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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-James

          For many years the little Ewing cabin on Swago Creek had been in Greenbrier County, Virginia. In 1791 a new county, Bath, was created, and when it was, it took over most of what is now Pocahontas County, and Greenbrier was reduced to its present size.

          Thus it was that while William and Mary's first three were born in Greenbrier County, their fourth, who came along on the 8th of April in 1792, was born in Bath County.

          This infant, a son, was given the name of his father, Swago Bill himself. William Ewing, Junior. He joined two brothers and a sister. Things were getting crowded in the cabin at the foot of Swago Mountain. But they would get more crowded as eight more children joined the household, so William Jr.'s dad built a larger cabin upland from the first to accommodate his ever-increasing family.

          William was 18 years old when the move was made from the West Virginia mountains to the gently rolling hills of Gallia County in Ohio. He played a large part in preparing for the trip and helping along the way, and in establishing their new home near the banks of the Raccoon where one day Ewington would come into the being.

          When the United States was involved in a war with England in 1812 and 1813, William and others of Huntington Township did their part. William had a longer stint in the Army than most. Many only served during the brief thrust into Northeast Ohio to quiet the Maumee Indians in July and August of 1813. William enlisted on 13 February 1813. He was in Captain William S.

DRAKE's company and he served until 14 August 1813 - the second William Ewing to go off to war.

          Then it was back to life in Huntington Township. It appears that in addition to helping his parents keep the farm going, William worked with his uncle, Enoch MC NEILL, who was building a grist mill on the Big Raccoon River. The two formed a fast friendship.

          The date of Enoch's birth is not known but from other facts it is estimated at 1780, which means he was not too much older than his nephew - 12 years. It also means he was quite young - 36 - when he became terminally ill. It came on him suddenly but he was bad enough to know the end was near. During the first week of December 1816, he called William to his bedside, also his brother, Gabriel MC NEILL, his brother-in-law, William EWING SR., and the latter's brother, John EWING, and made known verbally his wishes.

          Enoch's non-curative will was entered in court on Wednesday and Thursday, April 2 and 3, 1817, with Gabriel and William Sr., being duly sworn, declaring that they believed "the testatory was of sound mind, memory and judgement at the time of his calling them to bear testimony that such was his will, or words to the like import - that the same was made in the last sickness of the said deceased and committed to writing and subscribed by the witnesses proving the same within six days after making the same."

          The will was entered in the record and then the three witnesses certified that it contained the substance of his request "just previous to the loss of his reason in his last illness."

          The gist of the will was that Enoch wanted William Jr. to take over for him. "And as for my personal estate which is now in an unsettled condition I put into the hands of my beloved nephew and trusty friend, William Ewing Junior." He was to do the normal things expected of an executor but in addition would finish the mill and put it into complete operation. William was to have the profits from the mill "or at least so much thereof as can be spared from breading the widow and his children" until he was fully paid for his labor and expenses and then "deliver up" the mill to Enoch's wife, Jane (MOORE) MC NEILL.

          William did his job exceedingly well. He must have had some schooling (though where and how is not recorded) because his accounts were accurate and very much in order, and he did finish the mill and deliver it up to Aunt Jane.

          His job occupied most of his time in the year 1817 - but not so much that he could not court the daughter of neighbors - Sarah MANNERING.

          The Mannerings have already been introduced in this work - the family headed by Jordan and Sarah (KNOX) MANNERING, early arrivals in Gallia County, Ohio from Surrey County, North Carolina. Their youngest son, Andrew, born in 1812, married William's niece, Sarah EWING (12-4) in 1837. That was long after the Ewing-Mannering marriage about to be related here - because of family order that story just happened to precede this one.

          Among the older children of Jordan and Sarah MANNERING was Sarah, who was born in Surrey County on the 9th of March 1796. She was just past 22 and William was nearly 26 when the two went before Justice Townsend MATTHEWS of Huntington Township to say the vows that made them one. The date of their marriage was 26 March 1818.

          William is on the Huntington Township proprietors list of 1820 as owner of a house and land worth $120, two horses, and three veal and cattle. The land was part of his father's quarter section, the northeast quarter, in Section 11. In William Sr.'s will, William Jr. was the only one of the father's sons who were married and established to be mentioned in his will. "I also give and bequeath unto my son, William Ewing, the land lying and being across the creek on the east side of his improvements and adjoining the same." With that addition, William and Sarah's land added up to 40 acres.

          Through the years William also acquired about 30 acres in the northwest quarter of Section 11, as well as 70 acres in the very southeastern most corner of Section 3. On 10 October 1846 the year before his death, William and Sarah sold half of that tract, the west half, 39.77 acres, to his brother-in-law, George DODRILL, for $50.

          When the town of Ewington was laid out by William's brother, George EWING, in 1846 or 1847, William and Sarah acquired one of the town lots, No. 14.

          William and Sarah had eight children and 29 years together. William died when he was only 56 years old on 11 July 1847. He is among the 17 Ewings, one OILER and three unknowns buried in the old Ewing Cemetery on his brother Thomas' land in Huntington Township's Section 1.

          On 16 May 1848 Joshua COLLINS was appointed guardian for Letha and Lydia EWING.

          William did not leave a will, and his brother, Jacob, was appointed by the court to administer his estate. One of his acts in that capacity was to sell at public auction William and Sarah's Ewington town lot No. 14. Andrew VIERS was the lucky bidder and on 29 December 1849, Town Lot, No. 14 became his - for $14. That lot was occupied in 1910 by the family of William's cousin, the Richard D. EDWARDS (5-9-3).

          On 12 March 1849, Jordan EWING began buying up from his sisters and brothers their rights to William's land, that is the 109 acres in Section 3 and Section 11, three parcels in all. On that date, Elizabeth, who had not yet married Joseph STRONG, gave quit claim deed for $30, and Enoch and Anny EWING did the same for $40. On the 24th of November 1849, Lydia and her husband, Lewis THOMPSON, signed off for $26. It was not until almost two years later, on 2 August 1851, that William III and his wife Mary signed off to Jordan, for $35, and it was 2 1/2 years after that Letha gave quit claim, for $25.

          Then on 7 July 1855 came a transaction that is puzzling. This involved Gilbert EWING, son of William's brother, George, signing off to not just Jordan, but the latter's brother, Joshua, as well. The amount this time was $150, and the land was the very same that had been involved in the above transactions. How did Gilbert obtain right to that land? Or are there records missing on other transactions?

          Another puzzle is where was James Robert, the eighth sibling, in all this? Not a sign of a quit claim deed signed by him in the papers.

          For whatever reason Jordan acquired the property, it was not to make his home on it, for Jordan promptly moved to Wilkesville, Ohio. Eventually, as noted in the 1874 ATLAS, the two tracts in Section 11 went to John R. EWING and William G. MC CARLEY, and the land in Section 3 became part of Hiram NILES' 300 acre tract.

          Sarah lived for almost 30 years after William's death. By 1850 all of the children had married, except Letha, who never would. In the census that year Sarah was listed in a mighty busy household.

          Sarah, Letha, a son William and his wife, Mary, were living at Ewington with William and Ann (WALLACE) MC CARLEY and their sons, Elliot and Franklin, and the latter's wife, William III's cousin, Mary DODRILL (12) and their son, William. Also with them was Sarah's older sister, Mary MANNERING, born in North Carolina in 1793. Listed next to them was Sarah's son Jordan and his wife Sarah.

          In the 1860 census, Sarah was the head of the household, only this time the household was in Wilkesville, where several of her children were. Only daughter, Letha was with her.

          After that Sarah and Letha cast their lot with Sarah's eldest, Enoch. After the war, in September 1866, he and his family headed for Missouri, to Gilead in Lewis County. The following year Sarah and Letha went out and joined him. Enoch was not there long, leaving in 1869 to go to Hancock County in Illinois where they had so much family. Sarah and Letha moved with him. They were listed with him in Pilot Grove Township in the 1870 census.

          Eventually Enoch went out to Kansas with a daughter and her family, but his wife, Phoebe, remained in Hancock County, and so did Sarah and Letha. Sarah died there on the 7th of December 1877 at the age of 81 years.


14-1                 1.    Enoch Mc Neill EWING, b. 19 Feb 1819, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

14-2                 2.    James Robert EWING, b. July 1820, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

14-3                 3.    William EWING III, b. 26 Feb 1823, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

14-4                 4.    Jordan EWING, b. 1826, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

14-5                 5.    Elizabeth EWING, b. 14 Dec 1828, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

14-6                 6.    Joshua Clark EWING, b. 24 Oct 1829, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

14-7                 7.    Lydia Jane EWING, b. 1831, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

14-8                 8.    Letha EWING, b. 29 Mar 1835, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-James

          You may be sure that William was going to name his first born, a son, for the uncle he thought so much of and whose "trusty friend" he was. Enoch Mc Neill EWING's birth came on the 19th of February 1819, two years after Enoch MC NEILL's death, and through him the uncle's name was perpetuated forever.

          There are some blanks in Enoch's life, his early manhood, that leave this writer perplexed. His first wife of record was Salphena "Anny" or "Anna" HOLCOMB, whom he married 6 February 1841, in Gallia County, Ohio with Niles HOLCOMB, J.P. doing the honors. But Enoch appears in the 1840 Huntington Township census with a female (names and relationship not given in the 1840 census) 15 to 20 years old, and two females under 5, presumably wife and daughters. One of the daughters turned out to be Permelia EWING, born 1838. The second daughter, was most likely Sarah.

          Was that female of the 1840 census, age 15 to 20, Salphena (who was born in 1823 and thus would have been 17 in 1840) and they were living together before marriage, or was Enoch married previously, the marriage is not on record in Gallia County?

          On 12 March 1849, Enoch and "Anny" signed off to Enoch's brother Jordan their rights to William Jr.s land to which Enoch was heir by law.

          After their marriage Enoch and "Anny" had five children, but the family is so scattered in the 1850 census that it was hard to locate each. Enoch was nowhere to be seen in that census. Seeking gold in California, perhaps. "Anny," who was the daughter of Reuben and Rebecca (BUTLER) HOLCOMB, was in Huntington Township, listed with the family of Elijah and Sarah (GEE) GLEASON. With her were Permelia, 12, who may or may not have been her daughter, and Virginia EWING, age 7/12, born November 1849.

          The other four Ewings known to have been her children were Levi, Jordan, Jane and Mary. In the 1850 census Levi was 9 and living in Huntington Township with the family of Benjamin and Mary (ROATH) MARTIN. Jordan was with his grandparents, Reuben and Rebecca HOLCOMB in Huntington Township. Jane, Sarah and Virginia were not found in the 1850 census. Mary could be the Mary L. EWING, born 1847, living in the 1850 census with the family of William and Rejoice (LEWIS) CORN in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

          Perplexing, you bet. Even more so when you consider that none of these - not a one of the above - was mentioned by Enoch's daughter, Ida, when she was giving information on Enoch's family to A.E. Ewing. To her it was as though Enoch's "first family" (or his first and second as the case may be) never existed and that his married life began when he and Phoebe BOWEN were wed.

          (Actually, Ida might not even have known about earlier marriages. She was born out in Illinois long after the above happened. Her father left hearth and home in favor of Missouri when she was quite young and her mother died when she was 11, so who would have told her? True, she lived with her Aunt Letha, Enoch's sister in later years, but perhaps Letha just did not talk about it. There does not seem to have been any communication between them and Enoch's later children, they appear to have lost contact.)

          The second marriage took place about 1853, but it is not on record in Gallia County, Ohio. No record was found as to what happened to Salphena - whether it was death or divorce that separated them. Her burial is not noted in Gallia County.

          Enoch seems not to have had much contact with those first seven children - though one descendant says he has seen the fife Enoch played during the Civil War. None are mentioned in his pension papers nor are any marriages prior to his with Phoebe. It was the careful searching of one of their descendants, Howard Curtis EWING, which brought to light the facts of Enoch's earlier families.

          With his marriage to Phoebe, Enoch's life comes out of the fog. They lived in Adams County, in southern Ohio, near the river in Manchester, and Enoch, a blacksmith by trade, was a very stable, healthy fellow. Alexander LANG, his neighbor in Manchester for 10 years, later testified to that.

          "He was a man of wonderful frame and muscle. I lived near him at least 10 years and never knew him sick. He was sober and industrious, a No. 1 mechanic, nothing seemed to fret him."

          Just before the war Lang got up a band, the Manchester Band, and Enoch, who played the fife, became a member.

          The band became a part of Grozier's Band, which was designated as Company E in the West Virginia Volunteer Infantry when the war began. Enoch enlisted on the 15th of September 1861. At the time he was 42 years old. He was 5 feet, 10 1/2 inches and had light hair and dark (hazel) eyes.

          Enoch had not been in the service very long when he contracted typhoid fever - December 1861, and it was downhill from that point on. Recalled Lang some 23 years later, "We landed at Camp Piatt, on the Kanawha 12 miles above Charleston, West Virginia. It was warm and raining, rained three days, then suddenly it got cold and froze very hard. The bottom lands overflowed and we moved our tents to the mountainside. The camp was a lolly of mud and our tents blew down. We couldn't keep them up. We were as wet as water could make us. We had no overcoats and our blankets were soaked, and when we slept, our blankets would freeze to our clothes. Ice came on the river and we were sent to Parkersburg to winter. Ewing had the worst cold of any of us and could hardly keep up. He was too sick to walk and I went with him to the hospital (Parkersburg) and remained with him. He had typhoid of the worst form. We waited and helped put him to bed. I got him sick leave on Feb. 12 and placed him on the boat, Ohio No. 3, in care of the clerk of the boat to be let off at Manchester. He had sores of a very aggravated nature, and still had at his discharge.

          "We were in artillery near Winchester, Va., Ewing came up with us. He seemed to have grown old and very thin, he was stooped. In a few days we were on the go again. The doctor had his knapsack hauled and we all joined to make his burden as light as possible as we wished to keep him with us and we expected to be mustered out soon. We succeeded in keeping him to 18 Aug. 1862, when we were discharged near the Rapidan River. We all went to a cheap boarding house. Ewing was with me. He was almost helpless. The idea was to stay there to gain strength to get home. We got castile soap for him to wash the sores. He was stiff and clumsy.

          "After rest, we got home, but very tired. He lived just across the street from me. I recruited and returned to the Army. Up to then Ewing could tinker, but not work any good. In September, 1866, he sold out and went west. I never knew where, I thought him dead. I asked him, 'Why West?' He said, 'I can't do any good smithing. I'm broke down. I'll buy a piece of land and my boys will get big enough to help me.'"

          On 12 October 1886, Letha wrote the pension board: "I am the sister of Enoch and have resided in his family from October, 1867, to present, in his household. He is affected and unable to do manual work, about half of an able-bodied man. I went into his family at Gilead, Lewis County, Missouri, then to Pontoosuc in 1870 to now. He is unable to travel without a cane, sometimes two canes."

          As the above testimony shows, Enoch was discharged 18 August 1862 and returned to Manchester. But, being unable to function as a blacksmith, he sold out in September 1866, intending to try his hand at farming in Missouri.

          Enoch, Phoebe and their family at that time, Julia, George, Frank, Joseph and John, 12 1/2 to 1 1/2, headed for Gilead in Lewis County, Missouri, close to the Mississippi River and Hancock County, Illinois.

          While they were there Enoch prevailed upon his mother Sarah and sister Letha to join him - or maybe they decided he needed them. At any rate Sarah left all her family in and around Wilkesville to go out to the "wilds" of Missouri to join her No. 1 son. That was in October of 1867.

          But for Enoch, Gilead, Lewis County, Missouri (it is not on the map any more) was not what he expected and by February, 1870, when Lena was born, they all, Sarah and Letha included, moved over the river into Hancock County, Illinois.

          They were there in the June 1870 census, in Pilot Grove Township, Enoch worth - /$200. Enoch's occupation was given as blacksmith, but we know by previous printed correspondence, his health did not permit him to work.

           In the 1880 census, Phoebe was in Pontoosuc Township and Enoch was in Shelby County, Missouri with his eldest daughter, by Phoebe, Julia and her husband, Robert HASTINGS. He was listed as an unemployed blacksmith.

          It may have been Phoebe's death that took him back to Pontoosuc Township for a time. Phoebe died 22 March 1884, age 51 years - having been born 30 August 1832 in Virginia. Enoch's 1888 address in his pension papers was Pontoosuc.

          While all of his other children, by Phoebe, remained in the Mississippi River area of Illinois and Iowa, Enoch returned to Julia in Shelby County, Missouri, where he died at Shelbina on 6 July 1896.

          In spite of all of Enoch's infirmities, he attained the age of 77 years.

          ISSUE by an unknown woman:

14-1-1             1.    Permelia EWING, b. 1838, Ohio.

                        2.    Sarah EWING, b. about 1839 (under 5 in 1840 census, not in 1850 Ohio census index). Married: Ambrose DENNIS, d. 22 July 1919, lived Wilkesville, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Salphena:

14-1-3             3.    Levi Curtis EWING, b. 19 Sept 1841, Ewington, Ohio.

14-1-4             4.    Jordan EWING, b. 1844.

14-1-5             5.    Jane EWING, b. 1846.

                        6.    Virginia EWING, b. Nov 1849. 1850 census: with mother in Gleason family.

                        7.    Mary EWING Married: RUSSELL. Survived Levi who died 1908. Lived in Wellston, Ohio - is believed to be the Mary S. EWING, b. 1847, listed with William and Rejoice CORN in Jackson County census 1850 & 1860.

          ISSUE by Phoebe:

14-1-8             8.    Julia A. EWING, b. 18 Jan 1854, probably born: Manchester, Adams County, Ohio.

                        9.    Mary V. EWING, b. 1 May 1856, Manchester, Adams County, Ohio, d. 27 Nov 1861.

14-1-10           10.  George W. EWING, b. 16 Mar 1858, Manchester, Adams County, Ohio.

14-1-11           11.  Frank P. EWING, b. 5 Feb 1860, Manchester, Adams County, Ohio.

                        12.  Joseph S. EWING, b. 1 June 1862, Manchester, Adams County, Ohio. Married: 1887, Lydia BEEBE, b. 1860, Iowa. 1880 census: he and brother Frank, hands on farm of Silas and Alexina BYLER, Durham Township, Hancock County, Illinois. 1899: lived, Fort Madison, Iowa, a carpenter. 1913: 131 S. Fifth Street, Burlington, Iowa.


                                      1.    (only). Jessie M. EWING, b. 10 June 1889

                        13.  John H. EWING, b. 13 Feb 1865, Manchester, Adams County, Ohio. Married: 18 Oct 1886, Bertha E. CROUSE, b. March 1860, Germany. 1900 census: Pontoosuc, had two of his brother Frank's children with him, Walter and Ruth. He was a laborer. 1913: Davenport, Iowa.


                               1.    Jessie M. EWING, b. 10 June 1889 - listed as John's child, as well as his brother, Joseph’s child.

                        14.  Lena A. EWING, b. Feb 1870, Pilot Grove Township, Iowa, d. 1874.

                        15.  Ida M. EWING, b. 8 Oct 1873, Pilot Grove Township, Iowa, d. about 1945. Married: after 1900, Arthur MC CRACKEN, d. about 1960. Ida was 11 when her mother died. 1900: she was head of the household, Pontoosuc, her Aunt Letha and brother Frank with her. Later lived 1509 10th Street, Burlington, Iowa. Ida corresponded with A.E. Ewing, about 1968. I had a conversation with a friend of Ida and Arthur's, Jim HELMICK and he was able to tell me about when they died. No issue.

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Ewing Family Lineage       Enoch-William-William-James

          Permelia's story has an amazing twist to it - the sort of thing genealogists love. It came out because one of her descendants, young Michael COOK of Columbus, Kansas, cared enough to inquire about his Ewing ancestors. Before that I had no knowledge of Parmelia's whereabouts after 1850. Michael was only 20 when we started corresponding in 1981 and was just beginning in the family history game, but he was able to send me a little about Parmelia and her family which I have since added to, thanks to the census. But without him I never would have known any of this - or the twist.

          Permelia was born in 1838 in Ohio, it is believed in the Ewington neighborhood. Her mother is not definitely known. Enoch and Salphena were not married until 1841, it is possible he may have had an earlier wife, or it could be Salphena who appears with him and two daughters in the 1840 Huntington Township census.

          In the 1850 census, Permelia was listed as 12, with Salphena and a sister or half-sister, Virginia, born November 1849, but no Enoch.

