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NANCY (ANN) EWING (1785-1858)


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-James

          Actually Nancy is recorded in Indian John's little book as "Ann Jr." but she went by the name of Nancy all her life, and is buried as Nancy at Addison-Reynolds Cemetery in Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Nancy was born on the 27th of May 1785, when the little cabin on Stony Creek was still a part of Augusta County, Virginia. She was 16 years old when John and Ann and the family left there for Ohio and she lived with her parents on George's Creek in Addison Township until her marriage to Benjamin F. MILLS on 2 March 1806 in Gallia County, Ohio.

          Benjamin probably had a connection with the John and Charles MILLS who were also early Gallia County settlers. Charles was one of the men hired by the Scioto Company to go down the Ohio from Marietta to what is now Gallipolis to prepare the way from the French 500, Gallipolis' first settlers in 1790. The Mills family settled along Chickamauga Creek - adjoining corners of Gallipolis, Green and Springfield Townships and spawned the large Mills family of Gallia County. Benjamin could possibly be Charles' brother, even though Charles is said to have been born in Massachusetts in 1766 and Benjamin in New York in 1773. Charles named a son, born in Gallia County in 1805, Benjamin F. MILLS.

          After their marriage Nancy and Benjamin lived for awhile at Vinton near some of Nancy's sisters and brothers, and Benjamin was counted among the electors when Huntington Township was formed from Raccoon Township in 1810. They appear to have been living in Green Township in 1818, for Benjamin is listed among the first members of the Methodist Society when it was formed there that year. But by 1823 Nancy and Benjamin were back in Addison, for in that year Benjamin was taxed on property in Sections 18 and 19 in Addison Township. He was taxed on the same property in 1827.

          Benjamin was 70 years old when he died 9 September 1843. He is buried at Bethel Cemetery in Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          In the 1850 census the widow Nancy, 65, was living with her daughter, Abigail SISSON, and family in Springfield Township, Ohio. Nancy died 16 June 1858, age 73 years, 20 days and is buried, as has been noted, at Addison-Reynolds Cemetery, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Only four of Benjamin and Nancy's children are known, but there were probably others, as there is a large gap between the births of the two brothers. The four named were those that A.E. EWING had listed.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

6-1           1.    Abigail MILLS, b. 5 Apr 1809, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    Andrew MILLS, b. 1811/12, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Martha BEAUCOCK, b. 1833, Virginia. 1850 Census: Gallipolis merchant, no sign of family after 1850 census, possibly moved to Clark County, Missouri.

                        Issue per 1850 census:

                        1.    Laura MILLS, b. 1845

                        2.    Sarah MILLS, b. 1846

                        3.    Mary MILLS, b. 1848

                 3.    Vernon MILLS, b., 1821, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Ann SMITH (same name as Vernon's grandmother) b. 1829, Pennsylvania. 1850 Census: Gallipolis Township farmer, no sign after that, except their daughter Nancy could be the Nancy Ann MILLS, b. 1848, living with the Nelson B. SISSONS in the 1860 census. None of these found buried in Gallia Co. records. It is possible that this is the Vernon MILLS of the 1860 census in Clark County, Missouri, Wyaconda Township, 37, born Ohio, although that Vernon's wife was       Nancy, 27 years, born in Ohio and the children in the family were Maria and Margaret SEE, each 7 years, born Iowa and infant MILLS, l, b. Missouri.

                        Issue per 1860 census:

                        1.    Francis MILLS, b. 1847

                        2.    Nancy Ann MILLS, b. 1848

                        3.    Andrew MILLS, b. 1848

6-4           4.    Sarah Ann MILLS, B. 29 Aug 1823, Gallia County, Ohio  .

