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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-James

          Thomas EWING was a nice name to have if you lived in Ohio. Honorable Thomas EWING of Lancaster, was a senator from Ohio, Secretary of the Treasury under Harrison, and the United State's first Secretary of the Interior under Taylor. He and his wife, Maria BOYLE, raised, and were later parents-in-law of the great Civil War general, William Tecumseh SHERMAN.

          Many of our Thomas' descendants have wanted to claim him as their ancestor. It would be nice, but of course he is not. The two were contemporaries, however. Our Thomas was born on the 30th of July 1788, and Hon. Thomas 14 months later, on the 28th of September 1789. They were born not too awfully far apart - our Thomas on the banks of Swago Creek, in what was then Greenbrier County, Virginia and Hon. Thomas was born 150 miles or so north of there, at West Liberty, in what was then Ohio County, Virginia.

          That Thomas' parents were George and Rachel (HARRIS) EWING, George being of the Greenwich, New Jersey branch of the Ewing family, descending from Finley EWING. If there is any relationship between those Ewings and ours, it goes back way to the other side of the Atlantic and long before our James was born.

          One thing that some of our Ewings did have in common with Hon. Thomas was that they worked with him at the Kanawha Salt Works across, and up, river from Gallipolis, Ohio. Hon. Thomas went through life called the "Salt Boiler" for his years spent there, 1809, again in 1810 and 1812.

          While our Thomas did not achieve the national prominence of the other Thomas Ewing, he was not without importance in his own little community of Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. It is unknown if our Thomas had a formal education, but he had excellent penmanship, and was called on to use it as Clerk of the school board in Huntington Township and he was Justice of the Peace there for several years in the 1820s and 1830s.

          Early in the 1900s a cousin, Clyde EDWARDS bought the old Thomas Ewing farm near Ewington and in demolishing the ancient log house found a little packet of papers, folded and tied with a piece of linen string. The papers were some that Thomas himself had written or that concerned him, and that he deemed worthy of preserving. Clyde gave the packet to his sister, Hannah EDWARDS to send to A.E. EWING. I now have the papers and string tucked away for safekeeping.

          One of the papers is dated 13 Nov 1809 and is signed by Val. WHITE, Clerk of the 81st Regiment of Bath Co. Virginia militia. It exempted Thomas from militia duty "on account of a lameness in his foot." On the reverse side the exemption was later reconfirmed in Gallia County, "Examined and Approved," dated 26 September 1812, and signed by Sam'l R. HOLCOMB, Col., 3 Regiment lst B Division.

          Thomas followed his sister Elizabeth into the cabin on Swago Creek by 17 months and 15 days. As the eldest of the 10 sons of William and Mary he probably had a major part in seeing that the farm produced to feed all those mouths.

          In the Spring of 1810, the family was immersed in preparations for the move from the mountains and the Greenbrier to Ohio. It suddenly occurred to Thomas, then 21, that he was not going anywhere without a certain lady, also 21, by his side. She was Anstis KELLISON, daughter of a neighbor, Daniel KELLISON, and his wife ( her name is unknown).

          On 6 April 1810, Thomas appeared before the clerk of Bath County at Warm Springs and took out a marriage bond. Anstis' brother, Edward KELLISON, went surety on the bond, and Daniel gave consent for his daughter to marry, with Edward witnessing that consent.

          Reverend John PINNELL performed the ceremony that made Thomas and Anstis one on the 10th of April 1810.

          In the 1810 Bath County census, Thomas was listed as the head of a household of himself and a female 16 to 26 years of age. Shortly after that census the Ewings, and several other families, headed for Ohio.

          About the same time as the Ewing arrival in Ohio, Huntington was formed as a township from Raccoon Township. That happened on 5 June 1810. On the last Saturday of July in 1810 the men of the township gathered at the home of Stephen and Susannah HOLCOMB for election purposes, and Thomas was the 17th of 18 to cast a vote.

          Thomas chose land in Section 2, in the northeasternmost corner of the township, 80 acres, the east half of the southeast quarter. He immediately set about building a house. It was, as all in that area were then, of logs. It was roomy and well built and it served as his, and Anstis' home through all their years.

          Within a few years Thomas also acquired the quarter section adjoining his 80 acres on the east - 160 acres in Section 1, the southwest quarter with Strong's Run Creek coursing through it on its way to Raccoon Creek. It was the very southwestern most corner of those 160 acres that he gave over as a plot for a family cemetery as early as 1818 when his and Anstis' infant, Rebecca, was born and died. It may have been earlier, for it is believed that one of the three unmarked graves is that of Mary Hughes MC NEILL, grandmother of Thomas.

          Of the 17 marked graves in the cemetery, there are 16 Ewings - and one OILER, Fred, who was in Co. K of the 27th OVI, not one of "us." The 17 burials span a period of about 100 years. The last to be buried there was Thomas Ewing SPROUSE in 1913.

     Even with the addition of the 160 acres to his farm, Thomas and his family remained on the 80 acres in the comfortable log house that was home. Here Thomas and Anstis raised nine of their 10 children and several grandchildren as well. Three of the grandchildren; Sanford VIERS, Thomas Jefferson EWING, 21, and Mary MANNERING, 18, were listed with them in the 1860 census. At that time Thomas was worth $2,800/$250.

          Fifty-six years of marriage ended on 21 June 1866 when Anstis died at the age of 78. She was buried in the little plot in the corner of their 160 acres.

          At the time of her death, their children had for the most part either died or scattered. Sarah MANNERING, Rebecca I, and her namesake Rebecca VIERS, Samuel and Zeruiah GLASSBURN were all deceased. John JORDAN had gone to Missouri, Anstis SPROUSE lived in Wilkesville, Ohio and Margaret LEONARD lived in Fostoria, Ohio. Only Elizabeth PEDEN and Mary - "Polly," were still in Huntington Township. Elizabeth, by then a widow, on a farm next to Thomas, and Mary, who had never married, still at home. After her mother's death, Mary took over the household and cared for Thomas in his declining years.

          On 29 February 1938, U.B.G. EWING (21-3-2), son of Dr. Gilbert A. EWING, who was born in Ewington and lived there, recalled for A. E. EWING what he could of his "Uncle Tommy, the famous marksman."

          "Uncle Tom was taller than the others and fairly slender, but cannot recall his features. He often read his Bible, always with uncovered heard, even when out of doors in the shade of an apple tree. Aunt Polly kept house for him, may have remained a spinster to do so, yet he rubbed it in on her in introducing her. 'This is my Polly, an old maid who never got married.

          "Uncle Tom did not have but a very small beard, think he was somewhat bald. He used a cane, told us mostly of shooting bears, once only wounded one and had to reload his gun on the run, then turned on it and shot it."

          U.B.G. wrote again about Uncle Tommy a year later, on the 13th of April 1939:

          "Uncle Tommy sparce built, only slightly stooped, height perhaps 5 ft., 8 or 9 inches, weight about 140 to 145, hair rather thin and tousled, neither long nor shingled, sandy gray beard, short and scattering, thickest on chin, 1/2 to 2 inches long on chin and angle of jaws, high cheek bones, cheeks more gaunt, built rather for climbing, walked with a cane.

          "I may have seen him hoeing his garden, but can't say about his using mechanical tools nor singing or whistling but often reading his Bible or a few other books or the weekly paper, the Gallipolis Journal. Was full of bear, deer and other hunting stories. Father was his physician, also his administrator. I don't remember his children, except Mrs. Peden and Aunt Polly who remained single and kept house for him. She smoked a clay pipe on a cane stem. He always introduced her to a stranger by 'This is my Polly, an old maid who never got married'."

          In the 1870 census Thomas was listed as 81 and infirmed. As for his worth, while he had $2,000 in chattel worth, his value in real estate had dropped from $2,800 in 1860 to $500. Apparently in his last years, Thomas sold off most of his property. In the atlas of 1874, the year he died, the 80 acres show up as belonging to his nephew, Dr. Gilbert A. EWING, George's son and the 160 acres as belonging to A.R. MARTINDALE (section #4). A.R. (Alvin) built a large frame house on the land.

          Eventually - about 1879, Isaac EWING acquired the 80 acres and moved into the log cabin with his bride. About 1899 he also acquired the 160 acres next door from the then-owner, a cousin, Niles Quincy MARTINDALE, son of A.R. and his wife Julia Ann HOWELL. He moved his family into the frame house and the old log home Thomas had built so many years before, became one of several barns on the farm.

          Isaac and his wife are among the latter-day burials in the little family plot in the corner of Section 1, and for a time it was called Isaac's Burial Field. Although the official name is Ewing Cemetery.

          After Isaac's death in 1910, Clyde EDWARDS, also a cousin, acquired the 80 acres and the old log cabin. It was in tearing down the old structure to replace it with a new home that he found the papers, in perfect condition, which Thomas had wrapped in linen string nearly a century before. They had slipped between the punched-on flooring.

          In 1917, William Granville CASTO and his family arrived in Ewington from West Virginia. They liked the looks of the 160 acres on Abney Road, and bought them and the large frame house thereon. Thus they became latter-day custodians of the tiny Ewing plot in the corner of the 160 acres. In 1943 a daughter of the Castos, Naomi, married William Playford EWING (21-2-2-4-3) a grandson of Isaac EWING, and their son, John Grant CASTO, married in 1937 one of our DODRILLs, Ruth Pauline (11-8-1-7-4). John and Ruth's grandson, Timothy Grant CASTO, 25, who also lives on Abney Road, has taken on the care of the little cemetery, and goes down two or three times each summer to mow it, and to replace flags.

          Timothy was not aware until I told his mother last year - (26 November 1983) that the gravestones of William and Mary McNeill Ewing, he was taking care of, were those of his great-great-great-great-great-grandparents. Timothy had no idea he was a Ewing. Timothy is a descendant of Indian John also.

          The current owner of the 160 acres is William and Cora's son, James A. CASTO.

          In the meantime, the 80 acre plot to the west, which Clyde Edwards had bought after Isaac Ewing died in 1910, had become the property of the BOSTERS and eventually William G. Casto bought those too. So, once again the two farms were one!

           The end came for Thomas on the 27th or 28th of May 1874. He was 84 years old and had a stroke - paralysis says the record. He and Anstis and their infant daughter Rebecca share a tombstone in Ewing Cemetery.


12-1                 1.    John Jordon EWING, b. 22 July 1811, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        2.    Mary "Polly" EWING, b. 28 Oct 1812, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 11 June 1888, Vinton, Ohio. Buried: Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Single, lived at home.

12-3                 3.    Elizabeth EWING, b. 14 July 1814, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio

12-4                 4.    Sarah EWING, b. 8 Nov 1816, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-5                 5.    Rebecca EWING, b. b&d about 1818, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Buried: Ewing Cemetery .

12-6                 6.    Rebecca EWING II, b. 25 Sept 1819, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

]2-7                 7.    Anstis EWING, b. 11 Sept 1821, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. d. (Sept 9 on tombstone)

12-8                 8.    Samuel EWING, b. 28 Aug 1823, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-9                 9.    Margaret EWING, b. 12 Dec 1825, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-10               10.  Zeruiah EWING, b. 16 Feb 1828, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-William-James

          Thomas and Anstis had 10 Children - but eight of them were daughters, and of the two sons, only John was destined to have a large family and sons and grandsons to carry on the Ewing name.

          John did not know it at the time of his birth, 22 July 1811, but his progeny were to take up nearly half of the Thomas Ewing chapter in this book, with his nine siblings and their progeny taking up the other half.

          John was born about a year after his parents' arrival on the Raccoon Creek in Huntington Township, and all he knew in his growing up years were those 80 acres his father had in Section 2 and the 160 additional acres Thomas acquired in Section 1. John soon became second in command on that large farm. There was no third in command (only sisters) until Samuel came along in 1823 when John was 12. By the time Samuel could help, John had it all under control.

          And then Elizabeth Amelia VIERS came into his life. The Viers family had been around Ewington and Vinton for a long time - about as long as the Ewings. John VIERS was from Virginia and had a large family in Huntington Township and there would be at least three marriages between the Viers and the Ewings at the years progressed. But it was not until he was about 22 that John Jordan Ewing began to think of Elizabeth Amelia Viers as his future wife. Elizabeth, born in Virginia on the 28th of January 1816, was about 17 at the time. A few months later, on 13 February 1834 they stood before the Reverend Hiram R. HOWE to say their marriage vows.

          The newlyweds started married life right where John had always lived, in the household of his parents, in the roomy, comfortable log cabin on the 80 acres. All eleven of John and Elizabeth's children were born there.

          The last of them, Samuel, came along in June 1855. Shortly thereafter, John and Elizabeth began to make plans to join the westward migration. Their destination was the same place that two of John's cousins, John Ewing HOWELL and his wife, Electa EWING (Chapter #4 and #13) had gone to earlier, Clark County, Missouri.

          By that time John and Elizabeth's eldest daughter, America, had married William TERRY, they had lost two sons, Andrew and Lafayette by drowning, and son Thomas, then 18, chose to remain with his grandparents. So there were only seven children in the Ewing wagon. America and William were with the party, though, as they too were going to Missouri to make their home.

          In the 1860 census the Ewings were in Jefferson Township, Clark County, Missouri, John a farmer, worth -?$400. Listed next to them was the husband of John Howell's deceased daughter Jane, James Madison ARNOLD.

          Not long after that census, the Ewings moved on. John's greener pastures were in Putnam County, Missouri - three counties west. Their farm was in Elm Township in the section of Putnam County then called East End, or sometimes Low Ground. The towns of Martinstowns, Graysville and Greentop were in this area, near the Sheridan River, which separated Putnam from Schuyler County. This was to be their home for the rest of their years.

          Soon after arriving in Putnam County, John founded a little church which he called Holiness Church, which he was minister. His youngest son, Timothy, remembered this incident and passed it down through the family:

          Timothy was 10 or 11. One Sunday morning he was walking home from church after the service with his father, and John asked the lad, "Well, Timmy, how did I sound this morning?"

          Timothy was at that age of speaking without thinking and he blurted out, "Well, Father, if I had been just over a hill and couldn't have seen you, I would have thought it was a jackass braying." Timothy remembered saying that - and the hazelnut switching he got across the legs when he got home!

          John and Elizabeth gave more than their share to their country during its dark hours of 1861-1865. They sent five sons off to war - and only two returned.

          In their declining years, John and Elizabeth must have wondered, "Where did all the family go?" John was killed in an accident about 1879, Thomas had been killed in battle, Andrew and Lafayette had drowned as youngsters, Margaret had died about 1870, Hugh and George died during the war and Samuel had been killed in a fight. Only America, William and Timothy were still living - and America was in Arkansas. It fell to William and Timothy, still nearby, to give them attention in their old age. John died 6 August 1888 and Elizabeth 10 years later, on 24 May 1899. They are buried at Greentop Cemetery, Putnam County, Missouri.


12-1-1             1.    America Jane EWING, b. 25 Mar 1835, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-1-2             2.    John A. EWING, b. 29 Oct 1836, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        3.    Thomas Jefferson EWING, b. 26 July 1838, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Remained behind in Ohio, lived with his Ewing grandparents. Union soldier from Ohio, enlisted 12 Aug 1861, records say he was killed at Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia, 19 Oct 1864, Buried: Winchester, Virginia. Family records say: "Died of smallpox in Danville Prison, Virginia" Private, Company B, 36th OVI.

                        4.    Andrew Jackson EWING, b. 23 Mar 1840, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Drowned between 1840 to 1850, was not in 1850 census.

12-1-5             5.    William Allen EWING, b. 11 Feb 1842, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        6.    Margaret Virginia Ann EWING, b. 23 Nov 1843, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, d. about 1870. Married: about 1863, Harvey A. FARRIS, b. Oct 1838 - Kentucky. After Margaret's death, Harvey married again and then a third time to Margaret's sister, America.


                               1.    Myrtle Belle FARRIS, b. about 1864. Married: MOTT, lived in Chicago, then in California where she died..

                               2.     FARRIS, d. young

                               3.     FARRIS, d. young

                        7.    Lafayette EWING, b 17 July 1846, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, drowned pre-1850 - not in census.

                        8.    Hugh P.H. EWING, b. 11 Feb 1847, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, died: about 1865, Civil War in Missouri. Buried: Mt. Harmony Soldier's Plot, Adair County, Missouri.

                        9.    George Virgil EWING, b. 22 Apr 1849, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, d. about 1865, St. Louis, Missouri. Prisoner, Civil War. Family record: believes starved to death "they sent food but he never got it".

12-1-10           10.  Timothy Jordan EWING, b. 14 Oct 1851, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-1-11           11.  Samuel Luther EWING, b. 10 June 1855, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

(11/94 - Mary WOOD of Palmdale, CA edited parts of America Jane Ewing and Frances Elizabeth Terry. Mary has researched the Terrys and was able to provide data that Nancy was unable to locate. BP)

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Thomas-William-James

          I took a shine to this cousin at the start, because of her name, I guess. I had almost nothing on her, only scant information contained in two letters to A.E. EWING from a granddaughter, Ova POWELL, and neither did any of the descendants of her two brothers, William and Timothy. Nothing!

          But I was not going to let America go without trying my best. She had sparked my curiosity even more than any of the other elusive cousins, and I gave her the big push. It has taken more years, work, letter writing, "search" telephone calls, pouring over microfilm and microfiche, wading through books, etc. More was done than you can imagine, but I think I have finally got the story of America Jane Ewing pretty much together, I mean considering what there was to go on at the beginning.

          It would have been great to have known America. She went through life as "Meck," she was a tiny person, she smoked a clay pipe, she had four husbands, and she lived to be at least 78 years old. (11/94 - Mary WOODS mother, Mildred Carl JACKSON said that someone who was courting one of America Janes daughters was to have said, "A man could be more interested in the mother than the daughters." Mildred also says of her great-grandmother, she had sandy colored hair, was small and slender. BP)

          America was born 25 March 1835 at Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, the first grandchild to come into the cabin of Thomas and Anstis. Twenty years later (lacking two weeks) on 11 March 1855, America and William Bennett TERRY were married in that cabin.

          William was born in Ohio in 1833. He was the brother of Mary TERRY who married Addison Blair EWING (15-4). Apparently the Terrys lost their parents early. In the 1850 census there was just William, Mary and a brother, Abner, living in Wilkesville, Ohio. There were several taxpayers by the name of TERRY in Gallia and Jackson Counties in the 1820s. The ones in Wilkesville Township were Abner, David, Gresham, Paul and Paul Jr. One of those might have been William's father.

          (11/94 - per Mary WOOD of Palmdale: Paul and Bethia TERRY had a son David TERRY who married Mariah ROBERTS. David and Mariah TERRY were the parents of William Bennet TERRY. William had a sister Mary Bethina who married Leland ROBERTS her first cousin. The Mary TERRY who married Addison Blair EWING mentioned in the preceeding paragraph may have been a cousin. BP)

          Before the wedding William went out to Missouri to prepare their home. Apparently his chosen land was in Schuyler County, where his Terry kin also went. It is unsure if they were in Schuyler County, Missouri during the time of the 1860 census, but they were there in 1862 for that is where, and when, William enlisted for service during the War Between the States.

          William Bennett Terry is the only soldier in this entire book who signed up under the Confederate flag!

          William enlisted on the 20th of July 1862, as a private in Company B, Clark's Missouri Infantry, Confederate States of America. He did not serve very long - less than four months - but that time spent as a "Johnny Rev" sets him very much apart from the other Civil War soldiers in this book, all of whom served under the American flag. William and America named their son, born in 1861, Jefferson Davis. (11/94 - per Mary WOOD: William and America had another son, John Jordan TERRY. BP)

          Also, because Confederate soldiers and their widows were not allowed pensions, there is no pension file as a means of further information about William and his family. William was discharged on the 9th of November 1862 on a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability. It was apparently TB.

          And that tuberculosis was bad enough to make William and his family leave Missouri and seek a better climate. At sometime between 1866 and 1870, William, America and their three children left Schuyler County, Missouri in favor of War Eagle Township, Madison County, Arkansas, (their post office was Huntsville, Arkansas) in the northwest corner of Arkansas, almost on top of Oklahoma. They were there in the 1870 census.

          But William did not have very long there. He was only 39 years old when he died of TB in 1872.

          America was then 37. She had four children, 16, 13, 6 and 1 and was miles away from her family.

          She carried on and not long after, about 1874, she married Robert DAVIS, about whom absolutely nothing is know, except that he sired America's fifth, Hiram Cantrell DAVIS, born in 1876.

          As near as can be figured out, Robert died about 1877, and the following year America married George L. CAUSEY, who had been previously married and had children who were with George and America in the 1880 census. In 1880, they were listed in War Eagle Township, Madison County, Arkansas.

          Strangely, when Ova POWELL sent A.E. EWING the brief material on America's life, she never mentioned this forth marriage, only the other three and yet George may have been the father of an elusive son of America's, Joseph. She was said to have had a son Joseph, and in the 1900 census she turns up with having had six children, five then living. Only five of those six are accounted for in various censuses. The premise is, then, that this Joseph was born after the 1880 census and had left the home by the time of the 1900 census. If he were born after 1880 he would have to have been a Causey.

          George and America did not have long together. George died somewhere between 1880 and 1883.

          (11/94 - per Mary WOOD: America did have three husbands, William Bennett TERRY, Robert DAVIS, and Harvey FARRIS. Geroge CAUSEY married America Jane, but family folk lore indicates that he failed to mention that he was already married. She was widowed by each husbands' death. Mr. Causey brought two sons to the marriage, and the children told America that their mother was living. It is not known whether there was a divorce from Mr. Causey, an annulment or what. There was not a legal marriage if he already had a wife. BP)

          Soon thereafter, America went back to Missouri to visit her parents. She took at least one of her sons, Hiram, with her. John and Elizabeth Ewing lived in Elm Township, Putnam County, Missouri. Across the river, in Schuyler County lived her brother-in-law, Harvey A. FARRIS. Harvey had been married to America's younger sister, Margaret, and had married and been widowed again after Margaret's death, about 1870.

          America, 49, and Harvey, 46, were married in Missouri in 1884. Harvey was born in October 1838 in Kentucky, and may have been the son of Dudley FARRIS, born in 1812 in Kentucky and who was found in the 1870 Schuyler County census.

          America and Harvey went to Arkansas, but 8 year old Hiram remained in Missouri with his uncle, William EWING, who took care of him from then on.

          By the time of the 1900 census, Harvey and America had moved to Prairie Township of Madison County, Arkansas. Harvey was a boot and shoemaker. There were just the two of them. It was the same in the 1910 census. America's address in 1913 was Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas, and Springdale is where America's daughter, Frances Terry POWELL, and her family lived. America spent her last years with the Powells. It was from Springdale in 1913 that America sent a contribution to the Mary McNeill Ewing Memorial Fund - $1.00 for herself, 50 cents for her daughter Frances and 50 cents for granddaughter Madge CARRELL.

          Harvey died in Springdale around 1913. He is buried in Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas.

          (11/94 - Mary WOOD's records show that America Jane lived with the Powell's after 1910 until her death in 1917 which occurred in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She is buried in the Powell Plot in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. BP)

          In 1923 Frances died in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and she is buried in the Powell plot.


12-1-1-1          1.    Mary Josephine TERRY, b. 27 Mar 1856, Missouri.

12-1-1-2          2.    Frances Elizabeth TERRY, b. Nov 1859, Missouri.

                        3.    Jefferson Davis TERRY, b. 1861, Missouri. Apparently died young, was in 1870 census, but not in 1880 census.

                        4.    Rosalthy Belle TERRY, b. 1872, Arkansas. Married: James D. MAYS.


                               1.    Myrtle Anstis MAYS, b. about 1892, d. about 1981, Forks, Washington of cancer. Married: TUTTLE, d. 30 Dec 1974. No issue.

12-1-1-5          5.    Hiram Cantrell DAVIS, b. 1876, Arkansas.

                        6.    * Joseph , (maybe...CAUSEY). James Monroe EWING says America had a son by that name. Not in any census. No one else has mentioned him, but America is down in census as having 6 and 5.

          *(11/94 - per Mary WOOD: "According to anything that I have knowledge of...America did not have a son named Joseph...John Jourdan TERRY lived only a few months and was the son of William Bennett TERRY. BP)

          (11/94 - excerpts from a letter written by Anstis Mayes TUTTLE to Mildred Carl JACKSON. Anstis was the daughter of Rosalthy Belle TERRY and Mildred was the grandaughter of Francis Elizabeth TERRY - older sister of Rosalthy Belle TERRY. Mildred is the mother of Mary WOOD.

          "Grandma (America Jane) had an awful time during the Civil War. She was a young woman, still in her twenties, with three tiny children to care for. Both sides were raiding. One time the Northern Cavalry stole her beautiful mare and her brothers (all Northern soldiers) were afraid to steal her back again, so she, herself, went to the Colonel and asked for her horse. He asked if she was a Union sympathizer. She replied, 'I was always reared to honor the United States of America.' The Colonel ordered the mare returned to her." BP)

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EWING FAMILY LIENAGE: America-John-Thomas-William-James

          The story coming up is more that of Mary's husband than of Mary herself. But because James Franklin LEDBETTER, better known on the Oklahoma frontier as "Uncle Bud," was such an illustrious figure and his life so exciting, it just seems right to add his colorful story to the Ewing annals.

          James was referred to in an article about him as "Bullet-Proof Bud." He received not one single scratch in all his years of fighting outlaws. The story of his life was published in the 1974 edition of "PERSONS AND PLACES OF INDIAN TERRITORY" by C.W. WEST. It is going to be difficult to condense the 17 page account of his exploits as a law enforcement officer in the then lawless west, to a few paragraphs for this book. "If you had lived in Indian Territory at the turn of the century, or Oklahoma 50 years ago, you certainly would have known of James Franklin Ledbetter, better known as "Uncle bud." He was so well known and feared so deeply that in many cases all he had to do was to send word to an outlaw that he would come after him if he did not give himself up. Such a threat often caused the law-breaker to come in of his own volition. He was loved and respected so much that in all my research I have not found a derogatory remark concerning him or any scandal associated with his name. He was honored by outstanding law enforcement representatives and the electorate repeatedly. Last but not least, he was a great big, soft-hearted grandfather to his descendants in spite of the many cares of his occupation."

          Mary and James were married the 28th of June 1874, in Madison County, Arkansas. James was born 15 December 1852 and was a native of Madison County, War Eagle Township, Arkansas. Mary, born 27 March 1856 in Missouri, had moved with her family to War Eagle Township in the Boston Mountains when she was about 10 or 12. James was the son of another James Franklin LEDBETTER and his wife, Sabrina REEVES, called "Tennessee" for the state of her and her husband's nativity.

          James' parents died when he was 18 years old in 1870, and he left War Eagle in favor of Oklahoma Indian Territory, where he got a job as a guard for the Wells Fargo Express Company at Webber's Falls, Oklahoma.

          But in 1872 he returned to War Eagle and began farming. Two years later he and Mary were married and thus began the marriage of a devoted couple that lasted until her death 56 years later.

          In the ensuing three years the couple had two children, George Washington and America Jane - "Dolly." About 1877 they moved next door to Coal Hill, Johnson County, Arkansas - on the Arkansas River.

          Placid enough so far, right? but then one day James drove into Coal Hill, a little mining community to get supplies. He was wearing a natty white linen suit. "After taking care of his needs," we are told, "he strolled into one of the many saloons where a group of town bullies, who had imbibed liberally, had gathered. They thought they had a 'dude' in their midst and began making snide remarks and fingering Bud's suit. His steel blue eyes, that were to become so famous, took on an unusual glint. He strode out of the saloon without a word, and went to a hardware store down the street, where he bought an axe handle. Upon returning to the saloon, he entered, locked the door, and began to 'educate' the jeering crowd. Within a short time a number of the group was lying on the floor unconscious, with others cowering behind the counter and under tables.

          "When the commotion was heard by a passerby, an attempt was made to gain entrance. When this failed, the mayor was summoned, who, with the help of other citizens, forced the door open. Bud was leaning against the bar, axe handle in his hand, glaring at the mayor and his associates with those eyes - which were to be referred to later as 'eagle eyes', as if to inquire, 'what are you going to do about it?' There was a moment of frustration on the part of the mayor. After gathering his composure, he ordered the room cleared of the 'bums' muttering that they would have 'to get to the bottom of the affair.' When the city fathers did 'get to the bottom of the affair,' the result was that they offered Bud the job of town marshal."

          James accepted and proceeded to clean up the town. So effective were his activities that the county sheriff offered him a job as one of his deputies. James filled this position for 14 years, during which time he gained himself a reputation for being able to deal with a criminal peacefully, and how to ferret him out of his den or track him down.

          Eventually things got too quiet in Johnson County, Arkansas for "Uncle Bud" and he headed for Muskogee in Indian Territory. In 1894 he signed up with Wells Fargo to act as a guard on trains carrying payroll between Oswego, Kansas and Checotah, Oklahoma.

          One of the biggest events of that year - and in fact of Uncle Bud's entire eventful career, was what went down in local history as the Blackstone Switch holdup. A gang led by the notorious Texas Jack shunted a train to a siding at Blackstone Switch, a few miles north of Muskogee. What the gang did not know was that Uncle Bud and two other men were riding guard on the $60,000 in gold bullion and silver Texas Jack was after.

          The outlaws surrounded the stalled train. In the ensuing battle passengers were robbed of money, jewels, and watches and the baggage coach was blown up, but Uncle Bud got his man, wounding Texas Jack severely enough for the latter to call a halt and retreat with his men in the night.

          Eventually all the members of the gang were tracked down and sent to the penitentiary. Texas Jack was given a five-year sentence and paroled after a year. He became an evangelist, preaching the consequences of sin and crime all over the southwest.

          The U.S. Marshal in the territory was S. Morton RUTHERFORD. In 1895 he approached James and asked him to be a deputy marshal. James accepted and was sworn in on the 5th of June 1895. His activities in the years ahead included helping to prevent a lynching; single-handedly taking Jim MC ALFORD who had terrorized citizens of Porum; stemming an outbreak of feuding at Indian stomp dances; bringing in the TURNER GANG and single-handedly capturing Al JENNINGS - the last of the train robbers and big time outlaws. Al had been a U.S. Marshal himself, but turned outlaw - only to reform after his arrest and preach the "crime does not pay" gospel. Years later, after Uncle Bud's death, Al and former Deputy Marshal Ted COOPER made a special trip to Muskogee to pay homage to Uncle Bud by placing a wreath on his grave.

          James served as town marshal of Vinita between 1897 and 1903 - the quietest years of his life, and then went to Okmulgee, the capital of the Creek Nation, in the same capacity. On the 1st of January 1904, he became a deputy marshal under Leo E. BENNETT, with headquarters at Muskogee. This was at a time when race riots haunted Muskogee, but Uncle Bud was equal to the task of quelling them. In 1909, with Oklahoma on the verge of statehood, Uncle Bud was appointed chief of police of Muskogee. As usual he took charge with precision and vigor causing gamblers to leave town, the red light district to close down, and liquor joints to either close or be raided.

          So successful was his tenure as chief of police that he was elected sheriff of Muskogee County.

          But then Okmulgee called. Things had gotten so bad there that the citizens prevailed on Uncle Bud to come back to clean up the town. He responded and was a plainclothesman on the police force there from 1917 to 1922. Needless to say, things got straightened out.

          In 1922 he was asked to run again for sheriff of Muskogee County. He was reluctant. After all, he was 70 years old and the years were bearing down on him. But he relented and easily won the election in a field of nine other men, with a majority of 3,000, showing what respect the public had for him.

          Bootleggers and moonshiners were his chief quarry this time. His opening challenge to his men was to "bring in a still every day." And, as usual, he succeeded in cleaning up.

          The West article winds it up: "James took a well-earned retirement in 1928 at the age of 76. After a very full, often hectic life. He had built a home at 415 W. Southside Blvd., Muskogee, Oklahoma and he settled down to enjoy life. He had bought a farm which was being cultivated by his son, George, and he enjoyed going out to the farm and puttering around, especially petting and grooming the horses. He boasted of having the best team in Muskogee County."

          In those later years, James loved to visit with old friends, and spent a great deal of time ambling the streets of Muskogee or in the court house, police station or federal building, passing the time of day. He was regular in his attendance at meetings of the Peace Officers Association and the like. He loved to go back to his old haunts such as Vinita, Haskell and Okmulgee, and made a trip or two back to Arkansas. "Old friends are precious to me," he said. "They don't make them like they used to. Sometimes I meet as many as 2,000 of my old friends in one day."

          His retirement was marred by the death of his faithful companion, of 56 years, Mary Josephine. Mary died 12 May 1930 in Muskogee, Oklahoma at the age of 74 years. Through all those years as James' standby, she always had that fear that all law enforcement offices' wives have, that he might not come back, but she never showed it to the rest of the family and assisted them in having a normal daily life. It is said that James was just not the same after Mary's death.

          It was the custom for many years to have a birthday party for Uncle Bud, at which time they presented him with a hat.

          The last battle, the only one he ever lost came on the 8th of July in 1937. His last public appearance was on his 84th birthday. He became ill with a heart ailment shortly afterward and went to the hospital. He fought valiantly in and out of the hospital for six months, but in vain. The public in general, and peace officers in particular, from all over the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas came to pay homage to their hero. All Muskogee stores closed and all public offices suspended operations in order to attend the funeral. Many of his old buddies were present.

          West concludes his story: "It is hard to understand how a man could be so feared, yet so loved and honored; shot at so many times and never hit; so forthright, yet so deliberate; so ruthless when necessary, yet so kind and understanding. Relatives of those it had been necessary for him to arrest or kill were among his closest friends, as were many whom he had arrested. His fame and admiration for what he was - continue to follow him."

