediately on being notified of Return's death to take care of details. Orra was then 43 and a resident of Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas. He went through Return's effects and reported finding nothing of great value. Apparently he was not aware of Return's second marriage for he noted on a government questionnaire that Return had been married but once, and that to Lucinda DEARMIN.

          Return was buried at the Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, Minnesota.


                 1.    Lillian Maude HOLCOMB, b. 17 April 1872 , Centreville, Appanoose County, Iowa, d. 1915/1916, Clarinda, Page County, Iowa. Married: January 1898, apparently in Clarinda, Orra Eugene MC ANULTY, b. 1873.

          Lillian joined the DAR (No. 72338) under Zaphaniah HOLCOMB'S service. As of 20 March 1915, she and Orra were residents of Clarinda, but they were not in the 1900 Iowa index, nor in the 1900 Kansas index. Sometime after that date and prior to Return's death in 1916, Lillian died. On the date Orra filled out a questionnaire with Return's information, he was a resident of Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas.

          No mention was made of children.

          In GUIDE TO PERSONAL PAPERS (page 31) published by the Minnesota Historical Society, Item No. 14 is Genealogical Information about the HOLCOMBE family and the Return I. HOLCOMBE papers.

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4-4-7        ESTHER A. HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Jeanet-John-James

          The youngest child of Niles and Ann was Esther, born January 1850, when Ann was 40 and Niles 57. That was 22 years after the birth of their first child, Chloe Ann in 1828, with only five children between.

          All that is known about Esther was gathered from the 1880 census. She had married, about 1869, Benjamin Franklin BILLUPS, born in Missouri in 1848, son of Robert and Paulina BILLUPS, born in Alabama and Virginia. He was found with them in the 1860 census in Schuyler County, Missouri. In the 1880 census, Benjamin and Esther were in Boles Township, Franklin County, Missouri, he was listed as a blacksmith. At that time they had three children. None of these BILLUPS were found in the 1900 Missouri index.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.    Return Ira BILLUPS, b. 1870, Iowa

                 2.    Lavona BILLUPS, b. 1874, Missouri

                 3.    Lorene BILLUPS, b. 1879, Missouri

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Ewing Family Lineage: Jeanet-John-James

          With Levi and Jeanet's almost strict adherence to family names, descendants feel sure there is some significance to the name Simeon Cowper given their fifth child, a son, born 6 June 1813, in Gallia County, Ohio. If so, it is certainly on Levi's side, not Jeanet's.

          When Simeon was 22 years old he married the daughter of an early Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio family headed by Russell Hubbard ROATH, who was one of the proprietors of the township on the 1820 list. She was Nancy ROATH, born about 1815. One of her sisters, Caroline, was the first wife of John Smith EWING (an Andrew EWING descendant), and another sister, Mary, married Benjamin MARTIN, who are mentioned in this sketch.

          Married on 5 March 1835, Simeon and Nancy lived in Huntington Township, Ohio to begin with, descendants differ as to exactly when, but they later moved to Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio. They had a succession of children including twin sons who died 44 hours after their birth. In 1849, after 12 years of marriage, Nancy was in her eighth pregnancy. The child, a son, was born 14 October 1847. Mother and son died following the birth. Nancy is buried in Jackson County, her unnamed son in her arms.

          Her death left Simeon with five children, the youngest 2 1/2.

          About the same time that Nancy died, a Liberty Township neighbor, Stephen RADCLIFFE died on 20 August 1847, leaving the 27 year old widow, Permelia (PHILBRICK) RADCLIFFE, with three young sons. Permelia was born in Ohio in 1820, daughter of Benjamin and Ruth (MARVIN) PHILBRICK. She and Simeon were married 5 May 1849, in Jackson County, Ohio by John STEPHENSON, J.P. Simeon had six more children by Permelia, a total of 14 that he fathered. (Permelia, who had six RADCLIFFE children, mothered an even dozen all told.)

          Permelia was pregnant with her fourth HOWELL child when she and Simeon decided to pull up stakes and head for Minnesota. They left in the spring of 1855, moving down the Ohio on a flat boat. With them was Permelia's mother (who, having been widowed on PHILBRICK'S death, married George RICE and then on 27 February 1853, William CHEESEMAN) and her stepfather. The rest of the party consisted of Simeon's five then living, Permelia's three, and their three.

          Their immediate destination was Hancock County, Illinois, where they planned to spend some time with Simeon's first in-laws, the ROATHS. (Pilot Grove Township, adjoining William J. ALESHIRES.) Sadly, typhoid struck the party there and their nearly 2 year old son, William May HOWELL, died and was buried in the ROATH lot in Hancock County, Illinois.

          At Hancock County, J.W. ROATH joined the Minnesota-bound group. (He went back to get his family the following year.) This time the journey was overland, by ox-cart. They were only into Iowa when typhoid took another of the children, this time 14 year old Thomas RADCLIFFE. He was buried in a cemetery near Decorah, Iowa, on the banks of the Winnesheek River.

          The saddened party continued on. They reached Hastings, Minnesota, when Thomas' brother, Isham RADCLIFFE, fell victim to the dread disease. Of her original family of six, Permelia had only David F. RADCLIFFE, left. (And, as it turned out, only three of her six HOWELL children lived to maturity.)

          Simeon had made a claim at Greenvale in the brand new Minnesota county of Dakota. While he was preparing it for his family, they lived in a shanty on Cannon Creek, on the property of Warren ATKINSON. Here on 3 August 1855, Permelia gave birth to the first child born within the present confines of Waterford Township, Jeanet Maria HOWELL.

          Waterford Township, in the county of Dakota, state of Minnesota, came officially into being on 11 May 1858, and J.W. ROATH was named one of the three supervisors.

          When the war came, Simeon sent a son and four sons-in-law off to serve in the Union cause.

          By 1867, Simeon had his home and farm well established and was urged by the community to run for representative from Dakota County for the Minnesota House of Representatives. This he did, and was elected. He served six years in the House, his service ending with his death 26 January 1873 at the age of 59 years.

          Permelia survived her husband by 20 years. She died 10 November 1893 at the age of 73 years.

          ISSUE by Nancy ROATH

4-5-1        1.    Missouri HOWELL, b. 23 Jan 1836, Gallia Co. Ohio.

4-5-2        2.    Eliza Roath HOWELL, b. 8 Mar 1838, Gallia Co. Ohio.

4-5-3        3.    Sarah Ann HOWELL, b. 18 Feb 1840, Gallia Co. Ohio.

4-5-4        4.    Minerva Jane HOWELL, b. 25 Jun 1842, Gallia Co. Ohio.

                 5. & 6. Twin sons, born and died 28 May 184, Gallia Co. Ohio.

4-5-7        7.    Russell Hubbard Roath HOWELL, b. 27 May 1845, Gallia Co. Ohio.

4-5-8        8.    Infant son, b. 14 Oct 1847, died at birth; his mother, Nancy, died also. He is buried in her arms in Jackson Co. Ohio.


4-5-9        9.    Orville Radcliffe HOWELL, b. 1 May 1850, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 10.  Laura HOWELL, b. 30 Dec 1851, Jackson County, d. 3 Jan 1852, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 11.  William May HOWELL, b. 6 May 1853, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 26 Apr 1855, Hancock County, Illinois. Buried: Roath Lot, Hancock County, Illinois.

4-5-12      12.  Jeanet Maria HOWELL, b. 3 Aug 1855, Waterford Township, Dakota Co. Minnesota.

                 13.  Jasper Marvin HOWELL, b. 7 Nov 1857, Waterford Township, Dakota Co. Minnesota, d. 15 Aug 1899. Married: 17 Apr 1894, Mary L. SCHEEL. Apparently lived in California; was a witness when his brother was married in Sacramento County in 1895.

                 14.  Stephen HOWELL, b. 26 Feb 1863, d. 28 Feb 1863. Buried: Greenvale, Dakota County, Minnesota, Red Rose Cemetery.

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4-5-1        MISSOURI HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Simeon and Nancy's first born received the name Missouri, a popular name for girls in those days. She was born 23 January 1836, in Gallia County and was 19 years old when the family trekked west.

          It was three years after they settled in Minnesota that Missouri was married. Her life mate was Richard H. MASTERS, born 11 February 1835, at Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois. They were married 10 April 1858, in Greenvale, Dakota County, Minnesota by the Reverend Jasper ROUNNEL, and settled on a farm at Eureka.

          They had a daughter and then another when Richard was caught up in the fervor of war which ran through the Greenvale community. They made up a wagonload which went to Fort Snelling, Minnesota, on 15 August 1862, to enlist in the 8th Minnesota Infantry. Very few of that load were on the Wagon's return trip to Greenvale as being physically unable to serve.

          The four kinsmen who enlisted and served together were Richard, Alexander H. MOORE and Zachariah BOGUE, who had married HOWELL sisters, and Russell Hubbard Roath HOWELL. They were all in Company F. For some of their enlistment Richard and Zachariah BOGUE, at least, were on detached duty in Dakota Territory, and perhaps all of Company F, as well. Company F also served in Tennessee. Richard, a private, was in a hospital in Murfreesboro on 4 July 1865, when he was notified he had been discharged from the service six months earlier, on 12 December 1864.

          Richard returned to Greenvale and he and Missouri resumed their lives in the farming community. They had two more daughters, one born in 1869 and the last in 1876 when their eldest was 17 years old.

          On 28 November 1904, at the age of 70, Richard filed for a pension and received $6 a month. In 1905 he asked for an increase because of rheumatism and heart trouble and his pension was upped to $10.

          In 1906 Richard suffered a stroke while serving dinner at his table and died 14 November 1906. Missouri survived him by only three months. She died 12 February 1907.


                 1.    Clara E. MASTERS, b. 5 Aug 1859, Eureka, Minnesota. Married: _____ MELVIN.

                 2.    E. May MASTERS, b. 18 July 1861, Eureka, Minnesota. Died single.

                 3.    Jessie L. MASTERS, b. 5 May 1869, Eureka, Minnesota, d. 13 Mar 1919.

                 4.    Laura Ann MASTERS, b 19 May 1876, No issue.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Eliza was born 8 March 1838, in Gallia County, Ohio. Shortly after the family's arrival in Minnesota she and Henry Drew CHILD were married, the date being 3 July 1856. The wedding took place in Northfield, Rice County, Minnesota, before Thomas CARLSON, J.P.

          Henry was born in 1831 and had been a miner near Eagle Rock, Michigan before going to Minnesota in 1856, the same year he and Eliza were married. He was the only one of the brothers-in-law not to serve in the 8th Minnesota Infantry. He chose the cavalry and enlisted as a private in BRACKETT'S Minnesota Battalion on 5 January 1864, at Fort Snelling.

          At some point in his service he was loading corn into a high wagon and suffered a hernia. He was not able to work from then on and was discharged on a surgeon's certificate of disability in May 1865. He was disabled for pretty much of the rest of his life, and for the most part, his family suffered too because of his inability to work. Henry live to be 73 years old. He died 19 February 1904 of a cerebral hemorrhage. Eliza died 27 November 1911.


                 1.    John H. CHILD, b. 12 July 1858

                 2.    Herbert E. CHILD, b. 1 Jan 1860, d. April 1880.

                 3.    Temple Arthur CHILD, b. 9 Nov 1872

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4-5-3        SARAH ANN HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Sarah Ann was Simeon and Nancy's third. She was born 18 February 1840, in Gallia, Ohio and was 15 at the time of the long journey to Minnesota. In the Northland she met Alexander H. MOORE and they were married in Prescott, Wisconsin on 4 February 1857, when Sarah was 17 years old.

          Alexander was born 22 July 1838, in Illinois. The exact place of his birth has been given variably as Springfield, Bloomington and Jonesville. He was the son of Benjamin and Hannah MOORE and was a teamster by occupation at first, then later a farmer.

          Alexander and Sarah had three children, the youngest three months when Alexander joined his brothers-in-law and others of the area and went to Ft. Snelling to enlist in Company F on 15 August 1862. He served till the end of the war and was mustered out with his company 25 May 1865, at Nashville, Tennessee. At the time of enlistment he was 6 feet tall and had blue eyes and light hair.

          After the war he and Sarah settled in Northfield, Rice County, Minnesota, but in 1872 moved to McLeod County, Minnesota where they lived at Hutchinson. Alexander applied for a pension in later years because of bladder and kidney problems, brought on, as he said in his pension papers, by "territorial duty and life, and water they were forced to drink in the service." He died 9/19 March 1911, at Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota at the age of 73 years. Sarah followed him in death on 17 December 1916 at the age of 76.


                 1.    Willis D. MOORE, b. 8 Nov 1857. d. 9 Dec 1915.

                 2.    Jennie E. MOORE, b. 14 Mar 1861, d. April 1910.

                 3.    Gilbert E. MOORE, b. 2 May 1862.

                 4.    Minnie F. MOORE, b. 5 Oct 1872.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Simeon and Nancy named their fourth child (all daughters so far) Minerva Jane. She was born in Jackson County, Ohio 25 June 1842, and was 13 when the HOWELLS moved to Minnesota. She was married on 19 June 1859, at Greenvale, Dakota County, Minnesota by the Reverend STOGDELL to Zachariah BOGUE, a native of Centertown, Indiana. he was born to Jesse and Tula (THOMAS) BOGUE on 22 November 1838.