          Permelia was married in the 1850s to James Neal SWEENEY. Cook gives the date as 1859, but by virtue of the fact that she had 15 children at the time of her death about 1884, it almost has to be earlier than that - unless she had more than the two sets of known twins.

          James was born 24 July 1836 in Pennsylvania.

          The Sweeneys lived at first in Zaleski, Madison Township, Vinton County, Ohio. Although a son, Louis, is said to have been born there 8 September 1869 - the family was not located in the 1870 census.

          By 1873 the Sweeneys were in Kansas - Glena, Lowell Township, Cherokee County, mining country, and James was recorded as a miner. They were found there in the 1880 census. Of their 15 children only seven were with them in that census. Some were born later, some died in childhood and some could have been married and gone from home by then.

          Permelia died about 1884 and it is believed she died in childbirth, the child dying also. Michael has not been able to locate her final resting place.

          Now there was James with all those youngsters and naturally there was a need for a mother for them. His thoughts went back to Vinton County, Ohio and Permelia's first cousin, Mary Jeanet EWING.

          And here is where the twist come in...

          Thanks to A.E. Ewing, we have always known that "Jennie" daughter of William III, Enoch's brother, married a Sweeney (no first name was given) that she lived in Weir City, Cherokee County, Kansas, that her husband, who had been married before, died in 1891 and that her father, William Jr., died at her home in Weir City.

          Finding Sweeney's first wife, was finding a whole new line of Ewings!

          James Sweeney and Mary Jeanet "Jennie" Ewing were married in Vinton County, Ohio 7 May 1885 and that fact is recorded at the Vinton Courthouse in McArthur.

          With the marriage, the Sweeney children had a stepmother who was also their first cousin, once removed.

          James and "Jennie" lived at Weir City, but they did not have long together, for James died 3 May 1891, four days before their sixth wedding anniversary. He was 54 years old and is buried at Hosey Hill Cemetery, Weir City, Cherokee County, Kansas.

          Mary Jeanet's story continues under her section, 14-3-4.

          ISSUE: (Exact order not known. Those in the 1880 census listed first, then others given by Michael Cook.)

14-1-1-1          1.    James Pearl SWEENEY, b. Oct 1862, Ohio.

                        2.    Flora E. SWEENEY, b. 1865, Ohio. Buried: Kansas City, Missouri. Married: MC KITTRICK.

14-1-1-3          3.    Charles C. SWEENEY, b. Apr 1867, Ohio.

14-1-1-4          4.    Louis Edward SWEENEY, b. 8 Sept 1869, Zaleski, Madison Township, Vinton Co., Ohio.

                        5.    Lucy L. SWEENEY, b. 1873, Kansas.

                        6.    Paul V. SWEENEY, b. Dec 1875, Kansas. 1900: 25, single, living with brother, Charles. 1910: not in Kansas index.

                        7.    Martha SWEENEY

                        8.    Susie SWEENEY

                        9.    Wyatt SWEENEY - TWIN

                        10.  Walter SWEENEY - TWIN

                        11.  Grace Leona SWEENEY, b. 15 Sept 1878, Kansas.

                        12.  Cora SWEENEY - TWIN, b. Galena, Cherokee Co., KS.

                        13.  Dora SWEENEY - TWIN, b. Galena, Cherokee Co., KS.

                        14.  Agnes SWEENEY

                        15.  R. SWEENEY, b&d about 1884, same as mother.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Parmelia-Enoch-William-William-James

          James was born in Ohio in October of 1862. He was about 8 years old when the family moved to Kansas. He was married there in 1891 to Rosalie "Lillie" MC GRAW, born in Ohio, January of 1869. Rosalie's father, Peter MC GRAW and her mother were born in Ireland.

          In the 1900 census, they were in Mineral Township, Cherokee County, Kansas. With them were her widowed father, Peter, born February 1818. Peter came to the U.S. in 1842. Also with them were Rosalie's sister, Margaret MC GUIRE, widowed and Margaret's only daughter, Margaret MC GUIRE, born in December 1899, Kansas.

          In the 1910 census the family was in Scammon, Cherokee County, Kansas.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                        1.    Madeline SWEENEY, b. Aug 1895, Kansas

                        2.    Ivan SWEENEY, b. Sept 1897, Kansas

                        3.    Fredric SWEENEY, b. July 1899, Kansas

                        4.    Ethel SWEENEY, b. 1902, Kansas

                        5.    Pearl SWEENEY (daughter), b. 1904, Kansas

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14-1-1-3          CHARLES C. SWEENEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Permelia-Enoch-William-William-James

          Charles was born in April of 1867 in Ohio and was about 3 years old when the long trek to Kansas was made. He was married in Kansas in 1898 to Bertha HADLOCK, born in April of 1875. Bertha's parents were born in Illinois.

          In the 1900 census Charles and Bertha were in Cherokee County's Mineral Township, Charles was recorded as being a miner. Bertha was down as having had one child, that one still living. With them was her sister, Vina HADLOCK, age 14, as well as his brother, Paul. In 1910 they were removed from Sweeney Country in Kansas' southeast corner. They were instead in the very northernmost area of Kansas counties, Jewell County. Charles died in Nebraska in 1946.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                        1.    David Lawrence SWEENEY, b. Oct 1899, Kansas

                        2.    Harry L. SWEENEY, b. 1902, Kansas

                        3.    Laorna SWEENEY, b. 1904, Kansas

                        4.    James Neal SWEENEY II, b. 1906, Kansas

                        5.    Evaline SWEENEY, b. 1908, Kansas

                        6.    Daniel SWEENEY, b. 1910, Kansas

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14-1-1-4          LOUIS EDWARD SWEENEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Permelia-Enoch-William-William-James

          Because Louis was Michael Cook's great-grandfather, we know a little more about his family, but it is still not conclusive.

          Louis was born at Zaleski, Vinton County, Ohio on 8 September 1869. The Sweeneys were not found in the 1870 Vinton County census and there is a good possibility that they left Ohio soon after Louis' birth in favor of Kansas.

          Louis was married 2 March 1894 to Jessie Mary HAMMERS. Jessie was born 23 December 1873 in Atchison County, Missouri and was the daughter of John and Fannie (SMITH) HAMMERS.

          They were not found in the 1900 Kansas census index, but in the 1910 census Louis and Jessie and family were in Crawford County, Kansas.

          A daughter, Annetta, recalls that Louis' stepmother and cousin, Mary Jeanet, gave them an organ from the Sweeney home in Weir City, Kansas when she left to go back to Ohio in 1914.


                        1.    Fannie SWEENEY, b. 1898, Kansas

14-1-1-4-2       2.    Annette Lora SWEENEY, b. 5 Nov 1900, Cherokee or Crawford County, Kansas.

                        3.    Irwin/Erwin SWEENEY, b. 1904, Kansas.

                        4.    Charlie SWEENEY, b. 1906, Kansas.

                        5.    Ernest SWEENEY, b. 1909/1910, Kansas.

                        6.    Edith SWEENEY

                        7.    Robert SWEENEY

                        8.    Erma SWEENEY

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14-1-1-4-2       ANNETTE LORA SWEENEY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Louis-Permelia-Enoch-William-William-James

          Annette, born 5 November 1900, in either Crawford or Cherokee County, Kansas was still living in the 1984 and was the source of Michael Cook's material on the Sweeneys.

          Annette was married on 24 November 1924 in Stippville, Kansas to John William Lawrence THOMPSON. John was born 8 October 1900 at Scammon, Kansas and was the son of Elizabeth Jane THOMPSON by Edward REED. He died 14 November 1969 at Columbus, Kansas.

          KNOWN ISSUE;

                        1.    Florence Evelyn THOMPSON, b. 16 Oct 1927, Cherokee County, Kansas. Married: Keith Wilbur COOK, b. 19 Sept 1924, Keodesha, Kansas, son of Harold and Elizabeth (KEBERT) COOK.

                               Known issue:

                                      1.    Michael Dean COOK, b. 14 Jan 1961, Merced, California. 1984: resided Columbus, Kansas.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Enoch-William-William-James

          As in the case of Permelia, Levi would have been lost to us, had not a descendant, Howard Curtis EWING cared enough to make an inquiry. I always pray, "Lord, if I can't find them, please let them find me," and this was one of those miracles.

          It is reasonably certain that Levi's mother was Salphena HOLCOMB, even though Levi was not with "Anny" in the 1850 census. His obituary says "son of Mr and Mrs. Enoch M. EWING," which does not tell us much, but Enoch and Salphena were married 6 February 1841 and Levi was born 19 September 1841 in Ewington, Ohio, so it would also appear that Levi was half Holcomb.

          In the 1850 census Levi was listed in the census in Huntington Township, 9, with non-relatives Benjamin and Mary (ROATH) MARTIN. He does not appear in the 1860 Ohio census index but he was in Ohio in 1861, for he enlisted 12 August 1861 at Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio for three years in Company B of the 36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, along with so many of his kin.

          At enlistment he was 21 years old, 5 feet 8 1/2 inches tall with light hair and grey eyes.

          Army life seems not to have been what Levi Liked most. A year and half after he enlisted, the regiment was on a river boat at Carrelton (Evansville, Indiana and Levi saw his chance to jump ship and he did, hoping never to see the army again. But of course he did. A $10 reward, a lot of money in those days, was put out for him and someone collected. He was arrested at Vinton, 15 August 1863 and jailed to await court martial.

          But those 6 1/2 months of freedom gave him the opportunity to take a bride. He and Eliza Ann (MC MANUS) ROSS were married in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio 29 March 1963.

          Eliza, a widow, was born 9 November 1842 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Eliza's father was Jesse MC MANUS, born 1797 in Pennsylvania.

          At his court martial in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Levi was sentenced to forfeit 6 1/2 months pay and allowances, to make good the time lost by desertion by serving a period of 6 1/2 months after the expiration of his term of enlistment, "to forfeit six months pay proper and $10 cost of apprehension and to perform two months fatigue duty at such place as the commanding General may direct."

          Levi rejoined his unit at Chattanooga and served the remainder of his three years, plus the 6 1/2 months, and was discharged at Cumberland, Maryland, 31 March 1865.

          He went home to a wife and a son he had never seen, Levi William, born 19 February 1864.

          Levi and Eliza took up a married life but like most veterans of that horrible war, Levi was never quite the same again. However, he did not apply for a pension until 1890.

          In the meantime he and Eliza and their ever-increasing family lived in Lawrence County, Ohio. He was found there in Perry Township, Monitor Furnace, in the 1880 census, Eliza's father, Jesse MC MANUS, 83, living with them. Levi was working in a "charcoal coaling" at the time "and our work was very heavy, lifting large logs of wood in the formation of heaps." In that work Levi suffered a severe hernia, which brought on other problems through ensuing years, mainly rheumatism and heart and kidney "affection."

          In the early 1880s, the Ewings moved to Jackson County, and lived near the Springfield Mine, Coal Township. On 12 July 1890, Levi applied in Jackson County for a pension. His cousin, Dr. G.A. EWING of Jackson, was the examining physician. It was granted 10 June 1891, retroactive to 16 July 1890, at the rate of $8 per month for the hernia (right inguinal). But Levi felt he should also be compensated for the rheumatism and heart and kidney affection and on 30 June 1891, started proceeds for an increase. He persisted at least through 1899 and eventually his pension was raised to $12 per month.

          In the meantime Levi had lost his mate of 10 children and 28 years. Eliza died 7 August 1891 at Springfield Mine, age 48 years, 8 months and 28 days.

          Their youngest was 2 1/2 at the time, George was 6 and Jane was 9 - the seven other, all sons, ranged from 14 up to 27 years - and they needed someone to look after them. So on 20 March 1892 in Jackson County, Ohio with the Reverend George LEVERING doing the honors, Levi took a bride. Levi's second wife was Mary J. JONES, presumably a widow, born in April 1844, in Pennsylvania. Mary's parents were born in Wales.

          The Ewings continued to live at Springfield Mine in Coal Township. They were there in the 1900 census, two of Mary's three children, Charles and George JONES, 18 and 20 were living with them. Levi's three youngest were also living with them. Three of Levi's children had died in the time period between the 20th of May 1898 and the 27th of March 1899. There was no notation in the space for occupation after Levi's name in the census.

          Mary died in the early years of the 1900s and Levi went to live with his son, Levi, at Chapman in Coal Township. He observed his 67th birthday on 19 September 1908. The next day he was gone, of "dropsy." He is buried at Fairmount Cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio.


14-1-3-1          1.    Levi William EWING, b. 19 Feb 1864

14-1-3-2          2.    James Jordan EWING, b. 26 July 1866

14-1-3-3          3.    Jesse Thomas EWING, b. 4 Oct 1868

                        4.    Charles EWING, b. 19 Feb 1870, d. between 20 May 1898 and 27 Mar 1893; was in an institution of some kind. 1880 census: not with family.

                        5.    Joseph H. EWING, b. 31 Aug 1873, d. 1939. Married: 1901/1902, Martha HARPER, b. 1881, Ohio. 1900 census: at home, single. 1910 census: Coal Township, Jackson County, with them her brother, Albert M. HARPER, 23.


                                      1.    (only). Edith EWING, b. 1903, Ohio. Married: early 20s, name unknown; he left her.

                        6.    Ellsworth EWING, b. 9 July 1875. Married: 1900, Stella CROSLEY, b. May 1881, Ohio, d. pre-1981. Stella married: 2. Grant ESTEP, 3. William MILLER. 1900 census: they lived in Coal Township, Ellsworth a coal miner; with them, her daughter Mary VOYT, 3 years old, an epileptic who died about 1909. 1910 census: Coal Township, her brother Fred CROSLEY, 18 years with them, no Beulah.


                                      1.    Beulah EWING, b. after 1910. Married: 1. John VANCE of Coalton, he died.

                                      2.    Charles DENNEY

                        7.    Elmer EWING, b. 15 Feb 1877, d. between: 20 May 1898 and 27 Mar 1899.

                        8.    Jane EWING, b. 1 Jan 1882, d. between: 20 May 1898 and 27 Mar 1899.

14-1-3-9          9.    George W. EWING, b. 11 July 1885.

14-1-3-10        10.  Mary or May EWING, b. 25 Dec 1888.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Levi was the son his soldier father did not see until his discharge from the Army on the 31st of March 1865 - more than a year after Levi's birth on 19 February 1864. Levi was probably born at Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio - or very near Ewington.

          Levi did most of his growing up in Lawrence County, Ohio and was about 20 years old when the family moved to Coal Township in Jackson County, Ohio. It was in Coal Township that he found Ann E. JONES, who was 10 years his senior when they were married 25 November 1886 in Jackson County.

          Ann was born in Ohio in February 1854 of Welsh parents.

          In the 1900 census the two were living near Levi's brothers and not far from his father in Coal Township. Levi was a coal miner. Ann had two children but only Flora May, then 7 was living. Also listed with them was a 16 year old Vesta CRAMLETT, whose occupation was listed as a servant.

          Shortly after that June 1900 census, Ann died. Ann was buried at Coalton Cemetery, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

          Levi moved to Vinton, Ohio and lived in a boarding house. On 9 March 1901, Levi took a second bride, Emily Ellen COOK, daughter of Joseph and Eliza COOK, and she gave Levi a family of five to add to his Flora May.

          Although Levi remained a coal miner, he became a member and an evangelist to the Freewill Baptist Church. His youngest, Howard recalls making the rounds with his father. Howard said of him, "He was wise, kind, gentle, generous - and poor."

          Howard loved his father, but he only had him for 10 years, for Levi died on the 10th of July 1928 at the age of 64 years.

          The loss of his father was not nearly so bad as what happened on Labor Day a year or two later. Emily remarried and while John W. HINKLEY may have been great in her eyes, to Howard he was "the meanest man alive." Eventually he turned Howard out of the house - but that's in Howard's story.

          ISSUE by Ann:

14-1-3-1-1       1.    Flora May EWING, b. June 1893

          ISSUE by Emily:

14-1-3-1-2       2.    James Levi EWING, b. 24 Oct 1901

                        3.    Lena Burnetta EWING, b. 1905. 1981: living, resided in Columbus, Ohio. Married: Anthony J. TALL.

                        4.    George Albert EWING, b. 23 June 1908, d. 15 Sept 1963. Married: Orpha GARY.


                                      1.    daughter EWING, Married: BENTON. Lived in Atlanta, Michigan. 1981: letter to her from Howard returned. Three daughters died in infancy.

                        5.    David Louis EWING, b. 20 Dec 1911, d. 4 Mar 1971.

14-1-3-1-6       6.    Howard Curtis EWING, b. 2 June 1918

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14-1-3-1-1       FLORA MAY EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Flora May was born in June of 1893 in Jackson County, Ohio - no doubt Coal Township. Flora was about 7 years old when her mother died and her father married again, so she grew up in a household of stepsisters and brothers.

          After her marriage to William C. HUGHES, son of Andrew and Maude HUGHES and sister of Doldie who married her stepbrother, James, they moved to Columbus, Ohio where Flora May died about 1975. In 1981, William was living with daughter Wylodene in Columbus, Ohio.


                        1.    Evelyn HUGHES, d. 1944, when a kerosene stove blew up and set the house on fire; she got two daughters out, went back to get two babies, but none survived. Married: Raymond LINDLEY, who married again after her death..


                                      1.    Dorothy LINDLEY

                                      2.    Lyda May LINDLEY, Married: Dick , lived in Columbus, Ohio.

                                      3.    daughter LINDLEY, perished in blaze, 1944.

                                      4.    daughter LINDLEY, perished in blaze, 1944.

                        2.    Wylodene HUGHES, Married: 1st early 1930s, Roy BUCKLEY, divorced. Married 2nd James TODD, divorced, he married her sister, Aretta. She married 3rd Jack WARNER/WARREN, they managed an automatic car wash on Front Street, Columbus, Ohio. Jack died early 1970s. She married 4th Jay ELAM (?), retired from a supervisory job at Bluebird Baking Co., Columbus, OH. 1981: resided Columbus, Ohio.

                        3.    Aretta HUGHES married: 1st William SHIRE, divorced. Married 2nd James TODD, her sister's ex husband. James worked at a hospital, London, Ohio, died about 1979. 1981: Aretta lived rural London, Ohio.

                        4.    Juanita HUGHES Married: late 30s, Francis E. TURNER

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14-1-3-1-2       JAMES LEVI EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          The author, Nancy Hanks Ewing, talked to various members of this family in 1978 and 1979, but they did not know how they tied into the family of William -"Swago Bill" or John - "Indian John" EWING. That was before Howard Curtis Ewing came into her life.

          James Levi was born 24 October 1901 in Jackson County, Ohio and produced a large family of Ewings, 11 to be exact. James married his wife, Doldie HUGHES, in March of 1924. Doldie was a daughter of Andrew and Maude HUGHES, a sister of William - who married James' stepsister, Flora May.

          At his death, James was a retired truck driver and a member of the Church of God. James died the 8th of December 1980 at the Holzer Medical Clinic, Gallipolis, Ohio. He was 79 years old.

          Doldie died in 1979 at the age of 70 years. They are both buried at the Fairmount Cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio.

          In 1980, they had 49 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren.


                 1.    James Levi EWING JR., b. about 1925. Married: Marilyn

                 2.    Clarence EWING, b. 1927. Married: Carrie STEWART

                 3.    Arthur DeLeon EWING, b. 1929, died in infancy.

                 4.    Stanley William EWING, b. 1931. Married: Ethel .

                 5.    Gladys EWING, b. 1933. Married: William BAPST.

                 6.    Charles L. EWING, b. 1935. Married: Betty J. HUGHES

                 7.    Glenora EWING, b. 1937. Married: Ray ADAMS

                 8.    Emily Ella Dean EWING, b. 1939. Married: Ronald CAMP

                 9.    Bonnie EWING, b. 1941.

                 10.  Roger EWING, b. 1943. Married: Janet CRABTREE

                 11.  Beverly Sue EWING, b. 1945. Married: James MOLIHAN

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14-1-2-1-6       HOWARD CURTIS EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Bless Howard's dear heart, may he rest in peace. Without him I would never have known that these Levi EWINGS, and in fact all of Enoch EWING's first family, belonged to us. Howard provided the information you are reading on this family line. Sadly, it's not conclusive. He was just beginning in family history. He also had the drawback a 1) not knowing how to obtain and organize family records, and 2) disinterest on the part of his Ewing kin. It is really too bad. There are many Ewings in this line - but if you do not get answers to your letters, it is hard to put those puzzle pieces (the Ewings) in their proper places.

