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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-James

          William EWING and Mary MC NEILL were married 15 November 1785. the newlyweds spent their first Christmas together in the snug cabin on Swago Creek, celebrating not just Christmas but Mary's 15th birthday of December 25 and William's 29th birthday on December 26.

          There was yet another cause for celebration on their second Christmas together. Christmas, yes, their two birthdays, yes, but now a little Ewing was on the way, and that was cause for extra joy that December in Old Virginia.

          The snows that had pretty much confined William and Mary to their isolated cabin all that winter were still there when 15 February 1787, rolled around. It is possible that when Elizabeth Ewing began making her presence felt that day, that William hurried for a neighboring midwife to help. It is more likely that he handled the details himself.

          In any event, there she was, William and Mary's first, which made her something very special.

          And she would be named Elizabeth to honor William's sister.

          Elizabeth grew fast and promised to be more like her mother every day - short and heavy set, but broad-shouldered and strong. And with those blue eyes and that light hair she was a delight in her parents' eyes.

          And as she grew, so did the family. Thomas next, then Jonathan, William, James, John - all those brothers to look after! Finally a sister, Sarah. But then, more brothers - Enoch, Jacob, Abram, George and Andrew.

          Elizabeth and Sarah took being the only girls in a houseful of 10 boys in stride. And as the eldest of them, Elizabeth was more or less second in charge.

Here is a story Enoch used to tell about his sister. This was about 1804, so Betsy would have been 16, Enoch 4. He was still wearing the long flannel dresses all small children wore then.

          They were out walking in the field near the cabin when Enoch reached down to pick up what he thought was a stick. To her horror, Betsy saw that his "stick" was a rattler. It did not take her a second to spot a fair-sized club beneath a tree in the next field. Without hesitating she flung herself across the fence, grabbed the club, leapt back, and whacked away at the slithery villain.

          Through all his years, Enoch remembered how his long flannel skirt saved him from being bitten - and how Betsy's skirt flew as she vaulted over that fence!

          Adjoining the Ewing farm in then - Greenbrier County, Virginia, was that of James LEWIS. George LEWIS, a brother or son, also had a farm nearby. George had a daughter, Rebecca, who had been married to a DAUGHERTY, no doubt of the same family William's sister, Elizabeth, had married into. Rebecca's husband died and she then married in 1782, one William DODDRIDGE. This was William DODDRIDGE/DODRILL or "English Bill" as the fellows knew him. (All the locals had nicknames back then, and Bill's came from the place of his birth.)

          A word about English Bill's surname: It was definitely Doddridge to begin with - back in the old country and on first arrival on these shores. But around 1800 the name Dodrill began to creep into the records, and that is the name all of English Bill's descendants use today.

          And yet during the 19th Century and even later the two names seem to have been interchangeable. A.E. EWING wrote that his grandfather, Enoch EWING, always referred to his brother-in-law as Doddridge. Several times in various Gallia County census and county histories of the 1800s, people would be referred to as a descendant of George and Elizabeth (EWING) DODRILL.

          Rebecca and English Bill became the progenitors of a large and wide-spread family, chronicled in "HERITAGE OF A PIONEER" by Charles Tunis DODRILL in 1967.

          One of their sons was George Michael DODRILL. George was born 24 April 1783 on the Lewis farm near Swago Creek in what is now Pocahontas County, Virginia.

          When George was about a year old, his parents joined a group from Greenbrier River country who decided to try their luck on the other side of the mountain - the Dodrill book says at Point Pleasant, but history does not record settlers going to Point Pleasant as early as 1784; it was more likely near Clendennin's Fort on the Kanawha River at the mouth of the Elk, now Charleston, the capitol of West Virginia, which was settled early.

          On that trip across the Alleghanies, George was carried in a basket strapped to his mother's saddle, Indian fashion, on one side and his infant sister Mary on the other.

          But 1784 was not the time to be that far west, as English Bill and Rebecca found out. They stuck out the constant harassment from the Indians as long as they could, but by 1790 were back in relative security around Swago Creek.

          Years later, others of George's family, parents and siblings, left Pocahontas County and went next door to Webster County to settle on the upper reaches of the Birch River in the vicinity of the village of Boggs, some 30 miles, as the crow flies, from Swago Creek. Here the Dodrills - English Bill and Rebecca - established a permanent home at the mouth of Doddridge Run, now known as Bragg Run, and it was from there that others of the Dodrill family spread all over the United States.

          But not George Michael, before the move was made, he had discovered the girl "next door," Elizabeth Ewing. George was 21 and Elizabeth 17 when he appeared before the Bath County clerk (Swago Creek was by then in Bath County, Virginia) on 5 November 1804, to take out a marriage bond to marry "Betsey EWINGS". William EWINGS consented for his daughter to wed. There is no minister's return to give us the exact date of the wedding.

          Apparently there were a lot of stillbirths and deaths in infancy to begin with for George and Elizabeth, for the date of birth of their first recorded child is 1816 - 12 years after they were married. The chidden came in rapid succession after that - every two years, regularly as clockwork - until there were eight. Elizabeth was 29 at the birth of the first of those eight and 44 at the birth of the last.

          George and Elizabeth lived near the Ewings in the early years of their marriage. They are listed as residents of Bath County, Virginia in the 1810 census, on the same page as Elizabeth's brother Thomas and on the next page from William and Mary.

          Apparently they hit the trail for Ohio at the same time as William and Mary - 1810, soon after that census was taken. George was head of a household in the 1820 Huntington Township census. The strange thing is, though, that he was not on the July 1810 list of Huntington Township electors, nor is he on the 1820 Huntington Township proprietor's list.

          He does appear on the 1827 tax list. He paid taxes that year on chattel goods (horses and livestock) but not on real estate.

          The Dodrill book has it that during the War of 1812 George joined General William Henry HARRISON'S forces at Point Pleasant and participated in the engagement which resulted in the victory over BROCK at Detroit. But it is more likely that he was with the other Huntington Township men who fought under TUPPER in Miami Indian country in August of 1813, in either WORMELDORFF'S or ROADAMOUR'S company.

          The Dodrill book also says, "About this time (without mentioning what time) the saltworks along the Ohio, especially at Point Pleasant, were booming. George joined the boating crews that carried salt and iron down the Ohio and Mississippi to markets along the rivers. He also managed crews that drove livestock to the eastern markets. Earlier in life he acquired valuable information as to the most desirable places to stop along the newly constructed turnpikes. He frequently engaged in buying livestock and driving it to market. He would employ local residents along the routes to help guard the livestock from being destroyed by wolves and bears."

          That suggests that George and Elizabeth lived nearer to the Ohio River than Ewington, Ohio is located. Well, maybe at some point they did.

          But it was in Huntington Township that George settled down to being a farmer and Elizabeth a farmer's wife. The Dodrill book speaks of many instances of land transactions in which George and Elizabeth had a part - buying and selling - but the only one that has come to my hand is a deed of 1846, when on

1 October 1846 George bought from William EWING JR. and his wife, Sarah for $50, 39.77 acres, the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 3 in Huntington Township, about a mile northwest of Ewington. That land appears in the 1874 Gallia County atlas as part of the Hiram NILES tract.

          It does not appear that George and Elizabeth ever lived on that land. It appears their farm was 80 acres in Section 9, 2 miles west of Ewington. The home was on Spring Run near the Willow Church and fronted on Keystone Road, the road running west from Ewington to Keystone Furnace in Jackson County, Ohio.

     That land stayed in the Dodrill family for many years, almost 100, actually. It eventually fell to son James, who is noted as the owner in the 1874 GALLIA COUNTY ATLAS, and then went to his daughter, Sarah, who had it at least until 1910.

          Apparently George turned the 80 acres over to James prior to his death. In the 1860 census a man's real as well as his personal estate was noted. George, listed next to James, is down as O (no real estate) and $500 ($500 in chattel goods) while James is down as $800 in real estate and $500 personal. So only James was a landowner.

          George was quite a hunter. He and his brother-in-law, Enoch Ewing used to go out a lot. This is one of the tales Enoch told about those hunting days.

          On this particular day George and Enoch pursued separate trails, but kept within ear-shot of each other. Suddenly Enoch heard the report of a rifle and knew that George had found game. The next he heard was a distress call from George appealing for help.

          What happened was that George had fired at a buck, knocking the animal down. He thought he had made a kill and rushed forward with his hunting knife to cut the buck's throat. Just as he was bending over the buck to make the stab, the buck recovered from the bullet blow, which had only stunned him, and began to fight for his life. He brought his hand hoofs into play and with one stroke had disarmed Dodrill of his hunting knife and had slit his hunting shirt from border to throat. Dodrill narrowly escaped being disemboweled. He managed to hold down his buck, and he did not dare let go. His rifle was empty and his hunting knife far beyond reach.

          He would have been in big fat trouble indeed if Enoch had not arrived on the spot as fast as he did. Enoch ended the wrestling match with his hunting knife, and Dodrill was safe to hunt another day.

          And Elizabeth got her venison.

          George and Elizabeth lived out their years in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Elizabeth was 65 year, 4 month, 15 days when she died 30 June 1852. She was among the first to be buried in the Ewing Cemetery at Ewington, Ohio, which came into being that year, the same year Ewington was laid out by her brother George on land which had once belonged to their father.

          Eight months after Elizabeth's death, George married again. He was 70 when he married the 48 year old widow Sarah WALLACE on 27 February 1853. It may not have been a successful marriage. At least George was living alone in the 1860 census. Sarah was not in Huntington Township for that census. In the 1870 census she was, though, living with her daughter, Amarylis POTTER, and two grandchildren.

          In that 1860 census, George's age was given as 83, but he was actually 77. He was so proud of his service in the War of 1812 that there is after his name in the column headed "Occupation" the notation, "Soldier 1812".

          A few days after that census was taken, George died. The date was 19 June 1860, age 77 years, 1 month, 25 days. He is buried beside Elizabeth at Ewing Cemetery, Ewington, Ohio.


11-1         1.    Sarah DODRILL, b. 11 Oct 1816, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-2         2.    James Lewis DODRILL, b. 1 Aug 1818, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-3         3.    William Coleman DODRILL, b. 1821, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-4         4.    Mary DODRILL, b. 1822, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-5         5.    Elizabeth DODRILL, b. 4/9 Feb 1824, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-6         6.    Mathena DODRILL, b. 1826, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-7         7.    George Michael DODRILL Jr., b.1827/1829, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-8         8.    Andrew Avery DODRILL, b. 10 Aug 1831, Huntington Township, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-James 

          George and Elizabeth's first-born was Sarah, named for Elizabeth's only sister. She was born 11 October 1816 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          During Sarah's growing up years, she became increasingly aware of one James MC NEAL. James was her first cousin, once removed. His father was Enoch MC NEAL, brother of Sarah's grandmother, Mary (MC NEAL) EWING. Enoch married Jane MOORE, daughter of the Pocahontas County Pioneer Moses MOORE. They lived at first in Pocahontas County, where James was born on the 18th of April 1811. But that year Enoch and his family followed the other MC NEILLS and the Ewings to Gallia County, Ohio and settled in Raccoon Township.

          When it became apparent in the two families that a romance was blossoming between the two cousins, both sides did all they could to stop it. But James and Sarah were married 3 April 1835/36 by Niles HOLCOMB, J.P.

          As it turns out the marriage was indeed an ill-advised one. James and Sarah had 11 children but only one son. He and five sisters died young. One of the daughters was recorded in a census as "idiotic". Only two of the daughters produced children, and only one of those, Ellen, produced a large family. Were it not for the RADCLIFFS there would be almost nothing to write about in this chapter.

          The principal place of residence for the MC NEALS was near Alice, in Section 5 of Huntington Township, but they did live briefly in Wilkesville Township, Vinton County, Ohio. On the

7th of February in 1839, they bought 74 acres in Section 5 and they also bought land there in Sarah's name. They were in Huntington Township in the 1850 census (James, a farmer worth $400), but by the 1860 census they were in Wilkesville (James, a farmer worth $1,500/$1,270). In 1870 they were back in Huntington and this time James, still a farmer, was worth $1,200/$1,840, and Huntington Township is where they remained. In the 1874 atlas, the MC NEAL land shows up as 80 acres in Huntington Township in Section 5.

          The author of the Dodrill book was told by Andrew DODRILL of Vinton in 1955, or so, that James MC NEAL was a druggist and successful businessman in Vinton, Ohio, but this is not borne out by the Hardesty sketch on James nor by the various censuses. Those tell us that James was a farmer and lived 5 miles from Vinton.

          In the 1880 census he and Sarah had an unexplained granddaughter, Estaline RUSSELL born in 1864, living with them.

          James died 26 January 1894 at the age of 83 years, cause unknown. Sarah was 81 when she died 6 March 1898. The monuments erected where Sarah and James are buried in Franklin Cemetery are among the more elaborate in the cemetery, according to the Dodrill book.


(None of these are recorded as being buried in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio except Ellen)


                 1     Eliza MC NEAL, b. 29 Jan 1837, Huntington Township, Ohio, deceased in 1882 Hardesty sketch was in the 1850 census, but not the 1860 census; no marriage record in Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    Mary M. MC NEAL, b. 18 Jan 1839, Huntington Township, Ohio, deceased in 1882 Hardesty sketch; not in 1860 census.

                 3.    Elizabeth J. MC NEAL, b. 20 Jan 1841, Huntington Township, Ohio, deceased in 1882 Hardesty sketch; not in 1860 census.

                 4.    James F. MC NEAL, b. 28 July 1844, Huntington Township, Ohio, deceased in 1882 Hardesty sketch; not in 1960 census.

                 5.    Charlotte MC NEAL, b. 6 May 1846, Huntington Township, Ohio. Charlotte was in the 1850 and 1860 census; deceased in 1882 Hardesty sketch.

                 6.    Marthena MC NEAL, b. 21 July 1848, Huntington Township, Ohio. Died between 1900 and 1910. 1860 census: recorded in census as "idiotic". 1900 census: living with sister Emma WILLIAMS in Huntington Township, can read but not write.

                 7.    Alvira MC NEAL, b. 16 Oct 1850, d. 1850 to 1860.

                 8.    Almira MC NEAL, b. 14 June 1852. Married: 15 Dec 1877, Gallia County, Ohio, John A. BISHOP, son of Glover and Sarah BISHOP. The Bishops lived next door to the Mc Neals. 1880 census: living in Wilkesville Township, John a farmer. 1910 census: Wilkesville. No issue.

11-1-9      9.    Ellen MC NEAL, b. 18 June 1855.

                 10.  Margaret MC NEAL, "Maggie," b. 9 Nov 1857; single as of 1882 Hardesty sketch. 1900 and 1910 census: she was a Huntington Township farmer, had her son living with her.


                         1.    Frank MC NEAL, b. Sept 1882, Huntington Township, Ohio. Married: 1902, Cora , b. 1882. 1910 census: Spring Run Road. Section hand on railroad, own farm free. Cora down as 4 and 4. 1912: they lived Marion, Ohio; Frank a subscriber to the Vinton Leader.


                               1.    Edna MC NEAL, b. 1904

                               2.    Hazel MC NEAL, b. 1906

                               3.    Not named son, MC NEAL, b. 1907

                               4.    Lawrence MC NEAL, b.1909

                 11.  Emma MC NEAL, b. 27 June 1859, Huntington Township. Not in 1910 Huntington Township. Burial not noted in Gallia County cemetery books. Married: 1894, David G. WILLIAMS, 24, son of John E. and Sarah WILLIAMS, b. 17 May or Aug 1870, d. 2 May 1904. Buried: Mt Tabor Cemetery w/parents. 1900 census: David a timber dealer, her sister, Martha living with them. 1910: Widow Emma with her sister, Almira and husband, John BISHOP, Wilkesville, Ohio.

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11-1-9      ELLEN MC NEAL

Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Elizabeth-William-James

          Ellen, born 18 June 1855 in Huntington Township, is the only one of Sarah and James' 11 children whose burial is noted in the Gallia County cemetery books. She died 20 November 1875 at the age of 19 years, 5 months, 2 days and is buried at the Franklin Cemetery next to her daughter and parents in Huntington Township.

          Ellen was married on 3 April 1871 in Gallia County to Virgil RADCLIFF. Virgil was born in 1851 to William and Elizabeth RADCLIFF, natives of Ohio. In the 1860 census he was 9 years old and living with his mother in Huntington Township. In the 1870 census he was 19 years old and living in Huntington Township with the family of Stephen and Rebecca (BUTLER) WILCOX, along with a cousin of Ellen's, Alonzo HOWELL (Chapter 4). Virgil apparently left Huntington Township after Ellen's death as he does not appear there in the 1880 census and he is not buried there.


11-1-9-1          1.    Alfred RADCLIFF, b. 1873

                        2.    Emma RADCLIFF, b. Nov 1874, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 3 Aug 1875, age 9 months - 3 months before her mother. Buried with her in Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Ohio.

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11-1-9-1                                                               ALFRED RADCLIFF


Ewing Family Lineage: Ellen-Sarah-Elizabeth-William-James

          Alfred, born in 1873, lost his mother when he was only two years old and he was raised by his Mc Neal grandparents. At least he was living with them in the 1880 census, when he was 7.

          Alfred married Idella in 1898. There marriage record could not be found in Gallia County. Idella was born in July of 1879 in Ohio. In the 1900 census Alfred was a Huntington Township farmer. In the 1910 census they lived on Buckeye Road in Huntington Township which is near Alice in Section 3. Alfred was listed as a farmer. Idella had 5 and 5, all at home.

          In the report for the 1926 Ewing reunion, the names of four of their children, Gracie, Mabel, Roy and Roger, are given as having attended - no mention of Alfred and Idella, nor of the other children. They still lived at Alice, Ohio.

          Idella died in 1949 and Alfred in 1953. Both are buried at the Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio.


                        1.    Grace F. RADCLIFF, b. 21 March 1898, Huntington Township, Gallia Co., OH, d. 6 August 1978, of a heart attack, she also had cancer. Married after 1926, RICE.

                        2.    Mabel M. RADCLIFF, b. 11 Oct 1899, Huntington Township, Gallia Co., OH, d. 26 April 1980 of Cancer. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio. Married: after 1926, William K. SNYDER, b. 1884, d. 1947. Buried with Mabel at Franklin Cemetery.

                        3.    Erba Roger RADCLIFF, b. 1901, d. of cancer, Coalton, Jackson County, Ohio.


                               1.    David Victor RADCLIFF 1978: Lived in Wellston, Ohio.

                               2.    Barbara Jean RADCLIFF Married: BURKE. 1978: Live in Coalton, Ohio.

                               3.    Della RADCLIFF Married: HUDSON 1978: Lived in Coalton, Ohio.

                        4.    Glennie or Clennie C. RADCLIFF, b. 21 Mar 1903, d. 17 Mary 1961, Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio. He was a private in U.S Army, World War II.

11-1-9-1-5       5.    Roy Emmett RADCLIFF, b. 18 May 1907

                        6.    Robert A. RADCLIFF, b. 2 May 1912, d. 4 Sept 1939, age 27, of burns in a gasoline fire. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio.


                               1.    Robert RADCLIFF 1978: Lived in Prospect, Ohio.

                               2.    Anna Lee RADCLIFF Married: PERDEW. 1978: Lived in Chillecothe, Ohio.

     (Exact order of the following RADCLIFF children not known - all were born after 1910)

                        7.    Darlene RADCLIFF Married: KISAS. 1983: Lived in Adams Mills, Ohio.

                        8.    Harold RADCLIFF 1983: Lived in Wellston, Ohio.

                        9.    Virginia RADCLIFF, b. 4 Aug 1914, d. 2 Feb 1979, heart attack. Buried: Fairmount Cemetery, Jackson, Ohio. Married: CALLAHAN.

                        10.  John Ronald RADCLIFF 1983: Lived in Wellston, Ohio.

                        11.  Kenneth RADCLIFF, b. 1921, b. 1980. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio.

                        12.  Clair RADCLIFF - TWIN (son), b&d. 25 July 1923. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio.

                        13.  Cloves RADCLIFF - TWIN (son), b&d. 25 July 1923. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio.

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11-1-9-1-5-5                                                   ROY EMMETT RADCLIFF


Ewing Family Lineage: Alfred-Ellen-Sarah-Elizabeth-William-James

          Roy was born near Alice, Ohio on 18 May 1907, the fifth of Alfred and Idella's large family. He was one of those RADCLIFF children who attended the 1926 Ewing reunion at Jackson, Ohio.

          Roy was married in April 1942 to Thelma Agnes SCURLOCK. Thelma, the daughter of George and Lena (CARTRIGHT) SCURLOCK, was born 26 October 1910, near Pattonsville, Jackson County, Ohio.

          Roy died 25 April 1955 of a cerebral hemorrhage, and is buried at Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio. Thelma lived at 176 N. Bennett Avenue, Jackson, Ohio 45640 in the 1980's.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-James

          James' name is interesting. James LEWIS was the name of a Ewing neighbor back in Virginia on Swago Creek. In 1795 his land adjoined that of Elizabeth's father, William EWING. George D0DRILL's mother was a Lewis. Rebecca is said to have been the daughter George LEWIS of Pocahontas County, or Bath County as it was then. It is written that George DODRILL was born in 1873 on the "plantation" of his maternal grandfather, George LEWIS. It is possible, that perhaps, George Lewis was a son of James and he lived on the James Lewis farm. In that case, George Dodrill would have been born on the "plantation" of his great-Grandfather, James Lewis - near neighbor indeed to Elizabeth EWING.

          Pure speculation. There obviously must be some connection, of course, for George and Elizabeth's second to have gotten the name he did.

          James was born 1 August 1818 in Ewington, Ohio. Most of his sisters and brothers were married and had families before he found Rachel PETERS. He was 28 and she was 20 when they were married on 17 April 1847 by Matthew WOOD, J.P. Rachel was born in December in 1826 in Virginia, the daughter of John and Sarah (STEELE) PETERS and the sister of Jane who married Samuel EWING (12-8).

          As the eldest, James fell heir to his father's property the 80 acres in Section 9, 2 miles west of Ewington, Ohio. He and Rachel resided there in the 1860 census. His father was listed next to them. At that time James was worth $800/$180.

          By the 1870 census his worth had grown to $2,000/$575. James died soon after that census was taken. The date was on the 7th of January 1871 when he was 52 years, 5 months, 6 days. He is buried at the Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          At the time Rachel was 45 years old. Next to the Dodrill farm lay the 80 acres of Adam J. DAVIDSON, whose wife, Amanda, died in 1873. On 17 October 1874, Rachel and Adam were married and then the two 80 acre farms were one.

          Adam was born 26 April 1829 and had several children, In the 1880 census some of them were living with Adam and Rachel. In the 1900 census it was just the two of them. Adam died

5 September 1907 and is buried at the Franklin Cemetery. In 1910 Rachel was 84 years old and living with her daughter, Sarah at the Dodrill farm on Keystone Road.

          At some time thereafter, Rachel died. Rachel could not be found buried in Huntington Township - Franklin Cemetery.

          Information was located that after 1910, Rachel went to Wilkesville, Ohio to live with her sister Jane. Both of them died there of TB. No record was located, but Rachel is probably buried at the Wilkesville Cemetery.


                 1.    William DODRILL, b. 21 Jan 1847, Ewington, Ohio, d. 11 March 1869, 22 years, 1 month, 20 days. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio.

                 2.    Elizabeth DODRILL, b. Feb 1850, d. before 1860. Not buried at Huntington Township, Ohio.

                 3.    Margaret DODRILL, b. 1851, d. pre-1860. Not buried at Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-2-4      4.    Sarah DODRILL, b. May 1852, Ewington, Ohio.

11-2-5      5.    George DODRILL, b. July 1859, Ewington, Ohio.

11-2-6      6.    James DODRILL, b. May 1861, Ewington, Ohio.

                 7.    John DODRILL, b. 1866, Ewington, Ohio, 1880 census: not with mother and stepfather. Went to Indiana with brothers. Occupation: "blow up (dynamite) stumps," and he was killed before 1900 in an accident connected with that job.

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11-2-4      SARAH DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      James-Elizabeth-William-James

          Sarah was quite a remarkable woman for that time and place. She went through life single, but for her that did not mean typical spinsterhood dependency. Not Sarah. Sarah ran her own farm and she raised a family of three sons - all without benefit of a husband.

          Born in May 1852, Sarah lived most, if not all, of her life in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. In the 1860 and 1870 census she was at home. In 1880, when she was 28 years old, she was listed in the census in Huntington Township, as single. She had with her a son, down as Carey T. GALIGHER, born August 1879, father born in Ireland.

          The two were listed in the household of a Huntington Township farmer, George W. SHEPPARD, 71, born in Virginia, probably a brother of the John SHEPPARD who married Sarah EWING (7-3). George was than a widower and otherwise alone. Sarah's occupation is down as "doubtful something" and it was difficult to make out that second word. It looked like "servants".

          By the time of that census Sarah's father had died and her mother had married Adam DAVIDSON. At some time after 1890, Sarah came into possession of the Dodrill farm on Keystone Road. Apparently her mother had moved to the Davidson farm and had turned the Spring Run property over to Sarah. In the 1900 census, Sarah was living there and it was noted, "Owns Farm Free".

          In the 1880s, Sarah had two more sons, John born in 1882 and Edwin, born in 1885. In the 1900 census only Edwin, age 14, was at home. Carey was in Indianapolis and John was working for the SHIVELY family in Huntington Township. In the 1900 census Sarah was the head of the household, occupation: farmer.

          In the 1910 census it was pretty much the same, only by then Carey and John had returned to the farm, and Sarah's

84 year old mother had moved back to Spring Run.

          But it is strange. After all those years in Huntington Township (58 of them as of 1910) why isn't she buried there? There is no record of her burial at any cemetery in Huntington Township or all of Gallia County. Maybe the grave is unmarked. No record of Sarah's death or burial was located.


11-2-4-1          1.    Cary T. DODRILL, b. Aug 1879, Huntington Township.

                        2.    John DODRILL, b. April 1882, Huntington Township. 1900: 18, lodger with SHIVELYS, Huntington Township, farm laborer. 1910: 28, at home, farm laborer, working out. Not buried at Huntington Township, Ohio.

                        3.    Edwin DODRILL, b. Oct 1885, Huntington Township. 1910: was living, but not in Huntington Township.

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11-2-4-1   CAREY T. DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-James-Elizabeth-William-James

          Even though Carey apparently did not marry and have a family to carry on this line, he still deserves a little piece of his own here.

          Born in August 1879, he seems to have spent most of his 67 years right there, in or near Vinton, and was it seems a well-known figure in the area. He became a photographer in a time when photography was still in diapers and in a place where he was probably the only person who knew what a shutter and lens were. It appears he was often called on to record an event for posterity. An article in a Vinton Leader of 1912 regarding a birthday or family reunion noted that "Carey Dodrill and his camera were sent for".

          In the 1880 census the infant Carey was listed with his mother in the George W. SHEPPARD home as "Cara T. GALIGHER," father born Ireland. Carey's uncles George, James and John went to Logansport, Indiana and in the 1900 census, Carey was listed as a DODRILL in Logansport at 412 10th street, 20, coachman for the DeWitt C. JUSTICE family.

          In the 1910 census he was listed with his mother on Keystone Road, 30, single, and a photographer in his own gallery.

          Apparently he went on for 36 more years right there in Vinton, Ohio taking pictures. Carey died in 1946 and is buried at the Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          No issue found

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11-2-5      GEORGE DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      James-Elizabeth-William-James

          The usual thing back in George's day in Huntington Township, Ohio, was you stayed on the farm - or you went to Columbus.

          So why did George and two of his brothers go to Logansport, Indiana? A strange destination in the 1890s - but George went there and founded a large family of Indiana Dodrills.

          George was born in July 1859. Before he was 21 he had gotten a job as a laborer in Wilkesville, Ohio. George and his brother, James were boarding there in 1800 with the MARROW family.

          Soon after, something called him and his brothers to Logansport, Indiana and there he found Jennie FOREST. The two were married in 1889.

          Jennie, born in May 1871 and her parents were natives of Indiana. Her father was Sarra/Zarra FOREST, born June 1845. Sarra's father was born in Ohio and his mother was from Pennsylvania. In the 1900 census, George and Jennie were living with Sarra/Zarra at 37 Bates Street, Logansport, Indiana which is in Cass County, Eel Township. At that time Jennie had 6 and 5. George was a day laborer.


11-2-5-1          1.    William DODRILL, b. 23 Oct 1889, Indiana

11-2-5-2          2.    Lavoya DODRILL, b. 11 June 1891, Indiana

                        3.    Margaret DODRILL, b. Oct 1893, Indiana. Married: 1st about 1911, Andrew GRACE, who was killed. Married 2nd 1940s, Albert GRUENACH, who died in the 1950s.


                                1.    baby - b. March 1919, lived 3 days

11-2-5-4          4.    Sylvia DODRILL, b. 4 Dec 1895, Indiana

11-2-5-5          5.    Robert L. DODRILL, b. 11 Dec 1899, Indiana

                        6.     DODRILL, b. about 1897, d. pre 1900

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Ewing Family Lineage:      George-James-Elizabeth-William-James

          William was born 23 October 1889 in Indiana, no doubt Logansport. He was married about 1916 to Hulda Augusta MILLER who was born 4 August 1897 in Royal Center, Indiana.

          William and Hulda lived all their married lives in Logansport. William died there on his 64th birthday of sclerosis of the nerves on 23 October 1953. Thirty years later Hulda was still going strong. She lived in the 1980s at the Senior Citizens Building in Logansport at 2626 George Street. It was Hulda who gathered all the information on the George Dodrills of Indiana for me.


11-2-5-1-1       1.    William Henry DODRILL, b. 18 Feb 1917, Logansport, Indiana.

11-2-5-1-2       2.    Dorothy Wanita DODRILL, b. 18 Oct 1923, Logansport, Indiana, and was married on 31 December 1939 to Leonard BODELL.

11-2-5-1-3       3.    Martha Alice DODRILL, b. 17 Jun 1927, Logansport, Indiana. She and Rudolph LYON, who is called Bud, were married on 7 July 1944.

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11-2-5-1-1       WILLIAM HENRY DODRILL

Ewing Family Lineage:      William-George-James-Elizabeth-William-James

          William was born in Logansport, Indiana on 18 February 1917. In the 1980s his whereabouts were unknown. William was married twice. He and Eva May LOCKE were married 17 March 1938 and were divorced in 1955. William then married Isabel HAYS in February 1957.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      George-James-Elizabeth-William-James

          Lavoyda was born in Logansport, Indiana on 11 June 1891. He was married about 1910 to Anna Fay STALEY, born 10 March 1894. They lived in Logansport. Lavoyda died 10 September 1968 and Anna on 30 November 1977.


                        1.    Lavoyda DODRILL JR., b. 1 May 1911, Logansport, Indiana, d. 8 Apr 1923, 11 years old.

11-2-5-2-2       2.    Jesse Franklin DODRILL, b. 26 Nov 1912, Logansport, Indiana.

11-2-5-2-3       3.    Frances Elizabeth DODRILL, b. 23 Nov 1914, Logansport, Indiana.