          Zachariah and Minerva settled at Greenvale, Dakota County and had a son by the time Zachariah enlisted with the brothers-in-law at Ft. Snelling on 15 August 1862. He had only been in the service a couple of weeks when he was promoted to corporal on September 2. He became sergeant on 18 March 1864. He and Richard MASTERS and perhaps the others too, were on detached duty in Dakota Territory for part of their time in service.

          After Zachariah was mustered out on 11 July 1865, he and Minerva settled at Castlerock where they lived five or six years. They then moved to Northfield, Rice County, Minnesota and finally to Eureka, where they lived out their lives. He was a member of the Methodist Church and taught Sunday School and was regarded as a well-to-do farmer. He and Minerva celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in June 1909.

          Zachariah died 1 January 1911, of stomach cancer at the age of 72 years, and was buried at McKinley Cemetery, Greenvale, Dakota County, Minnesota. Minerva reached the age of 80 years, passing away on 17 January 1923.


                 1.    Arthur Llewellyn BOGUE, b. 25 Sept 1860, d. 9 Feb 1863, age 2 1/2 years.

                 2.    Ada Amelia BOGUE, b. 12 Mar 1864, d. 8 Jan 1865, 10 months.

                 3.    Edgar Legrand BOGUE, b. 21 July 1866, d. 21 July 1926. Unknown wife's name.

                        Known issue:

                        1.    Ralph BOGUE, d. 1872. Married: Gladys TAYLOR.

                 4.    Mary BOGUE, b. 26 June 1869 d. single. 1933: living in Orange, California caring for "Aunt" Harriette DILLEY HOWELL.

                 5.    Ira Simeon BOGUE, b. 24 Nov 1874. Wife unknown.

                        Known issue:

                        1.    Carroll BOGUE, lived Willmar, Minnesota.

                        2.    Ruth BOGUE, Lived Mound, So. Dakota.

                 6.    Olive BOGUE, b. 22 Dec 1876, d. 5 Feb 1954.

                 7.    Nathan Herschel BOGUE, 10 June 1882, d. May 1963.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          The seventh of Simeon and Nancy's children was a son, born 27 May 1845, in Jackson County, Ohio. He was given Nancy's father's name, Russell Hubbard Roath HOWELL. He was the youngest of the brothers-in-law to enlist in the 8th MVI on 15 August 1862, being only 17 when the four went to Fort Snelling to become part of Company F. At the time Russell had black eyes, brown hair and a dark complexion, and was small for his age - 100 pounds and stood 5 feet, 3 inches tall. He grew some, as he put it, and his weight increased by 70 pounds and his height by 6 1/2 inches.

          He was discharged 7 November 1864, at Charlotte, North Carolina and he returned to Minnesota - but only for 10 or 11 years. In 1876 he made his way to California, perhaps in company with his half-brother Jasper, and there spent the rest of his life.

          Russell remained a bachelor until almost 60 years of age, but in 1895 he persuaded his "girl back home," Harriette

DILLEY, to go out to California and marry him. A native of Guernsey County, Ohio, Harriette was then 43 and a spinster. She joined Russell in Sacramento and they were married there at 9:05 a.m. on 10 January 1895, by the Reverend Milton BUCK. Jasper was one of the witnesses.

          They lived at Florin in Sacramento County and there Russell died 28 February 1926, or chronic nephritis, age 80 years, 9 months, 1 day. His body was returned to Castlerock, Minnesota for burial.

          Harriette remained in California and was living at 935 Beacon Avenue, Los Angeles, at the time of her death on 1 July 1933, age 81 years. At the end it was Russell's niece, Mary BOGUE, who cared for Harriette and was with her when she died. Mary who was 64 years old in 1933, had gone to California too, perhaps at the same time Harriette did. At the time of Harriette's death, Mary was living in Orange, California.

          NO ISSUE

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Orville just made it into the 1850 census by one month. He was born 1 May 1850, in Jackson County, Ohio. Sadly, there are not many details of his life. His daughter, Cora, was a great correspondent and family historian, but she did not mention her father at all, and only gave her mother's name and birthdate and mentioned that she was the descendant of a Mayflower passenger - Edward DOTY. Orville's wife was Susan Sarah HEATH, born

4 February 1855 in New York State, probably near the Albany area. She and Orville were married 24 January 1882, apparently in Day County, South Dakota where their children appear to have been born.

          Orville died in 1925 and Susan in 1931, I know not where.


                 1.    Ira Wilson HOWELL, b. 24 Oct 1882, d. 23 Aug 1962. Married: 21 Apr 1910, Marie Ellen ROSS.


                        1.    Ira Ross HOWELL, b. 14 Feb 1912, d. 2 Mar 1912. Buried: Wheatland Cemetery, Day Co. SD.

                 2.    Edith Permelia HOWELL, b. 21 Feb 1887, Day County, South Dakota, d. 14 June 1968, California. Buried: Watertown, South Dakota. Married: 27 Nov 1930, George FARAGHER a widower with two sons and two daughters. No issue.

                 3.    Arthur Simeon HOWELL, b. 9 Jan 1888, d. 8 Feb 1930, single.

                 4.    Orville Everett HOWELL, b. 27 July 1891, Day County, South Dakota, d. 23 Jan 1968, Los Angeles, Ca. - single.

4-5-9-5     5.    Cora Ethel HOWELL, b. 6 Jan 1894.

                 6.    Orton Jasper HOWELL, b. 17 Dec 1895, d. 17 July 1920 - single.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Orville-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Cora Ethel HOWELL GAPEN was my motivation.

          At a time when I had put EWING family matters aside in the press of mundane things, like earning a living, Cora entered my life. She grabbed hold of me, shook me until I rattled, and didn't let go until I was so deeply hooked on "JAMES EWING, PIONEER" that nothing could ever stop me.

          It was in about 1965 that I had my first contact with Cora and, though she lived some 3,000 miles from me, she was constantly by my side. Not a genealogist in the true sense of the word, Cora was nevertheless a great lover of family, ancestors, and getting the word around - sharing. She did not collect data with the idea of ever publishing, or even keeping a family record. She just liked to tell about who went before her, to anyone who would listen, and in return, be told. She carried on a correspondence with countless persons across the country - related or otherwise.

          She copied. She spent hours at her kitchen table copying for me the letter she'd received from Rev. DONELSON in Mercer County, Missouri and then copying my letter to her from some relation in Kansas. When she ran out of letters, she'd copy her list of the children of Levi and Jeanet or Simeon and Permelia, or even William and Mary, and send it to anyone who would have it.

          Most of her letters and lists were handwritten. Even when on the typewriter, Cora didn't keep carbons, and frequently lost track of whom she'd sent what to, so that more often than not I ended up with not just one, not even two, but three copies of some names in the 1850 census of Gallia County, Ohio, for instance, or Permelia RADCLIFFE HOWELL'S children by her first marriage.

          But, bless her heart, she loved it. She just wanted to share, and, as she put it, "to put folks together while I'm still around to do it."

            Cora was born 6 January 1894, presumably in Day county, South Dakota, and was the only one of Orville and Susan's six children to produce progeny to reach maturity. She was 29 years old when she married Paul Elbert GAPEN, born 25 September 1893.

          It was a marriage not destined to endure. They moved from South Dakota to Ellensburg, Washington about 1928, and after five children, the last born 1935, Paul and Cora Separated in 1937.

          They were divorced in 1949. At the time of the separation, Cora's youngsters ranged in age from 13 down to 2 years. But she managed, and brought up five fine citizens. Paul died about 1969 and is buried at Hamilton, Montana.

          It was after the last child had left the nest that Cora took up genealogy. Living all alone, her family scattered, it was the one thing that kept her going.

            Over the years Cora developed a fear of intruders - unknown and savage intruders - even though her home was situated in a fine neighborhood of Ellensburg. She became almost a recluse, and all her shades were always drawn against unwelcome eyes.

          I have met very few of the hundreds of relatives that I have written to and heard from over the years, but Cousin Cora was one I had to meet. In 1971 my late husband and I were planning to pull our Airstream to Washington to do some rockhounding and I plotted our itinerary so that it would surely include Ellensburg (home of Ellensburg blue agate). I didn't tell her - I wanted it to be a surprise - and it was! We had a lovely visit and it was great to meet my fabulous Cousin Cora.

          Not long after that visit Cora's health went into a decline, and her letters tapered off, then stopped altogether. When she didn't even respond to my Christmas Card of 1977, I checked to find out why. Cora had died 30 January 1978, at her home, age 84 years and 24 days. A great family historian was gone from our midst. And I had lost a friend.

          Cora is buried at the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Ellensburg, Washington.


4-5-9-5-1         1.    Viola Marguerite GAPEN, b. 8 Sept 1924, South Dakota.

4-5-9-5-2         2.    Lyle Elbert GAPEN, b. 25 Sept 1926, South Dakota.

4-5-9-5-3         3.    Paul Edward GAPEN, b. 4 Oct 1929, Ellensburg, Washington.

4-5-9-5-4         4.    Willis Eugene GAPEN, b. 29 May 1932, Ellensburg, Washington. He was married 8 July 1955, to Letitia SCOTT. In 1971 they were living in Snoqualamie, Washington and in 1979, North Bend, Washington.

                        5.    Robert Leland GAPEN, b. 24 Apr 1935, Ellensburg, Washington. Married: 13 July 1957, Joyce MOORE. 1979: lived in Pasadena California.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Cora-Orville-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Viola was born 8 September 1924, in South Dakota and was about 4 years old when the family moved to Washington where she has lived since. Viola and her third husband, Bill DARNOLD, live in North Bend, Washington. Viola is active in affairs of the Mount Si Lutheran Church in North Bend, which she has attended for over 33 years, and which she helped build. She is an active member of the church's Altar Guild.

          Viola was first married on 19 September 1942 to John FORD. They were divorced, but I have a special spot in my heart for John. In all the thousands of birthdates recorded in this work, his is the only one identical with mine - 9 July 1922. My only twin - and not really a cousin at that.

          Viola and Wayne SABEAN, born 10 November 1925, were married about 1949. This marriage also ended in divorce. Viola's third marriage was to Bill DARNOLD, born 17 May 1923, in September 1978 at Mount Si Lutheran Church in North Bend, Washington.


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Ewing Family Lineage:       Cora-Orville-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Lyle, like Viola, was born in South Dakota, the date being 25 September 1926. He was married 13 January 1962 to Jean BARNETT. Lyle was a career man in the U.S.Navy. In the winter of 1968 he was at Newport News, Virginia, but in the spring of l969 he returned to Long Beach, California aboard the U.S.S.

Burnham, then a new ship. The Burnham was out on trial runs, Cora wrote in September of 1969, "probably before going to the Vietnam area, much to my displeasure."

          By 1974, Lyle had retired from the Navy, and in 1979 he and Jean were living in Yakima, Washington.

          No issue.

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4-5-9-5-3         PAUL EDWARD GAPEN


Ewing Family Lineage:       Cora-Orville-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James 

          Paul was born 4 October 1929, after the move to Ellensburg, Washington, and was married 6 June 1953 to Ann CARNEVALE. In 1974, these two, and their children, were living in Fairbanks, Alaska, and had since at least 1969.

          Cora sent the following to me in a letter dated 6 September 1969.

          "My son, Paul, in Alaska, narrowly escaped death in March, in Alaska, when his plane crashed on the Wood River and he was quite badly injured with a broken nose, both jaws broken and a compression break in the ankle. He got back to his camp (hunting) where his partner was but was not rescued for 12 hours. He was in the hospital for four weeks and had his jaws wired up for eight weeks. However, he made a good recovery and passed his physical examination for his license and now has a new plane and is flying again. He is a very husky, healthy man or he would never have survived."

          In 1972, Cora wrote of another incident in Fairbanks, this involving Paul and Ann's two sons, John and Nicky, then 13 and 11 years old. It seems Paul was converting his furnace to oil and had to dig a hole for the oil tank. He was going to have a backhoe come in to do the job, but the boys volunteered to dig it. Paul took them up on it and the digging commenced. It was fun at first, but then became down right labor and the boys wanted to quit, but Ann told them they would have to finish what they began. She told them they would learn what work was and besides it would earn them extra money.

          "I'll bet they aren't out prowling around nights as other boys of their ages seem to be doing," wrote Cora. "When I see boys around here getting into mischief I think of John and Nicky and think, 'They need to have a hole to dig, too.'"


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Jeanet, obviously named for her grandmother, has the distinction (noted in History books of the area) of being the first white child born in what is now Waterford Township, Dakota County, Minnesota. That event took place on 3 August 1855, two months after the Howells and company had arrived in the wilds of Minnesota Territory. A "shanty" (as the frontier cabins were called in those parts) was the Howells living quarters while Simeon was "fitting up" his claim at Greenvale, Dakota County, and it was in this shanty that Jeanet was born.

          She was one of the first of these early Howells whose education continued on into college. She attended the fledgling Carleton College in Northfield. Rice County, Minnesota, to prepare for a teaching career. One of her loves was family history, and it was through her efforts to preserve old letters, etc., that data was available to later family historians.

          On 26 November 1879, at Glencoe, Minnesota, she was married to Ellis Boyden GIBSON. Ellis, son of Cornelius and Mary (BOYDEN) GIBSON, was born 7 July 1853, in Sutton, Worchester County, Massachusetts. He was a farmer, policeman, engineer, town clerk, and a beautiful writer.

          At first Jeanet and Ellis lived in Grant County, Dakota Territory, but later lived between Webster and Waubay in Clark County, (now Day County) South Dakota. Jeanet died in Webster 18 August 1925. She is buried at Waubay, who died 11 January 1928.