          Howard was born 2 June 1918 in Jackson County, Ohio and had the disadvantage of not only losing his father at an early date but having a stepfather who was pretty hard to get along with. Howard was turned out of the house by his stepfather and only received a ninth grade education.

          But still he seems to have done all right with his life. He and his wife, Betty, had their home at 81 Earl Street in Jackson, Ohio all paid for, and he wrote a good letter. I know he was overseas during World War II, but I don't know what his livelihood was after that. He was retired and in ill health when we first corresponded, and he never mentioned it.

          My first letter from him - on yellow legal paper, both sides - was dated 3 April 1981. By 15 June 1981, two months later, I had received 13 of those yellow sheets, a veritable book. Unfortunately it's mostly names and bits about them. "He was a drunk and a brawler," "She wore a glass eye," nothing conclusive.

          But Howard was so interested, so eager. He knew how important it is to collect information and he was trying. Thank goodness someone in that family cared.

          Howard was only 19 when he and Margaret CLICK of Coalton were married in 1937. That marriage lasted about two year and they were divorced in 1940.

          Then on 9 February 1945, Howard married Anna Mae JENKINS. They were childless, but adopted a son, Robert EWING. After 15 years that marriage too ended in divorce, in 1960. Anna died in Fontana, California on 3 October 1969.

          Howard's third wife was Londina BLEVINS. They were divorced in 1975.

          And then came Betty A. BEACH. She had been a widow nine years when she and Howard were married 30 July 1977. Howard wrote, "She thinks the sun rises and sets on me," and that was important to him.

          The letters from him that had come so thick and fast early in 1981 suddenly stopped, but as I was into other branches of the family, I didn't think much of it. I figured he was busy gathering information for me. I sent a Christmas card each year, and though I did not get a response, I kept sending. I hoped he hadn't gotten discouraged with the "family business."

          Then in April of this year I really was ready to put the William EWING JR. family into story form, and wrote him to see if he had updated his former information to me. No answer - it got to be June. Something's wrong, I told myself, and put in a call to his home in Jackson, only to be told, "Howard died three years ago - heart attack." That's why the letters had stopped coming. I wish someone had let me know.

          In the short time that I had received his letters (and in the years since, when I didn't know he was dead) I always thought of Howard as a very good friend. He never failed to let me know in all his letters, how much my help in finding his Ewings had meant to him, and what my friendship meant. A good guy is gone.


                        1.    Robert Paul EWING (adopted while married to Anna Mae) "Last I heard a year ago (1981) he lived in Bloomington, California, has Carpet Installers Supply Co., Cedar Street, Fontana or Rialto, California"


          ISSUE by Londina:

                        2.    Howard Louis EWING, b. about 1962 Lives with mother, Columbus, Ohio.

                        3.    Carl Curtis EWING. Married, has daughter. Lives: Elgin, Illinois.

                        4.    Faye Ellen EWING, d. age 32 days, weak heart.

                        5.    Albert Leroy EWING Lives with mother, Columbus, Ohio.

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14-1-3-2          JAMES JORDAN EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          James was born 26 July 1866 and died fairly early in life, about at the age of 34 to 37 years old. 1900 to 1903. He was married 31 August 1889 in Jackson County, to Flora M. COVEY, who was born in Ohio in January 1872. Flora's father was from Maryland and her mother was born in Ohio.

          James and Flora lived in Coal Township, where James was also a coal miner like his father and brothers. In the 1900 census, Flora was down as having had two and two.

          After James' death Flora married Joseph WOODS in 1903. They lived in Hamilton Township of Jackson County, Ohio, and Flora had at least two more children by him, Ida and Englebuck (?). They were with them in the 1910 census, along with Flora's two Ewings, Goldie and Ethel. A granddaughter of Flora, daughter of Ida WOODS and Columbus DAVIS, is Melvina CHANNEL (Mrs. Brice) who lives in Jackson, Ohio and was in contact with Howard.


                        1.    Goldie H. EWING, b. Aug 1895

                        2.    Ethel J. EWING, b. April 1900

                        3.    Hazel EWING, deceased by 1900

                        4.     EWING, deceased by 1900

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14-1-3-3          JESSE THOMAS EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Jesse was born 4 October 1868 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. At the time of the 1880 census, Jesse was 11 years old and living at home in Lawrence County, Ohio. Jesse was married in Jackson County, Ohio, 26 October 1889 to Mary A. Rosetta MALONE, daughter of Patrick and Elizabeth MALONE. Mary was born in March of 1871 in Ohio.

          In the 1900 census Jesse and Mary A. - called Rosetta, had 6 children, 5 then living. The family was living in Coal Township, Jackson County. Jesse was a coal miner.

          The family lived in Sunshine Hollow, Jackson County and by the 1910 census had moved to Columbus, Ohio.

          Jesse died in 1932 and Mary A. Rosetta died in November of 1949. Both are buried at Jefferson Cemetery, Blacklick - near Yahanna, Franklin County, Ohio.


14-1-3-3-1       1.    Gertrude EWING, b. 30 June 1891

14-1-3-3-2       2.    Rolessa EWING, b. 9 Nov 1893

                        3.     EWING, b. about 1895 d. pre-1900

14-1-3-3-4       4.    Jesse James EWING, b. Nov 1896

                        5.    Lola EWING, b. July 1898, d. 1977. Married: 1st John SCHMIDT. Married 2nd Lee MARLOW. No issue.

                         6.    Bertha E. EWING, b. Dec 1899, d. 1962 (stroke or brain tumor) Buried: Jefferson Cemetery, Blacklick, Franklin County, Ohio (no marker). Married: Walter WOLFEL apparently no issue

14-1-3-3-7       7.    Edgar C. EWING, b. 29 Apr 1901

14-1-3-3-8       8.    William Pearl EWING, b. 24 July 1908

14-1-3-3-9       9.    Arnold Calvin EWING, b. 7 Dec 1914, Columbus, Ohio.

14-1-3-3-10     10.  Naomi EWING, b. 24 Mar 1917

                         (Children 11, 12, 13, 14 all died in infancy)

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14-1-3-3-1       GERTRUDE EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jesse-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Gertrude Ewing was born 30 June 1891 and married Charles Henry SCHOONOVER in 1906. Charles was born in 1885. Gertrude and Charles were parents of eight children. When Charles died in 1922, Gertrude married Joseph MC GAW. Joseph was born in 1893.

          Gertrude died in 1958 and Joseph, a member of the Moose Lodge #11, died in 1966. Both are buried in the Glen Rest Cemetery, Reynoldsburg, Franklin County, Ohio.


                         1.    Rose SCHOONOVER, b. 20 Jan 1907, Vinton County, Ohio. Married: 1st Raymond FITZSIMMONS. Married 2nd unknown. Married 3rd ALLEVINE. 1984: resided Columbus, Ohio.


                                      1.    Billy FITZSIMMONS

                                      2.    Ruth FITZSIMMONS, Married: ZWOLLA

                                      3.    Rose FITZSIMMONS, Married: NIROTE

                        2.    Franklin Pearl SCHOONOVER, b. 24 Jan 1909, d. 1981. Buried: Glen Rest Cemetery, Reynoldsburg, Franklin County, Ohio. Marrried: Maria K. , b. 1901 d. 1981. Buried: Glen Rest Cemetery, Reynoldsburg, Franklin County, Ohio.

                        3.    Teresa Estel SCHOONOVER, b. 1910, died in infancy.

                        4.    Eddie SCHOONOVER - TWIN, b. 1911, d. about 1915. Buried: Glen Rest Cemetery, Reynoldsburg, Franklin County, Ohio.

                        5.    Freddie SCHOONOVER - TWIN, b. 1911, d. age 14 months. Buried: Glen Rest Cemetery, Reynoldsburg, Franklin Co.

                        6.    Annabelle SCHOONOVER, b. 9 Nov 1913. Married: THOMPSON. 1984: resided Waverly, Ohio.

                        7.    Lavonia SCHOONOVER, b. 26 Apr 1915. Married: CATTELL.

                        8.    Bessie Loretta SCHOONOVER, b. 6 Sept 1917, d. 2 Dec 1981, Buried: Jefferson Cemetery, Blacklick, Franklin County, Ohio. Married: CATTELL.

                        9.    Joseph Charles MC GAW, b. 1923, d. 1961

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14-1-3-3-2       ROLESSA EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jessie-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Rolessa was born 9 November in either 1893 or 1894. Rolessa

married William J. ROCK on 10 August 1910. William's birthdate was 14 February 1891.

          Rolessa died 29 June 1963 and William died 7 December 1968. Both are buried in the Richland Cemetery, Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.


                        1.    Josephine ROCK, b. 2 Aug 1911, Columbus, Ohio. Married: BROOKS.

                        2.    William J. ROCK JR., b. 11 Jan 1914, Columbus, Ohio, d. 3 Aug 1981, Buried: Richland Cemetery, Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.

                        3.    Floyd Franklin ROCK, b. 16 Feb 1916, Columbus, Ohio, d. 21 Aug 1973, Buried: Richland Cemetery, Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.

                        4.    Dorothy Marie ROCK, b. 16 Jan 1918, Columbus, Ohio, d. 5 Jan 1953, Buried: Franklin Church Cemetery, Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.

                        5.    Ida Belle ROCK, b. 31 Jan 1920, Columbus, Ohio. Married: REINER.

                        6.    Lola Aretta ROCK, b. 4 Sept 1921, Groveport, Ohio. Married: Homer AU. 1984: resided Mansfield, Ohio.

                         7.    Charlotte Elizabeth ROCK, b. 28 June 1923, Blacklick, Franklin County, Ohio. Married: ALLEN.

                        8.    Sheldon Edward ROCK, b. 16 May 1927, Blacklick, Franklin County, Ohio.

                        9.    Melvin Theodore ROCK, b. 4 May 1931, Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio. 1984: resided Whitehall, Ohio.

                        10.  John Lloyd ROCK, b. 11 Dec 1935, Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.

                        11.  Rosalie Viola ROCK, b. 24 Dec 1937, Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio, d. 1 Mar 1967, Buried: Richland Cemetery, Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio. Married: PRICE.

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14-1-3-3-4       JESSE JAMES EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jesse-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Jesse was born in November 1896 and married Rhoda KECK. Rhoda was born in 1903. After Jesses' death in 1943, Rhoda married his brother, William Pearl EWING. Rhoda died in 1983.

Jesse and Rhoda are buried in Jefferson Cemetery, Blacklick, Franklin County, Ohio


                        1.    Jesse Burton EWING, b. 2 Jan 1924. Married: Maxine . 1984: resided Batesville, Ohio

                         2.    John Wesley EWING, b. 4 March 1925. Married: 28 Apr 1948, Leora B. (LANE) LARGE. 1984: resided Columbus, Ohio.

                        3.    James T. EWING, b. 29 July 1931, Jefferson Co. Missouri, d. 30 Nov 1935, Jefferson Cemetery, Blacklick,, Franklin County, Ohio.

                        4.    Ruth Caroline EWING, b. 19 Feb 1934. Married: Richard CREMEANS


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14-1-3-3-7       EDGAR C. EWING

Ewing Family Lineage:      Jesse-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Edgar C. Ewing was born 29 April 1901 and died in 1949. Edgar married Frances GRELL in 1923. Frances was born on the 5th of October 1900.

          In 1984, Frances was in the Monterey Nursing Home, Grove City, Ohio.


                        1.    Eugene EWING, b. 9 July 1924. Married: 14 Sept 1943, Evelyn WEBER. 1984: Eugene worked for the Columbus Dispatch Printing Company - planning on retiring soon.. Resided Grove City, Ohio.


                        2.    Herb EWING, b. 7 Sept 1926. Married: June FERGUSON. 1984: resided Chicopee, Mass.

                         3.    Betty EWING, b. 23 Mar 1929. Married: James MURRAY. 1984: resided Canal Winchesty, Ohio. Betty has an antique shop.

                         4.    Edgar C. EWING JR.(Ed), b. 25 Apr 1931. Married: 1. 1950, Melba HERNEY, div. 1953, deceased by 1984. Married 2nd Sheila BODISH, niece of postmaster of Columbus, Ohio for a number of years. 1984: Ed a part-time drummer - Howard Ewing called him Gene Krupa II, was with "The Gremlins". Resided Columbus, Ohio.

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14-1-3-3-8       WILLIAM PEARL EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jesse-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          William Pearl was born 24 July 1908. William's first wife was Ertha Geraldine LUCAS. Ertha was born in Lebanon, Ohio in 1910. William and Ertha were married the 21 March 1927 and Ertha died giving birth to their son in September of 1927. The child also died. Ertha and the baby are buried at the Union Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.

          On the 17th of June 1928, William and Ellen E. BELLEW were married during their lunch hour by the Mayor of Bexley, Ohio. Ellen was born 27 December 1900 in Denton, Kentucky. They were divorced 11 October 1954. Ellen died about 1984.

          About 1960, William married his deceased brother's widow, Rhoda (KECK) EWING. Rhoda was married to Jesse James EWING who died in 1943. Rhoda was born in 1903 and died in 1983. Rhoda is buried with her first husband, Jesse James Ewing at Jefferson Cemetery, Blacklick, Franklin County, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Ertha:

                        1.    William EWING, b&d, Sept 1927

          ISSUE by Ellen:

                        2.    William Earl EWING, b. 16 May 1931. Married: 14 Jan 1951, Helen Frances STREETS b. 1932, daughter of Levi W. and Helen Frances (YERIAN) STREETS. Levi was Mayor of Pataskala, Ohio 1950-1968 and again in the 1980s. 1984: William President of Pataskala City Council. Was in "Who's Who in Labor". Resided Pataskala, Licking Co. Ohio.

                        3.    Shirley Juanita EWING, b. 27 Feb 1939, Columbus, Ohio. Married: 29 Sept 1956, Richmond, Indiana, Jack Alfred HOLT son of Jim and Zoa (ANDERSON) HOLT. 1984: resided Pataskala, Licking Co. Ohio.

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14-1-3-3-9       ARNOLD CALVIN EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jesse-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Arnold was born on the 7th of December 1914. He was married at least twice, Alice , his first wife and Margaret , his second. Arnold and Margaret were married in 1940, they were later divorced at an unknown date. It is known that in the 1960s Arnold was in a Salvation Army Hospital in Florida.

          Margaret remarried about 1971 to a William WOODWARD and was still living in 1984.

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14-1-3-3-10     NAOMI EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jesse-Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Naomi was born 24 March 1917 in Franklin County, Ohio. Naomi's first husbands last name was ROCK. They were married about 1933. Naomi's sister, Rolesse was also married to a Rock.

          Naomi's second marriage was to a man named CRANBLIT

          In 1981 Naomi and her husband lived in Sunbury, Ohio. He wears a hearing aid and worked at Tumpkin(?) Roller Bearing Company as a foreman. Naomi worked at Grant Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

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14-1-3-9          GEORGE W. EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          George W. was no doubt George Washington and no doubt he was born in Lawrence County, Ohio, the date of his birth was on the 11th of July 1885. But he was not very old when the family moved to Coal Township, Jackson County, Ohio. George W. was married in Jackson about 1905 to Flossie B. OLIVER (?). In 1910 they were in Coal Township, two of their eight children with them. The children appear to have lived in Dayton, Ohio, so perhaps that is where George and Flossie later lived. George died in 1940 and Flossie in 1954.


                        1.    Carroll Raymond EWING, b. 27 Dec 1907, d. 13 May 1979. Buried: Gettysburg, Ohio. Married: Pearl PITMAN (?), d. 1972. After her death, Carroll made his home with Mabel KENT, in Dayton, Ohio.

                         2.    Edith EWING, b. 1910, paralyzed age 11, d. about 21 years old.

                        3.    Alice EWING, b. about 1913. Married: Clarence GRUBER, d. by 1981. Clarence worked for a railroad. 1981: Alice worked at a hospital in Dayton, Ohio.

                        4.    Margretta EWING, b. about 1915. Married: 1st Clarence SHEARER, d. about 1939. Married 2nd Elmer MC GOON, Jackson, Ohio. 1981: both Margretta and Elmer deceased.

                         5.    Ray Forest EWING, b. about 1920. Married: 1st Emily - divorced. Married 2nd unknown. World War II veteran, walked with two canes, worked for Dayton Power and Light Company, member Dayton Masonic Temple.

                        6.    Betty Jane EWING, d. late 1930s. Married: Eddie HALL

                         7.    Juanita EWING married: Bob BASSETT.

                        8.    Arthur EWING, b. about 1926. 1981: Dayton, Ohio, a designer.

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14-1-3-10        MARY/MAY EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Levi-Enoch-William-William-James

          Howard EWING had very little knowledge about his father's youngest sister. Mary or May was born 25 December 1888 and married William COYER, probably about 1907. Howard said that William worked the coal mines in Williamson, Ohio and that after William died in 1927, Mary/May lived in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio, with her daughter, Katie. Katie had married a man by the name of ROUSE/ROUSH, who was said to be "wealthy."

          There are no COYERS buried in the Vinton cemeteries.


                        1.    Katie May COYER married: ROUSE/ROUSH.

                        2.    Eugene COYER

                        3.    Virginia COYER married: Peyton FERREL, d. 1972. 1981: resided Columbus, Ohio.

                        4.    Rose COYER married: PATRICK, d. by 1984. 1984: Howard Ewing stated that: Rose and her brother Bill, lived Oceana, West Virginia, then to Whitehall, Ohio. No Rose Patrick listed.

                        5.    William COYER, JR.

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14-1-5       JANE EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-James

          The existence of Jane was discovered because she was listed as a survivor of her brother, Levi, in his 1908 obituary. The obituary said she was Mrs. BREECE and "of Ironton." With that information a search of the 1880 census was redone and she was found.

           Jane BREECE along with her husband John and four children were living on Sixth Street in Ironton, Upper Township, Lawrence County, Ohio. Neither Jane or John BREECE were located in the 1900 or 1910 census, The only Breece found in the 1900 census, was son, Ellsworth with a possibility of son, Charles also located. In the 1910 census only Ellsworth was found.

          Jane was born in 1842, probably at or near Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio. She and John were married about 1865.


                        1.    J.W. BREECE, b. 1867

                        2.    Ellsworth BREECE, b. Jan 1869. Married: Esta M. PHILLIPS, b. Nov 1867, Ohio. 1900 census: W. Chestnut St., Mt. Vernon, Clinton Township, Knox County, Ohio. Esta's sister, Oro PHILLIPS with them. 1910 census the same.


                                      1.    Derna(?) BREECE (daughter), b. Feb 1889. Not in 1910 census.

                                      2.    Edson BREECE, b. Jan 1890. 1910: 20 and at home.

                                      3.    John L. BREECE, b. Sept 1893.

                                      4.    Carlton R. BREECE, b. Feb 1895.

                                      5.    Marie A.R. BREECE, b. May 1900.

                                      6.    Helen M. BREECE, b. 1907

                        3.    Sarah BREECE, b. 1874

                        4.    Charles BREECE, b. 1876, possibly the Charles BREECE, b. Apr 1875 in 1900 census, Caryall Township, Paulding County, Ohio with wife Rosa, b. Sept 1872, Missouri. Not there in the 1910 census.

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14-1-4      JORDAN EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Enoch-William-William-James

          Jordan was born in 1844 and in 1850 was living with his grandparents, Reuben and Rebecca HOLCOMB in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio. No pension files for Jordan was found during searches of the Federal Archives, no record of his name was found in the Huntington Township or Jackson Township rosters of men serving in the Civil War from Ohio, but Jordan is said to have died in 1927 in the Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Home.

          Jordan's marriage is on record with IGI (International Genealogical Index) at Salt Lake City. The date was 27 February 1866, the place was Vinton County, Ohio and the bride was Sarah HUTSON/HUSTON.

          As a survivor of his brother Levi, in 1908, Jordan was listed as a resident of Hot Springs, Arkansas, but searches of the 1880, 1900 and 1910 census indexes for Arkansas and Ohio failed to locate him.

          If Jordan had children, they are lost to us.


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          Between them, A.E. EWING and Ida , Enoch's daughter, managed to do a very good job of putting Enoch and Phoebe's family into the record.

           But that's where it stops - back around the turn of the century when Ida and A.E. got their heads together.

          Except in one instance, what came after Enoch's last eight children - the ones by Phoebe, is lost to posterity. Enoch and Phoebe had four sons, but those four did not seem to want to pass the name on and the Ewings among them, sons, as well daughters are lost to us.