          His granddaughter, Nettie Estelle LEDBETTER, now Mrs. Earl D. CORLISS of Muskogee, remembers her grandfather not as one of the most fearless, noted lawmen of his day, but "just as a big gentle granddaddy who would play with us, do a jig for us, and have lots of fun with us." She says they did not know that he faced death most every day and that he was one of the most feared men in Indian Territory. His daily duties were never discussed. He came home like anyone else, that had a routine way of life, with no hint whatsoever of his line of work, not that it was kept secret, merely that nothing was made of it.

          Another thing Nettie Estelle remembers about her grandfather is that he often brought samples of sand and asked them to smell it, thinking it might be oil sand. He never struck oil, but like many others, he always had hopes.


12-1-1-1-1       1.    George Washington LEDBETTER, b. 28 Aug 1875, Huntsville, Madison County, Arkansas.

                        2.    America Jane LEDBETTER, b. 30 Oct 1877, Huntsville, Madison County, Arkansas, d. 14 Sept 1961, age 83 years. Married: 12 Apr 1903, Fred Morton YOUNG, called "Dolly".

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-America-Thomas-William-James

          Although he may have admired his father's daring and renown, George did not follow in his father's footsteps. Being mechanically inclined, he became an auto mechanic. But he ended his years caring for his father's farm near Muskogee.

          George was born 28 August 1875 at Huntsville, Madison County, Arkansas. He was not very old when his dad's work took the family to Oklahoma and that is where George grew up.

          It is uncertain how 18 years old George and 15 year old Ann Elizabeth PROCTOR, a native of Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas came to be married in East Liverpool, Columbiana County, Ohio on 8 November 1893. Another of the many unanswered questions that have come to light during the research of this work.

          Ann was the daughter of John and Harriet (GREEN) PROCTOR and was born 18 March 1878.

          Soon after the marriage the couple were back in Arkansas. George's trade took him all over. Between 1895 and 1917 there are records that he and Ann lived in Coal Hill, Arkansas; Craig County, Oklahoma; Muskogee, Oklahoma; El Paso, Texas and Muskogee again, where they remained, because George had been called on to run his father's farm.

          George died on the farm in Muskogee, Oklahoma on the 2nd of July 1943 at the age 68 years. Exactly 20 years and 21 days later on 23 July 1963 Ann died at the age of 85.


                        1.    George Lancelot LEDBETTER, b. 16 Sept 1895, Coal Hill, Johnson County, Arkansas, d. 26 Dec 1909, El Paso, 14 years old.

                        2.    Dolly Mae LEDBETTER, b. 16 Aug 1903, Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma. Married: 29 Sept 1922, Harold M. FREUDENTHALER, d. 31 Dec 1977.

                        3.    Mary Josephine LEDBETTER, b. 22 Aug 1905, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Married: 1st. 6 Mar 1923, Harold SIMPSON, married 2nd 1939, Malcolm ROSS, married 3rd Oscar Lee YOUNG.

                        4.    Nettie Estelle LEDBETTER, b. 15 May 1906, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Married: 11 June 1924, Earl D. CORLISS. 1983: Lived in Muskogee, Okla.


                               1.    Earl Robert CORLISS, degree in engineering, is vice-president of the gas company in Dallas, Texas has three children and 2 grandchildren, one grandchild was born in 1982.

                        5.    James William LEDBETTER, b. 16 June 1908, El Paso, Texas d. 18 July 1943, Married: Judie MILLER.

12-1-1-1-1-6   6.    John Franklin LEDBETTER, b. 14 Feb 1911, El Paso, Texas.

                        7.    Mary LEDBETTER, b&d 1913, El Paso, Texas.

                        8.    Marc Leroy LEDBETTER - TWIN, b. 14 Apr 1917, Muskogee, Oklahoma.

                        9.    Annie Marthelle LEDBETTER - TWIN, b. 14 Apr 1917, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Married: 12 Apr 1943, Percy E. FAUST.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      George-Mary-America-Thomas-William-James

          John and his family had some interesting World War II experiences that bear telling about. Though he was older than most soldiers of the infamous war - he was born 14 February 1911. John was not an ordinary recruit, as he was in the service pre-Pearl Harbor.

          John was born in El Paso, but did most of his growing up in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He was married on his 23rd birthday in 1934 to Lida Harris WALLACE. That marriage ended in divorce. On 23 October 1939, he and Zona HAFEN were married in Yuma, Arizona. Zona was born 3 January 1914 in Provo, Utah, the daughter of John HAFEN, a native of Switzerland, and Ellen LOWRY.

          John, a scientific engineer, and Zona were in Long Beach, California in October of 1940 when their daughter Zona Joyce was born. Not long after, they were sent to Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone, Their daughter Ann Marie tells it from there:

          "My own birth in the Canal Zone is interesting because of the special hardships that the outbreak of World War II brought on. My father's home base was Coco Solo, Panama, although he was assigned in Recife, Brazil, for some time. I never saw my father until I was 2 years old because of the war. When Pearl Harbor was attacked in December of 1941, most women and children were evacuated from the Naval base, but not my mother, because she was expecting. There were practice air alerts on a regular basis. Everyone had to go into dark cellars with crabs, water and giant tropical spiders. I have a few photos to prove their size. As luck would have it, I was born in a blackout and delivered by flashlight in the Naval hospital. When I was 6 weeks old we were shipped to New Orleans, Louisiana on a boat that had to zigzag all day long and pull into port every night all up the Central American coast to avoid possible enemy subs. It must have been exciting times but I don't remember anything about it."

          At war's end, John and Zona were in Oakland, California where their third and last child, a son, was born and presumably that is where they stayed, for John died in Oakland at the age of 51 on the 9th of March 1962. Zona was 48 years old at the time and on the 27th of August 1962 she married Everett BOLTON. When Ann Marie wrote in 1983, Zona and Everett were living in Redlands, California, but they also spent a lot of time at their second home in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      America-John-Thomas-William-James

          Frances was born in November 1857 in Schuyler County, Missouri and was 11 when the family moved to Madison County, Arkansas in 1870. Her father, William TERRY died in Madison County when she was about 13 years old. In 1875 she went back to Missouri to stay with her grandparents, John and Elizabeth EWING. Frances had been there two years when a young man she had known in Arkansas, Jeremiah Turner POWELL went there to visit her. The visit culminated in their marriage right there, in 1877, and they returned to Arkansas to make their home.

          Jeremiah Turner POWELL, J.T. or Jerry as he was known, was born in July 1857 in Arkansas. His parents were James and Lucinda (REEVES) POWELL, natives of Cannon County, Tennessee. Lucinda's mother was Elizabeth REEVES called "Tennessee," who was born in Tennessee in 1795. She was living with her grandson, Jeremiah, and Frances in the 1880 census.

          That was in War Eagle Township, Madison County, Arkansas. A sketch in an 1889 Madison County history on Jeremiah's brother, Dr. George N. POWELL, mentions Jeremiah and puts him on Drake's Creek and "late a Republican candidate for county assessor of Madison County." Jeremiah was Sheriff for two terms in Madison County.

          By 1900 Jeremiah and Frances had moved next door, to Washington County, and were living in Springdale, Springdale Township. Jeremiah was a merchant, a grocer, and they owned their home free. They moved to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Indian Territory in 1903. Jeremiah was a Sheriff there also.

          Frances' mother, America, spent her last years with the Powells. She lived with them after 1910 until her death in 1917. It was from Springdale, in 1913, that America sent a contribution to the Mary McNeill Ewing Memorial Fund for four generations of "Ewings" - herself, her daughter, Frances, her granddaughter, Florence Powell CARREL and her great-granddaughter, Madge CARREL - $2.50 in all.

          Frances died in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1923.

          Jeremiah was 83 and still going strong when his daughter Ova, wrote to A.E. EWING in 1939. Jeremiah died 22 February 1943 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and he is buried in the Powell Plot in the Tahlequah Cemetery.


                        1.    Lucinda Jane POWELL (Lucy), b. Mar 1878 d. 15 Apr 1948, Arkansas. Married: after 1900, Van W. CARL of Prairie Grove, Arkansas. 1900 census: 22, at home attending school.


                               1.    Mildred CARL, b. about 1905. Married: Owen JACKSON. 1982: Lived in Denver, Colorado.


                                      1.    Mary Jane JACKSON

                        2.    Annette B. POWELL, b. July 1879, Arkansas, d. pre-1900, suicide in early womanhood. Buried: Drake's Creek, Madison County, AR.

                        3.    Maude POWELL, b. Dec 1881, Arkansas, never married, buried Powell Plot, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

12-1-1-2-4       4.    Florence POWELL, b. Sept 1884, Arkansas.

                        5.    William POWELL, b. Dec 1888, Arkansas, d. 1905, in an accident, age 17. Buried: Powell Plot, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

12-1-1-2-6       6.    Ova Myrtle POWELL, b. Aug 1891, Arkansas. Ova was the youngest child.

                        7.    Olive POWELL, Died in infancy. Buried: Drake's Creek, Madison County, AR.

                         8.    Iva POWELL, Died in infancy. Buried: Drake's Creek, Madison County, AR.

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12-1-1-2-4       FLORENCE POWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Frances-America-John-Thomas-William-James

          Florence was born on Drake's Creek in War Eagle Township, Madison County, Arkansas in September 1884. In the 1900 census she was still at home and attending school, but she was married shortly after that census was taken to Thomas Dean CARREL. In 1913, a contribution of 50 cents was sent to the Mary Mc Neill Memorial Fund in her name by America, also her only daughter, Madge. Their address is on the list as Springdale, Arkansas, but no Carrels were found in the 1910 Arkansas Index.

          Florence died in 1967 at the age of 83 years. But no particulars about her or her husband were found.


12-1-1-2-4-1   1.    Madge CARREL, b. 1901.

                        2.    John W. CARRELL, b. about 1903. 1982: Lived in Springdale, Arkansas, has an adopted son, Lewis CARREL who lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

                        3.    Powell CARREL, b. about 1905, d. 1968, suicide. Married: 1st. Clydene CHILDS.

                               Issue by Clydene

                               1.    Marilyn CARREL

                               2.    Jerry CARREL

                               Powell married 2nd Connie

                               Issue by Connie

                               3.    Mark CARREL

                               4.    Todd CARREL

                               5.     CARREL

                               6.     CARREL

                               7.     CARREL

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12-1-1-2-4-1   MADGE CARREL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Florence-Frances-America-John-Thomas-William-James

          It was a happy day when contact was finally made with Madge. She had been just a name on a list - the Mary McNeil Memorial Fund for so long.

          I called her in 1982 and then wrote and she replied, enclosing a dainty little tatted snowflake she had made for me and the following information on her family.

          Madge was 81 years old in 1982. Madge was first married to Carl RICE, by whom she had four children. She and Carl who was a Mason, used to go to a lot of dances. "It is still in my blood," says Madge. "I love to dance."

          Madge married her second husband, CARMAN and had one child. Her third husband's name is not known. Her fourth husband was an OLSON.

          In 1982, Madge was living at 4605 So. P. Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas.


                        1.    Lizbeth Ann RICE, Married: BARRON.

                        2.    Mary Frances RICE, Married: GEORGE

                        3.    Jo Dell RICE, Married: 1st. MOODY; married 2nd POWELL

                        4.    Timothy RICE, was Lt. Cmdr, retired from Navy, lived Pensacola, Florida.

                        5.    John Gregory CARMAN

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12-1-1-2-6                                                        OVA MYRTLE POWELL


Ewing Family Lineage:      Frances-America-John-Thomas-William-James

          Ova did not have a family, but she deserves some space of her own, just by virtue of the fact that if it had not been for her and her interest in her ancestors so she could get into DAR, there would have been no clues at all to America Jane.

          Ova was the youngest of the family of Frances and Jeremiah POWELL. She was born in August of 1891 in Arkansas, but she spent the greater part of her life in Oklahoma. Her 1939 letters to A.E. EWING are written on the letterheads of H.M. VANCE, Attorney at Law, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

          Ova had written to A.E. in 1923 (which correspondence can not be located) for information on Ewings and McNeills so she could get into the DAR. A.E. responded, but with her mother dying that year, and the family moving to Tahlequah, and all, she did not do anything more about it until 1939. At that time she wrote A.E. again, and through his help she was able to make the DAR grade.

          According to her niece, Madge, Ova was a "joiner." She belonged to not only DAR, but United Daughters of the Confederacy. She was also active in the Order of the Eastern Star and served in all offices, including Worthy Matron. She belonged to the Christian Church and was on its board.

           Ova was married late in life - about 1939, to Joseph ANTOINE. The couple was childless. Ova died in 1971.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      America-John-Thomas-William-James

          Hiram was found and then lost to this researcher. He was only a name for so long and nothing could be found out about him until Ann Marie came along. Ann Marie was able to shed some light on him, and then he was found in the 1910 census - but that is all. Attempts to raise his progeny for this work have failed.

          Hiram was born in Madison County, Arkansas in 1876. In the 1880 census he was living with his mother and stepfather Causey in Madison County's War Eagle Township - age 4 years.

          After Causey died, America went to visit her parents in Putnam County, Missouri and took Hiram with her. She married her former brother-in-law, Harvey FARRIS there, and they returned to Arkansas. Hiram, about 8, remained in Missouri to be brought up by America's brother, William Allen EWING, in Adair County, Missouri. Hiram was married about 1896, age about 20 years, to Cassie Donna BAKER, who was born in Missouri in 1876. They lived near Queen City, Schuyler County, Missouri. There was no sign of them in the 1900 census, but they were there at Queen City in the 1910 census.

          Cassie died about 1911 and Hiram married again, his second wife being Mar FARMER.

          James Monroe EWING of Unionville, Putnam County, Missouri, wrote that in about 1965 he had run into Hiram in Kirksville where he was night manager of a hotel. Hiram Cantrell DAVIS would have been 89 years old in 1965, it is possible James meant the son, Harvey Hiram DAVIS.

          ISSUE by Cassie:

                         1.    Argyle Dahlia DAVIS (son), b. 1897, Missouri.

                        2.    Cassie Donna DAVIS, b. 1901, a concert singer.

                        3.    William DAVIS, b. 1903.

          ISSUE by Mae:

                        4.    Harvey Hiram DAVIS, b. about 1912.

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12-1-2      JOHN A. EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Thomas-William-James

          There were John Addisons later in this Ewing family, possibly John A's middlename was also Addison.

          John was born 29 October 1836 in Huntington Township back in Gallia County, Ohio and was about 20 years old when the family moved to Missouri, Clark County first and finally Putnam County.

          John was one of the John and Elizabeth's five sons who entered the fray on the Union side. He enlisted 12 September 1862 as a private for three years in Company C, 27th Missouri Infantry. His address then was Queen City, Schuyler County, Missouri.

          John only had four months and three weeks in the infantry, and 60 days less than that in actual service. In December his "old narcosis of the left tibia, contracted before enlistment," began acting up, the bone becoming much enlarged. On 6 February 1863, having been disabled over 60 days, John was given a medical discharge at Benton Barracks Convalescent Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri. John returned home.

          John was married about 1870 to Evaline GARDNER who was born in 1842 in Ohio. John and Evaline lived in Ninevah Township, Adair County, Missouri and had two children, William born 1872 and Georgia Annie born in 1878.

           John was killed in a tragic accident. It took place about the time of Georgia's birth, 1878, or perhaps 1879 - but it was before 1880. John and his young son, William, were out hunting. John was up on a tall stump when he lost his footing and fell. The hammers on his gun caught the stump and both barrels took him in the chest. His clothes caught fire and this in turn set the woods on fire. William escaped unharmed.

          "John was burned pretty bad," James Monroe Ewing wrote me, "so they cut off his boots and buried him there on the spot where he lay."

          Years later James Monroe's father, Timothy Jordan EWING, John's brother, went to the spot where this all happened, along with a man by the name of Houston. This was probably Andrew Jackson HOUSTON who married a niece of both Timothy and John, Lena Etta May EWING (12-1-5-1)

          Andrew Jackson Houston also lived in Ninevah Township. He would have been about 13 year old at the time of the accident. He had told Timothy he knew the exact spot where John had died. They went out there and Houston set his foot down in a spot and said, "If you dig under my foot, you will find John A. Ewing's boots." "My dad did dig down, " James Monroe wrote, " and there was his leather boots." How it was that Houston knew where to look was because for years he had kept a little pole fence around the spot.

          "My dad tore off two small pieces and somewhere in my stuff I have those two pieces of leather."

          In 1880 the widow Evaline Ewing and her two children were living in Ninevah.

          On 23 August 1885 Evaline and Simon A. HAYNES were married in Elm Township, Putnam County, Missouri.

          Evaline could not receive a pension under her first husband's wartime service but her minor daughter could and in 1891, the daughter, Georgia Annie, chose a guardian to administer her estate.

          On 13 July 1891, a curator for the estate of John's daughter, Georgia Annie - 13, was to receive the pension appointed by Probate Judge SHELDON of Putnam County. He was David BRASFIELD, 31, of Queen City, Schuyler County, Missouri.

          That is the last that is known of this family. All of them - Simon, Evaline, Georgia Annie, William and his wife - disappeared from the Missouri scene. There is no record of any of them in the 1900 Missouri census index, and none of their Ewing family remaining in that part of Missouri has any knowledge of them.

          What we have recorded comes from official records and digging by some "kin" who care.


                        1.    William Allen EWING, b. 1872, Missouri. Married: 30 Oct 1892, Martinstown, Putnam Co. MO by I.L. CROW, J.P., Ellen ADMIRE, b. 1877, daughter of Jessie ADMIRE. His stepfather and her father had to sign so they could get married; he was with his father when John was killed.

                        2.    Georgia Annie EWING, b. 5 Feb 1878, Missouri.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Thomas-William-James 

          William lived a long, fruitful life and produced a lot of Ewings for posterity, but strangely the descendants that were contacted were unable to give any information about him personally.

          William was born 11 February 1842 at Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. He was 13 or 14 when the family made the move to Missouri.

          William, like four of his brothers, was in the Civil War, but no service record was located. Apparently he was not sick or wounded while in the service, or else was affluent enough not to have need of a pension, because there are no records for him at the Pension Bureau in Washington.

          Next door south of Elm Township in Putnam County, Missouri, is Ninevah Township in Adair County and next to Ninevah is Polk Township. In Polk Township lived Francis REYNOLDS and his family, from Norfolk, Virginia. A daughter in the family was Sarah Elizabeth, born in 1844. This was the young lady who became Mrs. William Allen Ewing.

          Sarah Elizabeth REYNOLDS and William were married in Adair County, Missouri on 13 October 1867 by David WELLS, J.P.

          The newlyweds went into housekeeping on a farm next to the Reynolds farm in Polk Township. They were listed side by side in the 1870 census.

          Sometime before 21 July 1874, Sarah's parents and brother went away, either on an extended visit or in a move to a new place. A letter Sarah wrote to them on that date has been preserved, in good condition though holey in places where folds are. At that time Sarah and William had three children - Lena, almost 6, James, 4, and John, 2 - and were expecting a fourth.

          The letter reads as copied:

July the 21st A.D. 1874

Dear mother,

          I seat myself to answer your welcome letter which came to hand yesterday. I was glad to hear from you. We are all well and doing well. Times are tolerably good here. Will is not here to write though I shall write for him. The neighbors are all well as far as I know. Aschey is married. He married a girl by the name of Fanny Codel. He is still living at father's. Now I must tell you that Timothy Ewing has a fine girl. Her name is Nancy Elizabeth for its two grandmothers (Elizabeth [Viers] Ewing and Nancy Martin).

          Will is up at Timothy Ewing's at work. He expects to work there all summer if he can get work to do.

          James Harvey Ewing sends his love to his grandma and says for you to come back home. He wants to see you very bad. Etty May Ewing sends her love to her grandma and she wants you to come back here and little John is always saying something about you. After you were gone two or three weeks, I got that pipe out of the trunk and John said it was George's pipe. Now I must tell you that we have very good prospects for corn if the season is good it will take a long time to gather his corn this year he took in some new (?)

          Now I must tell you that Ann (?) has had a hard time. She had a tumor in her side and had to have it taken out. Wilson and Bickel (?) were the doctors that made the operation and how awful it was. Will saw it taken out. They took her to Doctor Wilson's house and made the operation there, then kept her there four or five days till she got so she could come from there. Was joy with us all when she came home. That circumstance occurred last winter. She is pretty near well now. Few people have heard of this before and if (?) See could tell you all the particulars of it. Tell George if he doesn't (?) he had better now.

          I must tell you that Miss Scott sends her love to you and said tell you she was digging black root and had to work as hard as she ever did. Now I must close. (?) my bad writing for the children tease me so bad I can't hardly write (?) son fail note. I shall be glad to hear from you all soon.

          From Sarah Elizabeth Ewing to her mother and father and brother. Good bye for this time.

          The fourth child, Nettie, arrived 10 April 1975. The infant made it into the world all right, but the mother died in giving her life. Sarah was only 31 years old at the time. She is buried at Greentop Cemetery, Adair County, Missouri.

          William had help in taking care of the children from his parents and possibly Sarah's parents too. It was three years before he found a woman who could take her place. She was Nicinda PARTIN, born 19 July 1855 in Missouri. She was the daughter of Martin and Nancy (MULLINAX) PARTIN and a first cousin of Florence MULLINAX who married William's brothers Samuel and Timothy.

          William and Nicinda were married in 1878. She became stepmother to four young Ewings and mother to four more. To the eight Ewings they added Hiram DAVIS, William's nephew who went to live with them.

          They continued on at the Polk Township farm through at least the next 22 years. In the 1900 census, Nicinda's father, Martin PARTIN, was living with them.

          The year of Nicinda's death could not be located, but she is buried at the Greentop Cemetery, Adair County, Missouri. Strangely, William, who died in 1922 at the age of 70 years is buried at what is now Pleasant Home Cemetery in Worthington, Putnam County, Missouri - formerly Brasfield Cemetery.

          Incidentally, William was one of the biggest - if not the biggest - producers of Ewings in the entire family. There are more Ewings by that name in the pages coming up than in any other section, even the sections on John Smith Ewing and Enoch. Sad that there is so little known about them.

          ISSUE by Nettie:

12-1-5-1          1.    Lena Etta May EWING, b. 8 Aug 1868, Youngstown, Missouri.

                        2.    James Harvey EWING, b. 7 Nov 1869, Youngstown, Missouri, d. 17 May 1945, Kirksville, Missouri. Buried: Greentop Cemetery, Adair Co. Missouri. Married: Alice MAY of Putnam County, Missouri born near Connelville, Adair County, Missouri separated soon after birth of only son, she was last heard from somewhere in California.

                               1900 census: single, partner in sawmill with George TERRY, 35, Ninevah Township, Missouri.


                               1.    Virgil EWING, last heard from somewhere in California.

12-1-5-3          3.    John Addison EWING, b. 2 Feb 1872, Youngstown, Adair, Missouri.

                        4.    Nettie F. EWING, b. 10 Apr 1875, d. July 1922. Buried: Greentop Cemetery, Adair County, MO. Married: 1. about 1895, George W. GILLESPIE, b. 1872, Missouri, with his mother Aley or Ciley GILLESPIE, a widow, two houses away from the Ewings in Polk Township, 1880 census.

                               Married: 2nd. Samuel ROLLS. Nettie was a seamstress as well as housewife.


                               1.    Walter GILLESPIE

                               2.    Goldie GILLESPIE

                               3.    TWIN ROLLS, died at birth

                               4.    TWIN ROLLS, died at birth

                               5.    Mortimer ROLLS, d. May 1974/75


                                      1.    Connie ROLLS, last known in CA

          ISSUE by Nicinda:

12-1-5-5          5.    Ennona EWING, b. 1878, Adair County, Missouri.

12-1-5-6          6.    David Anderson EWING, b. Feb 1880, Adair County, Missouri.

                        7.    William Allen EWING, JR., b. Sept 1886, Adair County, Missouri. Cloe called him "Little Billy".

12-1-5-8          8.    Virginia Iva EWING, b. March 1892, Adair County, Missouri.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Lena was born 8 August 1868 in Adair County, Missouri and was married at the age of 16 on 26 November 1886 to Andrew Jackson HOUSTON. Andrew, son of Andrew J. and Ann Eliza JACKSON of Adair County, was born 15 May 1866 in Missouri.

          Andrew and Lena had their farm home in Adair's Ninevah Township. Lena died 9 March 1941 at the age of 72 and Andrew died on 30 March 1953, age 86 years old. Both are buried at Greentop Cemetery, Adair County, Missouri.


                        1.    William Jackson HOUSTON, b. Jan 1887, Adair County, Missouri, d. 21 Dec 1976, Adair County, Missouri. Married: 2 Nov 1909, Adair County, Pearl REID. Pearl died 12 Dec 1910 in childbirth. William was a farmer.


                               1.    Owen Newman HOUSTON, b. 21 Nov 1910, Adair County, Missouri. Per Cloe HOUSTON, 1979: "Has a heart condition, can't operate, has been in and out of hospitals and intensive care for the past five years; has a nice family, all married; two girls, eldest a schoolteacher, one son employed at North Missouri State University, all attend church and live here in Kirksville; my mother and I took over and raised him when his mother died. I love him very much.".

                        2.    Annie Myrtle Frances HOUSTON, b. 9 Nov 1888, Adair County, Missouri, d. 4 June 1912, age 23 years, Single. Buried: Greentop Cemetery, Adair Co. Missouri.

12-1-5-1-3       3.    Cloe Opal HOUSTON, b. 12 Feb 1894, Adair County, Missouri.

                        4.    Noah Floyd HOUSTON, b. 28 Nov 1899, Adair County, Missouri. Married: 25 Dec 1920, Kirksville, Missouri, Gladys MOREHOUSE, b. 24 June 1903 daughter of Lewis MOREHOUSE.

1979: Noah retired from highway department. Resided: Lancaster, Schuyler Co. Missouri.

                               Issue: (all married)

                               1.    James Douglas HOUSTON, b. 22 May 1926

                               2.    Donald Eugene HOUSTON, b. 13 June 1928

                               3.    Gladys Lucille HOUSTON, b. 22 July 1930

                               4.    Mary Lou HOUSTON, b. 8 Apr 1932

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12-1-5-1-3       CLOE OPAL HOUSTON


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lena-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Cloe and her husband moved around a lot, but in her later years, after her husband's death, she returned to the place of her nativity, the Kirksville, Missouri area and when she did, resumed her maiden name. Thank heavens for that. Had she not, she would never have been found and there would be precious little on the Houston family.

          Cloe was born 12 February 1894 in a log cabin 5 miles west of Greentop, Adair County, Missouri. Cloe was married the 30th of January 1922 in Gardnerville, Nevada to Herman D. ERBST. Herman was born 9 September 1876 in Hamburg, Germany. Herman's mother was Maria ERBST. He was a rancher and had been a Mason for 50 years prior to his death. Cloe worked in offices and nursing. They lived in Nevada, Susanville, California and Flagstaff, Arizona.

          In 1979, Cloe lived at 1114 N. Elson Street, Kirksville, Missouri. She was then past 85 and "can't work like I used to and my memory is bad, I have pretty good health considering all things."


                 1.    Kuebha Jacqueline ERBST, b. 13 Nov 1922, - on a ranch in Douglas County, Nevada. Married: 8 Jan 1939, Avery E. SEWELL, served in Air Force overseas; nine children, 18 grandchildren.

                 2.    Etta Marie ERBST, b. 3 Jan 1924, - on a ranch in Douglas County, Nevada, d. 11 Aug 1930, Gardnerville, Nevada, 6 years, 7 months, 8 days. Buried: Greentop Cemetery, Adair County, Missouri.

(12/94, Thanks to the submissions at the Family History Library, descendants of this family, Don and Alison EWING of Post Falls, Idaho contacted me and were able to add to and correct information on the John Addison EWING line. BP)

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-John-Thomas-William-James

          John certainly did his part! He brought 13 little Ewings into the world, eight of them boys. Supposedly this family stuck pretty close to the Kirksville area, but according to long distance information there was only four Ewings listed in Kirksville, Missouri on February 1984. One is Hillis EWING, who does not seem to be one of ours, and the other three are unlisted numbers. In other words, Ewing members of this family were unable to be contacted.

          John Addison was born 1 February 1872 in Adair County, Missouri and was married on the 1st of February 1893 to Sophia Ann SAVAGE, daughter of James and Hilda SAVAGE. (Don and Alison's records show that Sophia was the daughter of Cale B./Caleb SAVAGE and Hester Emily HAYNES, BP) Sophia was born 24 November 1874. In the 1900 census the Ewings were living in Polk Township, Adair County, Missouri - John a farmer.

          An interesting sidelight: their eldest son was in World War I and their youngest, born 21 years later served in World War II.

          Sophia died 9 November 1918 and John on 17 October 1943 at the age of 71 years.


                        1.    Timothy Jordan EWING, b. 24 Jan 1894, Adair County, Missouri, d. 4 July 1968. Steel worker, a farmer, coal miner and railway worker. Was in World War I.

12-1-5-3-2       2.    Noah Edman EWING, b. 1 Oct 1895, Adair County, Missouri.

12-1-5-3-3       3.    William McClellan EWING, b. 18 July 1897, Adair County, Missouri.

                        4.    Ida Mae EWING, b. Mar 1899, Adair County, Missouri, d. 1914, age 15 years.

                        5.    Virginia Bell EWING, b. 13 Oct 1900, Adair County, Missouri, d. 1907, age 7 years.

                        6.    Naomi EWING, b. 11 Aug 1902, Adair County, Missouri, d. 14 Feb 1977. Married: Elmer C. SCOTT. She was a factory worker.


                               1.    Crystal Lorene SCOTT Married: James Lee MC KIM.


                                      1.    James MC KIM

                                      2.    Kenneth MC KIM

                                      3.    Wanda Kay MC KIM

                                      4.    Judy MC KIM

                               2.    Lois SCOTT, married more than once, has a son, Donnie .

12-1-5-3-7       7.    James Harvey EWING, b. 15 Mar 1904, Adair County, Missouri.

12-1-5-3-8       8.    Henry Stevens EWING, b. 21 Aug 1905, Adair County, Missouri, d. 16 Apr 1973. Married: Anna Magnolia OFFIELD. Farmer, construction worker and maintenance employee, Missouri State Highway Commission.

                        9.    Andrew Marcellus EWING, b. 29 Jan 1907, Adair County, Missouri, d. 3 May 1975. Married: Lovie LIVINGSTON. Farm laborer and bee keeper.


                               1.    John EWING

                               2.    Cora Lee EWING

                               3.    Helen EWING

                               4.    Gordon EWING

                               5.    William EWING

12-1-5-3-10     10.  Hester Emily EWING, b. 17 July 1908, Adair County, Missouri.

                        11.  Gladys Lucille EWING, b. 29 Dec 1910, Adair County, Missouri.

                        12.  Charles Andrew EWING. b. 24 June 1913, Adair County, Missouri.

12-1-5-3-13     13.  John Anderson EWING, 7 June 1915, Adair County, Missouri.

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12-1-5-3-2       NOAH EDMAN EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-William-Thomas-William-James

          Noah was born 1 October 1895 near Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri and was married about 1920 to Mary BARNHART. He was a farm laborer and coal miner in the Kirskville area. He died 13 May 1965.


12-1-5-3-2-1   1.    Waneta EWING, b. 8 Mar 1921, Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri.

                        2.    Raymond EWING, b. 1927, Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri, d. 1967.

                        3.    Leona May EWING, b. 24 Jan 1931, Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri, d. 21 Oct 1980. Married: 1st MC DONALD; married 2nd 13 Feb 1968, Robert C. WALKER.

                        4.    Mary Louise EWING

                        5.    John EWING

                        6.    William EWING

                        7.    Daughter EWING, (stillborn)

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12-1-5-3-2-1   WANETA EWING

Ewing Family Lineage:      Noah-John-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Waneta was born 8 March 1921 near Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri and was married, at the age of 15, on the

11th of July 1936 to John Dee NEWCOMER. John was born the 5th of January 1915.





Ewing Family Lineage:      John-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          William was born 18 July 1897 near Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri and died at the age of 67 years on 11 May 1965. His wife was Elizabeth SPARKS. William was a construction worker, coal miner and a very good fiddle maker.


                 1.    Virgil Samuel EWING

                 2.    William EWING

                 3.    Naomi EWING

                 4.    John David EWING

                 5.    Faye EWING

                 6.    Anna Mae EWING (stillborn)

                 7.    Son EWING, died in infancy

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12-1-5-3-7       JAMES HARVEY EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          James was born 15 March 1904 near Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri and in his adult years was a construction worker and farm laborer. His wife was Bertha Juanita WEAVER. James died 26 July 1973.


                  1.    Juanita EWING, MARRIED: Leland SEARCH.

                 2.    Mary Ellen EWING, MARRIED: Earl CASTEEL.

                 3.    Ann EWING, MARRIED: Leonard FORD

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12-1-5-3-8       HENRY STEVENS EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-William-John-Thomas-William-James

(12/94, Information on Henry's lineage was sent by his son, Donald EWING and Don's wife, Alison Shaw WATSON EWING of 205 Riverside Harbor Dr. W., Post Falls, Idaho 83854 BP)

          Henry was born in Kirksville or Greentop, Adair County, Missouri on the 21st of August in 1905. He and Anna Magnolia OFFIELD were married in Livingston County Missouri the 7th of May 1932. They moved to a farm north of Chillicothe in the 1950s.

          Henry died the 16th of April 1973 and was buried 20 April 1973 in the Hutchinson Cemetery in Chillicothe, Livingston County, Missouri. Anna was born on the 8th of September 1913 in Mooresville Township, Livingston County, Missouri, the daughter of James Grover OFFIELD and Julia Helen AUSTIN. Anna was a resident in a nursing home in Chilicothe when she died the 30th of March 1982. Anna is buried with Henry in the Hutchinson Cemetery in Chillicothe, Missouri.

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12-1-5-3-10     HESTER EMILY EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Hester, born 17 July 1908 near Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri, married Dee J. VAN LANINGHAM. Hester and Dee were living on a farm, west of the Kirksvilles area in 1979, when she sent all the information about her family to Cloe HOUSTON - for this portion of the book.