                        1.    Effie Irene GIBSON, b. 14 Oct 1880, Grant County, South Dakota. Born in a "claim shanty" during a memorable blizzard; d. July 27, 1931, Webster, Day County, South Dakota. Buried: Waubay, Day County, South Dakota, A teacher, seamstress, clerk.

4-5-12-2          2.    Fannie Gertrude GIBSON, b. 18 July 1882, Clark County, (now Day Co.) South Dakota.

4-5-12-3          3.    Clinton GIBSON (nmn used) b. 6 Oct 1884, Day County, South Dakota.

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4-5-12-2          FANNIE GERTRUDE GIBSON


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Fannie was born back in the days when South Dakota was still Dakota Territory. The date was 18 July 1882, and the place was then called Clark County. (It is now Day County.)

          A neighbor in the area was John August SCHULTZ. John's father was Carl Julius SCHULTZ, who was born in Germany and had come to America with his parents when he was 12 years old.                                              They settled near Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa, where Carl married Theresa KOHLHAMMER and where John was born 17 July 1875. Theresa died there in 1880, and the father with his children went to South Dakota.

          Fannie and John were married at the Gibson home in Waubay, Day County, South Dakota on 7 December 1904. John was not only a farmer, but a merchant, banker and bookkeeper at the local hospital.

  John died 29 November 1961, in St. Paul, and was buried in the Schultz lot at Webster, Day County, South Dakota. Fannie died in Minneapolis 16 July 1970, and was buried beside her husband of almost 57 years.


4-5-12-2-1       1.    Harriett Erma SCHULTZ, b. 26 Oct 1905, Waubay, Day County, South Dakota.

4-5-12-2-2       2.    Winifred Ruth SCHULTZ, b. 15 Oct 1907, Waubay, Day County, South Dakota.

4-5-12-2-3       3.    Kenneth Gibson SCHULTZ, b. 6 Mar 1909, Waubay, Day County, South Dakota.

4-5-12-2-4       4.    John Harold SCHULTZ, b. 26 Dec 1914, Waubay, Day County, South Dakota.

4-5-12-2-5       5.    Willard Alan SCHULTZ, b. 16 Sept 1918, Waubay, Day County, South Dakota.

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4-5-12-2-1       HARRIETT ERMA SCHULTZ


Ewing Family Lineage:      Fannie-Jeanet-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Harriett is one of those persons a genealogist happens on so rarely. She spent much of her life collecting and preserving Howell family data so that future generations may know of their heritage. Her family records, dating back to Levi and Jeanet, are in fine order, and she has quite a collection of old letters, photographs, newspaper clippings etc. of the early Howells in Minnesota. Harriett was always ready to share her knowledge and it was she who supplied all the material on the GIBSON family for this book. She is a special person and I think highly of her.

          Born 26 October 1905 in Waubay, Day County, South Dakota, she attended Yankton College where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree. She later added to her education by attending a summer session at Columbia University, New York. Harriett taught nine years prior to her marriage to Edwin Clarence JOHNSON.

          Harriett's life mate was a pretty exceptional person, too. Born 3 November 1905, to Herbert and Mary (REYNOLDS) JOHNSON. Edwin had many honors and accomplishments to his credit. Harriett told me, "He had to work for every cent he spent on education. He taught school, ran a swimming pool and in college preached every weekend, driving 150 miles each way to do so."

          That education consisted of classes at Wesleyan College, the University of Wisconsin, Yankton College, where he received his BA: University of South Dakota, where he received his Masters, and University of Iowa, where he received his Phd. His Master of Divinity came from Chicago Theological Seminary, which he attended after preaching four years at Leavenworth, Kansas. From 1940 to 1952, his pastorate was at the Alexandria Church in Minneapolis, after which he went to St. Paul, Minnesota. He retired to a country church at Litchfield, Minnesota three years before he died at Pontiac, Michigan of cancer of the liver.

          In the 1970's Harriett lived in Litchfield, Minnesota.

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4-5-12-2-2       WINIFRED RUTH SCHULTZ


Ewing Family Lineage:      Fannie-Jeanet-Simeon-Janet-John-James

          Winifred was born 15 October 1907, in Waubay, Day County, South Dakota. She had a year at Brookway State College and the same at Yankton College to prepare her for a teaching career (first grades), a career she had to leave because of poor health (heart trouble and deafness - surgery corrected the latter). She moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she was a beautician for many years.

          At the age of 51 she was married to Ralph WILSON JR., born 2 March 1902, in Wahoo, Nebraska. They were married the 16th of May 1958, in Alamagordo, New Mexico.

          Winifred died in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 15 February 1978 and Ralph died in November of 1981.

          NO ISSUE

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4-5-12-2-4       JOHN HAROLD SCHULTZ


Ewing Family Lineage:      Fannie-Jeanet-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          John was the big one of the family. Born 26 December 1914, in Waubay, Day County, South Dakota, he attained a height of 6 feet, 5 inches, an attribute he used to good advantage in his high school years as a basketball star. John attended the University of South Dakota for four years and then Rush Medical School at the University of Illinois.

          When he and Ruth Virginia WYLDER were married on the 22nd of December 1942, in Morrison, Illinois, it was John's brother-in-law, Rev. Edwin C. JOHNSON, who performed the ceremony. Ruth, born 5 June 1919, in Morrison, attended Galesburg, Illinois College, and was a Registered Nurse at the Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

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4-5-12-2-5       WILLARD ALAN SCHULTZ


Ewing Family Lineage:      Fannie-Jeanet-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Willard, born 16 September 1918, in Webster, Day County, South Dakota, is a teacher. He has his Master's from the University of Illinois and Phd from Peoria, Illinois. He is deaf from antibiotics. Willard was married twice, his second wife being Wilda Mae MC GONAGLE. They were married 20 November 1948, in Stretor, Illinois

          ISSUE by Wilda MC GONAGLE:

                 1.     (only) Kenneth Alan SCHULTZ, b. 27 July 1951, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Married: 31 Aug 1974, Nancy BLOCK, divorced 1977.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Clinton was born 6 October 1884, in Wheatland Township, Day County, South Dakota. He was married on 5 May 1905 to Ida BURNS, born 9 March 1886 in Day County. Their moves in the years ahead included Ypsilanti, North Dakota (1907); Klase (1937), Urbana (1939). Clinton was manager of a grain elevator in North Dakota. Ida was killed in an auto accident 29 October 1944. Clinton died 4 June 1957, at Jamestown, North Dakota. They are both buried at Ypsilanti, North Dakota.


4-5-12-3-1       1.    Florence Isabell GIBSON, b. 13 Oct 1906, Waubay, Day County, South Dakota.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Clinton-Jeanet-Simeon-Jeanet-John-James

          Florence was born 13 October 1906, in Waubay, Day County, South Dakota. She was married on 8 July 1928 in Jamestown, North Dakota to Harvey C. KIPP. Harvey was born 16 July 1906, in Alvord, Iowa. Though he was 37 years old and the father of three children, Harvey served during World War II, from June, 1943 to September 1945. He was with the U.S. Air Force, stationed in England as an auto mechanic. After the war he ran a recreation parlor. He died 26 November 1979, at the Veteran's Hospital in Fargo, North Dakota at the age of 73 years.

          In the 1980's Florence lived in North Dakota and enjoyed traveling. In 1981 there was a trip to Southern California for the wedding of her granddaughter, Brenda KIPP, near San Diego, and in early 1982, she was visiting her son Dallas in Sacramento, California.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-John-James

          Levi and Jeanet's sixth was obviously named for his father, and would normally be called Levi HOWELL JR. But because he had a nephew by that name, and many family historians (including me) have confused the three, this Levi has come to be called Levi II, his father being Levi I and the nephew Levi III.

          Levi II was born on 18th of March 1818, in Jackson County, Ohio and never stirred far from that spot on the map, if at all, in his 75 years. He was found there in all four censuses, 1850 to 1880, a farmer, Liberty Township, and died there at the age of 75 years.

          In the 1875 Jackson County atlas, his property in Liberty Township is shown as 221 acres all told - 80 acres, all of Lot 43; 45 acres, a little more than half of Lot 42; 20 acres in Lot 44; 70 acres, Lot 55 (where a corner was given over to the schoolhouse) and 26 acres, Lot 55, all adjoining, in the southeast corner of the township, about two miles west of the town of Jackson. His house was located in the southeast corner of the 80 acre tract, adjacent to Pleasant Grove Chapel and Cemetery, where he was eventually buried.

          In 1860 his holdings were worth $2,000, and in 1870, $3,500.

          In later years, Levi's son Niles Levi HOWELL, recalled this anecdote: "I remember hearing my father tell when I was a small boy of the nearest he ever came to killing a deer. He said he had good aim on one, and when he pulled the trigger the gun did not go off but the deer did."

          When Levi was 24 he took as his wife Mary Ann POLLEY, daughter of Daniel and Mary (HOLCOMB) POLLEY - the mother being a daughter of John "Judge" and Chloe (MUDGE) HOLCOMB. Levi and Mary Ann were married at her parents' home in Huntington Township, Ohio on 8 October 1840 by her uncle, Niles HOLCOMB, J.P.

          They had eight children and 27 years together when Mary Ann died 17 November 1867. I have no doubt she is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

          Levi was 51 at the time of her death, with two of their youngsters under 7 years old. Nearby (that is, about 3 miles west in Liberty Township's Section 32) lived some TOPES, including in 1878; Davis, Eli and Bric. The widow of one of the TOPES was named Mary Ann. She and Levi were married Christmas Eve, 1874.

          Described by Levi's great-granddaughter as a "good stepmother," Mary Ann did not have any children of her own. Thirteen months after they were married, Mary Ann was killed. She was on horseback, taking a basket of eggs to market, when her horse shied and threw her against a fence. She died within a few hours without regaining consciousness. She too is likely buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

          Levi's third wife was another widow, 40 year old Elizabeth Virginia MC DANIEL. Elizabeth had at least three children by her first marriage, John and Lizse, who lived with the HOWELLS after the wedding on 7 March 1878, and a daughter, Ella MC DANIEL, who married first a DIXON and then Levi's son Curtis.

          Levi II and Elizabeth had a son, Niles Levi HOWELL, born 7 June 1880, when Levi was 64 years old. When Niles died in 1967, it was noted that 151 years had elapsed between the birth of the father and the death of the son.

          Levi II died 19 December 1891, age 75 years, and is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio. A record of Elizabeth's death was not located.

          ISSUE by Mary Ann POLLEY:

                 1.    Carlisle HOWELL, b. 25 Mar 1842, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 13 May 1846, age 4, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 2.    Emma HOWELL, b. 25 Mar 1843, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 24 Mar 1922, Cabool, Texas County, Missouri. Married: 1860/1870 John VANDIVORT, a Civil War soldier from Ohio.

4-6-3        3.    Vega HOWELL, b. 9 June 1846, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 4.    Ahila HOWELL, b. 15 Mar 1849, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 15 Jan 1873 - age 23, Jackson County, Ohio. (In the 1850 census his name was recorded as "Highia")

4-6-5        5.    Francis HOWELL, b 14 Mar 1851, Jackson County, Ohio.

4-6-6        6.    Franklin HOWELL, b. 1 Nov 1853, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 7.    Curtis HOWELL, b. 29 Dec 1859, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 14 Feb 1903, Jackson County, Ohio.

1860, 1870, 1880 census, at home, works coal mines. Married: Ella DIXON, daughter of his father's third wife, Elizabeth Virginia MC DANIEL.

                 8.    Lorana HOWELL, b. 12 July 1862, Jackson County, Ohio, d. Washington Court House, Ohio. Married: D.E. MOORE. 1935: Lived in Bloomingburg, Ohio. Lorana survived her brother Franklin who died in 1935

          ISSUE by Elizabeth MC DANIEL:

4-6-9        9.    Niles Levi HOWELL, b. 7 June 1880, Jackson County, Ohio.

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4-6-3        VEGA HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Vega was born 9 June 1846, in Jackson County, Ohio and was very young, "a mere child" (only 5 feet, 2 inches), when he joined the fight then going on between the North and the South. During his service with the Union Army he saw much exposure and privation which had a disastrous effect on his health. In the years following the war he declined at a great rate, until finally, subject to frequent and dangerous hemorrhages of the lungs, he died at only 42 years old.

          In the meantime he had married (about 1865, when he was only 19) Taphena LEWIS in Jackson County. Taphena, born in Ohio 1846/1847, was the daughter of Samuel and Electa (WILCOX) LEWIS. At first they lived in Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio, where they were found in the 1870 census, Vega a laborer. But about 1875 they emigrated to Kansas, settling in Ellis County. Vega bought a small farm and tried to make a go of it but, his health as it was, the place quickly fell into disrepair.

          Vega died 28 July 1888. He was buried at Ellis Cemetery, Ellis County, Kansas. Near him was buried a 9 year old daughter, Electa, who died a month after he did.

          In the 23 years of their marriage, Vega and Taphena had nine children, but only six reached maturity. At Vega's death the seven then living ranged from Ranzph's 22 years to Carrie's 10 years. Taphena, infirmed herself, was destitute. Their land was lost to mortgage and the long-neglected house was in a bad state. Apparently she went to live with her second eldest, Thomas, for she died and is buried at Silver Lake, Shawnee County, Kansas, and that is where he lived. Taphena's death date was not found.


4-6-3-1     1.    Ranzph Hovey HOWELL, b. 1866, Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 2.    Thomas Worthington HOWELL, b. 31 Oct 1867, Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 28 Jan 1896, Silver Lake, Shawnee County, Kansas. Married: Lillian (HAYWORTH) HENRY.