          The one exception was discovered through a tremendous lagniappe that genealogists dream of. In delving into the Jacob EWINGS (No. 19) it became a fact that two of Jacob's granddaughters had married their cousin, Robert Enoch HASTINGS, Enoch's grandson!

           They were found, only to be lost again.

          It is still hoped that contact can be made with anyone in the line of Enoch's second or third family, the Hancock County, Illinois branch.

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14-1-8      JULIA A. EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Enoch-William-William-James

          Julia was born 18 January 1854 in Ohio, probably in Manchester, Adams County. Julia was 12 years old when her Civil War-veteran father and the rest of the family headed for Missouri. They took up a farm near Gilead in Lewis County. It is unsure where Gilead was located in Lewis County. It may have been located near the town of Ewing, Missouri, named for the Ewings who settled there - the descendants of the James EWING of Monroe County, Virginia/West Virginia mentioned in the history part of this book. Enoch's family is the only one of our family to ever live in Lewis County, Missouri.

          The family lived in Gilead only briefly - from September 1866 to the Fall of 1869, when the whole clan went across the Mississippi into Illinois and Hancock County. By that time the family included Julia's grandmother, Sarah EWING and her Aunt Letha, who were living in the household.

          They had not been living in Pilot Grove Township, Hancock County, Illinois very long when Julia met and married Robert HASTINGS.

          In 1869, Julia was 15, almost 16 years old when she and Robert, who was 28, set up housekeeping. The 1870 census shows the two of them in Pilot Grove Township, Robert a laborer.

          The first two of the Hastings' seven children were born in Pilot Grove Township, but in 1874 the Hastings packed up and headed back to Missouri, only this time they went to Shelby County, not Lewis County. It is not known if Julia's father, Enoch, traveled with them in 1874, but in the 1880 census, he was in their household, an unemployed blacksmith. The family was living near Shelbina and Robert's occupation was "works at butcher shop."

          Julia's mother Phoebe died back in Hancock County in 1884. In May, 1886, her namesake, Julia and Robert's 2 1/2 year old daughter, Phoebe HASTINGS, died. The following October, Julia gave birth to Clara.

          That may have been after Clara's father's death. Robert died in 1886, but the exact date is not known. He was 45 at the time of his death. And Julia was 32.

          It is unknown exactly what happened to Julia after the death of Robert. Enoch's address in 1888 was Hancock County, Illinois, but he died in Shelbina in 1896. According to notes, A.E. added to his original record in 1913, she was living at that time in Shelbina, yet no trace of her, nor any of her children were found in the 1900 Missouri census index. There is no notation in A.E.'s records that she had a second marriage.


                        1.    Emma E. HASTINGS, b. 19 Mar 1871, Pilot Grove Township, Hancock County, Illinois. Married: Frank LITTS. Not in 1900 Missouri index.

                        2.    Frederick M. HASTINGS, b. 30 Sept 1873, Pilot Grove Township, Hancock County, Illinois. Married: 1893, Minerva AUK, b. 1867.


                               1.    Beulah HASTINGS, b. 8 Dec 1894.

                               2.    Robert HASTINGS, b. 24 Dec 1897.

14-1-9-3          3.    Robert Enoch HASTINGS, b. 1 June 1875, Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri.

                        4.    Edward Frank HASTINGS, b. 6 Aug 1878, Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri.

                        5.    John L. HASTINGS, b. 4 Jan 1881, Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri.

                        6.    Phoebe J. HASTINGS, b. 1 Oct 1883, d. 25 May 1886, Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri.

                        7.    Clara M. HASTINGS, b. 5 Oct 1886, Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri - born the year her father died.

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14-1-8-3          ROBERT ENOCH HASTINGS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Julia-Enoch-William-William-James

          Because Robert married two of his cousins - sisters, and the BARRETT'S family chronicler, Norma BARRETT LANGE - in the Jacob chapter, 19-2-8-1, records were found to follow one of Julia's family down a couple of generations.

          Robert was born 1 June 1875 near Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri, shortly after Julia and Robert moved there from Hancock County, Illinois. Robert was named for his father and grandfather. He used Enoch most of the time.

          He was about 11 years old when his father died. Not much is known about the family whereabouts after the fathers death, but a record was found that Robert was married on 6 December 1899 in Red Cloud, Nebraska. Robert's bride was Daisy Harriet BARRETT.

          Daisy was the daughter of Orville and Esther (EWING) BARRETT (19-2-2). She was born October 1879 at Webster, Fountain Green Township, Hancock County, Illinois. Daisy was Robert's third cousin.

          Esther Evangeline EWING was the daughter of Charles, son of Jacob, brother of the William EWING we are writing about in this chapter. That early, the family was sticking pretty close to Hancock County, Illinois.

          No record was found giving a reason for the wedding of the children of the two families to be held in Red Cloud, Nebraska.

          Robert and Daisy did not have very long together. They had a daughter, Jessie, who was born 4 June 1901 and eight months later Daisy was gone at the age of 23 years. She is buried at McKay Cemetery, Fountain Green Township, Hancock County, Illinois. On 9 December 1903, Robert was married at La Crosse in Fountain Green Township, Hancock County, Illinois, to Daisy's younger sister, Blanche Ewing BARRETT. Blanche was born at Webster, Fountain Green Township, Hancock County, Illinois on 10 August 1883.

          Robert and Blanche had three children and appear to have lived in Hancock County, Illinois. That is where they died. Robert was 60 years old when he died in July of 1935, at Burnside. Blanche outlived him by 35 years. Blanche died 30 January 1970 and is buried at McKay Cemetery, Fountain Green Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

          ISSUE by Daisy:

                        1.    Jessie Esther HASTINGS, b. 4 June 1901, d. 4 Nov 1978, Buried: Memorial Lawn Cemetery, Fairfield, Iowa. Married: 22 Dec 1926, Archie HILLYER. Jessie was 8 months old when her mother died. 1910 census: with Barrett grandparents, Orville and Esther in Pilot Grove Township, Hancock County, IL.

           ISSUE by Blanche:

                        2.    Nellie Gale HASTINGS, b. 22 Oct 1904, d. 24 Nov 1949. Married: 27 Feb 1939, John D. CURTIS.

                        3.    Robert Orville HASTINGS, b. 23 July 1908, d. 21 Sept 1971 - 63 years old. Married: 31 Dec 1942, Ida Mae RIDENOUR, b. 39 Aug 1921.

                        4.    Ruby Ethel HASTINGS, b. 1 Nov 1921, d. 27 July 1976. Married: 1st 28 Aug 1943, Paul JACKSON, d. 29 Dec 1956. Married 2nd 7 Jan 1961, Albert Maurice KERR.

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14-1-10           GEORGE W. EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Enoch-William-William-James

          George - probably George Washington, was born 16 March 1858, in Manchester, Adams County, Ohio. He was married about 1878 in Hancock County, Illinois to Talitha GRIFFITH. Talitha was born on the 22nd of December 1856 in Iowa. After their marriage, they farmed in Pontoosuc Township, Illinois until Talitha's death there in 1896. Sometime after Talitha's death George moved with his two children to Burlington, Iowa, where so many of his family were living.

          A.E. lists him in 1913 as a stonecutter, living at 138 Seventh Street, Burlington, Iowa.


                         1.    Jesse LeRoy EWING, b. 10 Nov 1879, Pontoosuc, Illinois. 1900 census: at home with father, Pontoosuc, Illinois. 1910 census: as Jesse L.R. EWING, La Salle County, Illinois, married to Catherine L. , born 1884 in Illinois, son and four non-relatives with them

                               Issue as of 1910 census:

                                      1.    Charles L. EWING, b. 1910, Illinois.

                                      2.    Ethel EWING, b. 6 Mar 1883, Pontoosuc, Illinois.

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14-1-11    FRANK P. EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:             Enoch-William-William-James

          It is very probable the Frank P.'s full name was Franklin Pierce - there were so many Franklin Pierces in those days. This one was born 5 February 1860 in Manchester, Adams County, Ohio. He was six years old when the Ewings moved to Missouri and not quite 10 years old when they arrived in Hancock County, Illinois. In the 1870 census he was 10 and at home, Pilot Grove Township. In the 1880 census, he and his brother Joseph were hands on the farm of Silas and Alexine BYLER, Duham Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

          Frank was married in 1886 to Maggie MARENGER, daughter of Chas. MARENGER. A M. MARENGER had 40 acres in Section 17, Pontoosuc Township in 1874.

          After going to Iowa briefly, Frank and Maggie lived in Pontoosuc Township, Illinois. They were living there when Maggie died in 1897, the year their daughter Goldie was born. The other four children were 9, 7, 5, and 3 at the time of their mother's death.

          Walter and Ruth went to live with their Uncle John EWING in Pontoosuc Township. But no record was found as to where the other children, Emma, Charles or Goldie were that year. Frank was living with his sister, Ida in Pontoosuc, as was their Aunt Letha.

          By 1910 Frank had joined the Ewing movement over to Burlington, Iowa where he was married in 1911 to Sarah (BOURRS) CRESS. A.E. Ewing lists him in 1913 at 811 S. Eighth Street, Burlington, Iowa.

          Only one of his children was in the 1910 Illinois index, which means that the rest were probably all in Iowa, but the 1910 Iowa census has not been indexed so they were not located.

          ISSUE by Maggie:

                        1.    Walter EWING, b. Mar 1888, Iowa. 1900 census: 12, living with his Uncle John EWING, Pontoosuc Township, Illinois.

                        2.    Emma EWING, b. 1890. Married: Benjamin JACOB. 1910 census: with grandfather, Charles MARENGER, Hancock County, Illinois.

                        3.    Ruth EWING, b. June 1892, Pontoosuc, Illinois. 1900 census: with Uncle John EWING, Pontoosuc, IL.

                        4.    Charles EWING, b. 1894

                        5.    Goldie EWING, b. 1897

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-James

          Into the cabin of William and Sarah, back on the Raccoon in Huntington Township's Section 11 on a hot, steamy, Ohio day in July of 1821, came a second son. He was given the name of William's next younger brother James. It is unknown where the Robert came from. It is neither a Ewing nor a Mannering family name.

          With so many of his kin marrying the Mc Millins, James thought "why not?" and followed suit. His bride was Eliza Jane MC MILLIAN, born in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio in April of 1825. Eliza was the daughter of William R. and Nancy (BUTLER) MC MILLIN. William R. was a son of the Edward and Sarah (REID) MC MILLIN who were so close to the Ewings all through the early days in Gallia County. (See Chapter 5)

          We will digress briefly here to tell about one of Eliza's brothers. That was Emerson MC MILLIN (Ozias Emerson, actually, but he never used his first name) and though he is not Ewing kin, his life is so amazing that it bears telling about.

          Born 16 April 1844, he died 31 May 1932 at his estate in Mahwah, New Jersey, a noted New York financier and art collector. In the 88 years between, Emerson amassed a fortune through his shrewd acquirement, development and consolidation of gas properties. In 1891 he established a banking house in New York City of a sort rather new in banking circles. It specialized in the purchase and merging of gas interests.

          Emerson was an art collector of unusual discernment and he had one of the finest collections of American and foreign paintings in the country. At a sale his "Orpheus and Eurydice" by Corot brought $75,200.00.

          At his death Emerson was head of the banking house of Emerson McMillin and Co., 120 Broadway, chairman of the Board of American Light and Traction Co, and president of a dozen other lighting and traction concerns throughout the country.

          Emerson was survived by his son, Marion MC MILLIN, and three daughters, Miss Maud MC MILLIN, Mrs. Estelle TRAVERSE of Florence, Italy and Mrs. Marian NORTON of Santa Barbara, California.

          The above information is for all Mc Millins reading this book, searching for their family members.

          James and Eliza were married 28 May 1843 in Gallia County, Ohio by Matthew WOOD, Huntington Township's justice of the peace, and through they may have lived in Huntington Township to begin with, by 1850 they and their two children were in Jackson County's Bloomfield Township where Eliza's parents also lived. In the census that year, James was down as a carpenter.

          James is the only one of William's children who did not participate when the heirs signed off to brothers Jordan and Joshua after their father's death in 1847.

          By 1860 the family of four - James, Eliza, Louise and Hiram - moved to Vinton County, Ohio. They were in Madison Township in the 1860 census. James was a farm laborer worth - /$500. Living with them was a fellow by the name of Jonathan BROWN, a 22 year old collier from Pennsylvania, a boarder. It was not long, September that year, before he and 16 year old Louise were married.

          James enlisted in the Civil War on 3 September 1861 at the age of 41 years. Not only a father but a grandfather!

          At the time he signed up he was 5 feet, 11 inches and had fair completion, light hair and blue eyes. He enrolled for three years at Cincinnati in Captain CONSTABLE's Company E of the 11th Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery.

          There was no mention in his pension papers where James served during his frist year after enlistment. But on 1 July 1862, the unit was at Camp Clear Creek near Corinth, Mississippi, immediately following the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee and due to exposure, bad water and food, James fell victim to scurvy and chronic diarrhea, which stayed with him the rest of his life.

          James was hospitalized for a time - the field hospital, then Louisville and then Cincinnati - but he was able to rejoin his unit on 24 September 1862, at Iuka, Mississippi, near Corinth and remained with the 11th (except when he was detached 26 December 1862 to guard a provision train to Memphis, Tennessee) until his discharge at Columbus, Ohio on the 5th of November 1864.

          James then went back to Vinton County, Ohio and his family. They did not stay in Vinton County long. In 1866 James, Eliza and at least 20 years old Hiram headed for Illinois. The following year Louise and Jonathan went to Tennessee but whether from Illinois or Vinton County was not determined.

          The Ewings selected Round Grove, Mt. Pleasant Township, Whiteside County as their destination. The year after their arrival Hiram got married. Hiram EWING and Esther THOMPSON and their children were listed in Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois in the 1870 and 1880 censuses. James and Eliza were not found in the 1870 and 1880 census.

          All this time, James was in pretty bad shape, but he did not apply for a pension until 18 November 1888 when he was 68 years old. James went to the county clerk of Whiteside County, Illinois to present his petition, and immediately thereafter he and Eliza left the Illinois winter and headed for the sunny South - to Alabama, where their daughter Louise was living. Prior to moving to Alabama, Louise and Jonathan, a collier, and the family had gone to Southern Tennessee - first to Rough and Ready Furnace and then about 1870 to near Memphis, to LaGrange Furnace in Fayette County, coal country.

          James and Eliza joined the Browns in November 1888 in Wilsonville, Shelby County, outside (southeast) Birmingham, Alabama.

          James and Eliza rented a little farm on the edge of Wilsonville. In 1900 they had a young grandson, Emerson (obviously named from Eliza's brother) E. BROWN living with them. Emerson's mother, Louise, had died the previous year.

          Next door to them lived Dr. J. Buford BOYER, who was not only their neighbor but James' physician for the rest of his life. In 1901 Dr. Boyer wrote the Pension Bureau: "I knew him since he moved here in November 1888. Lived next door four years and not more than a mile since. For the past seven years he was totally unable to do anything and for the past four years was helpless as a babe.

          "The immediate cause of death was congestion of the bowels and lungs. I saw him often every day. I treated him since he moved here. He was a great sufferer of chronic diarrhea then and the remainder of his life.

          "He being a broken-down soldier and financially not able to pay I did not enter my visits and prescriptions against his, therefore I cannot give dates."

          James and Eliza had passed their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1893, and in a month would have observed their 57th had it not been for James' death on 27 April 1901, when he was 80 years old. Eliza survived him by four years. Eliza, too, was 80 years old when she died 25 July 1905. It was her brother, Emerson Mc Millin, who took the time and trouble from his busy life to advise both the Ewington and Burnside relatives of her death in time for their annual reunions that year.


14-2-1            1.    Louise Isabelle EWING, b. 13 May 1844, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio or Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

14-2-2             2.    Hiram Lewis EWING, b. 22 Dec 1846, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      James-William-William-James

          Eliza may have gone to the Butler side of her family for the names of her children because, Louise, Isabelle, Hiram and Lewis were definitely not Ewing or Mc Millin names. Family names were very much a part of the American way of life in 1844 when Louise Isabelle Ewing put in her appearance on the 13th of May.

          It is not sure if James and Eliza were in Huntington Township at the time of her birth or whether they had, by then, taken up residence in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio, near where her Mc Millian grandparents lived. They were there in the 1850 census. Then in the 1850s the Ewings moved a short distance - some 15 or 20 miles, to Madison Township in Vinton County, Ohio.

          They were living there in the 1860s census, Louise was then 16 years hold. In the household, apparently boarding, was a young man, working the nearby coal fields, by the name of Jonathan McBride BROWN.

          Their marriage certificate reads: "This certifies that Jonathan McBride BROWN and Louise Isabell EWING are solemnly united in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at Vinton Furnace, Vinton County, Ohio, on the 10th day of September, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty. In the presence of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. GARRETT, Mr. Frank FALQUER, Mr. J.J. CULBERTSON. By J.D. BENJAMINE, D.D."

          Jonathan was born 22 January 1838, in Huntingden County, Pennsylvania and was 22 years old at the time of the marriage. He was of the proper age to be Civil War material, but apparently did not serve.

          But Louise's dad did, and with him gone for three years it must have fallen to Jonathan and Louise to look after Mother Eliza and young brother Hiram.

          After the war the Ewings and Browns began talking of the opportunities that lay before them.

          The war made many families in America realize that there were other places in the world than where they were right then. There was a whole country and ways to get to it and you went because it was there.

          For the Ewings, James, 46, Eliza, 41 and Hiram, almost 20, Illinois was where it was at and they headed west in 1866.

          A year or so later Jonathan and Louise and their three went in a completely different direction - south, Illinois first and then to Tennessee from there.

          Their destination was country that was familiar to Louise's father, Southern Tennessee, near Memphis. James served there during the war, and it is thought that it was James, knowing that area was coal country, who sparked the inspiration in Jonathan's mind, that as a collier, he should move to that area.

          Whatever the motive, the Browns were in that area in 1867 or 1868. The Browns were at Rough and Ready Furnace, Tennessee by 6 September 1868, when their fourth child, Archie, was born. Rough and Ready Furnace could not be located, but it was probably near La Grange Furnace, where the Browns next appeared 21 April 1871, when their fifth child, Florence, was born. La Grange is in Fayette County, Tennessee, two counties east of Memphis and almost at the Mississippi border, some 100 or so miles from Corinth where James spent so much time during the war.

          The Browns were in La Grange Furnace in the 1880 census. At some time between then and 1887 they moved down into the heart of Alabama, near Birmingham, to Wilsonville, in Shelby County. That is were their 10th and next to last child, Willard, was born. In November that year, Louise's parents joined them there after 21 years in Whiteside County, Illinois.

          Louise was only 55 years old when she died 15 October 1899, predeceasing both her parents.

           Jonathan was still alive in 1900, but he and most of his children could not be found in the 1900 Alabama census index. Jonathan died 27 April 1902.


                        1.    James Robert BROWN, b. 25 July 1861, Vinton Furnace, Vinton County, Ohio, d. 24 July 1863, Vinton Furnace, Ohio.

                        2.    William Lewis BROWN, b. 1 May 1863, Vinton Furnace, Vinton County, Ohio, d. 14 Sept 1895.

                        3.    Lulu Bell BROWN, b. 7 June 1866, Vinton Furnace, Vinton County, Ohio. Married: 18 Aug 1889, BURNS.


                                      1.    Sidney F. BURNS, b. 17 Mar 1890, Birmingham, Alabama. Lived: Randolph, Alabama.

                                      2.    Elwilda Louise BURNS, Sylacauga, Taladego Co. Alabama, married: DOOLEY. Lived: San Francisco, CA

                                      3.    William A. BURNS, Sylacauga, Taladego Co. Alabama. Lived: Phoenix, Arizona.

                                      4.    Mary E. BURNS, Sylacauga, Taladego Co. Alabama.

                        4.    Archie Norris BROWN, b. 6 Sept 1868, Rough and Ready Furnace, Tennessee, d. 9 Sept 1870, Rough and Ready Furnace or LaGrange Furnace, TN.

                        5.    Florence T. BROWN, b. 21 Apr 1871, LaGrange Furnace, Fayette County, Tennessee, d. 25 May 1935. Married: 28 Nov 1888, MC GOWAN.


                                      1.    Buford Boyer MC GOWAN (named for the doctor), b. 30 Mar 1890, Wilsonville, Shelby Co. Alabama. Married: 18 Dec 1918

                                      2.    Ethel M. MC GOWAN, b. 11 May 1892, Wilsonville, Shelby County, Alabama. Married: BROWN. Lived: 3411 Ave., C, Ensley, Alabama.