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Nancy-John-James

          Nancy and Benjamin were probably in what was about to become Huntington Township when Abigail was born 15 April 1809, but it is hard to say for sure that Huntington Township - or Raccoon Township, as it was called then, was the place of Abigail's birth. Her birth was in Gallia County, Ohio for sure. However, she probably grew up in Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio. She was 27 years old when she was married on

10 November 1836, in Gallia County, to widower Stephen SISSON.

          Stephen, born 30 January 1795, in Unadilla, Otsego County, New York, was the son of Wilson and Rebecca (COBB) SISSON and grandson of a Revolutionary War soldier. Stephen was 21 when he saddled up and rode the distance from Unadilla to Gallia County in 1816 to look the place over. The following winter he made a sleigh and drove back to his home.

          Stephen's report of the new country induced his uncles, David, Giles, Amos and Simeon, to return to Ohio with him. Stephen is mentioned as one of the first members of the new Methodist Church of Gallipolis formed in 1817. Also mentioned are Mary VARIAN and her two daughters, Abigail and Matilda.

          On 12 September 1819, Stephen and Matilda were married. Born in Canada, Matilda was then 19 years old. Their only child was Nelson B. SISSON, born the following year. Eight years later, on 2 June 1828, Matilda died. She is buried at Pine Street Cemetery in Gallipolis, Ohio.

          Eight years after her death Abigail MILLS and Stephen were married. Nelson was by then 16 years old. Five more SISSONS joined the household through the years. Though there was a vast difference in their ages, Nelson appears to have had great affection for his younger half brothers and sisters, certainly for William H.H. anyway. Nelson became a much-respected Gallia County physician, and has many descendants in Gallia County.

          Stephen and Abigail's home was in Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio and there they raised their family. In the 1850 census Stephen was listed as a carpenter, worth $500. Abigail's mother, Nancy Ewing MILLS, 65, was with them. In the 1860 census Stephen was listed as a farmer, worth $1,500/$300. In the 1860 census it was almost the same. In the 1880 census no occupation was given, but then he was 85 years old. Apparently he had by then, or by 1874, actually, when the Gallia atlas was printed, turned his property over to his eldest son, Nelson, for N.B. shows as the only SISSON owning property in Springfield, or all of Gallia County at that time. That was 50 acres at the western edge of Porter, 30 acres at the eastern, and 40 acres in Section 17.

          Stephen died 30 May 1883 at the age of 88 years. Abigail died 30 May 1889 age 80 years, 1 month, 15 days. Both are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


                 1.    Caroline R. SISSON, b. 1837, Springfield Township, d. 1859, Buried Fairview Cemetery, Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

6-1-2        2.    William Henry Harrison SISSON, b. 1840

                 3.    Matilda Sarah SISSON, b. Aug 1844, Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 1912, buried: Fairview Cemetery, Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio. 1870 census: single, with parents, clerk in store; 1900 census: 55, merchant, living alone, owns home free.

6-1-4        4.    Benjamin W. SISSON, b. 28 Apr 1850, d. 28 Aug 1850. Buried: Fairview Cemetery, Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Abigail-Nancy-John-James

          William, born in Springfield Township Gallia County, Ohio in 1840, was 21 years old and 6 feet tall, 165 pounds and of dark complexion when he enlisted as a private on 5 July 1861 in Mason County, West Virginia in Company B, 4th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry. Before his term of service was over three years later, William had been made lieutenant on 3 October 1863 and had been wounded in battle.

          His regiment served at first in the South. It was involved in the Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi, was at Memphis, Tennessee and took part in the Battle of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

          In 1864 the regiment was sent to the Shenandoah in Virginia and was involved in the action of July 24 at Kernstown near Winchester, the same battle the 60th OVI was in when the Federals attacked EARLY and forced him to give up his attempt at marching on Washington.

          William was seriously injured in that battle. A ball entered on the inside of his right arm about 1 1/2 inch from the wrist joint, completely shattering the ulna and causing much injury to the tendons.

          Fortunately he was not among those taken prisoner. He was sent to Sandy Hook Hospital in Maryland where the arm was dressed. He was admitted on 1 August 1864, at the Officers Hospital, Annapolis, Maryland. Nelson later wrote: "I was called to Annapolis because it was supposed the officer was about to die. I found him suffering from typhoid, mental derangement, despondency, melancholy to a fearful extent, greatly emaciated, haggard, weak and with a cadaverous look indicating a lack of fluids, and vial forces in peril."

