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SARAH EWING (1783-1850)


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-James

          On 21 April 1783, when Stony Creek was still in Augusta County, Virginia, Ann Smith EWING gave birth to a fifth child, a daughter, whom she and John named Sarah (I have always insisted for John's mother). Sarah (always called Sally) was 13 when her elder sister, Susannah, married the dashing newcomer to Greenbrier River country, Stephen HOLCOMB in 1796, and even that young, it's likely Sarah had her eye on Stephen's younger brother, Samuel Robert HOLCOMB, then 19 (born 27 February 1777, in Spencertown, New York).

          The romance may have started then, but it did not become a marriage until 1802, six years later. By that time Samuel was in Gallipolis, and the Stephen HOLCOMBS and the John EWING family were in the area as well. Samuel appears to have been in Gallipolis as early as January 1800. He became a good friend of one of the area's leading lights of the time, Colonel Robert SAFFORD, and lived with him in the town's block house for two years until his and Sarah's marriage.

          A skilled carpenter, Samuel has the distinction of having helped to saw boards for the first plank floor ever laid in Gallipolis, and, with brother Stephen, of having built the first mill in Vinton, Ohio for John ADNEY.

          Samuel and Sarah's wedding was on a cold Ohio winter day, 16 January 1802, and it was Samuel's good friend, Colonel SAFFORD, a justice of the peace, who performed the ceremony.

          The following are some excerpts from an article which first appeared in the Gallipolis Tribune on the 28th of April 1870. It does a pretty good job of telling some of Samuel and Sarah's story.

          "Soon after their marriage, they settled at Mercer Bottom, Virginia, and lived there three years. During this period he became an abolitionist. A negro having been hung at Charleston for murder, the county had to indemnify the owner of the slave for the loss. A poll tax of $2.50 was levied. HOLCOMB borrowed money to pay the tax and then paid the debt by splitting rails at 50 cents per hundred.

          "During the Holcomb stay at Mercer Bottom, a son (Anselm) and a daughter (Ann Smith) was born. About this time they became acquainted with George TYLER who told them he had selected a farm for himself and for them on the Ethapetha or Raccoon Creek.

          "On 9 April 1805 Holcomb took possession of the chosen land where the village of Vinton now is. Here he lived in a camp and, aided by Tyler, cleared the first land and built the first house, with one exception, in Huntington Township. Tyler had put up a cabin the preceding autumn. (Another story says Joseph MC KNIGHT was the first home builder.) Tyler had selected three farms: his own, which he named Beech Bottoms, the farm now owned by Mr. VIERS; William GLENN'S called Cherry Bottoms, and General HOLCOMB'S called Cherry Bottoms." (Two Cherry Bottoms? Probably a typographical error)

          "Bears, panthers and wolves abounded. Once during the General's absence a big male bear attacked a drove of his hogs and seized and began to devour a sow. The other hogs, frightened, ran into the house. With great difficulty they were driven out and a little later the bear was killed by two hunters.

          "To obtain money to pay for his land, Holcomb chopped cord wood at Jackson salt licks and while thus engaged 'shantied' with Pegleg POTTER and VANCE (afterwards governor of Ohio)."

          A grandson recalled that Samuel and Sarah moved into Huntington Township from Mason carrying all their household goods on a horse behind them. They lived in a tent until they erected a log cabin. The land Samuel owned was in Huntington's Section 24, where Vinton, Ohio is now located, and Section 23, adjoining. He also acquired at a later date some property in Section 34, but apparently that wasn't important to him, for it was forfeited in 1827 for non-payment of taxes.

          Samuel quickly became an important part of the community and for the next 62 years until his death in 1867 was considered one of the leaders in the town of Vinton, Ohio. He was one of the electors when Huntington Township came into being in 1811, and was proprietor on the 1820 list, house worth $145, six horses and four veal and cattle.

          Samuel was "a man of fine address, great force of character and much sagacity." He has been described as six feet, one inch tall and well built, weighing 250 pounds, with black eyes and a dark complexion. "He accumulated considerable property, gave his children good schooling and enjoyed a good reputation in Huntington Township."

          That last might have been somewhat disputed by a few residents of Vinton. For instance, in some Civil War pension papers, it was discovered that Samuel initiated a charge of fraud against one Robert B. CARTER (Chapter No. 20-4). After reading through reams of summaries and cross examinations in Carter's file, it develops that Holcomb, "If he couldn't rule, would as soon ruin as not," "Was overbearing, wanted to be a leader in everything," "I knew him 32 years, always thought him deceitful," "Had a good many township offices but if he didn't get them, he didn't care if anyone else did or not." Verdict: A small town trying to stir up trouble. Carter got his pension.

          Be that as it may, S.R. was a leader. When he signed a release from duty for Thomas EWING (NO. 12) 26 September 1812, it was as Colonel, 3rd Regiment, 1st Battalion Division. If he was ever attached to the August 1813, WOMELDORFF expedition to Maumee country, word of it has not reached me. In later years the townsfolk started calling him "General Holcomb" and the title has stuck through the ages.

          Samuel was also sheriff of Gallia County, serving 1816 to 1819, 1823 to 1825 and 1830 to 1831, a total of seven years. He served briefly in the state legislature, at a time when Meigs, Gallia and Jackson counties were one legislative district. He, along with J.W. ROSS of Jackson, represented the district in 1825. And at one point in time, 1844, he was elected to the Ohio Electoral College.

          By 1832 there was quite a little settlement springing up along the Raccoon Creek near the Holcombs, and Samuel decided a town needed laying out. On his property west of the creek, below the mill dam, he plotted a village which he called Vinton for the esteemed Gallia County member of Congress, Samuel F. VINTON (1792-1862), who had first been elected as a Representative from Ohio in 1823, and was then (1832) serving his third term. The County of Vinton was also named for him.

          The main street (High) was the east-west road from Gallipolis to Jackson (now State 160). Other east-west streets he gave the names Jackson and Cherry, and north-south streets were named Front, Clay, Van Buren and Wood. He divided his town into 66 parcels of varying sizes.

          It took. A post office - the first in Huntington Township - was established there in 1835. The town was incorporated in 1882. At that time there was a population of about 200. The Columbus Hocking Valley and Toledo Railroad ran through, and there was a flour mill, a factory for spinning and carding wool, two stores, two hotels and the Methodist Episcopal Church at High and Front streets, built that year.

           Vinton's 1980 census population was 375. It was mainly a residential center, with nearby mines, power plants and industry supplying employment. It boasted a Volunteer Fire Department which served Morgan, Springfield and Huntington Townships. Harold BROWN was the mayor.

          And while Samuel was thus occupied, where was Sarah? Sarah, who has been described as "a woman of ability and stamina, well suited for a pioneer life," was not only busy raising nine of their ten children (one, Jannat, died at the age of 6 months) but other young people as well. Her home was always open to anyone who needed her. A granddaughter, Olive HOLCOMB, was one whom she raised, taking the place of her own Olive, who died in 1825 at the age of 17 years.

          Another member of the Holcomb household, at one time, is said to have been Sarah's father, John EWING, though it may well be that Indian John, after turning his farm in Addison Township over to his youngest son, Samuel, lived with daughter Susannah HOLCOMB, or even son Andrew, who also lived at Vinton. We may never know for sure.

          Sarah was a "physician" of her day, and thought nothing of riding many miles on horseback to set broken bones and to relieve the suffering of her neighbors.

          Sadly, over the years the grand name of Holcomb died out in Gallia County, Ohio, as far as Samuel and Sarah are concerned. Though they have scores of descendants in the area, none has the Holcomb name. The line was "daughtered out." Of their 10 children, only four were sons. Of the four, one was childless,

one had only one son, who died childless, and two left the Gallia scene at an early date. Even the daughter, Ann, who married another Holcomb and might have perpetuated the name, produced only four sons out of her 14 children, and those four were either childless or disappeared from Gallia.

          Sarah lived to see 48 of her known 62 grandchildren, but only 10 of her known 193 great-grandchildren. She was 67 years old when she died the 26 September 1850. She is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery, near her father. Samuel remained on at their home in Vinton alone (at least he was alone when the 1860 census was taken) for 16 1/2 years. He was 89, almost 90, when he died 24 January 1867. He is buried beside Sarah in the Old Holcomb Cemetery, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.


5-1           1.    Anselm Tupper HOLCOMB, b. 14 Mar 1803, Mason County, West Virginia.

5-2           2.    Ann Smith HOLCOMB, b. 1805, prior to 9 April 1805, Mason County, West Virginia

                 3.    Jannat HOLCOMB, b. 7 Mar 1807, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 29 Sept 1807, age: 6 mo, 22 days. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery.

                 4.    Olive HOLCOMB, b. July/Sept? 1808, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, d. Dec 1825, age: 17 years, 3/5 months? Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery.

5-5           5.    Laura D. HOLCOMB, b. 4 Dec 1811, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-6           6.    Taphena HOLCOMB, b. 8 Jan 1813, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-7           7.    Stephen HOLCOMB, b. 1815, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5--8          8.    John Ewing HOLCOMB, b. 16 Aug 1817, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-9           9.    Calphurnia HOLCOMB, b. 14 Nov 1819, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-10   10.     Edward Tupper HOLCOMB, b. 4 Jan 1822, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-John-James

          In Gallia County's formative years, an important man on the scene was one Edward W. TUPPER. He was a justice of the peace, an associate judge, president of the board of Gallia Academy, and the general who raised an army to march against the Maumee Indians in the War of 1812.

          Apparently he was also Samuel's friend, whom Samuel thought enough of to name not just one, but two sons after.

          Samuel and Sarah's first-born was given the name Anselm Tupper HOLCOMB, and their last-born the name of Edward Tupper HOLCOMB. Both were names that stuck around in the Holcomb family for a long time, causing no end of confusion among later family historians.

          Anselm was born 14 March 1803, across from Gallipolis on the Virginia side of the Ohio River in today's Mason County, West Virginia.

          A sketch in "BIOGRAPHICAL CYCLOPEDIA AND PORTRAIT GALLERY," published in 1888, gives information on Anselm's life.

          I will quote from it:

          "The subject of this sketch, the eldest of the family, was raised on his father's farm. His opportunities for obtaining an education were limited. Facilities for education at that time were very meager, so that the little schooling obtained by young Holcomb was imparted in a log cabin by teachers of very moderate acquirements. At the age of 12 he attended a select school at Gallipolis, then under the charge of Hon. Thomas EWING, who was at that time a young man. The friendship there formed between pupil and teacher continued through life.

          "As a student, Anselm was industrious, proficient, and a universal favorite of his young companions. But he was soon called from his studies to the care and management of his father's farm. Without system or direction, he read all the books of every character that he could borrow, and being blessed with a remarkable memory, the young farmer soon became recognized as the best informed man in the county. He investigated thoroughly every subject scientific, religious or political. He wrote well and he talked well, and had clear and well-defined views upon all the leading questions of the day. He became an active Whig politician, with pronounced anti-slavery views.

          "In 1839 he commenced the study of law and graduated in 1840 at the Cincinnati Law College, at that time under the charge of Hon. Timothy WALKER. He immediately began the practice of law, and at once established a reputation as a sound, safe and practical lawyer.

          "He was elected in 1845 as general of the militia of Gallia, Jackson and Vinton counties. In 1846 he was chosen a representative to the state legislature, for the counties of Gallia and Jackson, and served three terms.

          "General HOLCOMB declined further political honors, and devoted himself to his profession, practicing with success in Gallia, Jackson, Meigs and Vinton counties.

          "In 1853, when returning home from attending court, his horse, a large and powerful animal, attempting to jump over a broken bridge, fell upon him, crushing his left leg and very seriously injuring him. He was confined to his room for more than a year, and never recovered from the injuries he received.

          "After the defeat of the Whig party in 1852, he was active in the formation of the Anti-Slavery Party, and at once became an active Republican. In 1855, when anti-slavery principles were obnoxious to the voters in Southeastern Ohio, he commenced the publication of the GALLIA REPUBLICAN. Already known as a ready and forcible writer, his paper at once obtained a wide circulation. He continued its publication for three years, and saw the party, which in 1855 had been given but 350 votes in his county, increase its vote to nearly 3,000.

          "Anselm's lameness and corpulency prevented him, in a great measure, from attending the sessions of the courts, and he relinquished the practice of law in all the counties except Gallia and Jackson, and devoted himself to the superintendence of his farms.

          "In 1871, while on a visit to his brother, John E. HOLCOMB, in Missouri, in the law office of his nephews, he fell heavily to the floor with a stroke of paralysis. He was brought home in a comparatively helpless condition, and from that time was never able to transact business. After six years of quiet, passed with friends and relatives, he died at his residence on the 14th of July 1877, and was buried with Masonic honors.

          "In life Anselm was a man of fine presence. His head was large, with a strongly marked but attractive expression of countenance. He was erect, and in his youth well-proportioned and graceful. He was large-hearted and always kept an open house. His home was always an asylum to the poor; the orphan found in him a friend and many were taken in tender years and, by him, raised to lives of honor and usefulness. His heart was as large as his brain.

          "He married in early life Miss Esther MATTHEWS, with whom he lived happily more than 40 years. Their only child died when a few years old. His wife, in all the relations of life, as wife, friend and neighbor, was a most exemplary woman. She died in 1869."

          With the mention of Anselm's wife's name comes an introduction to another very important family in the EWING annals. The EWINGS and the HOLCOMBS had the same affinity for the MATTHEWS that they did for each other, and it becomes necessary to tell a bit about this family to keep them all straight.

          The progenitor in Gallia was Phineas MATTHEWS, a most illustrious early citizen, a leader in Gallia County and hischosen community of Cheshire Township.

          Born 27 July 1770, in New Braintree, Massachusetts, Phineas was the son of Revolutionary War soldier Aaron MATTHEWS and his wife Mary HUBBARD. Left an orphan when 8, he lived with his uncle, Daniel MATTHEWS, whose wife was Hulda PUTNAM, a sister of General Rufus PUTNAM. Phineas first went to Ohio in 1793, but only stayed briefly. When he went again in 1795 it was as a driver of oxen for Colonel Israel PUTNAM'S caravan of immigrants to this new-found land of Ohio.

          Putnam was a VIP in the Ohio Land Company, and Phineas became involved too, as a traveling tax collector and land agent. In the latter capacity he sold thousands of acres of wild land to settlers - and some to himself, too. He had acreage in many parts of Gallia, but his homesite was in Cheshire and that's where he and his three (over the years) wives and 16 children (and two step-children) lived.

          His home was a gathering place for the elite of both Gallia and Meigs counties, and he was an intimate friend of such important Ohio pioneers as the PUTNAMS, the CUTLERS, TUPPERS, WHIPPLES, Return Jonathan MEIGS and General ST. CLAIR of Marietta - and Daniel BOONE, when the famous Kentuckian lived near Point Pleasant from 1791 to 1800.

          The following is a list of Phineas' 16 children, showing how some of them fit into this story.

          ISSUE: by Mary RUSSELL - married 13 January 1803

          1.    Charles Whipple MATTHEWS, born 7/17 December 1803. Married: 28 July 1831, Taphena HOLCOMB (No. 5-6).

          2.    Esther MATTHEWS, born 7 April 1805. Married: 5 March 1825, Anselm Tupper HOLCOMB (No. 5-1).

          3.    Moses Russell MATTHEWS, born 18 April 1807. Married: Mary SMITH, (not in Gallia records). Parents of Major Timothy Smith MATTHEWS, VIP of Jackson County, Ohio, whose daughter Adele married George E. MATTHEWS (No. 15-3-10) .

          4.    Nancy MATTHEWS, born 18 April 1809. Married: 12 November 1829, William LEDLEY/LEDLIE.

          5.    Aaron MATTHEWS, born 22 May 1811. Married: 18 December 1830, Lydia ROUSH. heir son, Phineas, married Alice O. EWING (No. 19-2-6).

          6.    Elisha MATTHEWS, born 15 March 1813. Married: 19 November 1837, Phoebe EWING (No. 15-3).

          7.    Thomas R. MATTHEWS, born 2 April 1815. Married: 5 May 1839, Susan ROTH.

          ISSUE: by Abigail NOBLES - married 9 August 1815

          8.    Eurita MATTHEWS, born 2 August 1816. Married: 10 July 1842, John ROBINSON.

          9.    Mary MATTHEWS "Aunt Pop," born 17 April 1818. Married: 1 September 1838, John Ewing HOLCOMB (No. 5-8).

          10.  Eliza MATTHEWS, born 18 April 1820. Married: 2 November 1838, William SYMMES.

          11.  Phineas MATTHEWS JR., born 26 September 1822. Married: 7 April 1844, Fidelia EWING (No. 13-4).

          12.  Nobles S. MATTHEWS, born 11 July 1825. Married: 8 August 1856, Felicitus WHITE.

          13.  Frances Marion MATTHEWS, born 22 January 1828, died: 30 November 1831 - age 3 years.

          14.  Louisa MATTHEWS, born 28 April 1833. Married: 10 August 1860, Cornelius LUCAS.

          ISSUE: by Chloe SISSON CASE, (YOUNG in marriage records) - Married: 5 August 1838

          15.  Luther Increase MATTHEWS, born 1 July 1839. Married: 5 August 1867, Sarah GIBBS (recorded as being a Doctor).

          16.  Sarah Abigail MATTHEWS, born 16 October 1841. Married: 7 February 1869, Captain William ROGERS

          Anselm and Esther were married 15 March 1825. Their daughter was born 23 July 1828. She is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery, but there is no indication on her stone of her name or her death date.

          Census taken in 1850 and 1860 bear testimony to the statement in the biographical sketch that "the orphan found in him a friend" (Esther, too, I am sure). In 1850 there were living with the Holcombs, three SPROUSES; William - 21, Charlotte - 19, (she died right after the census) and James - 15 (who later married Julia Maria EWING, No. 7-13). Anselm was recorded as a farmer, worth $2,000.

          In 1860, when he was listed as an attorney worth $8,400 and $2,289, they had living with them Emma BURRIS - 13, born in New York, George E. MATTHEWS - 13 (No. 15-3-9), Esther's nephew, and Catherine DICKEY - 12.

          In the 1870 census, Anselm is down as a lawyer and a farmer, value $8,000 and $2,745. In the 1874 Gallia County atlas, his land in Huntington Township shows up as 80 acres in Section 24, just outside Vinton, Ohio.

          Esther, who died 31 October 1869, is buried at the Old Holcomb Cemetery. No doubt that is where Anselm lies also, but no stone marks the spot.


                 1.     (only). A daughter HOLCOMB, b. 23 July 1828, died when just a few years old. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery .

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-John-James

          Samuel and Sarah named their first daughter, Ann Smith HOLCOMB, after Sarah's mother. Ann was born in the early part of 1805, prior to 9 April, in Mason County, West Virginia and was just an infant when her parents moved to their new home across the river at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Vinton is where Ann spent the rest of her life - 83 years - raising 16 children and helping with the raising of at least 62 grandchildren.

          Considering the number of progeny she left, you would think more would be known about her - what she was like and what her accomplishments were. But sadly, that information is lacking. The fact is, most of her descendants right there in Gallia County were not even aware that she was a Holcomb before marriage as well as after, that she was the daughter of the well-known Vinton citizen, General Samuel HOLCOMB, or that she and her Holcomb husband were first cousins.

          There were three Abner Johnson HOLCOMBS in Huntington Township all at once in those early days, which made for much confusion among later Holcombs. They are very easy to separate if one follows the fortunes of all three through the years.

          One was the younger half-brother of John, Stephen and Samuel. That Abner Johnson HOLCOMB was born in 1795, and he went to Gallia County from New York about 1811, along with his son Abner Johnson HOLCOMB JR.

          Ann's Abner was the son of John and Chloe (MUDGE) HOLCOMB. He was born in New York 11 August 1796, not very far from the date of birth of his half uncle of the same name. Ann's Abner was about 15 when John and Chloe followed Stephen and Samuel to Gallia County in 1811.

          Ann was 15 when she and Abner were married. The marriage is on record in Gallia County as having taken place on 22 January 1820 before Andrew EWING, J.P. In the 1874 Atlas they are listed as owners of 40 acres in Section 23, Huntington Township, and 100 acres in Section 16 adjoining.

          Ann and Abner started in having their family right away, September 1820, and did not stop until the twins came along in 1848 - numbers 15 and 16 - long after Ann had become a grandmother several times over.

          Abner was a carpenter as well as farmer. In the 1850 census his property was worth $1,000. In the 1860 census, he was worth $1,000/$550, and they had with them Lindsey BISHOP - 9, as well as their own children. In the 1870 census Abner's worth was $2,500/$525, and with them was John R. BENSON - 12, an apprentice. Abner died 13 December 1874, at the age of 78 years, 4 months, 2 days, of asthma. He is buried in Holcomb Cemetery.

          Ann lived on for 14 more years. In the 1880 census her eldest son, Samuel, was head of the household in which she lived. Ann died in 1888, and is probably buried next to Abner, but no stone marks the spot.


5-2-1        1.    Samuel R. HOLCOMB, b. 7 Sept 1820. Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-2        2.    Margaret HOLCOMB, b. 6 Apr 1822, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3        3.    Olive HOLCOMB II, b. 11 March 1826, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-4        4.    Taphena HOLCOMB, b. 31 Oct 1829, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-5        5.    Sarah HOLCOMB, b. 1832, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-6        6.    Ebenezer HOLCOMB, b. 15 Aug 1834, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 7.    Henry HOLCOMB, b. 1835, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. (15 years in the 1850 census) Could find nothing more on Henry not buried in Huntington Township. FOUND: a Henry HOLCOMB married to an Ann JONES, 17 Mar 1875.

5-2-8        8.    Anselm T. HOLCOMB, b. 9 July 1837, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 9.    Laura HOLCOMB, b. 1840, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. A later HOLCOMB wrote that Laura married a STONE. The only STONE found was Benjamin F., - musician, Co. A, 67th OVI. 1900 census: He was in Huntington Township, recorded as divorced.. There was a marriage recorded, 4 Oct 1864, of a Laura HOLCOMB and a Robert MITCHELL.

5-2-10      10.  Annis Marie HOLCOMB, b. Oct 1841, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-11      11.  Agnes Jane HOLCOMB, b. 28 Sept 1843, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-12      12.  Mary HOLCOMB, b. 1846, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 13.  Sarah HOLCOMB, Died in infancy , no birth/death dates located (probably born/died just before "Sarah" - No. 5).

                 14.   A daughter HOLCOMB, Died in infancy, no birth/death dates located.

5-2-15      15.  Catherine E. HOLCOMB, b. Sept 1848, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. A twin to No. 16 - Calphurnia.

                 16.  Calphurnia HOLCOMB, b. Sept 1848, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 18 Oct 1874, John BYERS.

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5-2-1        SAMUEL R. HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          The first-born of Ann and Abner was probably named for his illustrious grandfather, Samuel Robert HOLCOMB. Samuel R. was born 7 September 1820 at Vinton, Ohio and was married 14 April 1842 at Vinton, to Catherine DICKEY, daughter of Samuel DICKEY, a native of Ireland. Catherine was born 7 May 1820 in Pennsylvania.

           According to census reports, Samuel R. made his living as a carpenter, a builder of houses, and his income was only moderate. Never in the censuses over the years did his worth exceed $500. Though he and Catherine had no children of their own, they always had young people with them.

          In the 1850 census, it was Eliza BESWICK, 7; in the 1860 census it was Eliza BURRIS, 17, a domestic, and in the 1870 census it was Sarah HUNTLEY, 10, recorded as adopted, but she did not have the HOLCOMB name. In the 1880 census, his mother and widowed sister, Sarah MC FARLAND and her two youngster, were living with them.

          Samuel R. served as Constable two years, township trustee one year and township clerk for six years, 1872 - 1878.

          In the 1874 atlas he is shown as the owner of 120 acres in Huntington's Section 29, which is about four miles west of Vinton, almost to the Jackson county line.

          Samuel R. died according to Gallia County death records, on 28 March 1885, age 65 years, 4 months, 11 days, but that does not work out right to his known birthdate. But then, that same death record also says he was born in Bowling Green, Ohio and we know that also is not right. He and Catherine, who died

23 November 1891, of erycipalis, are both buried at Holcomb Cemetery.

          NO ISSUE.


5-2-2        MARG. HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          It became apparent that something was going to have to be done about the name of Ann and Abner's second child, for the reason that no one seemed able to agree on what her name really was. A descendant in this line says Margery, she was Margretta in the 1850 census, Margaret in two others, Margretta on her tombstone, and Margeritha in the marriage records. In as much as they all agree on the first four letters in her name, I will call her Marg. Marg. was born 6 April 1822, at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and was married 1 October 1840 to William SHEPARD. There were other SHEPARDS (SHEPPARDS, actually) in Huntington Township, two of them William, but no one seems to know how or even if, Marg's husband fits into those families. William SHEPARD was born 8 December 1813 in either Ohio or Virginia, depending on what census or death record one is reading.

          For awhile after their marriage the Shepards lived in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. They are listed there in the 1850 census, William a farmer, worth $40. By the 1860 census, they were back in Huntington Township where William is listed as having a farm worth $1,000, but he is not shown as a property owner in the 1874 atlas for Huntington Township. Marg. died in 1864. I was unable to locate William and daughters in subsequent census.

          Listed with the family in the 1860 census, though not in the family age order, but rather added at the end of the list, was another William SHEPARD, born 1846, Ohio. This William Shepard was not with them in the earlier, 1850 census, and he was not in the 1900 Ohio Index.

          Marg's death came 24 September 1864 at the age of 44 years, 5 months, 18 days. She is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio, as is William, who died 18 October 1889 at the age of 76 years, 10 months, 20 days. Death records give the cause of his death as "old age."


5-2-2-1     1.    Mary Ann (Polly) SHEPARD, b. 7/27 Sept 1841, Vinton of Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    Sarah E. SHEPARD, b. 1843, Vinton of Gallia County, Ohio. No marriage record in Gallia County.

                 3.    Taphena SHEPARD, b. 1845, Vinton of Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 19 Jan 1862, by George W. THOMPSON, in Gallia County, to Anthony SMITH. Not in 1910 Ohio Index.

                 4.    Abner SHEPARD, b. 28 July 1848, Vinton of Gallia County, Ohio, d. 31 Oct 1849, age 1 year, 3 months, 10 days. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery with parents, West Liberty, Ohio.

                 5.    Samuel H. SHEPARD, b. 12 Jan 1851, Huntington Township, Gallia Co., Ohio, d. 16 Nov 1855. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery with parents (Middle name could be Holcomb).

                 6.    Olive SHEPARD, b. 1855, Huntington Township, Gallia Co., Ohio. 1870 Census: Listed with the MIGHTS (No. 1, above - Mary Ann married William MIGHT) Listed as a domestic servant. No marriage record in Gallia County, Ohio.

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5-2-2-1     MARY ANN SHEPARD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Marg-Ann-Sarah-John-James 

          Called Polly Ann, Marg. and William's first-born came on the scene 7/27 September 1841, in either Huntington Township or Vinton County. Polly Ann and her husband, William Jasper MIGHT, were married in Gallia County 15 April 1866 by John E. HOLCOMB.

          William was born September 1845 in Pennsylvania, as were his parents. William was a member of D Co. 91st OVI, enlisting at the age of 19 years on 26 February 1864 for three years. He was mustered out with his company 24 June 1865.

          Mary Ann and William are listed in the 1870 census as residents of Huntington Township, Mary Ann's sister, Olive, with them. Olive's occupation was given as a domestic servant. Apparently they just rented their farm for William's occupation was down as "works on farm," his worth -/$380, meaning he had no real estate. In the 1880 census, Mary Ann and William were still in Huntington Township, he a farmer, listed next to Mary Ann's parents.

          Mary Ann died 25 September 1895, just two days short of her 54th birthday. She is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery next to her parents.

          William (he always went by his middle name - Jasper) married again on 10 March 1896. He and his second wife, Martha E. HARTSOOK who was born in July of 1838 in Ohio, were found in the 1900 Huntington census, just the two of them. Just the widow, Martha was found in the 1910 census. There was no record of them being buried in Huntington Township, Ohio.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.    William S. (Shepard?) MIGHT, b. 1866. Married: 31 Dec 1886, Mary Ellen (Ella) ANGLE, b. 1866. Nothing found in Gallia County in 1900 or 1910. Mary Ellen died in 1905, buried, Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio. William not found in Gallia County. Not in 1910 Ohio Index.

                        KNOWN ISSUE buried with Mary Ellen at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio:

                        1.    Infant son, b. 7 Nov 1887, d. 14 Nov 1887

                        2.    Madge E. MIGHT, b. 1888, d. 1905

                        3.    Charles MIGHT, b. 1890, d. 1891

                 2.    Alonzo MIGHT, b. Oct 1867. Married: 2 July 1892, Carrie GOOCH, b. Sept 1873, Ohio. 1900 census: Huntington Township, he a blacksmith, owned home free. None of his family found buried in Gallia County.

                        KNOWN ISSUE:

                         1.    Floyd MIGHT, b. June 1894

                        2.    Silva MIGHT (daughter), b. June 1897

                 3.    Margaret (or Margaretta per the 1880 census) MIGHT, b. Oct 1869 - found a Mary MIGHT married: 18 Dec 1892 to Frank RUPE.

                 4.    George Washington MIGHT, b. 1877 - found a George W. MIGHT, b. 2 Jan 1891, Wilkesville, in Ohio Roster of World War I servicemen.. Not in 1910 Ohio Index.

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5-2-3        OLIVE HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Olive, born three months after the death of her mother's 17 year old sister, was named for that sister. She was born

11 March 1826, in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, and of all Ann's 16 children, her descendants have been the easiest to trace, because they more or less managed to stay put, and there were so many in Gallia County, or nearby, in the 1980's that it is hard to count them.

          For some reason, Olive spent her growing up years at the home of her grandparents, Samuel and Sarah (EWING) HOLCOMB. Maybe it was because Ann and Abner's house was so crowded. Olive was only 17 years old when she and the son of friends and neighbors were married 12 November 1843.

          George TYLER JR., son of the George TYLER who had brought the HOLCOMBS to Vinton, the early Huntington Township pioneer. George Jr. was born in Vinton, 23 May 1819 and was almost seven years older than Olive.

          George and Olive had over 20 years together - but the Civil War cut short their married life. It was unusual for a man of George's age to go to war, but for some reason George, at 50 years old, felt compelled to offer his services to the cause. He and his eldest son, Abner Johnson Holcomb TYLER, enlisted together 7 September 1862, as privates in Co. D, 91st OVI.

          Abner was in the Battle of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee and probably that is where George was serving too when he received the wound that gave him a discharge on a surgeon's certificate of disability at Gallipolis 27 June 1863. George returned home, but he was to live only another year and a half. During most of that time he was ill and bedridden. There is the story that when MORGAN'S RAIDERS went through Vinton, they went to his home, surrounded his bed where he lay and threatened to kill him. They didn't, but went on their way. However, three of them loitered in the Tyler barn, footsore and out of ammunition. Olive stood in the barn door and held them captive until the sheriff came after them.

          George's death on 17 January 1865 left Olive a widow - her eight children ranging in age from Henry's 6 1/2 to Abner's 20 years.

          Somehow, she managed. It was not until August 1881, that she began receiving a pension - of $8 a month. By that time, of course, her children were all grown and she was living with her youngest daughter, Sarah, wife of Seth Wilson HUNTLEY. Olive's descendants record that she weighed in the neighborhood of 210 pounds.

          She lived to be 71 years old, dying at the Huntley home in Vinton on 29 May 1897. She was buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery next to her soldier husband.


5-2-3-1     1.    Abner Johnson Holcomb TYLER, b. 24 Aug 1844, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-2     2.    Maryland TYLER, b. 18 July 1846, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-3     3.    Ann TYLER, b. 1846/1848, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-4     4.    George H. TYLER, b. 23 May 1850, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 5.    Ebenezer TYLER, b. 1852, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. No further information found.

                 6.    Margery Jane TYLER, b. 29 June 1854, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: John Avery DODRILL. (see: 11-8-1)

5-2-3-7     7.    Sarah Ellen TYLER, b. May 1856, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-8     8.    Henry Harrison TYLER, b. June 1858, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          There is a brief sketch on Abner J. in Hardesty's 1882 HISTORY OF GALLIA COUNTY, which gives some indication of his life. He was just one of many Abner Johnsons born in the enormous Holcomb family throughout the years, but in this case he was probably named for his grandfather, Ann's husband.

          He was born 24 August 1844 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, the first of Olive and George's eight children. By the time he turned 18, the Civil War was well under way. Abner and his father did a most unusual thing. Father and son enlisted together - and something like that did not happen very often in those years. They signed up on 6 September 1862, as privates in Co. D, 91st OVI. Abner was in the Battle of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, which probably was where he received the gunshot wound in the right shoulder which plagued him all his life.

          Abner was discharged on the 24th of June 1865, and returned home to be married on 18 November 1866 to Sarah Elizabeth BARD, daughter of George and Levina Jane (PANCAKE) BARD. Sarah was born 20 July 1848 in Columbiana County, Ohio.

          Abner and Sarah lived in Huntington Township, where he was a farm worker worth $325 in the 1870 census. By 1874 they had acquired their own place and are listed in the 1874 atlas as owners of 40 acres in Section 26, next section southwest of Vinton's No. 24.