                        4.    Irene Nyra DODRILL, b. 15 June 1918, Logansport, Indiana, d. 9 Apr 1919, 10 months.

                        5.    Rodney Owen DODRILL, 3 June 1920, Logansport, Indiana, d. 23 June 1920, 20 days old.

                        6.    Nina Fay DODRILL, b. 13 June 1921. Married: 18 May 1946, Francis PRICE

                        7.    Cecil Edwin DODRILL, b. 24 May 1924, Logansport, Indiana. Married: 29 Nov 1942, Doris LINDZY.

                        8.    Sylvia Bell DODRILL, b. 8 Sept 1926, Logansport, Indiana. [Married] 30 May 1948, William MACY.

                        9.    John Melvin DODRILL, b. 10 apr 1930. Married: 24 Dec 1949, Virginia FRY.

                        10.  Catherine Lou DODRILL, b. 26 Oct 1932. Married: 1. 14 May 1954, Robert CORCORAN, deceased. Married 2nd 21 Mar 1960, William HOLMES

                        11.  Daniel Dean DODRILL, b. 25 Sept 1936, d. 18 Jan 1938.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lavoyda-George-James-Elizabeth-William-James

          Jesse was born 26 November 1912 in Logansport. He had two wives, Patricia PERKINS and Eleanor HOPPER. He and Patricia were married 3 May 1936. They had a daughter and then Patricia died. Jesse and Eleanor were married on 17 June 1949.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lavoyda-George-James-Elizabeth-William-James

          Frances was born 23 November 1914 in Logansport, Indiana. She and Cecil WALLACE were married 24 November 1932 and have two children.


11-2-5-4   SYLVA DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      George-James-Elizabeth-William-James 

          Sylva was born 4 December 1895 in Logansport, Indiana and became the wife of Autho D. LADOW (LaDow) on 4 June 1917. Autho was born 14 February 1894.


                 1.    Charles E. LADOW, b. 10 Mar 1918. Married: 13 Apr 1941, Effie "Billie" THOMPSON, b. 13 July 1920.

                 2.    Betty V. LADOW, b. 11 May 1919. Married: 1 June 1941, James G. TILLETT, b. 29 Mar 1912, d. 27 July 1982.


11-2-5-5   ROBERT L. DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      George-James-Elizabeth-William-James

          Robert was born 11 December 1899 and his wife Minnie was born 18 March 1902. They were both still living in 1982 but unsure where. There was no listing for a Robert DODRILL in Logansport, Indiana in 1982.


                 1.    Robert L. DODRILL JR., b. 20 Apr 1927, deceased by 1982. Married: Janice .


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11-2-6      JAMES DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      James-Elizabeth-William-James

          Very little is known about this brother who went to Logansport, Indiana at the same time George did. The two families seem to have lost touch over the years.

          James was born in May of 1861 and was out on his own at an early age. In the 1880 census he was 19 and single, a laborer, boarding with the MARROW family in Wilkesville, Ohio along with George. George and James, along with their younger brother, John went to Logansport pre-1900. In the 1900 census, James was living at 631 Ottawa Street, Logansport. By then he had married, about 1891, to Lulu who was born in Indiana in February of 1869. At that time they had three children.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.    Gladys DODRILL, b. Oct 1893, Indiana

                 2.    Dillard DODRILL, b. Oct 1895, Indiana

                 3.    Marie DODRILL, b. Oct 1898

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-James

Note: There was at least one page, possibly more missing from Nancy's chapter on Elizabeth's family. The following was found on William Coleman Dodrill. (BP)

...(two of them with the Dodrill name corrupted to RAY/RAELL).

          Eventually the VEACHES moved to Omaha, Nebraska. At least the Dodrill book says that son George attended Omaha schools. They must have moved prior to 1880 because there was no sign of any of them in either Union or Lincoln Townships in the 1880 census. But then they could not be found in all of Omaha or Council Bluffs, either.

          So with that 1870 census Elizabeth (POWELL) DODRILL VEACH drops out of sight. I hope some descendant will come forward with more information about her.


                  1.    Daniel DODRILL, b. 1862. 1870 census: with mother, apparently died young.

                  2.    Rebecca DODRILL, b. 1867. 1870 census: with mother, apparently died young.

11-3-1-3    3.   George Wesley DODRILL, b. 7 July 1868, Unionville, Putnam County, Missouri.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      George-William-Elizabeth-William-James 

          George was born 7 July 1868 in Unionville, Union Township, Putnam County, Missouri. Before he was 2, his father had died and his mother Elizabeth had married again, and Elias VEACH was the only father he ever knew.

          Before long the Veaches moved to either Omaha or the Council Bluffs area. They could not be located in the 1880 census in either of the neighboring cities across the Missouri River from each other. But a family was found which was to play an important part in George's life, the CLEVELAND family. That was the family headed by Edward CLEVELAND, living on 15th Street in Council Bluffs' second ward. Included in the family was Edward's wife, Laura, who was 38, born in Pennsylvania. (the Dodrill book has it that Lula's mother was Nora THOMPSON) Edward was 47, born in New York.

          Also in the Cleveland family was Lula, born March 1873 in Nebraska and two brothers, one of whom, George, was born in Pennsylvania in 1863.

          George and Lula were married in Council Bluffs, Iowa on

1 November 1888, when Lula was 15 and George 20. According to the 1900 census, they made their home at first in Kane Township of Pottawattamie County, Iowa. In that census their address was given as "near river south of Motor Bridge". In that census George's occupation was given as switchman, and Lula's brother Henry CLEVELAND, 22, a day laborer, was living with them.

          George and Lula moved to Omaha, Nebraska when their son, Edward was about 13 years old and that was their home for the rest of their years.

          George remained with the railroad for many years. On

7 December 1931, when he was 63 years old, he was working in the Omaha railroad yards when one of the steel ladder rungs on a moving boxcar came loose, causing him to fall from the top of the car to the rails below. He fractured his back and died two months later on 7 February 1932. He is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha, Nebraska. Lula died 15 years later in 1947 and is buried beside him.


11-3-1-3-1       1.    Edward Cleveland DODRILL, b. 28 Dec 1889, Pottawattamie County, Iowa .

                        2.    Lee DODRILL, b. 21 Jan 1901 (12 years later), Pottawattamie County, Iowa, d. 12 Dec 1906.

                        3.    Ada DODRILL, b. 25 Sept 1902, Omaha, Nebraska. Married: Carl LORENTZEN

                               No issue: but adopted sister Barbara's daughter, June COLLINS .

                        4.    Barbara DODRILL, b. 11 Aug 1904, Omaha,Nebraska. Married: about 1923, Edward COLLINS, divorced.


                               1.    Earl COLLINS, b. 28 Dec 1924, Omaha, NE.

                                2.    June COLLINS, adopted by sister Ada and Carl LORENTZEN.

                               3.    Steve COLLINS, raised by his mother's brother, Edward and wife and adopted by Steve HAUGHT of Omaha, now uses HAUGHT name.

                        5.    Janelle DODRILL, b. 13 Nov 1910, Omaha, Neb. Married: 1st Roy SWENSON. Married 2nd Fred WITTE, divorced.


                               1.    Raymond SWENSON

                               2.    Darlene SWENSON

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Ewing Family Lineage:      George-George-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Edward, named for Lula's father, was born in Pottawattamie County, Iowa on the 28th of December 1889. He attended schools there. When he was about 13, the family moved across the river to Omaha, Nebraska where Edward continued his schooling.

          Edward was married on 10 June 1913 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa to Irene Augusta PAULSEN. Irene was born 4 November 1890 and was the daughter of Herman and Della (BAKER) PAULSEN.

     The two made their home in Omaha and raised a family of five children there. Edward joined the Omaha Fire Department in 1918 and became captain of a company. On the evening of the 26th of February 1939, his fire truck answered a call. In trying to avoid a collision with another vehicle, the fire truck went out of control and crashed into a tree - within two blocks of his home. The driver was killed and Edward received injuries that resulted in his death that same day. He was 49 years old. Edward is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha, Nebraska.

          As of 1967, his widow Irene was living in Omaha.


11-3-1-3-1-1   1.    Herman Wesley DODRILL, b. 15 June 1914, Omaha, Nebraska.

11-3-1-3-1-2   2.    Woodrow Arthur DODRILL, b. 23 March 1916, .Omaha, Nebraska

11-3-1-3-1-3   3.    Roger Edward DODRILL, b. 8 Apr 1919, Omaha, Nebraska.

11-3-1-3-1-4   4.    Della Lucille DODRILL, b. 6 June 1923, Omaha, Nebraska.

11-3-1-3-1-5   5.    Erwin Earl DODRILL, b. 31 July 1924, Omaha, Nebraska.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Edward-George-George-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Herman was born in Omaha, Nebraska on 15 June 1914. He attended Omaha schools and was graduated from Omaha Technical High School. During World War II he served in 1843 and 1944, and came out a sergeant. He was married about 1958 to Joyce HOWARD, daughter of Thomas and Beryl (CLIFTON) HOWARD.

          In 1967 Herman was a supervisor of marketing for Northwestern Bell Telephone Company. He and his family lived in Omaha at that time.


             1.  Steven Jeffrey DODRILL, b. 26 Dec 1960, Omaha

             2.  Sherry Lynn DODRILL, b. 25 Dec 1962, Omaha

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Edward-George-George-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Woodrow followed his brother by 21 months, born 23 March 1916 in Omaha and like his brother, Herman, is a graduate of Omaha Technical High. Also like his brother, he was an employee of Northwestern Bell, as Nebraska Area Separations Engineer in 1967.

          He was married on 15 May 1940 to Marian Louise PLOTT, daughter of Lester and Etta Louise (NORDEAN) PLOTT. Marian was born 19 August 1918. In 1967 Woodrow and Marian were living in Omaha, Nebraska

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Edward-George-George-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Roger was born 8 April 1919 in Omaha, Nebraska and, following a family tradition, graduated from Omaha Technical High. However, instead of going to work for the telephone company, Roger went into art. He worked first as a sales manager for a sign company in Mesa, Arizona and then set up shop as a commercial artist in Hollywood, California. He and his wife, Bette Jane WILSON, lived in North Hollywood for a time but by 1945 were back in Omaha, where they were living in 1967.

          Roger and Bette were married in Omaha on 3 August 1940. Bette the daughter of Walter and Bertha (BROWN) WILSON was born 7 June 1920. Roger was in the Air Force during World War II and served from 1943 to 1946, ending up a sergeant. He is also a Mason.


           1.    Diane Elizabeth DODRILL, b. 28 Oct 1942, Los Angeles, California. Married: 7 Apr 1962, Omaha, John L FRIZZELL.




Ewing Family Lineage:      Edward-George-George-William-Elizabeth-Willliam-James

          Della was born 5 June 1923 in Omaha, Nebraska and was married 23 years later on 18 February 1946, to George KOENIGSHOFER, who was born 2 March 1919. Della and George lived in Riviera, California where George was a police officer. George had retired by 1967 and they were living in Rowland Heights, California, but there was no phone listed there for them in 1983.


11-3-1-3-1-5   ERWIN EARL DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Edward-George-George-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Erwin was born 31 July 1924 in Omaha, Nebraska. After graduating from Benson High School in Omaha, he entered into service in World War II. Erwin was in the Seebees (Construction Battalion) from 1943 to 1946, and served in the Pacific Theater. He came out a Seaman First Class.

          Erwin and Lois May NELSON, daughter of Oscar and Frances (CARLSON) NELSON, were married 12 January 1946. Lois was born

26 August 1925.

          In 1967, Erwin was living in Omaha and working for a mortgage investment company. There was no phone listed for him in Omaha in 1982.

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11-3-3      JAMES DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Elizabeth-William-James

          James' life was somewhat different than other Dodrills of the time and place. He did not seem to have the same luck in work, marriage or in being a father as the others had.

          It all began on 29 December 1843 when James was born in Huntington Township, Ohio. He was 4 when the family moved to Iowa and 16 when his father died. He and his eldest brother George helped their mother keep the farm going and to care for the younger children.

          When the Civil War came along, James did not enter the fray until near its end. In 1864 a 100-day company was being organized in Corydon, Iowa, and James enlisted on the 21st of May 1864. He was mustered into Company H, 4th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, at Corydon on 11 June 1864. He was mustered out about three months later at Davenport, Iowa.

          The returned soldier caught the eye of one Adeline WYANT, 16. Two months after his discharge James, 21 and Adeline were married. The date was 21 November 1864 and the place was Wayne County, Iowa. James and Adeline lived in South Fork Township, near, or perhaps even with, James' mother Amanda and the family.

          When Amanda married Thomas SCHOOLER in 1869, those two moved across the state line to Putnam County, Missouri, but James and Adeline remained in Wayne County. Not on the Dodrill farm, however. In the 1870 census they were listed in South Fork, and James was down as "in milling work," not farming.

          By the time of that 1870 census, James and Adeline had two children, Rachel and Thomas. Amanda was born in 1871. James and Aleline lived briefly in Putnam County, Missouri, for their daughter, Sarah Louisa, was born there in 1873. By September 1875 when their youngest was born, they were living in Pleasant Township, Appanoose County, Iowa.

          That youngest child was William Sylvester DODRILL. He was named for Adeline's brother, a South Dakota rancher.

          The little family was soon without a mother for Adeline died in 1878 in Appanoose County, Iowa. James was then 35, with three children, Amanda, 9, Sarah Louisa, 5 and William, 3. Presumably Rachel and Thomas had died; at least they were not with James in the 1880 census. Neighbors of James, William and Mary SAYRE, took Amanda on Adeline's death and she remained with them until her marriage.

          Shortly after his wife's death James married again. His second wife was Mary, born in 1857 in Iowa. In the 1880 census, they were living in Pleasant Township. James' occupation was given as watchman. Listed nearby in the census was the widow of his younger brother William, Sarah Jane (POWELL) DODRILL, with her mother and her four children.

          James and Mary's marriage was short-lived. Either death or divorce ended it, and on 22 October 1882, James and Sarah Jane, the neighbor sister-in-law, were married.

          Sarah Jane appears to have been no relation to Elizabeth POWELL, who married James' eldest brother George. That Powell family hailed from Ohio and Pennsylvania. Sarah Jane's Powells were from Kentucky. Sarah Jane's parents, Alvin and Lorinda POWELL were both natives of Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky (a little southeast of Lexington). They were there in the 1850 census, Alvin 28, a farmer with $75 in worldly goods and Lorinda 24. They were Family 294, Family 298 was that of Michael POWELL, 48, his wife, Mary, 42 and 10 children, headed by Richard, 21. It is very likely that Michael and Mary were Alvin's parents.

          Sarah Jane was born on 29 March 1851. After Mary (Polly) was born in 1854, Alvin and his family left Kentucky and migrated to Iowa. They lived in Missouri for a time too, but then returned to Iowa where they settled in Pleasant Township, Appanoose County, Iowa. In the late 1850's, Alvin died and on the 1860 Pleasant Township census, Lorinda, 36 was the head of the household. Her children with her were Emily 11, Sarah Jane 8, and Polly 6, all born in Kentucky. Armilda 4, born in Iowa and Michael 3, born in Missouri. Lorinda later married a CONGER.

          With James and Sarah Jane's marriage, the two DODRILL households were now one. To James' Sarah Louisa and William Sylvester were added Sarah Jane's Alvin 13, Asa 10, Effie 5, and William Moses 3. Two William DODRILL! That must have made for confusion!

          In 1883, Michael came along to make it seven children in the household.

          By that time the Dodrills had moved back to Putnam County, Missouri, where they lived near Mendota, which is right on the Iowa state line.

          It has come down through the years that Sarah Jane was a woman with a mind of her own. As a great-granddaughter describes her, she was a "bear cat's kitten". This marriage was not to her liking and she let the fact be known. She invited James to be elsewhere, and he accepted.

          It is not certain where James went in the beginning or what happened then to his two children. He was in the Council Bluffs, Iowa area by 1900, and so was William Sylvester, but Sarah Louise was married in Putnam County, Missouri in 1888. She may have stayed with Sarah Jane.

          James and Sarah Jane's divorce, filed in Putnam County, became final on 19 September 1891.

          It is unknown where Sarah Jane was for the seven years between 1891 and 1898. Alvin was married in 1892, and she and the younger children may have lived with him and his bride, Retta Virginia NORMAN. Effie was married about 1895, leaving only Asa and young Michael.

          And then in 1898 Asa married Elmira Gertrude BRASSFIELD, and Sarah Jane and Michael lived with them. They lived with Elmira's father, Thomas BRASSFIELD, in Putnam County. It must have been quite a houseful, as Thomas had been married three times and had several children, some older than his third wife.

          And James? At some time prior to 1898 he found his way to Western Iowa, along the Missouri River, the Council Bluffs area, where others of both the Dodrill and Ewing families were. He was there by 1898, for that year, in Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa, he took his fourth wife.

          She was Olive (FOWLER) EWING and she was the widow of James' first cousin, once removed, Reuben EWING (22-5), who had died in Harrison County, Iowa in either 1896 or 1897. Though 22 years separated them, James, 54 and Olive, 32, were married on the 17th March 1898.

          That marriage lasted not much longer than a minute. James and Olive were divorced the same year they were married. Soon after, Olive married Thomas ROTEN, with whom she spent out her life.

          Poor James! Fifty-five years old and nothing to call his own. In the 1900 census he was listed as a laborer on the farm of his sister and her husband, Peter and Rebecca SCHOOLAR, residents of Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

          The only family James had nearby was his son, William Sylvester DODRILL, who in 1900 was single and boarding in Harrison County with the family of William and Abby COFFMAN.

          Meanwhile, back at the ranch - that is, the Brassfield farm in Putnam County - the first decade of the 20TH Century brought many changes to Sarah Jane and her family. About 1902 her daughter Effie DODRILL, who had married James Ezra CONGER, ran off with another man, leaving two youngsters motherless. It is not recorded if it were left up to Sarah Jane to care for them, and if they too joined the menagerie at the Brassfield residence for a time.

          Then in February 1907, Sarah Jane's second son Asa was killed in a train accident. This left Elmira a widow and her three children fatherless. It also left Sarah Jane in a household where she had no ties by blood.

          1907 was the year Oklahoma became a state. No more Indian Territory (east) and Oklahoma Territory (west). Oklahoma became the 46th state of the union.

          Apparently that was all Alvin and William Mosses needed. They began making plans to head for the Sooner State. In 1907 they were off - and Sarah Jane and Michael, then 25, went with them.

          The families settled first in Perkins, Payne County, Oklahoma, but three years later moved to Tryon, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, a few miles south. By that time Michael had married (1908). His wife was Inez Pearl HUDSON. Sarah Jane lived with the newlyweds.

          That marriage did not work out, and Inez divorced Michael in 1911. Michael wrote to his widowed sister-in-law, Elmira, and asked her to come to Tryon and take care of him and Sarah Jane. She did, and they were married on 26 April 1911 in Chandler, Oklahoma.

          It seems to have been this time frame that Sarah Jane married her third husband, Thomas LOGAN. That marriage did not last very long either, but she was ever afterwards called "Grandma Logan" by all that knew her. Thenceforth she lived among her three sons - "with the one she was not mad at," as her great-granddaughter tell it.

          Sarah Jane was with Alvin when James came back into their lives. About 1912, when he was bout 69 years old, alone and apparently destitute, he went to Tryon to live with the son he had never known. And Michael made him welcome.

          James was living there in 1913 when he applied for a veteran's pension. James did not have long there. He died at Michael's home on 2 January 1915, age 71. He is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Tryon, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

          Sarah Jane lived to be 75 years old. She was living with William Moses when she died in February 1926. Like James she is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, though no stone marks the spot.

          ISSUE by Adeline:

                        1.    Rachel DODRILL, b. 1868, South Fork [twp], Wayne County, Iowa. 1870 census: located Rachel.

                        2.    Thomas S. DODRILL, b. Oct 1869, South Fork [twp], Wayne County, Iowa .

11-3-3-3          3.    Amanda DODRILL, b. 1 July 1871, South Fork [twp], Wayne County, Iowa.

11-3-3-4          4.    Sarah Louisa DODRILL, b. 15 Dec 1873, Unionville, Putnam County, Missouri.

11-3-3-5          5.    William Sylvester DODRILL, b. 1 Sept 1875, Pleasant Township, Appanoose County, Iowa.

          ISSUE by Sarah Jane

11-3-3-6          6.    Michael Reginald DODRILL, b. 8 June 1883, Mendota, Putnam County, Missouri.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      James-William-Elizabeth-William-James 

          Amanda was given the name of her Grandmother, Amanda (HOLCOMB) DODRILL. She was born 1 July 1871, in South Fork Township, Wayne County, Iowa, where her father was a miller.

In the 1870s the family moved twice - to Putnam County, Missouri and then back to Iowa again, to settle in Pleasant Township, Appanoose County.

          In 1878 Amanda's mother died and she went to live with William and Mary SAYRE of Cincinnati, Pleasant Township's principal village, who raised her as their daughter (though she was listed with them in the 1880 census as a domestic servant - at age 9!) She was listed as Amanda Dodrill in the 1885 state census, William was a grocer in Cincinnati. In 1885 he was 66, born in Ohio and Mary was 64, also born in Ohio.

          Amanda was about 16 when she married Albert Wesley OSBORN, a blacksmith, born 29 April 1866 in Missouri, the son of Hiram and Lucy OSBORN who lived in York, Putnam County, Missouri in 1870 and Pleasant Township, Appanoose, Iowa in 1880.

          In the 1895 state census Al and Amanda and the first four of their 10 children were living in Pleasant Township. Religious affiliation: Amanda, Congregational; Al, none. There was no entry in the column headed 'occupation'.

          At some point in her life, Amanda's uncle, William Sylvester WYANT, her mother's brother, died in South Dakota and left his ranch in Yankton to her and her sister, Sarah Louisa. Their brother William Sylvester DODRILL, went up to Yankton to sell it for them.

          Amanda died 24 December 1936 in Seymour, Iowa age 65 years. Albert died 27 March 1937 in Corydon, Iowa.


11-3-3-3-1       1.    Earl Wesley OSBORN, b. 19 Feb 1889.

11-3-3-3-2       2.    Roy Dean OSBORN, b. 1890. (age 5 in 1895 census)

11-3-3-3-3       3.    Chester A. OSBORN, b.28 Feb 1892. Married: Sadie LITSEY or SNODGRASS. Had 9 children, 8 taken away when Sadie got sick, raised at the Anne WITEMORE HOME, Davenport, Iowa.

                               Known Issue:

                               1.    Bonnie OSBORN, raised at home, lived Omaha, Nebraska.

                               2.    Glen OSBORN

                               3.    Genevieve OSBORN

                        4.    Glen OSBORN, b. 1894, d. 1976. Married several times, lived Long Beach, California.


                               1.    Doyle or Darrell OSBORN, lives in California in 1976.

                        5.    Leon OSBORN, b. about 1897. Married: Nellie ROSS. Moved to Dearborn, Michigan in the 1930s.


                               1.    Doyle OSBORN

                               2.    Ross OSBORN

11-3-3-3-6       6.    Goldie OSBORN, b. 11 Apr 1899.

                        7.    Lulu OSBORN, b. about 1901, d. 21 July 1980. Married: Frank SNYDER, d. by 1984. Lulu living in Des Moines, Iowa.


                               1.    Raymond SNYDER. 1984: lived Des Moines or Ames, Iowa, 4 children.

                               2. George OSBORN/SNYDER, 2 children.

11-3-3-3-8       8.    Olive OSBORN, b. 16 Sept 1904.

                        9.    Xedia OSBORN, b. about 1906. Married: 1st CAMPBELL. Married 2nd Carl KNIGHT.


                               1.    Marie CAMPBELL or KNIGHT. Married: Jack GREENWOOD.


                                      1.    Bob GREENWOOD

                                      2.    Sue Ellen GREENWOOD

                                      3.    Kathy GREENWOOD

                                      4.    Dean GREENWOOD

11-2-2-2-10 10.    Ova Hiram OSBORN, (male) b. 16 July 1909, d. 31 Oct 1979, Hay Spring, Nebraska. Married: Georgianna PETERS, deceased by 1984.


                               1.    Roland OSBOR,

                               2.    Donald OSBORN

                               3.    Kathy OSBORN, Married: Dennis KING, son of Kenneth and Virginia KING of Hay Springs, Nebraska.

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11-3-3-3-1                                                       EARL WESLEY OSBORN


Ewing Family Lineage: Amanda-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Earl Wesley was born 19 February 1889. He married Laura Bell PARKER on 20 March 1912. Laura was born 31 March 1890. Earl died at the age of 84 years, 7 March 1973. Laura follows 1 July 1980 at the age of 90 year.


          1.    Lenna Reva OSBORN, b. 14 Nov 1913. Married: 8 Jan 1949, Dale SAYERS, b. 30 June 1912.

          2.    Ernest Wesley OSBORN, b. 25 Oct 1915, d. 6 Feb 1957. Married: Mildred Louise OSBORN? b. 2 Dec 1915.

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11-3-3-3-2       ROY DEAN OSBORN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Roy Dean was born about 1890 - the 1895 state census showed that he was 5 years old. Roy and Blanche SNODGRASS from Iowa were married about 1916


                 1.    Elva Leona OSBORN b. 14 Aug 1916. Married: Homer HEDGES.

                 2.    Lucy May OSBORN, b. 27 Mar 1918.

                 3.    Joseph Albert OSBORN, b. 8 Apr 1920. A minister, lived in Huxley, Iowa.

                 4.    Harold Dean OSBORN, b. 20 Nov 1921. 2 children, lived in Colfax, Iowa.

                 5.    Keith OSBORN, b. about 1928, disappeared about 1974, possibly deceased 25 years in the 1980s.

                 6.    Richard OSBORN

                 7.    Norma June OSBORN, Married: Dean BARCLAY, has 2 children, lived in Newton, Iowa.

                 8.    Donna Jean OSBORN, Married: SHEPHARD lived in Ames, Iowa.

                 9.    Roy Dean OSBORN JR.

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11-3-3-3-3       CHESTER A. OSBORN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Chester was born the 28 February 1892 and married Sadie who was born 1 April 1900. Sadie's surname may have been LITSEY or SNODGRASS. When Chester and Sadie were married, Sadie had a son by the name of Kenneth CASEBUR, born 3 August 1916.

          Kenneth was listed as having three children, Kenneth Jr., Karen and Jay Allen CASEBUR.

          In the 1980's, Chester and Sadie were both living in a nursing home in Omaha, Nebraska.

          Although they were supposed to have had 9 children, only 7 children were identified.

          It was said that eight of their nine children were taken away from their home when Sadie got sick about 1940. These eight children were raised at the ANNE WITEMORE HOME in Davenport, Iowa.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                 1.    Eva OSBORN b. 29 Apr 1920. Married: Charles SPEARS.

                 2.    Irene OSBORN, b. 19 Apr 1922. Married: Joseph BECHER.

                 3.    Evelyn OSBORN, b. 10 Nov 1923. Married: Dale KOLLMAN.

                 4.    Glen OSBORN, b. 14 Apr 1927. Married: 1st. Cynthia 2nd. Gloria

                 5.    Lois OSBORN, b. 10 May 1928. Married: Franklin TILLBERG. No issue.

                 6.    Marjorie OSBORN, b. 1 Sept 1929. Married: Jay DeVILBISS.

                 7.    Bonnie OSBORN, b. 1 July 1934. Bonnie was raised at home. Married: William EATON, May 1984.

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11-3-3-3-8       OLIVE OSBORN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Olive was born 16 September 1904 and married Monte Elmer FERREL about 1923. Monte was born 11 November 1901. His mother's name was Irene. Monte died 6 May 1949 at the age of 47 years. Olive remarried 30 December 1949 to Millard HUFFAKER. Olive died 4 April 1979.

          In October 1983, Millard HUFFAKER was living in Newton, Jasper County, Iowa. (east of Des Moines).


11-3-3-3-8-1   1.    Elmer Eugene FERREL, b. 10 May 1923, Allerton, Iowa.

11-3-3-3-8-2   2.    Maxine Lucille FERREL, b. 5 Sept 1924.

11-3-3-3-8-3   3.    Amanda Irene FERREL, b. about 1927.

                        4.    Duane FERREL, b. 24 Jan 1930. Married: 7 Dec 1963, Roberta SPRING.

11-3-3-3-8-5   5.    Donna Louise FERREL, b. 16 Sept 1932

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11-3-3-3-8-1   ELMER EUGENE FERREL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Amanda-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Elmer was born 10 May 1923 in Allerton, Iowa. He was married 4 July 1943 to Ruth BLOUNT of Williamsburg, Iowa.




Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Amanda-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Maxine was born 5 September 1924. She was married first to Arthur BERRY and in November 1943 she was married to Albert ELICK. Albert died 8 October 1983 at Newton or Williamsburg, Iowa.


11-3-3-3-8-3   AMANDA IRENE FERREL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Amanda-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Amanda was born 5 August 1926 at Hays Springs, Nebraska. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to Clarence MASTIN of Corydon, Iowa on 5 August 1943. Her second marriage was to Dynise "Bud" CALLUM. Both marriages took place in Williamsburg, Iowa. In May of 1984 they were living in Grinnell, Iowa.


11-13-3-3-8-5         DONNA LOUISE FERREL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Amanda-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Donna was born 16 September 1932 and was married three times. Her husbands were: William HUFFAKER, Robert MC KEEVER, divorced in 1967 and Kenneth OSTERHOUDT. Kenneth and Donna lived in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1984. They owned K.B. JEWELRY. Donna also has three step-grandchildren, their names our unknown.


11-3-3-3-10     OVA HIRAM OSBORN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Ova Hiram was born 16 July 1909 in Seymour, Iowa, he married Georgiana Margaret PETERS on 30 June 1930 in Chadron, Nebraska. Georgiana was born 24 October 1909 in Rushville, Nebraska.

          Georgiana died 8 June 1974 and Ova followed on 31 October 1979 in Gordon, Nebraska.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Sarah Louisa got called many things but rarely Sarah Louisa - and if you do not think that did not have genealogists going mad in the beginning! Usually she went by a shortened form of Louisa, Liza, but sometimes it came out Eliza or Sarah E. or Sarah L. or Louisa - all of which made family historians think James and Adeline had several more daughters than they really did. I will call her Sarah Louisa, thank you.

          Sarah Louisa was born 15 December 1873 in Unionville, Union Township, Putnam County, Missouri, while the Dodrills were living there briefly. They were in Pleasant Township in Appanoose County, Iowa when Sarah Louisa's mother died in 1878. Father James married again and Sarah Louisa was living with him and his wife in the 1880 census in Pleasant Township.

           That marriage ended and in 1882, James took a third wife - Sarah Jane DODRILL, widow of Sarah Louisa's uncle, William DODRILL. Four other Dodrills, Sarah Louisa's cousins, came into the household then. Soon after, they all moved back to Putnam County, Missouri.

          In the 1880s James left the household. It appears Sarah Louisa may have stayed on with her stepmother in Putnam County. At least she was married in Putnam County in November 1888 when Sarah Louisa was not yet 15 years old.

          Married at 14! But here's one for the books. That marriage lasted 57 years - until William Perry STOUT'S death in 1946!