          On 8 September William was released from the hospital for a 20-day furlough, and Nelson took him back to Gallipolis. William reported to Surgeon Lincoln S. STONE of the General Hospital in Gallipolis. He was given a 20-day extension of his furlough and then another and another - 80 days in all - and finally on 3 October 1864, he was discharged from service. He went home to Porter - Springfield Township, where he convalesced - but slowly as Nelson later wrote:

"Careful treatment was rendered the soldier and there was some improvement but such had been the violent shock there remained during his life a weakened, enfeebled state and predisposition to pulmonary irritation demanding every treatment, as well as continuous, which was rendered by me.

                 "This officer was my brother and a good and faithful soldier as ever shouldered a gun or carried a sword."

          William filed for a pension in 1867. Though regarded as an invalid he apparently was not so bad off that he could not seek public office. In 1868 he was named Gallia County treasurer, an office he held until 1872.

          During his term he took some time off to go out to Mahaska County, Iowa, to claim a bride. She was Sarah GANT, who was living in Eddyville at the time. Eddyville was where William's mother's first cousins, Rhoda Ewing BRIGGS and Thomas EWING, were then living. The two and their families were probably at the marriage ceremony on 18 April 1871, when William and Sarah exchanged vows before the Reverend M. MILLER.

          William brought his bride back to Gallipolis where they made their home. Their daughter Genevieve was born there in 1872. In 1875 William was named to succeed the late J.M. CAMPBELL as Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas for Gallia County.

          William was not to serve very long. Soon afterward he went into a decline and died 24 December 1876. He was only 36 years old. He is buried at Pine Street Cemetery, Gallipolis, Ohio, his stone marked with his rank and outfit of service.

          Sarah, with a 4 year old daughter to take care of, filed for a widow's pension. The request was turned down on the grounds that William's death had been caused by consumption, and was not service-related. But in 1879 she applied again, and the board reversed the earlier decision when it was showed that "effects of his wound hastened the development of the disease which caused his death by constitutional irritation and drain upon the system."

          At that time Sarah was living in Middleport, Meigs County, Ohio. At some later date she was married to G.R. JOHNSON. In 1926 she was living in Columbus and reported a change of address. The date of her death is not noted in the pension files.


          1. (only). Genevieve SISSON, b. 2 April 1872, Gallipolis, Ohio.

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6-1-4        BENJAMIN W. SISSON


Ewing Family Lineage:      Abigail-Nancy-John-James

          Ever since the first moment that I found Benjamin with Abigail and Stephen in the 1850 census, his age given as 3 years, there was no question in my mind but what he was their child, especially with a name like Benjamin.

          But when preparing to write this sketch, and reviewing his and William's Civil War pension papers, I began to wonder.

          Of William, the elder half brother Nelson wrote, "This officer was my brother and a good and faithful soldier as ever shouldered a gun or carried a sword."

          Of Benjamin he wrote: "Benjamin resided in my father's family from childhood to enlistment...Claimant has been personally well known to me...I have constantly lived near claimant and seen him weekly except when we were both absent in service 1861 to 1864. I was his neighbor and family physician for 30 years."

          In the 1882 HARDESTY'S HISTORY, in speaking of Sisson's Civil War service in a sketch about Nelson, it says, "William H.H., a brother of the doctor, enlisted in 1861..." But of Benjamin it says only, "Benjamin W. enlisted in 1864..."

          I will continue to wonder, but by including the sketch, maybe one of Benjamin's descendants, lost to us at this point, will read it and let the particulars be known, one way or another.

          Benjamin was born 20 July 1847 in Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Though he gave his age as 18, he was only 17 when he enlisted on the 20th of August 1864 at Gallipolis, Ohio, in Company I, 173rd OVI, Captain Samuel WELKER'S one-year company which attracted so many of our Ewing family. The regiment marched to Nashville, Tennessee where that winter the men were "required to perform duty behind entrenchments without shelter or protection from the weather, exposed to falling rain and snow storms."