                        1.    Etta HOWELL

                        2.    Ruth HOWELL, b. Jan 1896

                 3.    Electa Ann HOWELL, b. 7 Mar 1869, Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 27 Aug 1888, age 9. Buried with father, Ellis Cemetery, Ellis County, Kansas.

4-6-3-4     4.    Herbert Everett HOWELL, b. 1 June 1870, Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

4-6-3-5     5.    Rosa Lee HOWELL, b. 11 Sept 1871.

                 6.& 7. Twins-son and daughter, born and died at birth.

4-6-3-8     8.    Orville Ulysses HOWELL, b. 25 Nov 1874, Liberty, Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

4-6-3-9     9.    Carrie Wynona HOWELL, b. 4 Jan 1878, Ellis County, Kansas.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          The name of Vega and Taphena's first born is pronounced, so I am told, as if it were spelled R-a-n-s-f. He was born right after the war, in 1866, in Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio. He was married about 1889 in Kansas, presumably Ellis County, to Sarah Ellen PIKE, daughter of Daniel W. and Anna (DEEDS) PIKE. Sarah was born 24 February 1871 in Benton County, Iowa.


4-6-3-1-1         1.    Vega Walter HOWELL, b 3 Dec 1890

4-6-3-1-2         2.    May Eldora HOWELL, b. 28 Aug 1892

4-6-3-1-3         3.    Calvin Hovey HOWELL, b. 17 Mar 1894

                        4.    Lloyd Vernon HOWELL, b. 4 Aug 1900, d. 22 Oct 1916

4-6-3-1-5         5.    Gladys Lee HOWELL, b. 21 June 1902

                        6.    Orville Veryl HOWELL, b. 16 Apr 1907, d. 25 Jan 1924

          By adoption:

                        7.    Evangeline Annie RANDOLPH-HOWELL, b. 12 Sept 1912. Married: 10 March 1928, Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas to James Douglas SOUTHERN. The information I received was that James was born 28 June 1881, which would make him 31 years older than his bride of 16 years, and have him still building a family at the age of 59 years. I have it that he died 4 May 1941, age 60. Evangeline and James had eight children, Jay Dee, Lucille Dean, David J., Franklin Delano, Virginia Dawn, Marilyn Kay, Judy Sue and Jeanne Carol, born between 1928 to 1940.

                         8.    Wilfred Robb BESSAC-HOWELL, b. 11 Mar 1921.

Ranzph and Sarah's grandson, son of their daughter, Gladys. Adopted 21 Sept 1923, Kansas City, Kansas.

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4-6-3-1-1         VEGA WALTER HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ranzph-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Vega was born 3 December 1890, presumably in Ellis County, Kansas. He was married in Liberty, Clay County, Missouri on 2 November 1922, to Temple May ODELL, born 10 October 1897. Vega served during World War I in the 12th Engineers of the U.S. Army in France. He died about 1967.


                 1.    Ellen Bell HOWELL, b. 7 Feb 1924

                 2.    Vega Manuel HOWELL, b. 19 Mar 1927

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4-6-3-1-2         MAY ELDORA HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ranzph-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          May Eldora was born 28 August 1892, and was married on the 5th of May 1909, in Meade, Meade County, Kansas to William Melvin HALL, born 23 September 1883.


                 1.    Melvin Robb HALL, b. 16 July 1911. Married: 4 June 1935, Geneva HATFIELD, Sublette, Haskell County, Kansas.

                 2.    Velma Zada HALL, b. 12 Nov 1912. Married: 15 July 1940, Fowler, Meade County, Kansas, James Richard KEITH.

                 3.    Radford Glenn HALL, b. 15 Sept 1914. Married: 14 Oct 1939, Dodge City, Kansas, Mildred _____.

                 4.    Loren Elwood HALL, b. 15 Sept 1919

                 5.    Irwin Wayne HALL, b. 17 Jan 1923

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4-6-3-1-3         CALVIN HOVEY HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ranzph-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Calvin, born 17 March 1894, was, like his brother, in the 12th Engineers, U.S. Army in France during World War I. He was married 29 December 1919, in Effingham, Illinois, to Cleda May PALMER.


                 1.    Vernon Louis HOWELL, b. 25 May 1923. Joined U.S. Naval Reserves December 1941.

                 2.    Lerna Marie HOWELL, b. 9 Feb 1925.


4-6-3-1-5         GLADYS LEE HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ranzph-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Gladys was born 21 June 1902. The first of her three husbands was Wilfred L. BESSAC, who was in the 10th Infantry of the U.S. Army during World War I. They were married in Wichita, Kansas on 5 Apr 1919. She was next married on 17 November 1923 to Charles OWENS, and then on 7 May 1930 in Buffalo, Oklahoma to Aue/Ave W. HENSON.


                 1.    Wilfred Robb BESSAC, b. 11 Mar 1921. Adopted in 1923 by his HOWELL grandparents - Ranzph and Sarah Ellen.

                 2.    Charles OWENS, b. 3 June 1927

                 3.    Dorothy Okima HENSON, b. 1 Mar 1931

                 4.    Maggie Ellen HENSON, b. 13 Oct 1932

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Herbert was born 1 June 1870, in Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio and was married 21 1/2 years later in Kansas City, Missouri to Dorothy Margaret BRIDGEMAN. Dorothy was the daughter of James W. BRIDGEMAN, and was born 5 January 1873, in London, England. Herbert and Dorothy were married on the 24th of December in 1891. Herbert died 8 February 1917, in Parsons, Kansas.

          ISSUE: (adopted)

                        1.    Rosa R. BIDWELL-HOWELL, b. 9 July 1889, Ness County, Kansas. Married: about 1931, Ander ANDERSON.

4-6-3-4-2        2.    Herbert James HOWELL, b. 17 Nov 1892, Ness County, Kansas.

4-6-3-4-3        3.    Herman Oscar HOWELL, b. 10 Oct 1895, Silver Lake, Kansas

4-6-3-4-4        4.    Harry Zerba HOWELL, b. 28 Mar 1905, Parsons, Kansas.

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4-6-3-4-2         HERBERT JAMES HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Herbert-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Herbert was born 17 November 1892, in Ness County, Kansas and was married on 19 June 1912, in Galesburg, Kansas, to Liddie Julia SMITH, born 13 November 1892.


                 1.    Everett Glassford HOWELL, b. 17 Apr 1917, Parsons, Kansas.

                 2.    Dorothy Lee HOWELL, b. 7 July 1919, Pratt, Kansas. Married: Don HENDERSON.

                        1982: Lived in Paradise, California.

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4-6-3-4-3         HERMAN OSCAR HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Herbert-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Herman, a World War I soldier, was born 10 October 1895, in Silver Lake, Kansas. He served in the 66th Engineers with the U.S. Army in France. He was married on 17 November 1917, in Parsons, Kansas, to Opal Fay CLARK, born 15 December 1899 in St. Joseph, Missouri


                 1.    Herman Ray HOWELL, b. 29 Apr 1920, Parsons, Kansas.

                 2.    Albert Jefferson HOWELL, b. 12 Jan 1922, Parsons, Kansas.

                 3.    Harry Eugene HOWELL, b. 4 Dec 1925, Pittsburg, Kansas.

                 4.    Herbert George HOWELL, b. 22 Apr 1930, Hornell, New York.

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4-6-3-5     ROSA LEE HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Rosa was born in Liberty Township on 14 September 1871. She was twice married. Her first husband was a COLLIGAN, whom she married about 1889. Her second husband was James Allen RANKIN, born 25 August 1865, at Silver Lake, Kansas, son of Daniel and Mary (SCHACH) RANKIN. Rosa and James were married 16 December 1891, in Topeka, Kansas. That is where Rosa died on the 11th of January, 1939. She is buried at Silver Lake, Kansas.


4-6-3-5-1   1.  Leyden Lee COLLIGAN, b. 10 Mar 1890

                   2.   Elenna RANKIN, b. 18 Aug 1892, d. 23 Sept 1892

4-6-3-5-3   3.  Emmaretta RANKIN, b. 29 Aug 1893

4-6-3-5-4   4.  Katie Evelyn RANKIN, b. 22 Mar 1895

4-6-3-5-5   5.  Edith Pearl RANKIN, b. 18 July 1897

4-6-3-5-6   6.  Lora May RANKIN, b. 9 Aug 1899

                   7.   James Daniel RANKIN, b. 2 Apr 1901

4-6-3-5-8   8.  Calvin Redmond RANKIN, b. 13 Mar 1904

4-6-3-5-9   9.  Jessie Inez RANKIN, b. 19 Apr 1906

                  10.  (TWIN) Dora Ellen RANKIN, b. 13 Mar 1914. Married: 18 Nov 1933, Mayetta, Kansas, Lee Roy CHASE, b. 30 Dec 1907.  No Issue

                  11.  (TWIN) John Allen RANKIN, b. 13 Mar 1914.

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4-6-3-5-1         LEYDEN LEE COLLIGAN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Rosa-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Leyden was born 10 March 1890, and was only 30 years old when she died 14 February 1920, 2 1/2 years after the birth of her fourth child. She was married about 1909 to George Franklin MARNEY, who was born 10 June 1886, and died October 1935, at the age of 49.


                 1.    John Verle MARNEY, b. 4 Feb 1910

                 2.    Velma Lee MARNEY, b. 7 Jan 1911. Married: 1st 20 Jan 1930, Topeka, Kansas, John Henry SIMONS, b. 8 Aug 1911 d. 29 July 1933. Married: 2nd 17 Aug 1937, Denver, Colorado, Robert Elmer LLOYD, b. 29 June 1916, Willard, Kansas.

                 3.    George Samuel MARNEY, b. 9 Oct 1914. Married: 1 May 1937, Topeka, Kansas, Esther Marie GAMBLE, b. 22 Jan 1915, Greenfield, Indiana.

                 4.    Howard David Clyde MARNEY, b. 11 Sept 1917. Howard was 2 1/2 when his mother died.

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4-6-3-5-3         EMMARETTA RANKIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Rosa-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Emmaretta was born 29 August 1893. At the end of World War I, she was married to a U.S. Army soldier, David MC MICHELL, who had served in France with the 110th Engineer. The date of their marriage was 4 August 1920, and the place was Ness City, Kansas.


                 1.    Bernice Eleanor RANKIN, b. 28 Jan 1913. Married: 11 Nov 1928, Ellis MURDOCK, b. 30 Oct 1903.

                 2.    Inez Winifred MC MICHELL, b. 27 Feb 1921

                 3.    Doris Aline MC MICHELL, b. 4 Sept 1922. Married: 23 June 1940, Silver Lake, Kansas, Dwight LEWIS

                 4.    Joel Reed MC MICHELL, b. 20 July 1925

                 5.    Alma or Alva Lawrence MC MICHELL, b. 19 Dec 1926

                 6.    Lois Lorene MC MICHELL, b. 22 Oct 1928

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4-6-3-5-4         KATIE EVELYN RANKIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Rosa-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Katie was born 22 March 1895 possibly in Topeka, Kansas. She was married 18 December 1912, in Topeka to Fred HUNGERFUND, born 14 December 1888. Fred died 1 August 1939.


                 1.    Merle Franklin HUNGERFUND, b. 8 Mar 1913. Married: 1936, St. Louis, MO - Angeline CHERRY.

                 2.    George Richard HUNGERFUND, b. 2 June 1916. Married: 9 Aug 1940, Lawrence, Kansas, Elaine HARDTEN.

                 3.    James Allen HUNGERFUND, b. 23 Apr 1920

                 4.    Marvin Chester HUNGERFUND, b. 23 Apr 1920

                 5.    Betty Ann HUNGERFUND, b. 25 Dec 1926

                 6.    Arlis Elaine HUNGERFUND, b. 14 Mar 1929

                 7.    Lloyd William HUNGERFUND, b.& d. 3 May 1937

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4-6-3-5-5         EDITH PEARL RANKIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Rosa-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Edith was born 18 July 1897, and was married in Ness City, Kansas on 23 December 1916, to William Ray LOCKE, born on the 13th of December 1894. Apparently they lived in Grand Junction, Colorado.


                 1.    Dorothy Kay Pearl LOCKE, b. 22 Sept 1917

                 2.    Cecil Ray LOCKE, b. 3 Feb 1919. Married: 22 July 1940, Grand Junction, Colorado, Minerva Alice MORFORD, b. 24 Feb 1924. 1982: Lived in Grand Junction, Colorado

                 3.    Freda Arlene LOCKE, 3 June 1920

                 4.    Rosie Belle O. LOCKE, b. 26 Aug 1921

                 5.    George Henry LOCKE, b. 13 Mar 1925

                 6.    Vera Ilene LOCKE, b. 18 Aug 1927

                 7.    Helen Marie LOCKE, b 19 Aug 1928

                 8.    Willard James LOCKE, b. 1 Feb 1930.

                 9.    Mary Ellen LOCKE, b. 2 May 1931, d. 8 June 1933

                 10.  Violet Lee LOCKE, b. 2 May 1935

                 11.  Shirley Ann LOCKE, b. 11 Feb 1936

                 12.  Glen Robert LOCKE, b. 10 Dec 1940

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4-6-3-5-6         LORA MAY RANKIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Rosa-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James 

          I'm not sure from the handwriting if this name is Lora, Zora, Lera or Zera. At any rate she was born 9 August 1899, and was married on 13 January 1915, in Topeka, Kansas to Roy Cleveland THOMPSON who was born 17 September 1892


                 1.    Roy Cleveland THOMPSON, JR. b. 21 Nov 1915. Married: 1 Apr 1937, Lawrence, Kansas, Juanita Marie HUNTSMAN, b. 26 Aug 1918, Topeka, KS.