          They had two children, the youngest 17 when Sarah died 18 September 1891: cause of death - "Change of life." Abner, 50, married again in 1895. She was 29 year old, Mary Jane (DECKER) HULL, widow of James HULL, who died in 1889, and the daughter of Julius M. DECKER. Abner had three more children by Mary Jane.

          Abner and Mary Jane, who was born 25 June 1865 near Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, were living at Vinton when the 1900 census was taken. Living with them were their three and two of her sons; Robert HULL - 12, and James HULL - 10.

          Abner died 8 November 1902, age 58. He and Sarah are buried together at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio. Mary Jane was his widow for 30 years. Apparently she and her three TYLER children, perhaps the HULLS also, moved to Indianapolis. At least that's where she was living in 1922 on 1730 Parker Avenue. Nothing further is known of Annie, Abner or Mary Ethel TYLER, Abner's three youngest. However, Mary Jane is buried at Brush Cemetery in Huntington Township, she died in 1933. Mary Jane is buried as a TYLER in with the HULL family, including her first husband, James.

          ISSUE by Sarah BARD

5-2-3-1-1         1.    Eva Abigail TYLER, b. 13 Nov 1870 , Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-1-2         2.    George Elmer TYLER, b 31 Mar 1874, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Mary Jane DECKER HULL

                        3.    Annie Ann TYLER, b. July 1894.

                        4.    Abner Roy TYLER, b. Dec 1897.

                        5.    Mary Ethel TYLER, b. Nov 1899.

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5-2-3-1-1         EVA ABIGAIL TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Abner-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James 

          The first of Abner's "first" family was Eva Abigail, born 13 November 1870 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. She married 24 December 1893 to William Henry HARTSOOK, son of Richard and Malinda (DECKER) HARTSOOK. William was born 16 January 1869, in Vinton and was, according to the 1900 census, a Huntington Township farmer. William and Eva owned their farm free, says that census, and Eva is down as having had two children, both then living. In the 1910 census, they were living on Louks Road, Huntington Township, owning their farm free.

          William died 25 July 1950, age 71 years. Eva attained the age of 92, dying 20 January 1962. Both are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


5-2-3-1-1-1     1.    Cecil A. HARTSOOK, b. 2 Nov 1894, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        2.    Ruth E. HARTSOOK, b Dec 1896, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Roy SPIRES. A stone stands with their names on it at Vinton Memorial Cemetery.


                               1.    Darrell SPIRES

                               2.    Garrell Cary SPIRES 1980: Lived in Columbus, Ohio

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5-2-3-1-1-1     CECIL A. HARTSOOK


Ewing Family Lineage:      Eva-Abner-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Cecil was born 2 November 1894 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. His wife was Delcie D. SOLES, and in the 1900 census both were listed at home with their respective families. Delcie, daughter of John and Mary (HUNTLEY) SOLES, was born 26 March 1894, Huntington Township. (Delcie was the sister of Edna, who married 11-6-2-1-2) Cecil and Delcie were married in June of 1922. Cecil's name does not appear in the Roster of Ohio Servicemen, World War I. Cecil and Delcie lived at Vinton and in the 1980's, Delcie was still living there.

          Cecil died 6 March 1952, and their names are on a stone in Vinton Memorial Cemetery, but there are no dates marked for them.


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5-2-3-1-2         GEORGE ELMER TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Abner-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          George was born 31 March 1874 and was almost 22 years old when he was married on 4 March 1896 to Cora E. KENT. Cora was born September 1873, daughter of Lewin and Rachel (WARD) KENT.

In the 1910 census they were living on Louks Road, buying a farm. Cora died in 1942 and George in 1965. They are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery.


                 1.    Kathleen TYLER, b. July 1899. Married: 23 Sept 1943, Harland W. GREEN, b. 1902, d. 30 Dec 1977. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery. Kathleen's name is on the stone at his grave site, but there are no dates. 1980: a phone was listed in her name at Vinton.

                 2.    Keith TYLER, b. 1907, d. 16 Mar 1977. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery. Married: 31 Dec 1928, Helen LEVIS, b. 1909.


                        1.    Lee TYLER

                        2.    Keith Lee TYLER

                        3.    George Timothy TYLER

                        4.    John Henry TYLER

                        5.    Francis TYLER

                        6.    Janice TYLER

                        7.    Jane Ann TYLER Married: Wyman DENNEY 1980: Lived in Bidwell, Ohio.

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5-2-3-2     MARYLAND TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Not much is known about Maryland, George and Olive's second because, apparently, they left no grandchildren, or if there were any by their son, Benjamin or daughter, Sarah, they have not come to my attention. Maryland was born 18 July 1846 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and was married 1 January 1866 in Gallia County to George F. BLACK. George was born in 1844 in Ohio, as were his parents and was probably in the Civil War, but nothing has come to hand on his service record. George was listed as a farm laborer in Huntington Township in the 1870 census, the same in the 1880 census. Maryland died 26 July 1886 at the age of 44 years, 8 days and is buried at Mt. Tabor, near West Liberty Township, Ohio, next to her parents.

          George remarried on 1 February 1893 to Hannah JONES. I was unable to locate George, Benjamin nor Sarah under the BLACK name in the 1900 Gallia County Census or the Ohio Index.


                 1.    Lydia M. BLACK, b. 1867. Does not appear in the 1880 census.

                 2.    Son BLACK, b. May 1870. Listed as "No name" in 1870 census. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery with mother, near West Liberty, Ohio, no name, no dates.

                 3.    Benjamin F. BLACK, b. 1874. No further information found.

                 4.    Sarah A. BLACK, b. 1876. No further information found.

                 5.    Linna May BLACK b. 16 Apr 1879, d. 20 Feb 1885. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery with mother near West Liberty, Ohio.

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5-2-3-3     ANN TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Even less is known about George and Olive's third child, Ann, than about her sister Maryland, only that she was born 1846/1848 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, married 1 November 1866 in Gallia County to Richard MILLIGAN who was born in 1847, in Ohio. In the 1870 census Richard was listed as a farm laborer, worth - $150. Neither Ann, Richard nor their children appear in the 1880 or 1900 Ohio Index.

          ISSUE: (per 1870 census)

                 1.    George H. MILLIGAN, b. 1868

                 2.    Charles MILLIGAN, b. April 1870

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5-2-3-4     GEORGE H. TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James 

          George was born 23 May 1850 on his father's 31st birthday. After his father's war-related death in 1865, George and others of the family helped their mother run the Huntington Township farm, and that was how his occupation was given in the 1870 census.

          On 31 August 1871, he married Malissa Alice HARTSOOK, who was destined to have two roles in the EWING STORY, one as the wife of George and the other as the late-in-life wife of George's second cousin, once removed, George SHEPPARD/SHEPARD (No. 7-3-1). Malissa was born in July 1855, in Ohio, and was the daughter of Ohio-born Bolser and Sarah HARTSOOK, with whom she was listed in the 1860 census.

          In the 1880 census, George was listed in Huntington Township as a farmer and in the 1900 census likewise. That year Malissa was recorded with six and six. In the 1910 census their address was Woods Mill Road. Only Ebenezer was at home. They owned their farm free.

          At some time thereafter they sold and went to West Millgrove, Wood County, Ohio, perhaps to live with their daughter, Addie. The date George died is not known, but it was pre-1926, for it was about then that Malissa renewed the acquaintance of an old Vinton friend, George SHEPPARD/SHEPARD. George had lived in Lincoln County, Kansas where his wife had died, but returned to Ohio to marry Malissa, even though he was about 76 years old and Malissa about 71. George died in West Millgrove in 1933 and is buried in Kansas, but I do not have further information regarding Malissa.


5-2-3-4-1         1.    Adda A. TYLER, b. 1873, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-4-2         2.    Franklin TYLER, b. 1876, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        3.    Sarah Ann TYLER, b. 1879, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: _____ KEIFFER after 1900 census.

5-2-3-4-4         4.    Lula TYLER, b. Sept 1885, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        5.    Ebenezer TYLER, b. May 1888, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 13 May 1910 in Gallia County, (10 days after the census was taken) to: Nellie HOOVER, b. 1893 in Ohio. 1910 census: Ebenezer, single at home, farm laborer. Nellie, servant in home of Eliza THOMAS, Raccoon Township, Neither Ebenezer or Nellie buried in Huntington or Raccoon Township.

                        6.     _____ TYLER, 1900 and 1910 census, but not accounted for in any census - census reported Malissa had six and six.

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5-2-3-4-1         ADDA A. TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Adda A. was born in 1873 and was married 31 December 1891 to Henry PIERCE. Soon after the wedding they left Gallia County in favor of Wood County, Ohio, probably West Millgrove where Addie's mother was living when she married George SHEPPARD/SHEPARD. Addie and Henry were listed in Wood County in the 1910 census.

          ISSUE: (per 1910 census)

                 1.    Charlie PIERCE, b. 1893

                 2.    Alice PIERCE, b. 1895

                 3.    Viola PIERCE, b. 1897

                 4.    Milo PIERCE, b. 1899

                 5.    Ebenezer PIERCE, b. 1904

                 6.    John PIERCE


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5-2-3-4-2         FRANKLIN M. TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James 

          Franklin was born in December of 1875, at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and was married in 1886 to his second cousin, once removed, Ella MACOMBER (5-9-6-2) born 28 October 1876, at Vinton. In the 1900 census they were listed in Huntington Township, he a farmer, with the first two of their three children.

          Ella died 27 July 1903 at the age of 27 years, leaving Franklin with Floa, not yet 2 years old, Florence, age 4 and Cobia, age 6. Five years later he married Donna KIRKENDALL, born in 1870 in Ohio. Donna's mother, Sarah, age 71 years, widow, was living with them on their farm near Vinton, according to the 1910 census.

          Franklin died in 1931, another place says 1937. He and Ella are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Libery, Ohio. Donna, who died in 1950, is buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery.

          ISSUE by Ella:

                        1.    Cobia TYLER, b. Sept 1896, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. 1979: living in Florida .

5-2-3-4-2-2     2.    Florence TYLER, b. Jan 1899. Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        3.    Floa TYLER, b. 21 Sept 1901, d. 7 Mar 1905. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery.

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5-2-3-4-2-2     FLORENCE TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Franklin-George-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Florence was born in January 1899 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. She was married at age 18, had two years of married life - and spent 58 years a widow.

          Florence's husband was Charles Ross HULL who was born

31 October 1892 at Vinton. Charles was the son of Thomas and Lurana Ellen (DUPRE) HULL. Charles enlisted 22 July 1918 in the 158th Depot Brigade, and was sent almost immediately overseas with the American Expeditionary Force, serving "over there" from 1 September 1918 to 19 January 1919. About two months later, on 15 March 1919, he was discharged as a private. No mention is made in the Ohio Roster of illness or injury, but Charles did not live very long after that discharge. He died a year later in 1920 and was buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery.

          Florence died 58 years later, in 1976 at the age of 77 years and is buried with Charles and their only son.


                 1.    (only). Cobia Ross HULL, b. 16 June 1918, d. 1931/1932. Buried with parents at Vinton Memorial Cemetery.

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5-2-3-4-4         LULA TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Lula was born in September 1885 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and was married in 1902 to Charles O. EVANS. Charles was born in 1879 in Ohio, his father was born in Wales. In the 1910 census Lula and Charles lived on Vinton Road in Raccoon Township, but at some time afterward left Gallia County. Perhaps they too went to West Millgrove, Wood County, Ohio.

          Lula was the only one of the Tylers to meet the family they acquired with the marriage of their mother and George SHEPPARD/SHEPARD about 1926. At some time after that marriage, Lula paid a visit to her new step-cousins in Lincoln County, Kansas. A granddaughter of George's, Ruth SHEPPARD SELKIRK, remembers her well.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.     Margaret EVANS, b. 1903

                 2.    Georgie EVANS, (a son) b. 1905

                 3.    Lester Harold EVANS, b. May 1909, d. 1911, buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James 

          Olive and George's seventh, a daughter, was named Sarah Ellen TYLER. She was born at Vinton 8 May 1856 and her life spanned 91 years and four wars.

          Sarah's mate was Seth Wilson HUNTLEY. Seth was from an old Huntington Township family that hailed from New York. His parents were Adriel and Anna (PRICE) HUNTLEY. Those two, Adriel and Anna, seemed to have produced progeny who were very attractive in the eyes of those of Ewing blood, for many Huntleys have married into our family through the years.

          Seth was born in Huntington Township in May of 1855, and he and Sarah were married 7 August 1875 in Gallia County, Ohio. In the 1880 and 1900 census Seth's occupation was given as a farmer, but a sketch in the 1981 GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY tells us that he attended Rio Grande College and taught school the rest of his life, during the time of the one-room schoolhouse in Gallia County. Seth and Sarah lived on the old Huntley homestead on the banks of the Little Raccoon ( 365 acres, Section 17).

          Seth was comparatively young - 52, when he died 10 April 1907. Sarah, a widow for almost 40 years, remained at their home on Jackson-Vinton Road for many years, getting much joy out of helping with the newcomers in each succeeding generation. In later years she retired to the home of her son, Roy Tyler HUNTLEY and his family of Vinton. A grandson, Seth William HUNTLEY, remembers with pleasure his talks with Grandma Sarah, especially when she was on the subject of the Civil War days and the Morgan raid into Vinton.

          Sarah died 20 February 1947. Both she and Seth are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


5-2-3-7-1         1.    Franklin P. HUNTLEY, b. April 1876, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-7-2         2.    Lafayette HUNTLEY, b. 9 Dec 1877, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-7-3         3.    Olive HUNTLEY - "Ollie," b. 25 Nov 1881, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-7-4         4.    Anna HUNTLEY, b. 15 Sept 1883, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-7-5         5.    Ella HUNTLEY, b. April 1885, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-7-6         6.    Charles HUNTLEY, b. Feb 1887, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-7-7         7.    Minnie HUNTLEY, b. Aug 1889, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-7-8         8.    Mary L. HUNTLEY, b. June 1892, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-7-9         9.    Roy Tyler HUNTLEY, b. 3 Nov 1897, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

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5-2-3-7-1         FRANKLIN P. HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Franklin P. was born 28 April 1876 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, where he lived for a time after his marriage on the 24 December 1900 to Hattie FOSTER. Hattie was the daughter of Ernest and Violet (LONG) FOSTER, and was born 30 January 1882. In the marriage record, Franklin's occupation was given as saw millman and in the 1900 census as a timber cutter. In the 1910 census his occupation was listed as a farmer. At some time after 1911, the family moved to Oklahoma, where Franklin died 18 March 1943 and Hattie on 18 September 1944.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.    Marion HUNTLEY (a son), b. 3 Jan 1902, d. 24 Jan 1947.

                 2.    Leroy HUNTLEY, b. 30 Nov 1903, was still living in 1983.

                 3.    Merle Olive HUNTLEY, b. 6 Dec 1905, was still living in 1983.

                 4.    Arla Anne HUNTLEY, b. 22 Aug 1907, Gallia County records deceased by 1983.

                 5.    Seth Wilson HUNTLEY, b. 22 May 1909, Gallia County records d. 22 Nov 1966.

                 6.    Ruth Violet HUNTLEY, b. 18 May 1911, Gallia County records was still living in 1983.

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5-2-3-7-2         LAFAYETTE HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:       Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Lafayette was born at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio

19 December 1877 and like his brother, was a saw millman by occupation. He was living at Chestnut Grove when he married Mary E. (Mamie) LAMBERT on 22 April 1905.

          Mary was the daughter of William and Rachel (SNYDER) LAMBERT. She was born in Wellston, Ohio on 3 February 1884.

          Not long after their marriage, Lafayette and Mary moved to Columbus, Ohio. Lafayette died there 3 April 1945 and Mary died there on 16 January 1947. Both are buried at Obetz Cemetery near Columbus, Ohio.


                  1.    Wilbur HUNTLEY, b. about 1909, Columbus, Ohio, d. Columbus, Ohio. Married: Charlotte HILSCHER.


                        1.    Marilyn HUNTLEY

                        2.    Donna HUNTLEY

                 2.    Edna HUNTLEY, b. 30 July 1914, Columbus, Ohio. Married: 1st John SCHMITT. Married 2nd Wendell SOWARDS, d. World War II. Married 3rd Arthur Dennis CHANDLER, d. 6 Apr 1968, Sunbury, Delaware Co. Ohio. In 1981: lived in Columbus, Ohio.


                        1.    Mark CHANDLER

                        2.    Jeffrey CHANDLER

                        3.    Timothy CHANDLER

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 5-2-3-7-3         OLIVE HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Olive was born 25 November 1881 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and was named for her maternal grandmother. Her marriage to Bert RUSSELL took place in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio in 1905, when "Ollie," as she was called, was 24 years old. Bert was born in Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio in 1879 and was the son of John and Margaret (WOLLEM) RUSSELL. Bert and Olive lived in Keystone, where Bert died in 1947. Olive was 81 years old when she died in Keystone on 21 October 1962.


5-2-3-7-3-1     1.    (only). Max Kenneth RUSSELL, b. 21 Nov 1909, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio.

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5-2-3-7-3-1     MAX KENNETH RUSSELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Max spent most of his life in Keystone Furnace, where he was born 21 November 1909, though he did live for a time after his second marriage in Jackson, Ohio. He was married four times. One of the first three was Jennie LAMBERT, the mother of his children. She was the daughter of Henry and Sarah LAMBERT. They were married in 1945.

          His present wife is Madge MALBY, born in 1912 in Danville, Ohio, the daughter of Harvey and Bertha MALBY. They were married in 1963.

          In the 1980's Max and Madge lived in Jackson, Ohio 45640. Max farmed some, had some dairy cattle and worked for the county.


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5-2-3-7-4         ANNA M. HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James 

          Anna was born 15 September 1883 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and died at the age of 83 years on 4 December 1963. She was married in 1906 to Lyman F. CAREY, born in 1882. In the 1910 census they were living on Jackson-Vinton Road in Huntington Township, he was listed as a farm laborer, doing odd jobs. He died three years later, and is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio. Anna remained a widow for 50 years. At some later date she and her daughter moved to Columbus, Ohio where she died and is buried.


                 1.    Frances CAREY, b&d 25 May 1906. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery. (Note from Nancy mentioned a possible November b&d date BLP)

                 2.    Margaret L. CAREY, b. 1908. 1983: Single, in ministry, lived in Cambridge City, Indiana.

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5-2-3-7-5         ELLA HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Ella was born in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio 23 April 1885 and was married in 1905 to Emmet OILER, son of Peter and Nancy OILER. Emmet was born in October 1881 or as it was recorded in another place 1884. Emmet and Ella lived on Ewington-Jackson Road near Alice, Ohio. In the 1910 census he was listed as a coal miner.

          Ella died 19 August 1922, apparently of childbirth complications and is buried at Franklin Cemetery. Emmet died in 1934, but there is no record of his burial in Gallia County.


                 1.    Verna E. OILER. b. 9 Aug 1906, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: _____ LONG.

                        1983: deceased. 1983: living in Marion, Ohio.

                 2.    Nola OILER, b. 26 Aug 1907, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Lawrence JONES, deceased.

                        1983: living in Marion, Ohio.

                 3.    Ellis H. OILER, b. 17 July 1910, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married; Avis CHANDLER. 1983: he has a greenhouse and floral business at 634 Tyler Street, Marion, Ohio. No issue, but two adopted daughters.

                 4.    Lewis OILER, b. 7 Feb 1912, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Catherine PFAFF.

                 5.    Anna B. OILER, b. 15 Sept 1915, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Ralph BAER. Issue: 7 children.

                 6.    Sarah Ellen OILER, b.& d. 15 July 1922, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio (a month and four days before her mother died - no record of burial in Huntington Township, Ohio).

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5-2-3-7-6         CHARLES SUMNER HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Charles was born 24 February 1887 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and became a noted Vinton County and Gallia County schoolteacher. He followed that profession for 42 years, retiring in his final post at Linworth, Ohio. After retirement Charles worked for the Linworth Farmers Exchange.

          Charles' wife was Cora Grace KELLY, born 23 December 1885 and was the daughter of Charles and Lucentia (LONG) KELLY, who both died before she was five years old. Cora was raised by her aunt and uncle, Alfred and Sarah (LONG) WILCOX, the parents of Clem and Bundy WILCOX, both of whom later married into the Ewing family (see George EWING, chapter No. 21).

          Charles and Cora were married 23 March 1907, at Vinton. In the 1910 census they were living near Vinton, on the Jackson to Vinton Road.

          Both Charles and Cora died at Worthington, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Charles died on 22 March 1958 and Cora on 30 August 1964. They are buried in the Walnut Cemetery at Worthington, Ohio.


                        1.    Charles Kelly HUNTLEY, b. 21 May 1908, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 30 June 1933 in Greenup, Kentucky, Susie Irene WELKER, his third cousin on the EWING side, second on the HUNTLEY side. Susie was the daughter of Herbert and Garnet (SCOTT) WELKER (No. 5-2-4-3-4-2) b. 8 Sept 1916 at Vinton, Ohio. Charles was a Vinton grocer many years until retirement. Susie was a beautician. No issue

5-2-3-7-6-2     2.    Jennie Grace HUNTLEY, b. 28 Nov 1914, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-3-7-6-3     3.    Doria Winifred HUNTLEY, b. 28 Jan 1920, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

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5-2-3-7-6-2     JENNIE GRACE HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Jennie was born on 28 November 1914 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and was married on 23 December 1940 at Briggsdale, Ohio in the Columbus area, to Marquis (Max) Woodrow MC GHEE. He was born 8 November 1913 also at Vinton.

          Max was the son of Henry A. and Lettie May (EBLIN) MC GHEE and was the brother of Robert MC GHEE, who married her sister, Doris. Henry, Max and Robert are my cousins on the HANK side of the family, and appear in the CHERRINGTON GENEALOGY published in 1976.

          Max was with Ohio Bell Telephone and Jennie was a teacher and they resided in the Columbus, Ohio area at that time.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Doris, born 29 January 1920 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, was married to the brother of Max, Robert Vernon MC GHEE, born 30 October 1918 also at Vinton. The marriage took place

8 September 1940 in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio. They moved to Columbus, Ohio where Robert operated a Greyhound Bus Line for 37 years. Doris was an executive secretary in the 1980's and was the correspondent in this line and supplied much information on the Huntleys and other Vinton families. At that time she and Robert were living at 252 Westview Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43214


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5-2-3-7-7         MINNIE HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Minnie was born 30 August 1889 near the town of Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and was twice married. Minnie's first husband was Parker CALDWELL, who was born in 1879 and died in 1936. He is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Morgan Township, Ohio. Minnie's second husband was Mark LEMMETT. Minnie died

16 February 1982, at Napoleon, Ohio, where she was living with her daughter, Annabelle.


                 1.    Annabelle CALDWELL. Married: _____ WENNER. 1983: a widow, living in Napoleon, Ohio.

                 2.    Flossie CALDWELL . Married: _____ WENNER, brother of above Flossie died pre-1983.

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5-2-3-7-8         MARY L. HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Mary was born 21 June 1892 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and died 23 March 1977 at Columbus, Ohio. Mary had two husbands, Roy RUSSELL, the first, and then John HANCOCK.


                 1. (only). Sarah Ellen HANCOCK. Married: Bryon MILLER. 1983: Sarah a draftswoman at Western Electric,

                     Columbus, Ohio. Lived in Columbus, Ohio.

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5-2-3-7-9         ROY TYLER HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Roy, born November 1897, grew up near Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio on a 365 acre farm originally settled by his great-grandfather, William R. HUNTLEY, back in the early 1800's. He remained on the place until 1963, and was the last Huntley to leave the Centennial Farm.

          Roy was married 8 October 1921 in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio to Velma HARTSOOK. Velma was born 19 June 1901 to Alfred and Maggie (ALLISON) HARTSOOK. Her father died when she was young and her mother married Roy S. HOLCOMB - (not one of ours). In 1910 the Holcombs and Velma were living on Jackson Street in Vinton.

          After the marriage, Roy and Velma lived with Roy's widowed mother Sarah on the Huntley farm, where their only child, named for his Huntley grandfather Seth, was born. In 1963, Roy and Velma retired to Vinton. Roy died 19 May 1978, and is buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery.

          I was in Gallipolis shortly after Roy died and talked to Velma on the phone. She was 82 years old at that time and still going strong and living in Vinton, Ohio. Velma and Doris MC GHEE supplied most of this Huntley material.


5-2-3-7-9-1     1.(only). Seth William HUNTLEY, b. 7 June 1923, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

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5-2-3-7-9-1     SETH WILLIAM HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Roy-Sarah-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Seth, born 7 June 1923 on the family farm near Vinton, grew up on that Huntley farm and though he never knew his namesake grandfather, he got to know his grandmother Sarah (TYLER) HUNTLEY very well. He was 23 when she died in 1947 and in those 23 years a fast friendship developed between them. Seth wrote a sketch on the Huntleys for the GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY.

          In about 1945, during the war, Seth was in Columbus, Ohio where he married Martha WERN. They returned to Vinton and Seth became Vinton's postmaster. He served 18 years until his retirement. In the 1980's Seth and Martha lived in Vinton near Seth's mother.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Many young males of the day were being named William Henry Harrison in honor of the 9th president of the United States, who died during his first year in office, 1841. There are several in this book named William Henry Harrison whatever - MACOMBER, for instance.

          But if Olive and George's eight child ever had a William preceding his name, it was dropped early in life, and his official name, according to his daughter, is Henry Harrison TYLER.

          Henry was born 9 June 1858 at the Tyler home near Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. His first marriage was to Anna Mariah HOLCOMB on 20 March 1881. Anna was a cousin, but I am not sure quite how. Her father was Mathias HOLCOMB, son of Robert, but I never did learn what line of Holcombs Robert was from, or the other three known to have gone to Gallia County - Abner, Reuben or John. Anna's mother was another of the HUNTLEYS, Orpha, sister of so many Huntleys who married into our family.

          Anna was born 21 February 1861. She and Henry had nine children, but four were stillborn, two died as youngsters, and only two produced progeny. Anna died 28 April 1904, only 43 years old. Her youngest, Ellen, was only eight at the time. Henry married again in 1905, his second wife being an Anna also, born in 1861. It was her first marriage. In 1910 census, they lived on the Jackson to Vinton Road, only David and Ellen were at home.

          Henry lived to the age of 79 years, dying 26 September 1937. Both he and the first Anna are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


                        1.    David TYLER, b. 15 Dec 1881, d. 27 May 1913. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery. 1910 census: 28 years, at home, farm laborer.

5-2-3-8-2         2.    Olive TYLER, b. 22 Oct 1883.

                        3.    Orpha TYLER, b. 20 Aug 1885, d. 20 June 1888. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery.

                        4.    Harrison TYLER, b. 27 Sept 1887, d. 11 June 1888, Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery

                        5., 6., 7., 8., All TYLER sons, all stillborn, unnamed, buried at Mt. Tabor and Koontz Cemeteries, no stones.

5-2-3-8-9         9.    Ellen TYLER, b. 30 April 1896, Raccoon Township.

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5-2-3-8-2         OLIVE TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Olive was born 22 October 1883 near Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and died 8 November 1951 in San Bernardino, California, near where I live. Of course I never met her, but I did meet and spend a wonderful afternoon with her only son, Cade Kenneth KING and his family in San Diego, California.

          Olive was married twice, but only the second produced progeny. She and Harper A. FARGO were married in Gallia County in 1905. In the 1910 census they were living near Jackson J. and Sarah FARGO, his parents, on Ebenezer Church Road in Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Living with them then, were his niece and nephew, Lewis and Florence FARGO, 11 and 9 years old. Harper was listed as a farmer.

          After 11 years of marriage, Harper died. That was in 1916 when he was 32 years old. Olive went back to Vinton, Ohio.

          Several years went by before Cade Kellyton KING came into Olive's life. A widower with children by two previous marriages he was born 3 January 1873 in Nitro, West Virginia. After he and Olive were married they lived in North Manchester, Indiana where son Cade was born in 1926. They returned to Vinton, Ohio in the late 1920's. There young Cade grew up. Cade the father ran the mill at Vinton and had a general store. The second Cade recalls that his dad had a stock of high-buttoned shoes which, of course, in the 1930's, he couldn't sell, so son Cade had to wear them!

          Cade the father came from a large family of nine sisters and brothers who settled in, coincidentally enough, Grand Rapids, Michigan - familiar territory to my branch of the Ewing family.

          In 1946 Cade, Olive's husband, suffered a stroke so the family moved to California. Their chosen spot was San Bernardino. Little did Olive know that the people (Holcombs) who helped San Bernardino come into being and grow were her twice cousins. Young Cade did not know until I told him in 1981, that he and the present mayor of San Bernardino, Robert HOLCOMB, share two common gr-gr-gr-gr grandfathers, John EWING and Zaphaniah HOLCOMB. (see 2-2-2-2)


5-2-3-8-2-1     1.    (only). Cade Kenneth KING, b. 18 June 1926, North Manchester, Indiana.

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5-2-3-8-2-1     CADE KENNETH KING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Henry-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Cade cannot be called Junior, because, while his first name is the same as his father's, his middle name is Kenneth, not Kellyton. Cade was born 18 June 1926, in North Manchester, Indiana, but grew up in Vinton. He was 20 years old when his father had a stroke and the family moved to San Bernardino, California. There he was married on the 26th of February 1950 to Pauline VANDERFORD, who was born in San Bernardino, 3 June 1931.

          I have not gotten to meet many of the people in this book, but the Kings I did. I had established contact, and one Sunday afternoon, 17 May 1981, I received a call from Debbie, who said, "We're here, in San Diego, the whole schmear."

          I met them at Ski Beach on Mission Bay in San Diego, and had a delightful time. Two of Cade and Pauline's children, David and Gail, live and work in San Diego, and a third, Brian is into competition waterskiing. There was a big meet this day at Ski Beach, which is why the Kings had come down from San Bernardino.

          Cade is with the Zody store in San Bernardino, and both he and Pauline are in the ministry. They lived in San Bernardino, California. A nice family!


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5-2-3-8-9         ELLEN TYLER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          The last I heard in January 1982, Ellen was nearly 86 years old and still going strong. She was correspondent from the Deer Creek neighborhood for the GALLIPOLIS TRIBUNE and though not as spry as she once was, she still was getting around Gallia County, where she was born 30 April 1896, and has spent all her life.

          Ellen was married on 11 August 1917 at the Gallia County Courthouse to handsome young William Homer THOMAS II. William was born 10 February 1893 at Bidwell, Ohio to Herbert E. and Rosannah (DECKER) THOMAS. The newlyweds lived on Eagle Road near Bidwell, on one of the farms William inherited from his grandfather, William H. THOMAS I.

          Being mechanically minded, he did not take much to farming. Instead he bought himself a hay baler and did custom work. Later he went into operating a threshing machine, which he kept at for 26 years, his brother Max coming in as a partner the last 16 years. William also owned a sawmill and dealt in lumber, and his family also ran a cane mill with a capacity of 100 gallons a day.

          All of this was interrupted less than a year after his marriage to Ellen, when he took time out for World War I. He enlisted as a private at Gallipolis on the 22nd of July 1918, in the 158th Depot Brigade. In October 1918, he switched to the Coast Artillery Corps and served at Ft. Hancock, Sandy Hook, New Jersey until his discharge 13 December 1918.

          Meanwhile, back at Bidwell, Ohio, there was Ellen. Eighteen days after William enlisted in the service, Ellen gave birth to their son, Herbert Henry THOMAS (named for his two grandfathers). After William was home safe and sound, Bessie came along and then Ethel and their family was complete.

          On 11 August 1967, there was a big celebration at the Thomas home near Bidwell - the Golden Wedding Anniversary of William and Ellen. Three hundred friends, neighbors and relatives called during the afternoon to extend congratulations.

          Sadly, two years later, William died. He is buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, a World War I plaque marking his grave.

          Ellen was very helpful in supplying information on the HOLCOMBS and TYLERS.


                 1.    Herbert Henry THOMAS. b. 10 Aug 1918. Married: Edna Lucille PARSONS. He was in the Navy during World War II. 1980: Retired from railroad , lived in Westerville, Ohio.


                        1.    John William THOMAS

                         2.    William Wayne THOMAS

                        3.    Danny Eugene THOMAS married Debby _____, lived in Westerville, Ohio.

                 2.    Bessie Roseanna THOMAS, b. 30 Mar 1920. Married: 31 Mar 1939, Ralph COUDEN. 1980: In Columbus, Ohio. No issue.

                 3.    Ethel Irene THOMAS, b. 30 June 1922. Married: Brady Ducan DUNCAN JR. 1979: Reside on top of Big Tyler Mountain, Charleston, West Virginia.


                        1.    Bessie Lenna DUNCAN

                        2.    Shirley Ann DUNCAN

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5-2-4        TAPHENA HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Make no mistake, her name was Taphena, as were others before her and after. She made specific mention of it in her husband's Civil War pension papers, "My name was misspelled Tryphena at our marriage."

          Everyone wants her to be Tryphena after the Greek goddess, but somewhere way back there in NILES-HOLCOMB history, Tryphena became Taphena (her great-grandmother was Taphena Niles HOLCOMB) and that's where it remains today. Taphena was born in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, 29 September 1829, Ann and Abner's fourth child.