          On or about 30 March 1865, while stationed at Johnsonville, Tennessee, he developed painful inflammation of the knee joint of his left leg. which was called scrofulous by his physicians.

          Benjamin was discharged shortly afterwards, on 26 June 1865, at Nashville, Tennessee and he returned to Porter, Ohio, but he was never the same again. The knee underwent constant enlargement in the years ahead - abscessed, even tubercular, said his doctors, and there were two or three or more openings which discharged continuously. Surgeon William NEWTON of Gallipolis wrote, "Constant enlargement of the knee for the first 16 years in the history of this case ...limb is useless and in truth, a dead weight and constant care. He could do much better with the leg amputated above the knee."

          But Benjamin persevered. He got around on crutches, but by 1880 he had been made postmaster of Springfield Township.

          Then he got a real break. He got a job as a government clerk in Washington D.C.

           By this time Benjamin was a husband and father. On

20 November 1870 he and Mary ROWLEY were married by Reverend J.M. RIFE. Mary was born in Ohio, 4 July 1851, and became the mother of seven children. The first five were born in Springfield Township and the last two in Washington D.C., meaning they moved sometime between 1882 and 1885. Benjamin worked in the Pension Bureau itself, and was on the Board of Review of the Pension Office. He was a member of the GAR and Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church.

          Before too many years it was discovered that in addition to the knee problem, Benjamin had cancer. By February of 1826, he was in a helpless condition. In 1928 he was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center and then transferred to Garfield Hospital, where he died 8 March 1928 of cancer of the kidney and bladder and spinal arthritis, age 80 years, 7 months, 16 days. He is buried in the SISSON family plot at Glenwood Cemetery in Washington D.C.

          (The abstractor of Benjamin's Civil War file, Lois LuAnn HOWELL, added this:) "Glenwood Cemetery is off Lincoln Road on Capitol Hill. Benjamin lived one block from Lincoln Park. When he lived at 1804 First Street, he was close to the Lincoln Road intersection. His home at 2715 S. Dakota is only a short walk to Civil War, Fort Lincoln. He never left Lincoln - by accident or design."

          In the SISSON burial plot with Benjamin are his wife, Mary, who died 2 September 1917 and their daughter Della. There are three unoccupied graves. Benjamin, Mary and Della share a common gray granite stone, beautifully draped, according to Lois LuAnn, in green - a green growth of poison ivy.


                 1.    Nellie SISSON, b. 27 Nov 1871, Springfield Township, Ohio. Married: pre-1900, A.P. SCHELL.

                        1928: Brooklyn, New York.

                 2.    Abigail Mills SISSON, b. 8 Nov/Dec 1873, Springfield Township, Ohio. 1928: a principal of Langdon School in Washington, D. C. (Lois LuAnn HOWELL reports that the Langdon School is located at 20th and Franklin Streets, N.E., which is the old Catholic area of the city - monasteries, convents, religious houses, etc.)

                 3.    Harry R. SISSON, b. 3 May 1876, Springfield Township.

                 4.    Joseph W. SISSON, b. 8 Jun 1879, Springfield Township. 1928: Washington D.C.

                 5.    Della T. SISSON, b. 15 May 1882, d. 9 Sept 1896. Buried: Glenwood Cemetery, Washington D.C.

                 6.    Bessie B. SISSON, b. 22 Aug 1885, Washington D.C. Married: J.H. ARNOLD. 1928: Bloomingdale, Illinois.

                 7.    Frances S.M. (or S.W.) SISSON, b. May 1893, Wash. D.C. Married: H.L. FLEMER

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Nancy-John-James

          Sarah Ann was born 29 August 1823 in Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio. She was married on 14 April 1842, Gallia County, to Robert REYNOLDS II.

          To tell more about these two, an article that appeared in the Gallipolis Tribune in 1948 will be quoted:

          "Throughout the long summer days of 1848, a certain carpenter and his assistants were urged to drive nails fast - that a new home might be completed before the arrival of the fourth child of Robert and Sarah Ann Mills REYNOLDS.