          William was born 18 Sept 1866, in Kansas. His father was born in Kansas and his mother in Iowa, but nobody has been able to find out who those parents were, only that his mother was a BILLS. Apparently they died when William was very young. He was raised by his grandfather, Arron W. BILLS, a native of Virginia. In the 1880 census William was living with him and his wife, Cynthia A. (who could be William's grandmother, though she was 56 to Aaron's 69, so it might have been a second marriage) in South Fork Township, Wayne County, Iowa.

          After their marriage, William and Sarah Louisa apparently lived at Mendota in Putnam County, Missouri, but at the end of the century, 1895 to 1900, they moved to Bellair Township in

Appanoose County, Iowa. They were there in the 1900 census, William a coal miner. They rented their home.

          They were in the same place in the 1910 census, listed next to what must have been William's relatives, Edward and Pheba BILLS. William's occupation again was a coal miner.

          By the time of the 1915 state census the STOUTS had moved to Mystic and that is where they remained for 30 years. Mystic was the principal town of Walnut Township in Appanoose County, Iowa. In the beginning it was known as Walnut City.

          After bringing 13 children into the world (two of whom died young) and working hard all their lives, William and Sarah Louisa settled back to being grandparents and relaxing a bit. They celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary in November 1945. Just before their 59th anniversary William died - on 1 November 1946 at the age of 80 year. He is buried at Hiland Cemetery in Mystic, Iowa

          Sarah Louisa went to Des Moines to live with one of her children there, probably her daughter Nadine. She outlived William by 17 years and died 2 February 1963 in Des Moines, Iowa at the age of 89 years. She too is buried at Hiland Cemetery, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa.

          Of all the descendants of William Coleman and Amanda (HOLCOMB) DODRILL - "the Iowa Dodrills" - only Sarah Louisa, and one twig of Amanda's branch, left family in Wayne County, Iowa, where it all began some 133 years ago.


                        1.     Grace STOUT, b. 1889, Unionville, Union Township, Putnam County, Missouri, died in infancy.

                        2.    Aris STOUT, b. 1890, Unionville, Union Township, Putnam County, Missouri, died in infancy.

11-3-3-4-3       3.    Lucy Jane STOUT, b. Oct 1891, Mendota, Putnam County, Missouri.

                        4.    Laura W. STOUT, b. Oct 1893, Missouri, deceased by 1983. Married: 1st. pre-1915, James FINKS. Married 2nd Harry RASMUSSEN, lived in Davenport, Iowa.


                               1.    Lloyd FINKS

                               2.    Alisa FINKS

11-3-3-4-5       5.    Everet W. STOUT, b. Feb 1896, Iowa.

                        6.    Nadine Virginia STOUT, b. Feb 1898, Iowa, d. 1963/1973, Iowa. Married: 1st. Peter BLAIR. Married 2nd Matt LAMMERS, lived in Des Moines.


                               1.    William BLAIR

                               2.    Magdalene BLAIR, m. John Marvin FINCHUM. 1983: live in Des Moines.


                                      1.    Alan FINCHUM

                                      2.     FINCHUM

11-3-3-4-7       7.    Edwin F. STOUT, b. 1900, after census, Iowa.

11-3-3-4-8       8.    Michael Ottis STOUT, b. 22 Apr 1903, Iowa.

11-3-3-4-9       9.    Margaret Opal STOUT, b. 26 June 1905, Centreville, Iowa.

11-3-3-4-10     10.  Guy Richard STOUT, b. 25 June 1907, Streepyville, Iowa.

11-3-3-4-11     11.  Jobie Arvin STOUT, b. 4 Aug 1909, Streepyville, Iowa.

                        12.  Walter STOUT, b. Aug 1913, Streepyville, Iowa. Married: Louise WAGAMAN.

                               1983: lived Des Moines, Iowa.

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11-3-3-4-3       LUCY JANE STOUT


Ewing Family Lineage:       Sarah Louise-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Lucy Jane, born in October of 1891 at Mendota, Putnam County, Missouri was twice married. About 1907 she married Wesley SMITH, the father of her two daughters. Then on 14 May 1915 in Unionville, Putnam County, Missouri, she married George BEERS. In 1900 George, born in May 1892, in Iowa was listed with his parents, Samuel F. and Mary M. BEERS, born Ohio and Pennsylvania. They were then living in Walnut Township, Appanoose County, Iowa.

          Lucy Jane died 13 February 1959 in North Kansas City, Missouri and George died in 1961. They are buried at Hiland Cemetery, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa, next to Lucy's parents.


                 1.    Martha Alice SMITH, b. 22 Oct 1908, Appanoose County, Iowa, died pre-1983. Married: Grant HAMILTON, lived Buena Park, California.


                        1.    Wanda HAMILTON, married: 2. DAVIS, lived Torrance, California.


                               1.    Kenneth DAVIS

                               2      Michael DAVIS

                               3.    Holly DAVIS

                        2.    Kathleen HAMILTON, lived Buena Park, California

                 2.    Carrie Marie SMITH, b. 28 Nov 1910, Appanoose County, Iowa, died pre-1983. Married: 1st Paul SERITZ

                        Married 2nd Ralph SHRADER, lived No. Kansas City, MO.


                         1.    Paul SERITZ JR., lived Raytown, Missouri.


                               1.     Kathy Sue SERITZ, lived Raytown, Missouri.

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11-3-3-4-5       EVERETT W. STOUT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah Louisa-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Everett (Evert in the censuses) was born in February 1896 in Appanoose County, Iowa and died in 1947 in Knoxville, Iowa. He is buried in Jerome, Iowa.

          Everett was first married to a Bessie and then to Coy DOOLEY.

          ISSUE by Bessie:

                 1     . Ruth STOUT

          ISSUE by Coy

                 2.    Aline STOUT


11-3-3-4-7       EDWIN F. STOUT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah Louisa-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Edwin was born in 1900, the last half of the year. He does not appear in the June census. Edwin and his wife, Mary PHELPS lived at Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa. He had died by 1963.


                 1.    Dorothy STOUT

                 2.    Pearl (Pete) STOUT

                 3.    Merle STOUT

                 4.    Freddy STOUT

                 5.    Jeff STOUT

                 6.    Glen Allen STOUT

                 7.    Donald STOUT

                 8.    Ned STOUT

                 9.    Margaret STOUT, died of scarlet fever

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11-3-3-4-8       MICHAEL OTTIS STOUT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah Louisa-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James 

          Michael was born 22 April 1903 in Appanoose County, Iowa and died 8 December 1953. He is buried at Hiland Cemetery, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa. Michael was twice married. His first wife, whom he married 7 April 1923, was Jannie. They were divorced and Michael married Wilma in 1953. The surnames of Michael's wives are unknown.

          ISSUE by Jannie:

                 1.    Michael Ottis STOUT, JR., b. 27 Jan 1924, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa. Married: 1943, Marjorie LONG, divorced 1971.

                  2.    Charlene Wilma STOUT, b. 22 Aug 1926, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa.

                 3.    Nola Darlene STOUT, b. 20 Oct 1928, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa.

                 4.    Harold Richard STOUT, b. 12 Dec 1930, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa.

                 5.    Marcella Elaine STOUT, b. 28 Mar 1933, Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa. Married: 1951, Don ANSLEY.

                 6.    Sara Kay STOUT, b. 1 Jan 1943, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa. Married: 1962 in Des Moines, Iowa Gerald LEEPER


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11-3-3-4-9       MARGARET OPAL STOUT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah Louisa-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          "Maggie," as she is called, and her younger brother, Walter, are the only two of Sarah Louisa and William's large family still living in 1983. Margaret was born 26 June 1905 in Centreville, Iowa. In 1983 she and her husband, James WILSON, lived at the Woodland Mobile Home Park, Lot. 133, Milan, Illinois 61264. Margaret's first husband was Rex BLAINE.


                 1.    William BLAINE, b. 2 May 1923, Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa. Married: Betty CRAWFORD.

                 2. Willia(?) BLAINE, b. 17 Mar 1925, Brazil, Iowa. Married: Gloria SHORT

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11-3-3-4-10     GUY RICHARD STOUT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah Louisa-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James 

          Guy was born 25 June 1907 in Streepyville, Appanoose County, Iowa and died about 1979 in Illinois, where he is buried. His wife, Clarabell PARRY, was born 2 June 1914 in the Appanoose County town of Numa. They were married 3 July 1930 in Centreville, Iowa.


                 1.    Barbara STOUT, b. 5 Nov 1931, Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa. Married: 18 March 1949, Loudon Tennessee, to Robert JOHNSON, b. 26 Dec 1930 in Loudon.

                 2.    William STOUT, b. 5 Sept 1933, Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa. Married: 14 Feb 1953 in Illinois, Carol HATTON, b. 28 June 1937 in Illinois.

                 3.    Jerry STOUT - TWIN, b. 7 Jan 1939, Williamson, Marion County, Iowa. Married: 8 Dec 1963, California, Karen , b. 14 July 1943.

                 4.    Joyce STOUT - TWIN, b. 7 Jan 1939, Williamson, Marion County, Iowa. Married: 6 Sept 1959, River Grove, Illinois, John COX, b. 4 aug 1937, Illinois.

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11-3-3-4-11     JOBIE ARVIN STOUT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah Louisa-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Jobie (pronounced Joe-Bee) was born in Streepyville, Iowa on 4 August 1909. He and Anna Pauline STANIGER, daughter of Frank and Mary (BOZICH) STANIGER, were married in Centreville, Iowa on 15 June 1929. Anna was born 11 February 1913 in Numa, Appanoose County, Iowa.

          The Stouts lived in Numa, Seymour and Muscatine, Iowa and finally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jobie's occupation was given as a bus driver. After 33 years of marriage, he and Anna were divorced in May of 1962.

          Jobie died in Milwaukee on 22 March 1977. He is buried at Highland Memorial Park, Brookfield, Wisconsin.


11-3-3-4-11-1 1.    Gary Arvin STOUT, b. 15 Mar 1931, Numa, Appanoose County, Iowa.

11-3-3-4-11-2 2.    Donald Richard STOUT, b. 25 Jan 1933, Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa.

11-3-3-4-11-3 3.    James Everett STOUT, b. 10 Apr 1935, Muscatine, Iowa.

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11-3-3-4-11-1 GARY ARVIN STOUT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jobie-Sarah Louisa-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Gary was born 16 March 1931 in Numa, Appanoose County, Iowa. On 21 November 1953 Gary was in Connecticut to marry Lena Mary ISCOLLINO in Thompsonville. Lena was born 4 November 1935 in Thompsonville and died 3 June 1981 in Enfield, Connecticut.        In 1983 there was two Gary STOUTS listed in Enfield, but one was spelled "Garry".



11-3-3-4-11-2        DONALD RICHARD STOUT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jobie-Sarah Louisa-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Donald was born 25 January 1933 in Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa and he knows how to pick wives! His is Patricia Lee WELL, and she is a genealogy buff! Pat got interested in family history after reading the Dodrill book, and seeing what happened to the Stout family in that genealogy. ("Various members of this family failed to answer correspondence directed to them," said Mr. Dodrill.) She decided to do something about it, and began collecting Stout data. It was she who supplied this entire Stout line, plus some information on Sarah Louisa's brothers and sisters.

          Donald and Pat were married 21 February 1953 in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Pat was born 14 January 1934 in Milwaukee to Emery C. and Lorraine (ENGLER) WELL.




Ewing Family Lineage:      Jobie-Sarah Louisa-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          James was born 10 April 1935 in Muscatine, Iowa. He was married in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 12 September 1958 to Marlyss MASSER, born 18 January 1936 in Milwaukee. That marriage ended in divorced and on 3 October 1969 in Milwaukee, James and Maxine (ZAWISTOWSKI) PERKINS were married. Maxine, daughter of Max and Joan ZAWISTOWSKI, celebrates her birthday on October 3. She had three children by her first marriage, David, Douglas and Judy PERKINS.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          James and Adeline had moved from Putnam County, Missouri and were in Pleasant Township, Appanoose County, Iowa by the time their youngest put in his appearance on 1 September 1875. Adeline named him William Sylvester for her brother, William Sylvester WYANT, a South Dakota rancher.

          William was only 3 when his mother died. James married again and William was listed in Pleasant Township with his father and stepmother in the 1880 census.

          That marriage ended in either death or divorce, and James married again. William's new stepmother was a woman he had formerly called Aunt Sarah - Sarah Jane (POWELL) DODRILL, widow of Uncle William DODRILL.

          The family moved back to Putnam County, Missouri, which is where William did most of his growing up - in a family of cousins who were also now step-brothers and step-sisters (one of whom was another William DODRILL).

          At some time in the 1880s, James left the household. It is possible William went with him, even though he was only about 10 years old. By the 1900 census, William was in the same approximate area as his father. James was in Pottawattamie County, Council Bluff's county in Iowa, with the SCHOOLERS in the 1900 census, and William was in the next county north, Harrison.

William was 25, single, a farm laborer, boarding with William and Abby COFFMAN in Raglan Township, Iowa, which is where his father's fourth wife, Olive (FOWLER) EWING DODRILL then ROTEN, lived.

          On 9 April 1902, William and Laura THATCHER were married. Their daughter, Florence was born in January 1903. In the Fall of that year, William and Laura separated. A second daughter, Flora Mae was born in March 1904.

          After the divorce William went back to the place of his birth, Appanoose County, Iowa, to live - apparently with his sister, Sarah Louisa, who had long since been married to William STOUT. The Stouts were living in Bellaire Township, which township was occupied by a large family by the name of BILLS. (William STOUT's mother was a Bills.)

          One of the Bills' took William's fancy. They were married 25 March 1907 in Appanoose County, Iowa, and had 51 years of marital bliss together.

          The girl William married was Etta Cora (or Coe) BILLS and she was born 10 February 1881 in Iowa (Etta's parents were born in Virginia) and she lived to be 98 years old!

           William farmed, but he also loved the fiddle and was recognized as a noted fiddler in the area.

          William and Etta raised their two daughters and spent many years of contentment on their farm. When it came time to retire, they moved into the town of Seymour, Iowa which is in Wayne County, very near the Appanoose County line. William died there on the 30th of April 1958. Thus he became the only latter day Dodrill (by that name) to die at the place where it all began over 108 years before. He is buried at the Promise City Cemetery, not far from old Section 9.

          Etta survived him by 21 years. She was 98 when she died on the 14th of June 1979. She is buried next to William.

          ISSUE by Laura:

                        1.    Florence Opal DODRILL, b. 24 Jan 1903, Iowa. Married: 5 June 1937, Melvin ATKINSON. No issue.

                        2.    Flora Mae DODRILL, b. 21 Mar 1904, Iowa, d. 19 May 1916, Iowa.

          ISSUE by Cora:

11-3-3-5-3       3.    Hazel Marie DODRILL, b. 19 Dec 1907, Appanoose County, Iowa.

                        4.    Cora Isal DODRILL, b. 13 July 1910, Appanoose County, Iowa, d. 20 Oct 1978, Waukesha, Wisconsin, cremated, remains buried Wisconsin Memorial Park, Brookfield, Wisconsin. Married: 12 July 1937, Lewis MARTEN.

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11-3-3-5-3       HAZEL MARIE DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Hazel, born 19 December 1907 in Appanoose County, Iowa, died in August 1983 at her home in Newton, Kansas. Hazel was taken back to Seymour, Wayne County, Iowa to be buried.

          Hazel was married on 4 February 1927 to Reed WADE. They lived in Waukesha, Wisconsin and Greensburg and Newton, Kansas. In 1967, Reed was superintendent of a chain of stations on a pipe line.


                  1.    Gweneth Elaine WADE, b. 30 Jan 1931, Waukesha, Wisconsin. Married: 7 Feb 1953, Horace WRIGHT. They lived in Sedgwick, Kansas in 1983.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          In his early years, Michael must sometimes have wondered who he was. He grew up in the midst of a batch of Dodrills who were step-brothers and sisters to each other and half-brothers and sister to him - and with Brassfields who were no relation at all.

          Michael was born 8 June 1883, in Putnam County, Missouri to James and his third wife, Sarah Jane (POWELL) DODRILL, widow of James' younger brother, William. He was 8 when his parents were divorced in 1891. In time, he and his mother went to live with her son by her first marriage, Asa DODRILL, who had married Elmira BRASSFIELD. Asa and Elmira lived in Putnam County, Missouri with her father, Thomas BRASSFIELD, who had three families by three wives. What a houseful that must have been!

          In February, 1907, Elmira was widowed when Asa was killed by a train. At about the same time, Sarah Jane's other two sons, Alvin and William Moses, were contemplating a move to the brand new state of Oklahoma. Sarah Jane and Michael decided to become "Sooners" too.

          The move came in 1908 and they settled in Perkins, Payne County, Oklahoma. They had not been there very long when Michael found Inez Pearl HUDSON, born 22 June 1885. The two were married on the 4th of July 1908.

          Sarah Jane lived with the newlyweds in Perkins. Within a year a child was on the way, but Inez did not stay to have the baby in Perkins. She left Michael and went to Elkland, Webster County, Missouri where Richard Reginald DODRILL was born 3 June 1910. Perhaps her parents were there.

          About the time the divorce became final, all the Dodrills, Sarah Jane and Michael included, left Perkins and moved a few miles south to farms near Tryon in Lincoln County, Oklahoma. The Dodrills had cousins in Lincoln County, the BURRIS' (a family of 9) who had gone there from Harrison County, Missouri.

          Sarah Jane had been keeping up with her grandchildren through her daughter-in-law, Elmira, back in Putnam County, Missouri. After Inez left, Michael wrote Elmira a letter, asking her to come to Tryon and marry him. Elmira accepted his invitation and the two were married in Chandler, Lincoln County seat, Oklahoma on 26 April 1911.

          Now Michael had three Dodrill step-children to raise, Jennings, William and Retta Marie, plus eventually his own son (his only child as it turned out). Inez died in 1917 and 7 year old Richard DODRILL went to live with his father.

          Sarah Jane divided her time between her three sons. She was living with Alvin and his family when Michael's aging father appeared on the scene about 1912. James was 69 when he went to live with the son he had never known. He died at Michael's home in 1915.

          Sarah Jane was living "out at Uncle Moan's" (William Moses) when she died in 1926. By that time Michael had given up farming (1925) and moved his family into the county seat, Chandler, to become a cobbler, his trade until retirement, after which he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

          Elmira died in December 1949, after 38 years of marriage. Michael was 65 but, that did not stop him from marrying on Christmas Day, 1949. Lela Madge - whose maiden name was FRANCISCO, and who had been married three times before. Michael and Lela had 26 years together. In the end Michael was suffering from cancer. One day when Michael was 95 years old, he was given a swine flu shot. He became extremely ill and died two weeks later on the 2nd of January 1977. He is buried at Cushing, Oklahoma, next to Elmira. Lela died about December of 1983.


11-3-3-6-1       1.    Richard Reginald DODRILL, b. 3 June 1910, Elkland, Webster County, Missouri.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Michael-James-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Richard was born 3 June 1910 in Elkland, Webster County, Missouri - northeast of Springfield, after his mother, Inez, left his father, Michael. When he was 7, his mother died and he went to Tryon to live with his father and "Grandma Gertie," which is what her grandchildren called Michael's second wife, Elmira Gertrude. So now not only Michael had step-children, Elmira did too.

          Richard was married about 1931 to Opal COLLINS, an orphan. They had five children between 1932 and 1939. during that time he studied for the ministry. Apparently Opal died, for Richard had a second wife, whom he married 9 December 1944. She was Mildred S. WEBER, daughter of Henry and Nettie (VAN BLARICON) WEBER. Mildred was born 16 March 1919.

          In the meantime Richard had seen service during the war then just ended, World War II. He was in the Navy. Then he returned to the pulpit. Through the years he served congregations in Kansas, Missouri, Oregon and California. In July of 1983, Richard was living in Texas.

          He and Mildred had five children, all of whom have the initials D.D.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Elizabeth-William-James

          It has happened frequently through this book: When a widowed mother marries a widower, her daughter marries his son. Such was the case with Rebecca. Born in June 1845, in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, she was married in 1869 to Peter J. SCHOOLER, who was the son of the Thomas SCHOOLER from Scotland who married Rebecca's mother, Amanda, after the death of William Coleman DODRILL.

          Peter and Rebecca spent their early married life with their respective parents. They were listed with them in the 1870 census when they were in Union Township, Putnam County, Missouri. In the 1880 census, they were still all together, this time in South Fork Township, Wayne County, Iowa, along with the first five of Peter and Rebecca's seven children.

          At some time in the next 20 years, Peter and Rebecca moved to the Council Bluffs, Iowa area. They were listed there in the 1900 census, in Norwalk Township, Pottawattamie County, Iowa. They had rented their farm and Rebecca had seven children, six then living. Peter, born in May of 1850 in Canada, came to the United States in 1867, according to that census, and was a naturalized citizen.

          Living with them were their daughter, Jane, and her husband, Marvin MORFORD and their family. Also there was Rebecca's brother, James DODRILL, 59. Both James and Marvin were down as farm laborers.

          Thomas and Amanda SCHOOLER could not be found in the Iowa census, but then they both would have been upwards of 75 in 1900. There were some other Schoolers in the 1900 census index, all of them from Scotland, presumably relatives of Thomas and Peter.

          The word is that Peter and Rebecca left Iowa for South Dakota in 1904, it is unknown exactly where. It is hoped that someone comes forward to bring us up to date on this great-great-granddaughter of James EWING, Rebecca Dodrill Schooler.


                 1.    Sarah M. SCHOOLER, b. 1870, Iowa

                 2.    Hulda (Mahulda?) SCHOOLER, b. 1872, Iowa.

                 3.    Thomas SCHOOLER, b. May 1875, Iowa.

                 4.    Jane SCHOOLER, b. Aug 1877, Iowa. Married: 1896, Marvin MORFORD, b. Dec 1872, Iowa. 1900 with her parents, he farm laborer.

                        Known issue:

                        1.    Ida MORFORD, b. Aug 1896, Iowa

                        2.    Robert MORFORD, b. May 1898, Iowa

                        3.    Baby MORFORD, b. May 1900, Iowa

                 5.    Rebecca SCHOOLER, b. Feb 1880, Iowa

                 6.    James SCHOOLER, b. July 1886, Iowa

                 7.     SCHOOLER, b. about 1884, d. pre-1900

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Mahulda was the first of the Iowa-born Dodrills. She put in her appearance on the 16th of April in 1847, when William and Amanda were in Van Buren County, Iowa, but it was not long after she was born that the Dodrills moved a few miles west of there, to Wayne County, Iowa.

          She was 13 presumably in 1860, when she, her father and her older sister, Rebecca, gave long hours to the home and family.

          On a farm nearby lived Samuel and Sarah Ann CHURCH, who had a son, William, born 10 February 1846 in Illinois. William and Mahulda were married 18 October 1868.

          The two were not accounted for on the 1870 census. They were not in Putnam or Appanoose Counties. In the 1880 census they were in John's Township, Appanoose County. By then they had four children, one of who had died at the age of 3 years.

          They farmed in John's Township until shortly after 1882, the year their fifth child, Amanda Jane, was born. They were not in Appanoose County in the 1885 state census, so one assumes they had moved to their next home, the Council Bluffs, Iowa area. Rebecca, born in September 1884, may have been born in Appanoose or Council Bluffs. In Council Bluffs, they had two more children - Nancy and Arthur - to make it an even eight. About three months after Arthur's birth, Mahulda died on on the 5th of September 1890 at the age of 43 years.

          After's Mahulda's death a strict accounting for all the family was difficult. Three of the youngster - Amanda, Nancy and Arthur - went to live with their uncle, Daniel Payton DODRILL, who was living in Omaha.

          As for the three oldest, all sons - one, William Grant, may have died by then. Rebecca, the sixth, it was difficult to discover what happened to her those first years after her mother's death. In later years they were scattered widely - but not so widely that the ones at home did not keep up with them to get them all together again under this book cover.

          What happened to the children's father, William CHURCH, after Mahulda's death is unknown, he is supposed to have died on the 25th of February in 1931, but unknown where.


                 1.    John Franklin CHURCH, b. 2 July 1869, d. 1 Nov 1872.

                 2.    William Grant CHURCH, b. 16 Oct 1872

          When about 18 years old, he worked for a mining or construction company, as a messenger. One day he went into town for supplies and the payroll. The horse and wagon came back but he was not on it. At first they thought he had stolen the money, but a few days later his body was found in the river, his head battered. The final conclusion was that he had been beaten and robbed and his body dumped in the river. The money was never found.


11-3-5-3   3.    Peter James CHURCH, b. 24 Sept 1875

                 4.    Samuel Solomon CHURCH, b. 30 June 1879, John's Township, Appanoose County, Iowa, d. 9 Aug 1947, Missouri Valley, Iowa. Married: 13 Jan 1913, Onawa, Monona County, Iowa, Gertie GRAY.


                        1.    Nancy CHURCH, b. about 1914, deceased

                        2.    Wilbur/Wilbert CHURCH, b. about 1916. 1982: lived Sioux City, Iowa.

                        3.    Lewis CHURCH - TWIN, b. about 1918, deceased.

                        4.    Lester CHURCH - TWIN, b. about 1918, deceased.


                  5.    Amanda Jane CHURCH, b. 16 Jan 1882, John's Township, Appanoose County, Iowa. [See: 11-3-9]

                  6.    Rebecca Margaret May CHURCH, b. 19 Sept 1884, Appanoose County or Council Bluffs, Iowa. [See: 11-3-5-6]

                  7.    Nancy Elizabeth CHURCH, b. 20 May 1886, Council Buffs, Iowa. [See: 11-3-5-7]

                  8.    Arthur Lee CHURCH, b. 25 May 1890, Council Bluffs, Iowa. [See" 11-3-5-8]

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Peter was born 24 September 1875 in Appanoose County, Iowa. He was almost 15 when his mother died in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It is unknown what his movements were the next few years, but by 1896 Peter was in Taney County, Missouri where he married Hattie Mabel GROAT on the 16th of August. Peter died in Carroll, Nebraska on 4 June 1851. After his death, Hattie lived with her daughter, Marie FERRIS in Salem, Oregon where she died 20 October 1969.


                 1.    Mahulda Eliza CHURCH, b. about 1900. Married: James SHUFELT.


                        1.    Nellie SHUFELT. Married: James GWYNN

                        2.    Florence SHUFELT. Married: CAUGHTREE

                        3.    Mabel SHUFELT. Married: Carl JANSSEN

                        4.    Ina SHUFELT - TWIN. Married: Reinhardt HANK

                        5.    Nina SHUFELT - TWIN. Married: Ron

                 2.    William Thomas CHURCH, b. about 1905. Married: 1st. Eva FERRIS, divorced. Married 2nd Eleanor ENGER.

                        Issue by Eleanor:

                        1.    James CHURCH

                        2.    La Donna CHURCH, married has 7 children

                 3.    Arthur Eugene CHURCH, b. about 1910. Married: Elsie .


                        1.    Barbara Ann CHURCH. Married: James INGRAM


                               1.    James INGRAM JR.

                 4.    Marie CHURCH, b. 3 Sept 1913. Married: 1st. 20 May 1933, Harry FERRIS, b. 25 Apr 1909, d. 3 Sept 1963. Married 2nd 30 July 1970, Lester KIRKWOOD


                        1.    Nancy Jean FERRIS, b. 2 Aug 1933

                        2.    Donald LeRoy FERRIS, b. 7 Aug 1936

                        3.    Marvin Harry FERRIS, b. 29 July 1942

                        4.    Karen Marie FERRIS, b. 21 June 1944. Married: James TYSON.

                        5.    Robert Samuel FERRIS, b. 27 June 1947

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mahulda-Willliam-Elizabeth-William-James

          William and Mahulda had probably left Appanoose County and were in Council Bluffs, Iowa, by the time Rebecca came along on 19 September 1884. She was two weeks short of being 6 years old when her mother died. It is unknown where she went after her mother's death. Rebecca was located again in Royal Oak, Michigan. Her husband was Nick WEIS, a native of Luxemburg. He was an ironworker and blacksmith and had a shop in Detroit where he did ornamental ironwork. Rebecca died in Royal Oak, where they had made their home.


                 1.    Rose WEIS Married: 1st. Lester WHITE. Married 2nd Harold GASSEE. Lived in Paradise, California, died there but buried in Los Angeles, California.

                 2.    Charles WEIS, married: Gladys had approximately 10 children.

                 3.    Florence WEIS, married: Lafe NELSON. 1982: lived, mobile home park, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


                        1.    Lynn NELSON, a policeman

                 4.    Genevieve WEIS, married, no issue, lived in Dunnsmeir, California.

                 5.    Dean WEIS, lived Detroit, Michigan, several children.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Nancy was born 20 May 1888 in Council Bluffs, Iowa and was only two years old when her mother died. Upon her mother's death she went to live with Daniel Payton DODRILL, her uncle and her mother's brother-in-law. After 1900 she lived at 5th and Maple with Sarah Ann DODRILL SIMMONS, (see 11-3-10) in Rogers, Arkansas.

          She married Robert CRAVENS in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

2 May 1909. Robert was born 13 April 1889 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

          Robert died 25 Oct 1971 in Emporia, Kansas and is buried there. On 30 Nov 1982, Nancy passed away in a nursing home in Las Altos, California.


                         1.    Roy Carl CRAVENS, b. 21 Aug 1911, d. 1919, diphtheria.

                        2.    Robert Lee CRAVENS, b. 23 Mar 1916, d. 2 Dec 1965, 49 years, cerebral hemorrhage, Santa Monica, California. Married: SALES.


                               1.    Robby Ray CRAVENS, b. 2 July 1961

11-3-5-7-3       3.    Fred Arthur CRAVENS, b. 27 June 1921

                         4.    Elmer Clay CRAVENS, b. 31 Mar 1927, d. 2 June 1929, of polio.

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11-3-5-7-3       FRED ARTHUR CRAVENS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Nancy-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Fred was born the 27 June 1921 and was married to Lucille Eva PIAGGI-DUNN on the 7th of November 1945 in the Methodist Church on Market Street in San Francisco, California. Lucille was born 12 October 1917 and went by the name DUNN, her stepfather's name.

          Lucille had three daughters from a previous marriage that Fred adopted.

          In 1982 Fred attended the Dodrill reunion and was living in Los Altos, California. In 1983 the telephone numbers was 415/961-8755 and his address 1467 Morton Avenue, Los Altos, California 94022.


                        1.    Rhonda Mae CRAVENS, b. 11 Nov 1936. Married: 16 Oct 1955, Fred MAYO.

                        2.    Dawn Kathleen CRAVENS, b.12 Dec 1937. Married: 12 Feb 1957, Louis SARTO.

                        3.    Terri Lucille CRAVENS, b. 28 June 1942. Married: 4. Ernest LASTRA.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Arthur was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa 25 May 1890. Three months later his mother died, and Arthur, along with sisters Amanda and Nancy, went to live with their uncle, Daniel Payton DODRILL and his wife Eliza in Omaha, Nebraska. Later Daniel married Arthur's sister, Amanda. As Arthur was raised by Dodrills, he took the Dodrill name.

          In the 1920's Arthur had the opportunity to repay his uncle for giving him a home. Daniel died in 1918 and Amanda died in 1921. Arthur took one of their orphans, the eldest, Frank, whom he and his wife Sadie JONES raised through his teens with their own six. Arthur grew up in Boone County, Nebraska. It was in Boone County that he and Sadie were married about 1910. Sadie was born 15 June 1893 and was the daughter of Thomas and Ann (MUNSINGER) JONES.