          In 1842 there came to the area a family by the name of WELKER, including a son in the family, William than about 21 years old. The father was William who was born in 1897 in Columbiana County, Ohio, and the mother was Elizabeth (MIGHT) WELKER, a native of Pennsylvania. They had been married

18 October 1814 in Columbiana County, where William Jr. was born 8 November 1821.

          When Taphena was 17, she and William Jr. were married in Gallia county, 19 July 1846, by Reverend Hiram HOWE.

          For awhile after their marriage William and Taphena lived at Vinton, but about 1858, when William's family moved to Bedford Township, Meigs County, Ohio, William and Taphena went too. The WELKERS were all listed in a group there in the 1860 census. At the end of the war, William and Taphena moved back to Huntington Township and that's where they remained. In the 1874 atlas William's land shows up as 40 acres in Section 22, two miles west of Vinton.

          William was a soldier in the Civil War. He was one of the many in this book whose heart-rendering accounts of Civil War service and its after-effects are vividly spelled out in their pension papers. Reading through the majority of them can make one sick.

          All William did was catch a cold, an ordinary cold. According to his pension papers, that cold caused him misery, grief and pain all the rest of his life.

          I am not sure what prompted a man of 42 with a wife and seven or eight children - one of whom, the eldest, was already serving - to volunteer to help the cause. But that's what William did.

          He and Bedford Township neighbor, Leander CASTLE, enlisted together as privates at Pomeroy, 2 May 1864. At the time William was 42 years old, 6 feet tall, and had light hair,

a light complexion and blue eyes. They signed up under Captain William FOSTER, Co. B, 140th OVI, a 100-day company.

          William and Leander were detailed as teamsters under Wagonmaster, Junia CASTLE, Leander's brother. the two Castles and William were bunk and mess mates during their brief service.                                                      The company was sent to Charleston, West Virginia - not far from home - and about August 1, while on duty, William caught a cold.

          "He took bad cold," Junia later reported, "and seemed to be most affected, lame or disabled in his back."

          As it turned out, William's cold resulted in spinal and kidney disease (and partial deafness of the right ear) and from that point on, William was never the same again. He was treated by Regimental Surgeon ROTHBURN and was sent home and discharged at Gallipolis, Ohio 3 September 1864.

          Not long after, he began having attacks of kidney stones - "very bad, much inflammation, tenderness and swelling" said the doctors - and then heart rouble and the constantly recurring back trouble.

          For almost 20 years he was, for the most part, confined to his home, unable to do much of anything in the way of manual labor. In the early years, 1869 to 1877, he had carpentry jobs with a local doctor, R.D. JACOBS, but said Jacobs, "He worked at reduced wages because he was not able to do as much work as other workmen who hired at the same time. There were times he sent his boy to work for me because he was not able to do it himself."

          By 1887, at age 66, William was down to 140 pounds, much emaciated and anemic. "Muscles tender, knees swollen, heart labored, intermittent heartbeat and atrophy of the left shoulder and tissues," said one doctor. "Great thirst, much swelling, losing weight, suffers much from kidney," said another. "At times nearly helpless," said a third.

          At the end William sank into a coma. " He made a few complaints until he would be moved and then it seemed that his misery and hurting was in his back."

          William died 8 September 1889, age 67 years, 10 months. The funeral, conducted by the Vinton GAR post, was attended by his surviving comrades-in-arms. He was buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery next to two of his daughters.

          Nearby in the same cemetery, but not the same spot, is Taphena, who died exactly one year and three days later, 11 September 1890, age 60 years, 11 months, 12 days.


5-2-4-1     1.    Samuel Holcomb WELKER, b. May 1847, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    Elizabeth WELKER, b. 29 Jan 1849, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 18 Mar 1866, 17 years, 2 months, 20 days. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery.

5-2-4-3     3.    William Sheppard WELKER, b. Sept 1851/1852, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-4-4     4.    Abner J. (Johnson, no doubt) WELKER, b. Dec 1855, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-4-5     5.    Might S. WELKER, b. Feb 1858, Meigs County, Ohio.

                 6.    Laura J. WELKER, b. 1861, Meigs County, Ohio. Married: 31 Aug 1887, John W. MOORE, Gallia County Records. 1900 census: two John MOORES in Raccoon Township census index.


                        1.    Adelbert MOORE, b. 31 Aug 1890, d. 24 Nov 1901. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio, next to WELKERS.

5-2-4-7     7.    Ansel Ellsworth WELKER, b. Jan 1863.

                 8.    Adelbert WELKER, b. Sept 1865, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 23 Nov 1889/1890, Hannah (Anna) VERNON, daughter of Alexander and A. VERNON, b. Oct 1870. 1900 census: Adelbert, Huntington Township, carpenter, Hannah's father living with them. 1910 census: This family not in Huntington Township, Raccoon Township nor buried in Gallia County, Ohio.

                        Known Issue:

                        1.    Edward V. WELKER, b. Mar 1892. Not in Ohio World War I Roster.

                        2.     Grace Clarinda WELKER, b. 6 Nov 1898, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 9.    Ann S. WELKER ...according to HUNTINGTON CEMETERY BOOK, Ann is buried with her father and sister Elizabeth at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio. And appears to have died the same day as Elizabeth, 18 March 1866, but Elizabeth's age at death, (17/2/20), was written in the book after Ann's name. Ann has never appeared in any census.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Samuel, named for his illustrious great-grandfather, was born in May of 1847 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. He was only 15 years old when he enlisted as a private in Co. A, 2nd West Virginia Cavalry, on 1 January 1863. He served for more than two years, receiving his discharge 3 July 1865. During his service he was disabled by a fall from his horse.

          On 17 October 1867, he and Isabel HUNTLEY were married by John E. HOLCOMB, J.P. Isabel, born February 1848, was another daughter of Adriel and Anna (PRICE) HUNTLEY. Samuel and Isabel lived at first in Huntington Township, where in the 1870 census, Samuel's property was listed at $2,000. By 1880 they were in Union Township, Ross County, Ohio and by the 1890 census, back in Gallia County living at Rio Grande, Raccoon Township. They were there in the 1900 census also, with Isabel listed as having five and five.

          Samuel died in 1908 and in 1910 census, the widow, 62, was living on Gallipolis Pike Road in Raccoon Township, owned a mortgaged farm. She was again recorded as having five and five.

          Isabel died in 1917. Both she and Samuel are buried at Calvary Baptist Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio


                        1.    Stephen H. WELKER, b. July 1868. 1910 census: 41, at home with widowed mother says he was widowed, not buried Gallia County.

5-2-4-1-2         2.    William E. WELKER, b. 31 May 1871.

                        3.    Elizabeth WELKER, b. 1870. Married: 26 May 1897, Albert F. JONES. 1900 census: Greenfield Township, Ohio.

5-2-4-1-4         4.    Adriel WELKER, b. Oct 1875

                        5.    Matthias WELKER, b. June 1880 (after census).

                               Known issue:

                               1.    Mary Belle WELKER, was a buyer in department store in Dayton, Ohio, like her mother.

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5-2-4-1-2         WILLIAM E. WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          William was born 31 May 1871 and spent a lifetime of 73 years almost exclusively in Gallia County and immediate vicinity. He was a teacher for 40 years, serving schools in Gallia, Meigs and Athens counties. He was also clerk of courts in Gallia County for a time.

          William was married on 11 June 1892, in Morgan Township, to Nancy MALABY, daughter of William and Mary Ann (JONES) LEONARD MALABY. Nancy was born 29 October 1875. In 1926, William and Nancy attended the EWING-RUSSELL-DODRILL reunion in Jackson County, as residents of Chestnut Grove, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          William died 19 September 1944 and Nancy on 29 May 1961. They are buried at Calvary Baptist Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


5-2-4-1-2-1     1.    Laura Pearl WELKER, b. 28 Aug 1895.

                        2.    Lora Lucille WELKER, b. 23 Nov 1898, d. 28 Feb 1954. Married: 17 Sept 1918, Irwin R. MC CARLEY. He is not in Ohio World War I Roster.

                        3.    Ruby Lenore WELKER, b. 4 Sept 1900, d. 28 Nov 1975. Married: 21 Nov 1919, at Porter, Gallia County, Charles N. HOUCK, b. 1899, d. 1975. He is not in Ohio World War I Roster. Both buried in Calvary Baptist Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-4-1-2-4     4.    William Kenneth WELKER, b. 3 Feb 1906, Pleasant Valley, Near Rio Grande, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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5-2-4-1-2-1     LAURA PEARL WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Samuel-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Laura (or Pearl as she was always known) was born to William and Nancy on 28 August 1895. She was not quite 20 years old when she married on 9 May 1915, at Gallipolis to August F. KRAUS. August was born September 1890, in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio. August enlisted 28 August 1918, but was discharged the same day for a physical disability. He tried again on 1 October 1918, when he was 28 1/2, and this time he made it. He was in the 15th recruitment company, GSI, and was sent immediately to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. Within two weeks he caught pneumonia and died - 14 October 1918. His body was returned to Gallia County and he was buried at the Calvary Baptist Cemetery, next to Phillip and Carrie KRAUS - probably his parents.

          Laura married again, her second husband being George Everett LEWIS, son of Harvey and Martha (HETZER) LEWIS. George was born 26 November 1897, and they were married 27 July 1921 at Bidwell, Ohio. Apparently George was not in World War I, at least he is not listed in the Ohio Roster.

          George died in 1968 and is buried at the Calvary Baptist Cemetery. Laura died in 1976 and is likewise buried at the Calvary Baptist Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio

She is buried as "Pearl."


                  1.     (only). Robert LEWIS, b. about 1923, d. about 1974, age 51 years..

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Samuel-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Colonel, Dr. William K. WELKER, who retired in 1961 from the U.S. Air Force as a colonel, almost had a lifetime career of teaching rather than dentistry. His "switching horses in midstream" came about because of the influence of one man. That man was his father-in-law, Dr. Thomas J. ALLISON, "a truly dedicated country doctor," as William put it.

          William, born 3 February 1906, at Pleasant Valley near Rio Grande, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio, was 20 when he graduated from Rio Grande College and started teaching in 1926.

He taught first at Pomeroy High School in Meigs County for a year and then at Gallia Academy High School in Gallipolis, Gallia County.

          At the time there was attending Rio Grande College one Mildred ALLISON, born 9 May 1908, at Wales, Centerpoint, Ohio. Her father was the above Dr. ALLISON and her mother the former Anne GRIFFTH.

          William and Mildred met and shortly after her graduation from the college in 1929, they were married at her parents' home in Rio Grande - 3 August 1929.

          For the first few years the couple lived with her parents, and in that time, William frequently drove Dr. Allison on his rounds. He became so impressed with the doctor, and the doctor with him, that he determined to switch careers. Because of Dr Allison's influence, encouragement and offer of financial backing, William ended his teaching career at the end of the 1932-33 school year and entered dental school.

          William and Mildred were off in September 1933 (with their only child, three-year-old William Allison WELKER) for Indianapolis.

          After graduation William set up practice in Oak Hill, Jackson County, Ohio, but in 1940 he was called to military duty. It was only to be a year of service with the 37th Infantry Division at Hattiesburg, Mississippi. But before the end of that year, there was a war on, and William was in "for the duration." His year of service became five years and eight days, most of it spent in the South Pacific.

          At war's end William went home. He practiced with a Gallipolis firm for a bit, but in 1947 decided to go back into the service and make a career of it.

          On 31 December 1947, he left Gallipolis for duty in the U.S. Air Force. He was first stationed at Turner AFB, Albany, Georgia, Mildred joining him. Young Bill went on to college and then into the Air Force himself.

          In 1951, William was sent to Francis E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Young Bill by then was married and stationed not to faraway at Denver, Colorado.

          Subsequent moves took William and Mildred to Ovi, New York and finally to Wichita Falls, Texas. It was there, on 10 April 1961 that Col. William K. Welker retired after a service career spanning most of 21 years.

          In the 1980's the Welkers lived at 494 Maple Drive, Gallipolis. They celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary 5 July 1979, jointly with Mildred's sister and husband, Dr. Francis and Eleanor (ALLISON) SHANE. William was the first president of the Gallipolis Kiwanis Club and a member of the Gallia County Historical Society.


5-2-4-1-2-4-1  1.    (only). William Allison WELKER, b. 21 July 1930, Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-Samuel-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          William not only followed in his father's footsteps but took it one step further and became a skilled and noted prosthodontist, and a recipient of the Air Force's Bronze Star Medal.

          William was born 21 July 1930, in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio and was 17 when his dad first entered service. He was then a senior at Gallia Academy High School (he played end on the Golden Era Blue Devil football team) and he and his mother remained in Gallipolis while his dad went to Hattiesburg, Mississippi so young Bill could finish at the academy.

          After graduation his mother joined her husband in Mississippi, and young Bill entered Miami University at Oxford, Ohio. When the Korean situation developed, Bill enlisted in the Air Force - 1 January 1950.

          Bill went home, that is back to Gallipolis, long enough to marry, on 24 June 1951, Frances Jane HASKINS, daughter of L. Paul and May (PHILLIPS) HASKINS. William and Frances were stationed in Denver when their first child, William Paul, was born in 1952.

          Not long after, William decided to go into dentistry as his father had done. He entered Ohio State University and was graduated in 1959. Shortly after that he was sent to Colorado Springs, Colorado and that was where Rebecca Jane WELKER was born in 1960.

          William went on to get his masters from the University of Texas. He had taken up prosthodontics, that is, making of dentures including removable bridges. He served his residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas. The American Board of Prosthodontics accepted him as a Diplomate in 1969.

          Organizational abilities that were to serve him fully later were tested many times during his 20 years with the Air Force. He supervised the prosthodontics programs at Wright-Patterson AFB, was a staff prosthodontist and instructor at Malcolm Grow AFB, Maryland, and was Chief of Prosthodontics at the 12th USAF Hospital at Cam Rauh Bay in Vietnam. He also found time to serve as military consultant to the Surgeon General and was USAF Regional Consultant in Prosthodontics from 1968 through 1977. The Air Force recognized his achievements by awarding him its Bronze Star medal.

           In the 1980's he was chairman of the Removable Prosthodontics Department in the College of Dentistry at Ohio State University, having taken over in 1978. He was lauded in a recent OSU Dental Alumni Quarterly for his strengthening of the department through faculty recruitment and equipment upgrading, organizational abilities he developed during his Air Force career.

          When the Welkers, who in the 1980's resided in Worthington outside Columbus, Ohio, wanted to find a retreat from their busy schedules they found pleasurable moments on their 800 acre spread near Gallipolis, Ohio known as Spring Valley Estates. The terrain on their acreage was ideally suited for Bill's interest in field archery, and deer and turkey were said to abound.

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5-2-4-1-4         ADRIEL WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuellll-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Adriel was born in October 1875 and was an instructor for a time at Rio Gande College. His wife through many of his years was Rose Ethel THOMAS, whom I feel was the daughter of Daniel and Hannah (RODERICK) THOMAS and sister of Abraham THOMAS, who married Ethel MC MILLEN (5-5-9-1). She was born in March 1878.

          Adriel and Rose Ethel were married 21 February 1899. In 1900 they were living in Raccoon Township, address at that time Rio Grande College. There were not there in 1910.

          Rose Ethel died in 1926. Adriel married again, I was not given the name of his second wife, but I assume her to be the Myrtle PERROUD WELKER, widow of Charles A. PERROUD (1885-1942), who is buried with her first husband at Calvary Baptist. Myrtle was born in 1898 and died in 1975. A son, Charles H. PERROUD (1922-1965) is buried near by.

          If Adriel was married after Charles A.'s death in 1942, they did not have very long together, for Adriel died in 1943. He is buried at Calvary Baptist, near Rose Ethel.

          No known issue.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          (I am so curious about how William came by his middle name.)

          He was born 28 April 1851 and was another of those with Ewing blood so attracted to the Huntleys. His wife, Rebecca Jane (HUNTLEY) BUCHANAN was another daughter of Adriel and Anna

(PRICE) HUNTLEY. She was born 7 March 1853, at Vinton, Ohio, and had previously been married to John C. BUCHANAN.

          After their marriage 30 November 1876, William and Rebecca made their home at Vinton, Ohio on Jackson Road. In the 1900 and 1910 census, William was listed as a Vinton farmer (owned his farm free), but in 1926, when they attended the Ewing-Russell-Dodrill reunion in Jackson County, their address was given as Chestnut Grove, which is in Raccoon Township, Ohio.

          Rebecca died in 1928 and William in 1930. Both are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


                        1.    Minnie WELKER, b. 15 Aug 1877 d. Aug 1878.

5-2-4-3-2         2.    Chauncey WELKER, b. Jan 1879, Vinton, Ohio.

                        3     Orpha L. WELKER, b. Dec 1880, Vinton, Ohio, d. 1910 age 30 years. Buried, Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, OH. Married: about 1901-Millard HAMMON. (Not buried in Huntington Township, Ohio) (Note: Orpha is buried near a lot of HAMMONS but none of the following.)


                               1.    Millard HAMMON JR., b. about 1902

                               2.    Robert HAMMON, b. about 1904

                               3.    Donald HAMMON, b. about 1906

                        4.    Margaret P. WELKER b. Nov 1882, Vinton, Ohio. Married: after 1910, John BESSE


                                1.    (only). Merlin Paul BESSE

5-2-4-3-5         5.    Herbert WELKER, b. March 1889, Vinton, Ohio.

5-2-4-3-6         6.    William W. WELKER, b. Feb 1892, Vinton, Ohio.

5-2-4-3-6         7.    Laura Marie WELKER, b. Feb 1897, Vinton, Ohio.

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5-2-4-3-2         CHAUNCEY WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Chauncey, born January 1879 at Vinton, Ohio was known all his life as Chad, and was buried as Chad at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio after his death in April 1956.

          He was 35 years old when he married in 1914 to the 20 year old Grace PIPER, daughter of Jacob Benjamin and Sarah (MILLER) PIPER. Grace was born 24 June 1894 and as of 4 October 1981, when she was 87 years old, was still going strong - living on Cherry Street in Vinton, Ohio with her widowed daughter, Esther.


                        1.    Esther WELKER, b. 14 Aug 1915. Married: David William METCALF, b. 1915, d. 30 July 1945, when the USS Indianapolis was sunk in the Philippine Sea by enemy action. His memorial stone at Vinton Memorial Cemetery notes that he was a G.M. 3rd class, U.S.N.R. Esther taught school at Tipp City, Ohio. 1981: retired, makes her home with her mother in Vinton, Ohio.

5-2-4-3-2-2 2.       Laura Hazel WELKER, b. 2 Dec 1922, Vinton, Ohio.


5-2-4-3-2-2     LAURA HAZEL WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Chauncey-William-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Laura was born 2 December 1922, "across the street from the little red schoolhouse" in Vinton, Ohio. She was 16 and a student at Vinton High School when she and Walter Leon BROWN, 18 and a 1938 graduate of the school, decided to elope.

          It was May 1939, and they drove to Russell, Kentucky for the ceremony. Then they returned to Vinton and Laura continued in School, graduating with the class of 1941.

          Laura and Walter set up housekeeping in earnest after Laura's graduation and began having their family, one son, Junior, and two daughters. All three eventually went to North Gallia High School and all played trumpet in the school's marching band. One daughter, Rita, was head majorette.

          Laura and Walter became co-owners of the G.R.BROWN AND SON GROCERY at Vinton, Ohio. After several years, they sold the grocery and Walter went into a variety of jobs. Then, he became a licensed auctioneer and through the years became known as "Colonel Brown" all over the county. For a time he was auctioneer for the Ohio Valley Livestock Company in Gallipolis, Ohio. At his death in October 1967, age 47, he was an employee of the Meade Paper Company in Chillicothe.

          Walter was born 3 November 1920, at Vinton, Ohio, the son of the Glen R. BROWN, and is buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.

          After his death, Laura continued to make her home in Vinton. For several years she was bookkeeper for the Community Action Agency in Cheshire, Ohio and was a member of the Vinton Baptist Church and its choir. In the early 1980's Laura remarried and moved from Vinton, Ohio.

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5-2-4-3-5         HERBERT WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Herbert was born March 1889 at Vinton, Ohio and died about 1957. He is buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Ohio. His wife was Garnet H. SCOTT, their marriage took place after 1910. Garnet was born June 1892 and was the daughter of Alfred and Susan SCOTT. In 1910 Herbert was the census enumerator for part of Huntington Township, Ohio. He was also a school teacher. In 1980, Garnet was living at Vinton, Ohio with her daughter Susie.


                 1.    Verna WELKER, b. about 1910. Married: John George EWING. See 21-2-2-4-2

                 2.    Susan Irene WELKER, b. 8 Sept 1916. Married: Kelly HUNTLEY. See 5-2-3-7-6-1

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5-2-4-3-6         WILLIAM W. WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          William was born in February 1892. William and Ethel Clara DECKARD were married about 1915. Clara was the daughter of Amos and Mary Jane (SHARP) DECKARD, and sister of the Willard A. who married her sister, Laura. In 1910 census, William was single, at home, a farm laborer. Apparently he and Ethel lived at Vinton, Ohio but there is no burial record for them in the Huntington Township cemetery book.


                 1.    (only). Phyllis Clara WELKER, b. 1 Feb 1920. Married: (1.) Benjamin EVANS, her fourth cousin. SEE: 5--9-4-5-1 They were divorced and she married a second time, name not known. 1983: living in Clearwater, Florida, next door to Esther (DURKEE) SPIRES, her third cousin (20-4-2-1-3).


                   1.   Michael EVANS

                   2.   Michelle EVANS

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5-2-4-3-7         LAURA MARIE WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Laura was born 4 February 1897 and was married on 4 November 1914 to Willard Austin DECKARD. Willard was born 29 July 1895 in Raccoon Township, Ohio, son of Amos and Mary Jane (SHARP) DECKARD, and brother of Ethel who married Laura's brother, William. He was a machinist at Vinton, Ohio as stated in the 1932 DECKARD GENEALOGY. Burials of Laura, who died in December 1979 and Willard are not noted in the Huntington Township cemetery book, which was printed prior to their deaths.


                 1.    Margaret Ellen DECKARD, b. 4 Aug 1915, Vinton, Ohio, died in her early teens of strep-throat.

                 2.    Lesta Marie DECKARD, b. 27 March 1918, Vinton, Ohio; was married. 1983: in a rest home.

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5-2-4-4     ABNER J. WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          No doubt Abner's middle name was Johnson like so many of his HOLCOMB kin. Abner and Mary A. DALLAS, daughter of William R. and Nancy (LEFLER) DALLAS, set the date of the wedding for

20 June 1875, but as Abner was not yet 20, it was necessary for his father, William, to sign his consent to get the license.

          Apparently Mary died not long after the wedding, but her burial place is not in Raccoon Township cemetery records.

          On 25 February 1885, Abner was married again. His second wife was Martha V. ROSE, born June 1858 in West Virginia. At the time of the marriage Martha had a son, Everett G. ROSE, born 12 June 1872. In 1900 Everett was living with Martha's parents, James and Amanda ROSE in Huntington Township. Abner and Martha were in Rio Grande, Raccoon Township. Everett died 15 Oct 1903, and is buried next to Abner and Martha at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio, but before he died he had a son (mother unknown) by the name or Orville ROSE, born 1902. In the 1910 census, Orville was living with Abner and Martha on Vinton Road, at Rio Grande, Raccoon Township, Ohio.

          Abner was one of the many celebrants at the Ewing-Dodrill-Russell reunion in Jackson County in 1926. That same year his wife died. Abner died in 1930, age 75 years. Both are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Liberty, Ohio

          No known Issue

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5-2-4-5     MIGHT S. WELKER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Might was given a WELKER family name for his first name. It frequently came out "MITE" in the records. He was born in February 1858 and was married on 1 January 1882 in Gallia County, Ohio to Sarah Jane HARTSOOK, daughter of William and Martha (DECKARD) HARTSOOK who born 21 November 1856. In the 1900 census they were living in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio, but later they moved to Elgin, Van Wert County, Ohio, where Might died in 1928. The DECKARD GENEALOGY list five children for them, no dates. Only the first three listed below appear in the 1900 census.


                 1.    Fred WELKER, b. March 1883

                 2.    Elvin WELKER, b. June 1886

                 3.    Emma WELKER, b. Nov 1895. Married: _____ OWENS.

                 4.    Eva WELKER

                 5.    Nathan Hartsook WELKER

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Anselm, born in January 1863 was listed as a Huntington Township farmer, on the Ewington to Jackson Road, in the 1900 and 1910 censuses. He and most of his family moved to Fostoria, Ohio sometime after 1910. Only a married daughter, Sadie, remained in the Vinton, Ohio area.

          Ansel was married 31 December 1889 to Electa Elizabeth WHITE (called Lizzie). Electa was born July 1874 in Ohio, but her father was recorded as being from Kentucky.


                 1.    Myrtle E. WELKER, b. Oct 1890, d. by 1983, not buried in Huntington Township Cemetery. Married: 15 Apr 1911 in Gallia County, Ohio Lester FISHER, b. Mar 1884 son of William and Elizabeth FISHER. 1900: William 16, at school, Huntington Township, not buried in Huntington Township Cemetery.

                 2.    Sadie WELKER, b. Sept 1892, d. 1968, buried as: Sadie GLENN HICKMAN, McGhee Cemetery, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1st 8 Apr 1911 in Gallia County, Ohio Karl GLENN, b. Aug 1888 son of William and Irene GLENN (1900 Vinton, Ohio) d. 1939, buried McGhee Cemetery, Gallia Co., Ohio.

                        Known Issue:

                        1.    Marie GLENN, b. 12 Aug 1915, d. 12 Jan 1927, buried: McGhee Cemetery w/father.

                        2.    Clifford E. GLENN, b. 1920, d. 1946, buried: McGhee Cemetery w/father.

                        3.    Stella WELKER, b. Dec 1894, d. by 1983

                        4.    Lawrence A. WELKER, b. Feb 1895, d. by 1983.

                        5.    Justine WELKER, b. 1902, d. by 1983.

                        6.    Bonnie B. WELKER, b. 1905. 1983: lives w/sister Mildred in Fostoria, Ohio. Was with the United Nations in Berkeley, California.

                        7.    William Riley WELKER, b. 1908, d. by 1983.

                        8.    Mildred WELKER b. 1903. Married: 1913 _____ CAMPBELL. 1983: divorced, lives w/sister Bonnie.

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5-2-5        SARAH HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Sarah is one of the more elusive of Ann and Abner's many children. Born in 1832, she was married on 11 November 1858, Gallia County, Ohio to Henry M. MC FARLAND. Henry was born in Ohio in 1833. In 1860 they were living in Bedford Township, Meigs County, Ohio in a cluster with Taphena and William WELKER and William's parents. Henry died between 1868 and 1870, and by the time of the 1870 census, Sarah was back in Huntington Township living with her parents, two of her three children with her. In 1880, Sarah and the two children and her mother, Ann, then 48 years old, were living with Sarah's brother Samuel. I attempted to locate the son, William MC FARLAND in the 1900 Ohio census index. Have you any idea of the number of William MC FARLANDS in existence in Ohio that year? I had to give it up as a bad job. Sarah is not buried in the Huntington Cemetery under the MC FARLAND name.


                 1.    Samuel MC FARLAND, b. Aug 1859. Not in the 1870 census.

                 2.    William MC FARLAND, b. 1862.

                 3.    Elizabeth MC FARLAND, b. 1868.

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5-2-6        EBENEZER L. HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Ebenezer might have been as elusive as some of his sisters and brothers had it not been for a sketch about him printed in a MEIGS COUNTY HISTORY of about 1884. That sketch contains all the vital statistics about him and his family.

          Ebenezer was born 15 August 1834 at Vinton, Ohio. Shortly after being listed in the census of 1 June 1860 as 26, at home, a carpenter, single, he took a bride. Ebenezer married Agnes ASKINS, born 14 February 1828, the daughter of Richard and Nancy A. (STEWART) ASKINS. They were married in Meigs County on 20 June 1860.

          Ebenezer and Agnes had five children. The youngest was 10 when Agnes died, 28 January 1879. By the time of the 1880 census (June 1), Ebenezer had married again, his wife being Annie E. (CALVIN) ROBINER, daughter of John and Abigail (AKEN) CALVIN. Annie was born 30 January 1846, in Beaver County, Pennsylvania and had a least one son by her first marriage. He was George B. ROBINER, born 1872, listed with the Holcombs in the 1880 census, when they were in Columbia Township, Meigs County.

          Ebenezer and Annie had two children. According to the Meigs County sketch of about 1884, they were then living in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. That is where Ebenezer died between the years of 1886 to 1900. In the 1900 census, the widow Annie was living in Vinton Township, Vinton County, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Agnes ASKINS:

                 1.    Jacob (?) HOLCOMB Not in 1870 census

5-2-6-2     2.    George H. HOLCOMB, b. Dec 1863 (TWIN)

                 3.    Maggie HOLCOMB, b. Dec 1863 (TWIN) 1900 census: 27, single, living alone, Columbia Township, Meigs County, Ohio.

                 4.    Isabel E. HOLCOMB, b. 1865

                 5.    Otho HOLCOMB, b. 1869; not in 1900 Ohio index.

          ISSUE By Annie CALVIN ROBINER:

                 6.    Myrtle B. HOLCOMB, b. Apr 1881 1900 census:19 w/twice-widowed mother in Vinton Co.

                 7.    Grace N. HOLCOMB, b. Oct 1886 1900 census: with mother.

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5-2-6-2     GEORGE H. HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ebenezer-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          George was born December 1863, a twin to Maggie. He was married about 1894 (could not be found in Gallia County records) to Rose C. CASTOR, born March 1875 in Ohio. George died at some time between 1896 and 1900. In 1900 the widow Rose was living in Columbia Township with her father, William H. CASTOR, and her two sons.


                 1.    William R. HOLCOMB, b. April 1895.

                 2.    George H. HOLCOMB, b. 28 Sept 1896 at Pointrock. A soldier in World War I (No. 3860745) he enlisted at Pomeroy on 14 September 1918, and was in the 158th Depot Brigade and then the 66th Anti-Aircraft Battery till his discharge 22 December 1918. At war's end his address was RFD #1, Carpenter, Ohio. There was no listing for a HOLCOMB in Carpenter, Ohio in 1980.

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5-2-8        ANSELM T. HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          No doubt the "T" in Anselm's name was for Tupper, the same name his uncle had. He was born 9 July 1837 at Vinton, Ohio and was 20 when he took as his bride, Jane SHANER, the daughter of Henry and Rebecca (MC MILLIN) SHANER of Morgan Township, and sister of Henry SHANER who married 5-9-1-2. Anselm and Jane were married on 25 January 1858, by Reverend Robinson BREARE, and set up housekeeping in Morgan Township, Ohio.

          When the Civil War came along, Anselm offered his services. He enlisted 7 August 1862, in the famous, Company K, 60th OVI, which was captured at Harper's Ferry. Anselm became a corporal before being mustered out with his company at Chicago, Illinois 10 November 1862. He reenlisted as a private in Company I, 173rd OVI, and served almost a year, being mustered out with his company on 26 June 1865.

          No records of wounds or illness were found, but there may have been, as Anselm died within three years of the end of his service. He died 12 March 1868, age 30 years, 6 months and 21 days. Anselm is buried at Holcomb Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio a GAR marker at his gravesite.

          At the time of Anselm's death, Jane was pregnant with their fifth child. Anselm (probably Anselm Tupper HOLCOMB III) was born 22 April 1868, a month and 10 days after the death of his father.

          Jane, then about 27, married again. Her second husband was Henry MOLER, and they were married 20 January 1878, Gallia County, by Eli SHANER, J.P. It is believed that Eli SHANER was Jane's uncle.

          The Molers must have left the Gallia area. I did not find them in the 1880 census, and they are not listed in the 1900 Gallia County index. Neither Henry nor Jane, nor any of her Holcomb children (with one exception as noted below) are buried in Gallia County, Ohio.


                 1.    Joseph H. HOLCOMB, b. 1858; appears in 1860 census, but not 1870.

                 2.    Henry Shaner HOLCOMB, b. 1860 (after census)

                 3.    Abner E. HOLCOMB, b. 1861/62

                 4.    Eliza A. HOLCOMB, b. 1863/64. No marriage in Gallia records.

                 5.    Anselm HOLCOMB, b. 22 Apr 1868 born one month and 10 days after death of his father, d. 12 June 1875, age 7 years, 2 months and 20 days. Buried w/father, Holcomb Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio .

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          The 10th to come along in the Holcomb household at Vinton, Ohio was Annis Marie, born in October 1841.

          During the war she was courted by a young soldier, John Clinefellow ANDERSON, and they were married on 28 January 1864, Gallia county, by Reverend Robinson BREARE.

          John, a tinner by trade, had enlisted 20 July 1861 and was discharged 11 June 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. He was a private in Company E, 27th OVI, and was a cook for the troops.

Descendants have it that he was a cook on SHERMAN's march to the sea; his pension papers say only that he was a cook and was serving at Marietta, Georgia, when he was attacked about 10 May 1864 by diarrhea, a case so severe that he never recovered from it in all his 78 years. In the 1890 special veterans census he is recorded as being afflicted with chronic diarrhea and piles.

          After the war, John returned to his trade as tinner and is so listed in the 1870 and 1880 censuses. In the 1900 census he is down as Vinton's postmaster. At that time Annis was recorded as having had 10 children, nine then living. There is no notation under the "children" column in the 1910 census. John and Annis and some of their family were among the 100 or so Ewings at the 1906 reunion at Ewington, Ohio.