          "Nancy, Charles B. and Mary Jane had made their debut into the world in a log house that stood a few feet to the west of the new one being built, a fact they had reason to boast about as they grew older and more appreciative, for this house was not a makeshift one that Robert had hurriedly erected for temporary shelter. The three older children could point to the big log house that was left standing, and tell the newer-comers that they and their father and Grandfather Robert I and maybe even Great-Grandfather John REYNOLDS had all lived in it. John Reynolds of Kent County, Delaware married Alsey REES and when they came to Ohio, he chose the pleasant knoll on the western edge of what is now the village of Addison for a home site. He chose well, for today William Reynolds NELSON of the fifth generation, age 19, a student at Ohio State, and heir apparent, loves his heritage and avowedly means to keep it."

          Records show that on 28 April 1810, Andrew FITCH sold the land to John REYNOLDS of Kyger Township, now Addison Township, for $150. It was a lot of 105 acres fronting on the Ohio River (River Lot 472). In the 1874 atlas the lot shows as 50 feet wide and 2 miles (two sections) deep. The two homes the Sissons built stood on a knoll overlooking the Ohio River. At some point in time Robert gave up nine acres of his river frontage for the town of Addison Township, along with John LOUKS and William WATSON. The town was laid out by Reuben ROTHGEB, date not noted.

          "The carpenters pounded hard and fast, and Robert and Sarah were under the new roof when William Henry was born in December. The new home must have been a beehive of activity through its first generation, for there came six more to be brothers and sisters to William Henry and his elders, a household of 12.

          "William Henry REYNOLDS, the first child born in the home, lived in it until his death in 1935. Now his daughter, Mrs. Lafayette H. NELSON, who lives in Gallipolis, is the owner of the house.

          "Only a few steps back from the house and on the level Campaign Road lies the well-kept Reynolds Cemetery. The handsome markers show the respect and devotion each generation has had for their worthy ancestors."

          In the 1860 census Robert was listed as worth $3,500/$600.

          In a three-month period, 1862-1863, tragedy struck the household. Their eldest son, Charles, serving in Company E, 56th OVI, was apparently wounded. He was discharged on a surgeon's certificate of disability 27 November 1862 at Keokuk, Iowa and died 17 days later, age 17 years. Five days after that their eldest daughter, Nancy, 19, died and less than three months after that their 3 month old son, Robert E. died. All three are buried at Addison-Reynolds Cemetery.

          And then to add to Sarah Ann's heartbreak, Robert himself died 20 November 1868, age 47 years, 5 months, 13 days. On one list it is noted that there is a GAR marker at his grave, but if Robert ever served, no record has been found to prove it.

          Sarah Ann remained a widow 16 days short of exactly 30 years. She stayed on at the homestead, which in the 1874 atlas showed up in Robert's name, even though he had been dead six years. After Sarah's death the house and property fell to her then eldest son, William Henry. The end came 4 November 1898, when Sarah Ann was 75 years, 2 months, 7 days.


                 1.    Nancy E. REYNOLDS, b. 23 Nov 1843, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 19 Dec 1862, buried: Addison-Reynolds Cemetery.

                 2.    Charles B. REYNOLDS, b. 25 Mar 1845, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 14 Dec 1862, buried: Addison-Reynolds Cemetery. Pvt., Co. E, 56th OVI Enlisted 1 Jan 1862, discharged 27 Nov 1862, at Keokuk, Iowa on a surgeon's certificate of disability.

                 3.    Mary Jane REYNOLDS, b. 1847, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

6-4-4        4.    William Henry REYNOLDS, b. Dec 1848, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 5.    Margaret Ann REYNOLDS, b. 1850, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1 Sept 1868, Joseph W. ROUSH, b. 1842. Margaret died 1934, Joseph died 1927. Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire, Ohio.