                                      3.    Walter G. MC GOWAN, b. 24 Nov 1894, Taladego County, Alabama.

                        6.    Garrett Waldo BROWN, b. 14 Mar 1873, LaGrange Furnace, Fayette County, Tennessee.

                        7.    Jonathan McBride BROWN Jr., b. 24 Aug 1875, LaGrange Furnace, Fayette County, Tennessee.

                        8.    Grant BROWN, b&d 19 May 1877.

                        9.    Sarah Elwilda BROWN, b. 9 Oct 1880, LaGrange Furnace, Fayette County, Tennessee. Married: 5 Feb 1899, DAVIDSON.


                                      1.    Ruby Aleen DAVIDSON, b. 22 Jan 1900, Woodward, Alabama. Married: WORKMAN. Lived: Glendale, California.

                                      2     Roy Floyd DAVIDSON, b. 9 Oct 1901, Bessemer, Alabama, d. 15 Nov 1903.

                                      3.    George B. DAVIDSON, b. 6 Sept 1904, Bessemer, Alabama. Lived: Wilmington, California.

                                      4.    Katheryn DAVIDSON, b. 21 June 1910 , Bessemer, Alabama. Married: RICHMOND. Lived: Santa Barbara, California.

                        10.  Willard Warner BROWN, b. 19 Sept 1887, Wilsonville, Shelby County, Alabama.

                        11.  Emerson Ewing BROWN, b. 21 Sept 1890, Wilsonville, Shelby County, Alabama, was 9 years old when his mother died, went to live with grandparents James and Eliza in Wilsonville. 1900 census: living with grandparents.

                               Known issue:

                               1.    Garrett E. BROWN, b. 8 Sept 1911, Laurens, New York.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      James-William-William-James

          At the time of Hiram's birth on the 22nd of December 1846, his parents were still at Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, though by 1850 they would have moved to Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio, and then to Madison Township, Vinton County, Ohio by 1860. Hiram's father fought during the Civil War which must have placed a big burden on teen-age Hiram's shoulders.

          After the war the family headed out - James, Eliza and Hiram to Illinois, Louise and Jonathan Brown to Tennessee - though they may have gone to Illinois with the other three and then to Tennessee from there. Hiram was 19 years old and his father was 46 at the time of the move.

          The destination of James, Eliza and Hiram was Whiteside County, Illinois - Round Grove, Mt. Pleasant Township. In THE HISTORY OF WHITESIDE COUNTY, published in 1908, it says in a sketch on Hiram L. Ewing:

          "Starting out in life on his own account, he had no capital and worked by the month as a farm hand for about five years, but he possessed laudable ambition to engage in business which would more directly benefit himself and therefore cultivated a rented farm for five years. On the expiration of that period he began operating the farm of 160 acres which his wife had received from her father. For many years he devoted his time and energies to

its improvement and cultivation, and year by year gathered good crops, for which he found a ready sale on the market. Thus as time passed by, he prospered."

          Some records indicate that the farm he worked on in the early days was that of Reuben M. THOMPSON of Fenton Township and that is where he met Thompson's daughter, Esther, who became his wife.

          Esther Philanda THOMPSON was born in Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois 16 January 1851. Esther and Hiram were married in 1868, two years after Hiram's arrival in Whiteside County.

          Reuben M. Thompson was an influential citizen of the community and an early settler, having gone there with his parents in 1841 from Meigs County, Ohio. A prominent farmer of Fenton Township, he at one time owned 2,300 acres of land. He was a supervisor of Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois for a "considerable time."

          Reuben's wife was Matilda S. DODGE, daughter of another early Whiteside County settler, John DODGE, who opened the first court in Whiteside County. He was one of the first settlers in Mt. Pleasant Township and was a soldier in the Black Hawk War of 1832, "aiding in the reclamation of this district from the dominion of the red race," as the county history records it.

          Through the years Hiram and Esther had nine children - nine Ewings! five of them sons, four of whom produced lots more Ewings, making this one of the largest families of Ewings by that name in this book.

          The county history says that Hiram was a Republican and an active party member. "He is one of the party's recognized leaders in this part of the state. He has done valued and effective service on the county central committee for 12 years, has been commissioner of highways, township clerk for two terms, school officer for 20 years, and drainage commissioner of the Erie and Fenton District No. 1 for 10 years, acting in that office during the legal fights (?). In all of his official service he has been actuated by a devotion to public good that is above question and his worth as a man and as a citizen is widely acknowledged. He belongs to Ewing Fenton Camp of Modern Woodmen, and both he and his wife are devoted members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Their circle of friends is extensive and their pleasant home is justly celebrated for its cordial hospitality."

          In 1899 it was time to retire. Hiram and Esther sold their farm and purchased property in Lyndon, Illinois. Hiram dabbled around as a carpenter, building houses, and he was the lamplighter in the village.

          Hiram and Esther were not found in the 1910 Illinois census index. In 1917, Hiram died in Colorado where he went to help his son, Howard. Esther died of cancer the following year. Both are buried at the cemetery in Lyndon, Illinois.


                        1.    Anna Roselma EWING, b. 10 Apr 1872, Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois, d. 7 June 1956, Long Beach California. Married: 9 June 1897, William Arthur PENN, b. 13 Apr 1864, d. 22 Apr 1925. William was a jeweler in Morrison, Illinois - they later moved to California.


                                      1.    Iva Alice PENN, b&d 7 Jan 1900.

                                      2.    Esther Mary PENN, b. 20 June 1902. Married: 12 May 1927, Charles Hollenbeck GREGORY, b. 2 Apr 1891, last known address: 250 E. 31st St. Long Beach, California. No issue listed.

14-2-2-2          2.    Arthur Matt EWING, b. 8 Apr 1874, Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois.

14-2-2-3          3.    Ralph Emerson EWING, b. 1 Jan 1877, Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois.

14-2-2-4          4.    Howard Otis EWING, b. 3 May 1879, Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois.

                        5.    Riley EWING, b. 12 Dec 1882, Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois, d. 26 Jan 1883, buried: Lyndon, Illinois.

14-2-2-6          6.    Earl Lester EWING, b. 19 July 1884, Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois.

14-2-2-7          7.    Edith Verna EWING, b. 29 Nov 1886, Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois.

14-2-2-8          8.    Ruth Leona EWING, b. 22 Jan 1890, Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois.

                        9.    Leighla E. EWING, b. 3 Oct 1892, Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois, d. 12 June 1916, Buried: Lyndon, Illinois. Married: 24 June 1914, Frank SWEATT, no issue.

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14-2-2-2          ARTHUR MATT EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Hiram and Esther's first son was born 8 April 1874 on their farm in Fenton Township, Whiteside County, Illinois and given the name Arthur Matt - the Matt, no doubt for Esther's little brother who was born in 1871.

          Arthur grew up in Fenton Township and attended schools there. He was in the Whiteside County militia as a young man.

          Arthur was married on 12 January 1897 in Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois to Lula Mae FELLOWS. Lula was born in Round Grove, Near Morrison on 26 December 1873. Her father was Charles FELLOWS of Morrison and her mother was an EICHMANN.

          In the 1900 census Arthur was a farm laborer in Whiteside County's Clyde Township. He lived, according to his obituary, on farms in Ustick, Lyndon, Erie and Hillsdale in the county.

          Arthur and Lula had four children, born 1897, 1900, 1903 and 1905. The date of the birth of their fifth was given as 31 March 1908, and the death of the mother as 31 March 1909. It is possible those dates could be the same, 1909.

          With five motherless children, one an infant, Arthur turned to his in-laws. Grandma and Grandpa Fellows took the youngsters in, and perhaps even Arthur, too, for a time.

          About 1909, the same year Lula died, Arthur's brother, Ralph, and his wife, Laura OSBORN, had gone out to Rugby, North Dakota. In 1911, Arthur decided to join them. It was there that he met Ida Julia ANDERSON and they were married in Rugby on 6 December 1916.

          And thus, Arthur started a "second" family. Arthur and Ida had five children, twin sons dying at birth. The two youngest of Arthur's first five children living back in Illinois, Kenneth and Clyde, 8 and 10 at the time of the marriage, went to live with their father and stepmother in North Dakota.

          Arthur, Ida and family went to Chinook, Montana and took up ranching. They only had 14 years together, for Ida died at Chinook, 9 January 1930, and again Arthur was left with motherless youngsters, the youngest, Merle Mae, only 7 years old. Arthur remained single for 18 years. He retired about 1944 and moved into Zurich, Montana.

          On 19 October 1948, Arthur went back to Illinois for a visit with his children and their families. On 3 November he was taken seriously ill to the Kewanee Public Hospital about the 7th of November. He died there on 11 November 1948 at the age of 74 years. Arthur's daughter is on record as marrying the day following his death.

          Arthur left 15 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He is buried at Lyndon, Whiteside County, Illinois.

          ISSUE by Lula:

14-2-2-2-1       1.    Isca Laverne EWING, b. 21 Dec 1897, Union Grove, Whiteside County, Illinois.

14-2-2-2-2       2.    Lila Melvora EWING, b. 15 Apr 1900, Union Grove, Whiteside County, Illinois.

14-2-2-2-3       3.    Clarence Wesley EWING, b. 8 Mar 1903, Union Grove, Whiteside County, Illinois.

14-2-2-2-4       4.    Kenneth Everett EWING, b. 15 Oct 1905, Erie, Whiteside County, Illinois.

                        5.    Clyde Donald EWING, b. 31 Mar 1908/1909, Hillsdale, Whiteside County, Illinois, d. 20 Dec 1935. Killed in an accident at Glaslyn, Canada, where he had gone to homestead with his brother, Kenneth., single.

           ISSUE by Ida:

14-2-2-2-6       6.    Charles Ronald EWING, b. 21 Mar 1919, Chinook, Montana.

                        7.    Chester Lyle EWING, b. 14 Dec 1921, Chinook, Montana. Married: 27 June 1942, Pauline CURCI,                       b. 20 Aug 1922. 1984: Hawthorne, California - Chester seriously ill with cancer. No issue, but adopted Pauline's son:

                        8.    Merle Mae EWING, b. 23 Apr 1923, Chinook, Montana, d. 9 Dec 1974, Fargo, North Dakota - 51 years. Married: 12 Nov 1948, Herbert J. DIEDERICKS.

                        9.    Son EWING - TWIN, died soon after birth.

                        10.  Son EWING - TWIN, died soon after birth.

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14-2-2-2-1       ISCA LAVERNE EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Arthur-Hiram-James-William-James

          Isca was the unofficial chronicler of this branch of the family, and had it all together for posterity before her death in September of 1982 at the age of 84 years.

          Isca may have been one of Hiram Ewing's large family who helped initiate the annual Ewing reunion held on Labor Day each year at Eagle Park in Clinton, Iowa, just across the Mississippi River from Whiteside County. She passed all of her information on to Clarice COFFMAN - another descendant of Pioneer James Ewing, from the James EWING II branch who lived in Rock Falls, Illinois. Rock Falls is very near where Isca lived in Walnut, Bureau County, Illinois. Clarice shared all the information on this family with this author. Isca also had much information on Hiram's sister Louise.

          Isca was born 21 December 1897 at Union Grove, Whiteside County, Illinois the first of Arthur and Lula's family. She and Walter James FRANK were married in Prophetstown, Whiteside County, Illinois on 27 March 1918. Walter, born 9 July 1889, in DeKalb, Illinois had been married and had a son, Harry Leroy FRANK. Harry was born 24 Oct 1914 and he was 3 years old when his father and Isca were married. Isca raised Harry along with her son, Walter and it was almost like he was her own.

          Walter went off to the service during World War II, and Isca helped organize the Mothers of World War II at Walnut. She was a member of the Walnut United Methodist Church and its Women's Club. The Franks lived at 214 Red Oak Road in Walnut.

          Walter died at Walnut 18 August 1968. Isca carried on for 14 years, devoting herself to her immediate family and to her genealogical family. She was described to me by Harry's wife, Marjorie - who always called her Grandma, as a wonderful, warm person.

          Isca died at Perry Memorial Hospital in Princeton, Illinois after a long illness. She and Walter are buried at Walnut Cemetery, Walnut, Bureau County, Illinois.


                        1.     (her stepson) - Harry Leroy FRANK, b. 24 oct 1914. Married: 1 June 1937, Marjorie DRAPER, b. 24 Nov 1917. 1984: resided Palm Springs, CA.

                        2.    Walter Laverne FRANK, b. 20 July 1925. Married: 22 Apr 1944, Phyllis Larene BROWN, b. 27 Mar 1925. 1984: Fraser Street, Walnut, Bureau Co., Illinois.

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14-2-2-2-2       LILA MELVORA EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Arthur-Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Lila and her husband, Henry Earl BROWN, were farmers at Hooppole, Illinois, which is in Henry County and about 15 miles south of Lyndon, Whiteside County, Illinois. Henry was born

16 January 1896 and Lila on 15 April 1900, assumably at Union Grove where her sister was born. They were married 31 January 1917 and had four children.

          Henry died at Hooppole 17 November 1961 and Lila on 29 March 1972, just before her 72nd birthday.


                        1.    Margaret Melvora BROWN, b. 5 Mar 1921, a nurse, single.

                        2.    Maxine "Margie" BROWN, b. 29 June 1924. Married: Lester William TALBERT. Maxine a nurse.

                        3.     Elmer Carl BROWN, b. 9 Nov 1927. Married: 1 May 1948, Upland, California, Lois Lorraine OLSON. 1984: Elmer a construction engineer.

                         4.    Gene Everett BROWN, b. 30 Oct 1937. Married: 27 Aug 1960, Kenwanee, Illinois, Carol Ann HANSON, b. 15 Sept 1939. 1984: resided Polo, Illinois. Gene a teacher.

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14-2-2-2-3       CLARENCE WESLEY EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Arthur-Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Clarence was born at Lyndon, Illinois on the 8th of March 1903. He was married 8 December 1926 to Frances ASHPOLE who was born 1 November 1905. They were believed to have lived at Clinton, Iowa where the Ewing reunion is held each year. They had two children, one of whom died at birth. Frances died the 6th of April 1956 at the age of 50 years.

          In 1959 Clarence had a son, George John EWING, who was subsequently adopted by Clarence's niece, Phyllis Ewing ROSENBAUM, daughter of his brother Kenneth.

          On 2 February 1963 Clarence married Cecile BLOUNT. Cecile was born 25 March 1905. They were living at Clinton, Iowa as late as 1982, but apparently retired to Texas, where they were living at A-1 226 Guadalajara, Llana Grand Park, Mercedes, Texas 78570.


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14-2-2-2-4       KENNETH EVERETT EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Arthur-Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Kenneth was born the 15th of October 1905 in Erie, Whiteside County, Illinois. He was 3 1/2 when his mother died, and like his sisters and brothers, he was raised by his Fellows grandparents at Morrison, Illinois. When his father remarried he went out to North Dakota to live with his father and stepmother, and moved to the ranch in Chinook, Montana with them, as did his younger brother, Clyde.

          It was probably when Kenneth was about 20 years old and Clyde was 18 years old that the two decided to try their luck at homesteading in Canada. That would have been about 1925. What the two did was to head directly north out of Chinook and stop when they had gone 300 miles. That was North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and it was near there that they decided to stake their claim. It was about 40 miles north of North Battleford, at Glaslyn, that Clyde was killed in an accident in 1935.

          Kenneth had not been there very long when he met and married Fannie Albina HOBBS. This Canadian lass was born in North Battleford, 22 May 1906. Kenneth and Fannie were married 23 November 1927.

          No record was found as to when Kenneth and Fannie gave up their homestead and left Canada in favor of the States, they moved to Bradford, Stark County, Illinois where Kenneth was born and raised.

          Fannie died in Bradford on 3 November 1970 and Kenneth on 12 September 1975, just short of his 70th birthday.

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14-2-2-2-6       CHARLES RONALD EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Arthur-Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Charles was the first child of Arthur's second family and was born 21 March 1919, either in Rugby, North Dakota or Chinnok, Montana. Chinook is where he died 25 March 1972. The only other information found on him was that he was married on 21 September 1945 to Frances Lillian MILLER, born 22 August 1922.

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14-2-2-3          RALPH EMERSON EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Ralph was the third to come along on the farm of Hiram and Esther in Fenton Township, Illinois, the date being the first day of the year 1877. A New Year's Day baby.

          Ralph was found in the 1900 census. He was 23, single, a farm laborer with his aunt and uncle, John and Carrie THOMPSON, in Fenton Township. Ralph was married 16 August 1904 to Laura Elliott OSBORN.

          About 1909 Ralph and Laura went out to try their luck in Rugby, North Dakota and that is where they spent the rest of their lives. They were joined in 1911 by his widowed brother, Arthur Matt.

          Laura, born 3 June 1881, died 5 May 1957 in Rugby, North Dakota. Ralph died there 22 January 1958.


                        1.    Floyd Theron EWING, b. 29 July 1905, Illinois. Married: 29 July 1927, Dorothy Helen BAIN, b. 4 Apr 1908. Lived in Glendive, Montana - on the Yellowstone River, - land of Montana agates.

                        2.    Elmer Leigh EWING, b. 9 Oct 1909. Married: 6 Mar 1935, Fargo, North Dakota, Lillian Myrtle STATLER, b. 9 Nov 1912.

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14-2-2-4          HOWARD OTIS EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Howard was born 3 May 1879 in Fenton Township, Illinois. At 21 he was out on his own, and was listed in the 1900 census as single and boarding with the Frederic MILLIKEN family in Lyndon, Illinois. Shortly after his marriage on 21 February 1908 to Ruby Byrle VERNON they went out to Sterling, Colorado to make their home. It was at their home in Sterling that Howard's father, Hiram, died in 1917.

          Howard died in Sterling, Colorado 6 December 1937 and Ruby, who was born 27 January 1882, died on 30 August 1947.


                        1.    Vernon Lewis EWING, b. 19 Jan 1909 d. 23 July 1949. Married: 23 Dec 1932, Emma Marie DONALDSON, b. 15 Jan 1910. Lived in Wellington, Colorado.

                         2.    Lela Velma EWING, b. 2 Aug 1913. Married: 25 Nov 1945, Duane Elmer LARSON, b. 20 Dec 1919, d. 13 Sept 1963. Lela lived in Eagle, Colorado. No issue.

                        3.    Esther Emily EWING, b. 13 Nov 1916. Married: 20 May 1938, James Robert BIRRELL, b. 29 June 1911. Lived: Denver, Colorado.

                        4.    Dean Ray EWING, b. 11 Mar 1921. Married: 24 Aug 1947, Lynda Lee CLARK, b. 3 July 1928. Lived: Canyon City, Colorado.

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14-2-2-6          EARL LESTER EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Earl was the sixth child and fifth son to enter the home of Hiram and Esther in Fenton Township, Illinois. The date was 19 July 1884.

          Though not even 16 at the time of the census, Earl was not listed with his family in 1900, and was not able to be found in the Illinois index, but in 1908 he was living in Lyndon, Illinois. That was three years after his marriage on 18 January 1905 to Flora FITCH, born in August 1885. The two made their home in Moline, Illinois where they raised a family of four.

          Flora died 18 July 1926. Earl survived her by 21 years. Earl died 24 November 1947.


                        1.    Earl Leroy EWING, b. 8 Sept 1905. Married: 6 Nov 1927, Gladys Isabelle UTTER, b. 6 Nov 1911.

                        2.    Margarite EWING, b. 18 Dec 1909. Married: 1926, John NORTH.

                        3.    Dorothy Fae EWING, b. 25 May 1913, d. 19 July 1933.

                        4.    Keith Frank EWING, b. 7 June 1917. Married: 21 May 1941, Dorothy Marie SHOEMAKER, b. 27 Oct 1922.

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14-2-2-7          EDITH VERNA EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Into Hiram and Esther's farm home in Fenton Township, Illinois came another daughter to join sister Anna and four brothers, one brother having died before she arrived on the

29th of November 1886.

          When Edith was a young lady she went to work for her famous grand uncle, the philanthropist Emerson MC MILLIN. Emerson was by then in New York, but must have had offices in Detroit for that is where Edith worked.

          It was in Detroit that Edith met Carey William BENOY who was born 23 October 1887. They were married 29 December 1917 and made their home in Detroit, Michigan.