          They made their home at first in Albion, Boone County seat, later moving to Sunol and then Lodgepole, both in Cheyenne County, Nebraska. Then Arthur bought a ranch near Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming which they worked several years. After retirement they operated a roadside cafe on U.S. 309 outside Cheyenne, where Arthur died 23 April 1960, age 69. Sadie lived on their place and was there in 1967.


11-3-5-8-1       1.    Earl David DODRILL, b. 5 May 1911, Albion, Boone County, Nebraska.

11-3-5-8-2       2.    Irene Ann DODRILL, b. 7 Mar 1913, Albion, Boone County, Nebraska.

11-3-5-8-3       3.    Ivan Glen DODRILL, b. 17 Nov 1915, Albion, Boone County, Nebraska.

11-3-5-8-4       4.    Bernice Mabel DODRILL, b. 30 Nov 1917, Sunol, Cheyenne County, Nebraska.

                        5.    Doris Ruth DODRILL, b. 26 June 1920, Lodgepole, Cheyenne County, Nebraska. Married: 11 June 1954, James O'NEIL, b. 19 Oct 1907. 1967: Cheyenne, no issue.

                        6.    Opal Marie DODRILL, b. 20 Nov 1931, Lodgepole, Cheyenne County, Nebraska. Married: 11 June 1954, Melvin Wesley GOULD, son of Orval and Laura (DODRY) GOULD, b. 23 Dec 1929. Staff Sergeant, Korean War. 1981: lived in Cheyenne.

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11-3-5-8-1       EARL DAVID DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Arthur-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Earl was born 5 May 1911 in Albion, Boone County, Nebraska. He was married on the 31st of December 1933 in Chappell, Nebraska to Violetta ANDERSON. Violetta was born 28 August 1915 and is the daughter of Simon and Ellen (ALSON) ANDERSON. In 1967 Earl was a ditch rider for the Midvale Irrigation District at that time they were living in Pavillion, Wyoming. In 1981 they lived in Riverton, Wyoming.


11-3-5-8-2       IRENE ANN DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Arthur-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Irene was born 7 March 1913 in Albion, Boone County, Nebraska and was married 2 May 1948 to Charles Vincent JOHNSON, son of Gusta and Ethel (BROWN) JOHNSON. Charles was born 30 May 1916 and in 1967 was custodian at Pleasant View Elementary School in Golden, Colorado where he and Irene made their home. In 1981 they were living in Lafayette, Colorado.


11-3-5-8-3       IVAN GLEN DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Arthur-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Ivan was born 17 November 1915 in Albion, Boone County, Nebraska. He and Dorothy SEVERIN, born 15 September 1919 were married 3 January 1941. In 1967 they were living on Pleasant View in Golden, Colorado.


11-3-5-8-4       BERNICE MABEL DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Arthur-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Bernice, born 20 November 1919, in Sunol, Cheyenne County, Nebraska, was married on 21 April 1937 to Charles ACHESON, a Korean War Veteran. In 1967 they were living in Hillsdale, Wyoming. Bernice was a secretary.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Most of William's story has already been told under the section on his older brother, James. As William died at the age of 28 years, there does not seem to be much else to relate about his short life. His story is really that of his wife, Sarah Jane POWELL, and of his children.

          William was born in Wayne County, Iowa in 1851. He and Sarah Jane were both about 16 when they were married around 1867 and they settled in York Township, Putnam County, Missouri. William earned a living as a maker of hoop poles.

          They were listed in York Township in the 1870 census. With them were 1 year old Alvin and Armilda POWELL, 14, Sarah Jane's sister.

          The Dodrills had four more children in the next seven years, two of whom died in infancy. Sarah Jane was expecting again when William died. The date of William's death was on the 20th of November 1878.

          After William's death, Sarah Jane left York Township and returned to Appanoose County, to live with her widowed and remarried mother. In the 1880 census, Sarah Jane was the head of a Pleasant Township household. With her were her four children, also her mother, Lorinda CONGER, 50 (really 56) as well as Lorinda's stepson, Mosses D. CONGER, 25 and her son, Michael POWELL, 22.

          Nearby in that census was James DODRILL, with wife Mary and Children Louisa and William S........... What happened after that has already been told. (see 11-3-3)


11-3-6-1          1. Alvin Ulysses DODRILL, b. 22 June 1869, York Township, Putnam County, Missouri.

11-3-6-2          2.    Asa "Ace" Thomas DODRILL, b. 1872, York Township, Putnan County, Missouri.

11-3-6-3          3.    Effie M. DODRILL, b. 1877, York Township, Putnam County, Missouri.

11-3-6-4          4.    William Moses DODRILL, b. 9 Mar 1879, Appanoose County, Iowa.

                        5.     DODRILL, died in infancy, between Alvin and Asa.

                        6.     DODRILL, died in infancy, between Asa and Effie.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Alvin, first of six for William and Sarah Jane, was born the 22nd of June 1869 in York Township, Putnam County, Missouri. He was 10 when his father died in Putnam County and the family moved to Pleasant Township, Appanoose County, Iowa.

          In 1882, Alvin's mother married his uncle, James DODRILL, and they moved back to Putnam County, Missouri, to Mendota, Putnam County, Missouri - on the Iowa-Missouri state line. Alvin grew up in a houseful of brothers, a sister, a stepbrother and sister, who were also his cousins and then a half-brother, Michael.

          Before long Alvin's mother and James separated and a lot of responsibility fell on Alvin, the eldest of all the children.

          He was married in Putnam County in 1892. to Retta Virginia NORMAN, whose father was Thomas NORMAN of Adair County, Missouri. Retta was born about 1872.

          The whereabouts of this family In the next 15 years is "iffy". They were either in Putnam or Appanoose Counties or maybe both, but I was unable to find them in either the 1900 Missouri or Iowa census index.

          But it all comes clear beginning 1907. That year Alvin was talking about Oklahoma, and others of his family - his brother William Moses, and his mother Sarah Jane and his half-brother Michael - liked the idea. They all headed for the brand new Sooner State.

          They settled first in Perkins, Payne County, Oklahoma, where Alvin opened a livery stable. But then three years later, in 1911, something made the lot of them pack up and move a few miles south to Tryon in the county of Lincoln, state of Oklahoma. The town of Tryon has been Dodrill headquarters through all the years since.

          Alvin opened another livery stable, and he had a successful business for about seven years. In 1918 it went the way of all livery stables in the country about then. It fell victim to the automobile and was supplanted by the service station which rose on every corner in America.

          Undaunted, Alvin tried his hand at the restaurant business in Tryon and later the grocery business.

          Then in the late 1920s he figured, "If you can't beat 'em, join'em." and bought - a service station!

          Alvin was going strong when at the age of 66, on the 20th of July in 1935, he died.

          Retta carried on for 27 more years. She lived alone even at the advanced age of 91 years. But she was killed on the 10th May 1963, when she was crossing the street in front of her home in Tryon and was hit by a car.


                        1.    Ina Ethel DODRILL, b. 1 Jan 1894, Putnam County, Missouri, d. 1926, 32 year old. Buried: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Tryon, Oklahoma. Married: about 1914, Ezra BREEDEN, d. 1957.


                               1.    Marvel BREEDEN, b. about 1916, Tryon, Oklahoma. Married: Elzie HEMPHILL. Lived in Tulsa, OK.

                               2.    Thearn BREEDEN, b. about 1918, Tryon, Oklahoma. Married: Vanita EWING.

                        2.    Vernie Albert DODRILL, b. about 1897, Putnam County, Missouri.

11-3-6-1-3       3.    Samuel Alvin DODRILL, b. 15 Apr 1900, Appanoose County, Iowa .

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11-3-6-1-3       SAMUEL ALVIN DODRILL

Ewing Family Lineage:      Alvin-William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Samuel was born 15 April 1900 in Centreville, Appanoose County, Iowa. He was about 8 when the family moved to Oklahoma. Samuel was married there on 24 October 1919 to Nona Mae DOBBS who was born 22 October 1900, daughter of Amos and Jennie (BRADFIELD) DOBBS.

          At first Samuel farmed near Tryon, Oklahoma, but then moved into Tryon itself to try the grocery business. About 1936 he moved his family out to Sacramento, the capital of California. He and Nona Mae lived there several years, but about 1962 they returned to Tryon, where he died some time after 1967, pre-1981. In 1981, Nona Mae was living in Tryon with her daughter, Ina Louise.


                 1.    Jewel DODRILL, b&d 30 Sept 1920, Tryon, Oklahoma.

                 2.    Fonda Loretta DODRILL, b. 7 Oct 1921, Tryon, Oklahoma, d. 13 Feb 1947, Tryon, Oklahoma.

                 3.    Lawanda Ethel DODRILL, b. 31 Dec 1923, Tryon, Oklahoma; 30 Mar 1930 killed in a school fire when in the first grade.

                 4.    Albert Ray DODRILL, b. 11 Feb 1926, Tryon, Oklahoma. Married: 25 June 1948, Elinor May CASTRO, b. 15 Sept 1927, dau. of Clyde and Ruth (BROWN) CASTRO. 1967: building material salesman, North Sacramento,Cal. Albert served in Air Force 1952 to 1954.

                 5.    Ina Louise DODRILL, b. 13 Apr 1928, Tyron, Oklahoma, single, employed in the grocery business. 1967: North Sacramento. 1981: Tryon, Oklahoma, Ina / her mother living together.

                 6.    Doren Lee DODRILL, b. 13 May 1934, Tyron, Oklahoma. Married: 13 March 1953, Sacramento, CA, Frances Lucille PARKER, b. 7 Jan 1935. Lived in Fairfield, Ca..

                 7.    Wayne Leroy DODRILL, b&d 16 Feb 1940, Sacramento, CA.

                 8.    Ethel Mae DODRILL, 16 Dec 1943, Sacramento, California. Married: 3 June 1961, North Sacramento, CA, Kenneth GOODNOUGH.

                  9.    Linda Kay DODRILL, 15 Dec 1944, Sacramento, California. Married: 3 Jan 1963, Clifford Thomas DECKER, b. 30 Jun 1942. Returned to Tyron, Oklahoma with parents about 1962. Employed with Tryon schools until marriage, then moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1966.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Asa was never called anything but "Ace" and there are those, even grandchildren, who think that was actually his name. He was born in 1872 in York Township, Putnam County, Missouri. He did not get a chance to accomplish much in his short life. He was only 35 when he met a horrible death. Asa was either crossing or walking along a railroad track when he fell and was knocked unconscious. A train came along and reduced his body to rubble. The accident was not even known until someone happened on the remains later. He was unrecognizable. The only way he was identified was from his hands. He had been a big man and had enormous hands. There was no doubt.

          That was in February 1907. Nine years before, in 1898 when he was 26 years old, he had married 14 year old Elmira Gertrude BRASFIELD. The Brasfields were a large and prolific family in Putnam County, Missouri and among the county's first settlers. Elmira's parents were Thomas and Eliza BRASFIELD.

          Asa and Elmira lived with her father and a stepmother - and so did Asa's mother, Sarah Jane, and her son Michael - and so did, several of Thomas' children by his three wives.

          After Asa's death, Elmira lived on with her father, but the Dodrills, Michael included, moved to Perkins and then Tryon, Oklahoma.  Over the miles Elmira kept in touch with her mother-in-law, Sarah Jane (and Michael), keeping her up to date on her grandchildren. Elmira and Asa had four children, but one died in infancy.

          Then one day in 1911 she received a letter from Michael, saying that his wife, Inez, had left him and he needed someone to look after him and his mother. Why didn't Elmira come to Tryon and marry him?

          Elmira couldn't think of a single reason why she shouldn't, and she and her three were soon off to Oklahoma. She and Michael were married in Chandler, Lincoln County seat, Oklahoma on 26 April 1911.

          Another Dodrill inter-marriage. Jennings, William and Retta Marie were brought up by a stepfather who was also their father's half-brother and cousin.

          "Grandma Gertie" as her grandchildren called her, had her hands full. Sometimes her twice-mother-in-law, Sarah Jane, was living with them, and sometimes she wasn't. And suddenly Michael's father, James, appeared in Tryon to end his years with a son he had never known.

          But "Grandma Gertie" stuck with it. She and Michael had been married 38 years when she died in December 1949. Michael outlived her by 27 years. (See 11-3-3-6)


                        1.    Jennings Price DODRILL, b. 16 Oct , York Township, Putnam County, Missouri, d. 1918 in flu epidemic.

11-3-6-2-2       2.    William Clyde DODRILL, b. 9 Aug 1903, Stahl, Missouri.

11-3-6-2-3       3.    Retta Marie DODRILL, b. 28 Sept 1906, Stahl, Missouri.

                        4.    Mary Hazel DODRILL, died in infancy.

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11-3-6-2-2       WILLIAM CLYDE DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Asa-William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          William was born at Stahl, Missouri - which is near Mendota, Putnam County, Missouri, on l9 August 1903. He was 4 years old when his father was killed and 8 years old when his mother moved the family to Oklahoma to marry his uncle, Michael Payton Dodrill. He grew up in Chandler, Oklahoma and was married there on 10 October 1923 to Bessie May SMITH. Bessie was born 3 December 1900 to Burrill P. and Theresa (TURNER) SMITH.

          The couple lived at first in Tryon, Oklahoma, where their only daughter, Oneta Ann, was born in 1925. Then they moved to Agra, Oklahoma and in 1934, to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

          In 1970, when William was 67 years old, Oneta drove her parents out to California to see relatives. On the trip home, William had a heart attack and died.

          Bessie continued to live in Broken Arrow and was living there in the l983, at the age of 83 years. At that time she was undergoing treatment for cancer.


11-3-6-2-2-1   1.    Oneta Ann DODRILL, b. 11 Aug 1925, Tryon, Oklahoma.


11-3-6-2-2-1   ONETA ANN DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Asa-William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Oneta is a storehouse of a family information. She was born and grew up right there in the heart of "Dodrilldom," Lincoln County, Oklahoma, and knew all of the relatives that have been written about in this portion of the book. Fortunately she has a way with words and a liking for them so that her letters were long and informative.

          Oneta was born 11 August 1925 in Tryon, Oklahoma but did her growing up in Agra and Broken Arrow. Her cousin, Lionel Eugene WOLFE, Gene to her and only 9 months older, was her best buddy and took the place of the brother she never had. They were "Grandma Gertie's" only grandchildren and spent a lot of time at Grandma's house.

          On 10 June 1942 Oneta was married to Watie Columbus DODSON. Watie , the son of Eli S. and Nancy (HODGES) DODSON was born 3 November 1918 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

          After 10 years, including a war, of living in Broken Arrow, Watie and Oneta packed up and moved across 1,000 miles to - of all places - Wellston, Ohio, near where it all began so many, many years ago.

          It is still unknown what took them to Wellston, but they lived there seven years and of course in that time they had to pay a visit to Ewington and Vinton and talk to old Andy DODRILL there, Oneta's cousin and the outstanding Dodrill in the area.

          Oneta says she made a lot of friends in Wellston and goes back periodically to visit and was planning a trip back in 1984. She has a lot of Ewing and Dodrill cousins in Wellston.

          In 1983 Oneta and Watie lived at 802 S. Birch Place, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012.

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11-3-6-2-3       RETTA MARIE DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Asa-William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Retta Marie had an aunt, by-marriage, also with the name of Retta DODRILL, who married the very same man Retta Marie did, thereby causing no end of confusion to people trying to keep track of family histories.

          Retta was born 28 September 1906 in Stahl, Missouri and was only a year old when left fatherless and 5 years old when the family moved from Missouri to Chandler, Oklahoma. where she grew up.

          When she was about 17 years old, Retta married Andrew Jackson WOLFE. Andrew was much older than Retta, had been married and had a large family, some near Retta's age, but also some young ones whom Retta raised along with her only son, Lionel Eugene WOLFE.

          They lived in Agra, at first and then moved to Broken Arrow when her brother William did and then later to Cushing, Oklahoma.

          In time there was a divorce and Andrew subsequently married the other Retta, Retta Virginia, widow of Retta Marie's uncle, Alvin DODRILL.

          Retta Marie married William HOLLAND. In 1947 the two moved to Fallbrook, California. Her son, Lionel, and his wife followed in 1950.

          In 1983, William was deceased but Retta Marie was still carrying on, though beset by age, in a nursing home in San Diego, California.


                        1.    Lionel Eugene WOLFE, b. 13 Oct 1924, Agra, Oklahoma, d. 1972, Fallbrook, San Diego, County, California. Married: 1943, Lillian SHADOWENS. Lionel was a rancher in Fallbrook.

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11-3-6-3   EFFIE M. DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

(Effie's biography was incomplete, SEE: William 11-3-6)

          Effie was born in 1877 in York Township, Putnam County, Missouri and was only an infant when her father died. Her mother married again and the family lived in Putnam County ........... ...............................

          Effie married James Ezra CONGER in 1893 in Iowa. James, the son of William (Willie) Morrison CONGER was born in Missouri in 1868.




Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          By the time William Moses came into the world, on 9 March 1879, his father had died in Putnam County, Missouri and his mother had moved with her three children to Appanoose County, Iowa. He was 3 years old when she married "Uncle James" and they all moved back to Putnam County.

          In time "Uncle James," really the only father William Moses knew, left the household. After Asa DODRILL married, Sarah Jane and her family lived with the Brasfields in Putnam County. That is where William Moses met Mary Eliza GRAHAM. She was born 12 September 1884. She was 55 days past 15 when she and 20 year old William were married at Unionville in the closing days of the 1800s, 4 November 1899.

          William and Mary Eliza were childless for several years. They moved to Perkins, Oklahoma with the others in 1907, and that same year adopted 9 year old, Dewey James DODRILL. In 1911, a year after moving to a farm near Tryon, Oklahoma, they adopted 3 month old, Ralph Sedate DODRILL. It was not until later that they had children of their own. Delmer Cecil came along in 1913 and Mona Maxine in 1915.

          The Dodrills spent a quarter of a century on the farm at Tryon, and had 36 years together when William died on the 11th of April 1935.

          About 1940 three of Mary Eliza's children moved to California - to the Sacramento area. Only Dewey remained in Oklahoma. Mary Eliza went to Sacramento also and in 1962 was living at 3316 Northgate Blvd., North Sacramento, California, age 78 years.


11-3-6-4-1       1.    (adopted) Dewey James DODRILL, b. 30 Dept 1898, Perkins, Oklahoma.

11-3-6-4-2       2.    (adopted) Ralph Sedate DODRILL, b. 19 apr 1911, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

11-3-6-4-3       3.    Delmer Cecil DODRILL, b. 1 Mar 1913, Tryon, Oklahoma.

11-3-6-4-4       4.    Mona Maxine DODRILL, b. 30 May 1915, Tryon, Oklahoma.

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11-3-6-4-1       DEWEY JAMES DODRILL (Adopted)


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Dewey was born Dewey James CHOATE to Joseph and Rosie (JOHNS) CHOATE on 20 September 1898 in Perkins, Oklahoma. Dewey was nine years old when he was adopted by William and Mary Eliza at Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma.

          Dewey was married on 2 February 1922 to Nora Ruth JOHNSON. Nora was born 3 June 1900 the daughter of Charles and Ella (DANIELSON) JOHNSON. In 1967, Dewey was a farmer in Perkins, Oklahoma..


                        1.    Rosella Doris DODRILL. b. 29 Dec 1922, Perkins, Oklahoma.. Married: 18 Sept 1946, Alfred Frank ROSS, b. 8 Sept 1923, son of John B. and Neva (MORR) ROSS.

                        2.    Rellen Daniel DODRILL, b. 29 July 1924,, Perkins, Oklahoma. Married: 14 June 1943, Imogene CLEVELAND, b. 16 Oct 1926, daughter of James T. and Minnie (MASON) CLEVELAND. 1967: fireman in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

                        3.    Dewey Mark DODRILL, b. 28 Sept 1935, Perkins, Oklahoma. Married: 14 July 1944, Roberta Ladine COWANS, b. 10 Nov 1926, daughter of Robert and Zillah (READY) COWANS, was in the U.S. Army Dec 1945 - July 1946.

                         4.    Delbert James DODRILL, b. 28 Sept 1925, Perkins, Oklahoma. Married: 7 July 1947, Nora Lee HARDY, b. 26 Nov 1931, daughter of Bertrand and Viola (CHURCHILL) HARDY. 1967: farmer and oil pump attendant, Perkins, Okla.

                        5.    Edwin Earl DODRILL, b. 1 May 1930, Perkins, Oklahoma. Married: 17 Dec 1954, Patsy Lorene SMITH, b. 25 Apr 1938, daughter of Roy and Leola (MILLER) SMITH, severed in U.S. Army, March 1951 - March 1953

                        6.    Blanche Marie DODRILL, b. 15 Dec 1931, Perkins, Oklahoma, died in infancy.

                        7.    Cecil Dean DODRILL, b. 14 June 1933 , Perkins, Oklahoma. Married: 10 June 1955, Carolyn Sue KNOL. U.S. Army, Germany 1953-1955.

                        8.    Marvin Virgil DODRILL, b. 21 May 1935, Perkins, Oklahoma, d. 8 Nov 1937.

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11-3-6-4-2       RALPH SEDATE DODRILL (Adopted)


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Ralph was born 19 April 1911 in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma to Gail LOVE. Ralph was adopted when he was 3 months old by William and Mary Eliza in Stillwater. He was married on 23 August 1942 in Sacramento, California to Dorothy Maxine MYERS. Dorothy was born 23 June 1925 and was the daughter of Frank and Susie MYERS. In 1967, they were living in Del Paso Heights, California, a suburb of Sacramento.


                        1.    William Ralph DODRILL, b. 24 May 1943, Sacramento, California.

                        2.    Jack Gill DODRILL, b. 1 Aug 1945, Sacramento, California, d. 5 Mar 1962, age 17, Sacramento, California, crushed to death when a car fell on him.

                        3.    Dorothy Maxine DODRILL, b. 10 Mar 1948, Sacramento, California.

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11-3-6-4-3       DELMER CECIL DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Delmer, born 1 March 1913 at Tryon, Oklahoma was married on 7 January 1933 to Nora Gladys TYE. Nora was born 29 January 1916, and is the daughter of Albert and Minnie (WILLIAMS) TYE. In 1967 Delmer was a mechanic and lived in North Sacramento. In 1981 there was a Delmer DODRILL listed in North Sacramento, California. That could be this Delmer, or his son, Delmer Leon.


11-3-6-4-4       MONA MAXINE DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Mona, born 30 May 1915 at Tryon, Oklahoma was only 14 years old when she was married on 29 March 1930 at Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma, to Larry Edward DODSON, by whom she had three children. Mona's second husband was Van Albert EATON, son of Charles and Edith (DUNKIN) EATON. He was born 6 December 1915. They were married in Reno, Nevada on 14 December 1942.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Elizabeth-William-James

          On 5 July 1855, the Quick-house on the farm of William and Amanda Dodrill in Section 9, South Fork Township, Wayne County, Iowa was the scene of much activity. It was on that day the Dodrills' eight child, Elizabeth, was born.

          Elizabeth was not yet 5 years old when her father died. Her mother married Thomas SCHOOLAR and they moved to Putnam County, Missouri. For some reason neither Elizabeth nor her younger sister, Sarah Ann, were listed with the Schoolars in the 1870 census. It could have been a census-taker's error, or perhaps the two girls had gone to live with another family after their father's death, and remained with the family after their mother's remarriage.

          Actually Elizabeth may have remained in South Fork Township, Wayne County, Missouri. Although she was not found in the 1870 census, South Fork Township is where the WALLACE family lived. Elizabeth's cousin, Sarah EWING (22-4), had married John Baker WALLACE there in 1865. About 1873, Elizabeth married his brother, Lewis Manan WALLACE. Sarah and John (who named a son, Lewis, for the brother) moved to Raglan Township, Harrison County, Iowa. After a brief sojourn in Missouri, that is where Elizabeth and Lewis went too. They were there in the 1880 census.

          After the 1880 census, they disappeared for a few years.

They were later discovered in Keyes, Cimarron County, Oklahoma.

It is unknown where they were during the 1900 census, neither Iowa, Kansas or Oklahoma. They were not in Oklahoma in the 1910 census either.

          Keyes, in the far western panhandle of Oklahoma, is where Elizabeth died on 25 June 1927 at the age of 71 years. Elizabeth is buried at the Willowbar Cemetery in Keyes, Oklahoma.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-James

          George was given his illustrious father's name, but sadly he was not destined to be the same as George Sr. George Jr. had only 25 years in which to prove his worth and about all that can be said for those 25 years in history is that he produced two more Dodrills.

          George, born in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio

about 1828, was married on 4 April 1849 by Lemuel PERRY, J.P. to Mariah JACKS. Mariah was born 2 April 1831 in Ohio and appears to have been a Macomber. There are only two Jacks marriages in Gallia County records - Irvin JACKS to Lethana MACOMBER in 1829 and Solomon JACKS to her sister, Levina or Lovina, in 1830. Both brides were daughters of Alexander and Esther MACOMBER. Either one of the couples could be the parents of Mariah.

          George and Mariah settled in Huntington Township and were listed there in the 1850 census next to George's parents. But George did not have long to be a husband and father to his two daughters. He died on 11 March 1852. His was the first known burial in the plot his uncle, George EWING, set aside that very year as a cemetery to be called, ever after, the Ewington Cemetery.

          Mariah, then 21, remained a widow for 30 years, but later in life, when she was 51, she married her next door neighbor, Joseph LUCAS.

          In the meantime she remained right there on the 40 acres George had in Section 4 of Huntington Township, although it is hard to imagine how she and her two daughters looked after a 40 acre farm. But Mariah was there in the 1860 census, a widow worth $300/$30. By 1870 her daughter Missouri had married Henry GEER and in that 1870 census, she and daughter Georgia were listed next to them. In the 1874 atlas the 40 acres showed up in the GALLIA COUNTY ATLAS as belonging to G. DODRILL. In 1880, Georgia was still with Mariah, but by then she had married William H.H. CUNNINGHAM and had children, all with her in the census.

          Next to Mariah's 40 acres in the 1874 atlas were 80 acres belonging to Jos. LUCAS and 35 acres belonging to J. LUCAS. In 1882 the three farms became one when Mariah and Joseph married. Joseph was then 59. He was born 13 September 1823 in Pennsylvania.

          In 1900 the two were listed in Huntington Township. They owned their farm free and Mariah was down as 2 and 1, Georgia having died by then.

          Joseph died 1 March 1905 and is buried at Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          In 1910 Mariah was listed in Huntington Township with her daughter Missouri and family. Mariah died 15 July 1911 and is also buried at Franklin Cemetery.


11-7-1             1.    Missouri DODRILL, b. 16 May 1850, Huntington Township, Ohio.

                        2.    Georgia Ann DODRILL, b. 1852, Huntington Township, Ohio, d. Pre-1900, not buried at Huntington Cemeteries. Married: 25 Mar 1875, Gallia County, William H.H. CUNNINGHAM, b. 1850, Virginia son of William H. and Mary (CURRY) CUNNINGHAM. 1880: living with Georgia's widow mother, but disappeared from Gallia County after that. None of these found buried in Huntington Cemeteries

Known Issue:

                               1.    Missouri J. CUNNINGHAM, b. 1876

                               2.    Alice CUNNINGHAM, b. 9 Nov 1877

                               3.    William H. CUNNINGHAM, b. 8 July 1879

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Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Elizabeth-William-James

          Missouri was a very popular name in the days around 16 May 1850 when their first child was born to George and Mariah. Sadly, Missouri never knew her father. He died when she was not even 2 years old and Missouri was raised right there on the farm in Section 4 by her mother.

          When she was 17, Missouri married Henry GEER, a young man of nearby Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. Henry was born about 1824 and was the son of Arminius and Polly (HOLCOMB) GEER. Henry was a Civil War Veteran. He served as a private in Company K of the 27th OVI from 27 August 1862 until 11 July 1865.

          Henry and Missouri were married in Gallia County on the 11th of October 1867. They lived in Huntington Township at first. They were there in the 1870 census. Henry worked in the coal pits. In 1880 he was a Wilkesville farmer. He died in the 1880s and is probably buried at Wilkesville.

          Missouri was married in Gallia County on 22 October 1887 to James D. OILER. James was born 13 December 1828 in Gallia County, to Samuel and Polly (CALDWELL) OILER. James also was a veteran of the Civil War. He had been a private in Company A and Company E of the 27th OVI from 7 March 1864 to 11 July 1865. He was wounded in the jaw by a minnie ball at the Battle of Atlanta and after staying in the hospital 13 days returned to his regiment and served the remainder of his term. He had previously been married to Eva (SHIVELY) BARD, who died 5 March 1887 and is buried at the Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Ohio.

          James was 60 when he and Missouri were married. She was 38 and they had two children. They lived near Alice, in Section 3 of Huntington Township.

          James died 24 June 1907 and is buried at the Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township.

          In 1910, 60 year old Missouri was living in a "suburb" of Ewington. Her mother, Mariah, was with her and so was her son, James Elbert, 19. If there was grandchildren, no record of them were found.

          Missouri's name is on a stone at Franklin Cemetery, but there is no date to tell us when she died.


                        1.    Anna M. GEER, b. 16 Aug 1868, d. 8 May 1896. Buried: Franklin Cemetery next to Missouri. Married: J. TUCKER.

                        2.    Henry GEER, b. 17 Aug Not in the 1880 census.

                        3.    Martha N. GEER, b. 1876. Married: 21 Mar 1892, William C. CARDWELL.

                        4.    Fredonia GEER, b. 28 Apr 1879, d. 6 Feb 1880. Buried Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Ohio.

                        5.    Frank GEER, b. 9 July 1881

                         6.    Ada OILER, b&d Sept 1888

                        7.    James Elbert OILER, b. Feb 1891

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-James

          Andrew was the baby of George and Elizabeth's family. His mother was 44 years old when he was born 10 August 1831 in Huntington Township, Ohio and his father was 47. The Andrew of his name is no doubt from Elizabeth's youngest brother.

          Andrew turned 17 on 10 August 1848, the "baby" was still a baby when, five months later, he took another 17 year old - Mary MACOMBER, as his bride. They were married 22 January 1848 by Matthew E. WOOD, J.P.

          Mary was another of the children of Alexander and Esther MACOMBER. She was born in August 1831 and appears to have gone through life as Mary, not Polly, which for the times is an oddity worthy of mention.

          The newlyweds went into housekeeping down the road from George and Elizabeth - over the county line into Bloomfield Township in Jackson County. That is where they were in the 1850 census, Andrew a laborer. In 1860 they were in the same place, only the name this time was given as DODDRIDGE. They were listed right next to Andrew's sister, Mary MC CARLEY and her family. The DODRILL GENEALOGY gives Andrew's occupation as ironmonger.

          Seventeen days after his 31st birthday, 27 August 1862, Andrew went to enlist in Company A of the 27th OVI for three years. It was most unusual for a man of so many years, with a wife and three children, to volunteer, but Andrew did. His regiment was under Col. John W. FULLER, his company under Capt. M. CHURCHILL.