          Hester and Dee were married 31 October 1926. Hester was always called Emma.


12-1-5-3-13     JOHN ANDERSON EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Being Number 13 wasn't unlucky for John Anderson. He had a most interesting and rewarding life.

          John, whose birth date was 7 June 1915 was born and raised on the farm at Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri - but here's a boy you couldn't keep down on the farm. As of 1982 he had been in 44 of our 50 United States, and during World War II he made it to Australia and New Guinea. He was first a farm laborer, then was in construction work, then went into gospel ministry, and finally he was a postal worker, from which he retired.

          In 1982, John was in the entertainment business. He was a professional country and country-gospel music composer and recording artist. If you ever come across any work by Andy St. John - that's our boy! John sent me one of his recordings. On one side is "Come on In, Lord" - gospel music that is also toe tapping. On the flip side is his "Gadabout" a very clever piece about a CBer calling for his mate with the CB moniker of Gadabout, only Gadabout is with the angels. Inasmuch as this was written in 1977, shortly after the death of his second wife, Esther Leone CAZEL, I surmise that she was his Gadabout. The songs are on Seven-Eleven records and both were recorded in 1977.

          John has been married three times. John's third wife is Jane DULANEY. John and Jane were married on the 11th of December of 1978 and in 1982 they made their home in Tuscola, Illinois. Their address: P.O. Box 367, zip code - 61953.      John was first married to Irene LAWSON on 23 June 1933. They were the parents of Dorothy Lee EWING. They were divorced and on 20 May 1945 John and Esther were married. Esther died on the 19th of November 1976.

          John sent most of the information on his family's line.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Like his brother, John, David gave 13 Ewings to posterity, and like his brother, eight of those were sons - though only three of them had progeny.

          David was born in February 1880 in Adair County, Missouri. He was musically inclined and was great on the fiddle. He was a butcher by trade, a calling he passed down to five of his sons. And he liked his pipe and a bit of whiskey now and then.

          He was married in Adair County on 2 July 1902 to Cora Mabel WILLIAMS. Cora, born in 1886, was the daughter of William and Charity (BIGGER) WILLIAMS of Mt. Pulaski, Illinois.

          The Ewings lived in Adair County at first, in or near Kirksville, and it was there, their first nine children were born. But in December of 1918 they moved to Hannibal, Missouri. - Hannibal, Marion County, on the Mississippi River, where a fellow by the name of Tom Sawyer and his pal, Huckleberry Finn, achieved great fame thanks to the pen of Mark Twain.

          David owned the Ewing Butcher Shop on N. Main Street in Hannibal for many years. After Cora's death in 1931, and his retirement about 1945, he made the Hannibal home of his daughter, Dixie GLASCOCK, his headquarters, and from there radiated out to visit other offspring during the year. He also enjoyed a trip out to the state of Washington to visit his sister, Virginia TIETSORT.

          David died in 1954 at the age of 74 years. Both he and Cora are buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery, Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.


12-1-5-6-1       1.    Nova May EWING, b. 1 May 1903, Adair County, Missouri.

12-1-5-6-2       2.    Larama Angelo EWING, b. 29 Mar 1904, Adair County, Missouri.

12-1-5-6-3       3.    Dixie Gladys EWING, b. 2 Jan 1905, Adair County, Missouri.

                        4.    Leota Mildred EWING, b. 6 July 1906, Adair County, Missouri. Married: Harold FISHER. Moved to Los Angeles about 1938 with her brother, Elton and his family. Leota worked in a shoe factory before and after the war. 1979: Husband died, Leota retired - in poor health. No issue.

                        5.    Elton David EWING, b. 19 May 1909, Adair County, Missouri. Married: about 1930, Alta WILLIAMS. Moved to Los Angeles with Leota and family about 1938 . Served in Army, World War II. Was a butcher after the war until retirement. 1979: was running a small trading post in California mountains, does handy man jobs. No issue.

                        6.    John William EWING, b. 8 Jan 1911, Adair County, Missouri, d. Aug 1952, Hannibal, Missouri. Buried: Mt. Olive Cemetery. Married: 1934, Hannibal, Nina JONES. John served in Navy and was a butcher spending time at Corpus Christi, Texas. Returned to Hannibal about 1949, and started a tavern business, which his brother, Larama took over after his death in 1952. No issue.

                        7.    Jeannette Faye EWING, b. 8 Oct 1912, Adair County, Missouri. Married: R.J. NEIDENS. Worked as a secretary in Corpus Christi while staying with her brother, John. This is where she met and married her husband: She worked as a secretary for the Missouri Corps of Engineers until her retirement. No issue.

                        8.    Ferrel Samuel EWING, b. 5 Oct 1914, Adair County, Missouri. Married: Cleta . Butcher all his life in Hannibal, until retirement; liked to entertain the youngsters with card and coin tricks and they say "Uncle Sam is magic:" Likes a game of cards, anytime, especially pinochle. No issue.

12-1-5-6-9       9.    Glenn Woodrow EWING, b. 8 Nov 1916, Adair County, Missouri.

                        10.  Jack Thompson EWING, b. 5 Nov 1918, Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri, d. Jan 1919, Hannibal, of pneumonia ("they took the mustard plaster off his chest too soon, " claimed his sister, Nova.)

                        11.  Emil Anderson EWING, b. 29 Sept 1920, Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri, d. 3 Dec 1977, Hannibal, Missouri. Buried: Mt. Olive Cemetery in Ewing Lot #51. Served in Army during World War; Single.

                        12.  Shelby Miles EWING, b. 22 Aug 1922, Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri. Married: Jacqueline , an Italian girl in Trieste, Italy. Retired from U.S. Army after 20 years

                        1979: still worked on the Army Base

12-1-5-6-13     13.  Mary Lou EWING, b. 23 Sept 1924, Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.

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12-1-5-6-1       NOVA MAY EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      David-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Nova was born 1 May 1903 in Adair County, Missouri. She went to Hannibal with her family in 1918 and there met Harold Vernon GEORGE. They were married 19 December 1919. Harold, son of Henry and Josephine (WHITNEY) GEORGE, was born in Richfield, Illinois, 30 November 1899. He died on his 75th birthday the 30th of November in 1974. Both he and Nova are buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery, Hannibal, Marion county, Missouri in Ewing Lot #51.

          Nova had two miscarriages so she waited many years to start a family. In the meantime her mother died and her sister-in-law Winona as well, and there were four children who needed a mother's hand, so Nova helped out. Then after 21 years of marriage, she gave birth to Jennie Lou on 18 January 1941. Nova died very suddenly in 1957. She had complained of poor health but would not go to a doctor. She had cancer.


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12-1-5-6-2       LARAMA ANGELO EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      David-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Larama was born 29 March 1904, in Adair County, Missouri. He was married in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri in 1924, to Winona Fern ADAMS. Larama and Winona had two sons, Raymond and William. The youngest was only 2 when Winona died in 1928. She is buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery. The boys were raised by their Aunt Nova, and reported in later years that they found her "a pretty good mother."

          Larama was a butcher with his father for many years. His niece, Jennie VOGEL, remembers him at Rosser's Locker in Hannibal. In 1952 his brother, John, who owned a tavern in Hannibal, died and Larama took it over. In later life he married again. I have her name only as Flo.

          Larama died of lung cancer in 1962 and is buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.


12-1-5-6-2-1   1.    Raymond Peyton EWING, b. 31 July 1925, Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.

12-1-5-6-2-2   2.    William David EWING, b. 1926, Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Larama-David-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Raymond seems to have had that extra something that took him beyond the norm, and today he is an illustrious citizen of Kenilworth, Illinois, an exclusive suburb of Chicago, and an important executive for a busy international firm (Allstate Insurance Company), headquartered at Northbrook, outside Chicago. Raymond was listed in the 1978-1979 "Who's Who in the Midwest."

          Raymond was born 31 July 1925 in Hannibal, Missouri. When his mother died in 1928, he and his younger brother, William, went to live with their Aunt Nova, and her husband, Harold Vernon GEORGE, in Hannibal.

          Raymond was 18 years old when he entered the U.S. Army which he served during World War II from 1943 to 1946. He was in the European Theater of Operations.

          After his discharge he entered Hannibal-La Grange College, where he was on the football team. He received his Associate of Arts Degree there in 1948, and went on to William

Jewell College for his Bachelors in 1949. He completed his education with a Master's Degree in the Humanities from the University of Chicago in 1951. In the meantime he and Audrey Jane SCHULZE were married, the date being 7 May 1949. Audrey's grandfather, William SCHULZE, came to this country from the Kingdom of Hanover after the Civil War and settled in the St. Louis area, where Audrey was born.

          Raymond started his professional life as a marketing management trainee at Montgomery Ward in Chicago, Illinois in 1951-52. He then became a senior editor with the Commerce Clearing House, Chicago, 1952 to 1960. In 1960 he entered the firm of Allstate Insurance and Allstate Enterprises as corporate communications director. In 1967 he was assistant public affairs director and by 1978-79 Raymond had risen to public relations director.

          He and Audrey made their home in Winnetka at first, but by 1979 they were living in Kenilworth, at 316 Richmond Road.

          Raymond took an active role in the affairs of his community, serving the library, United Crusade, Community Chest and Onward Neighborhood House. He was a member of the Public Relations Society of America, the Publicity Club of Chicago, the Chicago Press Club, and the Chicago Poets and Writers Foundation and has won many awards within those organizations. He has also been a book columnist, a book news commentator on radio and a lecturer.


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12-1-5-6-2-2   WILLIAM DAVID EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Larama-David-William-John-Thomas-William-James 

          William, born in 1926 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri and was only 2 years old when his mother died and like his brother, Raymond, was raised by Aunt Nova. William attended Hannibal-LaGrange College where he was on the football team, a good player as was his brother.

          William was married first, in 1946, to Beatrice WHITMORE, by whom he had four children. That marriage ended in divorce and he later married Sally Ann GRENINGER, by whom he had four more children.

          In 1979 William lived in Hannibal and had worked 30 years for the Missouri Highway Department.


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12-1-5-6-3       DIXIE GLADYS EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      David-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Dixie was born in Adair County, Missouri on 2 January 1905 and was almost 13 years old when the family moved to Hannibal, Missouri. Dixie attended Hannibal High School and was on the girls basketball team. In 1974 she received special honors for having played on the team 50 years before.

          She was married right out of high school, in 1925, to Henry GLASCOCK. Dixie was a cashier at Rosser's Locker for many years until her retirement. In those retirement years she loved to crochet and make quilts.

          In a 1970 Hannibal telephone book Dixie Glascock was listed at 2336 Market Street, and surmised from that, Henry had died prior to 1970. Dixie died just 12 days after her 72nd birthday on 14 January 1978. Dixie is buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery, Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri.


                        1.    Mary Mabel GLASCOCK, b. 1926. Married: 1st 1944, Donald ROSS, divorced. Married 2nd William HERRING.

                        2.    Charles Henry GLASCOCK, b. 1927. 20 years in Army, retire Lt. Col. Charles and eldest son in hardware business in or near Orlando Florida.

                        3.    William Donald GLASCOCK, b. 1929. Married: El

                        4.    Betty Ann GLASCOCK, b. 1930. Married: Jack GLENN.

                        5.    Rosella May GLASCOCK, b. 1932. Married: Miller WAUGH

                        6.    Oscar Jerome Ewing GLASCOCK, b. 1937. Married: Lynn

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12-1-5-6-9       GLENN WOODROW EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      David-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Glenn, born 8 November 1916 in Adair County, Missouri, was only 2 years old when the Ewings moved to Hannibal, Missouri. He was married there in 1934 to Della HAWKINS.

          When World War II came along, Glenn entered the Sea Bees, (Construction Battalion of the Navy) and spent most of the war years on Pacific Islands doing what Sea Bees do best, building.

          After the war he worked with his father as a butcher. He was a strong man, and liked to impress youngsters of that fact by tearing telephone books and decks of cards in two.

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12-1-5-6-13     MARY LOU EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      David-William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Mary Lou and her husband, Robert Franklin HOWELL, have been mentioned before. I think this is the only case in this book where I am writing about two cousins of mine from two different branches of my family in the same section.

          Mary Lou, born 23 September 1924 in Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri is of course a Ewing cousin. She and I are great-great-great-granddaughters of William and Mary McNeill EWING. Robert, whom she married in 1943, is a cousin on my Matthews side - and a descendant of another James Ewing, the one of Monroe County, West Virginia.

          Robert is the son of Charles HOWELL of Canton, Missouri. Charles' father was Joseph HOWELL, whose mother was Susan Jane EWING, daughter of John and Isabelle (MATTHEWS) EWING. John Ewing was a grandson of the James EWING of Monroe County. Isabelle MATTHEWS was a daughter of William MATTHEWS, also of Monroe County, and sister to my Great-Great-Grandmother, Mary Ann MATTHEWS HANKS.

          Robert and I then are fourth cousins. But it helps if you look at it in genealogical ladder form, starting from our first common ancestor, William MATTHEWS.


Isabelle MATTHEWS -------Sisters------- Mary Ann MATTHEWS

Mar: John EWING, grandson Mar: Dr. Caleb HANKS

of James EWING of Monroe County.

Susan Jane EWING -------- 1st Cousins-------- Nancy Ann HANKS

Mar: John Mell HOWELL Mar: Henry McK. EWING

Joseph HOWELL -------- 2ND Cousins -------- Alvin Enoch EWING

Charles HOWELL ------ 3rd Cousins------- Burke McKendree EWING

Robert Franklin HOWELL -- 4th Cousins ------ Nancy Hanks EWING

          Mary Lou and I are also fourth cousins.

          Jennie Lou VOGEL says Robert is known in the Hannibal, Missouri and Quincy, Illinois area as a number one golf course greenskeeper, a skill he has passed on to several of his sons.

          About Mary Lou she says: "Whenever I would visit her house as a child she was always rocking babies; now I visit her and she is rocking grandchildren. She is the only family I have in Quincy from my mother's side of the family, so I feel very close to her and her children."

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-John-Thomas-William-James

          Virginia was born in March 1892 in Adair County, Missouri and was married in Adair County about 1912 to Jack TIETSORT, a butcher. In 1936, the two of them left Missouri in favor of Yakima, Washington. They drove out, pulling a trailer loaded with their possessions, including a trunk with some family history in it. They spent one night at an auto camp in Wyoming. During the night someone stole that precious trunk, and many family mementoes were lost, much to Virginia's sadness.

          Virginia wrote in 1968. Her husband had died the 26th of June 1956 and she was not in the best of health. She had just come home from the hospital after a very serious operation, her third operation in a year.

          "I live alone," she wrote. "I only had one child, a boy. He died in 1942. He had two boys. I raised the oldest one."

          Virginia was 76 at that time. In 1979, Cloe HOUSTON wrote that Virginia was in a nursing home and that is where she died in March of 1983.


                 1.    Kenneth TIETSORT, b. about 1915

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Ewing Family Lineage:       John-Thomas-William-James

          Timothy was the 10th grandchild to come into the log home of Thomas and Anstis EWING in Huntington Township's Section 2, Gallia County, Ohio. He was born 14 October 1851 and was about 5 years old when the move to Missouri was made. He was listed with his parents, John and Elizabeth in the 1860 census for Jefferson Township, Clark County, Missouri and in the 1870 census for Elm Township, Putnam County, Missouri. At that time he was 18 years old and a farm hand.

          He was married on 14 September 1873 by Daniel SPARKS, J.P. to Martha A. MARTIN, daughter of the first settlers of Putnam County. They were Brightwell and Nancy (LESSLEY) MARTIN, and the town of Martinsville in Elm Township is very likely named for them.

          Martha was born in Elm Township in 1853, 1855 or 1858.

(Martha was listed as 7 in the 1860 census, 25 in the 1880 census and Timothy's granddaughter has her birthyear as being 1858)

          The newlyweds made their home in Elm Township near their parents. They had six children, two of whom died young. David, the youngest, was 6 when Martha died on 29 January 1890. David died four months later. Martha is buried at Pleasant Home Cemetery - formerly Brasfield Cemetery in Putnam County, Missouri.

          Timothy and the three children, Iva, 11 and the twins, Myrtle and Jordan, 8, carried on, but before long it became apparent that there was going to be another wedding in Timothy's life. Florence Lela MULLINAX had married Timothy's younger brother, Samuel Luther, and they had two children, James and Stella, and they were expecting their third, Mae Belle, when Samuel was killed in a fight at a dance in 1882.

          John and Florence made it "his, hers and ours." They were married 9 August 1891 by W.M. HILL, J.P.

          Florence was born 8 February 1861 at Kirksville, the daughter of Evan and Mary (DICKSON) MULLINAX.

          Granddaughter, Betty Hoyt BENSON has written a very interesting sketch about her grandparents, and it follows almost verbatim.

          "So Timothy and Florence set up housekeeping with six children. The story is told of how Timothy's children would come in from school or play and introduce their friends to their 'mother' and then turn around call her 'Aunt Florence'. That was a source of much amusement with the children on both sides of the family.

          "The family continued to grow with the addition of five more children, Ruth, Thomas, Zeruiah, Browford and Joseph.

          "Sometime before 1900 the Ewings moved from the east end of Putnam County, to a farm in Wilson Township, about 1/2 miles southwest of Putnam's county seat, Unionville. Here Timothy raised cattle, grew corn and hay and raised sorghum cane from which he made molasses. He considered himself an expert on watermelons and always had a big patch of them.

          "His daughter, Ruth, remembered the time he grew a watermelon that weighed 50 pounds. It was on display in the window of Quigley's Saloon in Unionville. Quigley's Saloon was on the southeast corner of the square, a good place for everyone to see the melon and exclaim over it.

          "Timothy started a brickyard on this farm as he had available to him the clay and the water from Blackbird Creek. His grandson, James EWING who lives in Unionville, says part of the kiln and some of the bricks are still visible today. The brickyard was in operation for 10 or 12 years.

          "Ruth remembered the brickyard very well though she could not remember how many men her father employed. She said it was quite a few, as it took many hands to get the bricks molded, dried, burned, stacked and ready for sale. Many of the buildings and streets in Unionville contain bricks made on his farm. Ruth added that it was her job to take all orders for bricks over the telephone and relay the messages to her father, and she took great pride in this responsibility, and in having her father depend on her.

          "Ruth also related the story of how in the summer of 1904, they were very busy in the brickyard and her father had been working long, hard hours, often late into the night. With all the smoke her father had inhaled during the summer, he developed a lung infection and was ill enough to be in bed. This was in September at the time the last baby in the family was about to make his entrance into the world. Ruth had to call Dr. GUYSINGER to come and then it was she who had the honor of bringing Timothy Jordan's child downstairs for his inspection. The new baby was Joseph Archie.

          "Ruth remembered the farm very well. She said the house was situated nicely on a small hill up north from Blackbird Creek. There was a good bridge across the creek and the road was always in good shape. She said this was her father's thing, to always have good roads. It was across this bridge and on this kind of road that many of the church groups found their way to the Ewing farm and to the lovely pasture with green grass and big shade trees for their picnics. Many happy outings were held in their pasture.

          "Timothy and his family were members of the First Baptist Church in Unionville. Timothy did not attend church as regularly as the rest of his family did but, according to Ruth, 'Papa knew the Bible from A to Z. When his son, Jordan, had typhoid fever after his mother died, Papa took care of him, and for 40 days and 40 nights he waited on him. Through all of this he read the Bible through twice. He always studied the Bible.

          "Timothy's daughter, Zeruiah, has told that many an evening as a child she would sit on her papa's lap and he would read the Bible to her. And she in turn was well versed in the Bible and read it almost daily for the rest of her life. Zeruiah was the only one of his children to whom he gave a nickname. He always called her Pud, short for Pudding. Zeruiah also related that on several occasions when Timothy thought it was necessary to work in the fields on Sunday, her mother, Florence, was very opposed and would get out the sewing machine and sew all day and then Timothy would know how upset she was.

          "Timothy moved his family into town about 1910 or 1911. They lived in the southwest section of town known as Dundee. Brick was not in as much demand now and while Timothy was a hard worker and knew how to make money, he was not good at managing it. A close friend of his, Bob BRASFIELD, a local merchant, always acted as his business manager. However, after his death things did not go well with Timothy as he was too trusting of people and they did not pay up their debts to him.

          "After he moved to town he worked about at different things. He had a good team of horses and did a lot of hauling of sand and coal. His son, Joseph tells how he would go and wait in line at the coal mine for maybe a whole day to get a load of coal and would only make $2.00. Two dollars a day for wages for a man and a team of horses.

          "In politics he was a Democrat and a strong one at that. At one time he was a deputy sheriff and was also the town marshall. He was asked several times to run for sheriff but said he didn't want that job.

          "He was a handsome man, being 6 feet tall, with dark hair and blue eyes, and he weighed around 180-190 lbs. He had a fair complexion and as an older man he had a mustache. Of his children it was Browford Emerson who most resembled his father in physical appearance. He had a good physical form and when dressed up made a good impression.

          "Everyone liked him because he had such a good disposition. However, when he got angry, he was very angry, and sometimes it didn't take too much to spark that anger. He had a good sense of humor and liked to hear or tell a good joke. He had friends in all circles of life, from the richest to the poorest and everyone knew that when Timothy Jordan said something was this way or that, then that was the way it was. He was a man of his word and expected everyone else to be also.

          "Several years after they moved to Unionville, Timothy Jordan had a heart attack. After he recovered from this his daughter, Myrtle, and her husband, Hugh GUFFY, urged them to come to Mitchell County, Iowa. And so Timothy, his wife Florence and their two sons, Browford and Joseph moved up to northeast Iowa.

          "Here they rented a farm and went into the truck gardening business, raising mainly onions. Joseph remembered what hard work this was, spending whole days bent over weeding those onions. It wasn't long after this that Timothy started suffering from hardening of the arteries. He was confined to a wheelchair and Joseph recalled how much he enjoyed sitting out in the yard under a tree in the summertime. To help him while away the hours he took up whittling. But as far as known, none of his whittling projects have survived. They were probably given to the neighborhood children who used to come chat with him.

          "He was ill about the last 10 years of his life. He died peacefully in his sleep 3 November 1924 at the age of 73 years and 20 days. He is buried in the cemetery at St. Ansgar."

          Florence lived almost 10 more years. She died in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She died 3 May 1934 and is buried next to Timothy at the St. Ansgar Cemetery, St. Ansgar, Mitchell County, Iowa.

          ISSUE by Martha:

                        1.    Nancy Elizabeth EWING, b. just prior to 21 July 1874, Putnam County, Missouri, (named for her two grandmothers) d. pre-1880.

12-1-10-2        2.    Iva Edna EWING, b. 28 Mar 1878, Putnam County, Missouri.

                        3.    John B. EWING, b. Nov 1879, Putnam County, Missouri, d. in his first year 7/12 in 1880.

12-1-10-4        4.    Myrtle (nmn) EWING - TWIN, b. 7 Aug 1881, Putnam County, Missouri.

12-1-10-5        5.    Jordan (nmn) EWING - TWIN, b. 7 Aug 1881, Putnam County, Missouri.

                        6.    Dora Ann EWING, b. 12 Nov 1886, Putnam County, Missouri, d. 23 Oct 1909. Married: Clarence ROBERTS.


                               1.    Edwin ROBERTS

                               2.    Timothy ROBERTS

                        7.    David EWING, b. 1890, Putnam County, Missouri, d. 20 May 1894, killed by a horse.

          ISSUE by Florence:

12-1-10-8        8.    Ruth Victoria EWING, b. 21 June 1892, Putnam County, Missouri.

                        9.    Thomas Earl EWING, b. 2 Nov 1894, Putnam County, Missouri, d. 5 Apr 1955, St. Paul, Minnesota. Married: Florence JUENEMAN, b. 25 Dec 1889, d. 10 Dec 1957, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Served in World War I. Owned a bar in St. Paul, Minnesota. Both buried at Fort Snelling Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota. No issue.

12-1-10-10      10.  Zeruiah Ethel EWING, b. 11 May 1897, Unionville, Missouri.

                        11.  Browford Emerson "Steve" EWING, b. 27 June 1900, Unionville, Missouri, d. 1 Nov 1964, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Married: 3 Jan 1940, Northwood, Worth Co. Iowa, Elizabeth Beckett LORD, b. 30 Sept 1904, Chicago, Illinois daughter of William/Elizabeth (MERZ) LORD

                        12.  Joseph Archie EWING, b. 15 Sept 1904, Unionville, Missouri, d. 16 Sept 1982, heart attack. Buried: Crystal Lake Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN. Married: 4 Aug 1938, Milbank, So. Dakota, Lola Mae FISCUS, b. 18 May 1907, Laverne, MN daughter of Ayres and Ivy (CAPRON) FISCUS. 1982: widow, lived in Minneapolis, MN. 1926 to 1931, he worked gas station, Minneapolis, Minnesota - the last two years he and brother "Steve" ran the station. Then was a salesman for Hamm's and became a distributor and owned his own company, Ewing Distributing Company in Minneapolis for many years. No issue.

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12-1-10-2        IVA EDNA EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Iva was born 28 March 1878 in Putnam County, Missouri and was married at Unionville, Missouri on 15 April 1901 to Isaac M. GRABOSCH. They spent all of their lives in the Unionville area, and that is where Iva died on the 14th of June 1963.


                 1.    John GRABOSCH, b. about 1903, d. heart attack in the 1940s. Married: Rita HOUSTON.


                        1.    Jolene GRABOSCH, m. Elbert JOHNSON Lived: Greencastle, Missouri.


                               1.    Jerol Lynn JOHNSON

                        2.    Jerald Dean GRABOSCH

                 2.    Vahl GRABOSCH, b. about 1905 Married: Marvel FOWLER, divorced 1954/1955. He was of Greencastle, Missouri in 1957.


                        1.    Carol GRABOSCH

                        2.    Mary Lou GRABOSCH

                               (sisters married STARK brothers, one named Gary)

                        3.    Charles J. GRABOSCH, b. 12 Mar 1912, near Worthington, Putnam County, Missouri, d. 7 Jan 1957, heart attack, Aledo, Mercer County, Illinois. Buried: Alexis Cemetery, Alexis, Illinois. Married: 29 Mar 1933, Hazel SCOBEE. Lived: Maston City, Iowa, then Deerfield, Minnesota, where he owned and operated a resort and restaurant business. 1951: to Alexis, Ill., where he owned the Grabosch Standard Service Station.


                               1.    Janet Kay GRABOSCH, b. about 1939

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12-1-10-4        MYRTLE EWING


EWING FAMILY LIENAGE: Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Myrtle, twin of Jordan, was born 7 August 1881 in Putnam County, Missouri. She was married 28 February 1900, at her parents' home near Unionville by R.M. BRASFIELD, J.P. to Hugh Solom GUFFEY, a native of Scotland.

          These two moved to Beloit, Wisconsin where Hugh died on the 7th of February 1946. Three days short of 24 years later, Myrtle died, also in Beloit. Both are buried at Hillside Cemetery, Whitewater, Wisconsin.


                        1.    Claude T. GUFFEY, b. about 1902. Married: Marguerite or Margarite. Lived in Kansas City and Marshalltown, Iowa. In Kansas City he was a service engineer with Nordstrom Valve Company. He had a heart attack in July 1976..


                               1.    Ann GUFFEY

                               2.     Patricia GUFFEY

                               3.    Mary Karen GUFFEY

                        2.    Mary Fern GUFFEY, b. about 1905. Married: Clarence GOSSELIN.


                               1.    Marian GOSSELIN

                               2.    Joanne GOSSELIN

                               3.    Irma GOSSELIN

                        3.     Robert William GUFFEY, b. 30 July 1910. Married: Thelma HENDERSEN, d. Beloit, Wisconsin.

12-1-10-4-4     4.    Robelia Emma GUFFEY, b. 18 Dec 1916, St. Ansgar, Mitchell County, Iowa.

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12-1-10-4-4     ROBELIA EMMA GUFFEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Myrtle-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Robelia was born at St. Ansgar, Mitchell County, Iowa on 18 December 1916. According to information given, that would have made her only 13 when she and 24 year old Bertram Oswald KLEIN II, eloped to Crown Point, Indiana to be married 3 July 1930. Bertram was born in Chicago, Illinois on the 8th of August 1905. He was a carpenter by trade and she was a cleaning lady. Their address was 321 Wyoming Avenue, St. Cloud, Florida 32769 where they were celebrating their 54th anniversary in 1984.

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12-1-10-5        JORDAN EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Jordan and his twin, Myrtle, were born 7 August 1881 at Unionville, and Unionville is where he died 59 years later. In the meantime, he had married, on 29 January 1908, a widow with three daughters, Rose Estella (MELSON) WATSON. Rose was born 4 January 1879 in Livingston, Iowa and was the daughter of John and Louisa (BROWN) MELSON. Her husband, Willie WATSON had died, leaving her with Fran, Edith and Ruth WATSON.

          Jordan died 26 March 1941 and Rose on 27 April 1955.


12-1-10-5-1     1.    Myrtle (nmn) EWING, b. 1 Mar 1908, (birthdate may be an error) Unionville, Missouri.

12-1-10-5-2     2.    James Monroe EWING, b. 14 Feb 1910, Unionville, Missouri.

                        3.    Velma Elizabeth EWING, b. 16 Dec 1911, Unionville, Missouri, d. 15 Aug 1913, at home, Unionville of "summer complaint" - diarrhea, 1/7/29. Buried: Unionville Cemetery, Unionville, MO.

12-1-10-5-4     4.    Carl Christian EWING, b. 14 Nov 1913, Unionville, Missouri.

                        5.    Doris Crystal EWING, b. 14 Mar 1915, Unionville, Missouri, d. 25 July 1939 in childbirth Kirksville, Missouri. She was 24 years, 4 months and 11 days. Buried: Shipley Cemetery, Kirksville, MO. Married: 8 Dec 1934, Unionville, Missouri, Bernard Riley ABBOTT.

                        6.    Jordan Leroy EWING, b. 4 Oct 1916/17, Unionville, Missouri. Married: 10 Aug 1937, Juanita (HENRY) MORRIS daughter of John and Margaret (BROWN) MORRIS

                           1979: Unionville, worked for the highway commission. No issue.

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12-1-10-5-1     MYRTLE EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jordan-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Jordan and Rose's firstborn was given the name of Jordan's twin sister. The date of her birth as it was given, was 1 March 1908, but that could be in error, as her parents were married 29 January 1908.

          Myrtle was married on 21 Oct 1930 at Centreville, Appanoose County, Iowa to David Ira DRURY, called Dade. David was born 2 April 1898, at Unionville to Milton and Martha DRURY. Milton and Martha and their family moved to Wibaux, Montana and from there David went to Spokane, Washington, to attend Molar Barber College. He returned to Savage, Montana where he had a barber shop for several years.

          After David's and Myrtle's marriage, he started work in Savage for the Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project, and retired in 1970 after many years there. David died the 23rd of July 1972 at the age of 74 years and is buried at Riverview Cemetery, Savage, Montana. In 1978, Myrtle's address was Box 177, Savage, Montana 59262.

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12-1-10-5-2     JAMES MONROE EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jordan-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          "Jim" as he was called is the only one of Timothy Jordan's large family to propagate the name. All the other lines were "daughtered out" and James' grandson, John Scott EWING, is the last male Ewing of the family.

          James, born 14 February 1910, was named for another James Monroe EWING, his father's half-brother and first cousin, son of Jordan's mother by her first marriage to Samuel Luther EWING (12-1-11).

          James, a 1929 graduate of Unionville High School, and Jo Maxine MC KINLEY were married 2 April 1937 and made their home near Unionville. Jo died 28 November 1968 at the age of 51. She is buried in the Unionville Cemetery.

          James was a great collector of family material, but not with the idea of doing anything with it. News clippings, obituaries, old photographs accumulated in boxes. James also collected bottles and wire. In 1979 James moved into the town of Unionville. He died there 5 February 1986 and is buried at the Unionville Cemetery, Unionville, Missouri.

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12-1-10-5-4     CARL CHRISTIAN EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jordan-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Carl was born 14 November 1913 at Unionville, Missouri and was married there on the 21st of January 1936 to Irene Elizabeth LARK the daughter of Fredrick and Mary (LESH) LARK. Irene was born the 1st of August 1915 in Gillette, Wyoming.

          Carl lived on Route 3, Unionville and was a farmer and raised cattle. He collected wrenches and chisels. Carl died about 1986.

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12-1-10-5        RUTH VICTORIA EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Ruth was the first of the children of Timothy and his second wife, his former sister-in-law, Florence (MULLINAX) EWING. Ruth and her succeeding sister and brothers were brought up in a household of half sisters and brothers, as well as half sisters and brothers who were also first cousins.

          She was born 21 June 1892 in Putnam County, Missouri and was married in Unionville, Missouri on the 30th of May 1914 to Orris Manford STOVER, a local farmer, son of Joseph and Laura (HILL) STOVER. Orris was born 20 November 1892.

          At first the Stovers lived in Putnam County, but later they moved to the Minneapolis area and still later to California. Somewhere along the line, after 1930, they were divorced. Eventually Orris went back to Unionville, where he died 22 November 1957.

          Ruth was a Practical Nurse and supported herself for many years.

          In 1968 I heard that Ruth, then in Long Beach, California, was a great collector of family information. I wrote her and she sent a letter in return but that is all. Later her niece, Betty (HOYT) BENSEN, of Ames, Iowa, came into the picture and it was Betty who gathered her Aunt Ruth's storehouse of facts and tales about the Timothy Jordans, much of it retained in her memory. They did have a taping session, which is called an Oral History.