                 2.    David THOMPSON, b.& d. 13 Nov 1916

                 3.    Raymond Aaron THOMPSON, b.4 Jan 1918, d. 20 Jan 1921.

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4-6-3-5-8         CALVIN REDMOND RANKIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Rosa-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Calvin was born 13 March 1904, and was married on 29 June 1925, at Topeka, Kansas to Mildred Aline CALDWELL. Mildred was born on the 20th of September 1907 in Greenfield, Indiana.


                 1.    James Eugene RANKIN, b. 26 June 1926

                 2.    Darlene Lucille RANKIN, b. 19 Aug 1928

                 3.    Calvin Redmond RANKIN JR., b. 19 Nov 1930

                 4.    William Dale RANKIN, b. 9 Nov 1932

                 5.    Robert Galen RANKIN, b. 1 June 1939

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4-6-3-5-9         JESSIE INEZ RANKIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Rosa-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Jessie was born 19 April 1906, and was married in Dighton, Kansas on 12 November 1924, to John Saunders DAVIS. John, born 23 December 1895, was in the 35th Division, U.S. Army, during World War I, and served in France.


                 1.    Jesse Vernon DAVIS, b. 25 Aug 1925

                 2.    Rosie Jane DAVIS, b. 12 Sept 1926, d. 4 Oct 1935

                 3.    Evelyn Lee DAVIS, b. 26 May 1928

                 4.    Ira Quiller DAVIS, b, 15 Feb 1930

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Orville was born 25 November 1874 in Jackson County, Ohio. Married in Oswego, Kansas, he lived in Parsons, Kansas City, Missouri and Edson, Kansas before moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, where he died 5 October 1936. His wife was Mary Blanche STONE, born 20 May 1889, in Mound Valley, Kansas. They were married 30 November 1906.


                 1.    Clifford Raymond HOWELL, b. 8 Aug 1907, Parsons, Kansas. Married: 9 Nov 1936, Fort Collins, Colorado, Maud CHISEN, b. 19 Nov 1903.

                 2.    Edith Louise HOWELL, b. 9 Jan 1910, Kansas City, Missouri. Married: 17 Oct 1925, Burlington, Colorado _____ ROBINSON

                 3.    Irene Marguerita HOWELL, b. 26 Aug 1915, Kansas City, Missouri, d. 5 June 1939, Fort Collins, age 23 years. Married: 7 Mar 1930, Goodland, Kansas, Eugene Debbs STOTTS, b. 2 Oct 1904, Webb City, Missouri.


                 4.    Ruth Arline HOWELL, b. 11 Oct 1920, Edson, Kansas

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Carrie was born 4 January 1878, in Ellis County, Kansas, and was married 8 September 1899, to Lafayette William GARDNER. Lafayette was born 9 May 1877 and died 24 October 1918, in Goodland, Kansas.


4-6-3-9-1  1.    Georgia Bell GARDNER, b. 10 Jan 1900, Manchester, Kansas.

                 2.    Earl Lafayette GARDNER, b. 27 Feb 1902, Manchester, Kansas. Married: 16 June 1922, Sharon Springs, Kansas, Edith Elnora BRAYNARD, b. 16 Aug 1904.


                        1.    Erline Mavis GARDNER, b. 31 Jan 1925. Married: 9 Feb 1941, Littleton, Colorado, Norris Allen BOWSER.

                        2.    Bettie Gene GARDNER, b&d 28 Oct 1935

                        3.    Shirley Ann GARDNER, b&d 20 Aug 1938

                 3.    Orville Frederick GARDNER, b. 13 Mar 1903, Manchester, Kansas. Married: 16 June 1922, Hugo, Colorado, Mamie Ethel BRAYNARD, b. 16 July 1887, (16 years older than Orville?) d. 10 July 1940.

                 4.    Laura Mae GARDNER, b. 23 Nov 1907, Falcon, Colorado. Married: 23 Jan 1924, Goodland, Kansas, Leeman TAYLOR.


                        1.    Leeman TAYLOR, JR., b. 24 Aug 1925

                        2.    Jonnie Raymond TAYLOR, b.10 Aug 1927, d. 20 Nov 1927.

                        3.    Robert Eugene TAYLOR, b. 4 Jan 1932

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4-6-3-9-1         GEORGIA BELL GARDNER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Carrie-Vega-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Georgia was born 10 January 1900, in Manchester, Kansas and was married twice. Her first husband was a HARPER. Her second, whom she married 10 December 1923 in Goodland, Kansas was Edward GRAYHAM.


                 1.    Donald Leroy HARPER, b. 19 Feb 1922

                 2.    Edward Eugene GRAYHAM, b. 5 July 1925

                 3.    James GRAYHAM, b.& d. 24 June 1926

                 4.    Harold LaVerne GRAYHAM, b. 3 May 1928

                 5.    Georgie Raymond GRAYHAM, b. 3 May 1929, d. 24 Aug 1929.

                 6.    Claude Robert GRAYHAM, b. 7 Aug 1930

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4-6-5        FRANCIS HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Francis was the fifth of Levi and Mary Ann's children. He was born 14 March 1851, in Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio. When Francis was about 20 years old, the spirit of adventure hit him and, with his next younger brother, Franklin, he set off for the west. That was about 1871. About 11 years later he settled down in Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas, having been married on 30 March 1882 to Ida May VOGAN. Ida was born

1 June 1861 in Newcastle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Jonathan and Mary (ROWLAND) VOGAN. Francis died 10 October 1917, age 66, in Garfield, Pawnee County, Kansas. Ida lived to be 90 years old. She died in March of 1950 in Larned, Pawnee County, Kansas. Both, Francis and Ida are buried at the Garfield Cemetery, Pawnee County, Kansas.


4-6-5-1     1.    Cicero Lawrence HOWELL, b. 8 Feb 1882, Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas.

                 2.    Earl Stanley HOWELL, b. 20 Jan 1885, Pawnee County, Kansas.

                 3.    Clarence Spencer HOWELL, b. 25 Feb 1887, Garfield, Pawnee County, Kansas, d. 13 Sept 1928, Larned, Kansas, single.

                 4.    Ettie Estella HOWELL, b. 30 Jan 1889, Garfield, Pawnee County, Kansas, d. 25 Jan 1914, Topeka, Kansas. Married: 19 Sept 1909, Edward Franklin STEWART.

                 5.    Virgil Daney HOWELL, b. 11 Jan 1892, Garfield, Pawnee County, Kansas. Married: 6 June 1923, Nellie Almeda CARLSON.

                 6.    Zola Leslie HOWELL, b. 13 June 1894, Garfield, Pawnee County, Kansas. Married: Mettie LONG.

                 7.    Oliver Wendell HOWELL, b. 28 Sept 1897. Married: 6 June 1925, Ettie COUNTRYMAN.

                 8.    Alvin Rowland HOWELL, b. 19 Mar 1900. Married: 22 Sept 1929, Rhoda Marie RUFF.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Francis-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Cicero was born in Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas, 8 February 1882. His wife was Elsie Maud DIMMICK, born 14 March 1888 in Edwards County, Kansas. They were married in Lewis, Edwards County, Kansas the 10th of October 1906. At one point they lived in Lawton, Oklahoma.

          Elsie died 5 October 1948, at Wichita, Kansas and is buried in the Trotter Cemetery, Wichita, Kansas. Cicero died on the 31st of January 1957, in Wichita and I presume is also buried at the Trotter Cemetery in Wichita, Kansas.


                 1.    Hila Grace HOWELL, b.& d. 25 Apr 1909, Lewis, Kansas.

                 2.    (TWIN) Iva Myriam HOWELL, b. 2 Mar 1911, Lewis, Kansas. A Licensed Practical Nurse.

                 3.    (TWIN) Ina Beatrice HOWELL, b. 2 Mar 1911, Lewis, Kansas. Married: 1st William Weesner MATTHEWS. Married: 2nd Robert Lee SCOTT. Married 3rd Wiley Frederick REDENBAUGH.

          Ina, like her sister, Iva, is a Licensed Practical Nurse. She is very interested in the family tree. It was Ina who supplied me, in 1965 when she was living in Kinsley, Kansas with charts on Francis and Cicero. She moved to Dodge City, Kansas. She wrote in 1966 that her husband, Wiley, had cancer.

                 4.    Edra Laurence HOWELL, b. 28 May 1912, Lewis, Kansas.

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4-6-6        FRANKLIN HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Franklin, Levi II and Mary Ann's sixth, was born 1 November 1853, in Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio. When Franklin was only 17, he and his next older brother, Francis, left Ohio, and went to Ellsworth, Kansas, where Franklin hunted buffalo, which abounded on the Kansas plains then. He soon enlisted in Co. E, 5th Infantry, which he always called the "Fifth Walk-a Heaps." His regiment was kept on the plains and during the five years following, he was actively engaged in a number of Indian skirmishes from Texas to the Dakotas. Twice his company was surrounded by Indians. The seize in one instance lasted three days and the other two days. The day was saved in both instances by reinforcements. His company guarded the surveyors that laid out the Santa Fe right-of-way in Kansas. This railroad was laid in 1872.

          His company also guarded mail wagons from different frontier points which at times proved to be hazardous. One time when his squad was guarding the mail from Camp Supply to Fort Dodge, they were ambushed by about 60 Indians as they were coming up Bear Creek, at what was known as the Three Rises and their quick action saved the day.

          It was not uncommon for him to do messenger work, which consisted of carrying messages from one place to another and over hazardous trails. This required the services of persons who knew where these places were and how to get there. Sometimes these messages were carried at night. One night while carrying a message, at the mouth of Mussel Shoals near Fort Snelling, Montana, Franklin suddenly had his pipe shot out of his mouth. Such instances always helped to keep a messenger boy on the alert.

          Franklin rode with BUFFALO BILL on different scouting trips. A day's ride in those days was about 125 miles. General MILES had agreed to give him a horse providing he could ride it, and at that he was successful. His regiment was hurried to the Little Big Horn after the Custer Massacre which was 25 June 1876. Franklin also knew Bat MASTERSON, Wild Bill HICKCOCK, Tom SHERMAN, Chuck BEASON and other frontier characters.

          Franklin was one of the soldiers detailed to take two little girls who had been Indian prisoners, to safety in 1874. On 5 November 1935, 61 years later, his nephew, Cicero Lawrence HOWELL, shook hands with one of them, Adelaide (Addie) GERMAN ANDREWS, in what seemed to him like a miracle. That episode in Cicero's life warranted a big story in a Kansas newspaper.

          Addie and her sister, Julia, were 5 and 7 years old, when they were taken by the Indians on 11 September 1874, during the massacre of the GERMAN family in Ellis County, Kansas (where Vega HOWELL lived not long after). The rest of the family was slain, but the four youngest daughters were carried off. Within a short time, Addie and Julia were abandoned by their captors and left to starve on the prairie. They existed for six weeks until captured again by another band of Cheyennes, only to be rescued the following day when soldiers happened on the party. Franklin was one of the soldiers and he was assigned to take them to a military camp on the Washata River, Texas. Eventually the girls' two older sisters were released and all four were taken to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where they were raised and educated by the government.

          After five years of army life, Franklin returned to his old home in Ohio for a visit. While there he met Sarah Ann HARRY, born 23 December 1854 in Mason County, West Virginia. They were married in Jackson County, Ohio, 23 December 1879. Shortly thereafter, they went back to Kansas and he proved up a claim in Edwards County, Kansas, six miles west of Garfield. But he gave it up, and the HOWELLS returned to Ohio, with their son, Harry Levi. He farmed there a few years and then decided to follow railroading which he did for a number of years. By that time their family was complete with the arrival in 1889 in Jackson County, Ohio of Orin Elden HOWELL.

          Shortly after their 40th Wedding Anniversary, Sarah Ann died, on 2 January 1919, in Jackson County. Franklin was by then 66, and though he was quite ready to retire from railroading, he was not about to retire from life. Through all the years he had been in Ohio, he had a longing to see the plains of Kansas again, so in 1922, he went out for a visit, spending the summer of 1922 with his nephew, Alvin Rowland HOWELL. Franklin returned to Ohio, but his heart was still on the plains, and in the summer of 1923, at the age of 72 years, he hitched up a horse and wagon and headed west. He arrived at Alvin's home near Cabool in Texas County, Kansas in the Fall of 1923. That winter he met the widow Annie MERCER, and the two were wed on the 1st of March 1924.

          Franklin and Annie made their home on Hamilton Creek near Cabool, Texas County, Kansas and they had almost 11 years together. Shortly before 26 February 1935, Franklin fell from a horse and died at the age of 81 years, 3 months, 25 days from resulting shock and pneumonia. He is buried in Fairmont Cemetery.

          His only immediate survivors were the widow, his two sons back in Jackson County, Ohio, a sister, Lorana HOWELL MOORE of Bloomingburg, Ohio and a half-brother, Niles.

          The obituary from which much of this sketch was taken ended "Though he was a kind and loving husband and father, he was reticent in his ways."


4-6-6-1     1.    Harry Levi HOWELL, b. 17 Nov 1884, Garfield, Pawnee County, Kansas.