          Edith died 15 October 1950 at the age of 63 years. Cary died 19 December 1963 at the age of 76 years.


14-2-2-7-1       1.    Phyllis Maxine BENOY, b. 1 Feb 1919, Detroit, Michigan.

                        2.    Eleanor Jean BENOY, b. 7 July 1920 , Detroit, Michigan. Married: Earl L. LOFSTROM.

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14-2-2-7-1       PHYLLIS MAXINE BENOY


Ewing Family Lineage:      Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Phyllis and her husband, Howard Sebree HAYS, have a very interesting story to tell - so interesting that it appeared as a feature article in a news letter published by the company Howard (who goes by Sebree) worked for, JPL of Los Angeles. The newsletter is called Lab-Oratory, and at Christmas of 1963, Howard was about to observe his 15th anniversary at JPL, where he was a design engineer in Section 356.

          Phyllis was born 1 February 1919 in Detroit, Michigan and Howard on 11 October 1917. They were married 1 July 1949, possibly in Detroit. Immediately after their marriage they moved to Los Angeles for Howard's job with JPL.

          Phyllis and Howard's story begins about 1956. They had been married seven years and were childless. Though they were 39 and 37, respectively, that did not stop them for wanting a family. Because of their ages they could not go through an agency, so they took two foster children in June of 1955. They were Darlene Louise, born 28 November 1952 in Los Angeles and her half sister, Pamela Maxine, born 10 September 1951 in Montana. The girls are of mixed American backgrounds. Howard and Phyllis adopted them on the 23rd of December 1959.

          In the meantime there was Victoria Edith. About six months of letter writing and red tape, they effected an adoption of this miss, born 31 October 1943 in El Salvador, Central America, of Spanish and Indian extraction. Victoria arrived at the L.A. Airport on Labor Day of 1956. She spoke only Spanish and the Hayses only English, so they had quite a time for awhile. Victoria could not understand the crazy celebration on her birthday, Halloween.

          Now there were five, but that was not enough. They wanted a son, and that is how Carl Benoy Hays came to them. Carl was born in Korea, and was left as an infant at the Isabella Orphanage in Pusan. They picked his birthday as 18 March 1956. The Hayses met Carl at the airport in Portland, Oregon in April of 1960, after a year of frustrating red tape. He was adopted by proxy in Seoul in December 1959, and since the papers were mostly in Korean, Howard and Phyllis had him adopted a second time so he would have American papers.

          That still was not enough. The Hayses had so much love to give that they adopted Timothy James on 20 August 1962. Timothy went to them five days after his birth on the 2nd of March 1961, of mixed American parents in Los Angeles, California.

          To make their family complete, Howard and Phyllis got Karen Elizabeth at the age of five weeks. Karen was born 8 December 1962, of a Japanese mother and her G.I. husband in Los Angeles. The adoption became final on the 16th of December 1963.

          The four older children kept their first names, and were given a second name of someone in the family, per their requests. "We think they get along very well, with their variety of backgrounds and personalities," Howard reported. "Sure, they have occasional quarrels, but no more than normal families."

          Victoria wanted to get her own citizenship, so she went to night school courses in 1962 and got her final papers in June 1963. At the same time Carl got a derivative citizenship through his new parents. He was unhappy that he did not get to sign any of the papers.

          Victoria was married 20 March 1965 to William L. DAVIS, and no doubt there have been other marriages in the family since that report, and probably some grandchildren for Howard and Phyllis Hays - cousins we can be real proud of.

          THEIR FAMILY:

                        1.    Victoria Edith HAYS, b. 31 Oct 1943, El Salvador. Adopted 1956: Married: 20 Mar 1965, William L. DAVIS.

                        2.    Pamela Maxine HAYS, b. 10 Sept 1951, Montana. Adopted 1959.

                        3.    Darlene Louise HAYS, b. 28 Nov 1952, Los Angeles, CA. Adopted 1959

                        4.    Carl Benoy HAYS, b. 18 Mar 1956. Adopted 1960

                        5.    Timothy James HAYS, b. 2 Mar 1961. Adopted 1962

                        6.    Karen Elizabeth HAYS, b. 8 Dec 1962. Adopted 1963

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14-2-2-8          RUTH LEONA EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Hiram-James-William-William-James

          Another daughter on the Fenton Township, Illinois, farm of Hiram and Esther was Ruth Leona. Ruth was born 27 January 1890. She was 9 years old when they gave up the farm and retired into Lyndon, Illinois.

          Ruth was married on 2 April 1910 to Robert William OLIVER, born 5 December 1889. Ruth and Robert moved across the "Big River" to Clinton, Iowa to make their home, and were hosts for the annual Ewing reunion held at Clinton each year.

          Robert died 6 April 1961 at Clinton, and Ruth followed six months later on the 22nd of October 1961.


                        1.    Marion Ruth OLIVER, b. 4 Nov 1910. Married: 3 Oct 1936, Hollis NULL, b. 26 May 1907, d. 26 Nov 1965.

                        2.    Eleanor May OLIVER, b. 13 Nov 1912, d. 1 Nov 1913.

                        3.    Lucille Ellen OLIVER, b. 22 Jan 1915. Married: 10 June 1937, Leonard KETELSON, b. 9 Aug 1915.

                        4.    Eva Mae OLIVER, b. 10 Aug 1918. Married: 1 Oct 1938, NYQUIST, b. 10 June 1918. 1981: resided Clinton, Iowa

                        5.    Robert Vern OLIVER, b. 26 Oct 1920. Married: 20 May 1950, Kathryn MC KONE, b. 27 Dec 1928.

                        6.    Phyllis Audrey OLIVER, b. 20 Dec 1924. Married: 9 Jan 1943, John C. MORGAN, b. 10 Nov 1917. No children listed.

                        7.    Margaret J. OLIVER, b. 28 Feb 1929. Married: 14 Feb 1948, Warren C. YOUNG, b. 20 Apr 1927.

                        8.    Eddie G. OLIVER, b. 13 Aug 1930. Married: 19 June 1954, Dorothy DODD, b. 22 Nov 1938.

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14-3         WILLIAM EWING III


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-James

          Here is a very special fellow. This William was the third William Ewing in a row and the third William Ewing, soldier, in a row. His grandfather, William Ewing, was a soldier in the Revolution. His father, William Ewing, was a soldier in the War of 1812, and he himself was a soldier in the Civil War.

          This William Ewing was born 26 February 1823, near the center of "Ewingtdom" in Huntington, Gallia County, Ohio's Section 11, at the place where Ewington would one day be.

          William's choice of a bride gives us another William-Mary combination. William married 18 year old Mary M. WHITE. Their marriage is on record in Gallia County, Ohio as having taken place 1 August 1847 with Matthew WOODS, Huntington Township's Justice of the Peace, doing the honors.

          Mary was Pennsylvania born in March of 1829 and so was her mother. Although nothing else could be found, it is known that Mary's father was born in Maryland. Mary's mother was Susannah, born in 1807, and the first she appears in our records is 1880, when she was the widow Susannah HOY (a second marriage) living with her son John WHITE in Huntington Township. The Whites arrived in Ohio after 1838.

          William and Mary appear not to have ever had a farm of their own. In the 1850 census they were part of the group at the William MC CARLEY home in Ewington, where the household consisted of three generations of Mc Carleys, and two generation of Ewings, plus a MANNERING, Mary, sister of Sarah, as noted previously.

          On 2 August 1851, William and Mary received $35 from William's brother Jordan for giving up their rights to William's late father's land in Section 11. That was a big sum in those days. They took the money with them when they moved over into Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio at some time between 1850 and 1853. They were there in the 1860 census, William a farm laborer. With them was Mary's brother, Amos WHITE, 22, born in Pennsylvania, a brick maker.

          On 12 August 1962, William was 5 feet 10 inches, had a fair complexion, blue eyes and auburn hair and was a farmer. He was also 39 years old, way beyond the average private's age, so one wonders why he enlisted on that date for Army service in the Civil War. He signed on at Jackson as a private in Captain Levi M. STEPHENSON'S Company K of the 91st OVI, the regiment so many other men in this book also took a liking to. William's cousin Elmore E. EWING (Chapter 21) was Co. K's first Lieutenant.

          William only served a year and three months of his three-year enlistment, but those 15 months were enough to make him wish he had never seen a recruiting officer. He was not in battle, but things could happen to a man behind the lines that could affect all the rest of his life.

          In William's words (1887): "We were at Fayetteville, West Virginia May-June 1963. During an engagement with the enemy, I was detailed to help take care of the company mule train, and during the action the enemy threw shells amongst the mules and in trying to hold and keep them from running away, I got entangled amongst said mules and one of the mules reared and struck with its front feet and one of its feet struck me in the left groin, hurting me badly at the time. Afterward it got better and I paid no attention to it until after years."

          Then the regiment moved on to Gauley Ridge, West Virginia and about 15 July 1863, William contracted rheumatism from exposure affecting his right arm, hips and the small of his back. He was sent back to the hospital at Gallipolis, Ohio and treated and after two months there was declared unfit for duty and was discharged on a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability, on 14 November 1863, for "debility and chronic rheumatism."

          He rejoined his wife and family in Milton Township but he was never the same again. In 1869 he sought medical help from his cousin in Ewington, Dr. Gilbert A. EWING (21-3) who treated him from then on. In 1885, Dr. Gilbert wrote the pension board, "He is totally unfit for manual labor. He has had a heart attack and has a complete inguinal hernia of the left side, plus constant rheumatism and piles."

          In the 1870 census William and Mary were still in Milton Township, William down as a day laborer, but in 1880 they were back in Huntington Township, William listed as a farmer. Nearby were Mary's brother, John WHITE, and mother, Susannah HOY. William is listed in the 1890 special schedule (all that remains of the 1890 census) as a Civil War veteran, P.O. Alice, Ohio.

          Like all former Union soldiers, William was a staunch member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and joined the Shenefield Post No. 734 at Ewington.

          During all the years of misery, William and Mary had 11 children, six sons and five daughters, all of whom by 1890 had married and taken up their own lives, or had in some way vanished from the Gallia-Jackson County scene - death or departure. William and Mary were pretty much on their own.

          So when Mary died on the 22nd of August 1892, William was at a loss. He saw her buried at Franklin Cemetery and then thought, "Now what?" He was 69 years old and totally unable to work. All he had was his meager pension.

          Of all his children, William decided to live with "Jennie" - Mary Jeanet EWING, who had married the widower of her first cousin (Permelia EWING, 14-1-1) James Neal SWEENEY, and moved to the very southeastern-most corner of Kansas, Cherokee County.

          William uprooted himself from where he had been for some 70 years and headed for Kansas. It is interesting to note that his captain in old Co. K, Levi M. STEPHENSON, was in 1877 a resident of Cherokee, Crawford County, Kansas, some five or six miles from Weir City where "Jennie" lived and where William spent his last years.

          Fortunately for posterity when William arrived in Kansas he was up to sitting for his photograph and the Weir City photographer, S.L. MASTEN, captured his image to be added to A.E. EWING'S files. A photo of William "Swago Bill" has never been located, but Enoch EWING, A.E.'s grandfather, pointed out his son, James Leander, as being the one who most nearly resembled his father, and William Ewing III very closely resembles that son. In William III we may have a close image of "Swago Bill."

          William III died at Weir City, Kansas, 15 April 1899, age 76 years, 1 month, 19 days. The Modern Light, the city's paper, said, "Mr. Ewing had been in rather poor health for the past two years, but his disease did not assume a serious turn until about 4 in the morning. He grew steadily worse until death ended his suffering at 5:30."

          Funeral services were held at "the residence of W.E. MARMONT, east of the Catholic Church, April 16, at 1 o'clock p.m." He was buried at Hosey Hill Cemetery, Weir City, Kansas. He has a granite monument raised there in his memory.


14-3-1             1.    James L. EWING, b. Dec 1850, Huntington or Milton Township, Gallia Co. Ohio.

14-3-2             2.    Anetta Jane EWING, b. 29 April 1953, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., Ohio.

14-3-3             3.    Agnes Ellen EWING, b. 5 Jan 1956, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., Ohio.

14-3-4             4.    Mary Jeanet EWING, b. 1858, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., Ohio.

                        5.    Wilmuth L. EWING - son, TWIN, b. 6 Mar 1860, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., OH. 1880 census: not with family or on A.E.'s list.

14-3-6             6.    Dora EWING -TWIN, b. 6 Mar 1860, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., Ohio.

                        7.    Amos EWING, b. 9 Mar 1864, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., Ohio. 1880 census: 17, at home, a furnace gin hand. 1900: not in index of Ohio, Iowa or Kansas. He was on A.E's list.

14-3-8             8.    William Harold EWING, b. May 1867, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., Ohio.

14-3-9             9.    Andrew Elmer EWING, b. 10 Apr 1870, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., Ohio.

                        10.  John W. EWING, b. 1872, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., Ohio. Esther Jo says he was a minister, went west deceased by 1917 when sister Agnes died. He was on A.E's list.

                        11.  Daughter EWING, b. 7 Apr 1874, Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Gallia Co., Ohio, d. 10 Apr 1874.

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14-3-1      JAMES L. EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-James

          James was born in December of 1850, probably in Huntington Township, though William and Mary may have moved to Milton Township by then.

          James is one who got away from us. Even though he seems to have lived close by to others of the family, not too much is known about him. He was at home in the 1860 and 1870 census, but had left by the time of the 1880 census. James was not located in the 1880 census.

          James appears to have been married three times, but to have had no children of his own who reached maturity. Records show that he was married in Gallia County by F.F. VALE, 22 December 1892 to Mary C. LAMBERT. He married again 24 December 1896 to Amanda LAMBERT in Gallia County by W.B. WEED. Amanda was recorded as being born October of 1878 in Ohio. They had a daughter, Hazel, born in November of 1898, but she died pre-1910, or at least she was not with them in the 1910 census. In the 1900 census, John and Amanda were living in Starr Township, Hocking County, Ohio.

          Amanda must have died pre-1910. That year James' wife was Mary A., born 1881 in Kentucky. She had five children, one of whom was Walter, born in 1905, also in Kentucky, the only one still living in 1910. They were in Starr Township, and James was a miner in the clay mines. All others around him were also workers in the brick plant.

          James and his wife and Walter were at the bedside of Daniel DUHL, James' brother-in-law, when he died in 1916. At that time they were from Starr Township. When James' sister Agnes died in 1917 he lived in Springfield, Ohio. In 1919, when his sister Mary Jeanet SWEENEY died, he was of Wellston, Ohio.

          KNOWN ISSUE by Amanda:

                        1.    Hazel EWING, b. Nov 1898, d. pre-1910.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-James

          I knew precious little about "Nettie" - not even the name of her husband - and would have gone on in darkness had not her great-granddaughter Esther Jo DODSON appeared out of the blue one day back in 1981. After reading several Ewing sketches I had written for the Gallia County "PEOPLE IN HISTORY" in 1980, Esther Jo contacted me. In the ensuing three years, Esther has not just written me letters - she writes books! Thanks to her I have Anetta's family almost complete, and have been able to add a great deal of information to the families of her brothers and sisters.

          By the time Anetta came along on 29 April 1852, William and Mary had moved from Huntington Township to Buckeye Furnace, near Berlin in Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio. She was a happy, sprightly thing and loved to dance, something her father frowned on.

          When she was 10 years old her father went off to war, leaving his wife and six children to carry on. One wonders how they managed. The eldest was only 12. Maybe Mary's brother, Amos WHITE, the brickmaker, who lived with them, lent a helping hand.

          On William's return from the war after 15 months, family life was resumed in Milton Township though later William and Mary returned to Huntington Township. However, by the time William and Mary returned to Huntington Township, Anetta was married, and she remained a resident of Jackson County, Ohio the rest of her life.

          Anetta's husband was John Franklin FINK. Jacob and Nancy (FOY) FINK had gone to Ohio from Pennsylvania in the 1850s, taking with them at least two sons, John, born 14 April 1847 in Pennsylvania, James and a daughter, Lizzie, who married a GARNER.

          After their marriage, the two brothers went together to buy 80 acres in Bloomfield Township's Section 27, 2 1/2 miles east of Winchester. John took the west 40 and James the east. That's where John brought his bride, Anetta, soon after their wedding on the 11th of July 1872.

          However, John was also a railroad man. He and his son William laid some of the original track in Bloomfield and Milton Townships. Later two grandsons, Bill and Homer Jr., also spent some time on the railroad.

          Anetta and John had nine children, one of whom died as an infant. They had the misfortune to lose a daughter (in childbirth) in 1899, another daughter in 1901, another in 1903 and a fourth on 5 August 1904, just three weeks prior to the big 1904 Ewing reunion at Ewington.

          John and Nettie were looking after their daughters children, but did not want to miss the reunion, so their own, older children stayed home to look after the little ones, and John and Anetta were able to make it to Ewington. Thus they were in the group caught by the photographer on film for posterity.

          At the time of the reunion their household consisted of their own still home, the youngest, Nora 12, plus a granddaughter, Ada FINK, born 1899, daughter of Martha Ellen, who died in 1904 shortly after her marriage to John THOMPSON. Hollis and Hobart ANDREWS, whose mother Laura had died in 1899 were in Anetta and John's household also. The two boys went with their father, Elmer ANDREWS, after he married again, but Ada stayed with them through the years, and was more like a daughter than granddaughter. There was only 5 1/2 years difference between Nora and Ada, and theirs was a sister relationship, rather than aunt and niece.

          In the early years, after the turn of the century, John and Anetta and the family often attended the bean dinners at Vinton, Ohio. These were annual events - high points of the area's social activity each year - and families went from miles around to attend them.

          They still call the old place where the dinners were held, just outside of Vinton, near the Old Holcomb Cemetery, "the Bean Dinner grounds."

          In 1922 all of John and Anetta's family came home for a grand reunion on a grand occasion - their Golden Wedding Anniversary on the 11th of July. There were three more anniversaries, and then John died. The date was 8 January 1926, when he was 78 years old.

          Anetta had 16 more years without him. Ada left her teaching job to come home and take care of her beloved "mom." She bought a house in Winchester so she could move Anetta in from the farm, and there Anetta lived out her years. Only four of her nine children survived her. She produced a family of eight grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, 39 great-great-grandchildren and 24 of 1984.

          She died 2 December 1942 of arteriosclerosis, age 90 years, 7 months and 3 days. Both she and John are buried at Dixon Run Cemetery in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

          As for the Fink 40 acres in Section 27, they are still in the family, owned jointly by Ester Jo and other heirs. Trouble is, the tract is completely landlocked now and the only ones who would be interested in buying are those who own adjoining farms.


14-3-2-1          1.    Laura J. FINK, b. 12 July 1873, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    Emma FINK, b. 20 Nov 1874, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 18 Aug 1875, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

14-3-2-3          3.    William Golden FINK, b. 7 July 1876, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

14-3-2-4          4.    Martha Ellen FINK, b. 16 June 1878, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        5.    Nancy J. FINK, b. 7 Dec 1879, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 2 July 1903, Buried: Dixon Run Cemetery, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

14-3-2-6          6.    Mary M. FINK, b. 18 June 1881, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

14-3-2-7          7.    John Taner FINK, b. 16 Feb 1883, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        8.    Dora Grace FINK, b. 1 Nov 1885, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 18 Apr 1958, Bloomfield Township. Housekeeper and companion in Columbus, Ohio. Retired to Jackson County about 1938, to live and die in the house in which she was born - in Section 27. Single..

                        9.    Nora Ethel FINK, b. 15 Dec 1891, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 3 Apr 1980, age 88 years. Lived in a nursing home in Vinton County, Ohio. Buried: Vega Cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio. She was a nanny, housekeeper and cook in Bexley, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio and raised three separate families; retired to Winchester, to live with her "sister" (niece) Ada.

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14-3-2-1          LAURA J. FINK


Ewing Family Lineage:      Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Anetta and John's first-born was a daughter, Laura, born on the 12th of July 1873. She was married about 1893 to Elmer ANDREWS, who was born in 1872 in Ohio. Elmer was the son of Perry and Evelyn (HARRIS) ANDREWS.

          Anetta and John made their home in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio where their two sons Hollis and Hobart were born. Four months after the birth of the latter in February of 1897, Laura's sister Martha Ellen, gave birth to a daughter, Ada. Martha may have been living with the Andrews at the time, or gone to live with them after Ada's birth. At any rate, she was in the household at the time of the 1900 census.