6-4-6        6.    John Harrison REYNOLDS, b. Oct 1852, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 7.    James Alfred REYNOLDS, b. Aug 1854/1855, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 1944. Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township. Married: 30 June 1883, Gallia County, Ohio, Effie VAN VLECK, b. June 1852, Ohio, d. 1934, buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Ohio. Lived Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 8.    Caroline Alzina REYNOLDS, b. 1858, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 1941, buried Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Ohio. Married: 6 Mar 1879, Gallia County, Ohio, Charles A. SMITH, b. 1855, Ohio, d. 1926. Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Ohio. 1880 Census: newlyweds living with her mother at Addison Township, Ohio. 1896: Charles and his brother opened a dry goods store in Gallipolis, Ohio.

                 9.    Robert Ellsworth REYNOLDS, b. 1860 - after census - Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 16 March 1863. Buried: Addison-Reynolds Cemetery, , Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

              10.      Sarah Ella or Ellen REYNOLDS, b. 1862, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 1951, Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Ohio. Married: William Douglas LEONARD, son of Charles and Mary (SWITZER) LEONARD, b. 14 Dec 1937, Buried: Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Ohio. 1937: 1010 Second Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah Ann-Nancy-John-James

          William was the first of Sarah Ann and Robert's children to be born in the new house on the knoll. He was born there in December, 1948, lived there all his life, and died there.

          He was 20 years old when his father died in 1868. As the eldest son in a then family of mother and six children, it was up to him to keep things going on the farm and that he did. He was 37 before he married. On 24 December 1885 he and Ida TUNING were wed. Born in 1863, Ida was the daughter of William A. and Mary (KEISTER) TUNING. William brought his bride back to the old homestead. Less than two years later, Ida was gone. She died just after the birth of the twins in 1887.

          It fell to Williams' mother, Sarah Ann, to raise Alva Claude and Alta Maude. When Sarah Ann died in 1898 the twins, then 11 years old were separated, but only for a short time. Claude remained with William and Maude went to live with her Tuning grandparents for a while, but soon she was back living in the household.

          William did not marry again. He lived 48 more years and "batched it" all that time. He was a teacher as well as a farmer and taught for 19 years. Later he became postmaster in the village of Addison Township. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church at Middleport for more than 50 years and a member of the Knights of Pythias in Gallipolis, Ohio.

          Claude died during World Was I. When Maude married in 1927, she and her husband, Lafayette H. NELSON, lived in the old home and took care of her aging dad. When William died 4/6 March 1935, Maude was the heir to the property.

          William and Ida are buried side by side at the Addison-Reynolds Cemetery, Addison Township, Ohio


                 1.    Alva Claude REYNOLDS - TWIN, b. 21 Sept 1887, d. 26 Sept 1918, of influenza and pneumonia. Buried with parents, Addison-Reynolds Cemetery, Addison Township, Ohio. World War I: enlisted 5 Aug 1918, at Gallipolis in 58th Company, 15th Battalion, served Camp Syracuse, New York, where he died. A private.

6-4-4-2     2. Alta Maude REYNOLDS - TWIN, b. 21 Sept 1887.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Sarah-Nancy-John-James

          Alta Maude, twin to Alva Claude, was born in September 1887, in the Reynolds homestead at Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio. The twins were raised by their grandmother, Sarah Ann MILLS REYNOLDS, after the death of their mother at their birth. Then, when Sarah Ann died in 1898, Alta Maude went to live with her grandparents, William and Mary TUNING, while Alva Claude remained at home with their father. Eventually she returned, and there she remained for many years. Even after her marriage to Lafayette H. NELSON, she and her husband lived on at the old homestead, to look after her elderly father.

          Alta Maude was 41 when she gave birth to her only child, a son, the third generation to be born in the house on the knoll.

          When Alta Mauda's father died in 1935, she fell heir to the property, which her son now owns. In 1940 the Nelsons moved into Gallipolis.

          Lafayette, born in 1884 died in 1951 and is buried at the Addison-Reynolds Cemetery in Addison, Ohio. In 1982 Alta Maude was 95 and a resident in a nursing home.