4-6-6-2     2.    Orin Elden HOWELL, b. 27 May 1889, Jackson County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Franklin-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Harry was born in Garfield, Pawnee County, Kansas, 17 November 1884, but was less then two when his parents left Kansas for Ohio, and it was in Ohio that he grew up and where he spent the rest of his life. He was married in Wellston, Ohio on 21 October 1911 to Lida J. WARD, born 2 August 1895 in Vinton County, Ohio. I have gathered from correspondence with others of the family that in 1957 he was working at the Crown Foundry in Jackson, Ohio


                 1.    Margaret Frances HOWELL, b. 5 Sept 1912, Jackson, Ohio, d. 20 Oct 1921.

                 2.    Harry Levi HOWELL JR., b. 2 June 1914, Jackson, Ohio. 1979: Harry was living in Elyria, Ohio and had two or three children..

                 3.    Clifford Edward HOWELL, b. 31 Jan 1917, Jackson, Ohio. 1979: In Jackson, Ohio with five or six children.

                 4.    Lida Alberta HOWELL, b. 5 Apr 1920, Jackson, Ohio. 1979: In Mt. Vernon, Ohio, no issue.

                 5.    Lillian May HOWELL, b. 9 Nov 1923. 1979: "deceased"

                 6.    Mary Elizabeth HOWELL, b. 31 Oct 1924. I      In 1979; she was "deceased".

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Franklin-Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Orin came along after Franklin and Sarah Ann had returned from Kansas to Ohio. He was born 27 May 1889, in Liberty Township, Jackson County, Ohio to Zella Mae SORRELL, born in 1890. In 1979, Zella was 89 years old and still living at Jackson, Ohio. Orin died 19 June 1960 in Cincinnati, Ohio.


                 1.    Jessie Belle HOWELL, b. 17 July 1917, Jackson, Ohio. Married: 1. Ernest DORWARD, b. 10 Jan 1900, d. 6 June 1954. Married: 2. Nolin H. WILSON, b. 15 Feb 1902. They lived in Columbus, Ohio and in the 1978 Columbus city directory his occupation was given as real estate broker.

                 2.    Donald Franklin HOWELL, b. 4 Sept 1921, Wellston, Ohio. Married three times, divorced three times. No issue.

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4-6-9        NILES LEVI HOWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi II-Jeanet-John-James

          Niles had nephews younger than he was. He was born 7 June 1880, in Jackson County, Ohio, the only child of the Levi-Elizabeth MC DANIEL marriage, when his father was 64 years old. That was 16 years after the birth of his youngest half-sister, Lorana, and 34 years, almost to the day, from the date of birth of his eldest half-brother, Vega.

          Niles was 11 years old when his father died. He spent his first years in Jackson County, but in 1912 went to Cincinnati, Ohio where he worked for the Heilman Motor Car Company. He was still in Cincinnati in 1935, but at some later time moved to California, where he resided at 5633 La Mirada Avenue, Hollywood. He died there 25 April 1967, age 87, 151 years after the birth of his father. His wife's name was Tillie DAVIS.


                 1.    Levi (Lee) HOWELL: 1950/1960 lived Redondo Beach, Calififornia. Taught band and orchestra at a Redondo Beach High School.

                 2.    Niles HOWELL: 1950/1960 lived Palm Springs, CA. Teaching vocal music at Indio, CA schools. 1981: Rancho Mirage, California

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-John-James

          The seventh to come into the Jackson County, Ohio household of Levi and Jeanet was Julia Ann, born 5 February 1819. At that time, the boy who was to become her husband was 5 years old. He was Alvin Rathburn MARTINDALE, born in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio on the 16th of July 1814. Both his parents were of early Gallia County families. His mother was a MC MILLIN, of the family which was to play such a large part in the lives of the EWINGS. She was Sarah, daughter of Edward MC MILLIN, the early Huntington Township settler. Alvin's father was John MARTINDALE, eldest son of Revolutionary soldier James MARTINDALE and his wife, Margaret ALEXANDER, who had arrived in Ohio about 1810 from Greenbrier County, Virginia, and settled in Addison Township. John MARTINDALE, a soldier of the War of 1812, and his wife and children, lived in Huntington Township, Ohio, where he had much property. John died in 1820, when Alvin was only 6 years old.

          After the marriage of Alvin and Julia Ann on 12 April 1838, they lived first in Jackson County, Ohio, but moved back to Huntington Township, Ohio in 1842. Prior to 1870, Alvin and Julia Ann, bought from Thomas EWING the 160 acres, the southwest quarter of Section 1, where the Ewing Cemetery is located, and built a large frame house on it, address Adney Road. Alvin is listed as the owner of the property in the 1874 atlas. In the 1870 census his property was valued at $3,000. That year he and Julia had living with them Julia's niece, Susan HOWELL, 18, daughter of Julia's late brother, Samuel. Susan was orphaned at 15, in 1867, by the death of her mother, Vesta (WILCOX) EWING MC LAIN.

          Through the years, Alvin devoted much time to being a public servant for Huntington Township. He was constable 1847 and 1848 and served one year as township clerk, one year as assessor, three years as justice of the peace and one year as trustee.

          Alvin lived to be 79 years, 11 months, 15 days. He died 1 January 1894, and is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery. Julia Ann apparently went to live with her eldest son. He lived at Bidwell, and that is where she died two years after Alvin, on 16 January 1896, age 76 years, 11 months, 11 days. She too is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery.


4-7-1        1.    John Alexander MARTINDALE, b. 21 Mar 1839, Gallia County, Ohio.

4-7-2        2.    William Warren MARTINDALE, b. 26 May 1841, Jackson County, Ohio.

4-7-3        3.    Niles Quincy MARTINDALE, b. 7 Oct 1844, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

4-7-4        4.    Mary Janette MARTINDALE, b. 24 Dec 1846, Ewington, Ohio.

                 5.    Virgil C. MARTINDALE, b. 4 Nov 1850, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, d. before 1926. Married: about 1878, Elizabeth J. HUGHES, b. 1849, Ohio, parents from Pennsylvania. 1880: Franklin Township, Jackson Co. Ohio.

                        Known issue:

                        1.    Everett MARTINDALE, b. 1879, Franklin Township, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          John was born 21 March 1839, in Jackson County, Ohio and was 3 when the family moved to Ewington. One of the three Civil War soldier sons of Alvin and Julia, he enlisted in Co. A of the 91st OVI on 15 August 1862, and was a sergeant when he was mustered out with his company at Cumberland, Maryland on the 17th of June 1865.

          Not long after his discharge, his younger brother, William, and Lucretia WEED, eldest daughter of Tracy Hoyt and Cynthia (CHERRINGTON) WEED, were married, and John began to notice her younger sister, Olive Ruth. The WEEDS and CHERRINGTONS were oldtimers in Springfield Township and were highly esteemed families. The WEEDS had settled on Barren Creek in Springfield, where they built a splendid log home which was the center of community activity for many years. The log home was replaced by a frame home in 1850. Tracy's 171 acres in Springfield remained in the WEED family for more than 100 years.

          The CHERRINGTONS of Gallia County all stem from William CHERRINGTON, the original Gallia County proprietor (1805) and either of his two wives, Margaret HANK or Letitia HANNA. Lucretia and Olive were granddaughters of the CHERRINGTON-HANK marriage; therefore all their descendants are my twice-cousins, through the EWINGS and through the HANKS.

          Olive was born in the log house on Barren Creek 1 July 1847. She and John were married 24 December 1868, by Rev. VAUGHN, paster of the Methodist-Episcopal Church.

          John, who had resumed a teaching career after the war, was also a farmer. He had property ($9,000 in the 1870 census) on the east side of Rodney-Porter Road in Springfield, where Bidwell now is. But he does not show up as a property owner in Springfield in the 1884 atlas.

          John was a large man, 6 feet, 3 inches tall, weighing 200 pounds. He was one of the few "Indian John" descendants to attend the Ewing reunion at Ewington in 1906.

          At some point after 1900, when John and Olive were listed in the census as residents of Springfield, Ohio, John and Olive gave up the farm in favor of retirement and moved to Columbus, Ohio. They died there within eight months of each other. Olive died 11 July 1919 and John followed 17 March 1920, age 80 years, 11 months, 27 days. They are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.


4-7-1-1     1.    Edwin W. MARTINDALE, b. 6 Oct 1869, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located.

                 2.    William Herschel MARTINDALE, b. 4 Feb 1871, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located, d. 7 Sept 1941, Columbus, Ohio. Married: 21 May 1901, Nellie WADKINS.

4-7-1-3     3.    Blanche Lucinda MARTINDALE, b. 9 Apr 1873, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located.

4-7-1-4     4.    Elizabeth Ferona MARTINDALE, b. 21 Apr 1875, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located.

4-7-1-5     5.    Ina MARTINDALE, b. 11 June 1877, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located.

                 6.    Mary MARTINDALE, b. 27 Aug 1879, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located, d. 7 Mar 1944. Married: 16 May 1907, Waren HARGAR, lived East Liverpool, Ohio.


                        1.    (only) Gerald Warren HARGAR b .& d. 10 Apr 1908, East Liverpool, Ohio.

                 7.    John Alvin MARTINDALE, b. 21 Aug 1881, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located, d. 25 Jan 1931. Married: Gail GANTZ. No Issue

4-7-1-8     8.    Tracy Hoyt MARTINDALE, b. 30 Sept 1883, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located.

4-7-1-9     9.    Simeon Ross MARTINDALE, b. 15 Nov 1887, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located.

                 10.  Genevieve MARTINDALE, b. 15 Nov 1887, Section 29, Springfield Township, where Bidwell, Ohio now is located, d. 16 Jan 1932, Mexico. Schoolteacher for several years, then accepted appointment as a missionary to Mexico under the Methodist-Episcopal board. Taught in a mission school there and died there, age 45 years.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Edwin was born 6 October 1869, in Springfield Township, and was married 12 October 1901, to Jennie CHAMBERS. He lived in Westgate near Columbus, Ohio where he was DR. MARTINDALE, a dentist. The 1910 reunion was at his home. He died 16 November 1932.


                 1.    John Ernest MARTINDALE, b. 12 June 1904. Married: 1 May 1943, Madge STECKEY.

                 2.    Edwin MARTINDALE, b. 4 Aug 1907 d. 1939.

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4-7-1-3                                                  BLANCHE LUCINDA MARTINDALE


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James 

          Blanche was born 9 April 1873, at the site of Bidwell. She was married 30 May 1896, to Theo Roberts WILLIAMS, born 26 March 1875 at Rodney, Green Township, Gallia County, Ohio. They lived first in Gallipolis and later moved to Chester, West Virginia where Blanche died 17 February 1958. She is buried at the Union Cemetery, New Manchester, West Virginia. Theo died 8 June 1967 and is buried next to Blanche.


4-7-1-3-1  1.    William Dale WILLIAMS, b. 29 Jan 1897, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    John Forest WILLIAMS, b. 24 Feb 1903, d. 24 May 1903. Buried: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Gallipolis, Ohio.

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4-7-1-3-1         WILLIAM DALE WILLIAMS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Blanche-John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James 

          Like his Uncle Edwin, William was a Doctor of Dentistry. He was born 29 January 1897, in Gallia County, Ohio. After his marriage to Maude Merrill MC ILWAIN about 1918, he and his bride lived in Steubenville, Ohio. William and Maude had two children and after the birth of the second they were divorced. Maude died 20 May 1966, in Columbus, Ohio and is buried in Worthington, Ohio.

          In 1933 William married Iva GORSUCH, born 17 October 1906. William died 4 March 1972, age 75 years in Weirton, West Virginia and is buried near his parents in Union Cemetery, New Manchester, West Virginia. In 1981, Iva was living at Steubenville, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Maude McILWAIN:

4-7-1-3-1-1     1.    William Dale WILLIAMS JR., b. 27 Sept 1919, Steubenville, Ohio.

4-7-1-3-1-2     2.    Ann Elizabeth WILLIAMS, b. 3 Jan 1924, Steubenville, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Blanche-John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          William was born 27 September 1919, in Steubenville, and died in Los Angeles 20 May 1976. His body was returned to New Manchester, West Virginia for burial in the Union Cemetery near his father and grandparents.

          William was twice married. He had two children by his first wife, Bess KOCK, and one by his second wife, Marie.





Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Blanche-John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James 

          Though Steubenville-born on 3 January 1924, Ann spent most of her life in Columbus, Ohio. She was married there on 23 May 1946 to James Louis FAVRET. James was born 11 June 1923, in Cincinnati, Ohio and in 1981 was the president of a heating and cooling business in Columbus, Ohio, a family affair with his three oldest sons in the business with him.

          Ann, a teacher before marriage, in 1981 active in social service organizations, and is interested in "the three Gs" - Genealogy, Golf and Grandchildren. Ann contacted me and volunteered the Blanche MARTINDALE line. I needed more Anns!

          The FAVRETS lived in Worthington, Ohio, with all their children and grandchildren close around them - in Worthington or Columbus, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Elizabeth was born 21 April 1875, where Bidwell now is in Springfield Township. She was married 1 November 1902, in East Liverpool, Ohio to Frank F. MACKEY, son of A.J. and Rebecca MACKEY. Frank was born 8 October 1875 at Woodsfield, Ohio.

          Elizabeth's second marriage was in 1933 to Sidney E. KELLEY, an East Liverpool mortician. Elizabeth died 14 July 1972.


4-7-1-4-1         1.    Edith Ilene MACKEY, b. 4 Sept 1903, East Liverpool, Ohio.

4-7-1-4-2         2.    Olive Ruth MACKEY, b. 15 Dec 1905, East Liverpool, Ohio.