          After I moved to California, I kept hoping to get up to Downey in the Los Angeles area, where Ruth then lived, to see her, but I waited too long. In September 1982, Betty's dearly beloved Aunt Ruth went into the hospital for a colostomy. She was then 90 years old and it was more than her aging body could take. She died 19 October 1982 at Long Beach, California. Betty came out from Ames for the Funeral and the burial at Rose Hill Cemetery in Whittier, California.


                        1.    Ovel Melvin "Jake" STOVER, b. 11 Mar 1915, Putnam County, Missouri, d. 29 Dec 1949. Buried: Unionville, Missouri. Married: 1940, Carol BRADSHAW. He was wounded during World War II, when he served as a Chief Petty Officer; it is noted on his tombstone that he served 5 years, 1 month and 9 days. Carol was a real estate agent: Carol married: 2nd Frank WELLS of Burbank, CA. No Issue.

12-1-10-8-2     2.    Laura Lela STOVER, b. 5 Apr 1919, Putnam County, Missouri.

12-1-10-8-3     3.    Thomas Calvin STOVER, b. 14 Apr 1930.

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12-1-10-8-2     LAURA LELA STOVER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ruth-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Laura was born 5 April 1919 in Putnam County, Missouri and in 1979 she and her husband, Alexander KALISH, lived at 708 Languid Lane in Simi Valley, California, 93065. They had a mini-ranch, with a two-horse stable in the backyard. Laura loved horses and had a Morgan and an Appaloosa. In their valley there were 30 miles of riding paths. Laura was also an accomplished artist.

          Laura had been married three times prior to her marriage in 1964 to Alexander who was born 20 October 1920. Her first husband was Howard CASPER, but they were divorced. She then married Edward Bernard JOHNSON, who was the father of two of her children. Her third marriage was to Charles FINK, by whom she had a daughter, that marriage also ended in divorced.


12-1-10-8-3     THOMAS CALVIN STOVER


Ewing Family Lineage:      Ruth-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Thomas was born in Minneapolis on 14 April 1930. He was married in Yuma, Arizona in October 1955, to Aimee Andrea BRIDGES. Aimee, daughter of Andree and Andrea (JACKSON) BRIDGES was born 29 January 19 ? in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Thomas was a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He and Aimee were divorced in July 1978, and Thomas was then living in Bellflower, California.

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12-1-10-10      ZERUIAH ETHEL EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          When the babies came along in the Ewing family, it was Grandma Ewing - Elizabeth (VIERS) EWING - who picked the names for them. On the birth of a daughter, 11 May 1897, to Timothy and Florence, Grandma Ewing went back to Gallia County, to John's sister Zeruiah who had died so young, for a name, and the infant became Zeruiah Ethel EWING. (I don't know where Grandma Ewing got the Ethel, but it makes a nice monogram.)

          The trouble is, Zeruiah did not know until decades later, that she ever had a grand-aunt by that name. She had grown up thinking she was Zeruiah because it was a nice biblical name.

          The interesting coincidence here is that Zeruiah I married a shoemaker - Nelson GLASSBURN - and so did Zeruiah II. He was Leonard Freeman HOYT of Putnam County. Leonard was a veteran of World War I, when he and Zeruiah were married by Reverend R.B. HELSER in the parsonage of the Christian Church at Newton, Jasper County, Iowa on 1 January 1920.

          Leonard was born 24 May 1895 in Putnam County and was living there with his parents, James and Nancy (JOHNSON) HOYT, when the war came along. Leonard was a saddler in the 50th Machine Gun Company, Infantry, of the 8th (Cloverleaf) Division. He enlisted in May 1918 and served with the AEF in the Haute-Alsace Sector. His division came home on the S.S. Martha Washington and landed 2 July 1919.

          In the early years of their marriage, Leonard and Zeruiah moved around in Iowa a great deal. Their four children were born in four different counties. Eventually they settled in Ames, the university town in Story County, north of

Des Moines, Iowa.

          Leonard and Zeruiah celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on New Year's Day of 1980. On the 11th of May 1980, she celebrated her 83rd birthday. On the 24th of May there was a party for Leonard's 85th. Two days later Zeruiah was gone. She is buried at Ames Municipal Cemetery, Ames, Iowa.

          Leonard carried on for awhile at 1223 Duff Avenue, Ames, Iowa. But in 1980 there was an operation and he began to fail. He was down to 113 pounds - for a man 6 feet tall! But in February 1981 Leonard went into a fine nursing home, and rallied instantly. He gained 35 pounds and got to feeling "fit as a fiddle." In 1984 he was roaming all over the home, but always pushing his wheelchair in front of him. "That way, if I get tired, I can sit down," he told Betty.

          At Thanksgiving time in 1982, he got the itch to do some traveling to see his kin in Arizona and California, and would not be dissuaded. So his son-in-law, Robert BENSON, put him and his wheelchair in the car and off they went. Leonard had a marvelous time. He saw all his children, grandchildren and great-grands, and come back to Ames feeling like a new man.

          He was looking forward to celebrating his 89th birthday in May of 1984.


12-1-10-10-1   1.    Robert Ewing HOYT, b. 19 Sept 1920, Newton, Jasper County, Iowa.

12-1-10-10-2   2.    Betty Ruth HOYT, b. 14 Nov 1923, Perry, Dallas County, Iowa.

12-1-10-10-3   3.    Leonore Florence HOYT, b. 17 Dec 1926. Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa.

12-1-10-10-4   4.    Naomi June HOYT, b. 21 July 1929, Boone, Boone County, Iowa.

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12-1-10-10-1                                                    ROBERT EWING HOYT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Zeruiah-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Robert was born in Newton, Jasper County, Iowa on the

19th of September 1920. He and Clara Elsie WALTON were married on 30 July 1942, but the early years of their marriage were disrupted by World War II and Robert's part in it. But with the war out of the way they settled down to life in Phoenix, Arizona where Robert was chief of supply.

          Clara, daughter of Samuel and Edna (MOTT) WALTON, was born 10 January 1924 in Boone, Iowa. Clara and Robert were with the Bensons when they came out to visit me in November of 1980. Clara and Betty stayed with me Saturday night and the two Roberts stayed with some other relatives nearby. I fell in love with Clara. Such a sparkling personality and so easy to be hostess to. What a blow, then, to learn 2 1/2 years later that Clara was gone. She succumbed to lung cancer on the 12th of April 1983, and is buried at Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona.

          Robert lived in a family-type trailer park in Phoenix and has wonderful friends there who keep him occupied.

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12-1-10-10-2   BETTY RUTH HOYT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Zeruiah-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          People like Betty come along only occasionally in a lifetime. Of all the people who have helped so much in this project, Betty ranks with the "A number 1s." She and her husband, Robert John BENSON, travel a great deal and Betty has been able to make it to the important Ewing places, to dig, dig, dig and to come up with piles of information pertinent to this history.

          A great deal of the early Ewing history is here because of what Betty came up with, and certainly what you are reading in the Timothy Jordan Ewing line is through her diligent efforts.

          Betty and I are contemporaries in time (she was born in Perry Dallas County, Iowa on 13 November 1923 - a year, four months and four days after I was) but more than that, we are friends. Betty first contacted me on the 17th of April in 1978 and since then, through reams of correspondence, exchange of family photos, numerous phone calls back and forth, we have come to know each other and our respective families real well.

           And Betty's a corresponding cousin - a rarity. In November of 1980, she and Robert flew to Phoenix where they piled into the family sedan of her brother and sister-in-law, Robert and Clara HOYT, and drove out here to spend the

weekend. Betty and Clara stayed with me while the two Roberts visited with other relatives.

          What a delightful time it was! It was so great getting to know them. Needless to say, Betty and I spent the whole time talking and working "family," and Clara just went ahead and entertained herself.

          I came that close to having a second visit from Betty. In letters to her I had been bemoaning the fact that ALL this data has to be typed up before it can go to the typesetters and me working all day as I do. Robert was coming out this way for a meeting and Betty volunteered to come with him and stay with me and offered her services as a secretary. Volunteered, mind you! An offer gratefully accepted by Yours Truly.

          But just as she was about to depart she got word that her Aunt Ruth in Downey, in the Los Angeles area, was probably not going to make it, and she knew she would have to go there for the funeral. So that took care of that, but I certainly did appreciate the gesture.

          Betty and Robert were married at the First Baptist Church in Boona, Iowa on 15 September 1946. Robert is the son of Evald and Margaret (BLAKELY) BENSON. His Benson grandparents came from Sweden and settled in Boon County, Iowa. That is where Robert was born on the 31st of May 1923.

          A veteran of both World War II and the Korean War, he retired in 1976 from the Army after 31 years of active and inactive service in the Adjutant General Corps with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

     In 1984 he was Personnel Services coordinator for the Department of Residence at the University of Iowa in Ames. The department houses 12,000 to 13,000 students. He worked with Personnel for the University as liaison for the approximately 400 employees of the department.

          Betty also had an interesting job, which she loved. - also at the University, right on campus. She was secretary to the Chief Engineer at WOI AM/FM television in Ames, owned and operated by the University, and ABC affiliate, fully commercial.

          Those two at the University of Iowa - and their daughter and son-in-law graduates of, working for and attending Iowa State University at Iowa City! You can bet that makes for a lot of rivalry, especially during the football season - but it's all friendly.

          Robert and Betty are very active in the Baptist Church in Ames, Iowa. Robert has been Moderator and Betty a Deacon. They have a lovely home at 1713 Northwestern in Ames, 50010.

          It is just great to know I have cousins like Betty and Robert Benson!

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Zeruiah-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Lenore and her husband, Mancel Loren MYERS, lived at 12687 13th Ave., Yucaipa, California in 1984. Mancel was a trucker and railroader. The two were married on the 10th of September 1943 in Bethany, Harrison County, Missouri. Mancel was born 11 April 1926 in Boone, Iowa, the son of Lester and Lenore (ARRASMITH) MYERS. Lenore was born 17 December 1926 in Iowa City, Iowa.


12-1-10-10-4   NAOMI JUNE HOYT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Zeruiah-Timothy-John-Thomas-William-James

          Naomi, born 21 July 1929 at Boone, Iowa was married there on 1 April 1947 to Donald Edward Verne WALKER who was born the 10th of December 1923. Naomi and Donald were divorced and she then married her second husband, John MC GIRR. Donald, son of Robert and Harriet WALKER, remarried to Sandra KUCHERA.

          Naomi was a bookkeeper in 1984. She and John lived at 918-B E. Central, Redlands, California 92373

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Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Thomas-William-James

          Samuel, born back in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio on the 10th of June 1855, was a babe in arms when the family moved to Missouri. He grew up in Clark and Putnam Counties in Missouri, and was married about 1878 to Florence Leila MULLINAX.

          Florence, we have met before with Samuel's older brother, Timothy. Florence was 17 at the time of her marriage to Samuel.

          The young couple lived at first in Macon County, Missouri - Maryville, Easley Township, where they and their year-old son were found in the 1880 census. They had a daughter and were expecting a third child when they moved back to Unionville, Missouri.

          One night in 1882, Samuel, then 27, and probably Florence too, was at a dance in town. There was a fight - a gun fight - and Samuel went down with five shots in the back.

          He was taken to the home of his brother, William, but there was nothing that could be done.

          Nine years later, Florence married the widowed Timothy. To his seven she added her three and then they made it 15 with a family of their own.

          For what happened later see 12-1-10.


12-1-11-1        1.    James Monroe EWING, b. 1879

12-1-11-2        2.     Stella Amon EWING, b. about 1881

                        3.    Mae Belle EWING, b. about 1883, d. about 1901 - age 18 years of T.B.

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12-1-11-1        JAMES MONROE EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-John-Thomas-William-James

          James, born in 1879, was about 3 years old when his father was killed. He spent the next few years, until his mother's marriage to Uncle Timothy, with his Uncle William Ewing in Kirksville, Missouri.

          On 28 January 1903, James Monroew and Ida Lou DITAMRS were married. Born 3 September 1879, she was the daughter of Judge William C. and Narcisus (BYRD) DITAMRS. The two just had one child, Florence. James died about 1940 at the age of 61 and is buried at Greentop Cemetery, Putnam County, Missouri.


                 1.    Florence Crystal EWING, b. 22 May 1916, d. 9 Apr 1974 (committed suicide), Married: 1953, Glen R. COCHRAN, who died 17 Feb 1973; lived Burlington, Iowa. No issue.

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12-1-11-2        STELLA AMON EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-John-Thomas-William-James

          Stella was born about 1881 and thus was only a year old when her father was killed. She was married 4 January 1899 to Edward YOUNG. Stella died of TB on 10 March 1910 when she was only about 29 years old.


                 1.    Exie Okle YOUNG, b. about 1901, living 1978. Married: 1st Lloyd GARDNER; married 2nd Lewis HOWELL.


                        1.    Marie GARDNER, Married: Howard "Dick" MORGAN

                 2.    Verlan Ogle YOUNG, b. 15 Sept 1902, d. 11 Oct 1969. Married: 1st Marguerite BALDWIN; married 2nd 30 Nov 1933, Ethel Louise WILLIAMS, b. 27 Sept 1907.

                        Issue by Marguerite:

                        1.    Marion YOUNG, married: R. MC MASTER

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12-3         ELIZABETH EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-William-James

          Elizabeth was born 14 July 1814 in the log cabin of Thomas and Anstis in Huntington Township's Section 2, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Elizabeth died at the age of 83 years, 1 month and 4 days on 18 August 1897, less than half a mile away. It is doubtful that Elizabeth ventured very far from the Ewing farm where she was born and grew up or the farm next door, that belong to her and her husband after their marriage.

          That marriage took place 25 November 1830, when Elizabeth was 16. Agrippa WELLS, J.P., did the honors.

          The bridegroom was John PEDEN. John was the son of Samuel and Mary (LEWIS) PEDEN, natives of Pennsylvania. John was born 17 April 1810 on an island called Peyton Island in the Ohio River offshore from Gallipolis (but within Virginia/West Virginia boundaries). The story is that while the Pedens lived on the island they took the name PEYTON but reverted to PEDEN when they left the island and went to Gallia County. They settled in Wilkesville Township, which later became Vinton County.

          After Elizabeth and John were married they took up a farm in Huntington Township's Section 1, adjoining Thomas' 240 acres. The land shows up in the 1874 atlas as 120 acres in the east half of the section in the name of J. Peden's heirs.

          On this farm Elizabeth and John lived and died and brought 10 children into the world. Two of the children died young. They were there in the next two censuses, and Elizabeth without John was there in the two following censuses.

          In 1850 John was worth $500. In the 1860 census he was worth $1,600/$350. In 1870 Elizabeth was head of the household worth $2,000/$476. By the time of the 1880 census they had stopped noting a person's worth. That year Elizabeth was listed as suffering from "cholera morbis."

          For John the end came on the 14th of January 1864 when he was 53 year, 8 months and 21 days. Elizabeth had youngsters still at home, the youngest was 10 years old. She remained a widow for 33 years and stayed on the farm she and John had shared for 33 years.

          After her death she was buried alongside John in Ewing Cemetery in Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. For years their graves were visited annually by their granddaughter, Mabel Scott HIMEBROOK of Frazeyburg, Ohio.


12-3-1      1.    Thomas Ewing PEDEN, b. 13 Sept 1832, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-3-2      2.    Samuel Jackson PEDEN, b. 2 June 1834, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-3-3      3.    Anstis Marinda PEDEN, b. 14 Sept 1846, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-3-4      4.    John Jordan PEDEN, b. 16 Dec 1839, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-3-5      5.    Henry Draper PEDEN, b. 12 Jan 1841, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 6.    Josiah PEDEN, b. 24 Mar 1843, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 12 Feb 1844, 11 months, 19 days.

                 7.    Hiram PEDEN, b. 14 Jan 1845, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 13 June 1849, 4 years, 4 months, 29 days.

12-3-8      8.    Jonathan Leonard PEDEN, b. 12 Jan 1849, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-3-9      9.    Mary Elizabeth PEDEN, b. 22 Jun 1851, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-3-10    10.  James Kellison PEDEN, b. 2 Feb 1853, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Thomas' story has long since been told by his niece, Mabel Scott HIMEBROOK, and printed in a publication of 13 May 1942, put out by the Freewill Baptist Church. It is quite lengthy as printed - some of it will be printed here.

          "Reverend Thomas Ewing Peden was born 13 September 1832 near Ewington, in a log house on a farm of 110 (120?) acres, being the eldest child in a family of 10 children.

          "He received his first education in a district school near his home known as the Adney School. When he finished his common school education he went to the Academy at Ewington, a distance of two miles. The Academy is still standing, being used as a grade school.

          "Rev. Thomas Ewing PEDEN taught his first term of school at the age of 16 at Albany, Ohio, where he later attended the Theological Seminary. He rode horseback to Gallipolis to take his examinations, a distance of 18 miles. He also taught at Rio Grande College and at Cheshire. He also taught several terms of school in West Virginia as well, at the College of Flemington, West Virginia. This school was run by the Free Will Baptist Church. In the year 1894 he went to Portsmouth, Ohio, to teach, remaining there a number of years, going from there to Ayden, North Carolina.

          "He organized several churches and did wonderful work wherever he went. He organized and owned the Free Will Baptist Church in Ewington and the building is still standing. It is being used as a church but a Holiness Church instead of a Baptist Church. He went back to Ewington many times to visit relatives and to preach in the church he had founded. He started his ministry at the early age of 19, and served as a minister for 61 years. During this period he baptized 595 persons and performed many marriage ceremonies."

          Departing from Himebrook's sketch - this paragraph is about Thomas' Civil War service: Thomas enlisted 28 August 1864 as a private in Company I, 173rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered out with the company on the 26th of June 1865, at Nashville, Tennessee. Samuel WELKER was Captain of Company I and several others in this book also served in the same company. Mabel has it in her story that he was a Chaplain during his service but, while he may have done some preaching, he is not down as a chaplain in records, just a private, and there is no mention of his being a chaplain in a sketch about him in HARDESTY'S 1882 HISTORY.

          Back to Himebrook: "I remember him telling about a Southern soldier who had a very ill child only about 2 miles from where he was being held prisoner, so he asked Uncle if he could go home and see his child. Uncle told him if he would promise to be back in a certain length of time, he would do picket duty for the Union soldier on guard and let the "Reb" slip through the fence and go home to see his sick child. Uncle said he put in a very uneasy time until he saw the Southerner's head coming through the hole in the fence just on time. Trying to help others was the great reason for his being liked by everyone."

          The following paragraphs were inserted by a citizen of Ayden:

          "Dr. Peden became head of the Ayden Free Will Baptist Seminary in September 1899. The school was started in the spring of that year by a man whose name was DAVIS, who taught the first session. Dr. Peden continued to direct the work of the seminary for about 10 years. During that time he gathered students from various counties in Eastern North Carolina. The majority of the students were young men who attended to study for the ministry, but there were also young women, as there were no high schools and but few academies in that section of the state at that time.

          "He established a home in the town, and spent his last days there as a teacher and leader of young men, holding the position of superintendent of the seminary until a short while before his death."

          Back to Himebrook: "He always had a great desire to teach at the Academy at Ewington, where he had attended school, so at the age of 70, he taught a 'select term' of six weeks.

          "He was very fond of my mother, she being his youngest sister, so he made many trips to Ewington to visit his relatives and to preach in the church he had founded in that vicinity.

          "Rev. Peden passed away at Ayden on 3 February 1913, at the age of 80 years, 4 months and 20 days old."

          Unfortunately, the Himebrook account makes no mention of Thomas' wife. She was Louisa MARTIN and they were married in Athens County, Ohio on 27 February 1858. Louisa was the daughter of James H. and Tacy (TRIPLET) MARTIN, natives of Virginia. Louisa was born in Monroe County, Ohio on the 28th of February 1837.

          When Thomas died he and Louisa were three weeks away from celebrating their 55th anniversary. Louisa died 26 June 1915. No issue. .

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Samuel never knew it but he was the great-grandfather of a woman, Helen Thomas BLUMHAGEN of Salt Lake City, who has made quite a name for herself as a professional in a field growing in popularity every day - genealogy. Helen is Genealogists International, a firm she started in Salt Lake City in 1963.

          So, needless to say, Helen's got her own line down pretty pat. She was good enough to share her family charts for this work. But in addition, she obliged a request for sketch material about herself, her family and forbearers. Much of what you will be reading in the nest few pages is thanks to her.

          Samuel was born near Ewington on 2 June 1834. In his teens he had an accident while working in the timber that, according to Helen, eventually - many years later - resulted in his death. He and two other men were chopping a big log and one of them missed his mark and struck Samuel's foot, almost severing it. Gangrene set in causing Samuel's death at the age of 75.

          While recuperating, Samuel used the time to further his education and attended college (probably Rio Grande) for a year.

          He was the right age to have been in the Civil War but because of his injury he was not able to enlist in regular service. He did, however, help guard the home front as a member of the militia during the war.

          In the meantime he became a husband and father. He and Margaret BUTTS were married on 7 April 1861. The wedding took place in Meigs County, next door to Gallia County and the officiating minister was Samuel's brother, Reverend Thomas Ewing PEDEN. Margaret was born 25 June 1844, in Columbiana County, Ohio, and was the daughter of John and Jane (BRANDON) BUTTS.

          Samuel and Margaret lived at first in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, but about 1864, as the war was nearing its end, they put Ohio behind them and turned their faces westward. Iowa called them, specifically Davis County, Iowa, where Samuel's grandparents, Samuel and Mary PEDEN, had lived and died many years before. Samuel and Margaret settled near Floris in Lick Creek Township. Lick Creek has as its northern boundary Wapello County and the Peden farm was not very far from that county line. Here they spent the next 38 years, raising a family of six. Samuel and Margaret were members of the Christian Church at Floris.

          When he was about 50, Samuel had some mental problems and in May 1885 he was judged insane and confined in the Asylum for the Insane at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. At that time Samuel and Margaret had four children under the age of 16, one of them a permanent cripple and one an invalid.

          Son, Jeremiah, was only 14 at the time but as the eldest son (his elder brother having died the previous year at 19) he shouldered the responsibilities his father normally would have. And the husband of the eldest daughter, Mary Marinda (George W.L. BROOKS) may have helped out too.

          Jeremiah was married in 1892 to Comfort Adella EVANS and soon after the wedding those two set up a farm in Wapello County. It is unknown who took over then, Lewis perhaps, or maybe Samuel had been released by then.

          Shortly after the turn of the century, in 1902, a move was made. Most of the family, and other close to the family, packed up bag and baggage and headed due north to Loomis, a few miles outside of Mitchell in Davison County, South Dakota.

          In the party were Samuel and Margaret, George and Marinda, Jeremiah and Comfort, daughter Nancy and her husband, Frank M. BROOKS, and 20 year old John, as well as Comfort's parents, Noah and Emaline EVANS and her brother, Charley EVANS and his wife, Orabelle ARMENTROUT, and of course assorted children. Lewis had married Harriet Mae GARRETSON and apparently remained in Iowa for the time being.

          They were in Loomis four years but then most of the group decided to move on again. Mary and George Brooks remained in the Mitchell area. The destination for the rest was Huron in Beadle County, two counties north of Loomis (about 45 miles).

          It appears that by this time Samuel and Margaret were dependent on Jeremiah and moved around when he and his family did. In 1909 they moved to "the Serles place" near Huron, and it was there that Samuel died on 27 August 1909. It is said he died of gangrene from his earlier foot wound. He was 75 years old and was buried in the IOOF Cemetery at Huron, Beadle County, South Dakota.

          Margaret was 65. After Samuel's death she went to live with Mary near Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota, but in later years she went to Colorado to live with Jeremiah and then Nancy. Margaret had been 24 years a widow when she died 6 November 1933, in Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado. She is buried at Monte Vista Cemetery in Rio Grande County, Colorado, where many of her family are buried also. She was 89 years old.


12-3-2-1          1.    Mary Marinda PEDEN, b. 25 Feb 1862, Ewington, Huntington Township, Gallia Co. Ohio.

                        2.    James Grant PEDEN, b. 20 May 1865, Floris, Davis County, Iowa, d. 5 Sept 1884, 19 years old, Floris, Davis County, Iowa.

12-3-2-3          3.    Jeremiah Bert PEDEN, b. 27 Apr 1871, Floris, Davis County, Iowa.

12-3-2-4          4.    Lewis Milton PEDEN, b. 5 Nov 1873, Floris, Davis County, Iowa.

12-3-2-5          5.    Nancy Alice PEDEN, b. 28 July 1879, Floris, Davis County, Iowa.

12-3-2-6          6.    John Henry PEDEN, b. 30 June 1882, Floris, Davis County, Iowa .

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Ewing Family Lineage:       Samuel-Elizabeth-William-James

          Mary was born 25 February 1862 near Ewington, and was about 2 years old when her parents migrated to Floris, Davis County, Iowa. That is where she grew up and where she met and married George W.L. BROOKS. George was the son of Anson and Susannah (FIEDLER) BROOKS, and a brother of Frank BROOKS who subsequently married Mary's sister, Nancy. George was born the 13th of February 1853 in Wapello County, Iowa.

          Mary and George were married 18 December 1879. In the 1900 census the two were in Lick Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa, he a farmer, but two years later they were in the wagontrain that headed for the Mitchell, South Dakota area. That is where they settled down to spend the rest of their lives. Mary's mother, Margaret, lived with them for a time after Samuel's death. Mary died at Mitchell, 27 February 1921. George died 12 August 1930 in Sioux City, Iowa, but is buried at Mitchell, South Dakota with Mary.


                        1.    John Warden BROOKS, b. Feb 1881, Lick Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa, d. 24 Dec 1957, Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. Married: Pearl HILL, two children.

                        2.    Lora or Laura A. BROOKS, b. May 1882, Lick Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa. Married: Dustin HAGGERTY, three children.

                        3.    Claude Roy BROOKS, b. May 1884, Lick Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa, d. 22 May 1946, Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. Single

                        4.    Irvin Samuel BROOKS, b. Feb 1886, Lick Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa, d. 1960. Married: Mrs. Avis BAUMGARTNER.

                        5.    Grover Cleveland BROOKS, b. May 1888, Lick Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa, d. 21 June 1962, Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. Married: Ethel ORR, nine children, including Mary Ann (see #8 below).

                        6.    Goldie BROOKS (daughter) d. age 1 1/2 years.

                        7.    Tony Bert BROOKS, 17 Jan 1896, Lick Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa, d. 3 Aug 1920, age 24 - single.

                        8.    Inez Gertrude BROOKS, b 19 March 1903, Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. Married: Robert Samuel KELP, on 6 Jan 1933. Adopted Mary Ann, youngest child of Grover and Ethel's. Nine children.

(Note: a descendant in this line is or was Alice BROOKS of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota)

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Jeremiah was born 27 April 1871 on the farm near Floris,   Davis County, Iowa, where his parents lived from 1864 to 1902. He had a limited education, completing only a few years at the neighborhood school. In his early youth, he went to work as a farm laborer and carpenter and became "head of the household" at 14 when his father was confined to a mental institution.

          In 1894, Comfort Adella EVANS came into Jeremiah's life. Comfort, born 24 March 1877, in Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa, was the daughter of Noah and Emaline (BROWN) EVANS, natives of Iowa and Ohio. Jeremiah was 22 and Comfort 17 when they were married in Wapello County, Iowa, 31 December 1894.

          The newlyweds' first home was up the road a piece from the Peden farm - over into Wapello County, near Eldon in Washington Township, a few miles from Ottumwa, the county seat. They rented, and that meant constant moving. Their family grew with amazing rapidity and that too meant moving to larger quarters.

          After the birth of the fifth child, Wilbur, on 29 April 1901, Jeremiah and others close to him began talking of heading for South Dakota. His parents, his sisters and their brother-husbands, brother John, then 20, plus many in Comfort's family, the Evans, decided to move to Loomis, near Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. It seems incredible that brother Lewis and family did not join this party but the word is that son, Clarence, born in 1904, was born in Wapello County, Iowa so apparently he stayed for the time being, joining the rest in South Dakota about 1905.

          Wilbur was an infant when the Pedens pulled up stakes and headed due north to Loomis.

          Jeremiah remained in Loomis about four years, but in 1906 headed out again, even further north - to Huron in Beadle County, a distance of about 45 miles. His parents apparently were making their home with him at this time. Again, rented farms, and much moving. One of the moves was to "the Serles place" and it was there that Jeremiah's father died. After that, his mother, Margaret, went back to Mitchell to live with her daughter, Mary Brooks.

          By 1911 Jeremiah was feeling the crunch. Eleven children and nothing to feed them. It just was not working out at all. He worried a lot. He is remembered as sitting chin cupped in hands, elbows on knees, in thoughtful pose for hours at a time. How to provide for his family.

          In the fall of 1911, he had a sale of the family's possessions and fitted out two wagons, put his family aboard and headed out. He drove one, and the eldest daughter, Jennie, by then 15, drove the other.

          Their destination was Missouri Valley, Iowa, a little town on the Missouri River in Harrison County. Here the family spent the winter of 1911/12. They lived in a house for which they paid $20 a month rent. Jeremiah worked when he could - unloading coal or whatever presented itself. Jennie, 16 worked out at $5 a week - helping a family with a baby. Even Comfort went to work. She kept house for people at $10 a week - with six "younguns" of her own to look after.

          One of the things daughter Nora later remembered of this part of her life was going to school, but not having any clothes to wear. The Methodist Ladies came to her rescue. Then there was the time her teacher called her in and gave her a big package. When it was opened she found a big box of sandwiches. She took them home. Her dad wouldn't eat any - he was too proud, and besides he wanted the children to have them.

          Nora also remembered that they would parch field corn and eat it. And Jennie would bring home grease from where she worked in wax paper and tucked down her dress front. They used the grease to fry johnnycake.

          By this time Comfort's brother, Charles EVANS, and his wife, Orabelle ARMENTROUT, had arrived on the scene. The situation was so desperate that "Uncle Charley" even resorted to stealing.

          In the spring the two families decided to head south for the haying season. In April they were off. They camped out that entire summer, living in tents and out of their wagons. They stuck close to the river all the way to Kansas City, Missouri, the men working in the hay fields when they could, putting up hay on the river bottom and hauling it in.

          The children walked alongside the wagons on the way, and stole apples to feed their empty bellies. Earl EVANS, son of Charley and Orabelle, was born on the floor of a covered wagon during this trip.

          When the caravan was south of Kansas City, they went east to Creighton, Missouri. They set up camp along the Grand River for a prolonged stay.

          But things were slightly disrupted one day when they experienced their first tornado. The men were out haying and the women and children were left in camp. The camp was not hit directly, but they felt the effects. Tents were blown down and possessions scattered in all directions. The river rose and though the men hurried back to get the wagons loaded, still the water was high when they did, and the horses had to swim out from the flooding river.

          The schoolhouse on the bluff above the river was the refuge for them and many others. They were taken there and spent the night. Injured were brought in. People's belongings that had been picked up, were brought to the schoolhouse awaiting owners to claim them.

          One thing that remained outstanding in Lola Fae's mind was having seen a plate with a straw driven through it by the force of the wind.

          After Creighton, the "gypsies" headed further south. They got within 20 miles of the Ozarks and then veered west to go over the state line into Oklahoma near the Indian village of Quapaw to put up hay.

          It was there that Jeremiah gave it all up. Comfort got typhoid fever from the water they had been drinking along the way. The doctor told her to go back north. She was homesick, and tired and pregnant and cried a lot. She was in bed and could not do anything but write letters home to her father. Finally she said she was going to leave Jeremiah and the children and go home. The children all cried to keep her - and Jeremiah started back north.

          They "wintered in," that winter of 1912/13, at Fremont, Douglas County, Nebraska, which is just across the river from Missouri Valley, but early in 1913 they were back in Huron.

          But they were not to stay. Jeremiah wanted to try Colorado. Again, a sale, but this time they would be going by train and shipping their cattle.

          The 10th Peden was born in December 1915. The following March they were off for Bethune, Kit Carson County, Colorado. Jeremiah and the older sons rode on the freight train with the cattle. Comfort and the younger children rode on a passenger train. Lola recalled that the infant Lawrence cried all the way with three-month colic.

          Jeremiah had bought a half section (360 acres) of land at Bethune, 20 miles from the Kansas state line. It was prairie land, and there was "free range" - public grazing lands for the cattle.

          They lived there five years. In 1921 Jeremiah who had acquired great skill at carpentry and lathing, decided to go into carpentry full time, so they sold the place and moved to Mosca, Alamosa County, in South Central Colorado - high country. Here Jeremiah and his sons did carpentry and lathing work and added building of adobe homes to their trade.

          Jeremiah's mother, Margaret lived with them at this time.

          On Thanksgiving Day in 1931, November 26, there was a big family gathering. Comfort, her daughters and daughter-in-law, and Margaret, prepared an elaborate dinner. Jeremiah sat down and gave thanks for his lot, his family and the feast before them. Dinner over, he went to the kitchen, poured a drink, stepped out on the back porch to down it - and died of a heart attack.

          He was 60 years old at the time. Comfort was 54. After his death her sons built a house for her in Mosca, and she lived there for 16 years. Toward the end she had several strokes and died in a nursing home on the 16th of September 1948 at the age of 71 years. Both she and Jeremiah are buried at Monte Vista Cemetery, Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado.


                        1.    Infant PEDEN, b&d 1895

12-3-2-3-2       2.    Jennie May PEDEN, b. 28 Apr 1896, Wapello County, Iowa.

12-3-2-3-3       3.    Nora Vivian PEDEN, b. 21 Apr 1898, Wapello County, Iowa.

12-3-2-3-4       4.    Lola Fae PEDEN, b. 2 Sept 1899, Wapello County, Iowa.

                        5.    Wilbur Bert PEDEN, b. 29 Apr 1901, Wapello County, Iowa, d. 16 Dec 1966, Buried: Monte Vista

                           Cemetery, Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado. Single

12-3-2-3-6       6.    Frank Edward PEDEN, b. 20 Feb 1905, Loomis, Davison County, South Dakota.