          The regiment served mostly in Tennessee. Andrew did not have long in the Army, he died 2 March 1863 in LaGrange, Tennessee. The official records say he died of Typhoid. Family legend has it he died from exposure to cold and damp weather after an attack of measles. He was buried at Mississippi River National Cemetery.

          Mary carried on the best she could. In 1872 she was given a pension of $8.00 a month to help her provide for her four children. She had by then moved back to Huntington Township, where she was living in the 1870 census. Her worth in that census showed $500 in real estate and $315 in chattel goods.

          On 20 July 1873, Mary had a son whom she named Thomas R. DODRILL. He died 30 November 1876 at the age of 3 years, 4 months, 10 days. He is buried at the Franklin Cemetery in Huntington Township.

          In the 1880 census, Mary was listed in Berlin, Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio with her divorced daughter, Esther WHITE, two grandchildren and J. Albert EWING, her late husband's cousin (16-2) 53, also divorced.

          In 1900 she was back in Huntington Township. With her was a grandson, William Jackson WHITE, Esther's son, 10 years old. She was down as having had four children, two then living. In the 1910 census she was in Ewington, all alone - name down as DODDRIDGE, recorded as having had four children, only one living.

          Mary was 81 years old when she died 6 March 1912, presumably in Ewington. The place of her burial is not recorded in the Gallia County annals.


11-8-1      1.    John Avery DODRILL, b. 27 Apr 1850, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

11-8-2      2.    Elizabeth DODRILL, b. 4 Dec 1851, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

11-8-3      3.    Esther Jane DODRILL, B. 27 OCT 1854, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Andrew-Elizabeth-William-James

          John, born 27 April 1850 in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio, was 12 years old when he saw his dad off to war, not to return. He shouldered much of the responsibility of maintaining the household for the next few years. After George's death the family moved back to Vinton, where John got what education he could.

          In the June 1870 census, John was 20 and listed with his mother at Vinton. He was down as having heart disease. At some point in his life John reach 260 pounds, which probably did not help that heart. John died when he was 59 years.

          Four months after that 1870 census, John took a bride. He probably was not aware of it, nor she, but they were cousins - third cousins, once removed.

          John's bride was Margery Jane TYLER, daughter of George TYLER and his wife Olive HOLCOMB, who was a great-granddaughter of Indian John. (5-23) Margery (whose name is down in various places as Margaret, Mary Jane and Margeria) was born 29 June 1854 at Vinton. John and Margery were married 6 October 1870 in Gallia County. Because of John and Margery's marriage, all of the following 11-8-1s are doubly related and twice descended from James Ewing.

          John became a prominent businessman in the Vinton area and was one of the leading citizens in those parts. In addition to being a farmer he raised stock and was noted for his fine cattle and horses. He frequently made trips to Cabell, Putnam and Kanawha Counties in West Virginia to trade. His son, Andrew, has passed it down through the years - that among his customers were both sides of the feuding clans, the HATFIELDS and the

MC COYS. It is said that John was one of the few people who could go from the home of one to the other without arousing the suspicion or enmity of either.

          John was a Baptist, an ardent and active Republican and the father of 10 children and grandfather of 52.

          He died 9 December 1909.

          Margery carried on for nearly 20 years. In 1910 she was living on the Ewington to Jackson Road, only James, 22, and Timothy, 19, still at home. She was 18 days short of 74 when she died on the 11th of June 1929. Both she and John are buried at the Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Ohio.


11-8-1-1          1.    Olive M. DODRILL, b. 17 Aug 1872, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-8-1-2          2.    Andrew Avery DODRILL, b. 2 Aug 1874, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-8-1-3          3.    George Tyler DODRILL, b. 1 Sept 1876, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-8-1-4          4.    Agnes Myrtle DODRILL, b. 11 Sept 1878 , Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-8-1-5          5.    John Herbert DODRILL, b. 18 Aug 1881, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-8-1-6          6.    Mary Emma DODRILL, b. 28 July 1884, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-8-1-7          7.    James Garfield DODRILL, b. 2 July 1887, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-8-1-8          8.    Nellie Alice DODRILL, b. 4 Feb 1891, Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-8-1-9          9.    Timothy Weldon DODRILL, b. 27 Feb 1893, Huntington Township, Ohio.

                        10.  Bertie M. DODRILL, b. 23 Feb 1897, Huntington Township, Ohio, d. 23 July 1899. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township.

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11-8-1-1                                                               OLIVE M. DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Margery -Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Olive, named for her Tyler grandmother, was born 17 August 1872 near Ewington, Ohio. The man who was to be her mate was another of the Huntleys, the family of Adriel and Anna (PRICE) HUNTLEY, who were pretty special in the eyes of so many Ewings. William Lawrence HUNTLEY was born in Huntington Township in July of 1866. He and Olive were married in 1894, and made their home on Keystone Road in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          The couple had four children, the youngest, Hazel, was 7 years old when Olive died at the age of 40. Hazel is buried at Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          William lived on in Huntington Township for several years. After the end of World War I, some or all of his children found their way to Hancock County, Ohio and it is possible William went with them.

          William died in 1929 and is buried with Olive at Franklin Cemetery.


                        1.    Walter H. HUNTLEY, b. 15 Dec 1895, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Enlisted 8 August 1918, at Gallipolis and assigned to Company K, 67th Infantry; also served in the 3rd Company Division Battalion. Discharged as a private 29 December 1918.

11-8-1-1-2       2.    Wilmer E. HUNTLEY, b. Feb 1899, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

11-8-1-1-3       3.    Homer McKinley HUNTLEY, b. 29 Jan 1902 , Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        4.    Hazel Elizabeth HUNTLEY, b. 22 Mar 1905, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 17 Aug 1955, Buried: Grand Prairie Cemetery, Morrall, Ohio. Married: about 1923, Thornton E. LYNCH

                        Thornton remarried had a son: Lawrence LYNCH, died young, Buried: 2 Dec 1929 at Marion Cemetery,

                                 Marion, Ohio. Thornton died Mar 1983, Buried: Bremer, Ohio.

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11-8-1-1-2       WILMER E. HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James



          Wilmer was born in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio in February of 1899. He and Mildred F. WEAVER lived in Hancock County, Ohio after their marriage.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

11-8-1-1-2-1   1.    Emmet Lester HUNTLEY, b. 22 Sept 1920, Arcadia, Hancock County, Ohio.




Ewing Family Lineage:      Wilbur-Olive-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Emmet was born 22 September 1920 in Arcadia, Hancock County, Ohio. He was married to Florence May GEORGE the 13 April 1944 in Boston, Massachusetts. Florence was born

17 November 1922 and was the daughter of Harry P. and Pearl (PRESTON) GEORGE.

          Emmet served in the U.S. Navy. In 1983, Emmet was an engineer and they lived at 5 Lake Charles Drive, Hurricane, West Virginia, 25526. Florence was a retired Registered Nurse.

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11-8-1-1-3       HOMER MC KINLEY HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Olive-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Homer never did quite get over the fact that the family of his parents, Olive DODRILL and her husband William Lawrence HUNTLEY, was omitted from the DODRILL GENEALOGY. Homer's daughter, Caroline HUNTLEY JONES, went to great lengths to see that the error was corrected in this work, but it was too late for Homer, as he died 27 August 1981.

          Homer was born 29 January 1902 near Ewington, Ohio. At the end of World War I, some of the family moved to Fostoria, Hancock County, Ohio and Homer was one of them. He was married 29 November 1924 in Fostoria to Mona Gertrude MOORE. Mona was the daughter of Henry and Josephine (WYNN) MOORE. She was born in Union County, Ohio on 25 July 1906.

          Homer and Mona made their home at La Rue, Marion County, Ohio, where Homer was an inspector with the Marion Power Shovel Company.

          Mona died in La Rue on 6 December 1970 at the age of 63. Homer, 67, married again. His second wife was a cousin of his, though neither he nor she was aware of it at the time. Shirley Maud (HOLCOMB) WHITE whom we will meet again in the following chapter on the THOMASES (12-3-8-5-3). Homer and Shirley were fourth cousins and were married on 5 September 1970 in Columbus, Ohio. Shirley was born at Ewington, Ohio on the 9th of September 1904 to Rosaltha Corrinne PEDEN and her husband Frank Burdick HOLCOMB, whom we have met before under 5-7-1. Shirley had previously been married to Brayton WHITE, a marriage which ended in divorce.

          Homer and Shirley had 11 years together before Homer died of cancer in Kenton, Hardin County, Ohio at the age of 79. He is buried at La Rue, Marion County, Ohio.

          In 1983 Shirley lived in Maimi, Florida with or near her daughter, Betty WHITE LONG.


11-8-1-1-3-1   1.    Robert Lawrence HUNTLEY, b. 21 July 1925, Marion, Ohio.

11-8-1-1-3-2   2.    Virginia Josephine HUNTLEY, b. 25 Sept 1929, Marion, Ohio.

11-8-1-1-3-3   3.    Caroline Elizabeth HUNTLEY, b. 15 Apr 1934, La Rue, Marion County, Ohio.

11-8-1-1-3-4   4.    Betty Joan HUNTLEY, b. 8 Aug 1937, La Rue, Marion County, Ohio.

11-8-1-1-3-5   5.    Patricia Mae HUNTLEY, b. 30 Aug 1946, Marion, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Homer-Olive-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


Robert was born in Marion County, Ohio on the 21st of July 1925. He and Doris Mae COLE were both 17 when they decided to get married. The wedding took place in Green Camp, Marion County on 24 May 1943. There was a war on and Robert was called. He was in the Army from 1944 until 1946.

          As the years went by it became apparent that in spite of two children, the marriage was not going to work, and Robert and Doris were divorced on 2 February 1969. In 1983, Doris who was born 2 October 1925 in Halliday, Dunn County, North Dakota to Milton and Lillian (WELLS) COLE, lived at 305 E. Guthery, Upper Sandusky, Ohio where she worked as a winder.

          Robert married again. He and Anna Mar MILLER were married

5 April 1969 in Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio. Anna was born 7 December 1939 in Forest, Wyandot County, Ohio. Her parents were Leon and Bessie (DERRINGER) MILLER.

          Soon after their marriage, Robert and Anna Mae adopted young Annette HUNTLEY. They lived on Clark Road at La Rue, Marion County, Ohio in 1983. Robert was a factory worker and Anna Mae a teacher.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Homer-Olive-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James 


          Virginia was born 25 September 1929 at Marion, Ohio and was married on 8 December 1951 in La Rue, Marion County, Ohio to Derwin Doyle MORRIS. Derwin was the son of John and Bessie (SPURGEON) MORRIS. He was born 5 May 1932 in Jumbo, Hardin County, Ohio and was a truck driver in 1983. Virginia was an Avon representative. They lived at 20128 County Road 155, Rushsylvania, Ohio 43347.




Ewing Family Lineage:      Homer-Olive-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          It was Caroline who gathered in all the data on the Homer HUNTLEYS, to make sure Homer's family was covered in this book, an omission in the DODRILL GENEALOGY.

          Caroline was born 15 April 1934 at La Rue, Marion County, Ohio and was married at La Rue to Walter LeRoy JONES. The date was 25 October 1953. Walter was born 21 October 1933 at La Rue and the son of Andrew and Wave (CAREY) JONES. He was in the Army from 1956 to 1958 and in 1983 he was a farmer. He and Caroline lived at 1438 La Rue-Richwood Road, La Rue, Ohio 43332.


11-8-1-1-3-5   GENEVA ANN HUNTLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Homer-Olive-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Geneva was born 7 September 1941 at La Rue, Ohio and was married on 9 June 1963 at West Jackson, Ohio to Robert Eugene HATCHER. Robert was born 16 September 1943 at Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio, to William and Julia (HOUSER) HATCHER. Robert served in the Marines.

          Geneva and Robert were divorced on the 27th of February 1968. In 1983 Robert was a welder and resided in West Liberty, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Andrew was born 2 August 1874 a couple of miles east of Ewington, Ohio. Charles Tunis DODRILL wrote of him, "As a young man, Andrew worked on his father's farm and around his various business enterprises. He and Ira HUNTLEY frequently accompanied his father into Kentucky and West Virginia and traded horses for cattle and other livestock. They acted as drovers on these expeditions. Andrew worked for a number of years in the coal collieries and finally settled on a farm near Ewington. He also traded in real estate.

          "In August 1896, Andrew and Eva MC KEEVER WOODS went to Gallipolis purportedly to attend the fair, but went to the county courthouse and obtained a marriage license. Thus began a long and happy life for these two fine people."

          Andrew's and Eva's farm, where they raised their four children, was on Ewington-to-Jackson Road. In 1900 they were living there and Eva's father, William WOOD was living with them. William died in 1907 and is buried at Woods Cemetery, but there is no wife buried with him to give us Eva's mother's name. Eva was born in Gallia County 2 April 1878.

          Andrew died 10 Oct 1956 and Eva on 16 Oct 1957. They are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


11-8-1-2-1       1.    Harry Weldon DODRILL, b. 18 Dec 1899, near Ewington, Ohio .

11-8-1-2-2       2.    Margery Jane DODRILL, b. 12 Sept 1902, near Ewington, Ohio.

11-8-1-2-3       3.    Marie DODRILL, b. 26 July 1905, near Ewington, Ohio.

11-8-1-2-4       4.    Marguerite DODRILL, b. 3 Sept 1908, near Ewington, Ohio.

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11--8-1-2-1     HARRY WELDON DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Andrew-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Harry was born on the farm on the Ewington to Jackson Road on 18 December 1899. In the village of Vinton lived a family of MC CARLEYS, Frank and Augusta B. They had a daughter, Gladys Magdalene MC CARLEY, born 4 August 1902. Harry and Gladys were married about 1919 and they farmed near Vinton all their lives. Gladys died 29 February 1960 and Harry on 24 October 1970. They are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio


                        1.    Andrew Francis DODRILL, b. 26 Sept 1920, Vinton, Ohio, d. 7 Sept 1966, buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery.

                        2.    Herbert Clair DODRILL, b. 30 Aug 1922, Vinton, Ohio. Married: Priscilla Lee PENDLETON.

                        3.    Leah Grace DODRILL, b. 28 July 1924, Vinton, Ohio. Married: Noble C. DILLON of Charleston, West Virginia.

                        4.    Roma Lucille DODRILL b. 6 May 1929, Vinton, Ohio. Married: Robert SWAIN of Glayton, Ohio.

                        5.    Eva Belle DODRILL, b. 19 Jan 1932, Vinton, Ohio. Married: Eugene Theodore PAULEY

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11-8-1-2-2       MARGERY JANE DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Andrew-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Margery was born at Vinton, Ohio on 12 September 1902 and was married on 12 May 1922 to Charles Leroy ROUTAN. Charles, son of James and Tressie (STYERS) ROUTAN, was born 2 Feb 1900.                          In 1967 Charles was a worker in a steel mill in Steubenville, Ohio. At that time, Charles and Margery lived at 909 N. Sixth Street, Steubenville, Ohio.


                        1.    Nellie Frances ROUTAN, b. 26 Sept 1923, Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio. Married: 2 Nov 1945, Merle J. RADIC, b. 6 Dec 1916, son of Lanza and Stanica (OPALIC) RADIC.


11-8-1-2-3       MARIE DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Andrew-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Marie was born 26 July 1905 at Vinton, Ohio and was married on 23 November 1927 to Lennie Dale WALTER, born 30 December 1900 the son of Jonah and Lula May (SWICK) WALTER.


                        1.    May McKeever WALTER, b. 9 Dec 1928, Marion County, Ohio. Married: Elwin Ray BEACH, b. 11 June 1927, son of Rollin and Frances (SMITH) BEACH.


11-8-1-2-4       MARGUERITE DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Andrew-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Marguerite and her husband, Walter Ellsworth MILLER lived in Oak Hill, Jackson County, Ohio, where in 1967, Walter was a retail grocer.

          They were married 24 September 1924. Marguerite was born 3 September 1908 at Vinton, Ohio. Walter was born in Vinton on 30 September 1900. Walter was the son of John and Alma (THOMPSON) MILLER.


                        1.    Stanley Leroy MILLER, b. 23 Mar 1925, Vinton, Ohio. Married: 18 Dec 1949, Chillicothe, Ohio, Clara Alice (NOLAN) WIMER, daughter of Robert and Bertha (HARPER) NOLAN.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          George was named for his mother's father, George Tyler. He was born at Vinton, Ohio, the 1st of September in 1876 and in his youth he worked on his father's farm near Vinton. George was married on 8 June 1897 to Clara Matilda SEITERS, daughter of William and Louise (BONER) SEITERS. Clara was born 9 January 1874.

          Soon after their marriage George and Clara established a farm near Prospect, Marion County, Ohio, where they raised their three children, and spent out their lives. George died there in 1956 at the age of 80. No record date of Clara's death was found.


11-8-1-3-1       1.    Irene Emaline DODRILL, b. 5 Oct 1898, Marion County, Ohio.

11-8-1-3-2       2.    Walter Weldon DODRILL, b. 1 Jan 1901, Marion County, Ohio.

11-8-1-3-3       3.    Lawrence John DODRILL, b. 15 Feb 1904, Marion County, Ohio.

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11-8-1-3-1       IRENE EMALINE DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James 


          In 1967 Irene and her husband, Paul Bertram GAST, were living in Prospect, Ohio at 505 Park Avenue. They were married in Prospect on the 6th of September 1919. Irene was born

5 October 1898 in Prospect and Paul on 18 June 1887. Paul was the son of Samuel and Virginia (YOUNG) GAST.


                        1.    Paul Bertram GAST JR., b. 28 June 1922, Prospect, Ohio. Married: 7 Sept 1946, Jane Ellen LASHEY, b. 3 June 1926, daughter of Gail and Gladys (BOND) LASHEY. Paul served in Europe during World War II . Lived in Marion, Ohio.

                        2.    Loren Weldon GAST, b. 10 July 1925, Prospect, Ohio. Married: Delores Elizabeth PITTS, b. 11 March 1928, daughter of William and Cornella (SICO) PITTS. Loren served in World War II in the 1st Infantry Div. European Theater. Lived in Prospect, Ohio.

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11-8-1-3-2       WALTER WELDON DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          In 1967 Walter and his wife lived near Prospect, Ohio where Walter was a merchant and farmer. He was born 1 January 1901 in Marion County, Ohio and was married in Prospect on 21 June 1921 to Laura Elizabeth GRIGSLEY. Laura was born 30 May 1903 to Andrew and Cora Belle (CONNORS) GRIGSLEY.


                        1.    Ruth Elisen DODRILL, b. 27 Dec 1922, Marion County, Ohio. Married: 21 Jun 1940, Robert James CARSKADDEN.

                        2.    Phyllis Ann DODRILL, b. 30 Aug 1929, Marion County, Ohio. Married: 9 Sept 1950, Leo Ambrose COLOPY.

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11-8-1-3-3       LAWRENCE JOHN DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Lawrence was born 15 February 1904 in Marion County, Ohio and was married to Thelma Irene LAWRENCE. Thelma was born 30 September 1902, the daughter of John and Olive (WARREN) LAWRENCE. They were married 24 Married 1921 in Prospect, Ohio. In 1967, Lawrence was a farmer on Route 3, Richwood, Union County, Ohio


11-8-1-3-3-1   1.    Donald Lawrence DODRILL, b. 28 Aug 1922, Delaware County, Ohio.

                        2.    Robert Edwin DODRILL, b. 17 Mar 1923, Delaware County, Ohio. Married: 28 Jan 1948, Marion, Ohio, Catherine Ellen PHILLIPS, b. 21 Dec 1930, daughter of Eugene and Lena (OILER) PHILLIPS. Robert. 1967: farmer on Route 2, Prospect, Ohio.

                         3.     Norma Jean DODRILL, b. 25 May 1931, Union County, Ohio. Married: 7 Oct 1951, Lowell Eugene HETZNER, son of Carl and Bernice (HARRISON) HETZNER.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lawrence-George-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Donald got into a little different field than most of the other Dodrills of this line. He traded the plow for a palette. Donald went to Ohio State after graduating from Marion Business College and received his Bachelor's in Fine Arts in 1949. He was employed as a commercial artist by the National Plumbing Fixtures Corporation, and then became the company's advertising manager. Then he went with Knight Advertising Agency of Columbus, Ohio as creative director. In 1954 Donald opened his own studio in Columbus, Ohio.

          In the 1978 suburban Columbus directory, he and his wife, Winifred Ann BARNHISEL, had their design studio at 1024 Dublin Road in G , and made their home at 2345 Arlington Avenue in Upper Arlington outside of Columbus, Ohio.

          Donald was born 28 August 1922 in Delaware County, Ohio. During World War II he served from the 12th of October 1942 in Army Ordinance until his discharge as a sergeant on the 10th of November 1945.

          He and Winifred were married in Columbus on 6 June 1946. Winifred was born 1 March 1920 and was the daughter of William and Anna (WARNER) BARNHISEL.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Agnes was born 11 September 1878 at Vinton, Ohio and was only 23 when she died the 28th of June 1902. That was 10 months after the birth of her daughter. Later her husband, Daniel Albert BENZLER, married her younger sister, Mary Emma DODRILL.

          Agnes and Daniel were married 20 December 1899 in Marion County, Ohio. Daniel was the son of Albert and Caroline (STROBEL) BENZLER, and was born 19 December 1876 in Marion County, Ohio.


                        1.    Marguerite Mae BENZLER, b. 16 Aug 1901, Ostander, Delaware County, Ohio, d. 1 Sept 1954. Buried: Toledo Memorial Cemetery, Sylvania, Ohio. Married: 27 July 1929, Raphael Joseph FLORY, b. 1 Feb 1898, son of Albert L. and Mary (FISHER) FLORY . Marguerite was a bookkeeper by profession. No issue.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          John was the fifth of John and Margery's children born on the farm near Ewington, Ohio. The date was 18 August 1881. On 10 November 1907, he and Bertha Ellen VANCE were married. Bertha was born 6 March 1813 and was the daughter of Henderson and Rebecca (DENNEY) VANCE.

          John and Bertha took up a farm on the Ewington to Jackson Road. In the 1980 Gallia County history, their son Dwight DODRILL, of Columbus wrote of the early days:

          "My mother gave birth to nine children at the farm, with the help of a neighbor lady and a doctor who came to the house.

          "We learned to work hard and take on responsibility early in life, with chores to be done before and after school. There was plenty to do as we raised almost everything we ate: fruit, wheat, vegetables, cows, pigs, chickens and sheep. We labored with horses pulling a plow and pitchforks. In season we would pick wild blackberries. Mother would can them in stone jars with sealing wax. At time she would spend hours stirring apple butter in a brass kettle over an open fire. We butchered our hogs for the winter meat supply. After chores, our homework was done by kerosene lamp.

          "We had rough times, with little or no money, but we were raised in the church and had a close-knit family that pulled us through them. I am proud to have been a hard-working farm boy, where I learned many valuable lessons of life."

          John was only 51 when he died 24 January 1932. Bertha carried on alone for 26 years. She died in 1958 and is buried with John at Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Gallia County, Ohio.


11-8-1-5-1       1.    Effie Lela DODRILL, b. 12 Dec 1908. Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        2.    John Delmer DODRILL, b. 11 July 1910, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 16 Feb 1934, buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        3.    Ethel Gail DODRILL, b. 18 May 1912, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 17 May 1933, Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        4.    Donald Everett DODRILL, b. 17 may 1914, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1 Sept 1934, Coshocton, Ohio, Dorcas HASH, daughter of Glenn HASH, b. 2 Sept 1917. 1979: lived in Columbus, Ohio.

11-8-1-5-5       5.    Rebecca Pearl DODRILL, b. 4 Oct 1916, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

11-8-1-5-6       6.    Dwight Henderson DODRILL, b. 19 Oct 1918, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

11-8-1-5-7       7.    Darrell George DODRILL, b. 27 Dec 1921, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

11-8-1-5-8       8.    Bertha Evelyn DODRILL, b. 20 Mar 1924, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

11-8-1-5-9       9.    Wanda Bell DODRILL, b. 13 Aug 1926.

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11-8-1-5-1       EFFIE LELA DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Effie, born 12 December 1908 went beyond the normal education of young ladies of the time. She attended Rio Grande College near Ewington, Ohio and received her Bachelor of Arts Degree. After her marriage 26 March 1932, to Donald STRAUSBAUGH, they went to Logan County, Ohio and she was a teacher in the public schools there.

          Donald was born 6 November 1905 to Isaac and Myrtle STRAUSBAUGH and died 26 May 1976 at Columbus, Ohio. He is buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery. As of August 1978, Effie was living at 824 E. Weber Road, Columbus, Ohio.


                        1.    Paul STRAUSBAUGH, b. 26 Jan 1933, Loganville, Logan County, Ohio. Married: J. SMITH,

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11-8-1-5-5       REBECCA PEARL DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          For many years in recent time, Rebecca (she is only known by Pearl but rules are rules, even for Pearl) was a most important figure to Ewing family historians, for she was the long-time Ewington postmistress. She knew everybody, of course, and who belonged to whom. Any Ewing researching his or her past, on arriving in Gallia County, headed right for the tiny little post office near the crossroads, almost across from the Ewington Academy, to talk to Rebecca Pearl and to be directed to the cemetery and kin.

          Too bad. Rebecca retired recently and with her retirement came the end of the Ewington Post Office. Operations were moved to Vinton, and soon our sleepy little Ewington won't even be on maps any more. It will probably fade into the dust, as so many American villages have before it, only the 123 year old Academy, which is being restored, left to mark the spot.

          Whenever I sent a letter to anyone in Ewington, I would always put a "Hi, Pearl" on the envelope. When she was handled a letter destined for me, she would write, "Hi, Nancy" on the back - I miss that.

          Rebecca was born 4 October 1916 at Ewington and was married on 30 November 1940 to Grady Lee TWYMAN.

          Grady was born 23 June 1920 near Ewington, to Creed C. and Vesta (PLUMMEY) TWYMAN. Creed's father, George W.D. TWYMAN, had gone to Ewington, Ohio in 1915 to teach at the Ewington Academy. Creed bought a farm near Durgan Station - a short distance west of Ewington. Grady attended Ewington Academy and then Vinton High School. After high school he joined the CCC and served in Ohio, Oregon, Nevada and Utah.

          World War II began a year after he and Rebecca Pearl were married and Grady went into the Army.

          For many years afterward, Grady operated a sawmill and haybaler and threshing machines. "My, how I miss those old thresher dinners," Grady wrote in a sketch in the 1980 GALLIA HISTORY. At the time of the history he was a construction worker and a part-time farmer.

          It is believed that it was Rebecca Pearl who took the lead to restore the old Ewington Academy, where restoration began to make the ancient building usable again.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Dwight was born 19 October 1918 near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. It was he who wrote the sketch in the 1980 GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY which was quoted under his parents, and is quoted here again:

          "We went to a one-room schoolhouse on Bunker Hill. We walked over a mile through mud and snow to get there. We were warmed only by a pot-belly stove. Our water had to be carried from a spring. One teacher had all eight grades. They were good teachers such as Florence BROOKMAN, Beatrice CLARK, Wendell LOVE, Doris LOVE, Leah EWING, Merle MACOMBER and Mabel JENKINS. We attended Vinton High School for higher education."

          It is doubtful that Dwight was aware that three of his teacher's, Beatrice Clark, Leah Ewing and Merle Macomber were his cousins.

          Dwight was married on 15 September 1946 to Clyda HAYNES of Buffalo, Putnam County, West Virginia. They lived at 3793 Maize Road, Columbus, Ohio 43224 in the 1980s. Dwight was a retired office employee for Railway Express Agency and was working part time for Lazarus. In 1980, Dwight was a 23 year member of the Ohio Defense Corps and an active member of the Maize Manor Methodist Church.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Darrell is one of the few Dodrills by that name who live in Vinton, Ohio. Born 27 December 1921 he was married on the 6th of February 1943 to Dorothy Lucille HERMAN, and in 1980 they lived on Route 2 in Vinton. Darrell was a salesman. Dorothy, born 12 April 1926 is the daughter of John and Beulah (BRIGHT) HERMAN.


11-8-1-5-8       BERTHA EVELYN DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Wanda was born 13 August 1926 at Ewington and was married on 27 March 1948 to Carl Melvin REGAN, born 27 February 1918. In 1967, Carl was a press operator. In 1979, they lived in Columbus, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Mary Emma was the sixth of the children of John and Margery. She was born 28 July 1884 near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. In 1902 her sister, Agnes Myrtle, who had married Daniel Albert BENZLER, died, and on 13 May 1904, Mary Emma and Daniel were married. Daniel was born 19 December 1876 and was the son of Albert and Caroline (STROBEL) BENZLER.

          Daniel and Mary Emma lived near Prospect, Ohio. Mary Emma died 10 April 1941 and is buried at Prospect Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio.


                        1.    Edna Marie BENZLER, b. 13 June 1907, Prospect, Delaware County, Ohio. Married: 4 Apr 1926, Prospect, Ohio, Ray Armor GRATES, son of Warren and Mabel (MC CARTY) GRATES, b. 28 Dec 1904.


                               1.    Peggy Joan GRATES, b. 12 June 1934, Prospect, Delaware County, Ohio. Married: 27 June 1950, Port Clinton, Ohio, James Reginald RODMAN, b. 23 Oct 1933, son of Charles and Mary E. (QUILLEN) RODMAN.

                         2.    Leila Lucille BENZLER, b. 12 June 1907, Prospect, Delaware County, Ohio, d. 7 May 1948. Married: 20 Jan 1928, Prospect, Ohio, John Q. WATKINS, b. 20 Dec 1906, son of Watkin E. and Bessie (FLEMING) WATKINS.


                               1.    John Wendell WATKINS, b. 25 June 1929, Prospect, Delaware County, Ohio. Married: 26 July 1953, Radnor, Ohio, Jacqueline June OSBORN, b. 9 June 1930, daughter of William F. and Helen (COFFEE) OSBORN.

                        3.    Dorothy Marjorie BENZLER, b. 19 Oct 1916, Prospect, Delaware County, Ohio. Married: 24 Oct 1937, Franklin GERFEN, b. 1 Aug 1912, son of Lewis and Clara (LINGEL) GERFEN. Lived in Prospect, Delaware County, OH.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          James Garfield was born 2 July 1887 in Huntington Township, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. James and Bessie Catherine PHILLIPS, the daughter of George P. PHILLIPS were married in

May of 1911. Bessie was born 17 February 1891 in Wildcat Hollow near Huntington Township, Ohio.

          The 1910 census tells us that James Garfield was 22 years old, a railroad section hand and was living at home.

          James bought the farm in which he was born after his marriage to Bessie. In 1916 the home burned and two of their daughters were killed. The home was rebuilt, but by 1927 the family had moved into Vinton. In Vinton, James was involved in Real estate, a flour and feed mill and a general store. He was an elder in the Christian Church.

          James Garfield died 25 September 1935 of coronary thrombosis at the age of 48 years. He is buried in the Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.

          Bessie went to live with her daughter, Kathryn in Marion, Ohio. She died in 1974 and is buried with James in the Vinton Memorial Cemetery.