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4-7-1-4-1         EDITH ILENE MACKEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Edith was born in East Liverpool, Ohio 4 September 1903 and died 4 September 1966. She is buried in Morehead City, North Carolina. Her Husband was John E. LOCKWOOD.


                 1.    John Theodore LOCKWOOD, b. 1932

                 2.    Charles Fred LOCKWOOD, b. about 1935

                 3.    Rosalie Elizabeth LOCKWOOD, b. 13 Feb 1938

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4-7-1-4-2         OLIVE RUTH MACKEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Olive, like her sister, was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. The date was 15 December 1905. Her first marriage, to Richard Arnold NICKLIN, ended after about 10 years with his death, on 13 February 1938. Olive then was married on 9 July 1943 to Alfred RITSON.


                 1.    (only) Richard Forest NICKLIN, b. 31 Jan 1929, East Liverpool, Ohio. Married: 18 Dec 1949 at Pughtown, West Virginia, Carrie Bell ESTELL, b. 21 Sept 1931, daughter of Archibald and Estrella (ANDERSON) ESTELL.


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4-7-1-5     INA MARTINDALE


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Ina was born 11 June 1877 and was married on 16 October

1901 to Wilbert RAMSEY, who was born 24 March 1875. They lived first in Gallia County, Ohio but, later moved to a farm east of Columbus. Ina died in January 1940. Wilbert died 17 June 1951


4-7-1-5-1  1.    Julia RAMSEY, b. 6 Feb 1904, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    Herschel RAMSEY, b. 2 Aug 1910, d. 6 Dec 1927.

                 3.    Owen Robert RAMSEY, b. 13 JAN 1915. Married: June 1933, Eloise BAUMAN. No issue.

                 4.    Martha RAMSEY

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4-7-1-5-1         JULIA RAMSEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ina-John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Julia was born 6 February 1904, In Gallia County, Ohio and was married on 23 April 1931, to Robert Thomas COLLINS.





Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Tracy was born 30 September 1883, died 8 March 1945 and was married on 14 March 1906 to Eva J. HART.


                 1.    Alvin MARTINDALE, b. 14 1907, d. 28 Dec 1970. Married: 4 Dec 1934, Martha EBEN. No issue.

                 2.    Tracy Simeon MARTINDALE, b. 18 Dec 1908. Married: 1932, Kathleen WHITE

                 3.    Lillian R. MARTINDALE, b. 24 June 1911. Married: Harold BROWN.

                 4.    Lawrence T.H. MARTINDALE, b. 2 Apr 1914. Married: 22 Aug 1937, Thelma STRICKLER.

                 5.    Evelyn MARTINDALE, b. 22 Apr 1917. Married: 8 Oct 1936, Charles CASTO.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Simeon was born 15 October 1885 in Gallia County, Ohio and was married 16 April 1912 at the Glenwood Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio to Mary Elizabeth PURDUM. Mary was born

4 December 1892, the daughter of George W. and Flora Ann (MATTHEWS) PURDUM. One source says Simeon was a civil engineer in Columbus; another (the WEED GENEALOGY) says he was a pharmacist and then got into politics.


4-7-1-9-1  1.    Clayton Warren MARTINDALE, b. 7 June 1913, Columbus, Ohio.

                 2.    Dorothy May MARTINDALE, b. 11 Aug 1914, Columbus, Ohio. Married: 2 Feb 1937, James E. HARGAR

                 3.    Malcolm Purdum MARTINDALE, b. 18 Oct 1915, Columbus, Ohio. Married: 14 July 1938, Anna SMOUSE.

                 4.    Ernestine Thelma MARTINDALE, b. 2 Feb 1917, Columbus, Ohio. Married: 3 June 1937, William FIELDS

                 5.    John Weed MARTINDALE, b. 17 Aug 1921. Married: 15 June 1946, Clara G. MOORE

                 6.    Olive Ruth MARTINDALE, b. 31 Oct 1922. Married: 11 June 1943, Willard HOUSE.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Simeon-John-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Clayton was born 7 June 1913 in Columbus Ohio. The woman who became his life companion was a WEED cousin, Lucille Alice FAUGHT. Lucille was the daughter of Ross C. and Alice Grace (WEED) FAUGHT, and was born 23 May 1915 in Mt. Gilead, Ohio.

          Clayton was with Montgomery Wards in Columbus, Ohio for several years, and then worked in the photographic department of Battelle Laboratories in Columbus. One day he was stricken while at work and died at the age 45 years on 11 Dec 1959.

          Lucille, who had attended Kent State and worked in Columbus before marriage decided to go back to school after Clayton's death. She entered Ohio State and got her degree in Education. Since her graduation, she had been teaching in a Franklin County school just outside Columbus, Ohio, as of 1971.


                 1. Mary Alice MARTINDALE, b. 25 Aug 1936

                    Married: James L. MC FARLING, b. 21 Dec 1930

          Mary attended Anderson College, then entered nursing school, became an RN and worked at University Hospital. James graduated from Anderson, and received his Masters in Chemistry from Ohio State and by 1971 had done considerable work toward his doctorate at Ohio State University.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          William, more frequently known as Warren (and later as Hon. W.W. MARTINDALE for his service as mayor of Gallipolis, Ohio) was born 26 May 1842. The place was Jackson County, Ohio but, as he was only a year old when the family moved to Huntington Township, he is generally regarded as a native Gallian.

          Though debilitated by an illness incurred during the Civil War, William gave much of himself to his community. His two years as mayor of Gallipolis (1880-1882) were preceded by two terms as treasurer of Gallia County (1876 to 1880) and followed by his service as justice of the peace of Gallipolis Township. He also served three years as a member of the Board of Education of Gallipolis Schools. He was a member of Morning Dawn Lodge, No. 7, F. & A.M., and the Gallipolis Chapter, No. 79, Royal Arch Masons.

          William's war service started 18 November 1861, when he enlisted in Co. E, 53rd OVI. He was promoted to first sergeant and later was commissioned a first lieutenant. He was sent to the deep south to enlist freed slaves in the Union Army. While there he became ill and was discharged on the 27th of October 1863. He came home, but he never fully recovered. Part of his disability was the temporary loss of the use of an eye.

          After his discharge he began courting the lovely Lucretia WEED, older sister of Olive who was to marry his older brother John. Lucretia was born in the log home on Barren Creek 9 June 1843. She and William were married 26 October 1865, by the same Reverend VAUGHN who would marry John and Olive three years hence.

          In the years ahead, William not only served as mentioned above, but managed also to keep a fruit farm productive and to teach school.

          Sadly, his life was not to be a long one. At the age of 45 years, 6 months, 24 days and after only 22 years of marriage, he died 29 December 1887. He is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Springfield Township, Ohio.

          Lucretia survived him by 40 years and five days. She is listed in the 1890 special census and the 1900 regular census as living in Rio Grande, Raccoon Township, Ohio. She died

3 January 1927 at the age of 86 years and, like William, is buried at the Mt. Zion Cemetery, Springfield Township, Ohio.


4-7-2-1     1.    Mary Emma MARTINDALE, b. 6 Jan 1868, Huntington Township, Ohio.

                 2.    Cynthia Ann MARTINDALE, b. 20 Nov 1869, Huntington Township, Ohio, d. 22 Mar 1892, age 23. Unknown where Cynthia is buried.

4-7-2-3     3.    Charles Hoyt MARTINDALE, b. 1 June 1872.

4-7-2-4     4.    Bertha Rozella MARTINDALE, b. 16 Apr 1874.

4-7-2-5     5.    Williamette MARTINDALE, b. 23 May 1877.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Mary Emma was born 6 January 1868, when the family was still in Huntington Township, Ohio. She was married twice, the first time to Charles T. BOOTON, on 20 May 1889, and the second time to Louis DUNN. I have nothing to give a hint as to where this family lived, except that their son died in Mansfield, Arkansas.


4-7-2-1-1         1.    Laban Martindale BOOTON, b. 17 May 1890

4-7-2-1-2         2.    Marie Elizabeth BOOTON, b. 31 Aug 1896

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Laban was an historic name in the BOOTON family, but nothing is at hand to give me a connection between this Laban and the Laban BOOTON, born about 1772, an early proprietor in Jackson County, Ohio near Oak Hill; also the Laban BOOTON born about 1856, who married Addie WEED, a relative of Lucretia and Olive WEED. This Laban was born 17 May 1890, and was married on 20 May 1911 to Elizabeth Naomi MC CREACY. Laban died 28 May 1972 in Mansfield, Arkansas.


                 1.    Wanita BOOTON, b. 26 May 1912. Married: Nov 1929, Lilburn LUNEY..

                 2.    Marie BOOTON, b. 1915. Married: Claude STRAND

                 3.    Catherine Josephine BOOTON, b. about 1917. Married: Donald GRAY.

                 4.    Charles Edwin BOOTON, b. 20 Sept 1920

                 5.    William Martindale BOOTON, b. 23 Mar 1923

                 6.    Gene James BOOTON, b. 15 Dec 1925

                 7.    Herbert BOOTON, b. 24 Mar 1929

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4-7-2-1-2         MARIE ELIZABETH BOOTON


Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Marie was born 31 August 1896 and was married on 20 June 1923 to Thomas Chester HERBERT.


                 1      Mary Elizabeth HERBERT, 27 Aug 1924. Married: 7 Oct 1949, H.V. BEIGHLY

                 2.    John David HERBERT, b. 24 Aug 1926

                 3.    Virginia Lee HERBERT, b. 6 July 1928. Married: 27 Dec 1952, James GARDNER

                 4.    Anna Marie HERBERT, b. 7 Aug 1930. Married: 23 Aug 1952, 1. George E. FRANK


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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Charles was born 1 June 1872, and was a railroad executive, but unsure as to the location. Charles was married twice, on 12 October 1890 to Olive EDMONDS, and on 22 March 1964 in Los Angeles, California to Julia HINES KINCAID.

          ISSUE by Olive EDMONDS:

                 1.    Chester E. MARTINDALE, b. Jan 1893, d. 24 July 1894.

                 2.    Ruth MARTINDALE, b. 9 Mar 1901, lost at sea, July 1907.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Bertha was born 16 April 1874. She and the Reverend Thomas LASLEY were married on the Fourth of July in 1892. Thomas was born 31 October 1870 and was a minister of the Free Will Baptist Church. He died 2 March 1953 and Bertha died 17 October 1961 at Loudenville, Ohio.


4-7-2-4-1         1.    Owen Meredith LASLEY, b. 18 July 1893

                        2.    William Walter LASLEY, b. 17 July 1895, d. 20 Dec 1971, Ashland, Ohio. Married: 25 June 1922, Georgia HEFFELFINGER, b. 7 Oct 1902, d. 12 Nov 1970. No issue.

4-7-2-4-3         3.    Anna Mae LASLEY, b. 7 Jan 1898

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4-7-2-4-1         OWEN MEREDITH LASLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Bertha-William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Owen was born 18 July 1893. He was an ordained minister in the Baptist Church and served for many years. His wife was Eleanor CHILDS, born 11 November 1892. Owen died 29 August 1961 in Brandon, Ohio and Eleanor died 12 March 1970.


                 1.    Meredith Kenner LASLEY, b. 19 September 1913, Columbus, Ohio. Married on his 23rd birthday, 19 September 1936 in Ostrander, Delaware County, Ohio to Essel Pearl ROUSH, b. 18 June 1911, Ostrander, Delaware County, Ohio, daughter of Spencer and Bertha (STONE) ROUSH. Meredith was ordained in the Baptist Church in 1939 and served many years in the Fair Oaks Baptist Church at Zanesville, Ohio. He retired in 1979, remaining in Zanesville, Ohio.

                 2.    Thomas James LASLEY, b. 1928. Married: April 1940, Anna Frances COOPER.

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4-7-2-4-3         ANNA MAE LASLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Bertha-William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Anna was born 7 January 1898 and was married on 4 May 1916 to Paul J. BARTLEY, born 11 November 1892. The BARTLEYS had at the time of this writing, 17 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, but not a thing gives a hint of where a single member of this family might be found today.


                        1.    Roger Eugene BARTLEY, b. 7 Dec 1917 and died 18 June 1942. He was married 21 April 1940 to Cleo FAIR who was born 3 April 1918.

                        2.    William Thomas BARTLEY, b. 30 Aug 1920 and was married on 15 April 1941 to Ruth LANTZ.

                        3.    Stanley BARTLEY, b. 19 Feb 1924 and was married on 16 March 1941 to Ruth M. NALLEY who was born 12 November 1923.

                        4.    Marjorie BARTLEY, b. 11 Apr 1927. Married: 1st 11 Sept 1948, Ralph E. KENDELL, d. 20 May 1969. Married: 2nd 26 Aug 1972, Thomas ROWE, b. 1921.

                        5.    James T. BARTLEY, b. 27 Nov 1929. Married: 26 Oct 1947, Joann RICHMOND

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Williamette (always called Metta) was born 23 May 1877 and was married on 10 June 1895, to Charles Joseph BOWEN. She died 3 November 1963 in Columbus, Ohio. Charles was, at first, secretary at the YMCA and then he became minister of the Free Will Baptist Church, possibly in Gallipolis or Vinton, Ohio - or maybe both. They were living in Vinton, Ohio in 1901.


4-7-2-5-1         1.    Gladys Ann BOWEN, b. 27 Apr 1896, Gallapolis, Gallia County, Ohio.