                        7.    William Harold PEDEN, b. 16 Jan 1908, Huron, Beadle County, South Dakota. Married: Addie Alice RICHARDS, divorced. She married 2nd WALLACE.

After divorced he took to drink and was a "world bum." In the 1980s - no one in family had seen or heard from him since 1965.


                               1.    William Henry PEDEN, b. 11 Dec 1930, Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado. Married: Janet Rae WHITAKER, several children, last heard was living in Oregon.

                        8.    Infant PEDEN, b&d about 1910.

                        9.    Infant PEDEN, b&d about 1913.

12-3-2-3-10     10.  Lawrence Lavern PEDEN, b. 29 Dec 1915, Huron, Beadle County, South Dakota.

12-3-2-3-11     11.  Cecil Leroy PEDEN, b. 30 Dec 1917, Bethune, Kit Carson Co. Colorado.

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12-3-2-3-2       JENNIE MAY PEDEN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          As the eldest of 11 children (three of whom died in infancy) Jennie had a lot of responsibility, and double that during the days of near-poverty the family knew for a time.

          She was born 28 April 1896 near Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa. She was 6 when the family moved to Loomis, near Mitchell, South Dakota, and about 10 when they moved to Beadle County, and 15 when they moved to Missouri Valley, Iowa in the fall of 1911.

          It was here that she went to work, helping a family with housework and caring for the baby. She earned $5 a week. She also made some pennies with her talent for painting. She bought white oil cloth and cut it in 2 1/2-foot long lengths, and painted these with flowers. Then they were sold for 25 or 50 or 75 cents, to be used as "splashers," that is, they were put on walls behind stoves and sinks, etc. Nora helped her with the selling.

          In April 1912, came the haying expedition south through Missouri. By Fall that year the travelers were back north, at Fremont, Douglas County, Nebraska. All during their stay in Fremont, Jennie worked at a laundry to earn money.

          The family next door to the Pedens at that time were the James BURNS. A son in the family was Sam Allen BURNS, who was born in Illinois on 16 August 1884. A romance developed and by the time the Pedens were to move back to Huron, Sam and Jennie had made wedding plans. Jennie went to Huron with the family, and she and Sam were married there on 20 Sept 1913. Grandma Margaret Peden even came up from Mitchell for the big event.

          The newlyweds went back to Fremont to make their home. They lived there until 1917, when they went to Mosca to live. There were in Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado, when Sam died 14 March 1936. He is buried at Alamosa, Colorado.

          Jennie was 39 at that time. She subsequently married Benjamin Harrison GOLLAHER and then Claude Truman EAGEN, whom she divorced and remarried. Her fifth marriage took place on

5 August 1971, as she became Mrs. Rollo HALL at 75 years of age.

          Jennie died 14 May 1974 at Alamosa and is buried at Monte Vista Cemetery, Colorado.


                        1.    Lavern Harold BURNS, b. 18 Sept 1916, Fremont, Douglas County, Nebraska. Married: Oct 1936, Pauline CATLIN. Chief of police in Alamosa for many years, retired 1963 because of health; died Dec 1975, Las Vegas, Nevada, heart attack, cremated.


                        2.    Marjorie Flossie BURNS, b. 12 May 1919, Bethune, Kit Carson County, Colorado. Married: 24 Dec 1935, Del Norte, Colorado, Ralph GWARTNEY, cement contractor. Resided: Colorado; Yakima Co. Washington and Redmond, Oregon

                        3.    Lelia Maxine BURNS, b. 6 July 1921, Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado. Married: 20 May 1939, Monte Vista, Colorado, Gordon REDDIN. After marriage, operated general store and post office, in Hooper, Saguache County, Colorado until 1958. Then built new store on main highway through Hooper, State 17, retired 1982 after more than 30 years and moved to Penrose, Colorado.


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12-3-2-3-3       NORA VIVIAN PEDEN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Helen BLUMHAGEN had the opportunity to visit her Aunt Nora at her home in Three Rivers, Michigan in 1965 and recorded some of her memories of the early days. Helen's five pages of notes made during their talk form the basis for the story of the Jeremiahs you are reading here.

          Nora's story begins 21 April 1898, when she was born near Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa. She started school at Loomis, South Dakota and stayed with her Evans grandparents, Noah and Evaline, in Mitchell, South Dakota quite a lot.

          Nora recalled that on the haying trip to Southern Missouri they had the occasion to go through Kansas City, Missouri. Nora spotted a store she wanted to go in. She had 20 cents and went in to this basement store and bought a pair of blue satin shoes for 10 cents.

          When the family was back north and living in Fremont, Nebraska, Nora got a job washing dishes and doing odd jobs for a banker's family. She made $2 a week for working evening, and on Saturdays she got a $1 for the whole day.

          Nora loved school. Right off she became captain of the volley ball team. She was about 75 pounds, jumped well and was wiry - a natural for the sport.

          When spring came the Pedens headed back to Huron. Goodbyes were said. Nora's boy friend stood in the background, wiggling a lot, as Nora recalled. Finally he got up the nerve to run over to her and peck her on the cheek. Jennie laughed till tears ran down her cheeks. Nora was embarrassed and got in the wagon and read magazines until the wagon left. The lad wrote Nora later and said if she came back he would do the same thing.

          Back in Huron, Nora still worked out, at $2 a week. She stayed with "Grandma Peden" (Margaret) in Mitchell when she finished school - the eighth grade.

          It was after the family had moved to Bethune, Kit Carson County, Colorado, that Nora found Clarence KLINE. Clarence was a native of Centreville, Michigan. He was born 26 April 1889, and was the son of DeWitt and Mary (CARR) KLINE.

          Clarence and Nora were married on 24 October 1916 in Burlington, near Bethune, Colorado. They lived in Colorado until 1930 when they moved to Michigan. They were divorced there in 1936. Clarence died 12 December 1959 at Kalamazoo, Michigan and is buried at Riverside Cemetery, Three Rivers, Michigan.

   Nora married, second, Frank LOMISON on 25 April 1943. Frank died on 12 December 1953 and then she married Joseph H. GUESSINGER.

          Nora died 21 December 1971 at Three Rivers, Michigan and is buried at nearby Schoolcraft, Michigan.


                        1.    Lewis KLINE, b. 6 Nov 1917, Burlington, Colorado. Married 1st May 1941, Reva Inez (HUFFMAN) FRENCH, divorced. Married 2nd Jean FARROW, divorced. Married 3rd Renie .

                        2.    Albert LINE, b. 12 Feb 1919, Burlington, Colorado. Married: 24 Apr 1943, Three Rivers, Michigan, Marion Irene BATT. No issue.

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12-3-2-3-4       LOLA FAE PEDEN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Lola was born 2 Sept 1899, near Ottumwa in Wapello County, Iowa, the fourth child of Jeremiah and Comfort. The family moved around a great deal in her early years and Lola's schooling suffered because of it. Sometimes she had to spend two or three years in one grade.

          But after the move to Bethune, Kit Carson County, Colorado in 1916, they settled down. Lola got a job at the local paper, the Bethune Tornado, writing society news and a column of humorous quips. She also had the job of putting mail bags on an arm for the moving trains to snatch as they came through Bethune, for $9 a month.

          In the fall of 1917, Lola went to the county fair and there she met Karl Luther THOMAS. Karl was born 30 March 1892 in Clay County, Iowa, near Sioux Rapids, to Vanranciler and Margaret (SKELTON) THOMAS. Karl and his parents lived in Clay County until his father died. Then Margaret sold and moved to Phillips County, Kansas where she married again.

          Karl and Lola were married at Bethune, Kit Carson County, Colorado on 17 April 1918. On 5 August 1918, Karl left for a stint in the Army. He went to Fort Logan, Colorado and then was sent to Waco, Texas for 30 days of training. Then his unit was shipped to France, but by then the war was almost over. At its end, when the unit was sent home, it was aboard the great Leviathan.

          With the was behind them, the Thomases settled down and started having a family. Their son, Robert, was born 31 May 1920.

          In November that year Lola was the victim of a terrible tragedy. She attempted to start a fire with gasoline. The can exploded, and her clothes and hair caught fire. Karl pulled her burning clothes from her. Her left knee and right leg were badly burned. For 11 days she remained at home with the neighbors caring for her. But infection reached her heart and she fell into unconsciousness. She was rushed to the hospital in nearby Bulington, where five doctors worked over her at once. She was in the hospital a month.

          By January, 1921, the leg had began to heal some, but she still was unable to walk. She wasn't able to walk for two more months. On 8th of January that year Lola went to Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado in the San Luis Valley, to stay with her parents. In March Karl joined her there.

          Karl set about building them a house in nearby Hooper. It was a six-room adobe house. Two rooms had been finished when Helen Marie THOMAS was born 21 April 1922. Cleo came along in 1923.

          In February 1925 they sold the house and moved to Cody, Cherry County, which is so far north in Nebraska that it is almost in South Dakota. They were there 11 months. After that they lived in a succession of locales along the North Platte in Western Nebraska. Here Karl worked for the Reclamation Bureau. Later he worked on the highways, cutting weeds. He also built rip-rap walls in many of the irrigation canals in and around Morrill County.

          In 1936 the whole family worked as a hay-stacking team. Lola drove the mower and Cleo the stacker with Karl on top of the stack. Wayne handled the weep and Helen the rake.

          Meantime there was also the farm to run, but Lola took care of that. She had a beautiful garden in which she raised just about everything they needed to eat. They raised their own meat too. In those days lots of food was put up in crocks - pickles, sauerkraut, pork chops and sausages. Lola also made head-cheese when they butchered. She would can some 400 jars of food each summer.

          And this most remarkable woman was also an expert seamstress. Women came from miles around to have her make clothes. One of her outstanding creations was made from ostrich feathers. Her sewing machine - a Singer, treadle-type, is still in the family and so is their old butter paddle and the flat irons they used way back when.

          Relatives of Lola, her uncle, John Henry PEDEN, and his wife were writing from the State of Washington that jobs were plentiful there. It sounded good to Karl and Lola so they had a public auction, and in March of 1937 were off to Washington State. They drove a 1929 Chevrolet and pulled a trailer with two tons of belongings.

          Karl built a home at 1110 S. Seventh Avenue in Yakima, Washington, in which the family lived for many years.

          In January 1938, they had a bit of a surprise. It had been almost 15 years since their last child was born, but suddenly there was Donald!

          About the same time, Lola was suffering greatly from arthritis, and it became necessary for Helen to end her schooling - her junior year in high school. Karl worked as a carpenter until his retirement.

          Karl died 2 January 1966 at the age of 74 and is buried at Yakima, Washington. Lola was 67 at the time. The following year on 5 October 1968, she married William Clyde CARPENTER. In 1976 she was visiting her son Robert and family in Waynesboro, Augusta County, Virginia when on the 18th of March she died at the age of 76 years. She too is buried at Yakima, Washington.


12-3-2-3-4-1   1.    Robert Wayne THOMAS, b. 30 May 1920, Bethune, Kit Carson County, Colorado.

12-3-2-3-4-2   2.    Helen Marie THOMAS, b. 21 Apr 1922, Hooper, Saguache County, Colorado.

12-3-2-3-4-3   3.    Cleo Mae THOMAS, b. 29 mar 1923, Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado.

12-3-2-3-4-4   4.    Donald Lee THOMAS, b. 31 Jan 1938, Yakima, Washington.

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12-3-2-3-4-1   ROBERT WAYNE THOMAS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lola-Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-William-James

          Robert was born 30 May 1920 in Bethune, Kit Carson County, Colorado. He started school when the family lived in Nebraska, and completed it on graduation from Yakima Senior High School, May 1939 in Washington.

          Robert lived in New York City from 1945 to 1949. While there he met Virginia Lee LANTER of Wytheville, Virginia and they were married 28 May 1949. Virginia was born on the 5th of December 1924 in Butter, Tennessee, the daughter of Lemuel and Rosa Lee (PHILLIPPI) LANTER.

          The newlyweds went to Virginia to make their home. Robert is an excellent carpenter, like his father, and he became foreman of a construction crew at Charlottesville, Virginia.

          Getting close to retirement Robert and Virginia settled in Wytheville, Virginia.


                 1.    Gary Wayne THOMAS, b. 24 Oct 1954, Wytheville, Virginia, d. 5 June 1971, Waynesboro, Augusta County, Virginia (drowned).

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12-3-2-3-4-2   HELEN MARIE THOMAS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lola Fae-Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Helen and I are pretty much contemporaries. We were born within three months of each other and actually not too far apart - she in Hooper, Colorado and me about 400 miles away in Oklahoma City. We each have three children, the first of these being born only three months apart, and started having our grandchildren at the same time.

          But more important we both have a deep love for genealogy. Helen is in a place where she can put that love to good use - Salt Lake City, Utah, the genealogy capital of the world. She took it on as a profession 21 years ago - and has been in the business ever since.

          Helen was born in Hooper, Saguache County, Colorado on 21 April 1922 - beating me into the world by two months and 18 days. When she was an infant the family moved to Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado. In 1927 they moved to Cody, Cherry County, Nebraska. The following year they moved to Northport in Morrill County, in the western part of Nebraska. They also lived in Bayard and McGrew. Those two and Northport are towns in Morrill and Scott's Bluff counties along the placid North Platte River.

          It was in Northport in 1928 that Helen started school. By the time of the Thomases' move to Yakima, Washington in March 1937, Helen was in high school, but she had to cut short her education in the 11th grade. In January of 1938, with the arrival of a baby brother Donald, and her mother's poor health, Helen had to stay home to be the care-giver.

          For the next four years Helen worked out as a live-in housekeeper and cook for well-to-do families in Yakima.

          One night in May 1941, Helen went to a dance and had the occasion to meet an ex-jockey by the name of Jonathan E. (only) BLUMHAGEN. It was love at first sight and the two were married at her parent's home on 30 October 1941.

          Jonathan was born 19 January 1912 in Anamoose, McHenry County, North Dakota. His parents, Emil and Elizabeth (KLING) BLUMHAGEN, moved to Yakima, Washington in 1918. Besides being a jockey, Jonathan worked for Western Union in his younger days, delivering telegrams on his bicycle.

          In 1941, he operated a service station in Toppenish, Yakima County, Washington. He and Helen set up housekeeping in Toppenish and bought their first home in January 1946. They became members of the Mormon Church in 1950.

          They ran the service station 12 years. In 1950 Jonathan began selling for Beneficial Life Insurance Company. He was at that until 1953 when he and Helen went into a retail grocery business. In 1956 they sold out and made the move that was to mean so much in Helen's life - the move to Salt Lake City.

          Selecting Salt Lake City had primarily to do with the schooling the city offered. But once there it did not take Helen long to determine that she wanted to get into what Salt Lake City is noted for - genealogy. They had no sooner arrived and gotten settled than Helen enrolled in genealogy classes at BYU. She studied for a year and graduated with college credit in March 1957.

          At first it was just a sideline, with other work more to the fore, such as being an order clerk and then store manager for Dunford Bakers. But in February 1963, she went into genealogical research full time, opening an office in downtown Salt Lake City. She calls her firm Genealogists International. In 1983 Helen and Jonathan are the only ones in the business, but she had various partners through the years. At this time their office is in their home at 970 Logan Avenue, a home they bought in April 1957.

          After arriving in Salt Lake City, Jonathan was a barber supply salesman for 13 years until August 1970, when he went into the business with Helen.

          When Jonathan reach 65 in January of 1977, He officially "retired" but as Helen put it, "Some retirement!" because he is still active in the business - though he spent much of the year of 1983 a very sick man. A virus got to him and would not go away!

          Helen would like to retire too and will when her 65th birthday rolls around. She has covered a lot of country in her 21 years in the business, but now would like to close the book on helping other people find their families and concentrate more on hers and Jonathan's.

          The two love Salt Lake City, camping, fishing and their three children, 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

          It does not seem possible but Helen and I have been corresponding almost as long as she has been in genealogy - since December of 1958. Twenty-six years!. She was 37 then and so was I. Helen, we've grown old together! In all that time we've never met, though there have been some "near misses." Maybe someday in our retirement years, we two contemporaries will get together.


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12-3-2-3-4-3   CLEO MAE THOMAS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lola-Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

           Cleo was born in Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado on

29 March 1923. She was married in Yakima, Washington on the 1st of February 1941 to John William BARNES, son of Edward and Amanda (EZARD) BARNES, was born 16 February 1915.

          John and Cleo had a family of four. The youngest of them, Wilma, was born on the 18th of January 1949, the day after her sister Helen's youngest, Janice, was born. The sisters kept each other company in the hospital.

          The Barnes, retired in 1984, managed a farm on Cheyne Road near Zillah, Washington.


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12-3-2-3-4-3-1       ROBERT EARL BARNES


Ewing Family Lineage:      Cleo-Lola-Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Robert was born in Yakima, Washington on 16 September 1941 and was only 31 when a tragic accident ended his life.

          He was married on 29 December 1965 at Santa Anna, California to Linda LA VIGNE. Linda was born 2 January 194 in Springfield, Massachusetts, to Hector and Laura LA VIGNE. Childless, the Barnes adopted a son, William.

          Robert was in the Navy and had risen to Boatswain's Mate 2/c. He was stationed in the San Diego area, and he and his family lived out near Lemon Grove, California.

          On this particular Sunday, 12 August 1973, Robert had a "moonlight" job as a guard. On his way home that night on Federal Way in Lemon Grove, his motorcycle left the road and hit a telephone pole. He died of massive brain damage about 3:30 a.m. Robert is buried at El Camino Military Cemetery, First Military Vista, El Cajon, California - near San Diego.

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12-3-2-3-4-4   DONALD LEE THOMAS


Ewing Famil Lineage: Lola-Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Donald, born 31 January 1938 in Yakima, Washington and in 1983 lived with his wife, Sonya Kay (MILLARD) SMITH in Lodi, California. Donald was a radio announcer and had an automatic transmission business. Sonya, who has two daughters by her previous marriage, was in the Nutri-Systems business. Donald and Sonya were married in Payette, Idaho on 7 December 1973.

          Donald was previously married on 31 January 1959 at Wapato, Yakima County, Washington to Alice Maren RYSTROM. Alice was the daughter of Edwin and Sylvia (JENSEN) RYSTROM, and was born 22 November 1939 in Ellendale, North Dakota. They were divorced about 1970 and Alice remarried in 1974 and lived in Napaville, Washington.

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12-3-2-3-6       FRANK EDWARD PEDEN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Frank was born in Loomis, Davison County, South Dakota on 20 February 1905. He turned 79 years old this year - 1984. On March 5, Helen BLUMHAGEN wrote me: "Uncle Frank is here in Salt Lake City right now. He is in a nursing home (hospital) with Altzheimers disease. They came here three weeks ago from their home in Garden Grove, (California). They will probably be going back in May, Aunt Elma (Frank's wife, Elma EBEL) is staying with their daughter Loretta."

          Frank and Elma were married in Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado, on the 12th of December 1927. Elma was born on the 28th of December 1906 in Russell, Russell County, Kansas

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Lawrence was born in Huron, South Dakota on 29 December 1915 and served in the Army during World War II. He was married on 4 August 1949 in Taos, New Mexico to Maud ( ) BUFFALOW, who was born on the 11th of June 1902 in Cortland, Nebraska. She had three children by her first marriage, a daughter married to Nels OLSEN; Rachel, married to a WILLIAMS, and John L.

          Lawrence was quite a musician and played the organ at his church in Augusta, Kansas. He died in Eldorado, Kansas on the 25 January 1964, and is buried at Augusta. In 1978 Maud was living in Augusta, Kansas.

          No issue.

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12-3-2-3-11     CECIL LEROY PEDEN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jeremiah-Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Cecil was born in Bethune, Kit Carson County, Colorado, 30 December 1917. He was first married about 1941 to Dorothy BOOTH. The newlyweds lived at first with his sister, Lola Fae and family in Yakima, Washington. Cecil was in World War II and like his brother was a musician.

          Cecil and Dorothy were divorced. Dorothy then married Tim GOODING and lived in Aurora, Colorado in 1983. Cecil had a second marriage but it only lasted about three months. In 1983, Cecil was living in Mosca, Kit Carson County, Colorado.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          When Samuel and Margaret PEDEN were still back in Floris, Davis County, Iowa, a fourth child was born to them on the 5th of November 1873. He was named Lewis Milton.

          Lewis grew up at Floris, and was married there on the 16th of September 1896 to Harriet Mae GARRETSON. Harriet, daughter of Alexander and Jane (CLARK) GARRETSON, was born on the 18th of November 1878, at Floris.

          In the 1900 census, Lewis and Harriet and their two daughters were listed in Lick Creek Township, Davis County, Iowa, he was listed as a farm laborer. Apparently, soon after that census, they moved over into Wapello County, Iowa, for their next two children are said to have been born there, in 1902 and 1904 respectively. By 1904 the rest of Lewis' family had departed Iowa for South Dakota, but apparently Lewis did not follow suit until about 1905. His next two children were born in Huron, Beadle County, South Dakota. About 1910 Lewis moved to Paullina, O'Brien County, Iowa and two or three years later he was back in Huron, only to move again, this time to Stratton, Kit Carson County, Colorado. There was one more move, this one to Rapid City, South Dakota, where they remained.

          Rapid City is where Lewis died 22 February 1938, age 64. After his death, Harriet lived with her daughters, Lola Fae, in Askov, Minnesota, and Reva, in Portland, Oregon, for the next 27 years. Harriet died in Portland, Oregon 28 May 1965 at the age of 86. Harriet is buried with Lewis at Rapid City, South Dakota.


                        1.    Reva Alverda PEDEN, b. 18 Feb 1898, Floris, Davis County, Iowa. Married: 1. 29 Sept 1915, Huron, Beadle Co., South Dakota, Omer John YAHNE, b. 14 Oct 1887, Dallas Co. Iowa, d. 14 May 1955, Portland, Oregon. Married: 2nd 1959, Anthony ARMANTROUT, d. 20 Feb 1960. Married 3rd 20 Mar 1962, James THOMAS. No issue.

                        2.    Edith Lula PEDEN, b. 12 Feb 1900, Floris, Davis County, Iowa. Married: 1. 9 Sept 1918, Huron, Beadle Co., South Dakota, Ray YAHNE, b. 9 Oct 1897/98, Memburn, Iowa, son of James and Ellen YAHNE, d. 6 May 1947, Rapid City, South Dakota. Married: 2nd Richard J. ANDERSON.

Issue: TWINS

                               1.    Elvin Vernan YAHNE, b. 6 Apr 1917, Huron, Beadle Co., South Dakota. Married: Veneta Fern LARSEN.


                                      1.    Dennis Ray YAHNE

                                      2.    Ronald YAHNE

                               2.    Melvin Lavern YAHNE, b. 6 Apr 1917, Huron, Beadle Co., South Dakota, Married: June 1943, Bonnie June MENKL. 1964: Rapid City, South Dakota.

                        3.    Lola Fae Garetson PEDEN, 4 Mar 1902, Ottumwa, Iowa. Married: 1st 24 Dec 1920, Huron, Beadle Co., Colorado, William H. JACKSON. Married 2nd Forrest H. GOULD


                               1.    Shirley JACKSON, b&d about 1925

                               2.    Kenneth Leroy JACKSON, b. 8 Oct 1930, Los Angeles, California. Married: Neta .

                        4.    Clarence Lewis PEDEN, b. 27 Sept 1904, Ottumwa, Iowa, d. 3 Aug 1964, Rapid City, South Dakota of Cancer. Married: 13 Mar 1929, Rapid City, South Dakota, Olga Victoria LEE, daughter of Charles LEE.

                        5.    Henry Ray PEDEN, b. 15 Feb 1906, Huron, Beadle County, Colorado, d. 27 Jan 1954, Duluth, Minnesota. Married: 7 Nov 1928, Elizabeth Marie PHOTENHAVER, b. Austin, Mower County, Minnesota, daughter of Gres PHOTENHAVER. No issue.

                        6.    Donna Isabel PEDEN, b. 24 Sept 1909, Huron, Beadle County, Colorado. Married: 1. 5 Apr 1928, Huron, Beadle County, CO, Gilbert MILLER, divorced. Married 2nd Arthur HARRISON.

                        7.    George Milton PEDEN, b. 13 Nov 1911, Paullina, O'Brien County, Iowa, d. 26 Feb 1955, Rapid City, South Dakota. Married: 11 July 1948, Rapid City, South Dakota, Rose (WASHBURN) FURCOT - divorced, 1952. George died May 1962, car wreck, Sioux Falls, Iowa. No issue.

                        8.    Leo Charles PEDEN, b. 14 Feb 1914, Huron, Beadle County, Colorado. Married: 6 Mar 1940, New Castle, Wyoming, Betty SIMMONS, b. Rapid City, South Dakota, daughter of George SIMMONS.

                        9.    Cecil Omer PEDEN, b. 20 Apr 1916, Stratton, Kit Carson County, Colorado. Married: 1st 1 Dec 1945, Mineral Wells, Texas, Bobbie LATTIMER, d. 1 May 1965. Married 2nd 17 Nov 1957, Lillian .

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          The fifth Peden to come into the world at the farm home of Samuel and Margaret in Floris, Davis County, Iowa, was Nancy Alice, born 28 July 1879. When she was 5 months old, her 17 year old sister, Mary Marinda, was married to George W.L. BROOKS, and Nancy grew up as much a part of her sister's family as her own. So she was very well acquainted with the entire Brooks family, headed by Anson and Susan (FIEDLER) BROOKS, and she practically grew up with George's younger brother, Frank M., born 15 October 1875 in Floris.

          It was inevitable that Frank and Nancy would be married. She was 21 and he 25 when they exchanged vows on the 19th of December 1900.

          The two were in the wagon train when it headed for the Mitchell, South Dakota, area in 1902. But where most of the others moved around a great deal, Nancy and Frank remained put in Mitchell for several years. Later they moved to Peden territory at Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado. Nancy managed a general store and the post office in Mosca for many years. Frank died 14 June 1927 at the age of 47.

          On 15 November 1938, Nancy married Herbert H.

MC CLINTOCK. Herbert died 6 November 1946 and after that she moved to Alamosa, where she died 26 May 1957/58. She is buried at Monte Vista Cemetery, Colorado.


                        1.    Ralph Emerson BROOKS, b. 27 May 1904, d. 16 Nov 1954, Anacortes, Washington. Buried: Masonic Cemetery, Seattle, Washington. Married: 1st May 1950, Anacortes, Washington, Ethel SWISHER. Married 2nd Unknown. Ralph served in World War II, stationed in Washington State. Was a 32nd Degree Mason.

                        2.    Harold Franklin BROOKS, b. 17 May 1918, Mitchell, South Dakota. Married: 10 Sept 1942, Preston, Idaho, Fern A. BEHIL, b. 25 Aug 1918, near Mosca, Colorado daughter of John H. and Tirzah (BRANT) BEHIL. Harold was in World War II. 1964: operating a furniture store in Monte Vista, CO. Fern was a cosmetologist with a shop in their home.


                                      1.    Gloria Jeanne BROOKS, b. 28 Nov 1947, Monte Vista, Colorado.

                                      2.    Beverly Katherine BROOKS, b. 9 May 1949, Monte Vista, Colorado.

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Ewing Family Lineage:             Samuel-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James


          John, born 30 June 1882 at Floris, Davis County, Iowa, was 20 years old when the family moved to Mitchell, South Dakota, but it was still several years before he found his life's mate. He was 31 years old when he and, 22 year old, Martha Ann VOEGE were married 26 November 1913, in Yankton, South Dakota.

          Martha was born 13 November 1891 in Sioux City, Iowa, the daughter of Herman J. and Barbara (SCHAUB) VOEGE. John died the 4th of September 1965 at Seattle, Washington. Martha, in March of 1984, was not only still living but had a telephone listed in her name as M.A. PEDEN and she was living at 1536 NW 62nd, Seattle, Washington. Incredible, because she was 92 years old!

          John and Martha had three children and 51 years together. They lived at first in Mitchell, South Dakota, but then moved to Seattle, Washington, where John carried mail for many years until his retirement.


                        1.    Leo James PEDEN, b. 25 Sept 1914, Mitchell, South Dakota. Married: 20 July 1945, Seattle, Washington, Beatrice Ann BOELTER, b. 30 May 1923, Greeley, Colorado, daughter of Edwin D. and Marie (MARTINSON) BOELTER, divorced. 1957: Leo an attorney. Leo resided in Seattle. Beatrice also lived in Seattle, Washington.

                        2.    John Paul PEDEN, b. 3 Apr 1916, Mitchell, South Dakota, d. 19 Jan 1918.

                        3.    Dorothy Marie PEDEN, b. 6 Feb 1919, Mitchell, South Dakota. Married: 4 Dec 1942, Seattle, Washington, Elmore John OISTAD, b. 28 Apr 1917, Winlock, Lewis County, Washington, son of Soren and Lena (HOVEN) OISTAD. Dorothy attended college in Seattle, WA.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          There is not much to tell about this third child of Elizabeth and John. Apparently no one has contact with her descendants, if she has any living today, and she and all but one of her children disappear from sight after the 1880 census.

          Anstis, named for her grandmother, was born in Huntington Township on 14 October 1836. On 4 July 1857 she married John A. LOWE. John was born in Ohio in 1834. His father was James LOWE, born 1803 and died 1862, buried in the Piper Cemetery, Meigs County, Ohio and only a short distance from the Lowe farm in Huntington Township, Gallia County. John's mother was Rosanna LOWE, born in Virginia in 1804, who was listed in Huntington Township next to Anstis and John in the 1870 census, living with Cynthia and Civil War veteran Joseph SMITH, son-in-law and daughter.

          John had a brother, James LOWE, minister and horsetrader, who married into the Cherrington family and was ancestor of other descendants of James Ewing in this book, the MC GHEES in Chapter 5. John was a soldier in the Civil War, but no record of his service was found. He was not in a company regularly associated with Huntington Township men. He was pensioned for injuries to his right foot and abdomen and received $11.25 a month beginning December 1877.

          In the 1874 GALLIA COUNTY ATLAS, J. LOWE is shown with 40 acres in Section 1 of Huntington Township, 40 acres tucked neatly into the L-shaped tract that belonged to Anstis' parents, John and Elizabeth.

          John and Anstis were listed in the 1860 Huntington Township census, he a farmer, worth $200. They were in the same place in 1870, he was worth $1,000/$177 - next door to his mother and the Smiths as mentioned above.

          But by the 1880 census the Lowes were over in Pike County, in Benton Township, listed next to his brother James, the horsetrader, whose first wife, Harriet CHERRINGTON, had died back in Huntington Township. He was listed with his second wife, Sarah. The mother of John and James, Rosanne, may have gone to Pike County with them; at least she is not buried in Huntington Township. She was not in the 1880 census.

          John died in 1880. Anstis outlived him by 37 years, but she was not found in the 1900 census index. Family records indicate that Anstis died at Fostoria, Seneca County, Ohio on the 11th of May 1926.


                        1.    George Q. LOWE, b. Mar 1859, d. 17 Jan 1947. Married: about 1884, Mary , b. June 1850, OH. 1880 census: 20, at home, Pike County, Ohio. 1890: near Chillicothe, Huntington Township, Ross County, Ohio, near his cousin, Henry Jordan LOWE son of James and Harriet (CHERRINGTON) LOWE.


                               1.    Nancy LOWE, b. Apr 1885.

                               2.    Ettie J. LOWE, b. Dec 1889.

                               3.    George A. LOWE, b. Feb 1891.

                        2.    Henry LOWE, b. 1864.

                        3.    Brownwell LOWE, b. 1866, d. 1918, Fostoria, Seneca County, Ohio.

                        4.    Eva A. LOWE, b. 1876, d. 17 Jan 1947, Fostoria, Seneca County, Ohio. Married: George F. PARRISH, b. 1863, d. 1935. Eva a DAR, resided in Toledo, Ohio.


                               1.    William PARRISH, Toledo, Ohio

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          If little is known about Anstis, even less is known about her brother, John Jordan, Elizabeth and John's fourth child.

          John was born 16 December 1839, on the farm in Section 1, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. He was a soldier in the Civil War, a corporal in Company B of the well-known 36th OVI. He and his brother, Henry, enlisted together on the 12th of August 1861, and were mustered out with the company on the 27th of July 1865. The 36th, detailed elsewhere in this work, fought at Bull Run, Antietam, Chickamauga, Kearstown, Winchester, etc., and in 1863, were in the assault to take Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. That's when both brothers were wounded, at Missionary Ridge, on the 25th of November 1863. If John went home as Jordan did, then he was there when their father, John, died in January of 1864.

          John and Margaret Ann HAWK were married 16 December 1866 in Vinton County, Ohio. Margaret, born 1 September 1843 was no doubt related to Rachel HAWK who married 21-2, and to the Isaac HAWK who married a daughter of Joshua EWING.

          John and Margaret were not found in a Gallia County census or Ohio index, so it is assumed that right after their marriage they moved to West Virginia. John's 1904 address, per A.E. EWING, was Crow Summit, West Virginia. John died 5 April 1921, in Ravenswood, West Virginia and is buried there. Margaret died there 14 July 1927 and it is assumed that Margaret is buried with John.

          Long distance checks in 1984 failed to locate members of this family in or near Ravenswood, West Virginia.


                        1.    Laura Belle PEDEN, b. 12 Sept 1868, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 26 July 1895. Married: Isaac BOYD.

                        2.    Margaret Estella PEDEN, b. 27 Mar 1870, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. June 1935. Married: 28 Mar 1890, Charles E. ABBOTT, d. 1920, Ravenswood, West Virginia.

                        3.    Henry Fleming PEDEN, b. 26 Aug 1875, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 20 Dec 1933. Married: Anna Rowena RARDEN, 20 Dec 1880.