          By the time of the 1900 census, Laura was gone. She died 24 September 1899, giving birth to a daughter who did not survive. Laura was only 26 years old. She is buried at Dixon Run Cemetery, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

          For a while Martha and Elmer were able to handle things at home, with the three young ones, but soon after Martha's marriage to John THOMPSON, Martha died - 5 August 1904. Hollis, Hobart and Ada all went to live with their Fink grandparents. When Elmer married again, the boys went with their father and

stepmother, and cousin, too. She was Margiebelle GARNER and was the daughter of Lizzie (FINK) GARNER - John's sister.

          Elmer eventually moved to Wellston, Ohio where he died in 1938.


14-3-2-1-1       1.    Hollis ANDREWS, b. 24 Mar 1895, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

14-3-2-1-2       2.    Hobart Ernest ANDREWS, b. 20 Feb 1897, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        3.    Daughter ANDREWS, b&d 24 Sept 1899, Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

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14-3-2-1-1       HOLLIS ANDREWS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Anetta-William-William-Willia-James

          Hollis was born 24 March 1895, in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio. Hollis' mother died when he was 4 years old and he was raised by, first, his father with the help of Aunt Martha, then after her death by his Fink grandparents, and finally, after his father's marriage, with Elmer and Margiebelle in Wellston, Ohio.

          Hollis moved to Dayton, Ohio and was married there to Mae WATERS, daughter of Joseph and Kate (MULHERN) WATERS. Kate was born 24 May 1892 at Ironton, Ohio. When Mae died 24 March 1981, she left four children, 16 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. In 1982, Hollis was living at 893 Revere Village Court, Apt. B, Centreville, Ohio 45459 - near Dayton.

          ISSUE (order not known)

                        1.    Kathleen ANDREWS, b. 29 Jan 1922, Dayton, Ohio. 1982: single, lives with father, works in office of Mead Paper Company.

                        2.    Gerald ANDREWS 1981: Resided Centreville, Ohio.

                        3.    Richard L. ANDREWS, married June . 1981: resided Dayton, Ohio.

                        4.    Donald J. ANDREWS, married Shirley . 1981: resided Beavercreek, Ohio.

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14-3-2-1-2       HOBART ERNEST ANDREWS


Ewing Family Lineage:      Laura-Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Hobart, born 10 February 1897 in Bloomfield Township, Jackson County, Ohio, was only two years old when his mother died and, like his brother, he lived with various relatives in his early years.

          Hobart married Rocile Elizabeth JONES on 17 April 1920 and moved to Dayton, Ohio. Rocile was born 19 November 1899 in Good Hope, Ohio. In Dayton, Hobart was an electrician and Rocile owned a beauty shop.

          Hobart and Rocile had a daughter, Laura, who was born in 1923. After 18 years of marriage, they were divorced on the 27th of June 1938. Rocile died 21 May 1959 and Hobart died on 10 December 1959. Both are buried at Dayton, Ohio.


                        1.    (only). Laura Mae ANDREWS, b 26 June 1923, Dayton, OH.

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14-3-2-3          WILLIAM GOLDEN FINK


Ewing Family Lineage:      Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Into the home on the 40 acres in Bloomfield Township's Section 27 on 7 July 1876 came a first son for John and Anetta. The William of course was for his grandfather (and his great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather too). It is unknown where the Golden is from.

          When he was about 18 years old he started working for the railroad and he and his father laid some of the original track in the Bloomfield and Milton Townships. While for John that was apart from his farming, for William it became his life's occupation, and when he died 23 August 1944, he had 50 years of service with the railroad. In 1932 he was a section foreman at Wellston, Ohio.

          In the meantime there was Minerva Jane DUPRE. Minerva was a descendant of two of Gallia County's earliest settlers, Abraham DUPRE SR. and Richard DECKARD. Minerva's father was Abraham DUPRE Jr., son of Abraham Sr. and Polly DECKARD. Minerva's mother was Minerva CLARK.

          Minerva was a lovely young lady. She was born in Gallia County, Ohio 3 May 1879 and was quite accomplished when she and William met and started courting toward the end of the 19th century. Their "dates" (what did they call them then?) included excursions by train here and there and bean dinners at Vinton. They were often accompanied by close friends Newton and Addie (HALE) DAVIS and Burt and Olive (HUNTLEY) RUSSELL, whom we have met in previous chapters.

          William and Minerva were married in Gallia County 10 August 1901. They set up housekeeping in Wellston, Ohio and that is where they raised their two children, a son and a daughter.

          They observed their 43rd wedding anniversary on the 10th of August 1944. 13 days later William passed away at the age of 68 years. Six, almost seven, years later Minerva died, 14 July 1951, in Columbus, Ohio at the age of 72 years. Both she and William are buried at Ridgewood Cemetery in Wellston, Ohio.


14-3-2-3-1       1.    Homer Dupre FINK, b. 6 June 1902, Rocky Hill, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    Ethel Beatrice FINK, b. 30 Sept 1905, Wellston, Jackson Co., Ohio. d. 28 Oct 1974. Married: 25 Dec 1925, Wellston, Ohio, Stanley Calvin MALOY, son of Harvey A. and Bertha (RUSSELL) MALOY, b. 8 Aug 1901, Meigs County, Ohio, d. 6 Oct 1969. Raised her niece Esther Josephine. No issue.

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14-3-2-3-1       HOMER DUPRE FINK


Ewing Family Lineage:             William-Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Homer came into the world on 6 June 1902 at Rocky Hill, near Winchester in Bloomfield Township. Like his father and grandfather before him he was a railroad man, and like his father, he had 50 years on the railroad when he retired 30 June 1967.

          Homer was married in Wellston on 24 March 1923 to Calfernie Euclid BRALEY. Calfernie was of the same family we met under Chapter 12 (12-4-7-1). Calfernie was the daughter of Ripley and Cora (GLEASON) BRALEY and was born 22 November 1902 on the 130 acre farm of her grandfather, Rufus BRALEY, in Section 16 of Milton Township, in iron ore, lime, and coal country near Berlin. Calfernie was also a MACOMBER. Her great-grandmother was Sarah Ellen MACOMBER BISHOP WOODS and the Macombers we have also met before. A popular name in that clan as you may recall was Calphurnia, for the Roman goddess. That was the name Calfernie was given at birth. She made the changes in spelling herself.

          Calfernie was teaching school when she and Homer met. They lived at Wellston and had four children but were only together about 10 years. They were divorced in the early 1930s and Calfernie went to work in Columbus, Ohio. She was a saleswoman in a chain department store for years, then in the office of the main store, doing mainly payroll. She then became head bookkeeper for the Salvation Army Men's Social Service Center in Columbus. Illness forced her semi-retirement about 1968 at the age of 66 years, and final retirement in late 1970, though she helped the Salvation Army out upon occasion when needed.

          In her later years she was on her own, with daughter Esther Jo nearby to help with laundry and groceries and where-ever needed. Calfernie had some serious medical problems but managed to come through with flying colors until 27 April 1986, when she just stopped at the age of 83 years. She is buried at Ridgewood Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.

          In Wellston, Ohio on the 15 of June in 1935 Homer married again. His second wife was Gladys WILBUR, daughter of William and Mary (GARRETT) WILBUR. Gladys was born 28 February 1914, at Hamden, Vinton County, Ohio. They lived in Wellston at first but later moved to Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. That is where Homer died 10 April 1968. He is buried at Millville Cemetery, Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Calfernie:

14-3-2-3-1-1   1.    Esther Josephine FINK, b. 13 Mar 1924, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

14-3-2-3-1-2   2.    Gretchen Maxine FINK, b. 4 Oct 1926, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio .

14-3-2-3-1-3   3.    William Ripley FINK, b. 27 May 1928, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

14-3-2-3-1-4   4.    Christina Louise FINK, b. 24 Oct 1930, Wellston, Jackson County,Ohio.

          ISSUE by Gladys:

                        5.    Mary Jane FINK, b. 16 June 1936, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: 1955, Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio, James PIKE, divorced early 1970s. 1981: resided Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio.

14-3-2-3-1-6   6.    Homer Dupre FINK, JR., b. 10 June 1938, Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio.

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14-3-2-3-1-1           ESTHER JOSEPHINE FINK


Ewing Family Lineage:      Homer-William-Anetta-William-William-James

          There are not many Esther Jos in this world. What would I have done without her!                               In the only three years that we have been corresponding, I have received literally reams of material from her - not just regarding Ewings but others of her ancestors, most of whom connect some way in this book. The research she had done on those ancestors has been invaluable to me. In addition, having been born and raised in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio, where so many of our kin are, she knows everyone and who they are married to and who lived across the street from whom. In spite of painful physical problems that keep popping up, a full-time job, Ohio winters, and family concerns, Esther Jo keeps on researching and comes up with one thing after another to help the cause.

          If her own ancestral background were not rich enough in Gallia County historical lore, it turns out she is related to her step-children! The man she married, Walter Amos DODSON, had previously been married (24 Dec 1938) to Margaret Jenca MC NEAL. Margaret, born 6 August 1918, near Ewington, was the daughter of Ulysses S. Grant and Pearl B. (WHITE) MC NEILL, Ulysses being descended from our Thomas MC NEILL through Absolem, Jonathan and Alfred. Amos and Margaret had three children, William Ernest, Ruth Ann and Francis Eugene DODSON, born 1939, 1941 and 1942. Margaret died 4 August 1946. Esther and Walter were married on the 30th of April 1949, in Russell, Kentucky, and though she did not know it at the time, Esther helped raise three children who were her fifth cousins, once removed.

          Walter was born 30 March 1919 in New Lexington, Perry County, Ohio to Francis and Anna (PREEST) DODSON.

          The marriage did not take. Esther and Walter were divorced in December 1955. But the divorce did not take either and they remarried 3 May 1956. Their only son, Larry, was born in 1957. Soon after, they knew this go-around was not going to make it either and they got a another divorced in December of 1958.

          In the 26 years since then, Esther Jo has worked real hard to bring up her son, take care of her mother, keep body and soul together, cope with Columbus winters - and during the last three years, record her family's history.

          Esther was born 13 March 1924 in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. She was about 10 when her mother and father were divorced and she went to live with her father's sister and brother-in-law, Ethel and Stanley MALOY, who also lived in Wellston. She was their only family for many years.

          After her marriage she and Walter moved to Columbus where Larry was born. In 1958, after their second divorce, Esther had to think about a job, and she's been a career "girl" ever since. She works as a procurement clerk for the Defense Construction Supply Center, a part of the Department of Defense. "We buy and stock construction equipment, as well as various other parts including truck and some airplane parts. We supply parts to all military services, also some ship parts. It is interesting work, but a very busy job - always more work than one can do. We are one of four centers that buy for the Defense Department."

           In 1984, Esther Jo's address was 478 Helen Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43223.

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14-3-2-3-1-2           GRETCHEN MAXINE FINK


Ewing Family Lineage:      Homer-William-Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Gretchen was born 4 October 1926 at Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. She was married on 23 November 1946 at Russell, Kentucky to Warren Lee BIEBERBACH, following his stint in the Navy during World War II. Warren was born 18 August 1926 at Newark, Licking County, Ohio. His father was Paul BIEBERBACH.

          In 1981, Gretchen's business address was 2525 Mt. Vernon Road, Newark, Ohio 43055.

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14-3-2-3-1-3           WILLIAM RIPLEY FINK

Ewing Family Lineage:      Homer-William-Anetta-William-William-William-James

          William was born 27 May 1928 at Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio and has a lot of Williams behind him on the Ewing side. The Ripley is for his mother's father, Ripley BRALEY.

          William was married 9 March 1952 at Middletown, Butler County, Ohio to Virginia Lee CURTIS. That was following his two years (September 1950 to June 1952) in Korea during the Korean conflict.

          Virginia was born 27 September 1930 at Middleton to Floyd and Helen (FOX) CURTIS.

          William is a painter with Diebold Safe Company at Hamilton, Ohio and Virginia is an elementary school teacher in Butler County. William and Virginia are both active workers in the Church of God, and are great travelers. They have been in all 50 states, as well as Europe, the Holy Lands, Peru, Canada and Mexico.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Homer-William-Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Christina was born 24 October 1930 at Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio and was married 29 May 1949 at Wellston to Fred Allen FRENCH JR. Fred was born 20 March 1927 at Londonderry, Ohio, and was in the Army during World War II. Fred was the son of the Senior Fred Allen FRENCH.

          Christina and Fred lived at 4549 Corner Road, Alexander Ohio 43001.

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14-3-2-3-1-6   HOMER DUPRE FINK JR.


Ewing Family Lineage:      Homer-William-Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Homer was born on the 10th of June 1938 at Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio, son of Homer and his second wife, Gladys WILBUR. Homer was married twice, first, in March of 1959 at Hamilton, Ohio to Sudie WEBB. Sudie was the mother of his four children. Homer and Sudie were divorced about 1979 and Homer married again in May of 1981. Homer and Elsie BUCKLER were married in Butler County, Ohio. In 1981 Homer was a detective with the Fairfield Police Department. He and Elsie lived at 652 Doris Jane Lane, Fairfield, Ohio 45014.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Martha came along on 16 June 1878 and seems to have spent most of her short life right where she was born - in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. She was only 26 when she died in childbirth on 5 August 1904. She and the child are buried at Ridgewood Cemetery in Wellston.

          In between, there was the birth of her daughter, Ada FINK, on 18 June 1897 and her subsequent marriage to John THOMPSON. In the 1900 census Martha was listed as single, living with Elmer ANDREWS, the widower of her sister, Laura.

          There was no record of the John Thompson, Martha married - but there was a John L. THOMPSON, born in June 1875 in Wilkesville Township of Vinton County, which is not all that far from Wellston. This John was the son of Anthony THOMPSON and his wife Jane. Anthony also was a descendant of James EWING (see 14-7-1). John and Martha were first cousins, and John L. Thompson certainly could have been Martha's husband.


14-3-2-4-1       1.    Ada FINK, b. 18 June 1897, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    Infant FINK, b&d, 5 Aug 1904, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. Buried with mother, Ridgewood Cemetery, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

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14-3-2-4-1       ADA FINK


Ewing Family Lineage:      Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Ada, born 18 June 1897, was raised by her Fink grandparents, Anetta and John. Ada was more like a daughter to them than a grand-daughter. Anetta and John's youngest, Nora, was only 5 1/2 years older than Ada and they were very much "sisters" instead of aunt and niece - and many people thought that they were sisters.

          Ada taught school for many years, 40 all told. At first she taught for the Jackson County School System, and most of that in the little schoolhouse in Winchester, across the road from where she eventually lived. It in 1940, when she left teaching to take care of her beloved "Mom," - that is her grandmother, Anetta, when Anetta's health failed. Ada bought the house in Winchester so she could move Anetta in from the farm.

          After Anetta died in 1942, Ada moved to the Columbus area and taught at Harrisburg, south of Columbus, Ohio. Nora was then taking care of a family at Bexley not far away. When Nora retired, Ada retired too and returned to her home in Winchester, Nora with her. Ada cared for Nora until the latter went into a rest home.

          "Ada was a wonderful person" says Ester Jo of her cousin. "She slept away one Sunday morning. When her pastor found out, he laid aside his sermon for that morning and spent the hour eulogizing her."

          NO ISSUE.

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14-3-2-6          MARY M. FINK


Ewing Family Lineage:      Anetta-William-William-William-James

          Like her sister Martha, Mary too had a short life, 20 years, two months and 18 days, to be exact. Born 18 June 1881, she died of consumption 6 September 1901. she is buried at Mt. Tabor, West Liberty, Ohio

          Martha was married on 17 May 1899 to William JACOBS, a Huntington Township farm laborer, according to the 1900 census. William was the son of Perry and Elizabeth (CLARKE) JACOBS, and was born in Gallia County, Ohio 14 June 1879. Their daughter, Bessie, was two years old when Mary died and it is assumed that William married again. William died 29 November 1965, but is not buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery, West Liberty, Ohio.


                 1.    (only). Bessie C. JACOBS, b. 22 July, 1899, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 27 March 1978, Londonderry, Ohio. Buried: Londonderry, Ohio. Married: 2 Feb 1918, Fred MERRIMAN, b. 5 Mar 1893, d. 25 Feb 1976, Buried with Bessie. Bessie was 2 when her mother died. Bessie began teaching in 1918 and retired in 1961. Lived in Londonderry, Ohio. Fred worked at the roundhouse in Chillicothe, Ohio.


                               1.    Wilfred Dale MERRIMAN, b. 20 Feb 1920. Married: 30 Jan 1948, Lyons, Illinois, Josephine Mary PRIVARA, b. 17 May 1921, Cadco, Czechoslovakia, daughter of Martin and Anna (HARVANIK) PRIVARA - came to the United States in 1924. Wilfred was a draftsman.

                               2.    Delores Jane MERRIMAN, b. 18 Oct 1930, Columbus, Ohio. Married: 11 Oct 1952, Chillicothe, Ohio, Raymond William GUSTAFSON, b. 15 Feb 1926, Detroit, Ohio. Delores has a degree in Nursing from Ohio State. Raymond a degree in Civil Engineering from Ohio State. 1981: resided Atlanta, Georgia.

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14-3-2-7          JOHN TANER FINK


Ewing Family Lineage:      Anetta-William-William-William-James

          John was born 16 February 1883. He and his wife, Metta ADULLA, lived in Ashland, Kentucky where John was a driver for the Ashland Oil Company. John died in Ashland on the 11th of November 1962 and is buried in the Ashland Cemetery. Metta was born on the 2nd of May 1880 and she died on the 4th of May 1945.


                        1.    (only). Gerald Ewing FINK, b. 10 Apr 1913. Married: Belva ESPEY, b. 25 Mar 1918.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-James

          Agnes was the third to come into the household of William and Mary Ewing at Buckeye Furnace, Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio. Agnes was born 5 January 1856 and was 17 years old when she and Daniel DUHL were married in Jackson County on 26 September 1873. Daniel was born in 1850 in Alleghany, Pennsylvania.

          After their marriage the two lived in Wellston, where Daniel was a miner.

          Daniel's obituary which was printed about 1916, reads: "He had been suffering with lumbago for several days, but apparently was better this morning and went to his work at the Poele Mine, north of the city. When he returned home, he stated in reply to a question of his wife's that his back was better, but he felt 'all in'. He started to bathe but was stricken and before a physician could be summoned had expired."

          The widow Agnes apparently went to live with her daughter, Cora KENNEDY, in Portsmouth, or perhaps was just visiting. Portsmouth, Ohio is where Agnes died the following year on the 15th of April 1917. She was 61 years, 3 months and 10 days.

          ISSUE exact order not known:

                        1.    Cora DUHL, Married: James S. KENNEDY, lived in Portsmouth, Ohio


                                      1.    (only). Cora KENNEDY, died in infancy.

                        2.    Emma DUHL, Married: Pearl P. RISLEY. 1917: resided Dennison, Ohio.


                                      1.    (only). Herbert RISLEY, Married: Ruth , had four sons, two daughters.

                        3.    Blanche DUHL, Married: James REMY 1917: resided Detroit, Michigan.


                                      1.    Arthur REMY, Married: 1st unknown. Married: 2nd Mildred . 1981: resided Livonia, Michigan.

                                              Issue by 1st wife ?:

                                                     1.    Norman REMY

                                                     2.    Sylvia REMY

                                                     3.    Mary REMY

                                              Issue by Mildred:

                                                     4.    Leonard REMY

                                                     5.    Ann REMY

                                      2.    James REMY JR., Married: Helen . 1981: resided Livonia, Michigan.


                                                     1.    Sherri REMY

                                                     2.    daughter REMY

                                                     3.    Agnes REMY, Married: Bob GIBSON. 1981: resided Angola, Indiana.

                        4.    Edward DUHL. Married: Edna MARTIN. 1917: resided Jackson Co., Ohio.


                                      1.    Harvey DUHL, 1981: resided Wellston, Ohio.

                                      2.    Arthur DUHL, Married: Anna UNCAPHER. 1981: resided Athens, Ohio

                                      3.    Olive DUHL, Married: William HARRISON. 1981: resided Rocky Face, Georgia.

                                      4.    Edna Mae DUHL, Married: Edward WAUGH. 1981: resided Columbus, Ohio. Supplied the names in this DUHL line.

                        5.    Roy DUHL, Married: Pearl . 1917: Dennison, Ohio


                                      1.    (only). Jean DUHL, Married: Merle WATTS. 1981: resided Dennison, Ohio.