          John, who was born 12 February 1839, in Pennsylvania, was 78 when he died 4 December 1917. He is buried at McGhee Cemetery, Gallia County, Ohio, a GAR star marking his gravesite. Annis predeceased him by four years. She too is buried at McGhee Cemetery, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Could not find any of their children buried in all of Gallia County, Ohio except young Anna. The five sons disappeared completely.


                 1.    Frank H. ANDERSON, b. 16 Aug 1867

                 2.    Oscar S. ANDERSON, b. 5 July 1868, Gallia County birth records give his name as John,,but he appeared as Oscar S. in the 1870 and 1880 censuses.

5-2-10-3   3.    Jessie May ANDERSON, b. 16 Oct 1870

                 4.    Charles Elmer ANDERSON, b. 7 Mar 1873. Married: 15 Oct 1893, Lizzie A. CONRAD.

                 5.    Edward C. ANDERSON, 15 June 1875.

                 6.    Anna H. ANDERSON, b. 4 Dec 1877, d. July 1890. Buried with parents, McGhee Cemetery, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-2-10-7   7.    Kathryn ANDERSON, b. 30 May 1880

5-2-10-8   8.    Grace Vivien ANDERSON, b. 21 Feb 1883

5-2-10-9   9.    Helen Gertrude ANDERSON, b. 16 Oct 1885, Vinton, Ohio.

                 10.  Harold M. ANDERSON, b. 29 Nov 1888

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Annis-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Jessie born 16 October 1870, was not to be blessed with a long life. Both she and her husband, Marshall V. MC CORKHILL, died of TB when comparatively young. That was at least by 1915 and perhaps even by 1900, as I did not find either of them in the 1900 Ohio census index.

          Jessie and Marshall were married in Gallia County 24 February 1894 and had a son, Harold, born 1895 with whom I would dearly love to get in touch. In the A.E. EWING collection was a letter Harold wrote on 20 December 1915, from East Liverpool, Columbiana County, Ohio, telling about his family and asking for

more information on his great-great-great-grandfather Indian John EWING. That letter was used as a basis for an article about Abner and Ann (HOLCOMB) HOLCOMB in the 1981 GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY, submitted by my daughter, Barbara SAGER.

          (I would love to hear from Harold, but I fear he may have passed on; at least his first cousin, Verne WOODRUFF, felt he had. "I haven't seen him for 40 years.")


                 1.    (only) Harold MC CORKHILL, b. 1895, not in Gallia County, probably in East Liverpool, Columbiana County, Ohio, where he was living in 1915. Not located in 1900 or 1910 Ohio census indices. Not in Ohio WWI Roster.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Annis-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Kathryn made it into the world in time for the 1880 census - but just barely. She was born 30 May 1880, and the census was computed as of 1 June 1880. In that census, under the column headed Ailments and Disabilities, after her mother's name was noted, "recently confined."

          In 1902, Kathryn was married to Emzie DAVIDSON, a son of neighbors Charles and Lovina (HUNTLEY) DAVIDSON, born in January 1881. Shortly after the wedding, Kathryn and Emzie departed for New Straitsville, Perry County, Ohio. They were found there in the 1910 census, Emzie was a railroad telegraph operator. They had been married eight years and had two children, both then living.


                 1.    Mildred C. DAVIDSON, b. 1905

                 2.    Cecil M. DAVIDSON, b. 1907. 1983: no listing, New Straitsville, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Annis-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          I thought I had lost Grace, who was born 21 February 1883 at Vinton, Ohio, as I have lost so many others as I did not have a married name for her, when up pops a sketch on the WOODRUFFS in the 1981 GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY. It turns out that Grace and John Norman WOODRUFF eloped, which of course is why there was no marriage record in Gallia county. They ran off to Chicago, Illinois and were married there 31 August 1900.

          John was born 14 January 1881 at Alice, Huntington Township, the son of Norman Z. and Jennie (MC LEISH) WOODRUFF. As owner of Woodruff Furnace Company in Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland, Ohio, John became a successful businessman and was quite well-to-do. He was on the board of the Congregational Church and a 33rd-degree Mason. On retirement in 1950, he, Grace and their three grown children moved to California. John died 4 June 1963, age 82 years, and Grace died at Long Beach, California 10 November 1966, age 83 years. Both are buried at Whittier, California.


                 1.    Helen Dorothy WOODRUFF, b. 27 Mar 1902, Gallia County, Ohio . Helen had polio, never married, deceased by 1980.

                 2.    Harold Verne WOODRUFF, b. Dayton, Ohio. Married: (1) Kay. She died 1980. 1981: living in Corona Del Mar, California - was about to remarry and was preparing to move elsewhere. Correspondence unanswered - no issue.

                 3.    Norman WOODRUFF Married: Grace _____, deceased by 1980. No issue.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Annis-Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Helen was the only one of Annis and John's 10 children to stay in Gallia County long enough to be counted in the 1900 and 1910 censuses. But after that even she disappeared from the scene.

          Born 16 October 1885 at Vinton, Ohio and was married on 20 October 1906 to Howard A. MILLER. Howard, a rural mail carrier at the time of their marriage, was born 8 April 1878 in Morgan Township, the son of Isaac and Emilie (BARTON) MILLER. Isaac was born in Pennsylvania. In the 1900 census Helen was listed with her parents in Vinton, Ohio. In 1910 she and Howard were listed Vinton, living in a rented home on Main Street, He was a route letter carrier and she was a dressmaker in her home, self-employed. There were no children listed with them, and there was no entry in the children column of the census.

          Neither Helen nor Howard are buried in Gallia County, Ohio.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Agnes was born 28 September 1843 and was married at Vinton, Ohio on 18 July 1872 to John Bernard BUCK. John was born 5 May 1844, in Wurttemburg, Germany, son of John and Agnes (STEINHILBER) BUCK. John's occupation in the 1880 census and in the 1882 HARDESTY'S HISTORY, was given as a stonemason. Sadly, soon after the history was published, the Bucks disappeared from the Gallia scene and nothing more is known of them. They were not in the 1900 Ohio index. Agnes was deceased by 1915.


                 1.    Agnes B. BUCK, b. 26 July 1873

                 2.    Samuel H. (HOLCOMB?) BUCK, b. 28 Dec 1875, d. 19 June 1877, 1 year, 5 months 13 days.

                 3.    Edward B. BUCK, b. 10 Dec 1878

                 4.    Mary B. BUCK, b. 15 Sept 1881

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5-2-12      MARY HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Mary was born in November 1846 at Vinton, Ohio and was married on 9 March 1867, Gallia County, Ohio to John Wesley WARD, born in March 1847 in Ohio. I did not see them in the 1870 census, but in 1880 they were in Morgan Township, Ohio. By 1900 they had moved to Columbus, Ohio. That year they were living at 429 S. High Street, with two of their sons living at 1431 and 1459 S. High Street in Columbus, Ohio.

          According to a nephew, in 1910 they were also living in Columbus, Ohio. Mary and her sister "Kate" were the only two children of Ann Smith (HOLCOMB) HOLCOMB alive in 1915.


                 1.    Nannie D. WARD, b. 1868. Married: 6 Aug 1885 - Gallia County, Ohio W.G. BLAKE. Not in 1900 Gallia County Index.

                 2.    William C. WARD, b. 1870. Not in 1900/1910 Ohio index.

                 3.    Horace WARD, b. Sept 1871. Married: Ida _____ b. Mar 1877, West Virginia. 1910: Lived in Columbus, Ohio.

                        Known Issue:

                        1.    Cecil H. WARD, b. 1902

                 4.    Abner R. WARD, b. July 1874. Married: Katie _____ b. Oct 1877, Ohio.

                 5.    Monte WARD, b.Dec 1877. 1910: 32, at home.

                 6.    Katie WARD, b. Dec 1880

                 7.    John WARD, b. Oct 188. 1910: 28, at home.

                 8.    Morton WARD, b. Aug 1888. 1910: 21, at home

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Ann-Sarah-John-James

          Catherine was a twin to Calphurnia. Both were born in September of 1848 at Vinton, Ohio. In 1870 the twins were 21 and at home, their occupation was listed as "helping mother."

          Kate, as she was known, was married on 9 October 1870, Gallia County, Ohio to Samuel F. SMITH. They were living in Morgan Township in 1880, and in 1900 were at Middleport, Salisbury Township, Meigs County, Ohio. (A nephew reported in 1915 that "Kate" and her sister Mary WARD were the only two of this family then still living. Kate was living in Columbus, Ohio. I was unable to find her in the 1910 Ohio census index.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.    Calphurnia "Callie" SMITH, b. 1872.

                 2.    Lulu H. SMITH, b. 1876

                 3.    Webster M. SMITH, b. Feb 1878. 1900: 22, at home, Middleport, Salisbury Township, Meigs County, Ohio.

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[the information for Laura was omitted and picks up with her grandson, Anselm McMillin]


5-5    Laura D. Holcomb, b. 4 Dec 1811, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio

          5-5-1     Samuel Mc Millin


5-5-1-2     ANSELM MC MILLIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Because Anselm Tupper was such a popular name among the HOLCOMBS, I concluded this Anselm's middle name would be Tupper also, but it would be hard to state that definitely, as his middle initial in the 1860 census was "R." It was a "T" in the 1900 census.

          Anselm was born 13 June 1855 in Vinton, Ohio. His marriage in 1878 is not in Gallia County records. His wife's name was Armena, Arminia or Arimana. She was born in November of 1858 in Ohio. Her parents were born in Pennsylvania and Ohio. I suggest she may have been a KOONTZ, as she was present during the 1889 confinement of Elizabeth (KOONTZ) MC MILLIN, wife of Anselm's brother Charles - which could mean they were sisters.

          At some time after 1889 and before 1895, these McMillins moved to Buffalo, Erie County, New York. In 1900 they were listed in the census at 275 Mackinaw Street, a boarder living with them. "Arimana" was down as having had four children, two yet living. Anselm died 4 March 1905, and is buried at Buffalo, New York, as is "Arimana" who died 8 June 1911.


                 1.     Harriet MC MILLIN, b. July 1879. Married: about 1901, Albert WISCHERATH. Both buried in Buffalo, Erie County, New York.


                        1.    Anselm L. WISCHERATH, b. about 1903

                        2.    A. Paul WISCHERATH, b. about 1905

                        3.    Edward WISCHERATH, b. about 1907

                        4.    Henry WISCHERATH, b. about 1909

                 2.     Eugene H. MC MILLIN, b. June 1883, Ohio. Lived Sharon, Pennsylvania, had one son.

                 3.    _____ MC MILLIN, deceased by 1900

                 4.    _____ MC MILLIN, deceased by 1900

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5-5-1-4     FRANK B. MC MILLIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Frank (or possibly Benjamin Franklin) was born 26 January 1860. He and his wife, Mary Elizabeth DAVIS, whom he married 15 June 1886, (not found in Gallia County records) moved to Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio. They were not found in the 1900 Ohio index, but in the 1910 census they were found in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio, with only Dulcie at home.

          Frank died 4 May 1927, age 67 years and is buried at Forest Rose Cemetery in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio. Mary Elizabeth, who was born 1 October 1863, in New Straightsville, Ohio, the daughter of Henry and Sarah (GUESS) DAVIS, died 2 September 1936, at Urbana, Ohio and is buried next to Frank at the Forest Rose Cemetery, in Lancaster, Ohio.


                 1.    Dulcie May MC MILLIN, b. 1888. Married: after 1910, Dr. Fred NORRIS, Urbana, Ohio. Dulcie had the original of the Samuel R. HOLCOMB newspaper story.

                 2.    Parker J. MC MILLIN, b. 1889. Married: after 1910, Alma RASP.


                        1.    Elizabeth MC MILLIN, b. 29 Aug 1918

                        2.    Raymond MC MILLIN, b. 5 Mar 1925

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5-5-1-6     MAGGIE C. MC MILLIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Maggie (probably Margaret) was born 11 May 1868, and was married on 18 September 1887 to William James JACKSON. William was born 19 July 1855 in Ohio, son of Joan JACKSON, a native of England and his wife, Rebecca.

          Maggie was William's second wife. William's first wife - the wife buried with him at McGhee Cemetery, Gallia County, Ohio, was Mary M. BYBA, born 3 July 1857, died 27 January 1887. William and Mary were married on 14 October 1876.

          In the 1900 census, William and Maggie were in Vinton, Ohio, he was a barber. In the 1910 census they owned their home on Jackson Street free. William was a barber in his own shop and she was a dressmaker in her home.

          William died 27 October 1926 and is buried at the McGhee Cemetery in Gallia County, Ohio. It appears that after his death Maggie went to Columbus, Ohio for that is where she is said to have died 31 January 1930, age 61 years. She is buried at North High Street Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.


                 1.    (only) Julia Harriet JACKSON, b. 25 July 1888. Married: 3 Nov 1907, Frank Lester WHITE b. 1885, d. 1972, Buried: Vinton Memorial. Her name on stone, no dates. 1910 census: lived next to her parents, Jackson Street, Vinton, Ohio. Frank a driver for a livery barn. They later lived in Gallipolis, Ohio. Apparently no issue

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Anselm was born in Vinton, Ohio in 1832, and was the right age to have been in the Civil War, but no record of his service was found.

          Anselm was married 13 February 1857 in Gallia County, Ohio to Isabel JAMES who was born in December of 1840 in Ohio. In 1860 Anselm and Isabel were living in Huntington Township with Francis and Mary J. GLEASON, 26 and 22, Anselm listed as a farmer. By the time of the 1870 census they had moved to Milton Township, Jackson County. They were not found in the 1880 census.

          Anselm died in 1895 and in the 1900 census the widow Isabel was living with her son, Charles, on Pennsylvania Avenue, Wellston, Ohio. Isabel died in 1903. Both Anselm and Isabel are buried at Ridgewood Cemetery, Wellston, Ohio.


5-5-2-1     1.    Charles Lincoln MC MILLIN, b. June 1860, Huntington, Ohio.

                 2.    Sarah MC MILLIN, b. 1866

                 3.    Lora MC MILLIN, b. 1868

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Anselm-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Charles was born in Huntington Township, Ohio in June 1860, but appears to have done his growing up in Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio. He was, however, married in Gallia County. That was on 2 March 1879 when he was not yet 19 years old. Charles' bride, Lydia A. MEYERS, was 24 years old. They apparently made their home in Jackson County, Ohio. They were not found in the 1880 census.

          Lydia died in 1899 and is buried at Ridgewood Cemetery, Wellston, Ohio. In the 1900 census, Charles a widower, was living on Pennsylvania Avenue in Wellston, Ohio, the head of a household which also included his mother, and a niece, Maud MC MILLIN, born in June 1883, probably the daughter of his sister Sarah. Not long after that census, Charles married again, his second wife being the widow Delila F. ZORNES. Delila was born in 1854 in Kentucky, and had a son James G. ZORNES, born in 1878, also in Kentucky.

          At some time in that first decade of the 20th Century, the

McMillins moved to Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, and that is where they were found in the 1910 census. With them in 1910 were Charles' son, Charles; Delila's son, James; and their son, Chauncey.

          Delila died in 1925, Charles in 1943. Both are buried at Ridgewood Cemetery in Wellston, Ohio, which may mean that they left Springfield and moved back to Wellston, where their son, R. Clyde MC MILLIAN lived.

          ISSUE by Lydia

                 1.    Guy MC MILLIN, b. Aug 1881.

                 2.    R. Clyde MC MILLIN, b. Mar 1884, d. 1944. Buried: Ridgewood Cem., Wellston, Ohio. Married: 1905, Elizabeth _____ b. 1882, d. about 1980. They raised his nephew, Clyde MC MILLIN, after Clyde's parents died. Unknown who nephew Clyde's parents were. No issue.

                 3.    Charles H. MC MILLIN, b. Oct 1893. Not buried in Ridgewood Cem., Wellston, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Delila

                 4.    Chauncey MC MILLIN, b. 1902

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5-5-3        SARAH ANN MC MILLIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Originally this section was in the EWING records under the MACOMBERS (5-9), but as research went on it became increasingly evident that Jonas PURDEE MACOMBER, Sarah Ann's husband, was not a MACOMBER at all. Jonas PURDEE was raised by the MACOMBERS and added their name to his.

          As it turns out, Jonas and Sarah Ann did not leave much in the way of progeny - only one grandson, as a matter of fact, so it is probably academic, but because of the curiousness of it we will go into their history here.

          In a Hardesty sketch his name is given as Jonas Purdee MACOMBER, and his parents as Linza and Calphurnia (HOLCOMB) MACOMBER. While he used the Macomber name through most of his life, he was listed as Jonas PURDEE in the 1850 census, at the bottom of the listing of Linza and Calphurnia's children. On the "Lydia List" the name was added thusly, Jonas "McComber" to Calphurnia's children at a later date, in a different hand, and Taphena noted that Sarah Ann married John PURDY. In the 1900 census after Jonas' name under the column heading "Birthplace of Parents" is written, "Unknown."

          Jonas and Sarah Ann were married 24 September 1859 in Gallia County, Ohio. Sarah Ann was six years older than Jonas, she having been born 17 January 1834 and Jonas 13 January 1840. Both were born at Vinton, Ohio. In the 1860 census they were in Huntington Township, Ohio, no occupation given for Jonas.

          Jonas enlisted as a private in the poplar Company K of the 60th OVI on 10 August 1862 and was with the Regiment on that fateful day, 15 September 1862 when Union forces surrendered to Stonewall Jackson. Along with the others he was taken, as a paroled soldier, to first Richmond and then Chicago, where the company was mustered out at Camp Douglas 10 November 1962. Jonas returned home but entered the fray again, this time as a corporal in Company G, 195th OVI. He signed up on 20 February 1865 and was mustered out with this company 18 December 1865.

          For awhile after the war, Jonas and his brother-in-law, Stewart MC MILLIN, worked a farm in Meigs County, as partners, but by 1880 census, Jonas listed as "sawyer on mill." They had two boarders with them. In the 1900 census they were again listed in Ewington and Jonas was still a sawyer. In the 1900 census they had two unexplained grandsons with them. One grandson was William Woods MACOMBER, who was born 2 October 1882 and died 19 January 1903. He is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery with his grandparents Jonas and Sarah Ann. The other grandson was Lawrence C. MACOMBER, born in February 1886. Sarah was recorded as having had five children, only two then living.

          Sarah died 11 May 1901, age 67 years, 4 months, 6 days and is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery. On 6 June 1903, Jonas was married again to Celestine D. (NORTON) SPIERS/SPIRES, her third marriage. Celestine was the daughter of William and Phoebe Ann NORTON, and lived at Routerville, Morgan Township, Ohio. Jonas and Celestine appear to have lived at her home after their marriage, for in the 1910 census they were found in Morgan Township.

          Jonas died in 1928 at the age of 88 years and like Sarah Ann is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery, Ohio. There is no record of burial for Celestine in Morgan Township, nor any of the other Gallia County townships.


          (between Myra, Edward and Linna, one was living and two deceased by 1900 census)

                 1.    Myra, Mira or Mariah MACOMBER, b. 19 Oct 1860.

                 2.    Samuel M. MACOMBER, b. 23 Feb 1863. Married: about 1889, Mary E. _____. 1910 census: Columbus, Ohio

                        Known issue:

                         1.    Naum J. MACOMBER (son) b. 1890

                 3.    Edward L. MACOMBER, b. 29 May 1865

                 4.    Linna C. MACOMBER (daughter), b. 19 June 1868

                 5.    Jonas or Jona MACOMBER, b. 23 Sept 1871, d. 22 Dec 1894, of consumption. Railroad worker. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery with parents, Vinton, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Sarah-John-James 

          Edward, born 19 August 1836, was another of the soldiers in this work who served in TRUMBULL'S GUARDS during the Civil War for the protection of the homefront. He enlisted 1 November 1862 at which time he was a farmer, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, light complexioned with blue eyes and light hair. Part of the time that he was in the service he was detached from the Guards to function as a detective on transports.

          In September of 1863, Edward came home on furlough to take a bride. She was Sarah Caroline KNOPP, born in December 1844, daughter of Cheshire Township, Ohio neighbors Peter and Caroline KNOPP. They were married 30 September 1863 by William JENKINS, J.P.

          Edward was discharged on 2 July 1865 and he and Sarah established their home in Cheshire, which appears to be where they spent the rest of their years. They were there in the 1900 census, at which time they had with them an unexplained grandson, Guy MC MILLIN, born in September of 1884 in Kansas.

          In the later years, Edward went into decline. In 1895 when he was 59 years old, he was deaf, rheumatic, had kidney trouble and could work less then one-third of the time. On 15 September 1911 at the age of 75, he went into the Ex. Ord. Bd. Home (?) in Gallipolis, Ohio where he remained about 12 years. During that time, in 1921, Sarah died at the age of 77. She is buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery in Cheshire, Ohio.

          In 1923, Edward went to live with his son Samuel in Akron, Ohio and it was there he died on 24 September 1923, age 87 years, 1 month 5 days. He too is buried at the Gravel Hill Cemetery in Cheshire, Ohio.


                 1.    Laura Catherine MC MILLIN, b. 1 Oct 1863, Cheshire, Ohio, d. 1896, Buried: Poplar Ridge Cemetery, Cheshire, Ohio. Married: 25 Nov 1880, Gallia County, Ohio, Isaac R. LAMBERT, b. 1859, d. 1934. Buried: Poplar Ridge Cem. w/Laura. Issac probably a relative of the Issac LAMBERT who was an early pioneer of Meigs County, Ohio.

                 2.    Peter MC MILLIN, b. 20 May 1866, Cheshire, Ohio, d. 1910/1915. Married: about 1903, Cora MILLER, b. 1866, Ohio. 1910 Census: Jackson County, Ohio. Cora's mother, Norah MILLER with them.

                        Known Issue

                        1.    Harold MC MILLIN, b. 1904

                 3.    Samuel S. MC MILLIN, b. 20 Sept 1868, Cheshire, OH. 1923; lived in Akron, Summit Co., Ohio. 1900 Ohio index: a Samuel MC MILLIN born in September of 1869, living Perry County, Ohio wife Mary, b. 1879, Maryland.

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5-5-5        JANE A. MC MILLIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Jane was born in 1840 and spent her growing years in Cheshire Township and Vinton, Ohio. She was living in Cheshire when she was listed in the 1860 census with her parents, her occupation, a domestic.

          About the time of the war she became aware of one George W. BROWN. George was born in 1836 and was left fatherless when his father, a member of the 18th OVI was killed in the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee in June 1862. George's mother, Susan (EDMISTON) BROWN, lived at Wilkesville, Ohio with some sisters, and George was taken in by his uncle Matthew EDMISTON at Vinton, Ohio.

          On 16 August 1862, George enlisted in the Civil War. He was in the same outfit as his future brothers-in-law, TRUMBALL'S GUARDS. Part of the time (for four and a half months) he was assigned to carry dispatches for General COX. In the fall of 1864 he was detailed with six others to take charge of a gun boat, the ALICE, from Cincinnati, Ohio to Wheeling, West Virginia. Once the Alice went as far as Cairo, Illinois and once it went up the Kanawha River to Charleston, West Virginia, but mostly it stayed in Ohio waters.

          On one of the trips, George was taken ill. He spent about a week in "sick bay" and then was taken to the post hospital at Gallipolis, Ohio. He was discharged from there 2 April 1865, with lung fever, also described in his pension as "bronchiolitis."

          For awhile after his service, George lived with Dr. Gilbert A. EWING and his family in Ewington, Ohio and then went to live with the senior Edward Tiffin MC MILLINS in Vinton, Ohio. And that is when a casual acquaintance between Jane, the daughter of the family and George blossomed. They were married 27 April 1865.

          George was a carpenter and at one point was part owner of a sawmill in Vinton, Ohio. But by 1880 the BROWNS were making their home in Cheshire Township. For awhile in the 1880's they lived in Meigs County. In the 1900 census, they were back in Cheshire Township, they had with them a grandson (another unexplained grandson) Earl BROWN born in May 1888. In the 1900 census, Jane was down as having had five children, then all living, but where? There was no sign of any of the five children in that census.

          Through the years, George's war-contracted lung fever resulted in heart trouble and he took " Fitches Heart Correction" "which helps me some."

          Jane died in 1907. In the 1910 census George, 79 years, had his daughter, Kate SAYRE, 39, with him. George died

28 March 1913. Both George and Jane are buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery in Cheshire Township, Ohio.

          ISSUE per 1880 census:

                 1.    William E. BROWN, b. 1866, d. 1932. Buried: Gravel Hill Cem., Cheshire Township, Ohio.

                 2.    Laura D. BROWN, b. 1867. No marriage record in Gallia County, Ohio.

                 3.    Susan A. BROWN, b. 1869. No marriage record in Gallia County, Ohio.

                 4.    Kathryn V. BROWN, b. 1871. Married: 22 Dec 1895, Gallia County, Ohio, Frank H. SAYRE. Buried: Stone at Gravel Hill Cem., Cheshire Township, Ohio. No dates, next to her parents and brother. 1910 census: 39, as Kate SAYRE, with her father.

                 5.    Effie G. BROWN, b. 1874. No marriage record in Gallia County, Ohio.

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5-5-6        TAPHENA MC MILLIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Another Taphena in the family. This Taphena was born at Vinton, Ohio on the 8th of March 1843. She was 22 years old when, on 13 August 1865, she married George Washington BEGGS JR.

          George was born 11 September 1843 in Columbus, Ohio and was the son of George Washington and Nancy (THOMPSON) BEGGS SR. The senior G.W. died early and Nancy married George KOONTZ, and it was Nancy and George who were parents of Elizabeth KOONTZ who married Taphena's brother, Charles W. MC MILLIN.

          In 1850 George was 7 years old and living with his mother and her mother, Mariah THOMPSON, in Huntington Township, Ohio.

          George, another of "our" soldiers who served in Company B., 36th OVI. George also enlisted as a private with Company C, 179th OVI on 17 September 1864, and was mustered out with his company on 17 June 1865. Company B served under Captain W.G. ADNE in Col. George CROOK 'S regiment.

          George was wounded at Cedar Creek, Virginia in 1864.

          Shortly after his discharge he and Taphena were married. They were not to have very long together. Taphen was only 32 when she died 13 November 1875, a year and a half after the birth of her youngest child, Willard James BEGGS. Willard and the other four were orphaned two years later when George died

7 November 1877, age 34 years. George is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. If Taphena is buried there also, no stone marks the spot.

          By the time of the 1880 census, there were BEGGS youngster

scattered all over Huntington and Cheshire Townships. Four were found in that year's census, but not the fifth, Charles. A nephew wrote in 1915 that all four of Taphena's sons were prominent business men.


5-5-6-1     1.    Frank Leslie BEGGS, b. 28 Apr 1866 (Twin).

                 2.    Sophia Maria BEGGS, b. 28 Apr 1866 (Twin), d. 2 Dec 1880. (unknown where buried) 1880 census: with her mother's first cousin, Taphena (HOLCOMB) WELKER.

5-5-6-3     3.    Edward C. BEGGS, b. Nov 1868

                 4.    Charles Thompson BEGGS, b. 5 Feb 1871, (Huntington Cemetery book says b. 1884 in error), d. 1943, buried w/father at Old Holcomb Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Could not be located in 1880 census, was not in the 1900 Gallia census index

                 5.    Willard James BEGGS, b. 1 June 1873. 1880 census: with MC MILLIN grandparents in Huntington Township. Could not locate in 1900 Ohio index.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Tapena-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Frank was a twin of his only sister, Sophia Maria. Sophia Maria died at the age of 14 years of age. Frank was orphaned at the age of 11 years and went to live with Stephen and Rebecca (BUTLER) WILCOX in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          In later years Frank went to Columbus, Ohio where he married Cora STYRON. They lived in Newark, Ohio and in Vinton County, where Frank was a prominent schoolteacher for many years.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.    Leslie BEGGS SR.

                        Known issue:

                        1.    Leslie BEGGS JR. 1982: Millersport, Ohio

                               Known issue:

                               1.    Leslie BEGGS III, Brighton, Michigan

                               2.    daughter BEGGS (collects family history)

                        2.    Nancy BEGGS of Texas

                        3.    Son BEGGS

                 2.    Laura BEGGS

                 3.    Charles BEGGS

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5-5-6-3     EDWARD C. BEGGS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Edward was born in November 1868, and has long been one I would have like to have caught up with. Among A.E. EWING'S papers was his reply to a letter from Edward, written in 1917 from Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Edward's letter had been written on behalf of his wife, who was desirous of getting her daughter into DAR and was asking A.E. for information on Indian john Ewing's Revolutionary War service. Of course A.E. had to reply that Indian John had not seen any service. I have always wished I could get in touch with the daughter to find out if she had joined under her HOLCOMB ancestor.

          Presumably that daughter was Marry (sic BEGGS, born in July 1896, the only child with Edward and his wife Martha M. _____ when I found the BEGGS in the 1900 census. They lived at 404 Chestnut Street, Mt. Vernon, Clinton Township, Knox County, Ohio. Edward was a dentist and they had a servant, Catherine DETE.

          In the 1880 census, Edward was living with his uncle and half-aunt, Charles and Elizabeth (KOONTZ) MC MILLIN in Cheshire,


          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.    Marry (spelling in census) BEGGS, b. July 1896, Ohio.

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5-5-8        STEWART MC MILLIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Stewart, born 1845/1847 at Vinton, Ohio, was another of the Mc Millin brothers who served in TRUMBULL'S GUARDS. He enlisted in that outfit on 30 September 1863. At the time he was 5 feet, 8 inches tall and had dark hair and complexion and black eyes. At enlistment he was strong and healthy, "the healthiest of my sons," said his mother, Laura.

          By the time the war was over Stewart had been made sergeant. He was mustered out with his company on 1 July 1865. For awhile afterwards he lived in Cheshire Township with his parents, and worked out by the month for farmers such as Thomas ASHWORTH, William BOYCE and John WATSON. Later he and his brother-in-law, Jonas MACOMBER, rented a farm in Meigs County in partnership for a year, at which time Stewart boarded with Jonas and Sarah.

          About 1867, Stewart left Ohio and went to Hancock County, Illinois, where he had both Mc Millin and Ewing relatives. In 1871 he decided to join the regular army and enlisted in Captain William FLACK'S Company D, 2nd Illinois Infantry.

          Stewart was stationed for awhile at Newport Barracks, Kentucky and was then sent to Spartansburg, South Carolina. It was while he was in South Caroline in 1873, that he hurt his ankle. He and two comrades were after moonshiners and fell over a cliff, all three of them. Later he was ordered to Atlanta and was sent out on scout duty, hunting for distilleries, a march of several days. His ankle became worse, forming large veins from ankle to body, and he was sent back to the hospital in Atlanta from which he was discharged 2 January 1874, on a surgeon's certificate of disability.

          After discharge he went home to Cheshire Township for a few months, but before long was on his way back to Hancock County. There he and Adaline GORRELL renewed an earlier friendship and were married on the 8th of November 1874 at her parents' home in Pilot Grove Township by Reverend William BRAY. Though her name was given as Adaline in all Stewart's pension papers, it was down as Mary E. in both the 1880 and 1900 censuses. She was born in December 1845, in Illinois, and was the daughter of William and Elizabeth GORRELL.

          After marriage Stewart switched his occupation from farmer to teamster. In the years ahead his health grew steadily worse. As a Dr. James VEACH put it, "His physical condition was very low at the time I became acquainted with him, and continued so, growing gradually worse until his death. His greatest complaint was a painful inflammation of the veins. He was able only part of the time to drive a team, and there were many kinds of work he was unable to perform. His lungs became the seat of extensive abscesses which extended, and ended his life."

          His brother, Charles, who had lived in Hancock County, Illinois, from August 1874 to 1878, was aware of Stewart's condition. When Charles left to return to Gallia County, Ohio, he wanted Stewart to go with him because his health was so bad. "Failing fast - broken veins beneath his knees."

          Stewart remained, and died in Hancock County, Illinois on the 30th of July 1884.

          His death seems to have left Adaline in dire straights. As she told the pension examiner, "All the property I own is my household furniture and a loom, all together not worth more that $25. All the income that I have is from my daily labor weaving carpets from which I make about $50 a year."

          At Stewart's death, their two sons, Edward and Willard, were 9 and 7 years old. In the 1900 census they were 25 and 23 years old and were still single, living with their mother in Rock Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

          Adaline died 19 August 1919, age 73 years old.


                 1      Edward W. MC MILLIN, b. 5 Sept 1875, Hancock County, Illinois.

                 2.    Willard S. MC MILLIN, b.2 Apr 1877, Hancock County, Illinois.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Here was an exception to the Mc Millin rule. Instead of joining TRUMBULL'S GUARDS, as two brothers and a brother-in-law had done, Charles enlisted in Company D of the 141st OVI. Born 16 October 1849, at Vinton, Ohio, he was only 14 year old (although he gave his age as 18 years) when he and his brother- in-law, Jonas MACOMBER, went to Gallipolis 2 May 1864, to enlist with a regiment being formed that month out of battalions from Athens, Gallia, Adams and Scioto counties. The regiment was to serve 100 days. Charles and Jonas signed up as privates in Captain Amos MAUCK'S D company.

          The regiment was ordered to Charleston to relieve the 13th West Virginia. It remained there on guard duty until 25 August when it was ordered to Gallipolis for mustering out on expiration of its term, 3 September 1864.