                               1.    Clara Eva PEDEN, b. 24 Oct 1901, d. 22 June 1903.

                               2.    Helen Marie PEDEN, b. 24 Aug 1903, d. 2 Sept 1904.

                               3.    Virginia Merle PEDEN, b. 28 Nov 1910. Married: 19 June 1938, George Beal MC MEANS.


                                      1.    George B. MC MEANS, JR.,

                                      2.    Charles A. MC MEANS

                                      3.    Susan L. MC MEANS

                                      4.    John Henry PEDEN, b. about 10 Apr 1915. Married: 1st 6 Aug 1938, Janice DAVIS. Married 2nd 11 July 1951, Georgia BREWSTER.

                                              Issue: 3 children by Georgia

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          On 10 July 1834, John's sister, Phoebe PEDEN, married Henry DRAPER. John must have had a great deal of respect for his brother-in-law, for he named his fifth child for Henry.

          This Henry was born 12 January 1841, at Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. He and his next older brother, John, enlisted together on 12 August 1861 for three years as privates in Company B of the famous 36th OVI.

          The 36th served in the Tennessee campaign of the Fall of 1863 when the Union forces were pressing to take Lookout Mountain. At Missionary Ridge, on the last day of the Battle of Lookout Mountain - 25 November 1863, both John and Henry were wounded.

          After hospitalization Henry was sent home on leave, hence, he happened to be home when his father died 14 January 1864. It was on that leave that he proposed to one Mary Ellen JOHNSON, his second cousin on the Peden side. Mary Ellen was the daughter of West Virginia born Joshua JOHNSON. She was born 20 June 1841 in Meigs County, Ohio.

          When Mary Ellen and Henry were married in Gallia County on the 12th of May 1864, Henry was on crutches.

          After the wedding Henry rejoined his unit. Henry's three years of duty was up in the fall and the company was mustered out 7 September 1864.

          Henry reenlisted a week later, 13 September 1864. He joined Company B of the 34th, but on 28 February 1865, he was transferred back to Company B of the 36th where his brother, John, was a corporal. The two were mustered out with company 27 July 1865 and Henry went home.

          Four months later, 25 November 1865, Henry and Mary Ellen's first child, William, was born.

          The couple had established a home in Huntington Township where they were found in the 1880 census. In that census it was noted that Henry was disabled - probably from that old war injury.

          In the 1880s the family headed west. Himebrook has it that Henry lived and died in Floris, Davis County, Iowa, where his brother, Samuel lived. Henry may have lived there for a time, but by 1886, he was in Kansas; by 1890 in Washington; and by 1900 in Idaho. Henry and his large family were listed in the 1900 census as residents of Leland Precinct, Nez Perce County, Idaho, in an area which was general headquarters for this family for years to come.

           Mary Ellen died there 14 March 1903. Henry was 67 when he died 11 November 1908.


12-3-5-1          1.    William Matison PEDEN, b. 25 Nov 1865, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        2.    John Jordan PEDEN, b. 10 Sept 1868, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Alice ROPER. Resided: Garfield, Washington.


                               1.    Pearl PEDEN, Married: FINCH. 1913, resided Garfield, Washington.

                               2.    Millie PEDEN, Married: BYRNE. 1913, resided Garfield, Washington.

                               3.    Fay PEDEN, d. prior to 1913, age 5 years.

                               4.    Ivol C. PEDEN, d. Prior to 1913, - age 2 years old.

                        3.    Mary Alice PEDEN, b. about 1870, d. prior to 1880, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio - age 2 years old.

12-3-5-4          4.    Ida Ellen PEDEN, b. 16 Mar 1871, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-3-5-5          5.    Henry W. PEDEN, b. 10 July 1872, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-3-5-6          6.    James Elmer PEDEN, b. 9 Apr 1875/76, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        7.    Charles Frederick PEDEN, b. 19 Jan 1883. Married: Mabel BLACK, no issue.

12-3-5-8          8.    Dora Belle PEDEN, b. 9 Nov 1886, Kansas.

                        9.    Walter PEDEN, b. 24 Jan 1890, Washington, d. 18 July 1952. Married: Sylvia THURSTON.


                                      1.    Ila Mae PEDEN

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          William was born 25 November 1865 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio and was about 20 when the family moved west. They were in Kansas in 1886, when Dora Belle was born. That is the year William was married. In 1900 William and his wife, Laura GUTHRIE - born May 1868 in Missouri, were in Big Edda Precinct, Nez Perce County, Idaho. He was a farmer and owned his farm free, but that year all farmers in Nez Perce County owned their farms free - probably a government give-away to get settlers there. Laura's brother, George W. GUTHRIE, born May 1846 in Missouri and single, was with them. She was listed has having 5 and 5.


                        1.    Elsie E. PEDEN, b. Apr 1888, Nebraska, d. pre-1913. Married: _____ WILLIAMS.

                        2.    Lena M. PEDEN, b. Sept 1890, Washington. Married: WHOLSEIN. Resided: Agatha, Nez Perce County, Idaho.

                        3.    Lizzie A. PEDEN, b. July 1892, Washington. Married: KEITH. Resided: Peck, Idaho.

                        4.    Harvey D. PEDEN, b. Apr 1896, Idaho.

                        5.    Hattie PEDEN, b. Apr 1898, Idaho. Married: ATTABURY.

                        6.    Clara PEDEN, b. after 1900, Idaho. Married: BUELIG.

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12-3-5-4   IDA ELLEN PEDEN


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Ida was born in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio on 16 March 1871. She was married, probably in Washington in 1892, to John C. LARKEE, born 6 February 1865 in Wisconsin. John's father, Frederick LARKEE, and his mother were both born in Denmark. Ida and John lived in Clarkston, Asotin County, Washington - right on the Idaho state line abutting Lewiston, Idaho. Ida Ellen was in contact with A.E. EWING and provided him at an early date, 1913, with much of the material in the Henry Draper Peden line. John died 13 July 1947 and Ida died 20 January 1952.


                        1.    Dora B. LARKEE, b. Nov 1892, Washington. Married: HOOBLES.


                                      1.    Vivian Elaine HOOBLES, Married: COAL

                                      2.    Dorothy Jean HOOBLES, Married: GALLAHER

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Henry was born back in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio on the 10th of July 1872 and was about 10 years old when the family moved to the west. Henry was married on the 1st of January 1900 to Jennie LOCKE. Jennie was born on the 8th of January 1881 in Nebraska. In 1900 the newlyweds lived in Big Edda Precinct, Idaho and were among the many who owned their farm free. Later they lived in Garfield, Whitman County, Washington. In 1980 there were no Pedens listed in either Garfield of Lewiston.

          Henry died 10 October 1946


                        1.    Chester Frederick PEDEN, b. 10 Dec 1900, Idaho.

                        2.    Jessie Louis PEDEN, b. 6 Nov 1902, Idaho. Married: YARDLEY.

                        3.    Vera Viola PEDEN, b. 12 Jan 1905, Idaho. Married: HOLT.

                        4.    Ella PEDEN, b. 30 Dec 1906, Idaho, d. 1947, Married: COLWELL.

                        5.    Mary Ivol PEDEN, b. 2 Apr 1909.

                        6.    Henry Jordan PEDEN, b. 20 Apr 1912.

                        7.    Edith Eldora PEDEN, b. 22 Apr 1919.

                        8.    Charles Norman PEDEN, b. 16 July 1923, d. 1944, World War II.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          James was born 9 April 175 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio and died in Spokane, Washington, 11 September 1905. He is buried at Garfield, Whitman County, Washington. James was married in October 1899, to Mary Lucinda "Lulu"

MC KENZIE, who was born 28 July 1883 in Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas.

          Mary Lucinda's parents were Solomon and Sarah (CARLISLE) MC KENZIE, born Arkansas and Tennessee respectively.

          In 1900 these Pedens were listed right next to the Larkees in Bedrock Precinct, Nez Perce County, Idaho. James was a farmer and owned his farm free.

          After James' death, Mary Lucinda married Paul FROST. Her third marriage was on the 14th of May 1930 to Herbert Charles LARMER.


                        1.    Charles Clifford PEDEN, b. 8 Sept 1900, Lenora, Nez Perce County, Idaho, d. 30 Jan 1903.

                        2.    Henry Solomon PEDEN, b. 27 Nov 1902, Lenora, Nez Perce County, Idaho. Married: 2 Nov 1924, Hansel HAMILTON.

                        3.    James Everett PEDEN, b. 1 Apr 1905, Garfield, Whitman County, Washington. Married: Eloise JENSON.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Dora Belle was born in Kansas 9 November 1886 and was married three times. Her first husband was Archie MAY, her second, Frank BLAKEMAN, and third, JOHNSON.


                        1.    Muriel MAY, b. 26 Sept 1903, Leland, Idaho. Married: GROUT.

                        2.    Walter Lyle MAY, b. 24 mar 1907, Kendrick, Idaho.

                        3.    Alice Opal BLAKEMAN, b. 24 Jan 1911, Garfield, Wash.. Married: FREDERICK.

                        4.    Ruby J. BLAKEMAN, b. 1 May 1914, Garfield, Washington. Married: SCHOPPEL.

                        5.    Earle BLAKEMAN, b. 31 Mar 1917, Garfield, Washington.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Here was another case of a son being named for a brother-in-law. This time it was Elizabeth's brother-in-law, Dr. Jonathan LEONARD, husband of Margaret EWING. They were married 19 March 1848, and Jonathan Leonard Peden was born the 12th of January 1849.

          Though he was only 15 years and 2 days old when his father died in 1864, Jonathan sort of became the head of the household, his older brothers being either married and gone from home or in Civil War service. In the 1870 census Jonathan was listed as 21 and at home, "works on farm." Only brother James, 16, was also at home.

          It's interesting - in that 1870 Huntington Township census you can follow the enumerator's trail if you look at Section 1 of the township map. Family 31 was John A. MARTINDALE; Family 32 was William MARTINDALE; Family 33 was Elizabeth PEDEN; Family 34 was John Jordan PEDEN; Family 35 was John LOWE, and Family 36 was Rosannah LOWE.

          Very soon after that census was taken, Jonathan became a married man. His wife was Mary Edwina MC CANN, daughter of John and Rebecca (NORTON) MC CANN. Mary was born in Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio, and was 18 when she and Jonathan were married there on the 12th of June in 1870.

          Apparently, at first the newlyweds lived in Huntington Township, as family records have it that their first child, Melvin was born there on the 24th of April 1871. But their second child, Bertha, born 1873 was born in Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio, as were the next two children.

          About 1880 something called Jonathan westward. He packed up his family and headed to Nebraska, to settle in St. Paul, Howard County. By 1900 Jonathan, Mary and their family were back in Ohio. This time they settled in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. That is where they were in the 1900 census.

          Mary died 5 February 1909 soon after her 57th birthday. In the 1910 census, Jonathan was still in Wilkesville, 61, a farmer, widowed. With him were his son-in-law and daughter, Frank and Rosaltha PEDEN HOLCOMB.

          Jonathan died 22 April 1926 in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio, age 77 years. Presumably both he and Mary are buried at Wilkesville. They are not buried in Gallia County.


                        1.    Melvin Leroy PEDEN, b. 23 Apr 1871, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 1899, age 28. Married: Edith HENRY. Melvin: a Baptist minister, lived in Gibsonburg, OH and Temperance, Michigan.

                               Edith: Married - 2nd Dr. PARMALEE


                                      1.    only, Paul PEDEN

                        2.    Bertha Leonora PEDEN, b. 28 Sept 1873, Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio, d. 1901, 28 years. Married: Martin KAUFMAN.

                        3.    Bertsel Lorenzo PEDEN, b. 11 Sept 1874, Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio, d. 17 July 1954. Married: st Nancy MISAMORE, d. 1899. Married 2nd Frona CARTER. Married 3rd Eulala

                               Issue by Nancy:

                                      1.    Glenora PEDEN, b. about 1897. Married: SWARTZENGRUBER.

                                      2.    Stacy PEDEN, b. about 1899.

                               Issue by Frona:

                                      3.    Edrie PEDEN

                               Issue by Eulala:

                                      4.    Jonathan Leonard PEDEN II

                        4.    Alwilda Luana PEDEN, b. 28 Sept 1879, Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio, d. 1924. Buried, Swamp Church, Van Lue County, OH. Married: Levi/Lewis MISAMORE.


                                      1.    Zenith MISAMORE

                                      2.    Dayton MISAMORE - TWIN

                                      3.    Clayton MISAMORE - TWIN

                        5.    Adolphus Edwin PEDEN - TWIN, b. 15 May 1881, St. Paul, Howard County, Nebraska, d. 5 June 1909, Findley, Ohio. Married: Elizabeth JOHNSON.


                                      1.    Herschell PEDEN, b. about 1905. Killed about 1922, age 17.

12-3-8-6          6.    Rosaltha Corrinne PEDEN - TWIN, b. 15 May 1881, St. Paul, Howard County, Nebraska.

                        7.    Glenora Lovinia PEDEN, b. 31 Jan 1883, St. Paul, Howard County, Nebraska. Married: 1st 10 Mar 1902/03, Gibsonburg, Sandusky County, Ohio, Thomas KEISER, b. 8 Dec 1883, Gibsonburg, son of Daniel and Ellen KEISER, d. 1907, Cleveland, Ohio. Married: 2nd Lawrence MISAMORE (a cousin of Mittie K. PEDEN - 12-3-8)


                                      1.    (only). Crystal KEISER, b. 10 July 1907, Gibsonburg, Sandusky County, Ohio. Married: Roy DICKERSON.

                        8.    Angie Lodema PEDEN, b. 18 Sept 1885, St. Paul, Howard County, Nebraska, d. 10 May 1951. Married: 1st Pharis ROYER, b. 1885. Married 2nd Lewis VICKERY/HICKERY, d. 30 May 1952.


                                      1.    Kenneth ROYER

                                      2.    Emmett ROYER, d. age 5 years

                                      3.    Son ROYER, d. age 5 months

                                      4.    Son ROYER, d. infancy

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Jonathan-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          We have not run into the Holcombs for a long time, but with Rosaltha we can welcome them back.

          Rosaltha's husband was Frank Burdick HOLCOMB. While she was not a relation, you have met his mother, a very "Holcombed" Holcomb, Susannah WILCOX, before. Susannah's mother was a Holcomb and she herself married two of them. The mother was Taphena HOLCOMB - daughter of John HOLCOMB, who married, first Alfred WILCOX, and second, Andrew EWING (No.7). Susannah married, first, Joel Bowen HOLCOMB (5-7-1) who deserted her, and second, Zara HOLCOMB, son of Abner Johnson HOLCOMB I and his third wife, Cynthia. (To refresh your memory, this Abner was a half brother of the two Holcombs, Stephen and Samuel, who married daughters of Indian John, and John Holcomb, whose family played such an important role in Ewing Annals.)

          Rosaltha and Frank were married in Gallia County on 22 July 1899. Rosaltha was born 15 April 1881, during Jonathan and Mary PEDEN's sojourn in St. Paul, Whitman County, Nebraska. Fortunately the family returned to Ohio or this section might never have been written.

          Frank was born 1 July 1879 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, Zara and Susannah Holcomb's only child.

          The newlyweds were in Huntington Township in the 1900 census, next to his mother who was living alone. In the 1910 census, Susannah was still living alone in Huntington Township, but Frank and Rosaltha were in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio, living with her widowed father.

          Frank died 25 August 1946 at the age of 67 years. Rosaltha was 80 when she died 17 December 1961. Both are buried at Old Holcomb Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


                        1.    Estella Mae HOLCOMB, b. 30 Dec 1900, Vinton, Ohio, d. 30 Sept 1925 (Long says buried Old Holcomb Cemetery, but she is not in the cemetery book.) Married: Dec 1920, Richard WOODRUM.

12-3-8-5-2       2.    Lavonia Grace HOLCOMB, 4 Oct 1902, Vinton, Ohio.

12-3-8-5-3       3.    Shirley Maud HOLCOMB, b, 21 Sept 1904, Vinton, Ohio.

                        4.    Edna Clair HOLCOMB, b. 28 Sept 1906, Vinton, Ohio. Married: 9 July 1927, Stanley T. MILLER, divorced. Lived in Columbus, Ohio.


                                      1.    (only). Carroll MILLER

                        5.    Susannah Mary HOLCOMB, b. 26 Jan 1909, Vinton, Ohio. Married: Oct 1936, Clarence WOODALL. Resided in Sebastian, Florida.

                        6.    Frances Louise HOLCOMB, b. 23 July 1912, Vinton, Ohio, d. 13 July 1979. Buried: Columbus, Ohio. Married: 1st Herbert MILLER; married 2nd Jay CARTER; married 3rd William ZIMMERMAN. Resided: Columbus, Ohio.


                                      1.    Kenneth MILLER

                        7.    Ernest Wendell HOLCOMB, b. 20 Apr 1916, Vinton, Ohio. Married: May 1943, Mildred FRIEND, daughter of Elvin and Goldie Bell (SCHMIDT) FRIEND. Resided in Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, 13 children.

                        8.    Paul Ray HOLCOMB, b. 23 May 1919, Vinton, Ohio. Married: Jan 1946, Sarah Jane JARVIS. Resided in Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        9.    Harold Reed HOLCOMB, b. 12 July 1922, Vinton, Ohio. Married: 1942, Doris Mar BROSSO

                           1964: resided Effie, Minnesota.

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12-3-8-5-2       LAVONIA GRACE HOLCOMB

Ewing Family Lineage:      Rosaltha-Jonathan-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Lavonia came into this world on 4 October 1902. She was born and raised in Vinton, Ohio, but by the early 1920s she was in Columbus, Ohio, where she was married on 17 March 1923, to Don Delmar GEORGE. Don was born at Vinton, Ohio on the 2nd of June 1903, the son of Elmer and Bertha (SPIRES) GEORGE. Don and Lavonia lived in Columbus, Ohio


                        1.    Paul Wayne GEORGE, b. 16 Oct 1924, Columbus, Ohio. Married: 31 Mar 1951, Columbus, Ohio, Belva Izettia DONAHUE.

                         2.    Donald Edwin GEORGE, b. 15 Mar 1926, Columbus, Ohio. Married: 4 Dec 1947, Roswell, New Mexico, Kathleen Juanita PHILLIPS, daughter of Gerald and Elizabeth (MOORE) PHILLIPS.

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12-3-8-5-3       SHIRLEY MAUD HOLCOMB


Ewing Family Lineage:      Rosaltha-Jonathan-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          This was one of those quirks of fate that every genealogist loves. It was great enough to hear from Shirley's daughter, Betty, with the entire family in this Peden-Holcomb line. But then come to find out that Shirley's second husband was from a long-lost branch of the family under the Dodrills. He was Homer M. HUNTLEY, son of Lawrence and Olive (DODRILL) HUNTLEY (11-8-1-1) about whom I had no knowledge after the 1910 census. The Dodrill genealogy dismissed Lawrence and Olive, erroneously, "moved to Northern Ohio."

          So, how delighted I was to have contact with that line and to get the family data for posterity. Homer would have loved it, too. He was always very sad that his mother's family had not made the Dodrill pages, and would have liked knowing the Dodrill information is making it into this work. But sadly Homer died of cancer, just prior to my contact with Shirley and Betty on 27 August 1981.

           Shirley, born 21 September 1904 at Vinton, Ohio, was married in Delaware, Ohio on 14 March 1925 to Brayton Relah WHITE, son of Wilbur and Ottie (HULL) WHITE. Brayton was born 19 July 1905 in Meigs County, Ohio. After two children and 39 years of marriage, Shirley and Brayton were divorced in October 1964. In 1965, Brayton, a truck driver, married Mrs. Lucille PINNEY. They lived in Columbus, Ohio at that time.

          It was on the 5th of September in 1970 that Shirley and Homer Huntley were married. Homer was born in April of 1901 on Keystone Road near Vinton, Ohio and had they known each other in their early days. But neither of them had any idea they were fourth cousins. She was nearly 66 at the time and he was 69.

     They had just short of 11 years together when Homer died in LaRue, Marion County, Ohio. He is buried in the LaRue Cemetery.

          Shirley, a seamstress for many of her years, 80 in 1984, lives with or near Betty in Miami, Florida.


12-3-8-5-3-1   1.    Betty Louise WHITE, b. 20 July 1927, Columbus, Ohio.

                        2.    Robert Thane WHITE, 2 Sept 1934, Vinton, Ohio, d. 30 Mar 1982, Columbus, Ohio. Buried: Sunset Cemetery, New Rome, Franklin County, Ohio. Married 1st 1953, Geraldine CARRUTHERS

                                 Divorced: 1957. Married 2nd 12 Mar 1960, Shirley Ann (MURRAY) SKAGGS.

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12-3-8-5-3-1   BETTY LOUISE WHITE


Ewing Family Lineage:      Shirley-Rosaltha-Jonathan-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          It was Betty's interest in genealogy that brought us, the Pedens, the Holcombs, the Dodrills and the Huntleys, all together. She was interested enough to have joined, from way down in Florida, the Gallia County Historical/Genealogical Society.

          Betty's name and address were sent to me, with the information that her grandmother was a Peden and her grandfather was a Holcomb. Well, I knew immediately that could be only Rosaltha and Frank, about whom I knew nothing. I wrote Betty right away. The rest is history.

          Betty was born 20 July 1927 in Columbus, Ohio. During World War II she had the occasion to meet a man in uniform, Morris Edward LONG, a member of the Air Force. They were married in Gallipolis, Ohio 22 July 1945.

          Morris, the son of Charles and Mary Ellen (HOLLEY) LONG, was born 5 December 1921 in Mason County, West Virginia. He was discharged in 1946, and he and Betty settled down to married life.

          But not for long. After two children and four years of marriage, the two were divorced in October 1949. Morris worked for Ford Motor Company and lived in Berea, Ohio

          In 1984, Betty was a stock broker with Merrill Lynch and lived in Miami, Florida.


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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

           Mary, born 22 June 1851 near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, was 12 years old when her father died in January of 1864. Mary was married five years later on 19 December 1869 in Gallia County, to Elias SCOTT, son of Jacob and Margaret (POLLAND) SCOTT. Elias was born 21 November 1848 in Columbiana County, Ohio. His parents were from Pennsylvania.

          According to the birthplaces of their children, as supplied by a daughter, Mabel, the Scotts were in Ewington in 1870 and Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio in 1876, 1886 and 1890. Mabel has her sister dying in 1896 in Fostoria, Seneca County, Ohio, but buried in Gallia County, Ohio. The Scotts were found in Huntington Township in the 1900 census, Elias a day laborer. In the 1910 census the Scotts were listed on High Street in Ewington, where they rented a farm, and Elias was employed as a bridge carpenter. Mary had four children, three still living.

          At some time after the 1910 census, the family moved to Canal Winchester, a little town in Franklin County, southeast of Columbus. There Elias died 17 February 1929 at the age of 80 years. Mary died 29 March 1938 in Canal Winchester at the age of 86.


12-3-9-1          1      Henry Emmett SCOTT, b. 1 Nov 1870, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        2.    Rosa Viola SCOTT, b. 21 May 1876, Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio, d. 10 Aug 1896, age 20. Buried: Pine Grove Cemetery.

12-3-9-3          3.    Everett Leonard SCOTT, b. 3 Apr 1886, Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio.

12-3-9-4          4.    Mabel Alberta SCOTT, b. 2 Jan 1890, Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Henry was born 1 November 1870 near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio and was married 5 February 1901 in Spencerville, Allen County, Ohio to Amelia COUNTS. Amelia was born 30 March 1883 in Van Wert, Ohio, to Squire and Eliza (MOORE) COUNTS.

          In the 1910 census, Henry down as married 9 years, and the first four of their children, were listed with his parents at Ewington, but there was no sign of Amelia and children numbered 6 and 7. Henry's occupation; "works at field."

          An item in a 1912 Vinton Leader mentions the Scotts as living in Hamden, Vinton County, Ohio.

          Henry died in Toledo, Ohio 19 November 1944, soon after his 74th birthday. Amelia survived him by 20 years. She died at Elyria, Ohio, 18 April 1965, age 82. Both she and Henry are buried at the cemetery in Elyria, Ohio.


                        1.    George Winfield SCOTT, b. 26 Sept 1901, Spencerville, Allen County, Ohio. Married: 29 Jan 1925, Marsella WINCHEL, b. 29 Mar 1903.


                               1.    (only). Katherine Jean SCOTT, b. 23 Oct 1928. Married: 1st Bill WILHEIM. Married 2nd Bill MARTIN.

                        2.    Franklin Logan SCOTT, b. 1 Jan 1903, Spencerville, Allen County, Ohio. Married: 5 Apr 1926, Pearl Inez KREIS, b. 21 Aug 1902..

                        3.    Kenneth Kellison SCOTT, b. 19 Dec 1903, Spencerville, Allen County, Ohio. (Kenneth was born 11 months and 18 days after Franklin - two children born the same calendar year, a first in this book) d. 30 Dec 1946, Single.

                        4.    Mabel Beatrice SCOTT, b. 25 Nov 1904, Muncie, Indiana. Married: 1st Joseph HOLLIS, b. 25 Oct 1896. Married 2nd Edward COLLING, b. 18 Aug 1898. No issue.

                        5.    Edna Elizabeth SCOTT, b. 16 Dec 1905, Spencerville, Allen County, Ohio, d. 9 Aug 1909, age 3 years old.

                        6.    Harold Theodore SCOTT, b. 9 Feb 1907, Spencerville, Allen County, Ohio. Married: 1st Eva TOWNSEND, b. 2 Sept 1910. Married 2nd Dorothea SELLS, b. 7 June 1914.

                        7.    Myrl Eugene SCOTT, b. 27 Apr 1908, Spencerville, Allen County, Ohio. Married: 1st Jean KLARES, b. 3 Sept 1904. Married 2nd Ann WITT, b. 6 Mar 1907, a schoolteacher.

                        8.    Thelma Adelia SCOTT, b. 27 Feb 1912, Where? Married: Frank ROCKWOOD, b. 4 Feb 1884.

                        9.    Vivian Florence SCOTT, b. 28 Nov 1915, Where?. Married: 26 July 1947, Nathaniel BERTHOFF, b. 9 Jan 1897. Vivian was an army nurse in World War II, served 3 years, 3 months at Nichols General Hospital, Louisville, Kentucky, and Lagordee General Hospital. Nathaniel was an ensign, commanded a submarine chaser.

                        10.  Opel Lucille SCOTT, b. 28 May 1918. Married: 19 Aug 1950, Norman SPARR.

                        11.  Queena Mae SCOTT, b. 6 Dec 1921. Married: 25 Aug 1945, Muger EMINIAN, b. 31 Oct 1915

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Everett was born 3 April 1886 in Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio. By the age of 24 he was a teacher, teaching in a country school at Ewington, and living at home with his parents, Mary and Elias.

          A short time after the 1910 census, something called him to Idaho. He was married there on the 25th of December 1912 to Leila MC CLELLAN, who was a native of Grace, Idaho. They had six children.

          Everett died 7 January 1958 at Idaho Falls, Idaho.


                        1.    Vera Mae SCOTT, b. 30 Aug 1914, Grace, Idaho. Married: 1st 25 Dec 1932, George REEVES. Married 2nd Earl CHRISTIANSON

                        2.    Ida Fae SCOTT, b. 10 Aug 1917, Grace, Idaho. Married: 25 Sept 1935, Iral NIXON.

                        3.    George Everell SCOTT, b. 25 Jan 1918, Grace, Idaho. Married: 1st 26 Nov 1949, Grace CHAPPLE. Married 2nd Eleanor SIMPSON. During World War II he received the Distinguished Flying Cross for 49 missions over enemy territory in the Philippines..

                        4.    Lowell SCOTT, b. 20 Feb 1920, Grace, Idaho. Married: 4 June 1949, Jewell MAY. World War II, he was a Boatswain Mate in the Coast Guard and was on the first ship to enter Japanese waters.

                        5.    Arthur Leon SCOTT, b. 13 Jan 1922, Grace, Idaho. Married: 5 Oct 1944, Lee KLINGMAN.

                        6.    Donna Alberta SCOTT, b. 27 Mar 1925, Grace, Idaho. Married: 4 June 1948, Charles MOORE

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Mary-Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Mabel, born 2 January 1890 in Salem Center, Meigs County, Ohio, was exceedingly interested in the histories of all branches of her family, and began collecting data at an early age. Letters from her to A.E. EWING were found, back when she was still Mabel Scott and not Mabel Scott HIMEBROOK, as she signed her letters at a later date. Her interest was one of the things that spurred Helen BLUMHAGEN into action. Much of the Peden material in this book is because of Mabel.

          Mabel was married in Columbus, Ohio on 16 December 1917 to Benjamin HIMEBROOK. Benjamin, son of Stephen and Anna (LAWSON) HIMEBROOK was born 20 September 1890 in Switz City, Brown County, Indiana and was a World War I soldier. When he enlisted 24 June 1918, he was living at 294 Midland, Columbus. He served in the 158 Dep. Brig. to 11 August 1918 and Company B, 309 Eng. to his discharge on 19 June 1919.

          Benjamin made PFC on 19 May 1919, and he served in the American Expeditionary Forces in France from 9 September 1918 to 11 June 1919.

          Childless, Mabel and Benjamin lived on a little lake at Thornville, Ohio near Perry County, east of Columbus.

          Mabel was 86 when she died in 1976. It is a puzzle as to what happened to all her family papers.

          No issue.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-Thomas-William-James

          Elizabeth went back to her mother's family, the Kellisons, for her last child's middle name. James was born on the 2nd of February 1853, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, where he spent at least the next 57 years.

          The death of his father in 1864, leaving Elizabeth a widow as it did, kept James home longer than normal He was 30 years old before he married Nettie Elizabeth MILLER on the 8th of March 1883. Nettie was born 11 Feb 1863. In the 1900 census James and Nettie were living near Ewington, James a farmer. They attended the 1904 Ewing reunion at Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

          In the 1910 census they were on Sawmill Road near Ewington and owned their farm free. Nettie was down as having 5 and 5,

          At some time after the 1910 census they moved to McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, where James died 8 July 1931 at the age 78 years. Nettie survived him by 14 years, dying in Columbus, Ohio 12 Nov 1945. They are both buried at McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio.


                        1.    Daisy Alice PEDEN, b. 14 Nov 1884, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1st James GREGORY. Married 2nd 13 Jan 1917, Dow COTRILL.


                                      1.    Goldie GREGORY, b. 10 Dec 1904

                                      2.    Vera GREGORY, b. 10 Sept 1906

                                      3.    Nettie GREGORY, b. 25 Jan 1910

                                      4.    Raymond COTRILL

                                      5.    Mary COTRILL

                                      6.    Earl COTRILL

                        2.    Myrta May PEDEN - TWIN, b. 30 July 1886, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 13 Jan 1907, David GORBY.


                               1.    (only). Harold Kellison GORBY, b. 20 Nov 1908. Married: Louella BENDLE, b. 31 Jan 1911.

                        3.    Mittie K. PEDEN - TWIN, b. 30 July 1886, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1st 1913, George FERGUSON, b. 1881, d. 1975, 95 years old - buried, Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married 2nd 15 July 1945, Lawrence MISAMORE (as did her cousin, Glenora PEDEN, see 12-3-8).

                        4.    Celia Pearl PEDEN, b. 12 Jan 1889, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Jan 1912, M. Roy PAINTER, son of Ira and Marcia (BADDERS) PAINTER, b. 1885, d. 1971.


                                      1.    Robert PAINTER, b. 25 Mar 1913. Married: Alice Bell NAU, b. 12 Apr 1912.

                                      2.    Howard PAINTER, b. 16 June 1916. Married: Helen WARD, b. 20 Feb 1919.

                                      3.    Lloyd PAINTER, b. 9 Oct 1924,. Married: Ada Jean ARNETT, b. 12 July 1927.

                        5.    James Miller PEDEN, b. 26 May 1894, .Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 28 Oct 1935, Gallia County, Ohio, but burial not noted in Gallia cemetery books. Married; June 1923, Opal SALTZ.


                                      1.    (only). Mildred Frances PEDEN, b. 28 May 1925. Married: Bryan ROHN.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-Wililam-James

          Unfortunately, Thomas and Anstis' fourth child only had a life-span of 35 years, 8 months and 28 days, so there is not much to know about her. Mostly this is about her husband and her eight children.

          Sarah was born 8 November 1816, near where Ewington came into being many years later. She was 21 years old when she and Andrew Jefferson MANNERING were married on the 14th of September 1837, by Hiram Wilcox, J.P.

          Andrew's family was an old Huntington Township family. The progenitor was Jordan Maschall MANNERING, whose wife was Sarah KNOX. The Mannerings, who came from Surrey County, North Carolina were in Gallia County, Ohio at an early date.

Andrew was born in Gallia County, 19 July 1812. Jordan and Sarah settled in Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio, where both are buried.

          Andrew had an older sister, Sarah, born in 1796, in Surrey County, North Carolina, who married William EWING JR. - No. 14.

          In later years many of the Mannering family reduced their surname to Manring, but I will keep the Mannering for consistency.

          After their marriage, Sarah and Andrew set up housekeeping in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. They were there in the 1850 census, Andrew a farmer worth $600. Three listings away was one Lucy NILES, 43, the widow of Hiram NILES. The Niles family owned some 300 acres in Huntington Township's Section 3, according to the 1874 ATLAS.

          Sarah's youngest was a little over 2 years old when she died on the 5th of August 1852. Sarah was among the first to be buried at the new Ewington Cemetery.

          A year and half later, Andrew married his neighbor, Lucy NILES. The date was 5 January 1854.

          In the 1860 census Andrew and Lucy were living in Huntington Township, he a farmer with a worth of $1,800/$300. By the 1870 census they had disappeared from the Huntington Township scene. In the 1880 census, Lucy was living in Huntington with her son Hiram NILES, JR. But Andrew, it appears, was out in Fredonia, Wilson County, Kansas. That is where he died, date unknown, and where he is buried.

          Lucy died 24 June 1890, at the age of 85 years, 4 months, 12 days. She is buried at Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Ohio - as Lucy Niles.