                        1.    Helen Bessie DODRILL, b. 17 July 1912, Huntington (Vinton), Gallia County, Ohio. Died: 2 Jan 1916 in home fire. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        2.    Kathryn Marjorie DODRILL, b. 22 Jan 1914, Huntington (Vinton), Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 2 Nov 1940, Ashland, Kentucky, Arthur Elias MOORE, b. 2 Nov 1902 - son of Isaac and Frances (FOOSE) MOORE. Divorced: 1946. Kathryn graduated Vinton High School, attended Rio Grande College, BS in Education from Ohio State University. 1967: Teacher in Marion, Ohio.

                        3.    Beatrice Shirley DODRILL, b. 23 Oct 1915, Huntington (Vinton), Gallia County, Ohio. Died: 2 Jan 1916 in home fire. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        4.    Ruth Pauline DODRILL, b. 17 Mar 1918, Huntington (Vinton), Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 9 Oct 1937, John Grant CASTO, b. 3 Jun 1913, West Virginia, son of William George and Cora (SMITH) CASTO. Brother of Naomi M. (21-2-2-4-3). 1967: John operating engineer. Resided in Ewington, Ohio. 1982: Resided in Vinton, Ohio .


                               1.    James Granville CASTO, b. 3 May 1938, Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1st. Barbara G. BOLEN, b. 1939, d. 1972. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery. James name on stone, no date.

                                      Issue by Barbara:

                               2.    Patricia CASTO

                        5.    James Garfield DODRILL, 12 Jan 1921, Huntington (Vinton), Gallia County, Ohio.

                        6.    Garfield Albert DODRILL, b. 23 Aug 1923, Huntington (Vinton), Gallia County, Ohio.

                        7.    Fern Ellen DODRILL, b. 15 Jan 1927, d. 19 Jan 1927. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. (Huntington book says death - 1929)

                        8.    Edith Mildred DODRILL, b. 5 May 1928, Huntington (Vinton), Gallia County, Ohio.

                        9.    Norma Virginia DODRILL, b. 16 Nov 1931, Huntington (Vinton), Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 26 Nov 1949, Marion Harold REYNOLDS, b. 22 Nov 1931, son of Harold and Mary (LANDIS) REYNOLDS.

                        10.  Robert Lee DODRILL, b. 16 Dec 1933, Huntington (Vinton), Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 15 June 1952, McArthur, Vinton County, OH, Clara Jane CROW, daughter of James and Helen (BRANDEBERRY) CROW.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Nellie was born near Ewington, Ohio on 4 February 1891. Her husband was Lewis LEHNER, the son of John and Lavinia (WARREN) LEHNER. Lewis was born 1 January 1886 and died in February of 1959. He and Nellie were married 3 December 1909 and made their home at first in Marion County, Ohio and then Morrow County, Ohio, which is where they were living in 1967 on Route 3, Mt. Gilead, Ohio.


                        1.    Clifford Lewis LEHNER, b. 14 June 1943, [birth date has to be in error] Marion County, Ohio. Married: 1 Apr 1949, Mildred KEITH, b. 17 Sept 1913.

                        2.    Harold Kenneth LEHNER, b. 27 May 1916, Marion County, Ohio, d. 6 June 1927.

                        3.    Grace Margery LEHNER, b. 3 Oct 1920, Marion County, Ohio. Married: Jan 1939, Arnold Brand GORE, b. Aug 1918, son of Dennis and Anna (PORTER) GORE.

                        4.    Ruth Marie LEHNER, b. 4 Feb 1924. Marion County, OH. Married: 7 Nov 1944, Ironton, Ohio, James B. EVERLY, b. 4 Aug 1922, son of Roy and Virginia (KIMBALL) EVERLY.. Lived in Houston, Texas.

                        5.    Velma Ellen LEHNER, b. 10 Jan 1926, Marion County, Ohio. Married: 30 June 1946, Mt. Gilead, Ohio Douglas Clinton JOHNSON, b. 5 Apr 1915. No issue.

                        6.    Donald Eugene LEHNER, b. 31 Oct 1928, Marion County, Ohio. Married: 17 June 1955, Mt. Vernon, Knox County, Ohio, Delores Loree BLUE, b. 8 Sept 1937, daughter of Gerald and Leone (JOHNSON) BLUE. Donald in Navy, 1950 to 1954, saw service in Cuba, France, Africa, Italy, Spain and Greece. Lived in Mt. Gilead, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Margery-Olive-Ann-Sarah-John-James


          Timothy was born 27 February 1893 near Ewington, Ohio. In the 1910 census only he and his brother James were still at home with their widowed mother. In 1916 Timothy also flew the nest. He and Stella May HALE were married on 17 June of 1916 in Gallipolis, Ohio. Stella was born 24 April 1898 to Dodrill neighbors, Zachary TAYLOR and Mary HALE.

          Timothy entered the service during World War I, but the Armistice was signed just as he was about to start training, and Timothy was allowed to return home.

          Home at that time was near his parents, and hers, in Huntington Township. On the Turner farm, six of their even dozen children were born. But about 1926, they moved to Hocking County, and then Licking County, Ohio. In 1967 their address was Route 2, Granville, Licking County, Ohio. Timothy was a farmer and breeder of fine dogs for the racing tracks.


                   1    Elwood Denver DODRILL, b. 20 Dec 1917, near Ewington, Ohio. Married: 1 Sept 1938, Valtnee Anita HOLT, b. 7 Jan 1922, daughter of Harold T. HOLT of New Salem, Ohio. 1967: Lived in Newark, Licking County, Ohio. He a farmer and employed as a foreman.

                 2.    Theodore Ernst DODRILL, b. 28 Apr 1919, near Ewington, Ohio. Married: 19 Sept 1942, Isabelle HILL, daughter of Wilford O. HILL of Buffalo, Putnam County, West Virginia.. 1967: Resided Buckeye Lake, Ohio, where he owned and operated a filling station.

                 3.    Marjorie/ Margery Louise DODRILL, b. 14 Nov 1920, near Huntington, Ohio. Married: 25 Jan 1941, Kirkersville, Licking County, Ohio, Frederick Robert COOPERSIDER, b. 11 Sept 1918 son of Benjamin H. and Sarah (PETTY) COOPERSIDER. Served in Army, Sept 1942-Dec 1945-World War II Stationed at Fort Ord, California, 29 months in Panama Canal Zone.

                 4.    Robert Weldon DODRILL, b. 22 Apr 1922, near Ewington, Ohio. Married: Dorothy Louise STRADER. 1967: Route W, Jamestown, Ohio, wheelwright and farmer .

                 5.    Loren Kenneth DODRILL, b. 1 Mar 1924, near Ewington, Ohio. Married: 28 Feb 1947, Newark, Ohio, Margaret Ardell MITCHELL, b. 3 Sept 1930 daughter of Herschel and Alma Mae (HOYT) MITCHELL. Loren in Navy during World War II, serving in South Pacific. 1967: Route 2, Granville, Ohio, mechanic

                 6.    Stella Eileen DODRILL, b. 17 June 1925, near Ewington, Ohio. Married: 20 Mar 1948, Newark, Ohio, Henry Russell BONNER, b. 3 Sept 1927 son of Russell and Mamie (HARPER) BONNER. 1967: Granville, Ohio, welder for Owens-Corning Glass Company.

                 7.    Mary Lillian DODRILL, b. 5 Sept 1927, Haydensville, Hocking County, Ohio. Married: 24 Apr 1949, Zanesville, Ohio, William Delbert LAYMAN, b. 12 July 1924, son of Mark and Cora (KAPPES) LAYMAN. World War II, served in New Guinea, Australia and the Philippines.. 1967: Haydensville, Ohio. William was a police officer.

                 8.    Wilma Jean DODRILL, b. 29 Oct 1929, Haydensville, Hocking County, Ohio. Married: Frederick Lee SWARTZ. 1967: Newark, Ohio.

                 9.    Timothy Weldon DODRILL, JR., b. 10 Aug 1932, near Ewington, Ohio .

                 10.  Joe Edward DODRILL, b. 5 Jan 1935, near Ewington, Ohio.

                 11.  Jackie Ray DODRILL - TWIN, b. 30 Oct 1940, Licking County, Ohio.

                 12.  Jimmie Clay DODRILL - TWIN, b. 30 Oct 1940, Licking County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Andrew-Elizabeth-William-James

          Andrew and Mary had three children - a son, Andrew, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Esther Jane. Some 35 papers of their chapter, the 11-8s, are devoted to Andrew and his progeny. Two of them to Elizabeth and Esther Jane. The two daughters had only eight children between them and if any of those eight produced offspring, they are lost completely to this chronicler.

          The first of the two daughters was Elizabeth, born on the 4th of December 1851 in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio. She was only 11 years old when her father died of typhoid in Tennessee during the Civil War. Her mother moved the family back to Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio and that is where Elizabeth grew up.

          Elizabeth was 17 when she was married in Gallia County to Thomas A. DICKERSON on 19 Sept 1869, also the date of her sister Esther's marriage to William WHITE. The double ceremony was performed by Daniel W. LONGDON in the Dodrill household.

          Thomas was born 31 May 1849 in Huntington Township and was the son of Enoch R. and Mehitable (HOLCOMB) DICKERSON. Mehitable was another of the offspring of Reuben and Rebecca (NILES) HOLCOMB we have heard about in this work. Enoch was a brother of the Reuben DICKERSON who married Lydia EWING, daughter of Andrew and Granddaughter of Indian John. In Reuben's pension file is an affidavit given by Thomas in 1884, and "Lizzie" DICKERSON was a witness on one of the papers.

          Elizabeth and Thomas made their home in Wilkesville, Ohio, near Hawk's Station and Hamden.

          Thomas died some time in the 10 year period between the 1900 and 1910 census. By 1910 the widow Elizabeth had moved back to Huntington Township and was living on Spring Run Road. Her occupation was farmer and she owned her home free. She was down as having had three children, two then living, but only Elizabeth was at home in both the 1900 and 1910 census. They lost their first-born Stephanie at the age of 2 years. There is a 26 year gab between the births of the two. No record was found as to who the third child might have been.

          Neither Elizabeth nor Thomas are buried in Gallia County, so no dates were found of their deaths.


                 1.    Stephanie DICKERSON, b. Oct 1870, d. 1 May 1872. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 2.    Eliza DICKERSON, b. May 1896 (26 year gap). In both the 1900 and 1910 census, relationship is given as daughter.

                 3.     DICKERSON, living in 1910, no appropriate Dickerson in 1900 Ohio index. .

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Andrew-Elizabeth-William-James

          The second of Andrew and Mary's two daughters was Esther Jane, born in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio on the 27th of October 1854. Esther Jane is even more elusive than her sister, Elizabeth. There is very little to be said about her.

          Esther Jane was married to William WHITE in Gallia County in a double wedding ceremony on the 19th of September 1869. William was born in 1848 in Kentucky. The two were divorced about 1879. Esther appears with her mother in the 1880 census in Berlin, Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio and is recorded as divorced.

          She was married in the 1880s to William H. JACKSON about whom nothing is known. Esther died between 1890 to 1900, perhaps in childbirth when son William JACKSON JR. was born in June 1890. She is not buried in Gallia County. Nothing more is known of her husband or children.


                 1.    A. Tommie WHITE, b. 16 Nov 1871, d. 24 Sept 1872. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Gallia Co.,

                 2.    Andrew WHITE, b. 1871.

                 3.    Elizabeth WHITE, b. 1875.

                 4.    John WHITE, b. 14 Dec 1879, d. 19 Oct 1888. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Gallia Co. Ohio with Dodrills, Dickersons and Tommie White.

                 5.    William JACKSON Jr., b. June 1890. 1900 census: living with grandmother Mary Dodrill, Huntington Township.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Elizabeth-William-John-James

          There is a part in the story of Daniel Payton Dodrill that is a first in this book, and it may be a bit of a shocker to some. Some of his descendants would like to forget the whole thing. "That's water over the dam," said one. But you cannot ignore facts in a family history.

          The story begins when Daniel was born 18 April 1857 in South Fork Township, Wayne County, Iowa. His name undoubtedly comes from that of an early Wayne County judge, Daniel PAYTON.

          Our Daniel was 3 when his father died. He went with his mother and stepfather, Thomas SCHOOLER, to Putnam County, Missouri, and was found with them there, age 13, in the 1870 census.

          Within the next 10 or so years he was married - twice. The first marriage would have been unknown except that in the 1910 census Daniel is recorded as having been married three times.                                                       Daniel's second wife's name was Eliza . Daniel had a son John, born April 1882 in Iowa. The mother could have been either one of his two wives.

          On 5 September 1890 Daniel's older sister, Mahulda (DODRILL) CHURCH, died at Council Bluffs, Iowa. Mahulda had eight children, six or seven then living. The youngest, Arthur, was born three months prior to Mahulda's death.

          Daniel and his then wife, Eliza, who were living in nearby Omaha, Nebraska, took in three of Mahulda's motherless children. Apparently their father, William CHURCH, was unable to take care of these particular three, so baby Arthur and two older sisters, Amanda, then 8 and Nancy, 4, went to live with Daniel and wife.

          In the early months of the year 1900, Daniel and his household moved on. They left Omaha in favor of Central Nebraska. Daniel, a blacksmith by trade, was found there in Platte County, Lost Creek Township, in the 1900 census. With him were his wife Eliza, his son John, 18 and four younger children, three of them his nieces and nephew - Amanda, Nancy and Arthur CHURCH, all recorded as Dodrills.

          The fourth was Edith, also listed as a Dodrill. According to the Dodrill family Bible, Edith was born on 8 January 1900. But her mother was not Eliza, Daniel's wife. Her mother was Daniel's niece, Amanda Church. Edith was born to Amanda while Eliza was still alive and married to Daniel and all living in the same household.

          Eventually Daniel and Amanda were married. The family Bible would have you believe the date was 1 June 1899, but a close look at the "Marriages" page in the Bible reveals obliterations. Also, since Daniel's wife in the 1900 census was Eliza, he could not have been married then to Amanda.

          Many years later, curious descendants obtained the marriage license from Albion, the county seat of Boone County, Nebraska and found that Daniel and Amanda were married in 1901, not 1899.

          The obvious question is of course, what happened to Eliza? No one knows. She could have died that year or departed the scene when the circumstances became known. The family Bible was begun by Amanda after she became Daniel's wife, and there is no mention of his previous marriages or children. His son John fades into obscurity. Had it not been for the revealing 1900 census, no one would have ever known he existed, nor of Daniel's first wife or his second wife, Eliza. It is almost like all three of them never were.

          Thanks to Daniel and Amanda's third child Edna Rosalee Primrose DODRILL, who was pretty much the second mother to this big family yet to be, we have a good picture of the Daniel Payton Dodrill family from there on down. Edna later recalled the early days for her relatives - speaking to Pearl who jotted down notes and later typed them up. It was Pearl who took charge of the family Bible to give us dates. With that and the census the following comes to light.

          Even before Daniel and Amanda were married, they lost the daughter Edith whom they shared. The infant, only 8 months old, died on 4 September 1900. She was buried in Genoa Cemetery, which is in Nance County, just over the county line from Platte County. It was not long after that the Dodrills moved on. They went to Boone County, Nebraska, where Daniel and Amanda were married. Boone County is next door to both Platte and Nance Counties. They were there, settled in Cedar Rapids. when a second daughter was born on 14 August 1901. They named her Emma.

          They moved again in the next two years, for their daughter Edna was born in Primrose, a short distance from Cedar Rapids, on 18 June 1903.

          By 1910 they had moved again, for that year they were in St. Edward, which is clear across Boone County - east from Primrose. In the 1910 census, Daniel was down as a blacksmith, and he owned his home free. Amanda was 28, the census records that she had four children, but only two were living. The two living were Edna and Frank, ages 6 and 2 the only family with them. Emma had died 15 August 1909, of spinal meningitis, age only 8 years, 1 day. She is buried with her sister, Edith at Genoa Cemetery, Nance County, Nebraska.

          In 1912, our blacksmith aimed to ply his trade elsewhere. He fitted out a covered wagon and put his family aboard. Something called him to Sutherland, 180 miles west, in Lincoln County, Nebraska.

          Edna said it took the covered wagon three weeks to make that trip. They settled in the sand hills 13 miles from Sutherland. They called their home "The White House on the Hill".

          I'll let Edna take it from there......

          "In 1913 all the family ate different kinds of beans three time a day!

          "Mother had typhoid fever when Fred was born 8 September 1914. Father told Edna, then 11, 'this is your baby'. She had the total responsibility of Fred from then on.

          "After Mother had typhoid she had pellagra (a disease associated with a diet deficient in niacin and protein). Meanwhile Fay was born 2 December 1915. When Mother had to go to the hospital with pellagra she took Fay, a tiny baby, with her. She was allowed to come home from the hospital for two or three days, then return to the hospital, this time leaving Fay at home.

          "Edna learned to bake bread when she was 10 years old. Mother put the large dishpan on a chair and she kneaded the dough until her arms ached. Later she made loaves and baked the bread in the oven of an old-fashioned wood stove. Not even Shep, the dog, ate her first batch of bread.

          "Her most pleasant form of recreation was to get on the horse and ride fast while the wind blew through her long hair.

          "Time was going by rapidly and Edna wanted an education very badly. She would load Frank, Hazel and the two babies, Fred and Fay, and herself into a two-wheel, one-horse cart and go to school 2 1/2 miles away. It was very, very cold and they had to take quilts to wrap the babies in on the way. Seven pupils attended the one-room schoolhouse.

          "Then the weather was good, Edna and Frank picked up dried cow chips to burn in the stove to keep warm the next winter. Sometimes they burned twisted hay or corn cobs.

          "Father had a blacksmith shop in Sutherland. He was also a wheelwright and made wooden spokes and rims for wagons and carts. He was a poet and songwriter. He wrote a poem of seven verses on "Snowflakes" which was published on the front page of the Sutherland paper.

          "One day mother called Edna into the sickroom. She handed her a matchbox. She opened it carefully and inside was a tiny fetus of a baby. Mother had a miscarriage. She told Edna to bury it deep under a certain bush when all the children were asleep. Edna obeyed and never told anyone about it for years.

          "Mother was sick a lot during her short lifetime of 39 years. She bore 10 children. Seven of them lived to adulthood.

          "Father was never seriously ill until he came down with influenza during the big epidemic of 1918. Everyone was sick then. There were beds all over the house. Edna had the flu and pneumonia. The neighbors brought food and put it on the porch for the family. Everyone wore masks. Edna got out of bed and carried water and coal into the house for the family's use. Later the doctor asked a neighbor to carry it.

          "World War I ended on 11 November 1918. Father wanted to see the planes fly over in celebration but was too ill to even get out of bed. He died one week later on the 18th of November.

          "All of the family were so ill that none of them was able to attend his funeral. People everywhere died like flies during that epidemic of 1918 and 1919.

          "Father had $800 insurance. Jim WHITE was appointed guardian of the family. He bought two lots and built a 24 foot square house in the town of Sutherland with that $800. Mother got a $30 a month mother's pension to raise her children, which soon would be seven.

          "Mother was three months pregnant when Father died. She was ill at the time. The Methodist pastor and his wife asked her to come to the parsonage to have the baby. It turned out not to be 'the' baby, but twins! that was Pearl and Earl, born 30 May 1919, Decoration Day.

          "The other five children had gone to visit Father's grave when the twins were born. Mother and the babies stayed at the parsonage 10 days.

          "Mother died 10 July 1921 - the actual cause of her death was having too many children.

          "It was very difficult for Edna to tell Frank, Hazel, Fred and Fay about Mother's death. She gathered them out in the shade of the house and told them. Fred and Frank were always very close and they shared much of the work and responsibilities of the younger children.

          "Edna was 18. She went to the town fathers and to Mr. White and asked if they would give her $30 a month and let them stay in the house. They said, 'No, it would be too big a responsibility for one so young.'"

          A heart-broken Edna saw their world crumble. Frank was sent to live with his uncle and first cousin, Arthur Lee CHURCH, in Lodgepole, Nebraska, and the younger ones were put in an orphanage, to be adopted or to remain until old enough to be on their own.

          Thus ends an unusual story. It was probably Edna's gentle guidance as much as anything that helped her younger siblings to grow up to be fine, respected adults.

          ISSUE by either Daniel's first or second wife:

                        1.    John DODRILL, b. Apr 1882, Iowa.

                 by Amanda:

                        2.    Edith M. DODRILL, b. 8 Jan 1900, Omaha, Nebraska, . 24 Sept 1900, buried: Genoa Cemetery, Nance County, Nebraska.

                        3.    Emma L. DODRILL, b. 14 Aug 1901, Cedar Rapids, Boone County, Nebraska, d. 15 Aug 1909 of Spinal meningitis, buried: Genoa Cemetery, Nance County, Nebraska.

11-3-9-4          4.    Edna Rosalee Primrose DODRILL, b. 18 Jun 1903, Primrose, Boone County, Nebraska.

11-3-9-5          5.    Frank Lee DODRILL, b. 25 Sept 1907, St. Edward, Boone County, Nebraska .

11-3-9-6          6.    Hazel May DODRILL, b. 17 July 1910, St. Edward, Boone County, Nebraska.

                        7.    Lloydie Jay DODRILL, b. 6 Oct 1912, St. Edward, Boone County, Nebraska, d. 2 Oct 1913, Sutherland, Lincoln Co. Nebraska.

11-3-9-8          8.    Fred Ray DODRILL, b. 8 Sept 1914, Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska.

11-3-9-9          9.    Fay Alvia DODRILL, (son) b. 2 Dec 1915, Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska.

11-3-9-10        10.  Pearl Lucille DODRILL, b. 30 May 1919, Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska.

11-3-9-11        11.  Earl Theodore DODRILL, b. 30 May 1919, Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James


          Edna's early years are pretty much covered under the section on her parents. It was she who recalled those days - her memories which she gave to her kin for posterity.

          She was born 18 June 1903 in Primrose, Boone County, Nebraska. By necessity she became second mother to her younger brothers and sisters. Her mother's constant illnesses and pregnancies put much responsibility on the young girl. With the deaths of her parents she tried to keep the family together, but the authorities would not allow an 18 year old girl to shoulder that burden. So the home was broken up and the youngest five, in the family, were sent to an orphanage.

          I think it is applaudable that through the years these seven Dodrills - some with new names and separated by many miles - managed to keep in touch and remain a family unit. No doubt it was Edna who saw to that too.

          Edna was determined to stay in the area and be near her youngest siblings. (Frank, next youngest to her, was with Arthur CHURCH-DODRILL in Lodgepole, Nebraska) Edna lived with her friend, May ALBRIGHT, and "worked out". But before long, the little twins were adopted - though Edna said no at first. That left only Hazel, Fred and Fay in the children's home.

          Edna's life was changing, for into it had come Thornton Alfred GRIGGS.

          Edna knew that her marriage to Thornton would take her away from Nebraska and her little family. In 1924 Hazel was 14 and pretty competent, Edna knew Fred and Fay would have her for guidance.

          She and Thornton were married on 19 November 1924 in Walbach, Nebraska, and it was indeed goodbye to Nebraska. Edna never returned, except for a brief visit 28 years later.

          The newlyweds went first to Horton, Brown County, Kansas where a daughter was born to them in 1925. They were in Whitefish, Flathead County, Montana in 1929, when their second daughter was born and later they moved to Arco, Idaho. It was in Arco that Thornton died.

          On 18 November 1937, Edna was married in Pocatello, Idaho to Harry Curtis WHITE. Harry, born 28 January 1908 was the son of John and Mary (STEGEL) WHITE. He was a carpenter by trade.

          At some point in her years, Edna, a member of the Pentecostal Church, studied at a theological school in Fresno, California. Harry also studied for the ministry.

          In 1953 Edna had the occasion to go back to Primrose where she was born. She said she found seven elderly men who remembered the day of her birth well.

          By 1977 Harry and Edna were in Salem, Oregon. They celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary there 18 November 1977. Three months and one day later, on 19 February 1978, Harry died.

          Edna spent her last days in a rest home in Bremerton, Washington. Edna died there in November 1982 at the age of 79.


                        1.    Edna Elaine GRIGGS, b. 2 Oct 1925, Horton, Brown County, Kansas. Married: 18 June 1946, Renton, Washington, Leon William POINTER, b. Sept 1924, Denton Co., Texas, son of Leon and Malinda (JONES) POINTER. 1967: Salem, Oregon, affiliated with Salvation Army.

                         2.    Adrian Alfred GRIGGS, b. 4 Jan 1929, Whitefish, Flathead County, Montana. Spent 30 months in Europe during World War II. 1967: lived on East Coast, a carpenter.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James


          Frank was the fifth of Daniel's children and the fourth of Daniel and Amanda's. He was born 25 September 1907 in St. Edward, Boone County, Nebraska and was 13 when orphaned by the death of his mother.

          When the family was split up, Frank went to live with his uncle - on his mother's side and cousin - on his father's side, Arthur Lee CHURCH, who assumed the Dodrill name, in Lodgepole, Nebraska.

          When he could, he left and eventually made his way to Idaho where Edna was living. He was married in Gooding, Idaho on 10 July 1938 when he was 30 years old, to Evelyn FINK. Evelyn was the daughter of Bernadine and Lillie (BYERTS) FINK, and was born 28 November 1909 in Gooding, Idaho.

          Frank was a mechanic before retirement years. He and Evelyn moved to California and were living in Barstow at the time of Evelyn's death the 6 November 1976.

          A year later, on 12 November 1977, when Frank was 70, he married Ethel (WRAY) HANSON, his widowed sister-in-law ( widow of Earl). In 1982 they were living in Bremerton, Washington.

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EWING FAMIL LINEAGE:    Amanda-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James


          Hazel, born 17 July 1910 in St. Edward, Boone County, Nebraska, was 11 years old when left an orphan. She and the four other youngest Dodrills were taken to the Christian Children's Home at Holdrege, Phelphs County, Nebraska. Hazel spent the next eight years in the orphanage, leaving at the age of 19.

          The young twins had been adopted and only Fred and Fay remained at the children's home. Hazel bade them goodbye. She was off to Chicago, but promised to send for them the minute she could make a home for them.

          It was 1929 - before the crash! Hazel got a job and made out fine in the "Windy City". She met John Fred KEITHMAN, a Canadian-born man, 16 years her senior. They were married on the 12th of January 1931 in Chicago, Illinois. John (called Doc) was born 25 April 1894 and was the son of John and Elizabeth (WILLERSON) KEITHMAN.

          The newlyweds moved to Indiana - to Thayer, Newton County, south of Gary. There they rented a farm and the first thing Hazel did was send for her two brothers.

          The Keithmans worked their farm for awhile and then moved to, and ran a business near San Pierre, Indiana, 23 miles east of Thayer. Fay went with them, but Fred got a job in Gary and when the war came, he joined the Air Force.

          The Keithmans' business was a gas station and restaurant. Fay stayed with them awhile but then left for Chicago.

          John and Hazel's next venture was a restaurant in Hebron, Porter County, Indiana, southeast of Gary. They were there in 1939 when their only child, Kathleen, was born.

          At the end of World War II they left Hebron and moved to Columbus. They later retired to Grove City, a suburb of Columbus. John died there on the 6th of December 1964 at the age of 70 years.

          Hazel and her daughter lived on in Grove City. In the summer of 1968, Hazel had a yen to see her brother, Fay, who was living in Cashmere, Washington with his wife and family.

          It was on this visit to Cashmere that Hazel died, on

10 July 1968, one week before her 58th birthday. She was buried back in Grove City, Indiana, in the Concord Cemetery next to her husband of 32 years.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James


          Fred was born two years after the Dodrills arrived in Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska on 8 September 1914. He was only 4 years old when his father died and had not yet turned 7 when he lost his mother. Fred did most of his growing up at the Children's Home at Holdrege.

          Early in 1931 word came from Thayer, Indiana, that Hazel was now Mrs. John Keithman and that she and her husband had a farm - and plenty of room for Fred, then 17 and his 15 year old brother Fay. What a great day that must have been! The two youths journeyed to Thayer to a farm on which they could roam freely again.

          In time the Keithmans moved on - to San Pierre, Indiana. Fay went with them, but Fred went north to Gary, Indiana and got a job.

          When World War II started Fred enlisted in the Air Force. He became a mechanic and at war's end was a technical sergeant, having seen much service in the Pacific Theater.

          In the very early days of the war, Fred met Mabel Martha MACKEN. The two were married 4 March 1942. Martha was born 1 April 1918 and was the daughter of Claude and Minnie (SANTMYRE) MACKEN.

          After the war the Dodrills, childless, made there home in the Chicago area. In 1967 they were living in Rossville, Illinois. It was there, near Rossville, in October of 1981, when Fred became seriously ill. On November 1st, Fred's brothers, Frank and Fay flew from Washington State to his bedside - the three Dodrill brothers who had gone through so much together.

          Frank and Fay returned to Washington on the 8 of November, two days later on the 10 November 1981, Fred died at the age of 67 years. NO ISSUE:

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James


          Fay never did know his father. Born 2 December 1915 in Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska, he was not yet 3 years old when his father, Daniel, died. He did not have his mother very long either. He was 5 1/2 years old when his mother, Amanda, died. Fay was taken with the other children to the home in Holdrege, Phelphs County, Nebraska. Fay remained in the Home almost 10 years. It was in 1931 when his sister, Hazel - by then Mrs. John Keithman, sent for him and his brother Fred, to come make their home at the Keithman farm in Thayer, Indiana.

          When Hazel and John moved to San Pierre to run a gas station and restaurant, Fay went with them, but Fred left to go to Gary, Indiana.

          Then came the day when Fay too was out on his own. He took on the really big City - Chicago, Illinois. And that is where he met Lydia Ann AHLEMEIER.

          Lydia was born 2 May 1923 in Poland, Indiana to Oscar and Lydia (SANDS) AHLEMEIER.

          Lydia and Fay decided to get married and they eloped to Crown Point, Indiana on 26 October 1940.

          The Dodrills settled first in Tefft, Indiana where their first two children were born, but it soon became apparent that a different climate was needed because of Fay's asthma, and before long the family was bound for the State of Washington.

          They were in Leavenworth at first, then Wenatchee, Washington. In 1982, Fay and Lydia are proprietors of a large fruit farm at Cashmere on the Wenatchee River, which flows into the Columbia River, below Wenatchee Lake - at the foot of the Wenatchee Mountains and at the entrance to Wenatchee National Forest.

          The area is a fruit belt and there are many canneries in and near Cashmere. Not only do the Dodrills raise the fruit, but many of them go with it to help with the canning.

          This big happy farm is the scene of a Dodrill family reunion each year. Relatives from all over bring their recreational vehicles and park them in back of the orchard or down by the creek, there are two or three days of activities, lots of eating, the kids can run and there is talk - family talk, "Diggin up the dead," as Fay puts it. It started out to be just descendants of Daniel Payton and Amanda (CHURCH) DODRILL, but in the later years of the family get-together, Church relatives too.

          Through these reunions Lydia learned, and in learning became interested in finding out more, and thus became that branch's family historian - even though she is a Dodrill by marriage. She also interested Fay's nephew Dale Dodrill in family history. Between them and with Pearl DODRILL-HANSON's contributions and with additions from Marie KIRKWOOD and Fred CRAVENS - both of the Church-Dodrill families, information was gathered on both branches of the families for this chapter of the book which I have called the: "The Iowa Dodrill" - the family of William Coleman and Amanda (Holcomb) Dodrill.