          Charles served the full 100 days. Although he did not see any action in that time, it was his misfortune to have been wounded behind the lines - a gunshot wound that brought his early demise.

          Charles was on duty at Mud Bridge, West Virginia 6 July 1864, when a comrade, acting as an orderly, accidentally discharged the revolver he was carrying, and Charles was hit. The ball entered from the left, and traveled through his shoulder, neck and chest to lodge near his heart. He bled profusely and was hospitalized for several weeks. He carried that bullet with him for the rest of his years; the deeply imbedded revolver bullet was never found for extraction.

          After his discharge he remained around home for a few years, but in August 1875, he went out to Hancock County, Illinois where he stayed three years. When he returned in 1878 it was to marry Elizabeth KOONTZ.

          The wedding took place 10 February 1878, in Raccoon Township, Ohio before H.P. HANNA, J.P.

          Elizabeth has been mentioned earlier as being the daughter of George E. and Nancy (THOMPSON) BEGGS KOONTZ, and the half-sister of George Washington BEGGS JR., who married Charles' sister, Taphena. Elizabeth was born 26 March 1859, at Vinton, Ohio.

          In 1880 Charles was a Cheshire farmer. Living with them then was their shared nephew, Edward BEGGS (though actually Edward was Elizabeth's half-nephew). At one point in the early 1880s Charles and Elizabeth lived at Baird's Furnace, Perry County, Ohio. When they returned to Gallia County, Ohio it was to live in Vinton, where they had a house on town lot No. 14. At age 41, in 1890, Charles was 5 feet 2 inches, and had sandy hair, hazel eyes and light complexion. In the death records his occupation was given as railroad worker.

          They kept a cow, and on 26 March 1895, Charles was out milking the cow when he fell over dead. The cause of death was given as heart disease, but in actuality the long-embedded revolver ball had worked its way to his heart and death was instantaneous. He was 45 year, 5 month, 8 days, and was buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Elizabeth was 35 and had four children, the youngest 5 years old when Charles died. The eldest, Ethel Coral, 17 at the time, left school and went to work in Gallipolis to help support the family. Elizabeth and the other three children went to Gallipolis to live also. The five of them were found there in

the 1900 census. Later Elizabeth and her children, except Ethel, moved to Columbus, Ohio. She died there in a Catholic hospital in 1931. She too is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery.


5-5-9-1     1.    Ethel Coral MC MILLIN, b. 28 Mar 1878, Cheshire, Ohio.

5-5-9-2     2.    Forrest Amy MC MILLIN, b. 31 Jan 1882, Baird's Furnace, Perry County, Ohio.

5-5-9-3     3.    George Clyde MC MILLIN, b. 24 Mar 1884, Baird's Furnace, Perry County, Ohio.

5-5-9-4     4.    Jane Brown MC MILLIN, b. 25 Aug 1890, Vinton, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Ethel was born 28 March 1878 in Cheshire Township, Ohio. Her father's death when she was 17 years old put her out in the world at an early age. She left school and went to Gallipolis to work as a waitress in the kitchen of the Epileptic Hospital there. The rest of the family went also and lived all together in Gallipolis.

          Ethel was married in February 1901 to Abraham Luther THOMAS. Abraham, born 21 December 1872 in Gallia County, to Daniel and Hannah (RODERICK) THOMAS, was listed as a clerk in a bank in the 1900 census. At that time he was boarding with one Eliza DAVIS in Raccoon Township. Raccoon Township is where Abraham (always called Luther) and Ethel lived out their lives. Abraham died in 1934, and Ethel on 22 August 1936. Both are buried at Calvary Baptist Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Ohio.


5-5-9-1-1   1.  Leo Mc Millin THOMAS, b. 17 Jan 1902, Cora, Ohio.

5-5-9-1-2   2.  George Roderick THOMAS, b. 26 May 1904, Cora, Ohio.

5-5-9-1-3   3.  Margaret Elizabeth THOMAS, b. 26 Aug 1906, Cora, Ohio.

5-5-9-1-4   4.  Thomas Albert THOMAS, b. 24 May 1909, Cora, Ohio.

5-5-9-1-5   5.  Forrest Luther THOMAS, b. 2 Mar 1915, Cora, Ohio.

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5-5-9-1-1         LEO MC MILLIN THOMAS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ethel-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Leo was born 17 January 1902 at Cora, Ohio. He taught briefly and then went into insurance and coins. He married on 6 September 1924 at Mansfield, Ohio to Laura Genevieve THOMPSON, daughter of Lawrence and Cardine (FRANK) THOMPSON. Laura was born 6 April 1907.

          In the 1980's Leo and Laura lived at 1060 S. Board Street, Ashland, Ohio, 44805.


                 1.    (only) Gloria Jean THOMAS, b. 14 March 1928. Married: 29 June 1948, Robert Eugene DOVE, b. 3 Dec 1924.

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5-5-9-1-2         GEORGE RODERICK THOMAS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ethel-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          George was born 26 May 1904 at Cora, Ohio. According to his son, he started work at age 6 and has not stopped once in all his years since then. Even today he has a few acres in the county which he goes to each day to take care of. "His pleasure has always been work," says his son.

          Both George and his wife, Effie Faye NOEL, were teachers. George also worked in real estate investments, and is a landlord, farmer and painter. Effie, born 6 July 1907, is the daughter of Archie and Tennessee (MASSIE) NOEL. George and Effie were married 21 January 1933, in Louisville, Kentucky and have lived in Greenfield, Ohio, since 1936. Their address in 1983 was 526 Jefferson Street.


                   1.   Joan Corrine THOMAS, b. 16 Oct 1933. Married: June 1955, John Wittshire GANO son of Howell and Edith (GRAVER) GANO

5-5-9-1-2   2.  Gerald Roderick THOMAS, B. 29 Dec 1936

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Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Ethel-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John

          Jerry, as I have come to know him since we have been corresponding, was born 29 December 1936, presumably in Greenfield, Ohio. He is extremely interested in his family's history and it was he who supplied much of the information on the Ethel MC MILLIN THOMAS line for this work.

          As a youth Jerry attended Culver Summer Naval School, Culver, Indiana and lived it so much that he started at Culver Military Academy (which is now Culver Girls Academy also) as a mathematics teacher in 1958 and has been there ever since - except for one year away at Brown University. He is also a great lover, in fact master, of sailing. He taught sailing during many summers, mostly at Culver, but also at the Knickerbocker Yacht Club, Manhasset, New York for one year, and for two years he was the Sailing Master at Hyannis Port Yacht Club on Cape Cod. For several of the recent summers (during the 1980's) Jerry worked in Culver as a real estate broker.

          Jerry was married in February 1966 to Virginia HOOK, daughter of Omer and Geneva (FLETCHER) HOOK, and adopted her two daughters..


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Ethel-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Margaret (who always went by her middle name of Elizabeth) was born 26 August 1906 at Cora, Raccoon Township, Ohio. She was attending summer school at Rio Grande College in 1924, when she met fellow student John Harlan "Harley" CLOUD. John and his twin brother, Harold, were born 31 October 1902 at Little Kyger, Cheshire Township, Ohio the sons of Winfield Scott and Hester


          Margaret and John were married 6 May 1926 in the parsonage of Nebo Church by the Reverend R.S. WILLIAMS.

          The newlyweds set up housekeeping in Bellville, Richland County, Ohio, where John had a job teaching in the high school. Margaret taught elementary school there and raised two daughters. But after 12 years the "call of the hills" was too strong and in 1938 they returned to Gallia County, Ohio to stay. They chose to live at Vinton in the center of the family circle.

          John and Margaret both continued teaching, John at Bidwell-Porter and Vinton High School, and Margaret in the elementary school at Vinton. Later John was named principal at North Gallia High School.

          In 1967 John retired after 43 years in education, but he could not stay away from teaching long. He accepted a teaching position in the sixth grade of the Point Pleasant School in West Virginia. Margaret retired in 1969 after 34 years. Their daughters were also teachers and between the four of them they have a grand total of 127 years in education.

          John was 71 when he died 29 March 1972. He is buried as Harley, at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.

          After his death the things they had shared continued to be Margaret's life - the Methodist Church, Order of the Eastern Star (John had been a Mason), and White Shrine. She also became active in the Grange. Margaret contributed a sketch on the CLOUDS for the 1981 GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY. In the 1980's Margaret's address was P.O. Box 27, Vinton, Ohio.


                 1.    Marilyn Jean CLOUD, b. 11 Oct 1932, Bellville, Ohio. Married: Harry J. RICHARDSON, b. 13 Oct 1935.

                 2.    Margaret Ethel CLOUD, b. 14 Sept 1935, Bellville, Ohio. Married: 29 Mar 1959, Karl Bennett JUSTUS, JR., b. 27 Dec 1935.

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 5-5-9-1-4         THOMAS ALBERT THOMAS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ethel-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Thomas, born 24 May 1909, was the owner of Thomas Clothiers in Gallipolis, Ohio, a business which passed to his son on his death 15 January 1964. Thomas is buried at Mound Hill Cemetery, Gallipolis, Ohio. His wife, whom he married on the 27th of January 1930 at Wellston, Ohio was Mildred Elizabeth JONES. Mildred was born 10 October 1911 the daughter of John E. and Sarah JONES.

          Mildred and her sister, Anise WOOD, own the old Jones farm near Cora, Raccoon Township, Ohio. The farm, as of 1981, had been in the Jones family 114 years. The Thomas family reunion is held at the farm each year.

          Mildred's 1982 address was 104 Second Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio 45631.


                 1      David Keith THOMAS, b. 18 August 1932. Married: 5 Sept 1954, Phyllis Ann WATERS, daughter of William W. and Dorothy (CHASE) WATERS.


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5-5-9-1-5         FORREST LUTHER THOMAS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ethel-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Forrest was born 2 March 1915 at Cora, Raccoon Township, Ohio. He was in the Class of 1934 at Rio Grande High School. The class had a reunion in either June or July of 1984 at Gallipolis and Forrest, his wife, Delmia Evelene NOE attended and were included in the group photo in the Gallipolis Tribune on 23 July 1984.

          Forrest and Delmia were married during the war years in Greenup, Kentucky - 29 March 1943. Delmia's parents were Albert and Orlena (SUMMERS) NOE, and was born 23 October 1915.

          Forrest was a foreman at the DuPont factory in Charleston, West Virginia for many year, but was retired in the 1980's.

          Forrest and Delmia lived on State Route 99 in Gallipolis, Ohio in the 1982.



5-5-9-1-6         ROSETHEL THOMAS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ethel-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Rosethel, born 18 June 1923 at Cora, Raccoon Township, Ohio attended Bustin Beauty School in Columbus, Ohio and then opened a shop in Gallipolis, Ohio. But when the war came, she closed it to go to Eagle Pass, Texas to marry a certain lieutenant in the Air Force. Earl Eugene TOPE, born 6 April 1923 son of Albert and Eliza J. (MYERS) TOPE of Gallipolis. Earl was attending Ohio State, majoring in fine arts, when the war started. He and Rosethel were married 24 June 1944 by the chaplin of the Air Force Base in Eagle Pass, Texas.

          Lieutenant Tope was an instructor of combat fighter pilots. After Eagle Pass he was sent to Lowry Field, Denver, Colorado and then to Hondo Air Force Base, Hondo, Texas - Rosethel went with him.

          After the war they returned to Gallipolis where Earl opened Tope Furniture Galleries. In 1981, the store marked 28 years in business.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Forrest was born 31 January 1882 during the time Charles and Elizabeth were in Baird's Furnace, Perry County, Ohio, but she did most of her growing up in Gallia County, Ohio. On her Father's death at Vinton when she was 15 years old, the surviving family moved to Gallipolis. Forrest was listed with her mother in the 1900 census for Gallipolis. Two pages away from the MC MILLINS and in that census was a man by the name of Frank L. DERRY, born October 1873, a printer by occupation. Not long after the census was taken Frank and Forrest were married (Book 9) and not long after the wedding the newlyweds moved to Columbus, Ohio with others of Forrest's family.

          Frank died in Columbus, Ohio in 1944 and Forrest in July of 1953 at the age of 71 years.


5-5-9-2-1 1.   Dorothy Forrest DERRY, b. 25 Jan 1904

5-5-9-2-2 2.   Helen Elizabeth DERRY, b. 7 Nov 1906

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5-5-9-2-1         DOROTHY FORREST DERRY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Forrest-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Dorothy was born 25 January 1904 in Columbus, Ohio. She was married on 19 July 1927 to Richard C. SHAW who was born 22 May 1900. Richard died 2 March 1965 and in the 1980's Dorothy lived in a retirement home in Columbus, Ohio.


                 1.    Nancy SHAW, b. 15 Sept 1930, d. 23 Jan 1980. Married: Sept 1965, Martin ALLEN.


                        1.    (only) Jonathan Richard ALLEN, b. 23 April 1968.

                 2.    David SHAW, b. 19 May 1937. Married: 31 Dec 1966, Phyllis Ann WALSTON, divorced.


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5-5-9-2-2         HELEN ELIZABETH DERRY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Forrest-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Helen was born 7 November 1906 apparently in Columbus, Ohio and was married there on 14 December 1929 to Herman BIETE. Herman was born 23 March 1905. Helen died 31 January 1979. In 1983 Herman was living at 1120 S. Pearl Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43206.


                 1.    Robert Edward BIETE, b. 26 Dec 1931. Married: 17 Jun 1950, Barbara LESLEIN, b. 16 Sept 1932.

                 2.    Mary Helen BIETE, b. 3 Sept 1934. Married: 12 May 1956, John McCABE, b. 12 Oct 1927.

                 3.    Barbara Ann BIETE, b. 1 Feb 1936. Married: 31 Aug 1958, Edward CUCKLER, b. 6 Apr 1927.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          George was born while Charles and Elizabeth were in Baird's Furnace, Perry County, Ohio. The date was 24 March 1884. In the 1900 census he was listed twice, once with his widowed mother in Gallipolis, and again in Vinton, boarding with his mother's relatives, Henry and Mariah EAGLE.

          By 1907, George was in Columbus, Ohio, that was the year he was married there to Clara SCHAEUFELE. Clara was born 4 April 1888 in Columbus, Ohio to parents who were from Germany.

          George became a barber and was doing well until he contracted tuberculosis. He then turned to driving a bread wagon for awhile, but he got worse, and entered the Cripple Creek TB Sanitarium operated by Woodmen of the World at Cripple Creek, Colorado. George died there on the 14 of February 1916 at the age of 31 years.

          Clara was left with a son of 7 years. Unfortunately, she too died, just two years and 10 months later, on 5 December 1918, when Charles was only 10 years old.


5-5-9-3-1   1. (only) Charles George MC MILLIN, b. 18 Oct 1908, Columbus, Ohio.

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5-5-9-3-1         CHARLES GEORGE MC MILLIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Charles-Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Charles, born 18 October 1908 in Columbus, Ohio was only 7 years old when his father died and 10 years old when orphaned by the death of his mother in 1918. Charles was married to Thelma Mae GESSELLS, 29 May 1929.

          Charles is very interested in family history and in the 1980's turned out a bound typescript on the family of Charles and Laura MC MILLIN, grandparents - a book he calls simply "McMILLIN." It was he who supplied all the information in this book on Forrest, Jane and George MC MILLIN.

          Charles and Thelma, who was born 13 February 1909 lived at 1365 Briarcliff Road, Apt. 20, Reynoldsburg, Ohio in the 1980's.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-Larua-Sarah-John-James

          Jane was born at Vinton, Ohio on 25 August 1890 and was only 4 years old when her father died and the family went to Gallipolis to live. When her mother went to Columbus, Ohio, Jane went too and was married there in 1910 to Harold Mailand ARTHUR. Harold was born 13 February 1887 in Lapeer, Michigan and died 8 June 1929. In 1937 Jane married Charles Emil ANDRES, a native of Berne, Switzerland. He was born in 1865 and was 25 years older than Jane. He died in 1940 and she on 6 March 1962.


                 1.    Margaret Elizabeth ARTHUR, b. 13 Feb 1915. Married: 12 Sept 1942, Francis Donald VOGEL b. 2 Aug 1902, a retired U.S. Army Major when he died, 30 Mar 1974.

                  2.    Jane Ethel ARTHUR, b. 10 May 1918. Married: 2 Sept 1939, Paul MYERS, b. 18 Feb 1914.


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5-5-10      ESTHER V. MC MILLIN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Sarah-John-James

          Esther, called Hettie, was born in 1853 and was 25 when she was married to Charles F. NELSON. The date of their marriage was 21 September 1878, and William SYMMES, J.P., did the honors.

          They lived for a few years in Gallia County, Ohio but at some time in the 1880s they moved to Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas.

          The way I found the Nelsons in the 1900 census is weird. There was a Charles NELSON born June 1853 in Indiana (parents from Virginia and Ohio) living with James and Elizabeth KEPLINGER at 1419 Oak, Fort Scott. James was born in Virginia - 1825 and Elizabeth in Ohio - 1831. The census said Charles was son of James, but it must be step-son. It said Charles was married 22 years, but there was no Esther, and no Charles M., their son, born in Kansas in 1891. The only one with Charles was a daughter, name Clara, born August 1881, in Kansas, yet in the 1910 census the daughter's name is given as Effie, born August 1880 in Ohio.

          But the really weird thing is that in the 1900 Kansas index there is also a Charles F. NELSON, 46, born Ohio - an inmate at the Kansas State Insane Asylum, Osawatamie, Miami County!

          There was no sign of Esther in the 1900 index. In the 1910 census, she was head of the Fort Scott household consisting of herself, the above daughter Effie and the son Charles.

          Esther and her brother Edward Tiffin MC MILLIN were the only two of the McMillin family still living in 1915.

          ISSUE as gathered from the 1900 and 1915 census:

                 1.    Clara Effie - or Effie Clara NELSON, born August 1880 or 1881 in Ohio or Kansas.

                 2.    Charles M. NELSON, b. 1891, Kansas

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Ewing Family Lineage:       Sarah-John-James

          Another Taphena. Actually, this Taphena pre-dates others mentioned earlier in this work. She was born 8 January 1813 at Vinton, Ohio. Her ll children were the first of many in this book to bear the name of MATTHEWS (5-1), as grandchildren of the illustrious pioneer, Phineas MATTHEWS.

          Taphena's husband, Charles Whipple MATTHEWS, was the son of Phineas and his first wife, Mary RUSSELL, and was named for their close friends, the WHIPPLES. Charles was born 7 December 1803 when Gallia County was only a few months old, and in fact may have been one of the first babies born in the new county.  

          Charles was born in Cheshire Township because fate decreed it. He remained there for all his 85 years because that's where he wanted to be. After their marriage 28 July 1831 in Gallia County, Charles and Taphena set up housekeeping in Cheshire Township and did not stir very far from there for the rest of their lives. They were listed in each census through the years right there, Charles a farmer, his land worth $1,500 in the 1850 census; $7,000 in 1860; and $5,000 in 1870. In the 1874 atlas his property shows up as 57 1/2 acres, Lot 411.

          Though they brought 11 children into the world, it was not a prolific family. Only two sons produced progeny and then only daughters. Most of their descendants scattered and only a few remain in Gallia County today.

           Taphena died 23 July 1883 at their home in Cheshire, age 70 years, 6 months, 15 days. Charles following on 1 November 1889. Both are buried at Bing II Cemetery, which, though located in Addison Township, is only a mile or so from where the MATTHEWS lived in Cheshire Township. Most of their children are buried near them at Bing II Cemetery.


                 1.    Laura Ann MATTHEWS, b. 14 June 1832, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 17 March 1856, 23 years, 8 months, 28 days. Buried: Bing II Cemetery, Addison Township, Ohio.

                 2.    Samuel Holcomb MATTHEWS, b. 1836, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Enlisted Co. K 60th OVI, Pvt. 3 Aug 1862. Mustered out with company, Camp Douglas, Illinois, 10 Nov 1862. May have seen later service as relatives have said that he died in the service.

5-6-3        3.    Sarah Virginia MATTHEWS, b. 1840

                 4.    Calphurnia MATTHEWS, b. 9 Aug 1842, d. 29 Sept 1852, age 10 years, 1 month, 20 days. Buried: Bing II Cemetery, Addison Township, Ohio.

5-6-5        5.    Moses Russell MATTHEWS, b. 26 Jan 1845

                 6.    John E.H. (?Ewing Holcomb) MATTHEWS, b. 28 May 1847, d. 12 Apr 1850, age 2 years, 10 months, 14 days. Buried: Bing II Cemetery, Addison Township, Ohio.

                 7.    Mary Ann MATTHEWS, b. Feb 1850. Married: 11 Dec 1873, Gallia County, William MAPES.

5-6-8        8.    Charles MATTHEWS, b. June 1852

5-6-9        9.    Eliza Ann MATTHEWS, b. May 1854

5-6-10      10.  Lydia Lillian MATTHEWS, b. Sept 1856

          NOTE: The "Lydia List" also gives a Phineas MATTHEWS between Calphurnia and Moses.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Sarah was 10 years old in the 1850 census, but that is the only census in which she was found. For some reason she was not listed with the family in the 1860 census and she was not found in the 1870 census. By the time of the 1880 census she and her husband, Rufus W. DAVIS, had left Gallia County, Ohio.

          Rufus, born in 1839, was a loner after his parents died. He lived in Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio and worked for a local farmer, Jonas MC CARTY, for five years. When the war came along, Rufus enlisted at Gallipolis, Ohio on 18 July 1862. He was in the 18th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery (the same outfit Ohio Senator Mark HANNA was in). Rufus was taken ill (had a bad cough) after two months and was furloughed home for six weeks. He rejoined his regiment at Lexington, Kentucky. He still had a cough, which became worse in the spring of 1863 and was even worse after action in the swamps of Georgia in the fall of 1863. A comrade later recalled, "I was with him on Moccasin Point after the Battle of Chicamauga and can say we were surrounded by the enemy for some time. We ran out of rations and had nothing to eat, only bark and buds of trees and acorns, and just enough to keep alive."

          Another veteran wrote, "He was corporal of the center section of our battery. He got thin and fell away."

          In spite of the lung problems, Rufus saw the war through to its conclusion, and was mustered out with his company 1 July 1865, at Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio.

          For a year after service he lived with the MAUCK family in Cheshire Township and then, on 16 Sept 1866, he and Sarah were married by the Reverend O.E. BAKER. They got a little place of their own in Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio, 52 acres, Lot 409, right next to Sarah's parents. Rufus farmed until 1880 when they moved to Columbus, Ohio. There Rufus switched occupations. He went to work for Timothy BIGELOW, who had a transfer business. Rufus drove a team hauling a grocery wagon. In the 1890 census, the family was living at 426 E. Noble in Columbus. The family then consisted of four sons (three of whom were deaf mutes) and two daughters. One of the daughters, Virginia, recalled, " Father has been ill since I can remember, but he worked steadily." Daughter Taphena said, "I lived at home until I married in 1903. He would take cold easily and cough considerably."

          In those late years Rufus would be laid up with his cough and "bad spells" for a week or 10 days at a time. Even a slight cold was painful. Finally, in 1909, the old soldier went to the Soldiers and Sailors Home in Erie, Ohio and there he died on the 13th of July 1911 at the age of 72 years, of "disease of the lungs" and "old age."

          Sarah had died some time prior to Rufus, but was unable to determine just when.


                 1.    Charles Robert DAVIS, b. 11 Nov 1868, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    John Fremont DAVIS, b. 20 Feb 1870, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 3.    Taphena Matthews DAVIS, b. 22 Aug 1873, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1903, James A. KIDWELL. They lived Columbus, Ohio


                        1.    James A. KIDWELL JR.,

                        2.    _____ KIDWELL

                        3.    _____ KIDWELL

                 4.    Horton Symmes DAVIS - TWIN, b. 12 June 1876, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 5.    Horace Bradbury DAVIS - TWIN, b. 12 June 1876, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 6.    Virginia Victorine DAVIS, 18 Apr 1879, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: George Thomas METCALF, a cousin. SEE: 5-9-4

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Moses, born 26 January 1845 in Cheshire Township, was also a soldier of the Civil War, but his service record was not found. A granddaughter says he served four years, and was with Sherman on the march through Georgia.

          At war's end, 31 December 1865 in Gallia County, Ohio, he was married to Charlotte Evaline HAMPTON, daughter of J.B. and _____ (COWDRAY) HAMPTON, born 20 August 1846 near Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio. In the 1870 census they were listed in Cheshire Township, Moses a journeyman carpenter worth $1,200/$450. In the 1880 census he was a Cheshire wagonmaker. By 1900 the family had moved to Columbus, Ohio and by 1928 they were in Chicago, Illinois. Moses died in Chicago, 28 March 1928. He is buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Charlotte, who died 4 August 1924 is also buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery.


                 1.    Harriet Leola MATTHEWS, b. 5 Nov 1866, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio. 12 July 1924, [this is believe to be a death date, but it is not indicated] Chicago, Illinois. Buried: Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio. Married: Lafayette BRADFIELD


                        1.    Wayne BRADFIELD, b. 5 Aug about 1888, d. 3 May 1907. Buried: Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.

                        2.    Oliver Russell BADFIELD, b. 15 Dec 1891, Columbus, Ohio, d. 7 Jan 1971, Butte, Montana. Married: 1st Lottie _____, divorced. Married 2nd Ada _____, died Chicago, Ill. Married 3rd Jeanette _____

5-6-5-2     2.    Charles Hampton MATTHEWS, b. 15 Sept 1868, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Moses-Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Charles was born 15 September 1868 in Cheshire Township, and died 6 June 1941. Charles is buried at Mt. Emblem Cemetery, Elmhurst, Illinois. He was married on 26 June 1895 at Geona Junction, Wisconsin to Elizabeth H. DARLING. Elizabeth was born in September 1873 and died 17 March 1971 at Westlake Hospital, Melrose Park, Illinois at the age of 97 1/2 years.


5-6-5-2-1   1. (only) Nina MATTHEWS, b. 8 July 1898, Chicago, Illinois.


5-6-5-2-1         NINA MATTHEWS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Moses-Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          When I got the information on the Moses Russell MATTHEWS from Nina in 1981, she was 83 years old and still going strong at 336 S. 22nd Avenue in Bellwood, Illinois 60104. She was born 8 July 1898 in Chicago, Illinois and was married on 4 June 1919 to a World War I veteran, Albert Lester LINDNER. Albert was born 4 June 1895 and served in France during the war. Albert died 26 June 1968 at the Hines Veterans Hospital in Maywood, Illinois and is buried at St. Emblem Cemetery, Elmhurst, Illinois.


                 1.    (only). Albert Lester LINDNER JR., b. 5 Aug 1920, Chicago, Illinois. Married: 27 Jan 1947, Laura Lee PHILLIPS, b. 21 Jan 1923, El Paso, Texas.


5-6-8        CHARLES E. MATTHEWS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Charles was born 3 June 1852 in Cheshire Township and spent most of his 50 years right there in the northern Gallia County Township, a farmer. He was twice married. His first wife was Marilla SWISHER, born 25 of April or November 1858. Charles and Marilla were married 31 October 1878 and had four children. The youngest was 2 when Marilla died 22 October 1887, age 28 years, 10 months, 27 days. She is buried with other SWISHERS at Gravel Hill Cemetery in Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Charles' second wife was Harriet (Hattie) McCARTY. Hattie was born 22 April 1858. They were married about 1890 and had two children. Apparently she had been married previously, as in the 1900 census she is down as having had six and six.

          Charles died 13 December 1902 and is buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Harriet died 9 March 1932 and is also buried at the Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Marilla SWISHER:

                 1.    Vinnie J. MATTHEWS, b. Sept 1880, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    Nina MATTHEWS, b. July 1882, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 3.    David D. MATTHEWS, b. 10 May 1884, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 28 Mar 1948. Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Mamie E. _____, b. 26 Apr 1888, d. 9 Oct 1966, buried with David.

                        Known issue:

                        1.    Charles R. MATTHEWS, b. 23 Jan 1909, d. 17 Mar 1968, Buried with parents.

                 4.    Baker MATTHEWS, b. July 1885, d. 1952. Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township. Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Katie _____, b. 1885, d. 1966. Buried with Baker (next to some SWISHERS).

                        Known issue:

                        1.    Emma Marilla MATTHEWS, b. 1917. Stone in place in the lot with parents, Gravel Hill Cemetery. No dates

          ISSUE by Hattie McCARTY:

                 5.    Blanche MATTHEWS, b. Mar 1891, d. 1973. Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, next to Hattie. Married: Noah P. HASKINS, b. 1902. Name on stone with Blanche's, no dates.


                        1. (only)       Son HASKINS

                 6.    Cline M. MATTHEWS, b. 19 April 1895, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Enlisted 25 June 1918 in the 158th Depot Brigade, served in same to 18 July 1918, then to 309th Engineers TN to discharge as a private 30 Aug 1919; American Expeditionary Forces 8 Sept 1918 - 22 Aug 1919. After war, lived Columbus, Ohio. Married


                               1.    Son MATTHEWS

                               2.    Son MATTHEWS

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Eliza Ann was born May 1854 in Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio and was married about 1881 to Matthew SWISHER. Matthew was very likely a brother of Marilla's who married Eliza Ann's brother, Charles. Matthew was born in March 1852 and was listed in the 1900 census as a Cheshire Township farmer. He and Eliza Ann had two sons, both of them deaf mutes like their DAVIS cousins in Columbus, Ohio. Matthew died in 1909 and is buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio as is Eliza Ann who died in 1931.


                 1.    Galen M. SWISHER, b. Sept 1883, d. 1955. Buried with parents, Gravel Hill Cemetery.

                 2.    Samuel Roy SWISHER, b. Dec 1889, d. 1937. Buried with Parents, Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          It was thanks to Lydia's caring that much data about early members of the MATTHEWS and MC MILLIN families in the Samuel and Sarah HOLCOMB line was preserved. The "Lydia List" written in her hand in a bound notebook is in the possession of her granddaughter, Mary Virginia CARSON. It is a treasure.

          Lydia was born 6 September 1856 in Cheshire Township and became the wife of an illustrious area physician. Dr. Charles Augustus RIFE.

          Charles was born 26 November 1858 on Campaign Creek, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, where his grandfather, Joseph RIFE, had settled about 1808. Charles' parents were Jonathan and Rosetta (ROWLEY) SHULAR RIFE.

          When Charles was six he was helping at a cane mill. He was holding a stalk of cane and his left arm was drawn into the gears. In the accident he lost his forearm, and the ligaments and tendons were pulled in his upper arm and chest. In spite of this handicap, Charles became a successful country doctor. He attended, first, Rio Grande College and then Starling Medical College, and interned in Cincinnati. After he and Lydia were married on 24 March 1880 by W.J. FULTON, he set up practice in Kyger. He served patients in Addison, Cheshire, Morgan and Huntington Townships in Gallia County and Rutland Township in Meigs County, covering the area in his horse and buggy.

          Dr. Charles was instrumental, through his letters to the American Medical Association, in getting the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics located in Gallipolis in 1891. This was the first hospital solely for epileptics and the treatment of epilepsy. One time he assisted the noted Gallia physician, Dr. Charles HOLZER, with an operation. The surgery was for stomach cancer - and the operation took place on the patient's kitchen table!

          In a tribute to her great-great-grandfather, Melissa FULTON wrote in the 1981 GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY: "Dr. Rife served his community, never questioning when people called him out at all hours of the day and night. All patients were equal in his eyes and the people of the community loved him for it. No night was too cold, the elements never too severe for Dr. Rife to heed the summons of the sick. Dearly loved in life, deeply mourned in death, this marked the passing of an era of the family doctor on call at all times."

          On 9 March 1932 the Gallia County Medical Society held a dinner commemorating Dr. Charles' 50 years of practice in the medical profession in Gallia County, Ohio.

          Dr. Charles died 29 October 1933 at Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio and Lydia died there 20 November 1936. Both are buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


5-6-10-1    1.   Clara Virginia RIFE, b. 1 May 1881, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-6-10-2    2.   Taphena Abigail RIFE, b. 31 Jan 1883, Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-6-10-3    3.   Stanley Matthews RIFE, b. 11 Feb 1885, Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio.

                  4.    Cora Rowley RIFE, b. 14 Dec 1888, Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 23 Apr 1917, Frank MISER. No issue.

                  5.    Charles Beecher RIFE, b. 25 Oct 1891, Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 17 Nov 1960. Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 6 Sept 1916, Ina Pearl SCOTT, b. 1896.

                        1979, residing in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio. No issue.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lydia-Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Clara Virginia was born 1 May 1881 in the town of Cheshire, Cheshire Township. She was married on 23 June 1913 in Kyger, Kyger Township, Gallia County, to Burton Hollis CARSON. Burton was born 14 November 1876 in Rutland Township, Meigs County and was the son of William and Mary Ann (WRIGHT) CARSON. He was a Meigs County farmer. Burton died 26 June 1968 in Meigs County and Clara Virginia died there 9 March 1970. Both are buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


                 1.    Mary Virginia CARSON, b. 6 Mar 1914, Rutland Township, Meigs County, Ohio. Mary Virginia has been most helpful in supplying data on this line. It is through her that I met her cousin, Ann CARSON DATER, a descendant of several early Huntington Township pioneers, who though not a member of "our" family, seems like it. Ann was an ardent genealogist and historian until her health made her slow down, and gave generously of her time, effort and money to make information about early Gallia County times and pioneers available to anyone who wanted it. Material she sent me about our family and Huntington Township has been invaluable.