12-4-1             1.    Mary Ellen MANNERING, b. 20 June 1837/38, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-4-2             2.    James Coleman MANNERING, b. 3 Sept 1839, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-4-3             3.    Warren William MANNERING, b. 9 Apr 1842, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        4.    Minerva MANNERING, b. 6 Feb 1843, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        5.    Armilda MANNERING, b. 1844, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 26 July 1873. Buried: Ebenezer Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Ohio.

12-4-6             6.    Anstis MANNERING, b. 1845, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-4-7             7.    John Jordan MANNERING, b. 18 Feb 1848, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        8.    Sanford MANNERING, b. 30 Apr 1850, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 9 Mar 1915, Gentryville, Gentry County, MO. Married: 26 Feb 1871, Sallie GOMER. There was a sketch on his uncle, Maschal MANNERING in a HISTORY OF GENTRY COUNTY, MISSOURI-1882, Pg.438.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          Mary Ellen did not leave us much in the way of story material. She had no children and her section is a short one.

          There is question regarding her date of birth. Her tombstone at McNeal Cemetery in Raccoon Township tells us that she died 3 March 1897, age 59 years, 8 months, 13 days, but that works out to 20 June 1837, and that was prior to the marriage of her parents. It is more likely that her birth was 20 June 1838.

          It is possible that eyebrows were raised when Mary Ellen married her second cousin, once removed, who was seven years younger than she was. He was Thomas MC NEILL (they spelled it

MC NEAL) and he was the son of Jonathan MC NEILL, son of Absolem, the latter being a brother of Mary McNeill EWING, Mary Ellen's great-grandmother. The Absolems settled in Raccoon Township, where Thomas was born 17 December 1845.

          Thomas served in the Civil War as a private in Company H of the 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery. He enlisted in the Fall of 1862, and was mustered out with his company at Knoxville, Tennesses on the 25th of July 1865.

          Thomas and Mary Ellen were married in Gallia County on the 28th of October 1869. The census reports that in 1870 they were in Raccoon Township, Thomas a farm hand worth -/$175; in the 1880 census they were in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Thomas a farm laborer; in the 1890 special veterans schedule they were back in Thurman (Centreville), Raccoon Township, Ohio.

          Mary Ellen died, as noted in 1897. In the 1900 census Thomas was 54, a day laborer, living alone. He is not in the 1910 Gallia County census and he is not listed as buried in Gallia County. Where did he disappear to? Another mystery.

          No issue.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          James was born 3 September 1839, and was almost 13 when his mother died in 1852. He was the eldest son and must have had a lot of responsibility in helping his father carry on with the farm and family - eight children altogether, until the father's marriage 1 1/2 years later, in 1854, to the widow Lucy NILES.

          Five years after that James himself was married. His wife was Rachel ROGERS, a native of Wales, born 20 Dec 1835. They were married 17 November 1859 in Gallia County, Ohio. In 1860 he was a Huntington Township farmer worth -/$100.

          It is reported that James was in the Civil War, but no record of his service could be found. He definitely was not connected with any of the units normally associated with Huntington Township men.

          After the war James and Rachel removed to Perry Township, where they were listed in the next two census, 1870 and 1880. In the 1880 census, James' occupation was given as courier.

          James was only 44 when he died 13 April 1884. He is buried in Raccoon Township at Ebenezer Cemetery.

          Though she was almost 4 years older than James, Rachel outlived him by 37 years. Her movements in those 37 years are anyone's guess. In the 1900 census, she was in a household with an assortment of James' relatives, headed by his first cousin, Wesley CHERRINGTON. James' father, Andrew MANNERING and Wesley's mother, Parmelia MANNERING, who had married Lewis CHERRINGTON, were sister and brother. Also in the household was an aunt of them both, Ruany MANNERING. That was in Raccoon Township, Ohio.

          But strangely every single one of the above had disappeared from Raccoon Township area by the time of the 1910 census, in fact from all of Gallia County.

          Rachel died 17 March 1921 and is buried with James at the Ebenezer Cemetery in Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


                        1.    Margaret L. MANNERING, b. 6 Sept 1860, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 9 Apr 1923, probably Wellston, Ohio. Married: about 1886, not in Gallia County, Ohio, William L. PHELPS, b. July 1857, Kentucky.

                               Issue - per 1900 census:

                               1.    James A. PHELPS, b. Aug 1887

                               2.    Sarah E. PHELPS, b. Mar 1889

                               3.    Everettie B. PHELPS (daughter), b. Sept 1891

                               4.    William W. PHELPS, b. Mar 1893

                               5.    Rachel PHELPS, b. June 1894

                               6.    Joseph J. PHELPS, b. Apr 1899

                        2.    Wilson Spencer MANNERING, b. 5 Feb 1863, d. 14 Sept 1929. Married: -not in Gallia County, Susan/Suanna EVANS, b. Nov 1865, Ohio.

                               Issue - per 1900 census:

                                      1.    Paul MANNERING, b. Dec 1890

                                      2.    Ruth MANNERING, b. Oct 1894

                                      3.    George Ellsworth MANNERING, b. 10 Apr 1865, d. 15 Aug 1867, 2 years, 4 months, 5 days. Buried: Ebenezer Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Ohio.

                                      4.    Sophia MANNERING, b. 2 Nov 1867, Centerville (Thurman), Ohio, d. 17 Aug 1869, 1 year, 9 months, 15 days. Buried: Ebenezer Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Ohio.

                                      5.    Sarah MANNERING, b. 18 Apr 1871, Centerville (Thurman), Ohio, d. 27 Apr 1957. Buried: Ebenezer Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Ohio. Married: 13 Nov 1890, Gallia County, Ohio, Albert THOMAS, b. 1868, d. 1952. Buried: Ebenezer Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Ohio.

                                      6.    James Edward MANNERING, b. 8 July 1877, Centerville (Thurman), Ohio, d. 11 June 1957. Married: 25 Dec 1900, Nellie MILLER. Buried with some of this family at Ebenezer Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio .

                                      7.    Lottie MANNERING, b. 8 June 1882, d. 26 Feb 1884.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          Warren, who always went by William, was born 9 April 1842, and was 10 years old when his mother died. He does not appear with the family in the 1860 census.

          Warren did not wait very long to enter the service after the Civil War came along. He went down to Portsmouth, Ohio on 7 October 1861 to sign up in the company his uncle, Captain Maschal MANNERING, was putting together, Company A of the 56th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

          Soon after that enlistment, when the company was still at Portsmouth, Warren came down with a severe case of measles. But when the regiment shipped to Paducah, Kentucky, he went along. However he was sent back to Ohio at once, to the Routh Street Hospital in Cincinnati and then was furloughed home for about 60 days.

          He returned to the regiment some time after the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi. But in May of 1862, he "took a relapse" and was sent to Overton Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, and was there for several days.

          "He was a great favorite in our company and our regiment," someone later wrote, "and was a nephew of our captain."

          Warren served through to the 1st of February 1864, when his term was up, but he reenlisted as a veteran at once. He remained in the Army until his final discharge 6 May 1866.

          Warren's pension papers do not mention a first marriage but there must have been one, for two children, 6 and 8, appear with him and his wife in the 1880 census. That wife was Sarah Catherine (MAPES/MAPLE) BOLAR, born 1 January 1855 in Ohio, widow of Archie BOLAR who died the 20th of December 1874. Warren and Sarah were married 16 February 1877 in Vinton County, Ohio, by Reverend William CASSIDY.

          After their marriage Warren and Sarah settled near Byer, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio. They had only one child, a son, Warren Jr., born 1878.

          Warren got a job as a watchman for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad but by 1890 was finding it difficult to work and blamed his old service-incurred measles. He applied for a pension on 8 July 1890, saying he could not work because of general disability (heart, lungs).

          He got his pension, but in the 1900 census he was still working, as a railroad watchman. In that census (still Washington Township), he and Sarah were family No. 143, daughter Margaret and family were family No. 144, and son, Warren Jr. was family No. 145.

          Soon after that census the son and his wife, Anise, had a son, named Ruela (or so the name looks in pension papers). For some reason Ruela was raised by his Mannering grandparents.

          In 1920, Warren, the father, had a stroke and the doctor wrote that he had paralysis, senility, and was confined to a chair or bed and constant care. He died 10 February 1922.

          Sarah's grandson married, and she lived on alone at the house near Byer. But in 1927 her life was disrupted, and she begged the local pension attorney for relief. It seems that by the advice of her son, she employed a neighbor boy, Lester WEAVER, to do her work and stay at her house. Her trouble came from an "ungrateful" grandson whom she raised. "But he is now married and wants to bring his wife here, which his grandmother objects to and said grandson now attempts to abuse and run the neighbor boy away and threatens to write your office. He is disrupting her character and thereby putting her pension in jeopardy."

          This was written by Pension Attorney W.B. CHERRINGTON of Wellston, who added a note of his own: "Her deceased husband's family were well known as our Best People...cousins of mine (underlined). Kindly file this letter with her claim and should such threat be carried out, I shall meet it with required evidence and prosecute her tormentor."

          That was written 7 September 1927. On 11 October 1927, the pension bureau wrote, "W.B. Cherrington is advised that this Bureau has no jurisdiction over disagreements which may arise in a pensioner's family."

          We shall never know how it all turned out. The last we know of Sarah is on 10 January 1930, when her pension was increased by reason of her age - 75.

          ISSUE - unknown by whom:

                        1.    Charles MANNERING, b. 1872, Byer, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    Margaret MANNERING, b. Apr 1874, Byer, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: EVANS. 1900: recorded as divorced, but son's name WORTMAN, her name EVANS.


                                      1.    Eben WORTMAN, b. May 1896, Wellston, Ohio. Enlisted 1 Apr 1918, at Columbus, Ohio. Private First Class in American Expeditionary Forces, 7 June 1918 to 5 July 1919, discharged 25 July 1919.

          Issue by Sarah:

                        3.    Warren William MANNERING JR., b. 15 June 1878, Byer, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: about 1898, Anise , b. Feb 1881, OH. 1900: next to sister Margaret and parents, Byer, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio. Occupation: railroad watchman, like his father.


                                      1.    Ruela(?) MANNERING (son), b. after 1900. Married: by 1927 and "wants to bring his wife here". Raised by Mannering grandparents.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          Anstis, named for her grandmother, was born in January, 1845, near where Ewington came into being, and was 17 years old when she was married on 12 September 1861 in Gallia County, Ohio to William Riley WOOD. William Riley, always went by Riley. He was the son of Robert and Catherine (RILEY) WOOD, natives of Virginia. He himself was born in Ohio, in May of 1839.

          Anstis and William were married 12 September 1861, in Gallia County, Ohio.

          Though married and a father of two, William saw service in the Civil War. He enlisted 10 September 1864, as a private in Company C of the 173rd OVI, and was discharged on the 6th of April 1865.

          The Wood home was in Perry Township, where they were listed in the 1870 census, he a farmer worth $700/$200. In the 1874 ATLAS, 40 acres in Perry Township's Section 4 are in the name of R. WOOD, which could be Riley or Robert. Anstis and William were listed in Perry Township in the 1880 and 1900 census. William was listed in the 1890 special veterans census. He was not found in the 1910 census, but A.E. EWING listed his 1913 address as Rio Grande, which is in Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Anstis died in 1906, and William in 1919. They are buried at Old Pine Cemetery in Raccoon Township, together with 12 other members of the Wood family.


                        1.    Sarah Catherine WOOD (Kate), b July 1861, Perry Township, Ohio, d. 1926, Buried: Old Pine Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Ohio, as a Wood.. 1900 census: 38, with parents, Perry Township, recorded as divorced but had Wood name..

                        2.    Minerva M. WOOD, b. June 1863, Perry Township, Ohio. Married: 18 May 1887, Gallia County, Ohio by Reverend Charles DAVIS, George HUFF, (George Huff, Esq., in Marriage records) b. Sept 1860, Ohio. parents from Ohio, also. 1900 census: Gallipolis, he a dairyman, married 13 years, she 2 and 2.

                               Issue - per 1900 census:

                               1.    Lucy HUFF, b. June 1888

                               2.    Frank A. HUFF, b. Aug 1890

                        3.    James M. WOOD, b. 1865, Perry Township, Ohio. Not buried Raccoon Township. Married: Marion , no issue.

12-4-6-4          4.    David C. WOOD, b. Sept 1866, Perry Township, Ohio.

                        5.    William Riley WOOD, JR., b. Apr 1869, Perry Township, Ohio. Married: 27 Dec 1899, Gallia County, Ohio, Emma ROTT, b. Oct 1872, Ohio, Parents - Germany. 1900 census: Perry Township, next to his parents, not buried in Raccoon Township, Ohio.

12-4-6-6          6.    Thomas Jefferson WOOD, b. July 1877, Perry Township, Ohio.

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12-4-6-4          DAVID C. WOOD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Anatis-Sarh-Thomas-William-James

          David was born in Perry Township, September 1866. The index to the Gallia County marriage records gives David's marriage as being in Book 6, Page 579, 25 December 1889, by J.C. MC LAUGHLIN. The year was 1890, however, and the bride was Lena A. RICKABAUGH, probably a descendant of the Adam RICKABAUGH who was prominent in very early Gallia County history. Lena was born in January, 1868.

          In the 1900 census David and Lena were listed four families away from his parents in Perry Township.

          David died in 1931 and Lena in 1954. They are buried at the Old Pine Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


                 1.    Everett M. WOOD, b. Feb 1891, Perry Township, Gallia County, Ohio .

                 2.    Oscar S. WOOD, b. 24 Dec 1892, Perry Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Jessie M. , b. 1900, d. 1934, Buried: Old Pine Cemetery, Raccoon Township. his name on stone, no dates. Enlisted 25 June 1918, Gallipolis, in Company F, 336th Infantry to 5 Oct 1918, Company I, 362nd Infantry to discharge, 28 Apr 1919, as a private. In American Expeditionary Forces 3 Sept 1918 to 28 Apr 1919, served at Ypres-Lys..

                 3.    Stanley D. WOOD, b. Dec 1894, Perry Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 4.    Rita P. WOOD, b. Nov 1897, Perry Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                 5.    Lillian M. WOOD, b. Sept 1899, Perry Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 1981. Married: MC MILLAN.


                        1.    Earl MC MILLAN

                        2.    Carroll MC MILLAN

                        3.    Marion MC MILLAN

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12-4-6-6          THOMAS JEFFERSON WOOD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Anstis-Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          Thomas was born in July 1877 in Perry Township, and was married about 14 March 1900 to Rachel JENKINS, by J.N. BROWN in Gallia County, Ohio. Rachel was born in Ohio in January 1875. Her parents, David and Katherine (REES) JENKINS were born in Wales. The Jenkins family is mentioned on pages 188, 189 and 276 of the 1981 Gallia County History.

          The newlyweds were living in 1900 with his parents in Perry Township. Both Thomas and Rachel died in 1949, and are buried at the Old Pine Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


                        1.    Nevin Horace WOOD, b. unknown, d. Nov 1975. Married: Lenora ROOT, b. 1898, d. 1934. Both buried at Old Pine Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

                               Issue: (not necessarily in order of birth, the last five living in 1982)

                                      1.    Alma Vera WOOD, b. 21 Aug 1920, d. 7 Oct 1920. Buried: Old Pine Cemetery, Raccoon Township.

                                      2.    Wilma Jean WOOD, b. 8 June 1926, d. 13 Feb 1927. Buried: Old Pine Cemetery, Raccoon Township.

                                      3.    Eileen WOOD Married: LOWDER. 1982: residec Gallipolis, OH.

                                      4.    Helen LOWDEN

                                      5.    Thomas Eugene WOOD

                                      6.    Harland WOOD

                                      7.    Joan MILLER

12-4-6-6-2       2.    Leora Anstice WOOD, b. 27 June 1902

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12-4-6-6-2       LEORA ANSTICE WOOD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-Anstis-Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          Leora and her family are well covered in the 1980 HISTORY OF GALLIA COUNTY, thanks to a sketch she submitted for it. Unfortunately she did not live to see the sketch in print. She died in October 1980, two months before the book was released.

          Leora was born 27 June 1902 in Perry Township, where she grew up and attended Childers Grade School. She went on to Rio Grande High School in Raccoon Township and Normal Training.                                            Another resident of Perry Township was one Gomer Benjamin WRIGHT, born 6 April 1891. Gomer's parents were Andrew and Mary Jane (JENKINS) WRIGHT and they owned a 150-acre farm on State 325 near the town of Gage. The home is pictured in the GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY. This was the same farm on which Gomer's grandparents, Wyatt and Suzanne (LOVE) WRIGHT had settled in the early 1800s.

          Gomer, who was called Ben, was a soldier in World War I. He enlisted at Gallipolis on the 22nd of July 1918, as a private in Company D, 336th Infantry. He trained at Camp Sherman and then his outfit was sent overseas with the American Expeditionary Forces on the 9th of September 1918. He was transferred on the 5th of October 1918 to Company M, 90th Division, 358th Infantry and served in the Meuse-Argonne Sector.

          During this time Gomer got pneumonia and was in a critical condition for several days. On his recovery he was switched to the 158th Depot Brigade and was brought home on the 24th of December 1918 to be discharged 25 January 1919.

          Gomer and Leora were married in 1921. They bought the old Wright homestead and settled down to farming, raising a family and looking after Gomer's aging parents.

          They became active in community affairs, school, the Grange, the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans in Gallipolis. Their greatest involvement was with the Salem Baptist Church. Gomer, "Ben," served as trustee of the church and Leora was active in its Ladies Aid.

          Leora writes: "Life on the farm was busy and exciting, requiring long hours of strenuous effort, but we never became so busy that we could not pause and provide for the needs of our family and friends."

          When the Wrights retired about 1956 they sold the old farm and bought a home in Gallipolis, at 86 State Street. After Gomer's death on the 1st of December 1972 at Holzer Hospital, at the age of 81 years, 6 months, 25 days, Leora remained at the home and her youngest daughter, Deanna and family went to live with her.

          86 State Street is where she was living when she wrote the sketch and where she died in October of 1980. Both she and Gomer are buried at the Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Gallipolis, Ohio.


                        1.    Norma WRIGHT. Married: Howard WEST. 1980: resided Springfield, Ohio


                                      1.    Howard Lee WEST, Springfield, Ohio

12-4-6-6-2-2   2.    Margaret WRIGHT

                        3.    Aldeth WRIGHT. Married: Leorna STRAUSBAUGH. 1980: resided Albany, Ohio.


                               1.    Jerry STRAUSBAUGH

                               2.    Steven STRAUSBAUGH

                        4.    Deanna WRIGHT. Married: James B. PARSONS. 1980: resided Gallipolis, Ohio.


                                      1.    Julia Ann PARSONS

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12-4-6-6-2-2           MARGARET WRIGHT


Ewing Family Lineage:      Leora-Thomas-Anstis-Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          No dates for Margaret were located, so her birth and marriage dates are estimates. There was a sketch and picture about her and husband, Clyde K. PRICE, in the 1980 GALLIA COUNTY HISTORY which was written by Clyde and submitted by Margaret. But the sketch did not give any vital statistics.

          Margaret's birth year is estimated as being about 1926. Clyde and Margaret were married about 1953. They met in Gallipolis, Ohio in 1951. Clyde, son of Charles and Venia

(DE WITT) PRICE, served as a pharmacist in the Philippines during World War II for three years. After the war, he went to Ohio State University's School of Pharmacy, graduating in 1947. He started work at Kerr's Drug Store in Gallipolis, Ohio.

          In the meantime Margaret had graduated from Cadmus High School and was working at a Gallipolis department store. The two met and ...

          They established their first home in Athens, over in Meigs County, where Clyde worked for the Gallagher Drug Company. Back to Gallipolis in 1960. They bought the Butler Walgreen Drug Store at 400 Second Avenue and their first house, at 418 Third Avenue. After the birth of their second child (both sons) in 1962 they renamed the store Price and Sons Pharmacy. On 1 May 1980, they celebrated their store's 20th anniversary.

          They were members of the First Baptist Church.


                        1.    Ben Gil PRICE, b. 12 Mar 1956, Athens, Meigs County, Ohio.

                        2.    Clyde Kent PRICE, b. 29 Nov 1962, Gallipolis, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          John was born on the 18th of February 1848 and was 4 years old when his mother died, and it was his stepmother, Lucy, who raised him.

          Though he was only 16, John entered the Civil War, but only as a musician, a drummer. He enlisted on the 1st of August 1864 in Company D of the 179th OVI, and served until the 18th of June 1865.

           John was married on 3 October 1869 to Mary Ann NICKELL, who was born 7 August 1849 in Ohio. The newlyweds established a home at Riverton near Buckeye Furnace in Section 36, Milton Township. They were childless for 13 years, but in 1882, Laura came along and in 1886, Bertha.

          Mary Ann died 18 February 1902 and on 19 February 1906 in Gallia County, John married Sarah HAMMON, daughter of Huntington Township Justice of the Peace, John C. and Emily (TAYLOR) HAMMON. Mary Ann was born in 1875 in Gallia County, Ohio. On their marriage application John gave his occupation as Jackson merchant.

          John's granddaughter, Geneva, was just a youngster, but she recalled those early days and wrote, "Grandpa talked a lot about the Ewings. I used to go with him to the Ewington Bean Dinner. (an institution for many years) When I was almost a baby. He played the bass drum in the GAR Drum and Bugle Corps. That was before we even had cars, and it was a big trip by horse and buggy or sometimes even a hay wagon, from Wellston, where we lived."

          John died 5 April 1921. Sarah's death is unknown.

          ISSUE by Mary Ann:

12-4-7-1          1.    Laura MANNERING, b. 18 July 1882

                        2.    Bertha MANNERING, b. 17 May 1886, d. 28 Oct 1906. Buried: Ridgewood Cemetery, Wellston, Ohio. Married: 21 December 1904, John E. JONES, b. 1881, d. 1907, Buried with Bertha at Wellston Cemetery, Ohio. Resided: Riverton, Ohio. No issue known.

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12-4-7-1          LAURA MANNERING


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          Laura was born 18 July 1882 and was married 16 years, 8 months and 1 day later on 19 March 189 to William Edgar BRALEY.

          William was born 14 January 1874 and was 25 years old when they were married. They lived the rest of their lives in Wellston, Ohio where William died 21 December 1924, age 49 years. Laura died in Wellston, Ohio on 1 October 1946 at the age of 64 years.


                        1.    John BRALEY, b. 21 July 1900, Wellston, Ohio, d. 30 July 1901, Wellston, Ohio.

12-4-7-1-2       2.    Geneva BRALEY, b. 21 Dec 1902, Wellston, Ohio.

                        3.    Ruth BRALEY, b. 21 Sept 1904, Wellston, Ohio, d. 7 Sept 1952, single.

                        4.    Mary BRALEY, b. 10 Mar 1906, Wellston, Ohio, d. 4 Aug 1906.

                        5.    Dorothy BRALEY, b. 10 Mar 1906, Wellston, Ohio. Married: 6 Dec 1958, Walter C. O'KANE. 1977: Dorothy still living.

         * #4, Mary and #5 Dorothy were not listed as twins, but the same birthdate was listed.

                        6.    Edgar Manring BRALEY, b. 15 Nov 1909, Wellston, Ohio, d. Aug 1940. Married: 26 March 1933, Muriel BAKER.


                                      1.    Edgar Manring BRALEY JR., b. 16 Apr 1934

                                      2.    Mary Ruth BRALEY, b. 19 July 1935

12-4-7-1-7       7.    William Jordan BRALEY, b. 28 Sept 1912, Wellston, Ohio.

                        8.    Wellington Otterbein BRALEY, b. 13 May 1914, Wellston, Ohio. Married: 22 Feb 1934, Marcella PIFER. 1977: both still living.


                                      1.    (adopted) Laura Jane BRALEY, b. 14 Sept 1943. Married: William S. NICKERSON.

                        9.    Infant boy, stillborn, 28 Aug 1925

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12-4-7-1-2       GENEVA BRALEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-John-Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          Geneva responded in 1977 for a request of information on her line of Mannerings. In that letter she said, "I love genealogy, but my interest sort of goes in waves. I belong to Colonial Dames of the XVIII century and Descendants of Colonial Clergy, and have my proofs in for the Mayflower Society, through the BRALEYS back to Elder William BREWSTER. I went into DAR under Jordan MANNERING."

          At the time of that letter Geneva was about 75 years old, having been born at Wellston, Ohio, 21 December 1902. In 1977, Geneva and her husband of 48 years - they were married 29 May 1929, Virgil Clifford LEWIS, lived at 3138 Leeds Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221.

          Geneva and Virgil Lewis died about 1978 and 1979.


                        1.    William Braley LEWIS, b. 13 Sept 1929. Married: 12 Aug 1951, Lois Ann FULLER. 1981: Professor of Art, Kent State University. Resided: Ravenna, Ohio

                        2.    Joseph Dale LEWIS, b. 25 July 1933. Married: 16 Aug 1952, Carol Ann ICKES.

                        3.    Terence Michael LEWIS, b. 6 Sept 1960.

                        4.    Laura Ann LEWIS, b. 4 Feb 1965.

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12-4-7-1-7       WILLIAM JORDAN BRALEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-John-Sarah-Thomas-William-James

          William was born the 28th of September 1912, and was married on the 30th of March of 1934 to Enid CAMPBELL. In 1978 and 1983 the Braleys were living at 1397 Hadden, Columbus, Ohio.


                        1.    Marilyn Faye BRALEY, b. 11 Sept 1934. Married: 1st Donald BENDER. Married 2nd PRICE.


                               1.    Lisa Kim BENDER

                               2.    Mark Jordan BENDER

                               3.    Dean Campbell BENDER

                               4.    Cole Braley BENDER

                        2.    Eliza Kathleen BRALEY, b. 13 July 1944. Married: 1. Paul HOWEY. Married 2nd YOAKUM


                               TWINS: 1.   Paul Jordan HOWEY

                                              2.    Phillip Braley HOWEY

                               TWINS: 3.   Eliza McCarver HOWEY

                                              4.    Joshua William HOWEY

                        3.    Laura Elaine BRALEY, b. 22 June 1947. Married: Barry ARCH


                               1.    Jennifer Leigh ARCH

                               2.    Joanna Elizabeth ARCH

                               3.    Andrew Jacob ARCH

                               4.    Megan Dale BRALEY, b. 1 July 1953. Married: Philip SMITH


                                              1.    Ada Wellington SMITH

                                              2.    Perigrin SMITH

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12-6         REBECCA EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-William-James

          The fifth child born in the cabin of Thomas and Anstis Ewing was Rebecca, but she died soon after her birth in 1818. On 25 September 1819, the Ewings had another daughter, and they named her for the infant who had preceded her.

          Some early keeper of Gallia County marriage records may have goofed when it came to recording the marriage of Rebecca and James VIERS. No such record appears, but about the time those two would have been marrying, 1838, there appears the marriage of Rebecca EWING and James BACCUS, 4 November 1838 by Hiram WILLCOX, J.P. There is the possibility that the recorder just gave Rebecca Ewing the wrong James and James Baccus the wrong Rebecca.

          James Viers was born 28 March 1818. He was the son of John VIERS and a brother of Elizabeth Almira who married John Jordan EWING (12-1).

          The newlyweds made their home with her parents, and it was there, their son, Sanford, was born on the 11th of December 1839. A year and a half later, on 7 June 1841, Rebecca died, and 49 days after that, 26 July 1841, James died, and the baby Sanford was an orphan. He was raised by his Ewing grandparents.

          No doubt Rebecca and James are buried in the Thomas Ewing graveyard (Old Ewing Cemetery) but there are no stones. They could be two of the three unmarked graves there.


12-6-1             1.    (only). Sanford VIERS, b. 11 Dec 11 1839, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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12-6-1      SANFORD VIERS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Rebecca-Thomas-William-James

          The only parents Sanford ever knew were Thomas and Anstis EWING, his grandparents. He was orphaned a year and a half after his birth, 11 December 1839, and was like a son to those grandparents. Thomas even mentioned him in his will.

          Sanford was one of the first to enlist when the call went out early in the Civil War for men to serve 60 days, which was all the time it was going to take to quash the rebellion. He enlisted on the 19th of June 1861. But of course the rebellion was not put down in 60 days and when Sanford's time was up on the 12th of August 1861, he reenlisted on the spot for a three-year hitch. His company was the popular Company B of the 36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, of which William H.S. ADNEY was captain (to begin with - he was promoted to Major on the 17th of September 1862). Henry H. ADNEY was 1st Sergeant, and Sanford's cousin, John Jordan PEDEN, was his Corporal.

          Two weeks after that reenlistment, about the 1st of September 1861, on a march with the company from Walker's Station to Spencer Court House, West Virginia, Sanford was disabled by a rupture, a swelling or protrusion chiefly on the left side. He was taken to the rear.

          Then, a few months later, when the regiment was at Summerville, West Virginia, he and several others of the company contracted measles.

          These two medical mishaps were to cause him much grief in the years to come. He insisted that his complaints in those later years were due to the rupture which came from hard marching while carrying a cartridge box on a belt around his body without a shoulder support, and from being the victim of measles.

          On 30 March 1889, Henry ADNEY wrote from Kendall, Hamilton County, Kansas. "Sanford Viers was an able-bodied man, hale and hearty, when he entered the service. We were on a march in September of 1861 and he was ruptured and sent to the rear by ambulance. He rejoined the regiment the following winter at Summerville, at which place he took measles, followed by chronic diarrhea and to my knowledge never recovered. I was at the time an Orderly Sargeant of said Company B."

          On 30 June 1890, Adney wrote again. "Sir, you will please pardon the seeming neglect. I have been absent from home. Well, in the first place, I don't know what you want to know. But will say I've known Sanford Viers all my life. We were boys together. Used to swim and fight together on Sundays. He seemed to be a rugged boy and put up a good fight. I used to think it would not hurt him if lightening would strike him and sometimes felt that I would laugh if it did and we went in the service together from Vinton. We were called to the field from our camp at Marietta, Ohio, having no knowledge whatever of the usefulness of the cartridge box, in fact, never saw one till the day we left Marietta, where we were armed and equipped and sent after bushwhackers in West Virginia. Many of these cartridge boxes had no shoulder straps and as you know would pull heavily on the belly when deployed after the enemy. We had to jump off fences and rocks and hold the cartridge box with one hand. The effect was that many of the boys complained the same as did Viers and quite a number of the regiment returned, I think, from Spencer Court House. They went with the wagon train and some time in the winter they came to us again at Kanawha Valley to Summerville, where we spent the winter. The following summer at Meadowbluffs, Viers took diarrhea and never amounted to much afterward. I really think he should be pensioned though he and I never carried much friendship for each other."

          Actually, in spite of that, Sanford came off lucky. He had over three years of active service with the unlucky Company B, until his discharge at Harper's Ferry on the 3rd of September 1864 and lost not life nor limb, as so many did. Sanford became a member of the GAR Post at Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

          On returning home, he took up normal life once again, and was married the following year to Josephine ALLEN. The two were married in Jackson County, Ohio on the 2nd of August 1865, by Jerry RICE, J.P. Josephine was born 24 October 1844 in Ohio, her parents were from Virginia.

          In his youth, Sanford had taken up harnessmaking, and he became very proficient in that trade. Eventually he had a shop at No. 19 Main Street in Ewington as was reported in the 1910 map, but he and Josephine also lived at varying times at Keystone Furnace, Jackson County, Ohio in the village of Vinton, and at Patriot, in Perry Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Sanford was 71 in the 1910 census and at that time was deteriorating rapidly. Josephine died on the 30th of November 1911. Sanford needed care, and his son's wife went down from Columbus to look after him. He died 28 October 1912.

          In Sanford's obituary in the Vinton Leader, it was written that "Sanford Viers, one of Ewington's most useful and highly respected citizens, has answered the final roll call. Death again entered our midst and called away one of our most honored citizens, in whose death a vacancy is left which can never be filled."

          He was 72 years, 10 months and 17 days old at his death. The funeral, held on the 30th at the Ewington Methodist-Episcopal Church, was conducted by a cousin, Reverend Harvey DENNEY. He was buried, as was Josephine, near so many of his predecessors in the Old Ewing Cemetery in Section 1, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


12-6-1-1          1.    Arminda VIERS, b. 18 Oct 1866, Keystone Furnace, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    John Allen VIERS, b. 23 Oct 1872, Vinton, Ohio. Married: after 1900, unknown name (she took care of Sanford in his last days).

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12-6-1-1          ARMINDA VIERS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Sanford-Rebecca-Thomas-William-James

          Arminda was born on the 18th of October 1866 in Keystone Furnace, Jackson County, Ohio. At least Keystone Furnace is where Sanford said he was living in 1866, in his pension papers. Though she was only 14, she was not listed with her parents in the 1880 census, nor was her brother John, then 8. That could have been an enumerator's error.

          Arminda, or Minnie as she was called, was married the

8th of February 1885 in Gallia County, by William H. TURNER to Columbus TURNER, who was born in September of 1862. Columbus was a schoolteacher and at first they lived in Huntington Township, where they were in the 1900 census. By then Arminda had six children, five of them living.

          Before the 1910 census, the Turners had moved, apparently to Bloomdale, Perry Township, Wood County, Ohio. Columbus died prior to 1932 and Arminda went to live with her eldest daughter, Edith FRY in Bloomdale. She died at the daughter's home 3 March 1932 of pneumonia brought on by influenza. She was 65 years, 5 months, 13 days and was buried at Weaver Cemetery, Bloomdale, Perry Township, Wood County, Ohio.

          When Sanford died in 1912 he left five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. The five grands were Arminda's five, and the 10 great-grandchildren were children of her three daughters.


                        1.    Edith TURNER, b. Dec 1885. Married: FRY. Resided: Bloomdale, Perry Township, Wood Co. OH. 1982: there were six Frys in Bloomdale, including a Delbert on Sycamore Street and an Alice on Emerson Street.