          Beside family history, Fay and Lydia are very interested in their church and its Bell Choir, in their four children and six grandchildren, in flying back to the Midwest to visit relatives or when illness or death in either family calls them, in Fay's old Model-T (which still ran in 1981) and in making apple cider - in 30 gallon batches.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-MAhulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James


          Pearl and her twin, Earl, both ended up in the missionary service. Maybe they were destined for that from having been born in a Methodist Parsonage!

          That parsonage was in the town of Sutherland and the date was Decoration Day, 30 May 1919. That was five months after the death of their father, and two years before they were orphaned with the death of their mother. They too were taken to the Christian Children's Home in Holdrege, Phelphs County, Nebraska, but they were not there very long. E. Paul HANSON and his wife, Irene - who lived on a farm near Beaver City, Nebraska wrote Edna and asked to adopt the twins. Edna said no at first but the Hanson's sent money for her and Frank to visit for a week and Edna relented.

          On Easter Sunday, 1922, the twins left Holdrege, Nebraska with their new parents, and eventually moved far away. It seems so remarkable that they were so young then and they no longer carried the Dodrill name, that Pearl and Earl still stayed a part of this family of Dodrills. The siblings kept in touch through the years, and Pearl was so interested in her real parents that she called on her eldest sister Edna to remember it all so that she, Pearl, could record it for posterity.

          Another great thing is that Pearl and her husband, Rev. Lloyd John GUSTAFSON, retired in their later years to the very place it all began for their mother so many years before - Centreville, Appanoose County, Iowa!

          The Hansons left Nebraska in favor of Spokane, Washington, where the twins grew up. Pearl attended school there, and when it came time for college, she chose Northeastern Bible and Missionary Training School in Minneapolis.

          After Pearl and Lloyd were married on 5 October 1941 in Stamford, Nebraska, they entered missionary service, and were in Venezuela when their first child was born in 1944. Unfortunately ill health made it necessary for them to return to the United States.

          They served churches in six states after that - Iowa, Oregon and Wisconsin among them. They had four children, all born in a different state. They finally bought a home in Centreville, Iowa where they were living in 1982. Lloyd is pastor of the Evangelical Covenant Church at Centreville. Lloyd was born 28 December 1914 in Gresham, Oregon to Frank and Huld (PALMBLAD) GUSTAFSON.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Amanda-Mahulda-William-Elizabeth-William-James


          Up to a point, Earl's life parallels that of his twin, Pearl. Like her, he was born 30 May 1919 in a Methodist Parsonage in Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska and taken to the Christian Children's Home in Holdrege, Phelphs County, Nebraska after the death of his mother, there to be adopted by Paul and Irene HANSON and brought up in Seattle, Washington.

          Also like Pearl there was the missionary service. But first for Earl there was a tour of duty, during World War II, with the United States Marine Corps.

          Then it was off to South America for Earl. He was in Arboleda, Bolivia, when he met and married on 25 December 1953, Ethel May WRAY. Ethel was the daughter of Walter and Matilda (FRANCIS) WRAY and was born 25 October 1911 in Toronto, Canada. Earl and Ethel served as missionaries in Bolivia and Argentina some 15 years.

          Childless themselves, they adopted in 1956 and 1959 two Bolivia-born boys whom they named Paul and John.

          The family was in Tiajuana, Mexico when Earl's lung cancer took him on 16 May 1968. He was buried back home at Bremerton, Washington.

          Ethel subsequently married Earl's older brother, Frank DODRILL, on 12 May 1977 and in 1982 they were living in Bremerton, Washington.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Elizabeth-William-James

          Sarah Ann grew up without knowing a father. She was born to Amanda about 8 months after her father's death - that is, about February, 1861, in Wayne County, Iowa. Because she does not appear with her mother in the 1870 census, most Dodrill researchers did not know that Sarah Ann existed.

          Sarah Ann and her sister Elizabeth are not with Amanda in the 1870 census. Could be the census-taker's error. It could be that they were living elsewhere. Sarah's father had died and her mother married again. Families did split up under those circumstances back then. There are many instances mentioned in this book. Unfortunately the 1870 census is not indexed so there is no way to find her without knowing exactly where she was that year. She was not found with other family members in searching through census close to the townships where other family members were living at that time.

          Sarah Ann was married in March 1877 to William R. SIMMONS. It is not clear in the 1891 sketch on William in the HARRISON COUNTY HISTORY - IOWA, just where he and Sarah Ann were married. Twelve years older than Sarah Ann, he was born in 1849 in Appanoose County, Iowa. His parents were William M. and Camellia SIMMONS, natives of Tennessee.

          When he was 18, William went to Missouri where he worked in a chair factory.

          After their marriage in 1877, William and Sarah Ann lived first at Promise City and then moved to Appanoose County. In the 1880 census they were listed in John's Township, Appanoose County, Iowa. William was a broom maker.

          In the spring of 1884 they moved to Harrison County where William bought 40 acres of partly improved land in Section 10, Raglan Township. They may have gone in company with Sarah Ann's Ewing cousins who were known to have moved from Wayne County to Raglan Township about the same time.

          William made improvements to his place, including the building of a house - 16 X 24 ft.

          They were there three years and then moved into a home on 120 acres where they were living in 1891. William added a "suitable" building and set out an orchard of 200 trees.

          At some point in his life, prior to the writing of the history sketch, William had the occasion to be digging a well which required the blasting of rock. Something went wrong and William was injured, resulting in blindness.

          The sketch ends with "Mr. and Mrs. Simmons are acceptable members of the Christian Church."

          At some time during the last five years of the 19th Century, William and Sarah Ann left Iowa. With them went six of their seven children. The eldest, Mahulda, had married her second cousin, once removed, on the Ewing side - George Albert WALLACE, a brother of the Lewis WALLACE who married Sarah Ann's sister, Elizabeth, and they remained in Harrison County.

          The Simmons' eventually landed in Rogers, Benton County, in the very northwest corner of Arkansas. They were not there in 1900, neither were they in Iowa, nor Kansas. Rogers is 12 miles or so from Springdale, Arkansas where Sarah Ann had Ewing cousins (Family 12). The Simmons home was at the corner of Fifth and Maple in Rogers, Arkansas.

          Shortly after the turn of the century Sarah Ann's niece, motherless Nancy CHURCH, born in 1886 or 1888, went to make her home with them.

          Sarah Ann's sons have been described by Nancy's son as "all musical boys who played for anything."

          By the time of World War I, William had died. Sarah Ann lived on in Rogers and was around 74 years old when she died about 1935.


                 1.    Mahulda SIMMONS, b. 28 Oct 1877, Promise City, Wayne County, Iowa. (See: 22-4-4)

                 2.    Milton R. SIMMONS, b. Apr 1880, Appanoose County, Iowa. He was married: Was reported as to have had "five or six sons, two or so daughters".

                 3.    Emma J. SIMMONS, b. about 1882.

                 4.    Sarah R. SIMMONS, b. about 1884.

                 5.    Jess L. SIMMONS, b. about 1886.

                        Issue - known:

                        1.    Jess L. SIMMONS, JR., b. about 1915/1916, before World War II, living in Kansas City.

                 6.    William E. SIMMONS, b. about 1888.

                 7.    Charles A. SIMMONS, b. about 1890.

          Thus endeth the Iowa Dodrills

          Meanwhile back in Ohio.

                 Unfortunately the Ohio branch of the Dodrills from this point to the end of this chapter either disappeared or has no interest in family.

                 In only five instances where I have been successful in finding descendants in the line, have I been able to get responses from those descendants. Most of what follows is either from what A.E. EWING gleaned over 83 years or so ago, from later reunion and census reports, from the DODRILL GENEALOGY, or from the 1981 GALLIA COUNTY, OHIO HISTORY.

                 The exceptions are: Frances Lucille EWING ALEXANDER, Barbara CARDWELL EPLING, Hazel PHILLIPS AMOS, Carolyn HUNTLEY JONES and Rebecca Pearl DODRILL TWYMAN.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-James

          A case in point to the foregoing is in the line of Mary Dodrill, George and Elizabeth's fourth. There is not much here. Mary and her husband did not leave much in the way of progeny. Those descendants that were located failed to respond to questions that needed to be answered to complete Mary's line. And most are now gone, so some questions will never be answered.

          Mary was born in 1822 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio and was 21 when she married into the MC CARLEY family - a fine old Gallia County family. Alexander Frank

MC CARLEY was born in 1821 and was the son of William and Sarah (BOGGS) MC CARLEY, prominent citizens of Huntington Township. Alexander and Mary were married there on the 2nd of February in 1843.

          The newlyweds spent their first years together in Huntington Township. In the 1850 census they were living there with his parents. Also in the household were William EWING III, Mary's cousin, and his family. By the 1860 census, Mary and Alexander (who went by Frank) were in Jackson County, Bloomfield Township. Alexander was down as a laborer worth $2,000.

          By 1870 he had risen in his firm to the position of office manager. In that census they were still in Bloomfield, but did not own any property. Alexander was recorded as worth $1,000.

In the 1880 census they were listed in the second precinct of Jackson City itself. With them were their son, Franklin, and his wife and baby daughter.

          Alexander is mentioned in the JACKSON COUNTY, OHIO HISTORY of 1900 on Page 103. Up for discussion was the exact location of the house of an early Jackson Township resident, Associate Judge William GIVENS, where ballots were counted in the first election on 6 April 1816. "I have it on the authority," says author D.W. WILLIAMS, "of James H. DARLING and A.F. MC CARLEY that the house stood a little west of the site of the Fulton Furnace."

          Alexander died about 1896 or 1897. "two or three years ago," it was said in a 1899 letter to A.E. EWING. Mary died soon after - on 6 September 1898 at the age of 76 years.


                        1.    William MC CARLEY, b. 5 June 1844, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 7 July 1852, age 8 years, 1 month, 2 days. William is one of the first buried in the Ewington Cemetery. Possible a diphtheria epidemic victim.

11-4-2             2.    Franklin Pierce MC CARLEY, b. 1854, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

11-4-3             3.    Mary "Molly" MC CARLEY, b. 1857, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-Elizabeth-William-James

          For a male born in 1854 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, Franklin was a cut above the norm. Most males at that time had their lives all set for them even before their births. They were farmers. Franklin chose to be a civil engineer and his work took him to many parts of the country.

          I have the beautifully engraved wedding invitation. Nelson L. and Matilda CAVETT (Nelson was a saddler in Jackson Township) sent out when their daughter, Ann, was about to marry Franklin. The Mc Carleys did not forget their Ewing cousins in Hillsdale County, Michigan, and it was one of the mementoes tucked away into the portfolio of Nancy Ann HANKS EWING, my great-grandmother.

          Ann, born about 1850, was a music teacher in the 1870 census.

          The wedding took place 29 September 1874 at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Jackson Township, Ohio.

          Their honeymoon took them to Michigan to visit those cousins at the farm in Hillsdale County of Franklin's great-uncle, Enoch EWING (No. 18). The visit was the occasion for a huge family photograph to be taken. All that remains is A.E. Ewing's identification which was once glued to the wooden back of the framed photograph. He says, "The enlarged picture was made especially for Enoch EWING. It was given a walnut frame and a prominent place in our front room. It was taken to Pioneer, Ohio, after the old farm was sold, and was brought back to Grand Rapids by me after the death of brother John."

          The date of the photo was October 1874. One of the figures in it was Enoch's brother George EWING (No. 21) of Ewington, Ohio who was visiting his brother at the time. A.E. identified every one of the 40 persons in the photo - Ewings all.

          Franklin and Ann made their home at first in Jackson County, Ohio. They were listed there with his parents in the 1880 census. Franklin was then a carpenter. Their infant daughter, Leila Marie, was with them.

          But he went on to become a civil engineer. In 1901 they were in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1913 in Boulder, Colorado and in 1917, Salt Creek, Wyoming.

          That is where Ann died 16 July 1917 at the age of 67 years. Her body was returned to Jackson for burial.

          Apparently Franklin died not long after. At least it was pre-1925, but no record of where was located.

          Franklin and Ann only had one child and she died when less than 2 years old.


                 1.    Leila Marie MC CARLEY

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11-4-3      MARY MC CARLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-Elizabeth-William-James 

          Mary had a large family - seven, but if that family, other than Frank and Nannie had a family, records could not be found. Not much was found about Frank and Nannie, the one contact that I had in April of 1979, did not return my correspondence, when I tried to make contact again, the letter was returned, "Addressee moved, left no forwarding address". In the early 1980s there was not a single ATKINSON in Proctorville, Ohio, where Mary and her husband Dr. Robert E. ATKINSON lived.

          Thus the Mary Dodrill line must fade into obscurity.

          Mary was born in March 1857 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Her husband Robert was born in February 1852 in Ohio. They were married about 1878 although no record was found in Gallia County.

          At first they lived in Gallia County's Springfield Township, where they were listed in the 1880 census. But soon after that, Robert started in on the study of medicine. He enrolled at Columbus Medical College and received his diploma in 1886.

          Robert hung out his shingle in Proctorville, Lawrence County, Ohio and that is where he and Mary lived the rest of their lives.

          Robert and Mary were there in the 1900 census. Robert's mother, Nancy ATKINSON, 66 was living with them. They were there in the 1910 census also. Robert and Mary are recorded as having attended the 1926 Ewing-Dodrill-Russell reunion in Jackson, Ohio with a daughter and two sons.


11-4-3-1          1.    Frank Richard ATKINSON, b. Dec 1879, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        2.    Frederick C. ATKINSON, b. Dec 1881. 1910 census: at home, 28 years.

                        3.    Garnet B. ATKINSON (daughter),b. Feb 1884. 1910 census: at home, 26 years.

                        4.    Allie E. ATKINSON, b. Dec 1886. 1910 census: at home, 23 years. Married: BLAKE.

                        5.    Mary A. or J. ATKINSON, b. Aug 1889. 1910 census: at home, 20 years .

                        6.    Nannie E. ATKINSON, b. June 1892. 1910 census: at home, 17 years. Married: Paul FISHER. They were at the 1926 reunion with two children, of Huntington, West Virginia.

                        7.    George E. ATKINSON, b. 30 Mar 1896, Proctorville, Ohio, d. Feb 1979. World War I: enrolled 25 June 1918, at Ironton, Ohio. Was in Co. A, 336th Infantry, served in the A.E.F., 5 Oct 1918 to 8 Mar 1919, discharged as a private 22 Mar 1919..

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-Mary-Elizabeth-William-James

          Frank was born in Springfield Township in December 1879. He was 21 and at home in the 1900 census. In the 1910 census he and his wife, May, lived very near his parents in Proctorville, Ohio. May was born in 1877 in Ohio.

          KNOWN ISSUE from A.E.'s list:

                 1.    Alice ATKINSON

                 2.    Mildred ATKINSON Married: WALTERS.

                 3.    Frank R. ATKINSON JR., b. 1907, d. March 1979, Proctorville, Ohio.

                 4.     Robert ATKINSON

                 5.    Verna ATKINSON - TWIN

                 6.    Vera ATKINSON - TWIN

                 7.    Bill ATKINSON

                 8.    Jean ATKINSON

                 9.    Carroll ATKINSON

          ISSUE per 1910 census:

                 1.    Mary H. ATKINSON, b. 1903

                 2.    Mildred B. ATKINSON, b. 1904

                 3.    Frank R. ATKINSON, JR., b. 1907

                 4.    Elizabeth ATKINSON

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-James

          Elizabeth had a large and prolific family. If all the data were in, this would be a bulging section. Sadly, latter day contact has been mostly lost and those who are known, have not answered correspondence directed to them.

          Just to give you an idea, according to her obituary, Elizabeth left 30 grandchildren when she died in 1901. All 30 of them are accounted for in the pages following. It is the succeeding generations that are lost to this writer.

          1901 was 77 years after Elizabeth's birth in Ewington, Ohio, either the 4/9 February 1824.

          About the same time her brother, William Coleman DODRILL, and his family were leaving for Iowa, Elizabeth, 23 was marrying Hiram J. RUSSELL. They were married in Gallia County on

30 September 1847 by Matthew WOODS, J.P.

          Hiram, born 26 November 1824 in Jackson County, Ohio, was not only a Russell, he was a HUNTLEY. His parents were Enoch and Zeruiah (HUNTLEY) RUSSELL. The Huntleys were introduced in Chapter 5. The Russells were from Rockingham, North Carolina and were a very large family. They were one of the earlier families in Gallia and Jackson Counties. Only Hiram and his brother John, who married 20-4, enter into the Ewing picture.

          In the 1874 JACKSON COUNTY ATLAS there is a lot of property in the Russell name: In Sections 23 and 24 and in Section 14 adjoining in Bloomfield Township, near Keystone or Keystone Furnace - that was coal country. Sixty of those acres in Section 14 and 160 acres in 23 and 24 belonged to H. RUSSELL, which could be Hiram or any number of other "H's." Elizabeth and Hiram were listed in Bloomfield in all the censuses right through the years: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880. In the 1860 census, Hiram was worth $1,000/$300 and in 1870 - $3,000/$1,000.

          Hiram died 3 July 1890 and Elizabeth on 18 December 1901. They are both buried at Keystone Cemetery, Bloomfield, Ohio.


11-5-1      1.    George Henry RUSSELL, b. 25/26 Dec 1848, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio.

11-5-2      2.    Mary RUSSELL, b. 19 Feb 1851, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 3.    Enoch RUSSELL, b. 8 Feb 1853, d. 8 Feb 1913, Athens Asylum on his 60 birthday.

                 4.    Sarah E. RUSSELL, b. 25 May 1855, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 20 Mar 1920. Married: 1st. 7 Feb 1880, Jackson County, Ohio, Thomas KENNEDY. Married 2nd. 3 Aug 1899, Jackson County, Ohio, Thomas J. POWELL, b. 5 Nov 1846, College Corners, Indiana, son of John and Eliza (WICKELSHAM) POWELL.


                        1.    Frank KENNEDY

                        2.    Thomas KENNEDY

                        3.    Edward KENNEDY, 1926 and 1927 attended reunions from Columbus, Ohio .

                 5.    Hiram J. RUSSELL, b. 2 Aug 1857, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio. Married about 1880, Addie HIGGINS, Bloomfield, Athens, Ohio. He attended 1926 reunion alone, did not attend 1927.


                        1.    Lena RUSSELL, Married: MURRAY, Athens, Ohio.

                        2.    Charles RUSSELL, Athens, Ohio.

                 6.    Hulda RUSSELL, b. 7 Sept 1860, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: 1st. Thomas REIGLE, d. about 1900. Married 2nd about 1902, Sam WILCOX. Hulda was in charge of 1927 reunion.


                        1.    Carrie REIGLE, b. about 1880. Married: Joseph BOUCHARD, lived in Columbus, Ohio, then Yankton, South Dakota.


                               1.    Josephine Russell BOUCHARD b. 27 June 1912.

                        2.    Delphos REIGLE

                        3.    Hiram Thomas WILCOX - TWIN, b. 14 Feb 1903, d. 18 Apr 1904.

                        4.    Sarah Elizabeth WILCOX - TWIN, b. 14 Feb 1903.

11-5-7      7.    Zeruiah RUSSELL, b. 24 May 1864, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio.

11-5-8      8.    Eliza D. "Lyda" RUSSELL, b, 24 May 1867, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio.

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EWING FAMILY LINAGE:   Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          George was born 25/26 December 1848 at Keystone, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio. He was married on 13 April 1875 to Huldah WEBER. Huldah was a native of Germany. She was born in Dusseldorf, 7 December 1852 and came to this country with her parents, Frederick and Matilda (GEARHART) WEBER when she was a year old.

          George spent most of his years as a Bloomfield farmer, but in the 1900 census, his occupation was given as a timber and mines contractor in Bloomfield, Ohio.

          George died 29 October 1912 at the age of 64 and is buried in the Russell Cemetery, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio. Huldah died 26 July 1935 and it is assumed that she is buried in the Russell Cemetery also.


11-5-1-1          1.    Elisah Bart RUSSELL, b. 4 Apr 1876, Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    Byrd RUSSELL, b. 8 Feb 1878, Keystone, Ohio, d. 1 Jan 1957. Married: 4 Aug 1901, Edward SWEENEY. 1912 of Chauncey, Ohio. 1926 reunion attended by: Mrs. Lena SWEENEY. Mr. and Mrs. Charles SWEENEY and Mr. and Mrs. George R. SWEENEY of Athens, Ohio.

                        3.    Fred William RUSSELL, b. 6 July 1880, d. 30 Jan 1920. Married: Edna MC GHEE. 1913: in Columbus, Ohio.

                        4.    Laura Marie RUSSELL, b. 13 Aug 1883. Married: 25 Aug 1907, Charles LEWIS. 1912: Columbus, Ohio. 1926: Laura attended reunion, Charles did not.

                        5.    Elizabeth Ela/Ella/Eyela RUSSELL. 1900 census, called Eliza, b. 27 Jan 1885. Married: 11 Nov 1906, Fred C. SHAFFER of Hebbardsville, Ohio.

                        6.    Georgianna RUSSELL, b. 14 Sept 1887. Married: 9 Apr 1911, Willis WOOLEY. 1912: Athens, Ohio.

                        7.    Otto Merrill RUSSELL, b. 2 Dec 1891. Married: 17 Aug 1916, Elizabeth HIXSON. In a 1912 obituary, "Ottie, at home".

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Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          Elisha was born in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio on 4 April 1876. Elisha and, his wife, Nellie Daisy LONG, farmed in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio - but near enough to Keystone on the Jackson-Gallia County line to have a Keystone address. Elisha and Nellie were married 18 August 1902 at Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio.

          Nellie was born 13 December 1877 to Adriel and Sarah (WILCOX) LONG. In the 1910 census Nellie and Elisha were in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, living on Jackson to Vinton Road, and owned their farm free. She had four children, all four of them at home in the census.

          Elisha and Nellie attended the 1926 and 1927 reunions.

          Nellie died on 11 May 1931 and Elisha on 27 March 1936 and are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


                 1.    Leona Hazel RUSSELL, b. 21 Mar 1903, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 21 Aug 1921, Albert Cline ANGLES, b. Mar 1881. Attended the 1926 and 1927 reunions with two children.

                 2.    Mabel Rozelle RUSSELL, b. 10 Apr 1905, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1st. 1923, Emerson LOOKER d. pre-1926. Married 2nd 12 May 1932, Harold PRESTON. Mabel attended 1926 reunion with two children. 1983: Liven in Wellston, Ohio.

                 3.    Leila Gail RUSSELL, b. 26 Sept 1906, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio , d. 14 July 1965, Jackson, Ohio.

                 4.    Doris Faye RUSSELL, b. 10 Oct 1908, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1st. 29 July 1929, R.K. TRESSLER. Married 2nd 3 Aug 1942, Robert SIXON/DIXON.

11-5-1-1 5.    Kenneth Weber RUSSELL, b. 19 Dec 1910, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 6.    Sarah Evelyn RUSSELL, b. 21 Feb 1917, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elisha-George-Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          Kenneth was born 19 December 1910 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio and was married on 30 August 1933 to Anna Marcella JONES. Anna was born 1 April 1913 and with the daughter of Roscoe and Elizabeth (EVANS) JONES, residents of Centreville, Now Thurman, in Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

           In 1967 they were living at 318 Watkins Street, Catlettsburg, Kentucky. Kenneth died between then and 1978.


                        1.    Kenneth Weber RUSSELL, JR., b. 6 Oct 1934, Ashland, Kentucky, and was married there on 31 December 1953 to Helen Lee BROWN, daughter of Robert and Tammy (HORNE) BROWN. Helen was born in Ashland on 3 January 1934.

                        2.    Nelly Don RUSSELL, b. 21 Dec 1937, Catlettsburg, Kentucky. Married: 17 Aug 1956, Wandell STEWART.

                        3.    Elizabeth Ann RUSSELL, b. 13 Sept 1939, Catlettsburg, Kentucky. Married: 29 May 1958, Jolly J. HICKS.

                        4.    Janet Faye RUSSELL, b. 13 Nov 1945.

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11-5-2      MARY RUSSELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          Mary was born 19 February 1851 at Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio, where she grew up and where she was married on the 21st of August 1870, by Williamson SCURLOCK, J.P., to Henry Milton SHARP.

          Henry, son of Caleb and Mary (TAYLOR) SHARP, was born in Jackson County on 7 November 1841, and was the subject of a sketch in the 1884 "HISTORY OF THE LOWER SCIOTO VALLEY." In it his Civil War service was noted. Henry enlisted on 29 August 1862 in Company H, 27th OVI, for three years, and 16 months. He later re-enlisted as a veteran. He was in the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Decatur and Atlanta. He was wounded at Atlanta and was in the hospital at Marietta, Georgia for two weeks. He was given a furlough home, at the end of which he went to Chattanooga, then on to Kingston, North Carolina, and then Raleigh, North Carolina. At the end of the war he took part in the Grand Review of the Army in Washington, D.C. and then was sent to Louisville for mustering out, and was discharged at Camp Denison, Ohio, the 22nd of July 1865.

          The sketch tells of his marriage to Mary, "daughter of Hiram and Lizzi (DODDRIDGE) RUSSELL." It says that three sons and three daughters had been born to them, one son being deceased, and that they were members of the Methodist Church.

          According to the 1875 JACKSON COUNTY ATLAS, the Sharps lived on 80 acres in Section 35 of Bloomfield Township at Orpheus. They were listed there in the 1900 census. Mary was recorded as having had nine children, four then living.

          When Mary attended the 1926 and 1927 Ewing-Dodrill-Russell reunions in Jackson, she went with her single son, Franklin. Henry was not with her and one can assume that he had probably died by then. It is not certain when Henry or Mary died, or where they are buried.


                 1.    Minnie SHARP, b. May 1871, Bloomfield, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: 17 Sept 1900, Jackson County, Ohio, John H. SHELINE, son of William and Mary (ANDERSON) SHELINE, b. 16 Apr 1873. 1910: Wilkesville, Ohio farmer.


                        1.    May SHELINE, b. 1901, Ohio

                        2.    Burt or Burle SHELINE, b. 1908, Ohio

                 2.    Franklin Bertrand SHARP, b. 20 Jan 1875, Bloomfield, Jackson County, Ohio. 1926/1927: attended reunions with mother living in Orpheus, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 3.    Elizabeth SHARP, b. 1878. Married: 22 Oct 1899, Jackson County, Ohio, Even Edward THOMAS, b. 3 Sept 1877, Jackson County. 1926/1927 attended reunions alone .

                 4.    Clara M. SHARP, b. 30 Mar 1880, d. pre-1900.

                 5.    Mary Ruda SHARP, b. 9 Sept 1885, d. pre-1900.

                 6.    Fanny SHARP, b. 1888. Married: 24 Oct 1907, Jackson County, Ohio, Walter B. DAVIS, son of Ruse and Willmuth (MOSES) DAVIS, b. 1884, Jackson County, Ohio. Lived: Route 1, Remple, Jackson County, Ohio. 1926: attended reunion with daughter, Audrey.

                        Known issue:

                        1.    Audrey Willmuth DAVIS, b. 16 May 1908, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 7.    Ernest SHARP, b&d pre-1884

                 8.    son SHARP, b&d pre-1884

                 9.     SHARP, b&d pre-1900

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          Family historians had problems with Zeruiah's name. She went by "Ruie" - it is even the name on her tombstone, and when that is written it can look like many different names. But you can rest assured it was Zeruiah, the name her Russell grandmother - Zeruiah HUNTLEY had.

          Zeruiah is one of the eight great-grandparents in this book of the William Alexander, who is five times descended from James EWING.

          Zeruiah was born 24 May 1864 at Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio. She grew up there, but when it came time to look for a mate - she looked to Huntington Township. He was Alvadore HARTSOOK, another of the Hartsook and Deckard families prevalent in this work. His parents were William and Martha (DECKARD) HARTSOOK. Alvadore was born 5 May 1863.

          Zeruiah and Alvadore were married 25 March 1886 in Gallia County, Ohio and settled in Huntington Township. Their son, Bundy, was born 19 January 1887, but he died at the age of 1 1/2 years on 2 July 1888.

          Three and a half months later, on 23 October 1888, the father too was gone. Alvadore was only 25 years, 6 months, 18 days at the time. Father and son are buried together at the Brush Cemetery, Huntington Township, Ohio.

          Zeruiah's second husband was a Huntington Township man also, he was Lewis ALEXANDER, born 7 September 1864 in Ohio. It is recorded that Lewis' parents were also from Ohio, but apparently not from the Huntington Township area, as the Alexander name is not a familiar one there.

          Lewis and Zeruiah were married in Gallia County, on the 16th of August 1890, and they settled near Vinton where Lewis was a sawyer in the 1900 census. By the 1910 census he had become manager of a sawmill. They lived on Bull Run Road then and owned their farm free. They were at the 1926 Ewing-Dodrill-Russell reunion in Jackson with a daughter.

          Lewis died 24 July 1927 at the age of 62 years. "Ruie" survived him by 21 years. She died 31 March 1949 at the age of 84. Both are buried at McGhee Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


                        1.    Bundy HARTSOOK, b. 19 Jan 1887, d. 2 July 1888. Age: 1/3/13, buried with father at Brush Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        2.    Byrd ALEXANDER, b. May 1891, d. 1953, buried: McGhee Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Single, lived at home, cared for the grandchildren and mother in her declining years, did baby-sitting and sold Watkins products. 1910 census: at home, compositor in a printing office.

11-5-7-3          3.    Golden ALEXANDER, b. Dec 1892

11-5-7-4          4.    Donald ALEXANDER, b. Nov 1894

11-5-7-5          5.    Dale Max ALEXANDER, b. July 1897

11-5-7-6          6.    Clyde ALEXANDER, b. Mar 1900

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Zeruiah-Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          Golden, or "Goldie" as she was called, was born in December of 1892, probably at Vinton. She was married about 1912 to Walter Woods MC CARLEY, son of Samuel and Sarah (VIERS) MC CARLEY. Walter was born in December of 1881 at Vinton, Ohio. He and Golden were at the 1926 reunion in Jackson with their son, George, their only child. Walter died in 1940 and Golden in 1961. They are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio


                 1.    George Walter MC CARLEY, b. about 1913, deceased by 1980. Married: about 1935, Virginia . 1980: Virginia lived in Grove City, Ohio.


                        1.     Margie MC CARLEY

                        2.    Dottie MC CARLEY

                        3.    Jimmy MC CARLEY

                        4.    Ruth MC CARLEY

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11-5-7-4   DON E. ALEXANDER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Zeruiah-Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          Don was born in November 1894. He was twice married, his first wife was Fern TURNER, they were divorced, and he then married Kathryn EDMISTON.

          For a time he and his brother, Dale, were in business together in a service station in Lancaster, Ohio. Don died in 1957 and is buried at Vinton Memorial next to Kathryn's parents.

          Kathryn, born 4 September 1898, is a Hank cousin of mine through her father, Elbert EDMISTON. Kathryn's mother was Effie PATTON, whose mother was a MC CARLEY. Kathryn makes her home on Second Street in Gallipolis.


                        1.    Lucille ALEXANDER, single, deceased by 1980.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Zeruiah-Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          Through Dales' marriage to his fourth cousin, once removed, and his son's marriage to Frances Lucille EWING, a cousin three times over, his grandson, William Nicholas ALEXANDER, is very much a Ewing.