          An obituary notice dated 10 December 1984 stated that Maude NELSON died in the Pike County Community Hospital, Waverly, Ohio and was to be buried in the Reynolds Cemetery in Addison, Ohio.


6-4-4-2-1         1.    (only) William Reynolds NELSON, b. 13 Dec 1928, Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Alta Maude-William-Sarah-Nancy-John-James

          William was the third generation of the family to be born in the old Reynolds homestead at Addison Townshiip. The date was 13 December 1928. The family remained at the home until he was 12 years old in 1940, when they moved into Gallipolis.

          William was in his last year of Law School at Ohio Sate University when he met a young nursing student, Rachel Ann MASTERS. Rachel is one of my many Hanks cousin from Gallipolis. Born there 13 September 1932, she is the daughter of Clarence L. and Ruth (MILLER) MASTERS, Ruth being a HANK-CHERRINGTON. Rachel gave up any thoughts of college in favor of marriage but, oddly enough, in the 1980's she was working for two psychiatrists and a psychologist. Bill or William and Rachel were married 17 September 1950, in Gallipolis. He is now a successful Los Angeles attorney. Their address is 23710 Carnard Street, Woodland Hills, California 91367.





Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Nancy-John-James

          John, too, was born at the old Reynolds homestead at Addison Township, the date being October 1852. He was a farmer in Cheshire Township all his life. John was married on 6 July 1876 to Mary S. EBLIN. Mary was born in August 1859 and is probably the daughter of James EBLIN, next to whom she was buried after her death in 1936. John died in 1923 and is buried with her at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire, Ohio.


6-4-6-1     1.    Ina G. REYNOLDS, b. 28 Oct 1877

                 2.    Iva Genevieve REYNOLDS, b. 23 Nov 1879, d. 30 Dec 1901, age 22, buried Gravel Hill Cemetery with family in Cheshire Township, Ohio.

6-4-6-3     3.    Leith John REYNOLDS, b. Sept 1886

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6-4-6-1     INA G. REYNOLDS


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Sarah-Nancy-John-James

          Ina was born 28 October 1877 and was married about 1897 to Alva A. BING, son of William and Mary (WOLFE) BING. He was born 14 July 1871 and in the 1900 census for Cheshire Township was listed as a farm laborer. In later years Ina and Alva moved to Richmond, Virginia. Alva died there 18 June 1955 and Ina on the 15 June 1965. Their bodies were returned to Gallipolis for burial at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire, Ohio.


          1.    Genevieve BING, b. 9 Jan 1910, Cheshire Township, Ohio. Married: 1st 2 Aug 1936, Harry TEAL of Richmond, Harry died 25 Dec 1969. Married 2nd 17 Apr 1979, Earl Charles SILVER.

          2.    Charles BING, b. 12 June 1913, Cheshire Township, Ohio.; Married: Viviene SMITH.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Sarah-Nancy-John-James

          Leith was born in September, 1886 and was married

4 December 1907 to Lorena B. HOOPER. Lorena, orphaned soon after her birth in Athens County, Ohio has the distinction of being an 8-8-88 baby (8 August 1888).

          Leith John died 22 January 1967 and is buried at Gravel Hill Cemetery, Cheshire Township, Ohio. Lorena was still living in 1978.


                 1.    Alberta REYNOLDS, b. 4 June 1910, Cheshire Township, Ohio. Married: Oliver D. KING, b. 29 April 1884, Columbus, Ohio. In April 1981, Alberta wrote that her husband was about to celebrate his 97th birthday, and though he had recently been ill, had made a surprising recovery and was doing fine. At that time he was the oldest living policeman in Columbus, Ohio and had 25 years on the force. Their address was: 3036 Neil Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43202. No issue.

                  2.     Dorothy E. REYNOLDS, b. 15 July 1921, Cheshire Township, Ohio. Married: 1962, _____ BROWN. Divorced: 1872, No issue.

                 3.     E. Jean REYNOLDS, b. 26 May 1925, Cheshire Township, Ohio. Single

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