                 2.    Charles William CARSON, b. 28 Jan 1917, Rutland Township, Meigs County, Ohio.

                 3.    Robert Donald CARSON, b. 20 Jun 1920, Rutland Township, Meigs County, Ohio.

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5-6-10-2          TAPHENA ABIGAIL RIFE


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lydia-Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Given the good old Holcomb name of Taphena, this daughter of Charles and Lydia used the name "Phena" all her life, and it is even the name on her tombstone at Gravel Hill Cemetery. She was born 31 January 1883 at Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio and was a school teacher prior to her marriage on 10 January 1910 to Harlan ATHEY, son of William and Lillie (TATE) ATHEY, born January 1887. Harlan was a farmer at Jesse Creek near Kyger all his life. Taphena died 3 February 1956 and Harlan in 1967. He too, is buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


5-6-10-2-1       1.    Pauline A. ATHEY, b. 23 Oct 1910, Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio.

5-6-10-2-2       2.    Harlan Clair ATHEY, b. 24 April 1913, Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio.


5-10-2-1          PAULINE A. ATHEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Lydia-Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Pauline was born 23 October 1910 at Kyger and started a long and dedicated career in education after her graduation from Rio Grande College and Marshall University (where she received a Master's in School Administration). She started teaching in a one-room school, Story's Run in Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio and ended it as an Elementary Supervisor for Gallia County in 1973.

          In the meantime there was her marriage on 9 June 1931 to Walter Wallace RIFE. She and Walter, born 18 August 1908 were fourth Rife cousins. His parents were Horton and Susan (DARST) RIFE. Walter too was a graduate of Rio Grande College and Marshall University and he too got his Master's in School Administration. Pauline and Walter also did post-graduate work at Marshall University and at Ohio University.

          Walter was a teacher in the Cheshire Township schools for 37 years, 35 of which he served as principal. He began his career at the old Kyger one-room school in 1929 and ended it as Principal of Cheshire-Kyger and Addaville Elementary School in 1973. Walter died 27 June 1977. In 1981, Pauline owned the old Athey homestead on Jesse Creek near Kyger and her daughter, Lois, lives there.


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5-6-10-2-2       HARLAN CLAIR ATHEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Taphena-Lydia-Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Harlan was born 24 April 1913 at Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio. His wife was Mae ROTHGEB, daughter of Nathan and Cora (THOMPSON) ROTHGEB. Mae was born in 1912 and died in 1969 and is buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.



5-6-10-3          STANLEY MATTHEWS RIFE


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lydia-Taphena-Sarah-John-James

          Stanley was born 11 February 1885 at Kyger, Gallia County, Ohio. He was married on 18 March 1906 at Kyger to Rosella ROUSH, daughter of Cheshire Farmer John and Ella ROUSH. Rosella was born in March of 1888 and died about 1950. I was told that Stanley married again but no records were found. Stanley was a postal worker in Marion, Ohio and retired about 1950 to St. Petersburg, Florida, where he died about 1976.


                 1.    John Augustus RIFE, b. 1 Nov 1907

                 2.    Wayne Victor (Victor Wayne on tombstone) RIFE, b. 21 Oct 1909, d. 5 Jan 1910. Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 3.    Stanley Marvin RIFE, b. 12 Aug 1911.

                 4.    Hazel Ellen RIFE, b. 17 Nov 1915, d. about 1974/75.

                 5.    Clara Virginia RIFE, b. 26 July 1918. Married: _____ PARISH

                        1979: in Clearwater, Florida. Occupation: Register Nurse.

                 6.    Kenneth RIFE, b. 21 Apr 1920, d. 1966/67.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-John-James

          Stephen was one of the sons of Samuel and Sarah who left Ohio, and this he did at an early date. Fortunately, he was important in his new surroundings, and was a "first" in two new counties, so that he made the history books; hence a bit is known about his life.

          Stephen was born in 1815 and was married about 1833. His marriage was not on record in Gallia County, Ohio. Stephen married Missouri BOWEN, born 1810. Missouri appears to have been the daughter of the Joel BOWEN, who loomed large on the scene as it regards land dealings around 1810 in Gallia County - though apparently not large enough to rank along with Joel BARLOW, Rufus PUTNAM et al in Gallia history.

          Stephen was listed as head of a household in the 1840 Huntington Township census, with a wife, two sons under 5 and a daughter 5 to 10. By 1847 he was in the new county of Benton, Iowa and helped that county take its infant steps. The first post office in the new county, established in July of 1848, was at his house, about 3/4 of a mile east of the town of Vinton, and Stephen was the first postmaster. The office received weekly mail during the summer and semi-occasionally during the winter. When Stephen left Benton County in April 1849, E.H. KEYS became the postmaster.

          Stephen also has the distinction of having taken part in the first session of the new District Court, on 31 May 1847, when he filed a quo warranto, which ousted James MITCHELL from the office of Prosecuting Attorney.

          The Holcombs left Benton County to go to Northern Iowa to help found another county, Allamakee. Stephen was there by the first Wednesday of April 1849, when he was named the county's first clerk of the District Court. At the county's second elections the first Monday of August 1849, he was elected Judge of the Probate Court.

          The Holcombs were found in the 1850 census for Allamakee County, Stephen's occupation given as farmer. Only Samuel R., 12, was at home. Minerva was likely married by that time, she being 15 to 20 years old, and Joel Bowen HOLCOMB, 13 was living with his Holcomb grandparents back in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Stephen died some time in the 1850s and Missouri married again, but records have not been found as to the name of her husband or the date of the marriage. It was mentioned in Joel's Civil War pension papers that after the war he lived on the Mississippi in the south and his mother kept house for him. Missouri's daughter-in-law said in 1904 "Last I knew she went to Indiana to live with maiden sisters."


                 1.    Minerva HOLCOMB, b. 1830-1835, Vinton, Ohio. Married 1st _____ PATTON. Married 2nd James SPACHT, engineer with the Chicago-Burlington-Quincy Railroad; said to have lived in Galesburg, Illinois, but could not be located in 1900 Illinois census..

5-7-1-2     2.    Joel Bowen HOLCOMB, b. 2 Dec 1837, Vinton, Ohio.

                 3.    Samuel R. (Robert, no doubt) HOLCOMB, b. 1836, Vinton, Ohio. Was in the Civil War, died of consumption. Unknown where or when..

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Ewing Family Lineage:       Stephen-Sarah-John-James

          Joel Bowen HOLCOMB has quite a story to tell, a rather sad one really, sad for him and those around him. This is his life as it was gathered from records and from the papers in his file at the Pension Bureau.

          It begins with his birth in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio on 2 December 1837. When he was about 10 years old, his parents and sister and brother moved to Iowa. Joel may have gone with them and then returned, or he may have just stayed. At least he was listed in the 1850 census as a member of the household of his grandparents, Samuel and Sarah HOLCOMB, in Vinton, age 13 years. But before long he too went west.

          Joel is next found in Missouri where, on 7 August 1861, age 24, he enlisted as a private in Co. A, 9th Missouri Infantry. During his term of service he was stationed at Commerce, Missouri and in February, 1862, while on picket duty, he received the head wound which was to cause so much misery for him and others around him in the years to come.

          Joel reenlisted as a veteran volunteer in Co. A, 59th Illinois Infantry on 2 December 1863 (probably at Hancock County) and apparently was fit for duty. While on furlough in March following he paid a visit to his grandfather's home in Huntington Township and there renewed the acquaintance of a cousin, Susannah WILCOX.

          Susannah was 26, born in March of 1838 in Vinton, Ohio. Her father was Alfred WILCOX, and her mother was the widow Taphena (HOLCOMB) WILCOX who had married Andrew EWING (No.7). Joel and Susannah were married 1 March 1864 in Gallia County, by John Ewing HOLCOMB, J.P.

          Joel went back to war - and Susannah never saw him again, nor did anyone else in Gallia County, Ohio. Joel never returned to the place of his birth.

          After three years - 1867, Susannah charged Joel with desertion and was granted a divorce, her maiden name was restored.

          Susannah married again, about 1878, her second husband being another cousin, Zarah HOLCOMB, who was born at Vinton, Ohio in 1837. They lived at Vinton and had a son, Frank HOLCOMB, born in July 1879, who becomes a part of the Ewing story through his marriage to Cora Rosetta (ROZALTHAL) PEDEN (12-3-8-5). Zarah was a member of Co. B, 36th OVI and lost a leg in one of the 36th's many battles. He died 20 July 1899, and is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. In the 1900 census the widow Susannah was living next door to her son and family. Her burial is not noted in the Huntington Township Cemetery Book.

          Joel's exact whereabouts in the years after the war are uncertain. Part of the time he lived on the Mississippi River in the south, his mother keeping house for him, as he later told friends, and at one point he was in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where the government took his team of horses, or so he said.

          Eventually - 1876, he made his way back to Hancock County, Illinois. At that time he was almost 40, yet his livelihood then was shucking corn for John and Nancy HUCKINS on their farm near Burnside. He was, however, attractive enough apparently to catch the eye of the Huckins' granddaughter, Mary Eliza LYONS. Over strenuous objections from her grandparents, Mary Eliza and Joel were married 27 December 1877 by the Reverend C.J. BAILEY.

          Mary Eliza was born 4 June 1858, near Burnside, Hancock County, Illinois to Noah and Alice (HUCKINS) LYONS. Her parents died when she was young and she was raised by her grandparents. She was 19 when she married Joel - and her life was a mass of heartbreaks from that point on.

          The newlyweds lived around Carthage, Illinois for about a year, but then bought a team and headed west, eventually landing in Colorado. They lived in Golden County for awhile and then went to Denver in the fall of 1879 where they lived for several years before moving to Douglas County, their last stop.

          After than, Mary Eliza had nothing but trouble. As she told the pension examiners on 21 April 1902:

          "I lived with him (except when he would go off and leave me) until March 1898. He moved off and left me sick. I was afraid to live with him because I believed him insane at times. He had a running wound on his head. Doctors said it might give him trouble. He was not lazy and worked when able, and I worked out a great portion of my time but I was never very strong. We were very poor. He was inclined to rove and would go off and be gone days, weeks and even months at a time and leave me alone. He was not ugly to me until his head began to heal about 1885, and he began to act strange. Then he would be dreadfully violent at times.

          "In 1886 I asked if he would like for me to take a little child. He said, 'Yes, if you want to, but a boy, not a little girl.' I went to Denver and got a nice baby boy, 8 days old. At first he fussed because I had not gotten one old enough to be out of doors with him, but he got attached to the little fellow. When he was a few years old we went to Little Rock and had him legally adopted. He was a faithful son and my husband was very fond of him when he was himself.

          "At one time I got some money from my childhood home and I took it and bought some cows and calves and we moved to the mountains with them. I bought a team on time and he cut cord wood when he was able, and I hauled it to Denver to try to make a living. Then one day he got worse and went to Denver and pawned the team. I got money from my sister and got them back, but he over-pulled them and one had a hemorrhage and bled to death and the other he rode to Denver and sold and wasted the money. I worked when I could, to get something to eat."

          In a deposition of the 28th of June, Eliza further stated: "We lived together as husband and wife from our marriage to 1898. He had abused me for about 10 years and I finally had to leave him. I believe he was at times insane. One time he kicked me so I was sick in bed for three months. I was afraid he would kill me in his spells. After we separated I went to him twice when he was sick. I stayed two weeks. I tried to get him to go home with me. He wanted me to stay there with him. I said if he promised to get a home with his pension money and let liquor alone I would stay with him."

          In the early part of 1900 the adopted son, Albert T. (Terry) HOLCOMB, then 14, left his mother and went to stay with his father. He "ran away from home" as Mary Eliza put it. He eventually disappeared completely and she did not see him again for several years. In the 1900 census he and Joel were listed together in Sedalia, Douglas County, Colorado. Mary Eliza was in Spring Valley, same county, and had with her two young boarders, Minnie and Willie PORTER, 8 and 10.

          On 29 September 1900, Joel sold his possessions and reportedly received several hundred dollars. He and Terry went to Sugar City in Crowley County, Colorado. Three days later Joel was dead - poisoned or drugged - and not a cent was found. If Terry, who disappeared after that, was ever a suspect in his father's strange death, it was not mentioned in the pension files.

          After Joel's death, Mary Eliza applied for a widow's pension, and it was then that the pension board began to think maybe there had been an earlier marriage, in that Joel was 40 when he married Mary Eliza. They investigated thoroughly, questioning everyone they could come up with in connection with either Joel or Mary Eliza, both in Colorado and back in Hancock County, including Mary Eliza's sister, Nancy E. HILL, who lived in Douglas County, also, and Mary Eliza herself.

          Mary told the examiner, "He did say on occasion that he had divorced a better wife than I was, but he just said that to make me mad. He'd say anything to provoke. But when he was sober he always claimed that he had not been married before."

          The pension board continued its investigation, but everyone they talked to said the same thing: They had no knowledge of a wife prior to Mary Eliza. And because no one they talked to, not even Mary Eliza herself, knew where Joel was from originally, they never did learn that Joel had indeed been married previously.

          With Joel's death, Mary Eliza's troubles were not entirely over. For one thing her son remained among the missing. Even in 1904 she had no idea of his whereabouts. He eventually did come home, however. Part of the time he had been in the Army.

          For another there was still the question of property to deal with. She had 15 cattle and calves which she mortgaged - "for more than they were worth" - to get 200 acres of land with no money down. But her ranch was a dry one, good only for grazing. There was very little farming in the section she was in because there was no irrigation there. And, according to one of the pension examiners, she lived in a shack not fit for habitation. Eventually she and Terry gave up the farm and moved into Colorado Springs, Colorado. They had a home at 711 E. Castilla Street.

          And then there was James E. HILL. On 11 March 1919, when Mary Eliza was 61 years old, she married the man. But that was a bad marriage too. They lived at Mary Eliza's home, but after two months, he left. She sought a divorce from him - and the return of her Holcomb name, on grounds he did not provide reasonably for his family over a period of one year or more. As a matter of fact, he had never contributed to her support in any way. The divorce was granted 18 February 1923.

          Mary Eliza applied for the restoration of her pension, which she got, and for the next 12 years she lived in relative peace and quiet with her son, his wife and their children. She died 29 August 1935, age 77 years.


                 1. (only)        Albert T. (Terry) HOLCOMB, b. Oct 1886, Colorado..

          After his mother's death he wrote the pension board    asking for reimbursement for her funeral expenses saying: "I have had double pneumonia, and am on relief employment. I have eight in my family and also one boy killed by careless driving and I have not been able to pay his funeral expenses. I had to assume my mother's funeral expenses; she left no money I could locate. I served three years in the Regular Army 30 years ago, of which two years was in the Philippine Islands." He was advised that the law made no provisions for burial expenses of widows, but that he was entitled to her final pension check if she left no money.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-John-James

          John was the only other, besides Stephen, of Sarah and Samuel's children, to leave Gallia County, and he did not find his greener pastures until 1869, when he was 52 years old. In Gallia County he was an illustrious citizen, serving his community in many ways, and in his new home, as well.

          John, named for Sarah's father, was born 16 August 1817, at Vinton, Ohio. His wife for 51 years was Mary MATTHEWS, another daughter of the esteemed Phineas. Mary's mother was Phineas' second wife, Abigail NOBLES. Mary was born 7 April 1818 in Cheshire Township and was "Aunt Pop" to family and friends. She and John were married 1 September 1838.

          John established a fine little business in Vinton - a general store located at the west end of the covered bridge across the Raccoon Creek. He was also postmaster and the post office was in his store. In 1850 he was the census enumerator for Huntington Township and was listed as a farmer and assistant marshal. In the 1860 census he was down as a Vinton merchant worth $1,000/$1,000.

          During the war, John was the Union Army's provost marshal for Gallia County. His office was in Gallipolis and he happened to be there the day Morgan's raiders blitzed through Vinton, thereby missing the episode completely. (BUT his store didn't. See the story under his son, Anselm Tupper HOLCOMB, 5-8-4)

          At war's end, something compelled John and Mary to move on. Their chosen home was Butler, in Bates County, Missouri, where they arrived in the fall of 1869. John bought a small tract of land on Pine Street, on a knoll "this side of Oak Hill Cemetery." He built a very handsome and comfortable home there and at once took a prominent part in the building of the county. He was assistant postmaster in Butler from 1873 to 1876. He was a Master Mason. John is said to have been a good story teller and an engaging conversationalist and always a Republican in politics.

          In 1886 he and Mary moved to Greenwood County, Kansas, where he bought a small farm, but it was only a temporary move. He later bought lands in Hudson and Osage Townships, Bates County, Missouri and built two or three houses on the east side of Butler.

          In his later years John was greatly afflicted with rheumatism and heart trouble. His death came on the eve of his and Mary's 51st wedding anniversary, 30 August 1889.

          Mary, 71 years old at the time, went to live with her daughter Eliza WILCOX, in Passaic, Bates County, Missouri. She died there 15 December 1894, age 76 years. "She was from youth distinguished for her kind, gentle and amiable disposition. She was a Universalist in her religion."


                 1.    Abigail HOLCOMB, b. 24 Aug 1839, Vinton, Ohio, d. 18 Dec 1853, age 14. Buried: Unknown.

5-8-2        2.    Phineas Huntington HOLCOMB, b. 26 Apr 1841, Vinton, Ohio.

                 3.    Samuel R. HOLCOMB, b. 13 June 1843, Vinton, Ohio, d. 19 Sept 1845, 2 years. Buried: Holcomb Cemetery.

5-8-4        4.    Anselm Tupper HOLCOMB, b. 19 Nov 1845, Vinton, Ohio.

5-8-5        5.    Eliza Symmes HOLCOMB, b. 15 Mar 1848, Vinton, Ohio.

5-8-6        6.    Sarah Ewing HOLCOMB, b. 25 May 1850, Vinton, Ohio.

5-8-7        7.    Charles Matthews HOLCOMB, b. 30 Dec 1853, Vinton, Ohio.

                 8.    John Ewing HOLCOMB, JR., b. 26 Sept 1855, Vinton, Ohio, d. 21 Oct 1855, 25 days. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery.

5-8-9        9.    Sumner Chase HOLCOMB, b. 7 Jan 1857, Vinton, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Sarah-John-James

          John and Mary's first son, born 26 April 1841 at Vinton, Ohio received the name of Mary's father. He was one of the eight men in this book who enlisted during the second week of August 1862 in Company K, 60th OVI - Captain Joshua GORE'S company.

          The 60th was at the Battle of Harper's Ferry when Union forces, 12,000 strong, surrendered 15 September 1862 to General Thomas J. "Stonewall" JACKSON. The men were marched off to Annapolis as paroled prisoners of war. Two months later on

10 November 1862, Company K was at Camp Douglas, Illinois, near Chicago being mustered out, Phineas included.

          Phineas had started his education before the war as a student at the University in Athens, and completed it following his term of service. He was admitted to the bar in Ohio in 1867, after which he went to Dade County, Missouri and finally to Butler, Bates County, Missouri where he set up an office as a practicing attorney. In the 1870 census, Phineas was single, living with his parents at their home in Butler, his occupation, a lawyer. When Phineas was 35, he took Mary HENRY, a native of Ohio as his wife. The date was 6 December 1876.

          Phineas was elected Bates County Attorney and served from 1869 to 1872 and 1894 to 1900. He was a member of the Board of Regents of Missouri State Normal School at Warrensburg, and was postmaster of Butler by appointment of President Grant from 1876 to 1880.

          Phineas and A.E. EWING were in correspondence, though I have none of their letters, and on 23 April 1900, Phineas sent A.E. a hymnal that had belonged to Swago Bill (No. 57 in A.E.'s "museum" record), a book published in 1788. William Ewing's signature is clear and plain in the front of the book and, fainter, in William's hand is the price, 7 shillings, and a date, Dec. 3, 17 __. The date of April 23, 17 __ is also written in. Phineas' letterhead is attached. His law office address: North Main Street near Residence and on West Side of Square, Butler, Missouri.

          I have always wondered how a "Swago Bill" book came into the possession of Phineas, an "Indian John" descendent. Perhaps it was a gift from William to his brother on some occasion, and then passed from John to his daughter Sarah to John Ewing HOLCOMB and then to Phineas.

          Phineas died at Butler, Missouri 26 January 1917, age 75 years. His will, dated 2 July 1914, was probated 29 January 1917. In it he left "my beloved wife Mary" their home in Butler, all personal property and selection from the home library. To his brother Charles and family he bequeathed a house in Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas, which he had purchased for them in 1905, and in which they were living. He directed Mary as his executrix to sell his law library and divide the proceeds between his three brothers, Charles, Anselm and Sumner, and his sister, Eliza, and to provide selections for them from his home library. His sister Sarah was not mentioned.

          NO ISSUE

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Sarah-John-James

          Three of John and Mary's four sons were attorneys and Anselm was one of them. When he was born 19 November 1846 at Vinton, Ohio, he received the same name as his illustrious uncle, also an attorney, a fact that caused no end of dismay to family historians trying to keep track.

          While attending schools at Vinton and Ewington, Anselm also helped his father at the store in Vinton. He was in charge there one day in 1863 when an event occurred of such magnitude and importance to the normally sleepy little village that it has gone down in local annals as THE Historical Event of all times. It was the visit of Confederate cavalry leader, General John MORGAN and his 2,000 to 3,000 troops during their brief - and relatively harmless - raid into Ohio.

          On July 8, Morgan and his troops crossed the Ohio River at Brandenburg, Kentucky, into Indiana and began a long march eastward across Indiana and Ohio, always paralleling the river, and always avoiding large towns and cities. For nine days the force had its way as it rode eastward, unmolested and unobstructed. The weather was pleasant, the days long, and the happy warriors rode joyously through Southern Ohio. Through the big city dailies, the Ohioans were constantly informed of Morgan's whereabouts.

          On their journey they passed through Adams County, Pike County and then Jackson Court House in Jackson County. Still traveling eastward, they reached the village of Vinton about 6 or 6:30 on the evening of July 17. Anselm witnessed their "Grand Entrance."

          Many years later, when he was Judge A.T. HOLCOMB, he was asked by Judge R.J. MAUCK of Gallipolis to prepare a paper presenting a detailed account of Morgan's flight through Ohio. The piece was subsequently published in a little pamphlet which was distributed in Jackson and Gallia counties. Parts of Anselm's article are reprinted here.

          "Our people supposed that Gallipolis was Morgan's objective and that his route was through Oak Hill. His supposed purpose was to dash in, burn the Army storehouse and cross the Ohio River right there at Gallipolis if possible. If not, he would ride on to Cheshire, about 11 miles above, where the well-known ford would permit him to cross. No one dreamed that he would pass through Vinton, and his presence there was a great surprise. It was about 6 p.m. when our militia scouts, who had been posted on the Jackson Road from Vinton, galloped into town yelling, "John Morgan is coming."

          "On their way through the village, the scouts stopped at our store and said that Morgan's forces were nearby and would be in town in 10 or 15 minutes. I quickly locked up the store, went out though the warehouse door, and started down the street to watch their coming from the old schoolhouse corner where I would have a good view of the Jackson Road. But before I reached the corner, some of Morgan's men rode up and inquired where our scouts had gone. I said, "Up the street and across the bridge." The officer than asked me if I was afraid of being shot. He held a pistol in his hand. I answered, "No, I don't believe you would shoot a boy." He smiled at my reply and asked me to show them the bridge, which I did.

          "Perhaps 10 or 12 men crossed the bridge. I walked across with them and, when asked, told them one road led to Pomeroy and the other to Gallipolis. The balance of the advance guard, probably 30 or 40, remained around the approach of the bridge.

          "My father's store, the postoffice and the large flouring mill were only a few yards distance from the bridge. On my return across the bridge, a great many of the men unsaddled their horses, rode into our large barnyard across from the store and fed their horses hay, of which the barn was quite well stocked. An officer engaged in conversation with me, and told me that the rest would soon be in the village. He further told me that he had orders to burn the bridge. I asked him if his order included the mill and he answered, "No." He and several others got their suppers at the homes of the villagers.

          "In the hour or more that elapsed before the arrival of the main force, I was engaged in talking to the captain and others in command. Most of the vanguard were engaged in plundering the four or five stores of the village. This work they did with perfection. Having consumed all of the patent medicine, especially those with an alcohol flavor, and all of the tobacco and cigars, they commenced gathering in bundles and bolts of calico, muslin, shoes, ribbons and trinkets, etc. As they supposed that they would soon escape from Ohio to West Virginia, they evidently expected to take these goods as trophies, for trading to housewives in exchange for something to eat.

          "On that quiet evening of July 17, John Morgan and his men rode quietly through the village, and no man, woman or child was abused or insulted and no one, I believe, treated discourteously, except the owners of, or those interested in the village stores.

          "They rode at a quick gait, without halting and without any demonstration or hollering or yelling. I believe they rode three abreast and close together. They crossed the bridge and took the road toward Pomeroy, much to our surprise. They were about an hour, perhaps more, crossing the bridge. Having crossed, those who first had entered the village closed the cavalcade by mounting their horses and, having already made preparations for setting fire to the bridge, returned on foot and applied the torch. The bridge was set afire in several places, kindling having been placed there-on. Being constructed of dry pine wood it was entirely destroyed, with the exception of the abutments, in a few moments. Luckily no other buildings were destroyed. The burning bridge gave notice to the Rebels. There were a few stragglers, three or four, who were attempting to escape, and they were captured by two or three of the big boys of the town who were well armed.

          "The only incident that I can recall was the attempt to shoot an officer from the woods. This was done by Chauncey M. HOLCOMB (5-10-2) then a boy of only 13 or 14. The ball struck the officers saddle. This fact was brought to my attention by two or three of Morgan's men coming to the store claiming I was the guilty party. I had no difficulty in proving an alibi by the officer of the vanguard whom I had met on his entrance into the village. He vouched that I had not been absent from the store. Chauncey ran to the residence of Reverend Robinson BREARE and was hidden by Mrs. BREARE in the closet of the house. This same Chauncey HOLCOMB was later the well-know and distinguished lawyer of Gallipolis, and a member of the firm of WHITE AND HOLCOMB."

          The townsfolk did not stop talking about Morgan's brief appearance in Vinton and neighboring Ewington for years to come. Anyone who had seen Morgan was an instant celebrity, so of course everyone had, and most of them gave the general his supper that evening too, it would seem from their reports.

          17 July 1863 was Morgan's last night of freedom. Later that evening near Buffington Island, Ohio, he and his troops were met by Ohio militia, who trounced them completely, and most of the men, including Morgan himself, were taken prisoner.

          Morgan's raid marked the only time Confederate forces set foot on Ohio's soil.

          Anselm put the episode behind him for the time being in order to continue his education. With a career in law on his mind he entered the university at Athens that year - 1863. During his four years there he also read with W. Reed GOLDEN of Athens. After graduating in 1867, Anselm furthered his studies by reading with his Uncle Anselm in Vinton. To earn money during that time he also taught school, first at Vinton, then at nearby Rodney and then at Moorefield, Kentucky.

          When the rest of the family went to Missouri, Anselm went too. He was admitted to the bar in Missouri in 1870 and went into partnership with William PAGE and when that partnership was dissolved, with his brother Phineas HOLCOMB.

          In 1876 Anselm was back in Gallia County, Ohio. His marriage to Grace Lydia BREARE took place 14 October 1876. Grace, born in 1847 in Marblehead, Massachusetts, was the daughter of a prominent Huntington Township minister, a Universalist, Reverend Robinson BREARE and his wife Elizabeth CLARKE, both natives of England. Reverend Breare performed wedding ceremonies for many of the people in this book.

          Anselm and Grace made their home in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio, at 830 Ninth Street. They also lived briefly in Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio. At first Anselm was associated with A.C. THOMPSON who became Common Pleas Judge, but he then established his own office and enjoyed a career in law in Ohio of more than 50 years. His business address, according to his letterhead in 1901 was "over Spry's Drug Store." He was president of the bar in Scioto County for 20 years and a highly successful lawyer and businessman, and was often called "Judge Holcomb."

          Anselm dealt extensively in real estate law. Also he was one of the original stockholders in the Portsmouth Wagon Stock Company and the Portsmouth Fire Brick Company. It was through his connection with the latter that he offered to get the Mary McNEIL EWING memorial stone at Ewington at a discount in 1917. Anselm was also one of the owner and original proprietors of the coal shaft of Theo FLUHART and Company, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio, and was interested in the mining and shipping of coal in Missouri.

          Anselm was interested in politics, too. In Bates County, Missouri he was the Republican candidate for representative in 1876, and was a delegate that year to the Republican National Convention. In Scioto County, Ohio he ran for representative to the Ohio legislature and was successful. He served two years, 1892 and 1893.

          Judge HOLCOMB lost his wife, Grace, the 8th of August 1915. Their son Anselm Tupper III died the following year. Judge and his son, Robinson Breare, who was a clerk in his law office, lived on at the Holcomb home on Ninth Street. Anselm died 17 March 1937, at the age of 90 years. All of this family are buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio, except Robinson.


                 1.    Grace Lydia HOLCOMB, b. & d. 21 Aug 1880. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.

                 2.    Anselm Tupper HOLCOMB III, b. 28 Sept 1881, Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio, d. 1916, age 35. Attended Normal School, Lebanon, Ohio and Ohio University at Athens; graduated University of Virginia, 1903; graduated Law School of Cincinnati, 1906. Associated with his father until his death. No issue..

                 3.    Robinson Breare HOLCOMB, b. 1 Feb 1887, Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio. 1910: Graduated from business college. Was clerk in his father's law office. Had a speech defect. 1947: was living at the Holcomb home on Ninth street, Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio. No issue..

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Sarah-John-James

          Eliza was undoubtedly named for her mother's sister, Eliza MATTHEWS, who married the illustrious William SYMMES. She was born 15 March 1848, at Vinton, Ohio and was 21 when she went with the family to Missouri. In 1870 she was listed with her parents in Butler, Bates County, Missouri, 22, a schoolteacher. She was 29 when she was married in November 1877, to Civil War veteran Richard Mentry WILCOX. He was the son of Isaac and Sarah (DUNCAN) WILCOX, and was born in January 1842. He and Eliza lived in Passaic, Bates County, Missouri where he was a stock dealer. He died in Passaic, 3 July 1915 and Eliza went to live with her daughter, Gladys, at Ucross, Wyoming. She died there 29 September 1932, age 84 years.


                 1.    Son WILCOX, b. Jan 1879, d. age 2 weeks

                  2.    Phineas WILCOX, b. 1880, d. Aug 1884

                  3.    Roscoe WILCOX, b. 1882, d. Aug 1884

5-8-5-4     4.    Gladys Gertrude WILCOX, b. 19 Sept 1885, Passaic, Bates County, Missouri.

5-8-5-5     5.    Helen Mary WILCOX, b. 1 Apr 1888, Passaic, Bates County, Missouri.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          Gladys was born 19 September 1885 at Passaic, Bates County, Missouri. She taught in rural schools prior to her marriage on 15 November 1906 at Sheridan, Wyoming to Frederick Johnston TODD. Frederick was born 24 July 1883 and was a rancher in Elliott, Montgomery County, Iowa. After their marriage they moved to a spread at nearby Ucross, Wyoming, near the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, an area noted for its beautiful scenery and its prosperous cattle ranches. Many of this family still live in the area, engaged in stock raising as Frederick and Gladys were.


5-8-5-4-1         1.    George Curtis TODD, b. 22 Aug 1910, Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming.

5-8-5-4-2         2.    Richard Luther TODD, b. 27 Aug 1912, Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming.

5-8-5-4-3         3.    Roger Ewing TODD, b. 16 Jan 1917, Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming.

5-8-5-4-4         4.    Edna Janette TODD, b. 5 Nov 1921, Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming.

5-8-5-4-5         5.    Eugene Frederick TODD, b. 1 July 1928, Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming.

5-8-5-4-6         6.    Sadie Helen TODD, b. 2 Apr 1930, Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming.

5-8-5-4-7         7.    Lewis Lincoln TODD, b. 7 Jun 1932, Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming.

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5-8-5-4-1         GEORGE CURTIS TODD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Gladys-Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          George was born on the Todd Ranch near Ucross on 22 August 1910. He attended Montana Polytechnic Institute and then settled in to be a rancher near Ucross. His address on his letterhead in 1980 was "Building Contractor, 155 So. Tisdale, Buffalo, Wyoming, 82834."

          George was twice-married. His first wife and the mother of his children was Marian Julia STANLEY, whom he married 3 July 1930 in Hardin, Montana. She was born 4 July 1913 at Buffalo, Wyoming the daughter of Albert and Pearl (BABCOCK) STANLEY. She died 31 December 1973 at Buffalo. On 11 January 1975, George married Ida Lee DELAP BURRIS, born 26 January 1915.


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5-8-5-4-2         RICHARD LUTHER TODD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Gladys-Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          Richard was born 27 August 1912 at Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming. He attended Montana Polytech at Billings, Montana for a year and is a rancher at Buffalo, Wyoming. His wife is Jean Ledley CULVER, born 30 December 1912 in Alberta, Canada.



5-8-5-4-3         ROGER EWING TODD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Gladys-Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          As I once told Roger, love that name! I never did find out if the Ewing was for his last Ewing ancestor Sarah, from whom he is four generations away, or if it is just picking up the middle name of his great-grandfather, John Ewing HOLCOMB. In any event, I love it. Roger and I were in correspondence and it was he who supplied most of this material on the Todd line.