                        2.    Elsie TURNER, b. 11 May 1888.

                        3.    Ethel TURNER, b. Dec 1890.

                        4.    Raymond E. TURNER, b. 7 Oct 1895, Gallia County, Ohio. Enlisted at Bowling Green, Ohio, in Battery B, 5th Battalion, Field Artillery, replacement draft company, made corporal 8 July 1918, served in the American Expeditionary Forces, 25 July 1918 to 19 May 1919, discharged 28 May 1919.

                        5.    Herrbert TURNER, b. July 1899. Not in Ohio World War I Roster.

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12-7         ANSTIS EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-William-James

          As you may have noticed, Anstis is a very popular name in this Thomas Ewing chapter. It was even given, as a middle name - the one she went by, to a great-great-granddaughter, born way out in Arkansas about 1892. It is a wonder how the mother, Rosalyn (TERRY) MAYS, even knew that her great-grandmother was named Anstis, so far removed was she from the time and the place.

          It started of course with Thomas' wife, Anstis KELLISON, but you can not help but wonder where her parents got the name. In all the years of rambling through names, Anstis, has shown up no where else. Sometimes an 'r' was added to make it Anstris, and a later spelling is Anstice.

          It was the name given to the seventh of Thomas and Anstis' children, who was born either the 9/11 September 1821, in the "getting-crowed" Ewing cabin in Section 2 of Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Anstis stayed around home longer than what was normal for the times. She was 24 years old when she was married. The date was the 9th of April 1846, the place was Gallia County, the man officiating was Zimri WELLS, and the bridegroom was Josiah SPROUSE.

          We have met Sprouses before (James married Julia Maria EWING, 7-13) and we will meet them again, when we get to the Jacob EWINGS (Mary Jane EWING, 1901, married Warner SPROUSE). All these Sprouses, and the many others of Gallia County back then, seem to be related in some way, and no doubt are connected to the David SPROUSE who was an early - 1827, taxpayer in Wilkesville Township of Gallia County, Ohio. David was an old Revolutionary War solider from Virginia. He was 74 when he applied in 1832 for a pension, and was most likely the David Sprouse whose married to Sally ALESHIRE is in Gallia records as having taken place in 1814 - a second marriage. The only other Sprouse in the tax lists of the 1820s is Elijah, who was in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

          James and Warner, who went to Ohio from Virginia about 1830, appear to be brothers. Josiah could be a first or second cousin. Born in Ohio in September 1819, he was the son of John Nicholas and Sarah "Sally" SPROUSE, who also lived in Wilkesville Township. According to the 1850 census, John was born in 1788 in North Carolina, and Sarah was born in 1799 in Virginia. John was a soldier in the War of 1812, and for that service, Sally was given a pension of $8 a month in later years.

          After their marriage, Josiah and Anstis first lived in Huntington Township, where they were found in the 1850 census, but by 1860 they had moved to Wilkesville Township, Ohio, and that is where they lived the rest of their years.

          Apparently they did not own property; in each census there is a blank after Josiah's name where a man's real estate worth was noted. In the 1870 census he is down as a farm laborer, not farmer. In the 1880 census, a son and daughter, Benjamin, 31 and Anstis Marinda, 26, were still at home.

          Anstis died 19 December 1892 at the age of 71 years, 3 months, 8 days and is buried at Ewington Cemetery. In 1900 Josiah had his daughter, Anstis, who was by then the widow WILSON, and her son, Bert, living with him. He was 81 in that census, and probably died soon after.

          Josiah's name is on the stone with Anstis at Ewington Cemetery, but the death date is missing.


12-7-1             1.    George W. SPROUSE, b. 1847 

12-7-2             2.    Benjamin Franklin SPROUSE, b. June 1848

12-7-3             3.    Thomas Ewing SPROUSE, b. 10 May 1850

12-7-4             4.    Mary Lousetta SPROUSE, b. Mar 1852

12-7-5             5.    Anstis Marinda SPROUSE, b. Oct 1853

                        6.    Sarah Elizabeth SPROUSE, b. 1856, d. Vinton, Ohio, Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery. Married: 1880 - not in Gallia Co. records, Henry Ervin WARD, b. 1861, d. 1950. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery. 1910 census: Living Bull Run Road near Vinton, OH. Henry a railroad laborer, Sarah down as 0 and 0. No issue:

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12-7-1      GEORGE W. SPROUSE


Ewing Family Lineage:      Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          George, who was born in 1847, was married about 1868 to a woman known only as Sarah Catherine. Sarah Catherine was born in 1848, in Virginia, according to the 1870 and 1880 census. In those two censuses, they were living in Wilkesville Township, Vinton County, Ohio, George a laborer. They could not be located in the 1900 Ohio census index, yet when George died in 1931, he was buried at Franklin Cemetery in Huntington Township. Sarah Catherine's death is not noted in the Huntington Township cemetery book.

          KNOWN ISSUE from the 1870 and 1880 censuses:

                        1.    Sarah E. SPROUSE, b. 1869

                        2.    Mary C. SPROUSE, b. 1870 (a Mary L. SPOUSE married in 1890, George DAVIDSON, Page 206)

                        3.    William SPROUSE, b. 1872 (William SPROUSE married Dorie RUSSELL, 10 Apr 1893) There was a William SPROUSE, 37, in 1910 census, living in Wellston, Ohio, a teamster, Married 17     years (1893) to Kate, 34, she was 4 and 3, the children: Elizabeth 16, Emmett 13, and Goldie 8/12) - Unknown for sure if this is our William.

                        4.    Emma A. SPROUSE, b. 1875. Married: 9 May 1896, Gallia County, Ohio, Frank CLARK.

                        5.    Edward SPROUSE, b. 1878

                        6.    John L. SPROUSE, b. Jan 1880

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Benjamin, born in June of 1848, was likely born in Huntington Township, but seems to have spent all his years after 1860 in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. Yet, like his brother, when he died - also in 1931, he was buried at the Franklin Cemetery back in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Benjamin waited a good long time before he found his life's mate. She was a HUNTLEY, but not one of "ours." she was Cora Bell, and she was the daughter of Henry and Catherine Elizabeth (CARDWELL) HUNTLEY. Her father was a brother of Adriel HUNTLEY, whose children were so attractive to our Ewings (of various names), and her mother was a sister of the Thomas J. CARDWELL, who married Mathena HOLCOMB back in the Dodrill chapter. Cora Bell was born in Huntington Township in December of 1868. They were married 24 February 1895, when Benjamin was 47 and Cora Bell was 27.

          In the 1900 census they were living in Wilkesville next to his father. Cora Bell was down as 3 and 3. In 1910, Benjamin was a Wilkesville farmer, they had each been married once, and that for 18 years, and she was still 3 and 3.

          Cora Bell died in 1924 and is buried with Benjamin at Franklin Cemetery in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Though 20 years older than she, Benjamin outlived her by seven years, and was 83 when he died in 1931.


                        1.    Bertha M. SPROUSE, b. Dec 1895, Wilkesville, Ohio. Married: Bernie KNAPP. Neither recorded as being buried in Huntington.

                        2.    Lillie B. SPROUSE, b. May 1897, Wilkesville, Ohio, d. 1940, age 43, Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Carl MC MILLIN, son of Robert and Elma (WOOD) MC MILLIN of Ewington, Ohio (but not one of "ours") b. 1895, d. 1944 . Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Ohio. Buried with them - the mother and two daughters            all died 1940/


                                      1.    Crystal B. MC MILLIN, b. 1926, d. 1940

                                      2.    Norma J. MC MILLIN, b. 1936, d. 1940

                                       3.    Emmett Henry SPROUSE, b. 6 Oct 1898, d. 23 May 1979. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married: 15 Oct 1919, Myrtle Josephine CAMERON, b. 23 Apr 1900, daughter of William and Lydia (HILL) CAMERON, d. 1 Jan 1962. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


                                                     1.    Ethel Ina SPROUSE, b. about 1921. Married: BURKE.

                                                     2.    Raymond Davis SPROUSE, b. 11 May 1923. Married: 19 Nov 1945, Willie Nell BERRY, b. 1 Jan 1926, daughter of William and Rosella (WILSON) BERRY.


                                                                   1.    Yvonne Lee SPROUSE, b. 25 Dec 1946. Married: SCHMIDT

                                                                   2.    Myra Jane SPROUSE, b. 1 Aug 1949. Married: POLING

                                                                   3.    Raymond Davis SPROUSE, Jr., b. 18 Oct 1961

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12-7-3-3          THOMAS EWING SPROUSE


Ewing Family Lineage:      Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          She is not a relative, except by marriage, but this is a good time to introduce Anna Belle (SPROUSE) MC CARLEY. "Ann" provided most of the material on Thomas Ewing SPROUSE's family. Ann married Clair MC CARLEY, Thomas' grandson. In providing the data, she also gave a verbal description of Thomas, and from that, he and his family was able to be identified in the 1904 Ewing reunion picture, some of the few identifiable ones.

          According to Ann, who could not have known him because she was born long after he died, he was tall, raw-boned, had red hair and a large mustache. He was known to have attended the 1904 reunion, because he signed the petition to build a battlefield monument at Point Pleasant, and the moment I looked at the old photograph I was able to spot him from that description.

          Thomas was born 10 May 1850 in Huntington Township, but did most of his growing up in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. He was married about 1876 to Zelinda ROBINSON, born in Ohio in 1857, the daughter of Edward and Lovina ROBINSON, of Wilkesville Township, with whom Thomas and Zelinda were living in the 1880 census.

          The two just had one daughter, Myrta Iona, born in July of 1877. At some time in the 1880s, Zelinda died.

          On the 15th of March in 1890 Thomas married Ida SPIRES, by whom he had six children. Ida was the daughter of John and Melissa (HARMON) SPIRES, and was born 16 October 1860.

          After their marriage, the Sprouses moved back to Huntington Township, near Ewington, where they were listed in both the 1900 and 1910 censuses, renting their farm.

          Thomas was just short of 63 years old when he died the

5th of March 1913. He was the last person to be buried in the old Ewing Cemetery in Section 1.

          Fifty-three at the time, Ida married again. Her second husband was John VIERS MC CARLEY, whose son by his first marriage had married Ida's daughter, Lola May. Ida died the

5th of June 1952 and is buried at Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio beside Lola May and John, her husband.

          ISSUE by Zelinda:

12-7-3-1          1.    Myrta Iona SPROUSE, b. July 1877

          ISSUE by Ida:

12-7-3-2          2.    Ella Viola SPROUSE, b. Aug 1891

12-7-3-3          3.    Lola May SPROUSE, b. 6 July 1894


                        4.    Thomas Ewing SPROUSE, JR., b. May 1898, Ewington, Ohio, d. April 1975, Springfield, Ohio. Married: Mabel CASS..


                                      1.    Dorothy Margaret SPROUSE, b. 1926, Springfield, Ohio.

                        5.    Thurman SPROUSE, b&d May 1898, Ewington, Ohio. Buried: Piper Cemetery.

12-7-3-6          6.    Harmon SPROUSE, b. 4 May 1902, Ewington, Ohio.

12-7-3-7          7.    Rodney SPROUSE, b. 18 Oct 1906, Ewington, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomsa-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Myrta, born in July 1877 at Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio the only child of Thomas and his first wife, Zelinda. She was left motherless when very young, and spent her teen years with her stepmother, Ida, and a family of younger half-sisters and brothers.

          The family lived in Huntington Township, but Myrta married a Wilkesville man, Hiram Hill WISEMAN. Hiram, born in 1876 was possibly some relation to the Wisemans who abound in Gallia County, but nothing has been found to verify this suspicion.

          Myrta and Hiram were married in 1901 and made their home in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio, where they lived on Albany Road. In the 1910 census, Hiram was a farmer. They only had the one child, Mildred who was born in 1902.

          Hiram died in 1944, Myrta in 1952. Both are buried at Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio.


                        1.    (only). Mildred L. WISEMAN, b. 1902, d. 1952. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Married: about 1922, Howard M. WELLS, b. 6 Sept 1896, Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio, d. 1978. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio. Howard served in World War I from 26 Aug 1918 to 21 Dec 1918, made corporal on 15 Oct 1918. He was a horticulturist, which job took him to Grand      Rapids, Michigan, where A.E. EWING lived and Mildred got in touch with her cousin, and sent him an       announcement when their son, Ronald Ewing WELLS was born in 1926 - which A.E. kept and is now in my family papers.


                                      1.    Walter Mitchell WELLS, b. 28 Apr 1925, d. 20 Aug 1975. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio - age 50 years. Married: Maxine . 1982, lived in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio.

                                      2.    Ronald Ewing WELLS, b. 12 May 1926, Grand Rapids, Michigan, d. Apr 1977. Buried: Vinton Memorial Cemetery, Vinton, Ohio - age 50 years. Married: Ruth .

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Ella, who was always called Viola, was born in August of 1891 at Ewington and she died at Springfield, Ohio. Her husband was Ora SNYDER, born in April of 1888 to William SNYDER, Huntington Township blacksmith, and his wife, Rhoda. In 1910 Ora was 22, at home, single, and a coal miner.

          ISSUE - TWINS:

                        1.    Freida May SNYDER, b. 1921. Married: Howard MILLER. 1981: resided Springfield, Ohio.

                        2.    Anna Marie SNYDER, b. 1921. Married: George SCHLICKER. 1981: resided Indianapolis, Indiana.

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12-7-3-3          LOLA MAY SPROUSE

Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Lola's family has stayed pretty close to Vinton, Ewington and Gallia County, and they have been easier to keep track of because of that than some of her brothers and sisters.

          Lola was born 6 July 1894 at Ewington and was married

28 February 1914 at Gallipolis, Ohio, her husband being a member of the very old Huntington Township family, the

MC CARLEYS. He was John Harry MC CARLEY and was the son of John Viers and Lucy Ann (NILES) MC CARLEY. John Harry was born 14 August 1895 at Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

          About a year before their marriage at Gallipolis on

28 February 1914, Lola's father had died. John's mother, Lucy had died in 1911. It was a natural that the surviving spouses, Ida (SPIRES) SPOUSE and John Viers MC CARLEY, should wed.

          Lola's husband John was a railroader by occupation. Lola died 22 February 1962, age 67. John was almost 76 when he died 16 July 1971. They are both buried at Franklin Cemetery, next to Ida, in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.


12-7-3-3-1       1.    Mildred Luella MC CARLEY, b. 3 Feb 1915, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-7-3-3-2       2.    Dorothy May MC CARLEY, b. 19 Sept 1919, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-7-3-3-3       3.    Clair MC CARLEY, b. 24 Sept 1921, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        4.    Ida Fern MC CARLEY, b. 1 May 1924, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio . Married: Charles MOORE - no issue .

12-7-3-3-5       5.    Lowell MC CARLEY, b. 12 July 1926, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-7-3-3-6       6.    Walter MC CARLEY, b. 9 Sept 1930, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

12-7-3-3-7       7.    Phyllis Ann MC CARLEY, b. 6 Sept 1933, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

                        8.    Joseph Cline MC CARLEY, b. 6 Sept 1935, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, single.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lola-Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Mildred was born 3 Feb 1915 at Alice and was married in 1947 at Pomeroy, Ohio to Dewitt ROBERTS, son of Eutice and Carrie (BLACK) ROBERTS. Dewitt was born 19 November 1917 and was a veteran of World War II. In 1981 the family lived on Texas Road in Gallipolis, Ohio and Dewitt was a truck driver.


12-7-3-3-2       DOROTHY MAY MC CARLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lola-Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          In the 1980s, Dorothy and her husband, William Samuel OILER, lived on Old Chillicothe Road, Washington Court House, Ohio, where William was a railroader.

          William was born the 31st of August 1919, and is the son of Harley and Addie (HOLCOMB) OILER. We have come across both these families, the Oilers and the Holcombs before in this book, but those two happen to be no relation. Dorothy was born 19 September 1919 at Alice, which is near Ewington in Gallia County, Ohio.

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12-7-3-3-3       CLAIR MC CARLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lola-Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Clair, born 24 September 1921, had the good sense to marry Anna Bell SPROUSE. It was "Ann" who was interested enough in her husband's family history, to provide the data in this line.

          Ann is a Sprouse, as Clair is, but not of the same Sprouse line that we are writing about here. Ann's father is William SPROUSE, a descendant of Henry SPROUSE, apparently no relation to Josiah SPROUSE who married Anstis EWING and started this whole thing - way back when. Ann is also a CARDWELL, her mother being Alice CARDWELL, but again it is not the same line of Cardwells in this book.

          Anna Bell was born 11 March 1931 in Columbus, Ohio. She and Clair were married in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio on the 12th of July 1954 and in the 1980s lived at Route 1 in Ewington. Clair, a trustee of Huntington Township, was in the Army during World War II.


12-7-3-3-5       LOWELL MC CARLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lola-Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Lowell was born the 12th of July 1926 at Alice, and was a Staff Sergeant in Company D of the Military Police Battalion during World War II. This is noted on Lowell's tombstone at Vinton Memorial Cemetery. Lowell died 16 April 1971 and was only 45 years old. He was married in June of 1946 to Mary Ann HOWARD, daughter of Charles and Marie (MOORE) HOWARD. Mary Ann was born 28 August 1929. Lowell was a mail carrier until his untimely death.


12-7-3-3-6       WALTER MC CARLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lola-Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Walter was born 9 September 1930 at Alice, which is near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, and is a veteran of the Korean War. His wife, Marian SPIRES, was born 20 February 1934 and is the daughter of Calvin and Ruth (MC CALLA) SPIRES.


12-7-3-3-7       PHYLLIS ANN MC CARLEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Lola-Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Phyllis was born on the 25th of September in 1933 at Alice, Gallia County, Ohio. She and Leonard HASH were married on the 8th of May 1954. Leonard is the son of William and Lewina (SUBER) HASH.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Harmon, born 4 May 1902 at Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, was a farmer, a miner and state highway department worker. He was married on 21 September 1926 to Jemina ZIMM, daughter of Curtis and Annie ZIMM. Jemina was born 21 September 1909. Harmon died 28 September 1974 and is buried at the Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Jemina's name is on the stone in the cemetery, but there are no dates.


                        1.    Curtis Ewing SPROUSE, b. 29 Jan 1929, d. April 1938. Buried: Franklin Cemetery, Huntington Township, Ohio with Ida and Harmon..

                        2.    Esta Mae SPROUSE, b. 23 Oct 1932, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 1st Sept 1949, Earl ROBERTS. Married 2nd John B. DOWNARD, d. Feb 1975.

                        3.    Lewis Harmon SPROUSE, b. 12 July 1937, Alice, near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: 20 Dec 1957, Loretta SORRELL.

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12-7-3-7          RODNEY SPROUSE


Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Rodney was born 18 October 1906 at Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, and was only 56 years old when he died on the 22nd of August 1963 at Ewington. His wife, Helen SNYDER, was born in 1911. Helen later married a WOODRUFF and in 1981 was living in Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio. There were no Woodruffs listed in Wilkesville in 1982.

          Helen is the daughter of Milton and Nina (BUNCH) SNYDER.


                        1.    Thomas SPROUSE, b. Mar 1930

                        2.    Margaret Ann SPROUSE, Married: CROSBY

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          The fourth to come into the home of Josiah and Anstis was Mary Lousetta, born in March of 1852. In the 1870 census, she was 18, at home with her parents, a domestic servant, "works for money."

          Mary Lousetta was married in 1876, not in Gallia County records, to William H. SHENEFIELD, born in May of 1853.

          The GAR post in Ewington was the Shenefield Post. In the 1900 census they were living in Huntington Township, where they owned their farm free. She was down as 1 and 0. They had a boarder, Esther "GINKENS." In the 1910 census they lived on the Ewington-to-Jackson Road and had a boarder, Iona JENKINS, 26, a nurse with a private family.

          The 1910 Census showed that Mary and William had been married 33 years and she was down as having had two children, none then living.

          William died in 1912 and Mary Lousetta subsequently married James E. BADDERS, born in 1853. He died in 1938 and is buried at Ewington Cemetery next to William. Mary Lousetta's name is on the stone with William, but there are no dates for her.


                        1.     SHENEFIELD, b&d prior to 1900

                        2.     SHENEFIELD, b&d 1900/1910

                        Unknown where children were buried.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Anstis-Thomas-William-James

          Another Anstis. This one was born in Anstis and Josiah's cabin in October of 1853 and always went by her middle name, Marinda.

          Anstis was home for all three of the census, 1860 to 1880. In the last census she was 26. She was married some time after 1880 to Joseph WILSON and they lived at Alice, which is near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. Joseph died between 1893 and 1900. In the 1900 census, the widow Anstis and her son, Bert, were living with her father, Josiah, in Wilkesville. By then she had three children, only Bert was then living.

          In 1905, when Anstis was 43, she married 26 year old Joseph W. WOLFENBARGER, whose wife, Annetta WELLING, had died. In 1910 Joseph and Anstis were living in Wilkesville Township, Vinton, Ohio. She was still down as 3 and 1.

          None of the above is buried in Gallia County.


                        1.     WILSON

                        2.     WILSON

                        3.    Bert WILSON, b. Jan 1893, Alice, Ohio. On his enlistment at McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio for World War I service on 29 May 1918, his address was RFD 1, Alice, Ohio. Bert had military specialist training and served a year overseas, American Expeditionary Forces, partly in Headquarters District in Paris. Bert received an honorable discharge on 27 August 1919.

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12-8         SAMUEL EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-William-James

          Of 10 children, Samuel and John Jordan were Thomas and Anstis' only sons. We have seen how John propagated to carry on the Ewing name. With Samuel it was a little different. He only had one son and we may never know if that son had any Ewing grandsons.

          Samuel seems to have had a mental problem. In the 1850 census, when he was 26, single and at home, he was listed as an idiot. That did not prevent him from marrying, however. He and Mary Jane PETERS were wed on 25 December 1851. Mary Jane was born 1825/1826 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. She was the daughter of John and Sarah (STEELE) PETERS, and sister of Rachel who married James DODRILL (11-2). The Peters moved to Gallia County in 1840, and bought their land from the


          Samuel and Mary Jane just had the one son, Hiram and then Samuel died, at the age of 31 years on 1 April 1855. He is buried at the Ewington Cemetery.

          In the 1860 census, Mary Jane and Hiram were living with her parents at Ewington. On 7 December 1865, she was married in Gallia County to Benjamin PIPER SR., born in 1810 in Ohio. He had previously been married to a Margaret.

          Benjamin and Mary Jane lived in Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio and were listed in both the 1870 and 1880 census. In the 1880 census, they were at house No. 80 and son Hiram, by then married, was at house No. 73.

          Benjamin and Mary Jane had almost 30 years together when he died on the 20th of April 1895, age 84 years, 1 month and 5 days. He is buried next to his first wife at Piper Cemetery, Meigs County, Ohio.

          After the death of Benjamin, family information has it that Mary Jane then went to live with a sister in Wilkesville. Both she and her sister died there of TB, but not dates are available.


12-8-1             1.    (only). Hiram EWING, b. Jan 1853, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

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12-8-1      HIRAM EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Samuel-Thomas-William-James

          Hiram was born in Ewington in January of 1853. He was 2 years old when his father died and 12 years old when his mother married Benjamin PIPER and they moved to Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio. Hiram was married in Meigs County on 28 October 1876, to Amanda J. SAXTON, daughter of John and Jane SAXTON. Amanda was born in Meigs County in June of 1860.

          In the 1880 census, the two and their two daughters were living in Salem Township, seven listings away from Hiram's mother and step-father.

          But that marriage did not last. Hiram and Amanda were divorced in the 1880s. In the 1900 census, Amanda was living with her daughter, Alice and family in Wilkesville.

          On 8 September 1891, Hiram and Jennie C. DENEY were married in Vinton County, Ohio, by the Reverend L.E. EMMONS. Jennie was born in September of 1872 in North Carolina. In the 1900 census Hiram and Jennie were living in Wilkesville Township, Hiram a farmer, with their two sons, Ross and Alfred.

          That marriage ended in either death or divorce, and Hiram married for a third time. That was in July of 1907 in Vinton County, Ohio and the bride was Elizabeth ROSS, born 1876. Reverend Charles B. TAYLOR did the honors.

          A.E. EWING'S 1913 address for Hiram was Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Amanda:

12-8-1-1          1.    Alice J. EWING, b. Sept 1876

                        2.    Sarah EWING, b. Nov 1879

          ISSUE by Jennie:

                        3.    Ross EWING, b. Sept 1892. In 1910 he was head of a household of himself, 18, Yankey Street, Wilkesville, a laborer at odd jobs, not in Ohio Roster of World War I soldiers. No listing in Wilkesville in 1979.

                        4.    Alfred M. EWING, b. Aug 1895, d. Sept 1982, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Not in Ohio Roster.

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12-8-1-1          ALICE J. EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Hiram-Samuel-Thomas-William-James

          Alice was born in September of 1876 and was married in 1894 to Edward THACKER. Edward, born in Ohio in September of 1869, was of mixed blood, which came out "mu" (mulatto) in the 1910 census. That year the whole family was down as "mu" - even Alice!

          The Thackers lived near Hocks, a little village near Wilkesville in an area full of Thackers (all "mu"). In the 1900 census, Alice's mother was with them. Edward was a cold miner and was not able to read or write. In the 1910 census they were listed in the same place, on Vinton Road, Alice had 5 and 5.

          No death dates were found.


                        1.    Catherine R. THACKER, b. Dec 1896, Hocks, Ohio, d. pre-1983.

12-8-1-1-2       2.    William Stanley THACKER, b. 28 Sept 1901, Hocks, Ohio.

                        3.    Sadie THACKER, b. 1905, Hocks, Ohio. Married: SIMMINGTON. 1983: Resided, Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio.

                        4.    George THACKER - changed name to THATCHER, b. 1907, Hocks, Ohio. 1983: resided Lakeview, Logan County, Ohio.

                        5.    Ruth THACKER, b. May 1910. Married: Howard CALL. 1983: resided Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio.

                        6.    Eunice THACKER, b. after 1910. Married: BLIMES. 1983: resided Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Alice-Hiram-Samuel-Thomas-William-James

          William was born at Hocks, Ohio, a small community near Wilkesville on 28 September 1901 and died in Wellston 12 March 1983. He is buried at the Curry Cemetery in Wellston, Ohio.

          William was married twice, first to Goldie DENNEY, who died prior to 1948, and then he married Myrtle GRAY, who at the time of William's death lived at 1714 Main Street, Wellston, Ohio

          ISSUE by Goldie:

                        1.    Jud THACKER, b. about 1925. August 1983, resided Marion, Ohio.

                        2.    Mary THACKER, b. about 1927. Married: HAYS. 1983: resided Hamden, Vinton County, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Myrtle:

                        3.    Carolyn THACKER b. about 1930. Married: Alfred DYE. 1983: 413 E. Sixth Street, Wellston, Ohio 45692. Alfred ran the Soho Station at Jackson.

                        4.    TWIN - son, died at birth

                        5.    TWIN - son, died at birth

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12-9         MARGARET EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-William-James

          They shouldn't have, but this is a family that got away from us. A.E. EWING had contact up to the time of Margaret's death - though he forgot to list her as a surviving grandchild of William and Mary in his 1913 brochure to raise funds for Mary's monument. No clue has been found as to the whereabouts of her descendants, if any live today. One son was an illustrious doctor and should have prominent descendants today, but none have come to light so far.

          Margaret, born 12 December 1825, was the ninth child to be born in the Ewing cabin in Section 2, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. She was 22 years old when she and Jonathan R. LEONARD were married 19 March 1848 by Matthew W. WOODS, J.P.

          There is no doubt that Jonathan, who was born in 1829 in Ohio was the son of Abner and Margaret LEONARD, born in 1804 and 1808 in Pennsylvania. Soon, in 1849, after their marriage, Jonathan and Margaret moved to Fostoria, Washington Township, Hancock County, Ohio. In the 1850 census they were listed in Washington Township, two away from the above Abner and Margaret Leonard.

          Jonathan died in 1896. In the 1900 census, widow, Margaret was in Washington Township, living with son Joseph and family. Shortly thereafter she moved into Fostoria to live with son William and family. She was a member of the Methodist-Episcopal Church the greater part of her life.

          Margaret died at William's home on the corner of Main and High streets at 6 p.m., Friday 3 March 1915 at the age of 90 years, 3 months and 19 days, leaving two sons and five grandchildren. Death was due to infirmities of old age aggravated by an attack of grip. She was buried at Fountain Cemetery, Fostoria, Hancock County, Ohio.


                        1.    Zachariah LEONARD, b. 1849, died young. Not in A.E. EWING'S records..

                        2.    Joseph LEONARD, b. June 1850 - after census. Married: Henrietta SCOTT, b. Feb 1858, Ohio. 1900: Washington Township, Hancock County, Ohio - mother living with them.

                               Known issue:

                                      1.    Daisy LEONARD, b. Oct 1883

                                      2.    Charles LEONARD, b. Sept 1890

12-9-3             3.    William LEONARD, b. 1863, Fostoria, Washington Township, Hancock County, OH.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Margaret-Thomas-William-James

          William was born in Fostoria, Washington Township, Hancock County, Ohio in 1863. He attended Adelbert College and received his diploma in 1888. He set up his medical practice in Fostoria at 314 S. Main Street and later moved to 433 N. Main Street.

          When World War I began, William was 56 years old, but that did not stop him from volunteering his services. He became a First Lieutenant in the Medical Corps on 6 July 1918, serving at Fort Snelling, Minnesota and Camp Greenleaf, Georgia until his discharge 3 December 1918.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                        1.    Walter M. LEONARD, b. Sept 1891. Walter was an M.D. in World War I. Address at time of enlistment, St. Vincent's Charity Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio. Walter enlisted as a private in Cleveland, Ohio, 16 Oct 1917, and was honorably discharged 30 Apr 1918, to accept a commission as a First Lieutenant in the Medical Corps. He served at Fort Ogelthorpe, Georgia, Fort Sheridan, Illinois and with the American Expeditorary Forces..

                               ISSUE NOT KNOWN

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12-10       ZERUIAH EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Thomas-William-James

          Thomas and Anstis were both 39 years old when the last of their 10 children put in her appearance. She was born on the 16th of February 1828 and they gave her the biblical name of Zeruiah.

          Sadly her life span was only 31 years, and she left only three children, who have been lost to us.

          Zeruiah's husband was Nelson GLASSBURN, who outlived her by 55 years. Oddly enough he had a sister who was also Zeruiah GLASSBURN (1848-1902. That Zeruiah is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Springfield Township Gallia County, Ohio with their parents. Allan and Susan (HARRISON) GLASSBURN of Virginia and North Carolina.

          Nelson was born in Gallia County, 10 July 1831 and was a shoemaker by trade. I wonder how a 24-year-old miss of Ewington and a 21-year-old shoemaker of Springfield Township got together to make one. Back at the time of their marriage 5 December 1852, it was not all that easy.

          Zeruiah and Nelson were married 5 December 1852 by Nathaniel A. FISHER in Gallia County, Ohio.

          Zeruiah died either the 14th or 19th of July 1859, so she was never in a census as Zeruiah GLASSBURN. The place of her burial is not noted in any of the Gallia County cemetery books.

          In the 1860 census, Nelson and their three children were living next to his parents in Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio. His worth was $750/$120.

          On 25 June 1863, he and Mary WOODS were married and they had nine children to add to Zeruiah and Nelson's three. They had 24 years of marriage when Mary died in 1887. Nelson outlived his second wife by 27 years. After Mary's death he established himself in Vinton, Ohio. In the 1910 census, even at 78 years of age, he was still going strong as a shoemaker and had his own shop on Water Street in Vinton. At the time, his unmarried daughter, Nellie, 32, was still at home with him.

          Nelson was 82 when he died 18 November 1914. He is buried at Wood Cemetery with Mary.


                        1.    Marinda GLASSBURN, b. 12 Sept 1853. Married: 21 Sept 1874 - Book 3, page 458, Gallia County records, Killis H. MORRIS. Killis served in Company C, 194th OVI and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Springfield, Township, Gallia County, Ohio. No sign of them in 1880 or 1900 census.

12-10-2           2.    Daniel GLASSBURN, b. 17 Dec 1854.

                        3.    Margaret Alice GLASSBURN, b. Mar 1857, d. by 1964. Married: about 1879, not in Gallia County records, Oscar BENEDICT, b. Nov 1849, Ohio. 1900 census: Rutland Township, Meigs County, Ohio.

                               Issue as of 1900 census:

                                      1.    Don A. BENEDICT, b. Jan 1880 1964: Ohio

                                      2.    Madge BENEDICT, b. Nov 1882 1964: Ohio

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12-10-2           DANIEL M. GLASSBURN

Ewing Family Lineage:      Zeruiah-Thomas-William-James

          Daniel was born 17 December 1854 and was married on

27 April 1880 - Book 5, Page 166, Gallia County records, by John G. DAMRON, to Frances Ann HOPSON. Frances was born in 1861 in Ohio and was the daughter of John and Sarah (GOOCH) HOPSON. In the 1880 census, Daniel was down as a laborer in Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio, but there is no sign of him or his family from that point on.


                        1.    Maudie Mae GLASSBURN, d. young, not in 1880 census

                        2.    Elmer GLASSBURN, b. 5 Apr 1881, d. Apr 1961, Los Angeles, California. Married: 1907, Edna BONNELL.


                                      1.    Frances GLASSBURN, b. about 1910. Married: K.A. BAERRESEN


                                              1.    Richard BAERRESEN

                                              2.    John BAERRESEN

                                              3.    James BAERRESEN

                                      2.    Margaret GLASSBURN, b. about 1912. Married: Howard WHITE.


                                                     1.    Diana WHITE

                                      3.    Ellen GLASSBURN, b. about 1914. Married: Anthony DORN.


                                                     1.    Heidi DORN

                                      4.    Elizabeth GLASSBURN, b. about 1916. Married: Lee VEAL


                                                     1.    Betty Jean VEAL

                                                     2.    John VEAL

                                                     3.    Margaret Ellen VEAL

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