          Dale, born 12 July 1897 at Vinton, Ohio was married in 1916 to Marie R. MATTHEWS. Marie born in September 1898, at Vinton was the daughter of Charles and Hilah (HARKINS) MATTHEWS, whom we have met before under 5-9-4-5.

          On 28 September 1918, Dale enlisted as a private to serve his country in the waning days of World War I, but not long after, the war was over, and he was discharged 20 December 1918. He spent those few months in SATC Mechanical Institute at Cincinnati, Ohio.

          Dale and Marie lived at Vinton and were from there, when they attended the 1926 Ewing-Dodrill-Russell reunion at Jackson, Ohio. But by the time of the 1927 reunion, which they also attended, they were "of Lancaster," Fairfield County, southeast of Vinton. Dale had gone there to join his brother, Don, in a service station venture, but before long they were back in Vinton. Dale and Don also owned the Chevrolet agency in Vinton.

          Dale was only 38 years old when he died on the 27th of August 1935, in Vinton. Marie remained on in Vinton, a widow, for 41 years. She died 17 December 1976 at the age of 78 years. Both Dale and Marie are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


11-5-7-5-1 1.      William ALEXANDER, b. 1919.

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11-5-7-5-1       WILLIAM ALEXANDER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Marie-Charles-Lydia-Calphurnia-Sarah-John-James


          William, Dale and Marie's only child, was born in 1919. When William and Frances Lucille EWING were married, it is doubtful that they were aware they were cousins, let alone cousins three times over.

          William's father, Dale, was descended from James EWING through Elizabeth Ewing DODRILL, daughter of William EWING.

          William's mother, Marie R. MATTHEWS, was descended from James EWING through Sarah Ewing HOLCOMB, daughter of John EWING.

          John Ewing and William Ewing being sons of James Ewing.

          Frances is descended three times from James. Her father was George Playford EWING (21-2-2-4) in the William EWING line through George. Her mother was Esther J. MATTHEWS. Esther was the daughter of John MATTHEWS in the John EWING line through Sarah Ewing HOLCOMB. Esther's mother was Fannie CARTER. Esther's mother and father were third cousins. Fannie was a granddaughter of Abram EWING, James' grandson through William Ewing.


          What the above means is William ALEXANDER is five times descended from our Ewing progenitor, "JAMES EWING - PIONEER."

          Frances wrote me, after I sent her William's seven-generation chart, that she was not sure it was good to be so pedigreed.

          "One is that pedigreed whether one wants to be or not. One has to have had ancestors and putting them down on paper does not make it any better or any worse."

          Frances, who was born on the 11th of June in 1920 at Vinton, Ohio, and William lived at 697 Overbrook Drive in Columbus, Ohio in 1980. They still had the Alexander home in Vinton and drove down from Columbus to look after it and to spend time there.


                 1.    William Nicholas ALEXANDER. Married: 18 June 1975, Laura J. FELLOWS, b. 27 Aug 1953, Columbus, Ohio, daughter of John and Sharon FELLOWS. Divorced in 1977. Remarried: 4 Jan 1978.


                        1.    Chad ALEXANDER, b. 1 June 1975

                        2.    Jeremy ALEXANDER, b. 20 Jan 1979

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Zeruiah-Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          Clyde was born in March 1900 at Vinton, Ohio and was married about 1922/1923 to Nita QUICKEL. There were many Quickels in Huntington Township, but Nita was not among them in the 1910 census.

          The two were at both the 1926 and 1927 reunions with their two children. There was a phone listed for Clyde in Vinton, Ohio in 1979, but he and Nita had both died by 1980.


                 1.    Dorothy ALEXANDER, b. 3 Feb 1924. Married: Victor CIANCETTA. 1980: lived in Steubenville, Ohio.

                 2.    June ALEXANDER, b. 6 June 1926. Married: Thomas DAVIS. 1980: lived in Columbus, Ohio.

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11-5-8      ELIZA D. RUSSELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Elizabeth-William-James

          Eliza always went by the nickname "Lyda." She was born on the 24th of May 1867 at Keystone, Jackson County, Ohio and was twice married. Eliza's first husband was Vinton POWERS, JR., born 14 December 1860. In the 1875 JACKSON COUNTY ATLAS, his father was Vinton POWERS SR. and is listed as a dealer in cattle and hogs at Oak Hill. Eliza and Vinton Jr. were married in Jackson County, 15 June 1884 and they lived in Madison Township.

          Vinton had consumption, and died of it after less then two years of marriage on 14 March 1886.

          Eliza's second husband, whom she married 21 September 1889 in Jackson County, was Samuel Frank MC CLURE. They were located in the 1900 census index in Murray City, Ward Township, Hocking County, Ohio. They could not be located in the 1910 index, but according to a 1912 obituary, Eliza was then Mrs. Lyda MC CLURE of Jobs. A.E. gives her 1913 address as Jobs. When she and Samuel attended the 1927 reunion with daughter Beulah, they were from Chauncey, which is in Athens County, Ohio.

          Of their children, the first two are from Jackson County birth records. A.E. EWING listed the first five, who are also in the 1900 census, and he added, "and five others."

          Beulah is from the reunion report.


                 1.    Elmer F. MC CLURE, b. 13 June 1890, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                 2.    Clara E. MC CLURE, b. 27 Jan 1892, Lick Township, Ohio.

                 3.    Russell MC CLURE, b. Feb 1894.

                 4.    Elizabeth MC CLURE, b. Nov 1895.

                 5.    Willard or William MC CLURE, b. Feb 1898.

                 6.    Beulah MC CLURE, b. after 1900, at 1927 reunion w/parents.

                 7.     MCCLURE

                 8.     MCCLURE

                 9.     MCCLURE

                 10.   MCCLURE

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11-6         MATHENA DODRILL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-James

          Mathena went by the nickname of "Tenie." She was born in Ewington, Ohio in 1826 and was another of those, of Ewing Blood, who was drawn to the Holcombs, specifically the Holcombs who were sons or daughters of Reuben Wetmore and Rebecca (NILES) HOLCOMB. Her brother, William, had married their daughter Amanda, and her Uncle Andrew EWING had married Taphena. Now why shouldn't Mathena marry Reuben Wetmore HOLCOMB JR.?

          Mathena and Reuben Jr. were married 21 June 1844 in Gallia County by Matthew WOOD, J.P.

          Unfortunately, Mathena's life was brief. They were listed in Huntington Township in the 1850 census with their two daughters. Reuben was a farmer worth $300. At some time in the next eight years Mathena died. She is undoubtedly buried in the township, but no record or stone marks the spot.

          Within a short time Reuben married again.

          Some of the following was taken from the DECKARD GENEALOGY. But based upon other research the information may not be complete. Reuben's second wife was Matilda Louisa (DECKARD) BENNETT, daughter of George DECKER and widow of Hugh BENNETT. Matilda was born 13 March 1825 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. The exact number of children that Matilda had is not known.

          Research records show that Louisa SHIVELY married Orrin TENNIHILL on 26 April 1855 and that Reuben W. HOLCOMB married Louisa TUNNAHILL, 13 February 1866 - (difference in spelling on two records) These marriage records help to explain the children listed on census reports. But there still is the question of Matilda Louisa being the widow of Hugh Bennett and the question as to the 1860 census listing Matilda Louisa and Reuben, where the marriage records states a date of 1866 - a six year difference.

          Reuben and Matilda are listed in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio with varying combinations of children, his, hers, and theirs, - also in the 1870 and 1880, four young TANNEHILL children were there, plus in 1880 some grandchildren.

          Reuben who was born 3 March 1825, died 7 January 1899 and Louisa died on 31 August 1904. They are buried side by side at the Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Gallia County, Ohio.


11-6-1      1.    Elizabeth HOLCOMB, b. 2 Aug 1844, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

11-6-2      2.    Sarah Huldah HOLCOMB, b. 1848, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Elizabeth and her husband, Thomas Jefferson CARDWELL, produced a large and prolific family - one of the few of "us" to remain, for the most part, in Gallia County, Ohio.

          Elizabeth was born 2 August 1844 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, and Thomas on 1 March 1842 in the same place. Thomas' parents were James D. and Mary (WOODS) CARDWELL of two families that were prominent in early Gallia County history. The Cardwells, like so many other Gallia County pioneers, were from Greenbrier County, Virginia. (West Virginia in later times)

          Thomas was the right age to have been in the Civil War, but no reference to any service was found.

          After their marriage on the 22nd of March 1863 in Gallia County, Thomas and Elizabeth lived briefly in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. They were there in the 1870 census, worth $1,000/$450. But by 1880 they were back in Huntington Township and that is where they remained.

          Thomas died 24 November 1902. In the 1910 census, widow Elizabeth was living on Vinton to Keystone Road. She was 65, owned her farm free, and had with her a son, Thomas B., 22 years.

          Elizabeth died 20 September 1914 and is buried with Thomas at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


                        1.    William H. CARDWELL, b. 13 May 1864, d. 17 May 1880 of asthma, 16 years, 4 days. Buried Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Ohio.

                        2.    Mary E. CARDWELL, b. 1866, Vinton County, Ohio. (See: 5-9-4-1 and 5-9-4-3)

11-6-1-3          3.    Abner Johnson CARDWELL, b. 1 May 1869, Vinton County, Ohio.

11-6-1-4          4.    William Riley CARDWELL, b. March 1872, Vinton County, Ohio.

11-6-1-5          5.    Franklin Pierce CARDWELL, b. 1875, Vinton County, or Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-6-1-6          6.    Martha CARDWELL, b. Sept 1877, Vinton County, or Huntington Township, Ohio.

11-6-1-7          7.    Thomas B. CARDWELL, b. Dec 1887 (10 year gap), Huntington Township, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Elizabeth's third child got the good old Holcomb name of Abner Johnson. He was born in Vinton County 1 May 1869. The woman who became his wife on 21 April 1889 was another of the Deckard family. She was Rachel Lilly DECKARD, daughter of Julius N. and Eliza (PRICE) DECKEARD, and she was born 10 July 1873, near Vinton.

          In the 1900 census Abner was listed as a Huntington Township farmer. He and Rachel had four children, all then living with them, their fifth to come along shortly after the census was taken.

          Tragedy took Rachel's life in 1938 when her clothing caught fire at an open grate. She died from the burns received. She and Abner, who died 11 February 1950 are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


                        1.    Thomas Floyd CARDWELL, b. 7 Mar 1890, d. 1964, buried Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio. Married: after 1910, Bessie , b. 1888, d. 1966. Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.

                        2.    Grace Violet CARDWELL, b. 27 Mar 1894, d. 18 Mar 1963, Columbus, Ohio. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married: KETCHUM.

                        3.    Laura Gertrude CARDWELL - TWIN, b. 10 Oct 1896, d. by 1981. Married: THOMAS, lived Akron, Ohio.

                        4.    Nina Elizabeth CARDWELL - TWIN, b. 9 Oct 1896. Married: THOMAS, lived Akron, Ohio.

                        5.    Rosa Marie CARDWELL, b. 11 Aug 1910, d. 1 June 1947. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married: DECKARD.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          William was born in March 1872, when Elizabeth and Thomas were still in Vinton County. He and his wife, Ella R. FISHER, born in March 1874, lived on Vinton to Keystone Road. William and Ella were married on the 16th of October 1892 by E.N. LONG in Gallia County, Ohio. Ella had two children by 1910, only one then living per census records, and that was Katherine.

          Some time after that 1910 census, the Cardwell family left Gallia County. It is unknown where they moved. Possibly near Ashville, Ohio, as that is where their daughter, Katherine is known to have lived.

          Neither are buried in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


                        1.    Katherine CARDWELL, b. Dec 1895, d. by 1981. Married: REBER. Lived in Ashville, Ohio.

                        2.     CARDWELL, b&d pre-1910. Unknown where buried.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Franklin was born in 1875, either in Vinton County or Huntington Township and he was married twice. His first wife, whom he married in 1897, but not in Gallia County, was Hattie F. THOMAS. Hattie was born in 1872 in Ohio, her parents were born in Wales. Franklin and Hattie were not found in the 1900 census, but were located in the 1910 census living on Louks Road in Huntington Township and they owned their farm free.

          Hattie was only 43 years old when she died in 1915. She is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.

          Later Franklin married Dorsa MC GHEE, a Hank cousin through her father, James MC GHEE, whose wife was Belinda LOWE. Dorsa was born in 1879. In 1926 when she and Franklin attended the reunion they were from Vinton.

          Franklin died in 1954 and Dorsa in 1968, when she was 89 years old. Both are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery near

West Liberty, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Hattie:

11-6-1-5-1       1.    Herbert Abner CARDWELL, b. 20 June 1898, Vinton, Vinton County, Ohio.

11-6-1-5-2       2.    Everett E. CARDWELL, b. Apr 1900, Vinton, Vinton County, Ohio.

                        3.    Son CARDWELL, b&d 24 June 1909, buried with parents at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Franklin-Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          None of them realized it at the time, but most males born in 1898 had a date with a recruiting officer in their future. Herbert was one of them. He was born at Vinton on 20 June 1898 - and 18 years and 350 days later he kept his date. He was among the early one to sign up when the United States entered

World War I on the 6th of April 1917.

          He enlisted at Gallipolis, Ohio on 5 June 1917 in Company F, 7th Infantry, Ohio National Guard. On 22 October 1917 was made Private First Class. By 1 May 1918 he was in Company C, 1st AA, MG Battalion, and on his way overseas.

          He first served at Aisne-Marne and in the defensive sector at Meuse Argonne. Herbert was made wagonmaster on 6 July 1918. His days with the AEF ended 6 May 1919 and Herbert went home.

          In the meantime, there was Clara Edith WESTFALL. In the beginning, when Herbert's company was still in Gallipolis and they were camped at the city park, Herbert used to ride his motorcycle up to Vinton to visit her. Clara and her family, Edwin and Emma (HAWK) WESTFALL, had moved to Vinton from Point Rock in Meigs County, Ohio.

          During the year Herbert was in France the letters between them flew thick and fast, and when he returned home they were married.

          It was a huge decision but Herbert and Clara took the big step and left the farm to move into town - Gallipolis - where Herbert got a job with the Gallipolis Post Office. They never regretted their decision. In Gallipolis they were able to be involved in civic endeavors, and to be active in the affairs of Grace Methodist Church and the Masons. Clara received her 50 year membership pin in the Order of the Eastern Star in 1979.

          After 35 years with the postal system, many of those years were served as assistant postmaster and nearly 37 years of marriage, Herbert died 1 February 1956. He is buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Ohio.

          Clara, who was born the 2nd of November 1898, carried on. In the 1981 GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY it was written of her, "She is 81 years young and still an active grandmother and friend." At that time she was living at 653 Fifth Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio.


11-6-1-5-1-1   1.    William H. CARDWELL, b. 23 May 1920, Gallipolis, Ohio.

11-6-1-5-1-2   2.    Wilma L. CARDWELL, b. 31 Jan 1922, Gallipolis, Ohio.

11-6-1-5-1-3   3.    Barbara Fontelle CARDWELL, 19 May 1931.

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11-6-1-5-1-1   WILLIAM H. CARDWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Herbert-Franklin-Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          William, born 23 April 1920 in Gallipolis, Ohio was an Eagle Scout and an early lover of flying. He wanted to become a pilot, so to earn money for instruction he worked after school at a local grocery. He soloed at the age of 16 years.

          William's love of flying drew him into aeronautical engineering in college and into the Naval Air Corps following college. He enlisted and left home for duty. One week later Pearl Harbor was attacked and the world was at war.

          William was married on 28 May 1949 in Middletown, Ohio to Elizabeth HOCZ, born 13 Oct 1922 at Middletown to Frank and Elizabeth (VARGA) HOCZ. In 1980 they were living in Uniontown, Ohio.

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11-6-1-5-1-2   WILMA L. CARDWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Herbert-Franklin-Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Wilma was born 31 January 1922 in Gallipolis, Ohio. During her high school years she was in cheerleading and the church choir. After graduation she went on to Holzer School of Nursing in Gallipolis and received her cap in 1942. Shortly thereafter she enlisted in the Navy Nurse Corps for World War II service. Her first day on duty she met the man who was to become her husband. He was Len R. PORTERFIELD, born 6 November 1915. He was a Navy pilot and when they were stationed on the West Coast they decided to get married - on 31 January 1945 at Long Beach, California.

          In 1980, the Porterfields were living at 3210 Santa Maria Way, No. 164, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County, California 93455.




Ewing Family Lineage:      Herbert-Franklin-Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Barbara, called Barbie, was born 19 May 1931 at Gallipolis, Ohio. She had an "ardent admirer" when she was in the sixth grade who sent her a valentine signed - and who has remained an "ardent admirer" all the years since. He was Miles Thomas EPLING, and they were married at Gallipolis 31 August 1952.

          They spent a one-night honeymoon at the Greenbrier Hotel in Warm Springs, Virginia, and then returned to Gallipolis to commence a life together. At the time, Miles had a summer job of supervising the laying of tile for a Gallipolis subdivision and Barbara was an almost-graduate of Holzer School of Nursing. She was five days a bride when she received her cap on the 5th day of September 1952.

          Miles was born 26 April 1930 in Gallipolis and was raised there, and at historic Point Pleasant across the river. His father was Captain Moses Tichnel EPLING, a riverman and founder of the M.T. Epling Company. Miles' mother was Hortense ARNOLD, once a school teacher and then manager of the Epling company. Miles, who has he same initials as his father, is now owner of the company. "The M.T. Epling Co. serving Gallipolis since 1925" we are told in a full-page ad in the 1965 GALLIPOLIS 175th ANNIVERSARY SOUVENIR PROGRAM. "Construction Aggregates, Marine Construction, River Transportation, Stevedoring."

          In 1980, Miles and Barbara have four hours of home movies to show of their life in over the past 30 years - of their six children, of first haircuts, Easter egg hunts, Christmas mornings and birthday dinners.

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11-6-1-5-3-2   BRETT ARNOLD EPLING


Ewing Family Lineage               Barbara-Herbert-Franklin-Eliz.-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Brett's wife, Cynthia Lynn SMITH, also wrote a sketch for the GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY which gives a look at the younger generation for readers of this work.

          Brett was born 17 July 1954 in Gallipolis, Ohio. He and Cynthia met during their high school years there. Cynthia was born 3 January 1955 in Gallipolis, her parents were Vaught and Ilo Wylodine (KEMPER) SMITH. Brett and Cynthia began dating, and over the next five years their courtship spanned the 1,400 miles between Gallipolis and Golden, Colorado where Brett went to study mining engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.

          Cynthia's college days began at Miami University, but after she and Brett were married on 24 June 1976, in Gallipolis, she transferred to the University of Colorado at Boulder to finish her studies in biology.

          She declares that living in Colorado was quite an experience for two people who before had only lived in the Ohio Valley. She says, "Besides his school work, Brett put in a lot of time underground as a hard-rock miner in a nearby gold and silver mine. A lot of his spare time was spent exploring the many abandoned gold mines which were worked back in the days of Buffalo Bill."

          They had finished school and returned to Gallipolis just in time for Jaye Timothy to arrive in June of 1978. Two months later they packed up the U-Haul and headed for Cincinnati where Brett attended business school.

          In 1980 they were back and firmly settled in Gallipolis. Brett working as an engineer, along with his brother, Dean, a salesman for their father. To Jaye has been added Aaron Brett, born in 1980.

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11-6-1-5-2       EVERETT E. CARDWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Franklin-Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Everett was born in April of 1900 and was married about 1920 to Cynthia Reuhama PERKINS, daughter of Frank and Juriatta (DECKARD) PERKINS, who was born 28 October 1900, near Vinton, Ohio. Everett died in 1975 and is buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


                        1.    Marie CARDWELL, b. 1921. Was an R.N. in Gallipolis for 30 years.

                        2.    Helen CARDWELL, Married: WEARY.

                        3.    Paul CARDWELL, Married: HYSELL.

                        4.    Thelma CARDWELL, Married: Fred FISHER, son of Raymond and Clara (TOPPING) FISHER

                        5.    Bennie CARDWELL

                        6.    Linda CARDWELL, Married: GUINTHER

                        7.    Teana CARDWELL, Married: KERNS

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Marthena received almost the same name as her grandmother, Mathena, but she always went by Martha. She was born on the 16th of September 1877 in Vinton County or Huntington Township and she was married 20 September 1896 in Gallia County to Menzie Milburn PHILLIPS. Menzie was born 29 September 1873 in Harrisburg, Ohio to John and Delia (KENT) PHILLIPS.

          Marthena and Menzie made their home on the Vinton to Keystone Road near Vinton, where Menzie was a farmer. They were at the 1926 reunion with daughter Norma.

          In 1944, when they were 71 and 67, the two of them were in a horrible car-train accident. In 1981 their daughter Hazel wrote "Mom's head was hurt read bad. She was unconscious in the hospital quite a while. Also a knee cap was injured and she had to have wires inserted in it. Dad wasn't hurt seriously - so the doctors thought. I took him to his home, as I had their work to do. After a few days when he was home and in his own bed, he became paralyzed from his hips to the top of his head, but he didn't want to go back to the hospital. He said I could take good care of him and he could be at home. I had to lift him as if he had a brace on his back. If he got out of line, the pain really got him. But with patience and the Lord's help we made it.

          "Roy and Emma (her brother and sister-in-law) were taking turns with Norma and David (sister and brother-in-law) staying at the hospital with Mom, but coming home to sleep and eat. When Mom was able to come home, they returned to their homes. Dad's neck and shoulders still bothered him, but he could hold her leg and knee while we put her into a wheelchair. We had quite a time, but she finally got so she could walk with crutches."

          Menzie died 15 June 1951, age 78 and Marthena died in Holzer Hospital, Gallipolis, age 79, on 9 March 1957, of a cerebral hemorrhage. They are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


11-6-1-6-1       1.    Roy Albertice PHILLIPS, b. 5 Mar 1898, Vinton, Ohio.

11-6-1-6-2       2.    Hazel Elizabeth PHILLIPS, b. 8 July 1901, Vinton, Ohio.

11-6-1-6-3       3.    Norma Pauline PHILLIPS, b. 10 Oct 1906, Vinton, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Marthena-Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Roy was born 5 March 1898 at Vinton, Ohio and was married there on 28 November 1918 to Emma SHENEFIELD. He was one of the few males, born that year, who were not in World War I. He and Emma raised their even dozen children in Marion, Ohio. That is where Roy died 20 May 1973.


                 1.    Evelyn Marie PHILLIPS, b. 29 May 1919. Married: 1st. Herbert DEARTH, killed in car-train wreck near Marion, Ohio. Married 2nd Forest DEEL. 1981: resident, South Carolina, 2 children.

                 2.    Helen Elizabeth PHILLIPS, b. 23 Feb 1921. Married: Edward HODGE. 1981: resident, Marion, Ohio, 2 children.

                 3.    Thomas Blaine PHILLIPS, b. 7 July 1922, d. 18 Oct 1936, Buried: Mt Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty with grandparents Menzie and Marthena.

                 4.    Beatrice Eileen PHILLIPS, b. 25 Sept 1925. Married: 1st. Richard DARBY, deceased. Married 2nd Robert HAMILTON. 1981: resident of Marion, Ohio, 2 children.

                 5.    Charles Menzie PHILLIPS, b. 11 July 1926.

                 6.    Clyde Eugene PHILLIPS, b. 28 Mar 1928 . Married, four children living and one deceased.

                 7.    Billie Richard PHILLIPS, b. 11 Mar 1930. Married, three children.

                 8.    Martha Louise PHILLIPS, b. 4 Aug 1933. Married: Ren KEETON, d. 8 Oct 1976. Three sons, 1981: resident of Marion, Ohio.

                 9.    Wanda Lee PHILLIPS, b. 8 Aug 1934. Married: Laverne DISBENNETT, 5 children. 1981: resident Galion, Near Marion, Ohio.

                 10.  James Leroy PHILLIPS, b. 4 Mar 1935. Retired after 20 years in Air Force. 1981: resident Marion, Ohio, one son.

                 11.  Wilbur PHILLIPS, b. 13 Oct 1941. Married, four children. 1981: resident of Marion, Ohio.

                 12.  Norman PHILLIPS, died at birth.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Marthena-Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          In the 1980s there were many cousins contacted back in Huntington Township with Ewing family knowledge and information to put into this work, but none like Hazel. In spite of arthritis and cataracts in both eyes, Hazel at 80, supplied this Phillips information for the record. She was one of the very few of all the thousands of descendants of William and Mary MC NEILL EWING, who lived at Ewington where it all began over 174 years ago.

          Hazel was born 8 July 1901, and was 18 years and 2 days old when she was married on the 10th of July 1919 to Archie Clifford AMOS. Archie was another of those who were destined to fight "The War to End All Wars." He was born 31 August 1895 in West Virginia, the son of Joseph and Mary (SMITH) AMOS. The Amos family moved to Cherry Ridge near Vinton, Ohio about 1910.

          Archie was working at the Goodyear Plant in Akron, Ohio when the United States entered World War I on 6 April 1917.

          The following is taken from a sketch in the GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY, that Hazel and her daughter, Juanita AMOS DOWLER submitted:

          "Archie enlisted in June in the National Guards at Akron, and was assigned to Headquarters Company, 42nd Division, the famous Rainbow Division. He left the United States on

17 October 1918 and came home on a casualty ship. He was discharged 14 February 1919.

          "Archie took part in the battles of Champagne, second Marne, St. Mihiel, Verdun and Chateau Thiery. He was the victim of two gas attacks by the Germans. He was taken to the hospital from the last severe attack and was in the hospital when the Armistice was signed.

          "Archie suffered from effects of the gas the rest of his life. He was not able to return to his job in Akron. He received the Victory Medal with the Rainbow Ribbon and bars for the battles in which he took part, and the Purple Heart."

          After their marriage Hazel and Archie lived at first in Vinton, but in the 1920s moved to Nelsonville, Ohio. When they returned to Gallia County, it was to live in Ewington and that is where they remained.

          When Archie became too disabled to work from the effects of the war, he did odd jobs and had truck patches to grow food for the family. He was a charter member of the Vinton Unit No. 161, American Legion, and was active as long as his health permitted. He died in the Veterans Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia on 24 August 1960, one week short of his 65th birthday. He is buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery next to Marthena and Menzie.

          Hazel's years were filled with her family, and then grandchildren and even a niece. Martha Louise PHILLIPS, daughter of Roy and Emma, lived with them for three years. "We brought her home when she was 1 year old," Hazel wrote. "We took her when her sister, Wanda was born, and were just going to care for her a few days, but she stayed with us longer. Roy and Emma had several small children and Roy wasn't able to work very much at that time. We bought her clothing like our own. It sure hurt to give her up and also hurt her. She was 4 years old. We taught her Roy and Emma were her daddy and mommy but she said , "No, No, two daddies and two mommies, and always called us Daddy and Mommy like our children did."

          Hazel's home in 1983 was on Arch Amos Road in Ewington, Ohio.


                 1.    Robert Richard AMOS, b. 19 Mar 1920, Vinton, Ohio. Married, has a son, lived in Newport, Pennsylvania.

                 2.    Juanita E. AMOS, b. about 1922. Married on Mother's Day, 14 May 1939 in Kentucky, Bill DOWLER, b. 16 July 1942, Toledo, Ohio. 1957: had heart surgery in Toledo and retired as a clerk for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad on disability. 1981: resident of Gallipolis, Ohio.

                 3.    Edward E. AMOS, b. 26 Mar 1925, Nelsonville, Ohio. Married: 10 July 1948, Evelyn CADD, widow of Quinton CADD, shot down in France 1944, during World War II.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Marthena-Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Norma was born 10 October 1906 at Vinton, Ohio and was married at Vinton on 20 July 1930 to the Reverend David WILLIAMS. David was born 25 March 1902. They lived in Stockdale, Ohio, where Norma was a school teacher. After David's death on 31 July 1971, Norma went to Loveland, Ohio where her only son lived.


                        1.    Robert M. WILLIAMS, b. 9 May 1931. 1981: Robert and family lived in Loveland, Ohio where he worked for a bank.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Thomas was born 23 December 1887 at Vinton, Ohio, Elizabeth and Thomas's seventh child. Thomas was married about 1913 to Cora D. HICKERSON. Cora, a twin, was born in December 1886 to Stephen and Lovina HICKERSON, of Huntington Township.

          Thomas died 16 July 1967 and Cora on 30 July 1970. They are both buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio


                 1.    Son CARDWELL, b&d 23 Nov 1915. Buried with grandparents Thomas and Elizabeth Cardwell at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Sarah Huldah was born in 1848 and she was married on

5 December 1875 to Elisha HAMMONDS. (Records show that Sarah's brother-in-law, Thomas CARDWELL, applied for the license.) Sarah and Elisha seem to have left the Vinton area and nothing more is known of them. Sarah's known child remained in Vinton. He was a son, born in 1869, whom Sarah named Reuben Wetmore HOLCOMB.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

11-6-2-1                 1.    Reuben Wetmore HOLCOMB, b. 1869




Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Mathena-Elizabeth-William-James

          Reuben was born in 1869, and was apparently raised by his grandfather and step-grandmother, Reuben and Louisa HOLCOMB, at Vinton, Ohio. At least he was with them in the 1880 census.

          Reuben was married on the 24th of December 1893 to Ora OILER, who as born 15 January 1873 and died 14 May 1901. They were not in the 1900 Gallia County census, but she is buried at Franklin Cemetery with Reuben'a grandfather and step-grandmother.

          One who does appear in the 1900 Gallia County census was the woman who was soon to be Reuben's wife. She was the widow, Jessie (LONG) GEER, and she was the daughter of Charles and Eliza LONG, and sister of Roma LONG, who later married 19-2-1-4. In 1900 Jessie and her son, Carl GEER and Roma were living with their parents in Huntington Township.

          Jessie was born in May 1880. She and Reuben were married in 1902 and settled on Ewington to Jackson Road. In the 1910 census Reuben's occupation was down as railroad section foreman.

          Reuben died in 1937 and is buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery. Jessie's stone is at Vinton Memorial Cemetery also, but there are no dates on it.

          ISSUE by Ora:

                        1.    Ira Q. HOLCOMB, b. 1895, d. 1970, Buried, Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio. Married: 1st. Ruth L. FRANKLIN, daughter of James and Demira FRANKLIN, b. May 1896, d. 1921. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio. Married 2nd Ellen , b. 1900, d. 1971. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio.

                               Known issue:

                               1.    Essie May HOLCOMB, d. 1929, infant. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio.

                  2.    Carey R. HOLCOMB, b. 1896, d. 1971. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Ohio. Married: Edna SOLES, b. May 1896, d. no date, stone at Franklin Cemetery. Edna daughter of: John and Mary (HUNTLEY) SOLES and sister of Delcie who married: 5-2-3-1-1-1

          Jessie's child, adopted by Reuben:

                 3.    Carl Cline GEER-HOLCOMB, b. Sept 1898.


                        1.    Gene HOLCOMB (daughter) 1983: lived in Columbus, Ohio.

           ISSUE by Jessie:

                 4.    Charles Hobart HOLCOMB, b. 1903, d. 1937. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery with Reuben

                and Jessie

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