          He was born 16 January 1917 at Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming and is a rancher there near the original Todd Ranch. Roger was in the Air Force during World War II. He enlisted

30 September 1940, in the 60th Material Squadron of the 45th Air Force Group. He developed a physical infirmity and was medically discharged 16 May 1941 as a private first class from Hamilton Air Force Base, California.

          Roger was married on 5 December 1942 at Sheridan, Wyoming to Marguerite Anne KAGIE, born 29 January 1917 at Hayden, Colorado. Marguerite is a graduate of St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing.

          In 1980 their address was Box 336, Big Horn, Wyoming 82844

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5-8-5-4-4         EDNA JANETTE TODD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Gladys-Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

           Edna was born 25 November 1921 at Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming. While she was a student at Kansas Wesleyan University at Salina, Kansas, she met fellow student Walter Repart FAY, they were married in Salina 22 May 1942. Born in Salina, 3 April 1922, Walter is the son of Eliphet and Freda (MOSELY) FAY.

          In November 1942, Walter was inducted into the Army and was assigned to the 91st Signal Corps at Camp White, Oregon. He was sent as a student to the University of Oregon at Eugene. In August 1944, he was sent to England and was assigned to the Armored Division of General PATTON's 3rd Army, 151st Signal Radio Corps. He was at Linz, Austria, when Germany surrendered in 1945.

          All the while Walter was overseas, Edna worked as a telegraph operator on the Kansas and Colorado Divisions of the Union Pacific and Missouri Pacific railroads.

          In 1978 the Fays lived at 203 West 10th Street, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801.


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5-8-5-4-5         EUGENE FREDERICK TODD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Gladys-Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          Eugene was born 1 July 1928 at Ucross, Sheridan County, Wyoming. He was married on 29 December 1953 at Buffalo, Wyoming to Shirley HALL, daughter of Willard and Gladys (SIDEL) HALL. They were divorced in 1974. Eugene married again on 31 December 1975 to Rosemary (FLEMING) ADAMSON, daughter of Franklin and Jean (MC CARTNEY) FLEMING of Flemingsburg, Kentucky. Rosemary, a nurse, has three daughters by her marriage to Air Force doctor, Douglas ADAMSON.


5-8-5-4-6         SADIE HELEN TODD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Gladys-Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          Sadie, born 2 April 1930, Sheridan County, was married on 10 September 1950 at Buffalo, Wyoming to Donald DEXTER. Donald is the son of William and Edna DEXTER of Clearmont, Wyoming and was with the Fish and Game Commission in Cheyenne, Wyoming.



5-8-5-4-7         LEWIS LINCOLN TODD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Gladys-Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          Lewis was born 7 June 1932 in Sheridan County, and was married on 23 August 1958 at Sheridan to Beverly Grace HARRIS, daughter of George and Sylvia (ALLEN) GRACE. Beverly had previously been married to Richard HARRIS by whom she had three children, and a COLLINS, by whom she had a daughter.

          Lewis served in the Marine Corps, and worked in the Trona Mines, Green River, Wyoming, and the coal mines in Sheridan, Wyoming.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          Helen was born 1 April 1888 at Passaic, Missouri and was married 22 December 1907 to Jesse COOP, son of Joseph and Agnes (ANGSTEDT) COOP. Helen was a schoolteacher and her husband was a homesteader and railroader. He was born 16 September 1886 and died 11 August 1971. In 1980 Helen was living at 456 N. Sheridan Avenue, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801.


                        1.    Leota Lucille COOP, b. 28 Feb 1909, Ulm, Wyoming, d. 19 Mar 1909.

                         2.    Joseph Leonard COOP, b.23 Mar 1910, Ulm, Wyoming, d. 14 Apr 1977.

5-8-5-5-3         3.    Melba Kathleen COOP, b. 22 Oct 1913, Ulm, Wyoming.

                        4.    Gladys Winifred COOP, b. 4 May 1916, Ulm, Wyoming, d. 28 Sept 1973; Married: _____ PRICE.

5-9-5-5-5         5.    Edwin Edell COOP, b. 28 Aug 1923, Ulm, Wyoming.

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5-8-5-5-3         MELBA KATHLEEN COOP


Ewing Family Lineage:      Helen-Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          Melba was born 22 October 1913 at Ulm, Wyoming. A retired clerk-typist for M.D.U.(?), Melba's husband is George MILLER. He was in the Army and a sheriff of Sheridan County, Wyoming. George is also retired.

          Their address in 1980 was Box 85, Story, Wyoming 82842.


                 1.    Merie MILLER, Married: _____ HEAGY

                 2.    Richard MILLER

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5-8-5-5-5         ERIN EDELL COOP


Ewing Family Lineage:      Helen-Eliza-John-Sarah-John-James

          Erin was born in Ulm, Wyoming 28 August 1923 and was married in November 1945 at Long Beach, California to a Navy man, now retired, John Allen QUARTERMAN, son of L.W. and Helen QUARTERMAN. John was born 2 September 1922 in Savannah, Georgia. He and Erin own a small hotel, the Edwards, located at 530 N. Main, Sheridan, Wyoming.




Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Sarah-John-James

          Sarah, John and Mary's sixth child was born 25 May 1850 at Vinton, Ohio. She was 19 when the family moved to Missouri. In the 1870 census, she was a schoolteacher, living at home with the family in Butler, Bates County, Missouri. She was married in April 1882 in Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri to Captain John C. BYBEE. In the 1901 census they were living in Cass County, and in 1918 in Kansas City, Kansas. Sarah died in Paola, Miami County, Kansas in either October or December of 1927.


                 1.    Mary Edna BYBEE, b. 2 Oct 1883, d. 1 Nov 1883, Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri.

                 2.    Grace E. BYBEE, b. 27 Nov 1885, Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri. Married: Aug 1912, Andrew CASSELL.


                        1.    Richi CASSELL, b. 24 Aug 1913, d. 13 Oct 1913

                        2.    Claus P. CASSELL, b. 27 Aug 1914

                        3.    Sarah Pauline CASSELL, b. 15 Jan 1917

                        4.    John Lyden CASSELL, b. 2 Oct 1918. Served w/U.S. Army in Guam during World War II.

                        5.    Timothy CASSELL

                 3.    Kathleen Day BYBEE, b. 7 July 1888, Greenwood County, Kansas. Married: 12 July 1915, Rev. Walter SMITH.


                        1. (only)       Walter Duane SMITH, b. 26 Jan 1917

                 4.    John Joseph BYBEE, b. 7 Sept 1892, Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri, d. 13 Feb 1923, single, talented newspaperman. No issue.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Sarah-John-James

          Charles, born 30 December 1853 at Vinton, Ohio was given his mother's family name for his middle name. He was 15 when the family went to Missouri and was 23 when he married Isabelle MORGAN on 17 June 1876 at Butler, Bates County, Missouri. Isabelle was born 14 September 1855 in Columbia, Monroe County, Illinois. Charles was Postmaster at Butler for 12 years. In 1885 they left Butler and went to Kansas, living first in Woodson County and finally on a farm near Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas. Charles died there 2 April 1917. Isabelle died 1 February 1942 in Coffeyville, Kansas, she was apparently living with her daughter, Louise.


5-8-7-1     1.    Sidney Blair HOLCOMB, b 16 Dec 1877, Butler, Bates County, Missouri.

                 2.    Corwin HOLCOMB, b. 30 Aug 1879, Butler, Bates County, Missouri, died young.

                 3.    Mary Ione HOLCOMB, b. 29 June 1881, Butler, Bates County, Missouri, d. 26 Feb 1914, Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas. Married: Guy REAY. 1947, Guy living in California.


                        1.     Carrie REAY Married: George RATHBURN, 1947 - California.

                        2.    Enloe REAY

                        3.    Arthur REAY

5-8-7-4     4.    Don Cameron HOLCOMB, b. 6 Jan 1883, Butler, Bates County, Missouri.

                 5.    Idonna HOLCOMB, b. 1884/85, Butler, Bates County, Missouri.

                 6.    Addie Amanda HOLCOMB, b. 12 Aug 1886, Toronto, Woodson County, Kansas. Married: 1ST John JOHNSON of Toronto. Married 2nd _____ BAGENT


                        1.    Everett JOHNSON

                        2.    Stella JOHNSON

                        3.    Chloe JOHNSON

5-8-7-7     7.    Sarah Eliza HOLCOMB, b. 26 Feb 1890, Toronto, Woodson County, Kansas.

5-8-7-8     8.    Louise Josephine HOLCOMB, b. 5 Dec 1893, Toronto, Woodson County, Kansas.

                 9.    Christabel Thelma HOLCOMB, b. 18 Apr 1897, Toronto, Woodson County, Kansas. Married: 27 Jan 1920, Leslie Sherman BEAN, a Major in the U.S. Army during World War II. 1947: Lived in Arlington, Virginia.


                        1.    Leslie Sherman BEAN II, b. 25 Nov 1920, d. 17 Feb 1921.

                        2.    Mary Golda BEAN, b. 23 Apr 1922, d. 27 Oct 1944.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-John-Sarah-John-James

          Sidney has the distinction of being the composer of the Missouri State Song. Born 16 December 1877 at Butler, Bates County, Missouri, he was a songwriter - also a jeweler, and in collaboration with Charles L. LEWIS composed and published the song, "I Hear the Ozark Mountains Calling Me," which was accepted as Missouri's official song.

          Sidney was married on 10 October 1903 at Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri to Anna Louise WELTECKE. Anna was born 3 June 1881 in Appleton, Missouri. In 1947 they were living at 114 West Main Street, Chanute, Neosha County, Kansas.


                 1.    Russell Frederick HOLCOMB, b. 22 July 1904, Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. 1947: Russell was a railroad storekeeper. Russell and wife, Gertrude living in East St. Louis, Illinois.


                        1.    Russell Frederick HOLCOMB II, b. 12 Feb 1931, East St. Louis, Illinois.

                        2.    Kathleen HOLCOMB, b. 1933, East St. Louis, Illinois.

                        3.    Luan HOLCOMB, b. 1935, East St. Louis, Illinois.

                 2.    Inez Opal HOLCOMB, b. 12 Nov 1906, Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. 1947: with U.S. Army Signal Corps, Washington D.C.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-John-Sarah-John-James

          Don was born 6 January 1883 at Butler, Bates County, Missouri. He and his wife, Ida May HELM, were married 21 December 1911 at Independence, Missouri. Ida was the daughter of Andrew and Ann Elizabeth (CALHOUN) HELM, natives of Tennessee and was born 19 November 1885 in Wilson County. Don and his family lived near Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas.


                 1.    Ann Hermes Belle HOLCOMB, b&d 8 June 1912, Altoona, Kansas.

                 2.    Valoise Henrietta True HOLCOMB, b. 17 Nov 1913, Altoona, Kansas, d. 9 March 1917, Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas.

                 3.    Idonna Winguie Celestine HOLCOMB, b. 4 Oct 1915, Altoona, Kansas. Married: 6 Sept 1939, Fred H. MC CARTER, b. 15 Aug 1915, Idonna a Registered Nurse, Fred a captain in the U.S. Army during World War II, born Lyons County, Kansas. 1947: Lived in Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas.

                 4.    Ethel Adlin HOLCOMB, b. Dec 1917, Altoona, Kansas, d. 26 Feb 1940, Wilson County, Kansas.

                 5.    Jack Norman HOLCOMB, b. 24 July 1920, Altoona, Kansas. Married: about 1945 at Norfolk, Virginia, Betty Louise ELLIS, b. 29 Apr 1925. Jack was M 2/c, U.S. Navy, World War II.

                 6.    Mary Helen HOLCOMB, b&d 13 Jan 1922, Altoona, Kansas.

                 7.    Hal Blair HOLCOMB, b. 6 Dec 1924, Altoona, Kansas. Engineers Combat Battalion, World War II.

                 8.    Charlotte Albertine HOLCOMB, b&d 4 Jun 1932, Altoona, Kansas.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-John-Sarah-John-James

          Sarah was born 26 February 1890 at Toronto, Woodson County, Kansas and was married in Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas on 5 May 1909, to Roscoe George ALLEN. He was born in July 188_, at Kensington, Kansas. Roscoe died 25 December 1940. In 1947, Sarah was living in Chanute, Neosha County, Kansas.


                 1.    Kenneth Eugene ALLEN, b. 7 May 1910, Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas, d. 19 July 1912.

                 2.    Ned Holcomb ALLEN, b. 26 Feb 1914, Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas. Married: 30 Oct 1935, Mary Agnes PIERCE, b. 21 Dec 1913, Neosha County, Kansas.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Charles-John-Sarah-John-James

          Louise, called Louella, was born 5 December 1893 at Toronto, Woodson County, Kansas. Louella was married in Coffeyville, Kansas on 5 November 1916 to Robert Earl MERCER. Robert was born 11 May 1888 in Wilson County, Kansas. He was a barber in Coffeyville in 1947.


                 1.    Billy Burris MERCER, b. 7 Sept 1917, Roper, Wilson County, Kansas. Married: 6 July 194_, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Evelyn FRANCIS, b. 3 Mar 1921, Labette County, Kansas. Billy was a S/Sgt. in World War II.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Sarah-John-James

          All the other of John and Mary's nine children had family names right down the line - until they got to the "baby." The name Sumner Chase has no meaning to me whatsoever - family, friend or VIP of the time. Well, maybe they just liked it. It is a nice name.

          Sumner was born 7 January 1857 at Vinton, Ohio and attended schools there and at Butler, Bates County, Missouri, where the family moved when he was 12 years old. The careers of his two older brothers apparently inspired him to a career in law also. He started at Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas and then read law in his brother Phineas' office. He was admitted to the bar in 1880. Sumner and Phineas were in practice together until 1889. At that time Sumner found greener pastures, as his parents had. He went to Toronto, Woodson County, Kansas, where other members of the family were and established himself there as an attorney.

          In Toronto he found his life mate. She was Margaret TRUMAN, not the famous Margaret Truman, but, the daughter of Jehu or John TRUMAN, a native of West Virginia. They were married in August of 1892 and established a home first in Toronto, Woodson County and then in Yates Center, Kansas nearby.

          In 1899 Sumner decided to seek public office and ran for Woodson County attorney on the Fusion ticket. He won in that election and ran again in successive elections - but as a Democrat, and won, in a Republican stronghold. He was serving his fourth term in 1912.

          Sumner was affiliated with Modern Woodmen of America and the Woodmen of the World. He and Margaret were Presbyterians. Sumner died at Yates Center, Kansas on 19 November 1930.


                 1.    Lydia Grace HOLCOMB, b. about 1894. Married: Logan REYNOLDS.


                        1. (only) Mary Margaret REYNOLDS

                 2.    Sumner Chase HOLCOMB II, b. about 1896. Married: Glenice _____

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-John-James

          Sarah and Samuel's ninth child was a Greek goddess in their eyes and she went through life with the name of Calphurnia (which frequently came out in records in later years as "California").

          Calphurnia was born 14 November 1819 at Vinton, Ohio and was married on 6 July 1937 to Linza MACOMBER.

          With that marriage another family important to Ewing annals is introduced. Three Macombers married into our family and so did descendants of others. The progenitors were Alexander W. and Esther M. MACOMBER, early arrivals in Gallia County from Dartmouth Township, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Alexander was born 13 February 1788, and is said to have been the son of Constant MACOMBER, a Revolutionary War solider. Esther was born 2 November 1786.

          The Macombers settled in that part of Gallia County, Wilkesville Township, which went with Vinton County when that county was formed in 1840. It appears they may have been there as early as 1812. In 1824, Alexander purchased 73 acres in Section 3 of Wilkesville Township, the east half of the southwest quarter. He died between September 1831, when he made his will, and April 1832, when it was entered for probate, but Esther lived to a ripe old age, at least 84 years.

          The children of Alexander named in his will and the relation of some of them to the Ewings are as follows:

                 1      Lethana or Alethiana MACOMBER, b. about 1812. Married: 1829, Irvin JACKS.

                 2.    Lovina MACOMBER, b. about 1814. Married: 1830, Solomon JACKS.

          (One of the above couples are the parents of Mariah JACKS who married George DODRILL, 11-7)

                 3.    Electa MACOMBER, b. about 1816. Married: 1832, Andrew BERTHELOF.

                 4.    Linza MACOMBER, b. 23 June 1818. Married: 1837, Calphurnia HOLCOMB (5-9).

                 5.    John A. MACOMBER, b. 11 Oct 1820. Married: 1st 1841, Emily HUNTLEY. Married 2nd 1849, Sarah A. HARTSOOK. 1853 to Madison County, Iowa.

                 6.    Rebecca MACOMBER, b. about 1822. Married: 1842, Asa MARTIN.

                 7.    Sarah Ellen MACOMBER, b. 28 May 1824, d. 13 Sept 1909, Bur. Franklin Cemetery. Married: 1st Thomas BISHOP. Married 2nd John WOODS. A great-granddaughter, Calfurnie BRALEY married into the   Ewing family (Homer Dupre FINK, 14-3-2-3-1)

                 8.    Lucy MACOMBER, b. 1827. Married: 1845, Jordon EWING (14-4)

                 9.    Laurania MACOMBER, b. about 1829

                 10.  Mary MACOMBER, b. Aug 1831. Married: 1st Andrew Avery DODRILL (11-8). Married 2nd Joseph LUCAS

           Shortly after Linza and Calphurnia were married, Linza followed his father's suit and bought land, 6 March 1839, in Section 3 of Wilkesville Township, Vinton County, Ohio. He had 36 acres, the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter. The newlyweds lived on that land for a time, but by 1850 they were back in Huntington Township, Ohio were they stayed. Linza built up a fine grocery business in Ewington, a business he maintained for at least 30 years.

          In a 25-year period, Linza and Calphurnia had a family of seven, one of whom, Laura, died at the age of 3 years. In addition, they raised Jonas PURDEE, who added the MACOMBER name to his and adopted Linza and Calphurnia as his parents. Jonas was not, of course, of Ewing blood, but he appears in this work in that he married into the family. (see 5-5-3)

          Sadly the line was pretty much "daughtered out." Of the seven children only one was a son, and there were only two grandchildren to carry on the name - Carrie, who had a son, Ray MACOMBER, before she married Charles GEE, and Richard D. MACOMBER. The family mostly scattered and there are only a handful of descendants of Linza and Calphurnia living in Gallia County today.

          It is said that three of the daughters gained a certain local fame for always winning a prize at the county fair - for topping scales at 1,000 pounds! Seems incredible, but that is the story.

          Linza and Calphurnia were only 17 days away from celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary when Calphurnia died on the 19th of June 1867, age 47 years, 7 months, 5 days. She is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, four miles east of West Liberty, Ohio.

          Linza outlived her by 26 years. He lived as a single man for 13 years, but on 6 June 1880, he married Catherine BISHOP, about whom nothing is known. She is not accounted for in any Gallia County cemetery books, and she was not in the 1900 or 1910 census records.

          Linza met a tragic death when he was 75 years old. On

21 October 1893, he was crossing the tracks when he was struck and killed by a train. He is buried next to Calphurnia at

Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio. (the name Lindsay is printed on his stone)


5-9-1        1.    Esther A. MACOMBER, b. 20 April 1838, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    Laura MACOMBER, b. 1841, d. 22 June 1844. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.

5-9-3        3.    Sarah MACOMBER, b. 18 Jan 1843, Vinton County, Ohio.

5-9-4        4.    Lydia B. MACOMBER, b. 26 Feb 1845.

5-9-5        5.    Arthalinza MACOMBER, b. 1849.

5-9-6        6.    Samuel H. (Holcomb) MACOMBER, b. July 1851.

                        (Lydia's records says Samuel R.)

5-9-7        7.    Anna Mariah MACOMBER, b. June 1853.

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5-9-1        ESTHER A. MACOMBER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Esther was born 20 April 1838 in Gallia county, probably at Ewington, and was not yet 17 when she was married, 1 February 1855 by Benjamin MARTIN, J.P. Esther's husband was a MATTHEWS, but not of the family we have net before in this book. He was Josephus C., son of William and Letitia (BLAGG) MATTHEWS, who went to Gallia County, Ohio from Greenbrier County, Virginia, not from Massachusetts as Phineas MATTHEWS had done. Josephus had a brother, John A., who married Esther's sister Lydia. Josephus was born in Ohio, 8 June 1834. In the 1860 census, Josephus was a Huntington Township farmer, worth $1,200/75, listed next door to Esther's grandfather, Samuel R. HOLCOMB. In the 1870 census, Josephus was again a Huntington Township farmer, this time worth $3,000/$2,000. In the 1880 census he was a Vinton hotel keeper. Esther died 30 September 1885 and in the 1900 census, 66 year old Josephus was living with his son John R. and family in Vinton. He died 10 April 1912 at the age of 87 years. He and Esther are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


                 1.    Calphurnia MATTHEWS, b. 7 June 1855, d. 21 Dec 1879. Married: 4 April 1875, Gallia County, Abner J. (Johnson) HOLCOMB son of Zaphaniah and Mary Ann (COLLINS) HOLCOMB, b. 1849. (Zaphaniah son of A.J. HOLCOMB SR.) Apparently Calphurnia died in childbirth. An infant is buried with her at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, no dates. They are next to Calphurnia's parent's.

5-9-1-2     2.    Letitia MATTHEWS, b. Oct 1857

                 3.    John R. MATTHEWS, b. Jan 1860, Vinton, Ohio. Married: Fanny CARTER (SEE: 20-4-2)

                 4.    (?) Wilma MATTHEWS, b. 7 Nov 1861, d. 2 July 1867, 5 years, 8 months, 25 days. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio. (Because there is such a "gap" between children, it is believed that Wilma was the daughter of Esther and Josephus.)

                 5.    Victoria MATTHEWS, b. 1868. Married: 7 Sept 1892, Edward M. BROWN, Gallia County, Ohio. No records found in Gallia County or Huntington Township.

                 6.    Frank MATTHEWS, b. 1871, Vinton, Ohio. Married: Flora E. RALPH, b. Sept 1870, Ohio. 1900: Springfield Township, Ohio

                        Issue as of 1900:

                        1.    Ralph A. MATTHEWS, b. June 1896, Bidwell, Ohio. World War I, He enlisted at Columbus, 6 Octobert 1917 in Battery C, 324th Field Artillery, and transferred to Co. I, 34th Engineers, serving overseas, 9 July 1918 to 2 August 1919. Ralph was made Supply Sergeant on the 14th of February 1919 and was promoted to Master Electrician JG on the 2nd of August 1919. Lived in Columbus, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Esther-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Letitia was born in October 1857 and was married on

24 December 1876 in Gallia County, Ohio to Joseph M. SHANER. Born in March 1857, Joseph was the son of Henry and Rebecca (MC MILLIN) SHANER of Morgan Township and brother of the Jane who married 5-2-8. In the 1900 census, Letitia and Joseph were listed in Vinton, Ohio, Joseph was a teacher. Letitia was recorded as having had eight and eight. Only six children were with them in that census, so the other two must have been born about 1878 and 1880, and were gone from home by 1900. None of this family appears in the 1910 census, nor are they buried in Gallia County, Ohio.


                 1.    _____ SHANER, b. about 1878, gone from home by 1900.

                 2.    _____ SHANER, b. about 1880, gone from home by 1900.

                 3.    Aland H. SHANER (son) b. Feb 1882, 1900: day laborer.

                 4.    Josephus C. SHANER, b. Mar 1884, 1900: typesetter.

                 5.    Bertha A. SHANER, b. May 1889.

                 6.    Henry SHANER, b. May 1889.

                 7.    Ruby M. SHANER, b. May 1892.

                 8.    Florence SHANER, b. April 1894.

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5-9-3        SARAH MACOMBER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Calphurnia-Sarah-John, James

          Sarah made her appearance in Vinton County, Ohio 18 January 1843, but she grew up in Ewington. In the 1860 census, when she was 17, her occupation was given as "schoolmiss."

          Sarah's husband was a Welshman, Richard D. EDWARDS. Born 12 December 1836, he came to the United States with his parents, David and Hannah (EVANS) EDWARDS in 1837, and was naturalized in 1838. Sarah and Richard were married 19 December 1861. They settled in Ewington and that is where they remained the rest of their years. Richard was a stonemason by trade and he passed that craft on to some of his sons. His shop and the Edwards home was on High Street.

          Richard took time out from his work when the Civil War came along, and served from 13 September 1864 to 26 June 1865 in Company I of the 173rd OVI, the company headed by Captain Samuel WELKER which so many of Richard's friends and in-laws joined. He was made corporal on 16 September 1864 and first sergeant on 5 February 1865, and was reduced to sergeant 16 April 1865. He and the rest of the company were mustered out of service at Nashville, Tennessee.

          Sarah was 66 years old when she died in 1909, after 49 years of marriage. Richard died in 1915, age 79 years. Both are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


                 1.    Hannah EDWARDS, b. 10 Dec 1862, Ewington, Ohio, d. 1935, age 72 years. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio. Remained single; served as Ewing reunion secretary for several years. 1910 census - 47 years, at home with widowed father.

5-9-3-2    2.     Linza A. EDWARDS (changed to Lindsay), b. 26 Apr 1864, Ewington, Ohio.

                 3.    Calphurnia A. EDWARDS, b. 18 May 1866, Ewington, Ohio. Married: 23 Dec 1883, Gallia County, W. KECK, lived in Columbus, Ohio. Descendants today are KECKS and PEOPLES.

                        Known Issue:

                        1.    Forest KECK (daughter), b. 2 Sept 1884, d. 27 Nov 1924. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio between Hannah EDWARDS and the MACOMBERS.

                 4.    William D. EDWARDS, b. 8 Mar 1868, Ewington, Ohio. 1900 census: there was a William Edwards, 32, a coal dealer, single, boarding w/Bessie WATSON on Second Street between Cedar and Spruce in Gallipolis. A Wm. Edwards married Ella Jane HASKINS in Gallia County, Ohio, 24 December 1900.

5-9-3-5     5.    Sarah Blanche EDWARDS, b. 22 Sept 1869, Ewington, Ohio.

                 6.    David Bundy EDWARDS, b. 3 May 1872, d. 19 Nov 1872, age 6 months, 17 days. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.

5-9-3-7     7.    Richard Clyde EDWARDS, b. 27 Sept 1873, Ewington, Ohio.

                 8.    Otho E. EDWARDS, b. 20 May 1876. 1900 census: at home, single, stonemason, not in the 1910 census.

5-9-3-9     9.    Elizabeth H. EDWARDS, b. 29 Sept 1878, Ewington, Ohio.

                 10.  Lucille EDWARDS, b. June 1883, Ewington, Ohio. 1910 census: at home, school teacher in a country school - later went to Montana, had two children.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          At birth Lindsay was given the name of his grandfather, Linza, but he later changed it to Lindsay. He has long sparked my curiosity because he appears to have been a cut about average. In A.E. EWING'S papers was a clipping from a 1901 newspaper, the McArthur, Vinton County, paper. The item was about Lindsay, and included a picture of him. A fine looking man. I am devastated that I have not been able to find out more about him. All clues lead nowhere.

          Lindsay was born 25 April 1864 at Ewington, Ohio. He attended local schools and went on to the Ewington Academy. He started out to learn his father's trade, that of a stonemason, but something in him made him want to be more than that. Lindsay wanted to be a lawyer. While studying toward that end, he taught school to raise money for further education.

          In 1893 he went to Nebraska and was graduated from the Law Department of Nebraska State University in 1895. He practiced in Nebraska for a year or so, and then returned to Ohio, only to Vinton County, not Gallia County. He was married about 1896 to Jennie _____, born 1868 in Ohio.

          In 1899, Lindsay ran for the office of prosecuting attorney of Vinton County and was successful. He was up for reelection in 1901 when the article about him appeared in the McArthur paper. "He has performed the arduous duties of the office faithfully," said the article, "and has made many warm friends, and with his renominated companion candidates is fully entitled to reelection."

          Lindsay and Jennie and their son, Arthur, were at the time living in McArthur, Elk Township. He and his family were at the 1904 and 1905 Ewington reunions.

          Apparently Lindsay was prosecuting attorney for several years, or so this anecdote which appeared in a Vinton County history would have us believe:

          "Some years ago I was telling a political story," said the author, "to an experienced Vinton County Republican politician. He quickly remarked, 'that reminds me of one that backfired on us - that when Lindsay Edwards was running for prosecuting attorney many of our fellows were not exactly lined up with him and they concluded to scratch him'.

          "The women were to get their first vote, so the men encouraged many of them to promise to also scratch him. When the votes were counted, to the surprise of all, Mr. Edwards got a huge majority. The politicians at first could not account for it. They finally inquired how the women voted. The women said 'we scratched him.' They said they put an 'X' in front of his name. this was a big political joke of the day."


                 1.    Arthur L. EDWARDS, b. July 1897, Ohio

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Sarah, born 22 September 1869, was destined to become the wife of a most illustrious citizen - a doctor at Bidwell, Ohio at first and then Columbus, Ohio, whose career spanned over 30 years, and for whom a Masonic Lodge in Columbus is named.

          Sarah and Luther B. TURNER were married about 1888, but no record of the marriage was found in Gallia County. Luther was born 4 May 1862, Huntington Township, he was the son of William H. and Annis (THOMPSON) TURNER. He attended Gallia County schools and then went on to Starling Medical College, which later became part of Ohio State University. After his graduation in 1892, he practiced at Bidwell, but in November 1906 he and Sarah and their children moved to Columbus, Ohio where he became one of the leading physicians in the Hilltop community, then one of the most prosperous and rapidly growing sections of Columbus. Luther immediately became an important force in Columbus, and especially Hilltop. Long active in Masonic circles - he had been Master of the lodge at Vinton, he apparently was instrumental in forming Lodge No. 732, located at 1933 Valley View Drive in Columbus for it is named after him - the Luther B. TURNER Lodge, F&AM No. 732.

          He was also active in the Hilltop Improvement Association and was elected its president in February 1924.

          Luther was a member of the Columbus Academy of Medicine and the General Practitioners Society of Columbus.

          In 1900 the Turners were living in Springfield Township, Gallia County. They had with them Luther's father, William H. TURNER, and two of their three children. They attended the 1904 Ewing reunion at Ewington, and their daughter, Annis Ohio, then 14, was one of those on the program.

          At some time between then and 1924, Sarah died, presumable in Columbus, as there is no mention of her burial in Gallia County cemetery books.


                 1.    Cyril Brown TURNER, b. Aug 1889. At the time of World War I he was living at 2403 W. Broad Street Columbus, Ohio. Enlisted at Columbus, Ohio, 21 September 1917, 308th T Battery to discharge 6 May 1919. Was made supply Sergeant - 10 November 1917. Served overseas, at Meuse Argonne, 13 June 1918 to 19 April 1919.

                 2.    Annis Ohio TURNER, b. October 1890. Sang at the 1904 Ewing reunion at Ewington.

                 3.    Lauren TURNER, b. after 1900.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Richard's life spanned 74 years and in all that time he did not stir very far from Ewington, Ohio, where he was born 27 September 1873. He was postmaster at Ewington and on a 1909 map of the town he is listed as the owner of the Ewington Academy.

          Richard, called Clyde most of his life, bought Thomas Ewing's place. In the 1910 census, he lived on Main Street in Ewington and was a retail merchant.

          Richard's wife Eliza was born 1875 and was recorded as being a teacher. They were parents of two children, both of whom died young.

           Richard died in 1947 and Eliza in 1967. Both Richard, Eliza and their children are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery,

West Liberty, Ohio.


                 1.    Bessie EDWARDS, b. 6 Sept 1902, d. 23 May 1907. Buried: Mt Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.

                 2.    Frances EDWARDS, b. 13 June 1915, d. 18 June 1916. Buried: Mt.Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Elizabeth was born 29 September 1878 at Ewington, Ohio and died 13 June 1901 shortly after the birth of her only child, Winifred EDWARDS. Elizabeth is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio with her parents.


                  1.    (only) Winifred EDWARDS, b. Jan 1898, d. about 1977. Married: Raymond MC GHEE, b. 1897 son of DeValson and Lucinah MC GHEE. 1900 census: with mother and grandparents in Ewington, Ohio. About 1976: Winifred was living with some Mc Ghees at Eno, Morgan Township, Ohio. Raymond not in Ohio Roster.


                        1.    (only) Richard MC GHEE 1982: lived in Westfield Center, Ohio; five children, one lives Worthington, Ohio.

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5-9-4        LYDIA B. MACOMBER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          The Macomber girls were attracted to the Matthews boys. Lydia's older sister married Josephus C. MATTHEWS, and Lydia followed by marrying his younger brother, John A. Both were sons of William and Letitia MATTHEWS, natives of Greenbrier County, Virginia.

          Lydia was born 26 February 1845 and John was born on the

30th of April 1841. They were married during the Civil War, on 27 March 1864 by John E. HOLCOMB, J.P., while John was a member of Co. I, 36th OVI. He enlisted 13 August 1861 and was mustered out with the company on 27 July 1865.

          In the 1870 census, John was a Raccoon Township farmer, but by the 1880 census they were back in Huntington Township. In the 1900 census he was listed as a Huntington Township farmer. Lydia is down as having had 14 children, 13 then living, but I can only account for the 12 listed.