4-7-2-5-2         2.    Charles Verne BOWEN, b. 12 Feb 1898, Gallapolis, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        3.    William Chester BOWEN, b. 16 Feb 1905, Gallapolis, Gallia County, Ohio. His wife was Margaret Lucille KRAFT, born 1 September 1906. They were married on 18 August 1929 in Cambridge, Ohio. William died 22 December 1976 in Lakewood, Ohio.

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4-7-2-5-1         GLADYS ANN BOWEN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Williamette-William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Gladys was born in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio 27 April 1896 and was married in Granville, Ohio on the 5th of May 1918 to Eber Parker CORBIN. Eber was born 9 Dec 1895 in Bradford, Ohio to Parker T. and Clara (HYLAND) CORBIN.


                  1.    William Joseph CORBIN, b. 14 April 1922, Grandville, Ohio. Married: 8 Sept 1946, Columbus, Ohio, Beatrice Ann BALLOU.

                 2.    Robert Theodore CORBIN, b. 14 Apr 1922, Grandville, Ohio. Married: 22 June 1947, Columbus, Ohio, Shirley Elizabeth PRIOR.

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4-7-2-5-2         CHARLES VERNE BOWEN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Williamette-William-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Nancy Hanks EWING wrote: "When Charles died early this year, just prior to his 84th birthday, the country lost an outstanding chemist, and I lost a good genealogical friend and twice-cousin." Charles, born 12 February 1898 in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio, received an honorary doctorate in chemistry from Denison University, and was a government scientist until his retirement. After his retirement, he was a chemical consultant from his home in Winter Park, Florida. It can be assumed he died there in January or early February 1982.

          Charles was married on 24 May 1924 in Washington, Pennsylvania to Allene Bernette NICHOL. Allene was born 6 April 1901 in Vanceville, Pennsylvania and her parents were Charles D. and Lizzie (DAGUE) NICHOL. Allene was believed to be still living in Winter Park, Florida in 1982.

          Charles was exceedingly interested in family history, and we corresponded from time to time over the years. After retirement, he and Allene were able to travel a good deal, and delve into their backgrounds. Charles was particularly interested in the HOWELLS and HANKS in his background, but his first concern was the BOWENS, and he wrote me that he had a Bowen book getting close to publication. (If a Bowen book had been printed Nancy was not aware of it.)


                 1.    Charles David BOWEN, b. 2 Apr 1932, Washington, Pennsylvania. Married: 3 June 1955, Winter Park, Florida, Kathleen Jennette COOPER


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Julie-Jeanet-John-James

          Niles, or Quince as he was usually called, was born 7 October 1844 in Huntington Township, Ohio and though he traveled elsewhere upon occasion, Huntington Township was his home through life, and the place of his death at the age of 83 years.

          His early years were spent there, at home, helping on the farm, and learning from his father the fine art of wood carving.

          Niles was the third of Julia and Alvin's sons to enter the war. He enlisted in 1864 and again 15 February 1865, in Co. D, 194th OVI. At the time of enlistment he was 5 feet 8 inches tall, had blue eyes and fair hair. He was mustered out

24 October 1865 at Washington, D.C., apparently unscathed. He returned home and in 1870 was listed with his parents in Huntington Township, Ohio, Occupation: "Works on farm."

          Niles may have been considered a "gay blade" while he was in his 20's for in the 1871 Gallia County records there is listed the birth of a MARTINDALE, "bastered" of N. Quincy. Unfortunately, nothing more is known of this descendant of James Ewing, so the child cannot take his or her place in the Ewing Genealogy.

          In June of 1876, Niles went to Warren County, Iowa. There he met Mary Lina MOORE. Mary Lina was born 21 August 1850 in Muffintown, Pennsylvania, daughter of James and Mary (WISE) MOORE, natives of Ireland and Pennsylvania. Niles and Mary Lina were married in Liberty Center, Warren County, Iowa on

13 September 1877.

          Niles and Mary Lina returned to Ewington, Ohio in December 1877 and were there until 1881. They moved in with Niles' parents, Alvin and Julia Ann, in the large frame house Alvin had built on Thomas Ewing's old 160 acres on Adney Road near Ewington, Ohio. In the 1880 census they were there with their two daughters.

          In 1881 Niles and Mary Lina and their two daughters moved to Wilkesville, Ohio where a third daughter was born. Shortly after Margaret's birth in February 1882, Mary Lina packed up baggage and daughters and went back to Des Moines, Iowa to her parents.

          Niles, then 41, returned to Adney Road near Ewington in 1885. Mary Lina seems to have started divorce proceedings but in later developments they appear not to have taken affect, which Niles apparently did not realize. On 28 December 1891, he was married by J.C. HAMMON, J.P. in Gallia County, Ohio to Nancy WALLACE.

          Nancy was born 14 January 1857 in Briggsdale, Ohio to George and Elizabeth (SMITH) WALLACE. Deaf since childhood, she made her living as a dressmaker in Ewington and continued to after she and Niles were married. She had a little home in Ewington and Niles moved in after the marriage.

          In the 1900 census, they are listed in Ewington, Ohio, he a carpenter and she a dressmaker.

          They were getting close to celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary when Niles died 1 November 1927. He was buried 3 November 1927 in the Old Holcomb Cemetery, Butler of Vinton, Ohio was the undertaker. Nancy was 70 years old at the time of Niles' death.

          Nancy's life, rather serene to that point, became a complicated mess - and it took an act of Congress to untangle it.

          Nancy applied for a widow's pension. The Pension Board asked for a proof of divorce from his first wife. Mary Lina had died two months prior to Niles, 9 September 1927 in Dragoon, Cochise County, Arizona. But their daughter, Margaret, sent to the Pension Board an affidavit that her parents were divorced in October 1888, that her mother had an attorney and paid for a divorce. However it appears the attorney never completed the action. He filed a second suit in 1891 but that was dismissed for lack of action in 1894.

          The Pension Board's verdict was that the divorce was petitioned for but, through some oversight, never became final. The Pension Board sent Nancy its regrets in May of 1928, "Sorry, you're not Niles' legal wife."

          Congress came to Nancy's rescue. In 1930, a special law was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives declaring Nancy the legal wife of Niles Martindale and Nancy got her pension.

          Nancy died 12 March 1936, (of mineral insufficiency) age 79, and is buried next to her husband at Old Holcomb Cemetery.

          ISSUE by Mary Lina:

                 1.    Julia Ann MARTINDALE, b. 1878, d. 1945, Dalhart, Texas. Married: pre 1900, Harry PAYNE.

                 2.    Jenny Ethel MARTINDALE, b. 16 May 1880, d. Arizona. Married: after 1900, William COFFEY.

                 3.    Margaret M. MARTINDALE, b. 1882, d. California. Married: Pre 1900, Edward RUGGLES.

                        1928: Borger, Hutchinson County, Texas

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Mary was born 24 December 1846 in Ewington, Ohio. She was a school teacher before her marriage at the age of 24 years to William E. FLETCHER, at Ewington, Ohio on 28 December 1871. William was born 30 May 1849 in Ohio. Williams parents were also born in Ohio.

          After marriage the two moved to Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio where they lived the rest of their lives, William listed as a farmer. In the 1880 census they had living with them Susan HOWELL, 28, daughter of Mary's late brother and sister-in-law, Samuel HOWELL and his wife, Verta.

          William died 14 July 1933, presumably Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio and Mary died 10 July 1936 at the age of 90 years


                 1.    Charles W. FLETCHER, b. 20 Nov 1872, Wilkesville, Vinton, Ohio, d. 15 July 1953. Married: 27 July 1892, Ira HARTLEY, no issue.

4-7-4-2     2.    Edward V. FLETCHER, b. 6 Apr 1876, Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio.

                 3.    Alonzo A. FLETCHER, b. 20 Apr 1879, Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. Married: 1 May 1916, Edna STEELE, daughter of: George and Emily STEELE, sister of Florence who married his brother, Edward. No issue:

4-7-4-4     4.    Ora Thomas FLETCHER, b. 15 July 1883, Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio.

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4-7-4-2     EDWARD V. FLETCHER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-Julia-Janet-John-James

          Edward was born 6 April 1876 in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio and became one of Vinton County's prominent schoolteachers of the time, at least according to a 1901 item in the Vinton Leader, when he paid a visit to his cousin, Mrs. C.J. BOWEN (Williamette).

          Edward was married on 1 May 1906, to Florence STEELE, sister of Edna who married his brother Alonzo. She was born in 1886 and died 1 June 1931. Edward died 22 April 1955.


                        1.    Irma or Erma FLETCHER, b. 14 Apr 1909, Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. Single. 1982: Hilltop Rest Home, Portsmouth, Ohio.

                        2.    Meral FLETCHER, b. 22 Feb 1913, Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio, d. 1955, Buried: Reynoldsburgh, Ohio. Married: 1939, Inez SAULSBERRY. Meral worked at Coated Fabrics, Columbus, Ohio.

4-7-4-2-3         3.    Edna Faye FLETCHER, b. 27 Sept 1915, Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio.

                        4.    Carl FLETCHER, b. 24 Nov 1922, Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. Married: 1st 25 Jan 1942, Mary Etta FRAKES. Mary died and is buried at Wellston, Ohio. Married 2nd 16 May 1970, Jean FOUGHT, b. 24 Sept 1929. 1982: Lives and Works Wellston, Ohio. Worked Littlejohn Shell Service. No issue.

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4-7-4-2-3         EDNA FAYE FLETCHER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Edward-Mary-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Edna was born 27 Sept 1915 in Wilkesville, Vinton county, Ohio. She has been married twice, and both husbands were carpenters by trade. Edna was first married at the age of 17 years on 8 November 1932 in Radcliffe, Ohio to Leland Stanford SPIRES, the son of Homer and Luella (BURLIEL) SPRIES. Leland was born 21 June 1916 in Ewington, Ohio and died 25 September 1950 at the age of 34 years. He is buried at New Albany, Ohio.

          Edna was then married on 6 November 1956 to Robert WOODS, born 28 January 1928, in Van Alta Ohio. In 1982, Edna and Robert lived in Somerset, Ohio.



Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-Julia-Jeanet-John-James

          Ora and Lora lived apparently, in Columbus, Ohio, where Ora was a salesman. Ora was born 15 July 1883 in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. Lora was Lora E. BARNES, before their marriage on 30 August 1913. Lora was born in Barnesville, Ohio. Ora died 14 June 1963 in Columbus, Ohio.


                 1.    William FLETCHER, b. 23 Sept 1917, Columbus, Ohio, d. 15 Aug 1971, Miami, Florida. Buried: Miami, Florida. Retired from the Army. Married: 1st Mary Ellen HARMON THOMAS, a widow with three children, Joy, Frank and Wanda. She died and is buried at Houston, Texas. He married 2nd Mary REAVER. Issue by Mary:

                        1.     (only) Susie FLETCHER,

                 2.    Hugh Thomas FLETCHER, b. 11 May 1918, Columbus, Ohio, d. 28 Mar 1979, Columbus, Ohio. He was a warehouse supervisor for Central Ohio Paper. Buried: Columbus, Ohio. Married: 23 Nov 1945, Columbus, Ohio, Catherine L. HENDERSON, b. 9 July 1929, Grafton, West Virginia, daughter of Wallace HENDERSON. After Hugh's death Catherine married William L. KUHN. 1981: Live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Catherine sent data on this family.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeanet-John-James

          Samuel, born 1/25 February 1825, was Jeanet and Levi's eighth and youngest, and was obviously named for Jeanet's youngest brother. Sadly, he was not to live long. He was the victim of a typhoid plague, and died 4 October 1854, in Ewington, Ohio at the age of only 29 years.

          When he died he left a widow and three children, one born the same year Samuel died. The widow was Vesta WILLCOX, daughter of Alfred and Taphena (HOLCOMB) WILLCOX, born 3 December 1832. She and Samuel were married 8 February 1849, by Hiram WILLCOX, J.P.

          Vesta married again about 1858, her husband being William R. MC CLAIN, who served during the Civil War in Co. I, 173rd OVI and Co. C, 18th OVI. They had a daughter, Mary M. MC CLAIN, born 1859, listed with Vesta and William in the 1860 Ewington census.

          But Vesta was not to live long either. She died 11 August 1867, age 35 years, 8 months, 8 days and is buried at the Old Holcomb Cemetery (Samuel may be buried their too, but no stone marks the spot.)

          Her death left at least two orphans. The elder, Cicero, seems to have vanished from the scene. In 1870, Alonzo and Susan were living with relatives in Ewington. In 1880, Alonzo too seems to have disappeared, and only Susan was found in a census, and after that, she too fades from the Ewing annals. William MC CLAIN appears to have vanished, also; at least he is not in any Gallia County cemetery record and was not found in any census after the 1860.


                 1.    Cicero HOWELL, b. March 1850. 1860 census: with mother and stepfather, but not in any Gallia County census after that; not in Gallia County cemetery records.

                 2.    Susan HOWELL, b. 1852. 1860 census: with mother and stepfather. 1870 census: was 18 years old, domestic servant with her aunt, Julia (HOWELL) MARTINDALE and family, Ewington, Ohio. 1880 census: 28 years old, domestic servant in home of her cousin, Mary Jeanette (MARTINDALE) FLETCHER, Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. No sign of her after 1880 census.

                 3.    Alonzo HOWELL, b. 1854, the same year his father died; 13 years old when his mother died. 1870 census; 16 years, listed with his great-grandparents, Stephen and Rebecca (Niles?) WILLCOX, Vinton, Ohio. No sign of him after 1870 census.

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