          Both Lydia and John died in 1903, within seven months of each other - Lydia on January 1 and John on August 9. Both are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


5-9-4-1     1.    Alexander E. MATTHEWS, 1865

                 2.    Josephun C. MATTHEWS, b. 1867. Married: 4 May 1887, Margaret EDMISTON.

5-9-4-3     3.    Samuel Holcomb MATTHEWS, b. July 1869.

                 4.    William B. MATTHEWS, b. 1870.

5-9-4-5     5.    Charles W. (?Whipple) MATTHEWS, b. 1873.

                 6.    Flores A. MATTHEWS (daughter) b. 1875.

                 7.    Lulu Calphurnia MATTHEWS, b. 1879.

                 8.    Chauncey Clyne MATTHEWS, b. Feb 1880.

5-9-4-9     9.    Margaret B. MATTHEWS, b, 1881.

                 10.  Lindsey A. MATTHEWS, b. Feb 1882. Married: 17 July 1902, Gallia County, Edna E. HAMILTON, daughter of John and Jennie (WELKER) HAMILTON.

5-9-4-11   11.  Bryan Blaine MATTHEWS, b. May 1885.

                 12.  Henry H. MATTHEWS, b. Sept 1888.

                 13.   _____ MATTHEWS, Living in 1900.

                 14.   _____ MATTHEWS, deceased in 1900.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Alexander born 26 October 1865, lived only 20 years, one month and 26 days before typhoid snuffed out his life on 21 December 1885. In that time however he did marry on the

30th of August 1884 and gave life to a daughter. His wife was his fourth cousin, Mary E. CARDWELL, (11-6-1-2) daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth CARDWELL. Mary, born in May 1866, later married Alexander's younger brother, Samuel. Mary died 31 December 1918 and is buried at Woods Cemetery in Ohio. Alexander is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, four miles east of West Liberty, Ohio.


5-9-4-1-1   1.  (only) Cora E. MATTHEWS, b. Sept 1885

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5-9-4-1-1         CORA E. MATTHEWS


Ewing Family Lineage:      FATHER: Alexander-Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

                                              MOTHER: Mary-Elizabeth-Tenie-Elizabeth-William-James

          Cora was born in September 1885 and was married to Clyde EAGLE, of the old Gallia County family. His parents were William Henry and Elizabeth Mariah (ALLEN) EAGLE. Clyde was born in December 1883. Dora died in 1964 and Clyde in 1965. Both are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


5-9-4-1-1-1     1.    Helen EAGLE, b. 1907

                        2.    Robert EAGLE, b. after 1910. 1980: Route 2, Vinton, Ohio.

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5-9-4-1-1-1     HELEN EAGLE


Ewing Family Lineage:      FATHER: Cora-Alexander-Lydia-Callphurnia-Sarah-John-James

                                              MOTHER: Mary-Elizabeth-Tenie-Eliabeth-William-James

          Helen was born in 1907. There is a sketch about her husband, Ellis Sibley HALLEY in the GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY in the 1980's. The only "vital statistic" the sketch gives is Ellis' birthday - 4 July 1901. He is the son of Henry P. and Clarinda (SIBLEY) HALLEY, and was is in business and farm management. The Halleys lived in Powell, Ohio.


                 1.    (only) Kathryn Annette HALLEY, m. Dale RENNER. 1980: Amarillo, Texas


                        1.    Amy Lou RENNER

                        2.    Julia Ann RENNER

                        3.    Clarinda Elizabeth RENNER

                        4.    Dale Frederick RENNER

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Samuel born in July 1869 was only 16 when his elder brother, Alexander died of Typhoid. Three years later he married Alexander's widow, Mary E. (CARDWELL) MATTHEWS, and because he was under age his father had to give his consent. This John did, and Samuel and Mary were married 15 November 1888. To Mary and Alexander's three-year-old daughter, Cora, they quickly added Roma, John, Arthur, Thomas, Marshall and Donald. There was another child according to the 1910 census, but was not with the family then and not mentioned in other sketches.

          At first Samuel was a carpenter, but later in life he went into the produce, flour and feed business at Vinton, Ohio. Samuel was active in public affairs and held most of the local township offices. He also served two terms as director of the county infirmary, 1905 to 1910. He was a Baptist and a Knight of Pythias. In 1910 the family lived on the Ewington to Jackson Road. In the 1910 census, Mary is down as having had seven children, five then living.

          Samuel retired about 1930 and died in 1931. Both he and Mary, who died 21 December 1918 are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, four miles east of West Liberty, Ohio.


                        1.    Roma MATTHEWS, b. 13 June 1889, Vinton, Ohio. d. 28 July 1899, 10 years, 1 month, 15 days, MT. Tabor Cemetery, Ohio.

5-9-4-3-2         2.    John Harold MATTHEWS, b. 19 Nov 1890, Vinton, Ohio.

                        3.    Arthur E. MATTHEWS, b. 1894, Vinton, Ohio, d. 1895, 16 months.

                        4.    Thomas Sheldon MATTHEWS, b. Feb 1896, Vinton, Ohio, d. 1920. Married: Esther Fern BRALEY, b. 1896, d. 1920, daughter of Ora and Rhoda BRALEY of Keystone Road, Huntington Township, Ohio. Thomas and Esther died within four days of each other, both are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, OH.

                        5.    Marshall C. MATTHEWS, b. 1901. 1926: traveling salesman for Meigs Wholesale Grocery Company of Middleport, Ohio. 1930: Resident of Columbus, Ohio.

                        6.    Donald K. MATTHEWS, b. 1903. 1926: with Boatman Motor Sales Company, Middleport, Ohio. 1930: Medical student, University of Cincinnati.

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5-9-4-3-2         JOHN HAROLD MATTHEWS


Ewing Family Lineage:      FATHER: Samuel-Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

                                              MOTHER: Mary-Elizabeth-Tenie-Elizabeth-William-James

          Thanks to sketches about him in two Ohio histories, we have a good picture of the life of John Harold MATTHEWS, prominent Gallipolis and Columbus attorney.

          He was born 19 November 1890 and attended public schools in Vinton, Ohio before becoming a teacher in the district school. He later entered Rio Grande College, from which he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1917. Afterwards he studied law in the offices of Judge Roscoe MAUCK in Gallipolis. He was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1920 and subsequently to the district, circuit and supreme courts of the United States.

          In the meantime he had taken a wife. She was Lulu GROVER, daughter of Augustus M. and Elizabeth (IRVIN) GROVER, born 15 September 1893 at Porter, Ohio. They were married at Bidwell, Ohio, 2 September 1914.

          They lived at Gallipolis where John set up his practice. In 1925 he was appointed assistant United States attorney, and the Matthews moved to Columbus, Ohio. John served two years and then went into private practice in Columbus.

          John was a Republican, a member of the North Broadway Methodist church and belonged to York Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, Knights of Pythias, Buckeye Republican Club and the Chamber of Commerce. He was chairman of the Court of Review of the Northeast Section, Columbus Boy Scouts, and was a member of the Metropolitan Columbus Committee. Both he and Lulu were members of the Order of the Eastern Star.

          John was only 57 when he died 11 July 1947. He is buried at Union Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio. Lulu lived 28 more years. She died 11 November 1975 and is buried next to John in the Union Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.


                        1.    Dorothy Elizabeth MATTHEWS, b. 29 Jun 1915, Columbus, Ohio, d. 1 Feb 1976. Married: Columbus, Ohio. Joseph A. DONAHUE.


                               1.    Mary Lou DONAHUE, b. about 1936. Married: WELLER. 1981: Gaithersburg, Maryland. Issue: two children.

5-9-4-3-2-2     2.    John Harold MATTHEWS JR., b. 22 July 1925, Columbus, Ohio.

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5-9-4-3-2-2     JOHN HAROLD MATTHEWS JR.


Ewing Family Lineage:      FATHER: John-Samuel-Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

                                              MOTHER: Mary-Elizabeth-Tenie-Elizabeth-William-James

          Nancy wrote:

          "I had the occasion to talk on the phone to "Jack," as he is called, about three years ago - and it was one of the most engaging conversations I've ever had in connection with this work. He sounded like a very charming, intelligent person. Then when someone sent me a picture of him, I knew we had here a very special member of the family."

          In the 1980's, Jack was a distinguished professor of English at Ohio University at Athens, Ohio and he was also a recognized author. In 1981 his 10th book had just been published. It was a collection of 17 short stories called "DUBIOUS PERSUASIONS," published by John Hopkins University Press. Scribners, Harcourt Brace and Putnam's have published his other works. All books are presumably out of print.

          In addition, Jack and his wife, Barbara, bought an old defunct saloon in a mining town near Athens, Ohio. Barbara had always wanted a country store and this one had an old oak backbar and she furnished it with quilts, a few antiques and thousands of books. They opened it up on Saturdays only. Their home, too, is filled with books and antiques. In fact, Jack wrote a book called "COLLECTING RARE BOOKS FOR PLEASURE AND PROFIT."

          "This is all very interesting for us," Jack wrote, "and conceivably it will prove profitable as well."

          Jack was born 22 July 1925 at Columbus, Ohio. He and Barbara were married in Granville, Ohio, 16 September 1947. She was Barbara Jane REESE, daughter of Cleveland and Beatrice REESE of Worthington, Ohio, originally from Wilmington, Delaware. Jack got his Bachelor's Degree in both English and Classical Greek, and holds a Masters from Ohio State University. He has been teaching at Ohio University for 18 years.

          The article about Jack that was referred to above appeared in the Gallipolis Tribune in 1979 and had to do with a course in Creative Writing he was to teach for the French Art Colony, a prestigious Gallipolis organization. At that time his latest book was "TALES OF THE OHIO LAND," published by the Ohio Historical Society, and he also had five novels, two volumes of short stories, a volume of poetry and one non-fictional book to his credit. Jack was also the author of an article on his illustrious great-great-great-great-grandfather, Indian John EWING, the Indian captive, which appeared in a Columbus newspaper Sunday magazine supplement.

          Jack and Barbara lived in the 1980's at 24 Briarwood Drive, Athens, Ohio 45701.


                 1.    Cynthia Ann MATTHEWS, b. 1 Sept 1948. Married: 28 Dec 1973, Atlanta, Georgia, Wyman WARNOCK.

                        1981: Snellville, Georgia


                        1.    Jed WARNOCK, b. 11 Jan 1975.

                        2.    Cardwell "Casey" WARNOCK, b. 11 Jan 1979.

                 2.     Barbara Ellen MATTHEW, b. 22 Oct 1950. Married: 1st Stephen WEIR of Athens, Ohio, divorced. Married 2nd Craig PLATT of North Royalton, Ohio.


                        1.    Smith WEIR, b. 13 July 1974

                 3.    John Harold MATTHEWS III, b. 26 Aug 1959. Married: 28 Dec 1979, Cathy HART.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Charles was born March 1873 and was married to Hilah HARKINS on the 23rd of September 1894 in Gallia County, by William N. HARKINS. Hilah was born in July of 1875. All that was found about Charles was in the 1900 and 1910 census. Charles was operating a livery stable on Main Street in Vinton, Ohio. Charles died in 1920 and Hilah in 1934. Both are buried at McGhee Cemetery, Gallia County, Ohio.


                 1.    Beatrice MATTHEWS, b. 14 Apr 1895, d. Aug 1970, Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married: 1917, Everett A. EVANS, b. 1885, d. 1962, Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery.


                        1.    Benjamin EVANS, b. 7 Apr 1919. Married: 1st Eve MOORE Married 2nd Phyllis WELKER, b. 1 Feb 1920 (Benjamin's fourth cousin, daughter of Will and Ethel (DECKARD) WELKER, (5-2-4-3-5) Married 3rd Lee SCULLY

                               Issue by Phyllis WELKER:

                               1.    Michael EVANS

                        2.    Michelle EVANS

                 2.    Marie R. MATTHEWS, b. Sept 1898 (SEE 12-5-7)

                 3.    Bruce H. MATTHEWS, b. 1905, d. 1971, Buried: McGhee Cemetery, Ohio next to parents and daughter Eileen. Married: 1st Bervena Fay DECKARD, b. 11 Aug 1905, Delaware, Ohio, daughter of Elbert and Stella (GEER) DECKARD . Married 2nd Fern GEORGE, b. 1907, d. 1957, Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married 3rd Orpha _____.

                        ISSUE by Bervena:

                        1.    Eileen MATTHEWS, b. 1925, d. 1932, McGhee Cemetery, Ohio-buried with her father.

                        2.    Charles MATTHEWS

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          According to Gallia County marriage records, Margaret was born in 1879 (she gave her age as 20 years when she married in 1899). In the 1910 census her age is down as 41 years. However, she does not appear with the family in the 1880 census.

          Margaret was married on 2 April 1899 to Frank B. RALPH, born in Gallia County in 1875. They had a farm on Bull Run Road near Vinton, Ohio. Frank died in 1942 and Margaret in 1949. They are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.    Corwin Cline RALPH, b. 1899, d. 1915. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery w/parents.

                 2.    Mildred L. RALPH b. 1906.

                 3.    Robert B. RALPH b. 1916, d. 1848. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery w/parents, Vinton, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Bryan was born in May 1885 and was married in 1903 to Cora F. GRAHAM, born in February of 1884, daughter of Joseph and Minnie GRAHAM. In the 1910 census, Bryan and Cora were living on Williamsville Road with Cora's widowed father. Bryan died in 1942 and Cora in 1944. Both are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


                 1.    Burris Spires MATTHEWS (daughter), b. 1905. Deceased by 1980. Married: _____ PRICE

                 2.    Ann Louise MATTHEWS, b. 1906, d. 1976. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married: William F. SPRAGUE, b. 1894, d. 1950. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio, w/Joseph and Rebecca SPRAGUE, (probably his parents)

                 3.    Joseph K. MATTHEWS, b. 1909

5-9-11-4   4.    William MATTHEWS, b. 14 March 1920, Ewington, Ohio.

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5-9-4-11-4       WILLIAM MATTHEWS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Bryan-Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          William was born 14 March 1920 at Ewington, Ohio, the youngest child of Bryan and Cora. He attended the Old Ewington Academy and was graduated from Vinton High School. During his teen years he was quite a musician and could play anything with strings. He was one of the best guitar players in the area. Any time a group of musicians was assembled, Bill would be there. He played at the old time square dances, bean dinners and family reunions and entered contests, in which he won several awards.

          A fellow student at Vinton High School when he was there was Estivaun HUTCHINSON. Born near Vinton, 5 August 1918, she was the daughter of John and Daisy (FREDERICK) HUTCHINSON. William was 20 and Estivaun had just turned 18 when they were married 25 August 1940.

          Not long afterward, World War II began. Bill served in that war in Europe, from August 1943 through November 1945 as a member of the United States Air Force.

          He went back to Gallipolis after the war and eventually got into an oil distributorship for Standard Oil. Since 1964 he has been a partner in MATTHEWS AND EDELBUTE Gulf Oil in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

          A civic-minded person, Bill has among his many interests the Gallia County Junior Fair. He served on the board for several years and was president for three terms. He has also been president of the Gallipolis Board of Education and the Gallipolis Booster Club.

          Estivaun was a teacher, and retired after 32 years in the field. She taught at Vinton, Eno, Addison and Gallipolis. She too has been active in community affairs. She served as president of the Washington School PTA, Gallipolis Band Boosters, Gallipolis Education Association and Pre-School Mothers Club, and for 13 years was secretary for the Gallipolis Recreation Board. Both William and Estivaun are active in the First Baptist Church.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Arthalinza was born in February 1849 at Ewington, Ohio. She and her husband, Henry H. METCALF, started out their married life in Huntington Township, but then moved to a Raccoon Township farm and finally by 1892, to Delaware County, Ohio. I found Henry in the 1860 census at Vinton with his mother, Emily METCALF. He was born in February 1847. He and Arthalinza were married 7 April 1867, Gallia County, Ohio. Arthalinza died in Delaware County in 1912.


                 1.    Calphurnia METCALF, b. Dec 1867. 1870, 1880, 1900 census: at home

                 2.    John METCALF, b. 1869

                 3.    Anna METCALF, b. 1873, not mentioned by Lydia.

                 4.    Mary Dale METCALF, b. 1876, Centerville, Raccoon Township. Married: Irwin P. DORWARD. Joined DAR - No.104352, under Zaphaniah HOLCOMB.

                 5.    George Thomas METCALF, b. Mar 1878. Married: 1904, Virginia Victorine DAVIS. George's cousin (5-6-3) b. 18 Apr 1879, Cheshire Township, Ohio. Had 6 or 7 children, 3 living in 1979 in Columbus, Ohio. One of them was probably:

                        1.    Henry H. METCALF, b. 21 Nov 1892, Delaware County, Ohio. World War I, enlisted 30 Aug 1918 at Columbus, in Officer's Training School sent to Camp Hancock, Georgia to discharge 10 Dec 1918. In 1918 lived in Columbus, Ohio.

                 6.    Samuel R. METCALF. Samuel appeared on Lydia's list, was unable to locate him on any census.

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5-9-6        SAMUEL H. OR R. MACOMBER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Samuel's middle initial appears as H. (for Holcomb?) in censuses, but Lydia gives it as R. (for Robert?). He was born at Ewington, Ohio, July 1851, and was married on 9 March 1871, to another member of the old Gallia County family of DECKARDS, Susan. Susan was born 4 January 1848 near Vinton, Ohio. She was the daughter of Richard and Jane (WOODS) DECKARD JR.

          Samuel was a stonemason. They lived on Brush Road near Vinton, Ohio. With them in the 1900 census was their son, Richard as well as their grandson, Ray MACOMBER, 7 years. In the 1910 census Ray was 17 and listed as son. Samuel died in 1918 and Susan in 1933. They are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Ohio


5-9-6-1     1.     Carrie Jane "Jennie" MACOMBER, 23 July 1873

                 2.    Ella MACOMBER, b. 28 Oct 1876 (SEE 5-2-3-4-2)

5-9-6-3     3.    Richard D. MACOMBER, b. 21 May 1881

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Carrie always went by the name of "Jennie." She was born 23 July 1873 at Ewington, Ohio. She was with the family in the 1880 census, but not the 1900 census, though her son, Ray MACOMBER, born in July 1893, was. Carrie was married

25 December 1900 in Gallia County, Ohio to Charles GEE. Charles born in June 1873, son of John and Eleanor GEE. It was Charles' second marriage. In the 1910 census Charles and Carrie lived on a Woods Mill Road farm in Huntington Township, Ohio. Carrie died in 1944 and Charles in 1948. Both are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Ohio.


          1.    Ray MACOMBER, b. July 1893

          2.    Clay GEE, b. 1901, d. 1973, Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married: Viola _____, b. 1904, d. 1954. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Buried with them: Colleen GEE 1936-1954.

          3.    Mack GEE, b. 1903, d. 1963. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Ohio. Married: Clara _____, b. 1903, d. 1963. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Ohio.

          4.    Charles GEE JR., b. 14 Jan 1906, d. 5 Feb 1970. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married:Ethel G. _____, b. 13 Dec 1903. Name on stone, no date.

          5.    Robin GEE, b. Jan 1908

          6.    Chloe GEE, b. 1912/13, d. 26 Sept 1971/1974. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married: George L. LINDAMOOD, b. 1901, Name on stone, no date.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          Richard was born 21 May 1881, at Ewington, Ohio. He was married on 11 November 1902, to Bertha EVANS born 1880, daughter of David and Margareat (MORGAN) EVANS, natives of Wales. Richard was a Brush Road farmer. He died in 1942 and Bertha in 1969 at the age of 89 years. Both are buried Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


                 1.    Merle MACOMBER, b. 17 July 1903, d. 29 June 1978, at Vinton, Ohio. Married: _____ CLARK, she taught school in a one-room schoolhouse on Bunker Hill, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    Madge MACOMBER, b. 1905, d. 1916. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.

                 3.    Donavan MACOMBER, b. 16 Sept 1908, d. no date on stone. Married: Ardis M. _____. b. 1914, d. 1970. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.

                 4.    Morgan Ralph MACOMBER, b. 17 Aug 1915. Moved to Dexter, Meigs County, Ohio in 1957. 1979: in Dexter, Ohio. Supplied some information for this line.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          The youngest of Calphurnia and Linza's seven children, Anna was born in June 1853 at Ewington, Ohio. She was married in Gallia County on 7 January 1877 to Jacob H. WELKER. This Welker, while related to all the Welkers and McMillins in this book, was not really one of "ours." His father was Silas WELKER, a brother of the William WELKER who married Anna's cousin, Taphena HOLCOMB, (5-2-4) and his mother was Arminta

Mc MILLIN, daughter of Joseph, who was Edward Tiffin Mc MILLIN'S brother (5-5).

          At first, after their marriage, Anna and Jacob lived on in Huntington Township, but later they moved to Bidwell in Springfield Township, Ohio and then, about 1898, they followed Anna's sister, Arthalinza METCALF, and her family to Delaware County, Ohio. The Welkers settled in Delaware Township and there raised their family of seven children, five sons and a daughter. They had eight grandchildren, and six of those were boys. Two of the boys were of great height - 6 foot, 4 inches and 6 foot, 5 inches. Their sister, Leah WELKER, has a son who is 6 foot, 6 inches. In Delaware, Ohio the Welkers come by the yard!

          Jacob was 62 years old when he died in 1913. Unable to locate Anna's death date, but she is buried also at Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware, Ohio.


                 1.    Ross E. WELKER, b. Sept 1878

                 2.    Walter S. WELKER, b. Dec 1879. Walter was at the 1904 Ewington reunion, from Delaware, Ohio.


                        1.    Son WELKER

                        2.    Son WELKER

                        3.    Leah WELKER, Married: 1. Dr. James _____

                 3.    Macomber E. WELKER, b. Sept 1885. Married: Grace _____, b. 1890


                        1. (only). Willis WELKER, b. about 1910

                 4.    Bessie B. WELKER, b. Oct 1890. Married: about 1911, Ray OLLER.


                        1. only) Lowell Raymond OLLER, b. 1912

                 5.    Harlan WELKER - TWIN, b. 21 Feb 1895, Bidwell, Springfield Township, Ohio. No Known issue.

5-9-7-6     6.    Orlan Edwin WELKER - TWIN, b. 21 Feb 1895, Bidwell, Springfield Township, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Anna-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James

          The twins were born 21 February 1895, at Bidwell, Springfield Township, Ohio, and were very young when the family moved to Delaware, Ohio. Orlan was the only one of the two to serve during World War I. He enlisted at Delaware on 29 May 1918, and trained at Camp Gordon, Georgia, whence he emerged a corporal on 27 July 1918. His service to discharge on 25 April 1919, was in the United States. After discharge he lived at

84 Curtis Street, Delaware, Ohio.

          He was married on 1 January 1921, in Delaware to Cora Mae LOUKS, daughter of William F. and Sarah Elizabeth (DUPRE) LOUKS, of Gallia County, Ohio, where Cora Mae was born 7 August 1894.

          Orlan and Cora Mae lived on in Delaware, where Orlan was a shoemaker. There they raised their two sons, one of whom, Orlan Jr., followed a family tradition by being 6 foot, 2 1/2 inches.

          Cora Mae died in 1936, when the boys were 14 and 11 years of age. Orlan married Gayle EVANS. It was believed that Gayle was still living in the 1980's.


                 1.    Orlan Edwin WELKER JR., b. 5 Jan 1922, Delaware, Ohio. 1982: Austin, Texas.

                 2.    Franklin Jacob WELKER, b. 20 Feb 1925, Delaware, Ohio. Married: Barbara MONTGOMERY. 1982: in Delaware, Ohio. Franklin is in the personnel leasing business - leases truck drivers to industries such as PPG.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-John-James

          The last of the 10 children of Samuel and Sarah was Edward, who received the same middle name his eldest brother Anselm had, that of Tupper. Edward was born 4 January 1822 at Vinton, Ohio and went through life as a merchant as well as farmer. His land consisted of 160 acres in Section 23 of Huntington Township, and 80 acres in Section 24, just outside Vinton. He was worth $200 in the 1850 census, $2,000/$1,500 in 1860, and $5,000/$2,045 in the 1870 census.

          His wife, Elizabeth MITCHELL, was a native of England. She was born there on 14 November 1814, daughter of John and Mary MITCHELL who are both buried in Holcomb Cemetery. Edward and Elizabeth were married 23 February 1847 at Vinton, Ohio.

          After 48 years of marriage, Edward died on the 6th of February 1895, age 73 years, 1 month, 2 days, of heart disease. In 1900 the widow was listed in Huntington Township, Ohio, living alone. She died not long after, on 29 March 1901, age 87 years old. Both she and Edward are buried at Holcomb Cemetery.


5-10-1      1.    Victoria HOLCOMB, b. 12 Dec 1847, Vinton, Ohio

5-10-2      2.    Chauncey M. HOLCOMB, b. 4/14 Sept 1849, Vinton, Ohio.

                 3.    Elizabeth HOLCOMB, b. 17 Aug 1853, Vinton, Ohio. Married: 20 Nov 1889, Gallia County, Thomas G. TREMBLEY, b. Jan 1850, Ohio.


                        1. (only) Mary Elizabeth TREMBLEY, b. Mar 1893

5-10-4      4.    Walter HOLCOMB, b. 20 Mar 1856, Vinton, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Edward-Sarah-John-James

          Victoria was born 12 December 1847, at Vinton, Ohio and was twice-married and twice-widowed. Her first husband, Cecil FOGG, was a Civil War soldier who died of wounds, and her second, Charles B. ROBINSON, died after only 10 years of marriage.

          Victoria and Cecil were married in Gallia County on 24 October 1869, by Reverend Francis GUTHRIE. Cecil was born at Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio on 7 December 1842 and was of an old Meigs County family. His father, Thomas P. FOGG, born in New Hampshire, was a Meigs County Justice of the Peace. His mother was Mary (SOULE) FOGG, born in Maine. Thomas' father was General Peter FOGG, an officer in the Revolutionary War, who went to Ohio about 1816 and settled at Salem Center.

          In his youth, Cecil excelled at athletics. He was a young man of more than ordinary ability, and seemed to be the leader in all the sports of young men, such as running foot races, jumping and wrestling. He was generally regarded as the most active young man in the community.

          Cecil was 17 when he enlisted 12 August 1861 in Co. B. 36th OVI, the unit so many Gallia and Meigs County men joined. So he too was in the action of 24 July 1864, at Kernestown, near Winchester, Virginia, when CROOK and AVERILL were defeated by EARLY with heavy loss.

          Cecil was wounded in that action, and taken prisoner. A bullet entered his right arm between the shoulder and elbow, and passed down in his arm almost to the elbow. The shot shattered the bone and "fearfully" lacerated the muscle.

          As a prisoner, he went without proper attention to the wound for five days. He was imprisoned two weeks at Winchester, then taken to Mount Jackson, then to Staunton, Virginia, and then to Richmond, Virginia. He was paroled at Camp Varina, Virginia, 24 September 1864, and sent to parole camp at Annapolis, whence he was furloughed home.

          He was at home until 5 March 1865, when he rejoined his regiment at Cumberland, Maryland.

          By the time of his discharge 1 June 1865, on a surgeon's certificate of disability, he had been made a corporal. At the time of his discharge he was 21, had a light complexion and blue eyes.

          He returned to Salem Center and his friends noted a change in him in the ensuing years. He carried one shoulder higher than the other, and there seemed to be a general drain on his system, also a drawing and twitching. Nevertheless, he was active in his community and was elected clerk of Salem Township, which post he held several years.

          After he and Victoria were married, 24 October 1869, they made their home in Salem Township. Cecil was a schoolteacher then, but his arm continued to plague him - "atrophied and too weak for anything but light work" - "general health is in a consequence suffering" - "wound very painful and arm cannot be used for any purpose" - "His arm is now so uncertain as to motion as to prevent copy setting in any measure for his scholars at school."

          "He would be better with the limb gone," added Dr. T. Curtis SMITH of Middleport, Ohio. 

          Cecil and Victoria had bought lumber to build a house in Salem, but in 1878 gave it all up and moved to Vinton where Cecil got a job as a clerk in the dry goods and grocery store of Eli SHANER. But he was gradually sinking and Eli had to do much of his work. To help make ends meet, Victoria took up millinery.

          The end came 26 April 1882 when Cecil was 39. He is buried at Holcomb Cemetery.

          Victoria was left a widow at age 35 with three children ages 11, 9 and 7. she applied for a pension and received $8.00 a month.

          For seven years she remained a widow, struggling to make a life for herself and her children. Then on 11 March 1889, she married Charles B. ROBINSON, a 56-year-old widower. They were married by Reverend George STEPHENSON. At that time Nellie was 14 and Charles was made her official guardian until July 1890, when she would be 16. Sadly, that marriage lasted only 10 years. Charles died 7 February 1899 and was buried at McGhee Cemetery. In the 1900 census, Victoria was listed in Vinton, on Clay Street, quite alone, and the same in 1910. She remained alone for most of the next 13 years. She died in May 1923, age 75 years and is buried with Charles at McGhee Cemetery, Gallia County, Ohio.


                 1.    Beecher C. FOGG, b. 28 Dec 1870, d. 29 Aug 1890. Age 19 years - of consumption. Buried: with father at Holcomb Cemetery. Occupation: Telegraph operator.

5-10-1-2   2.    Walter Raleigh FOGG, b. 4 Oct 1872

5-10-1-3   3.    Nellie FOGG, b. 20 July 1874

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Victoria-Edward-Sarath-John-James

          Walter was born 4 October 1872. Self-educated, he became an actuary. Later he went into insurance and traveled a great deal. He lived in Columbus, Ohio (where he was found in the 1900 census at 1255 Fair Avenue) Washington D.C., and New York City among other places.

          Walter's wife was Gertrude Belle BAKER, daughter of Joseph T. and Eleanor (LAWYER) BAKER, born 11 April 1872. They were married in May 1895.


                        1.    Infant, died at birth

5-10-1-2-2       2.    Helen Gertrude FOGG, b. 8 May 1897, Columbus, Ohio.

                        3.    Walter Raleigh FOGG, JR., b. 27 Aug 1901. Married: 1st ._____ - died. Married 2nd _____ - divorced

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5-10-1-2-2       HELEN GERTRUDE FOGG


Ewing Family Lineage:      Walter-Victoria-Edward-Sarah-John-James

           Helen was born 8 May 1897, in Columbus, where she and her husband, Roland Witmer MILLER, lived after their marriage 11 May 1916. Roland was the son of Orlando and Ella Kay (NORRIS) MILLER, and was born 23 April 1895, in Columbus, Ohio. Helen died at the Miller cottage in Michigan 23 August 1968.


                 1.    Roland Witmer MILLER, JR. b. 23 May 1918. Married: Dorothy Barbara PITNER. 1976: Columbus, Ohio.

                 2.    Marilyn Mae MILLER. Married: Earl Carpenter PETERSON JR. 1976: Columbus, Ohio.

                 3.    David Fogg MILLER, Married: Doris JORDAN. 1976: Johnstown, Ohio .


5-10-1-3   NELLIE FOGG


Ewing Family Lineage:      Victoria-Edward-Sarah-John-James

          Nellie was born 20 July 1874 in Salem, Meigs County, Ohio, and was marrried 26 May 1900 in Gallia County to John Frank CURRY, son of George W. and Julia (CROWELL) CURRY. John was born 23 July 1876 and died in 1944. He is buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery. Nellie's name is on the stone, but there is no date of death. They lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.


                 1.    Julia CURRY

                 2.    Ethel CURRY




Ewing Family Lineage:      Edward-Sarah-John-James

          Chauncey, born 14 April 1849, was 14 when MORGAN'S RAIDERS came through Vinton, Ohio. He was the lad who sniped at a Confederate officer from his hiding place in the woods, striking the officer's saddle. The shooting was blamed at first on his cousin, Anselm T. HOLCOMB (see story 5-8-4) who was able to prove his innocence. Chauncey ran to the residence of Reverend Robinson BREARE, and was hidden by Mrs. BREARE in a closet of the house. Apparently the Confederates never did find out that it was he who had done the shooting, and he was probably hailed as somewhat of a hero by the villagers.

          In the 1870 census, he was found at home, studying law.

In the 1880 census he was still single and was living in Gallipolis, boarding with one Mrs. CROMLEY. Shortly thereafter he married L. Alice BROUS (the marriage is not on record in Gallia County) and hung out his shingle in Gallipolis with the firm of WHITE and HOLCOMB. He died 24 July 1895, and in 1900 the widow was living on Third Street in Gallipolis, a servant, Carrie WUNDERLE, 34 with her. She died 28 November 1912. Both she and Chauncey are buried at Holcomb Cemetery.

          NO ISSUE

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5-10-4      WALTER HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Edward-Sarah-John-James

          Walter was born 20 March 1856 and was a Huntington Township farmer all his life. He was married on 6 May 1877 in Gallia County by Reverend D.G. NICHOLS, to Cora WELLS, born May 1856, in Iowa. In 1880 Cora's mother, Mary E. WELLS, was living with them, and so was her brother, James A. WELLS, 17, born in Iowa. In 1900 it was just Walter and Cora and their two children. In 1910 they lived on the road to Ewington, both children still at home. Walter died in 1935 at the age of 79 years, and is buried at Holcomb Cemetery. There is no record there of Cora's death or burial.


                 1.    Harper B. HOLCOMB, b. Mar 1879, d. 1939. Buried: Old Holcomb Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio

                 2.    Bonnie HOLCOMB, b. Apr 1886 (per 1900 census)

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