                                                     1.    Sally WATTS

                                                     2.    Jill WATTS

                        6.    Frank DUHL, apparently died young.

                        7.    Grace DUHL, apparently died young

                        8.    Arthur DUHL, died young, Buried: Wellston, Ohio

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-James

  We have already met "Jennie" in the section under her first cousin, Permelia Ellen EWING (14-1-1). Mary Jeanet EWING, the fourth child of William and Mary, was born in Milton Township in 1858. Somehow a romance developed over the miles between her and her cousin-in-law, the widower James Neal SWEENEY of Cherokee County Kansas, whose first wife and mother of his 15 children was Mary Jeanet's first cousin, Permelia Ellen Ewing. Permelia died about 1884. James and Mary Jeanet were married in McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio on 7 May 1885 and Mary went out to Cherokee County to live.

          The two did not have a very long time together, for James died in 1891. Mary Jeanet remained in Weir City, Cherokee County, Kansas. Not long after the death of her mother, Mary, in 1892, her father, William Ewing III went out to Wier City to live with her. William III died there on the 15th of April 1899 and Mary had a fine monument raised to his memory at Hosey Hill Cemetery where he is buried.

          Mary went back to Wellston, Ohio to put in a claim for her father's pension saying that she had the care of him in his last years. She also said his debts, including the funeral expenses, were $700. Because Mary was not a widow or minor child, she could not collect.

          She returned to Weir City and lived there about 12 more years. Around 1912, Mary decided to close up the Weir City place and go back to Ohio. She spent her last years with her sister, Dora LUCAS in Wellston. She was an invalid the last four years of her life, and died of a stroke on 9 October 1918 at the age of 60. She is buried at Ridgewood Cemetery, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

          NO ISSUE

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14-3-6      DORA EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-James

          Another daughter in the Ewing household at Buckeye Furnace! That daughter, Dora, was born 6 March 1860 and was the fifth girl out of six children. It is very possible she was a twin. She was never located in a census, in the slot where she should have been was a Wilmuth, a son. Wilmuth was the same age as Dora would have been.

          Dora was married about 1880 to Roland LUCAS. Dora and Roland were not located in Wellston in the 1900 census, although they were supposed to have lived at 522 W. Ninth Street.

          Dora died 10 August 1933 in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio of acute nephritis when she was 73 years, 5 months and 4 days. She is buried at Ridgewood Cemetery, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.


                        1.    Ina LUCAS, b. 1881, d. 1943. Married: Chauncey PATRICK.


                               1.    Guy PATRICK, deceased; Married: Mary .

                               2.    Dale PATRICK, Married: Lou . 1981: resided Pinellas Park, Florida .

                        2.    Thomas LUCAS, b. 1883, d. 1945. Married: Gertrude REED. No issue.

14-3-6-3          3.    William LUCAS, b. 1887.

                        4.    Nelle LUCAS, Married: Charles LOGAN. 1918: attended Aunt Mary Jeanet's funeral in Wellston from Portsmouth, Ohio.


                                      1.    Betty Virginia LOGAN, b. pre-1918, with parents at funeral.

                        5.    Fern LUCAS, Married: Cyrus CARTWRIGHT.


                                      1.    Thomas CARTWRIGHT, deceased.

                                      2.    John CARTWRIGHT, deceased.

                                      3.    Robert CARTWRIGHT. 1981: resided Blackshear, Ga.

                                      4.    Fern LaDora CARTWRIGHT Married: CHANNELL 1981: resided Arcadia, Florida.

                        6.    Mabel LUCAS, Married: Roy NEWMAN


                                      1.    Roland NEWMAN, deceased.

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14-3-6-3          WILLIAM LUCAS

Ewing Family Lineage:      Dora-William-William-William-James

          William was born in 1887 and was married on the 11th of June 1908 to Gloie COX. William died in 1956 and as of the 16th of March 1984, Gloie was 97 years old and was in a rest home in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.


                        1.    Robert Joseph LUCAS 1984: resided Dilliner, Pennsylvania.

                        2.    Helen E. LUCAS, b. 1916, d. 16 Mar 1984 (?) at University Hospital, Columbus, Ohio - age 68 years.. Buried: Elks Cemetery, McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio. Helen was a clerk for the Vinton County Selective Service Board for 20 years. A member of the Elks Ladies Auxiliary, Aerie No. 2279, McArthur, a member of the McArthur First Christian Church and McArthur Business and Professional Women's Club, which named her Woman of the Year in 1983. Helen left four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Married: Peter MORRISON, pre-deceased her.


                                      1.    Jody MORRISON, Married: Raymond WEYAND. 1984: resided Columbus, Ohio.

                                      2.    Jane MORRISON, Married: Jerry CRAWFORD. 1984: resided Cleveland, Ohio.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-James

          Finally, another son to go with James! William Harold was born at Buckeye Furnace to William and Mary Ewing in May of 1867.

          William Harold and his wife Mary Ella , were married in 1889. Mary Ella was born in Ohio in December of 1872. William and Mary were either living or visiting in Kansas in 1899 when their son, Harley, was born. In the 1900 census they were listed in the census as residents of Wellston, next door to his younger brother, Andrew. In the 1910 census, they lived in Elk Township, Jackson County, Ohio and he was a miner. They had been married 21 years, and she had eight children, six then living.

          After 1910 William and Mary apparently lived in Vinton County, in McArthur and Dundas. No record of their deaths were found.


                        1.    Ethel EWING, b. Dec 1890, Ohio

                        2.    Augusta EWING, b. Aug 1893, Ohio

                        3.     EWING, b&d about 1896, Ohio

                        4.    Harley EWING, b. July 1899, Kansas

                        5.     EWING, b&d about 1902, Ohio

                        6.    Freda EWING - TWIN, b. 1904, Ohio

                        7.    Freddie EWING - TWIN, b. 1904, Ohio

                        8.    Opal EWING, b. 1907, Ohio

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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-William-James

          Strange, this ninth child of William and Mary's appears in the Jackson County birth records as George A. The parents must have changed their minds, because he appears in all censuses, published reports, etc as Andrew Elmer. The date of his birth was 10 April 1870.

          Andrew has the distinction of being mentioned in Price's "HISTORY OF POCAHONTAS COUNTY." A.E. wrote the sketch on James Ewing in that book and he listed Andrew, of Wellston, a school-teacher, as one of James' descendants. He and his family also have the distinction of being identified in the 1904 Ewing reunion photo.

          Andrew was married about 1893 or 1894 to Mary Elizabeth SADDLER. She was the daughter of Thomas and Nerissa (ORTH) SADDLER, and was born in Ohio in April of 1869.

          In the 1900 census they were living on Milton Street in Wellston, next door to his brother on one side and hers on the other. In 1910 they were still in Wellston, but this time her mother, Nerissa - 64 years, born in Pennsylvania, was with them.

          Andrew was only 51 years old when he died 21 June 1921. he is buried at Ridgewood Cemetery in Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. After his death Mary Elizabeth married William METZGER in Columbus, Ohio. She married for a third time, William WALKER in Wellston, Ohio. Mary Elizabeth was about 90 years old when she died in 1960. She is buried as a Walker next to her first husband, Andrew Elmer Ewing.


14-3-9-1          1.    Ray Howard EWING, b. 3 July 1895, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    Erma N. EWING, b. 28 Aug 1897, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 1965. Married: Jan 1919, Roscoe WEST, son of Messenger WEST, b. 1883, d. 1965. Both buried: Ridgewood Cemetery, Wellston, Ohio


                                      1.    Everett WEST 1983: resided Columbus, Ohio.

                                      2.     WEST 1983: Columbus, Ohio.

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14-3-9-1          RAY HOWARD EWING

Ewing Family Lineage:      Andrew-William-William-William-James

          Ray was born in Wellston on 3 July 1895. When World War I came along he enlisted in the regular army on the 14th of December 1917 at Columbus, Ohio. Ray was in Battery A of the 61st Artillery to his discharge on the 11th of March 1919, serving in the American Expeditionary Forces from 18 July 1918 to 16 February 1919. He was made Private First Class on the 1st of October 1918.

          Ray came home to Elizabeth SHEPPARD, who was born 8 June 1902 at Pedro, Jackson County, Ohio. They were married on 16 June 1920 at Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

          Ray was a foreman at the Federal Glass Company in Columbus, Ohio. After his retirement he was self-employed as a carpenter, remodeling and redecorating homes. He died 6 October 1978 at the Chillicothe Veterans Hospital, and is buried at Forest Lawn in Columbus, Ohio. He was 83 years old.

           In 1982 there was a phone listed in the names of both Ray and E.M. Ewing on Dunbar Road in Columbus, Ohio.

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14-4         JORDAN EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-James

          With such an illustrious grandson as Jordan had, you would think that more would have been known about him. But Jordan's grandson, William Hollis EWING, was born 18 years after Jordan's death, and his grandmother, Jordan's second wife, married again and moved out of your usual Ewing territory, and Jordan's first family died off without leaving progeny, so there were not the normal contacts to keep traditional stories alive.

          Jordan was born to William and Sarah near the Raccoon Creek in Huntington Township's Section 11 in 1826. He was only 17 years old when he and his bride stood before Justice of the Peace Matthew E. WOODS on 10 August 1843 to say their vows.

          Jordan's bride was Lucy MACOMBER - and the Macombers are such old friends to us at this point that they should need no further introduction. We first met Esther and Alexander back in Chapter 5 and have come on them and their progeny consistently since then. Lucy, born in 1827 or 1828, was 15 or 16 when she and Jordan were married.

          At first the couple lived in Huntington Township. When Jordan's father died in 1847, Jordan began buying up the rights to William's land that his sisters and brothers had inherited. Over a period of five years - March 1849 to March 1854 - he paid out a total of $156 to Elizabeth, Enoch, Lydia, William and Letha for title to the property in Sections 11 and 3. Then in 1855 both he and his brother Joshua paid $150 to their cousin Gilbert EWING for his rights to that land, and the question is, how did Gilbert, son of George EWING (Chapter 21) get a right to the land in the first place? James was the only son who did not sign off the property. Did Gilbert buy his right from him?

          If young Jordan - he was only 23 when he started buying his siblings rights, occupied his land in Sections 11 and 3, it was not for long, for by 1860 he had removed himself and family to Wilkesville Township, Vinton County, Ohio. He was a farmer worth $2,000/$570 in the 1860 census. Next to them was Lucy's mother, Esther MACOMBER, age 75 years.

          In the 1870 census, Jordan and Lucy were still in Wilkesville Township and this time Jordan's worth was $3,500/$700. Esther, by then 90 years old, was living with them and so was 12 year old Canterbury BOGGS.

          Two weeks after their 30th Wedding Anniversary, Lucy, who was only 46 years old, died. The date of Lucy's death was 25 August 1873. She was buried at the Ewington Cemetery, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Lucy and Jordan had five children. Three were daughters, who were in their 20s at the time of Lucy's death. One was deceased - and then there was John Andrew. John Andrew was a late-comer, born in 1862, nine years after his next oldest sister, Emily, and thus was only 11 when Lucy died.

          Two years later, on 4 May 1875, Jordan, then 49, married Sarah BAIRD, who was four days short of being 29 years old. Reverend E.A. SLACK did the honors.

          Sarah was born 8 Mary 1846 in Ohio and was the daughter of William and Sarah BAIRD, natives of Pennsylvania and were residents of Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio, since just after the war years.

          On her marriage, Sarah became stepmother to John and of course his three sisters too, one of whom, Mary, was older than Sarah. To the family, Jordan and Sarah added Cyna, born in 1875, and William, born 17 March 1876.

          William was not yet 9 years old when Jordan died 23 January 1884, of heart disease, age 58. He was given a Masonic burial at Ewington Cemetery.

          The widow Sarah and a widower George William JENKINS were married 24 September 1885. George was a well-to-do farmer from the Bullskin Community of Harrison Township, Gallia County. It is unknown how or where they met, as George's farm and Wilkesville, where Sarah lived, were some 20 to 25 miles distant.

          George's wife, Abigail WHITE, had died about the same time as Jordan. He had three children then living, George-26, Dora-22 and Charles-13. George was born 6 April 1837 in Scioto County, Ohio to William and Elizabeth (WILLIAM) JENKINS. There is a sketch on him in HARDESTY'S 1882 HISTORY. In the 1874 atlas he owned 99 acres in Harrison County's Section 17 and 50 adjoining acres in Section 18, between Bullskin Creek and the Big Raccoon.

          So Sarah and her two children moved to Harrison Township. Her Ewing stepchildren, those that were still living then, all remained in Wilkesville, Gallia County, Ohio.

          Sarah and George had a marriage that lasted 30 years, until George's death in 1915. He is buried at St. Nick Cemetery in Gallia's Clay Township with his first wife Abigail and two of their children.

          Sarah lived on for almost 20 more years, but it is unknown just where she was living. Sarah died in 1934, but her burial is not noted in the Gallia County cemetery books. She was 88 years old at the time of her death.

          ISSUE by Lucy:

                        1.    Mary E. EWING, b. 1845. A.E. EWING noted "deceased" in 1899 in his records.

                        2.    Esther J. EWING, b. 1848/49. A.E. EWING noted "deceased" in 1899.

                        3.    Sarah EWING, b. 1851, Wilkesville, Ohio. Married: 1870-1880, FLETCHER.

                        4.    Emily EWING, b. 1853, Wilkesville, Ohio. A.E. EWING noted "deceased" in 1899.

                        5.    John Andrew EWING, b. 7 July 1863, Wilkesville, Ohio d. 21 June 1894, buried Wilkesville Cemetery, Wilkesville, Ohio. John was a doctor.

          ISSUE by Sarah:

                        6.    Cyna EWING, b. 1875, Wilkesville, Ohio, d. 1915, buried Macedonia Cemetery, Harrison Township, Gallia Co., Ohio, single.

14-4-7             7.    William Edgar EWING, b. 17 March 1876, Wilkesville, Ohio.

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14-4-7-7          WILLIAM EDGAR EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Jordon-William-William-James

          Of Jordan's seven children, William is the only one known to have left children. If his sister, Sarah, who married a Fletcher had children, none are known.

          Section 14-4 is a short one.

          William was born 17 March 1876 in Wilkesville Township, Gallia County, Ohio, seems to have been favored by the stars for more importance in life than others around him at that time. William was the youngest of Jordan's seven and the second of Jordan's through his marriage to Sarah BAIRD. He had four stepsisters and a stepbrother, the eldest of them, Mary, 31 years older than he was.

          William was 8 going on 9 when his father died. With his mother's marriage to George Jenkins, came the move to Harrison Township, the Bullskin community in Gallia County.

          William attended schools in the area - and that was his only education. Yet something made him reach out beyond the farm. William went into teaching.

          He taught in the elementary schools of Gallia County for about 15 years. Near the end of that period he decided to enter the ministry, and so he not only taught school but served as minister to many rural churches, at the same time operating a small farm in the Bullskin area. About 1911 he left teaching in order to devote full time to the ministry.

          On 2 May 1896, before the Reverend John L. PORTER, William married Corlie May PRICE. Corlie was born 20 July 1875. She brought three Ewings into the world on the farm in Harrison Township. When the eldest, Gladys, born in 1898, was approaching school age, about 1904, William and Corlie decided to move into Rio Grande, to be nearer the seat of education in Gallia County. All three children attended both high school and college in Rio Grande, and so did a foster son, Alfred M. EWING.

          In the next 23 years, William served churches not only in Gallia County but in other Southeastern Ohio areas, in Lebanon and Mt. Sterling vicinity near Columbus.

          In 1927 William was called to the First Christian Church of Mt. Sterling, and he was pastor there for 12 years.

          When the move to the Columbus area was made, Robert was the only one of the children to remain in Rio Grande. It is believed that William's mother, Sarah, moved with them.

          William was greatly grieved by Corlie's death on the 30th of May 1936. In 1940, William took another wife, Edna REAY, whose daughter, Lois JOHNSON, immediately became a part of the family circle.

          During his last years, William's ministry was in the churches of Lee's Creek, Five Points and Williamsport. While serving those churches he continued to reside in Mt. Sterling, a community he had come to love deeply.

          William passed away in the early morning hours of Monday, 22 January 1945 at the age of 68 years. Edna survived him. Both he and Corlie are buried at Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Ohio.


                        1.    Gladys Faye EWING, b. 5 Mar 1898, Bullskin, Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. 22 July 1969, Columbus, Ohio. Buried: Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Ohio. Married: 6 June 1923, Harold Dale FURST. Gladys graduated from Rio Grande College and was a high school teacher before her marriage.


                                      1.    (only). William Ernest FURST, b. 28 Dec 1928. Married: 1st 30 Nov 1956, Jule BRADEN, divorced. Married 2nd 29 Dec 1968, Margie Lou STERN. 1980: a radiologist in Los Angeles.

                        2.    Robert Price EWING, b. 6 Mar 1901, Bullskin, Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, d. Apr 1967, while teaching a class at Rio Grande College. Buried: Calvary Baptist Cemetery, Raccoon Township, Gallia County, Ohio. Married: Lorie KING. Robert was a graduate of Rio Grande College, Masters from Ohio State, a professor of Literature at Rio Grande at the time of his death; he was crippled by a bone disease contracted from bad milk. Lorie taught piano for many years. 1977: Lorie resided was Rio Grande, Gallia County, Ohio.

14-4-7-3          3.    William Hollis EWING, b. 12 Nov 1902, Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

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14-4-7-3          WILLIAM HOLLIS EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-Jordan-William-William-James

          "THIS I'M GAUN TO TELL"

          That was the title of the book William wrote on the life of the great Scottish poet, Robert BURNS, and the title of the Rev. C. Joseph SPRAGUE's funeral oration when William died on the 5th of March 1979 at Columbus, Ohio. William concluded the prologue of his book with the sentence, "In order to avoid putting too much strain on your patience or mine, I will not tell all, but - "this I'm Gaun to Tell."

          That's how it is here. I cannot tell all, for lack of space, but "This I'm Gaun to Tell."

          If his father was outstanding for the time and the place, William was downright illustrious. William started life on the 12th of November 1902 on the little farm in the Bullskin community of Harrison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, but thanks to parents who insisted on educations for their children, he was able to attend high school and college in Rio Grande.

          On graduation from Rio Grande in 1922, with majors in English and Speech, William became principal and then superintendent of schools in Vinton and New Albany. He went on to Northwestern to add a Masters to his Bachelors, and then to Ohio State University to add a PhD to the two. The PhD came in 1941, and it was in Speech and Education, and while he was working for it he was an associate professor at Muskingum College. After it was conferred on him he began a long and happy association with Ohio State University.

          William joined the faculty in 1942 and then served as program director and associate director of WOSU (1944-1958) and as associate director of the Telecommunications Center (1959-1973). An authority on the mass media, he retired in July, 1973, and was named Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Communication at Ohio State University.

          Of course he did not do all this, and more, alone. William was only two years out of Rio Grande and the principal at Vinton when he started courting Thelma Augusta LEWIS, the daughter of William Allen and Ola (MEYERS) LEWIS. Thelma's father was associated through the years with Rio Grande College as teacher, dean, and registrar, and in 1931 he became the college's president, serving until 1940. He was descended from the Lewis family of Virginia and West Virginia that produced General Andrew and other Lewises mentioned earlier in this book - in the history section.

          Thelma was born 12 May 1903 and after their marriage on the 15th of July 1924, she became the mother of Lorita Ann EWING, born in 1932 - their only child. Thelma and William went side by side through life for 55 years. They were both a part of the teaching church, helping seminary students in preaching class.

          During the 1965-1966 academic year William was appointed to a Fulbright Lectureship at the University of Glasgow. While in Scotland he became a devoted student of Robert BURNS and his poetry. That led to his "THIS I'M GAUN TO TELL," written and published about 1975 and dedicated to his two grandsons, Curtis and Brian.

          William was also author of numerous articles in journals and other publications, having to do with voice improvement and other means of communication.

          His alma mater, Rio Grande College, recognizing the teacher who so touched and influenced the lives of countless students, honored him with its Distinguished Alumni Award, and granted him the honorary degree of Doctor of Humanities.

          William was a member of the National Collegiate Players, the Speech Communications Association, Phi Delta Kappa and the Radio and TV Executive Club.

          On his death, Harold L. ENARSON, president of Ohio State University, sent to Thelma and Lorita a copy of a resolution inscribed in the minutes of the Board of Trustees which "where-as" the above accomplishments and ended, "On behalf of the University Community, the Board of Trustees expresses to the family of Dr. Ewing its deepest sympathy."

          Reverend Sprague started his eulogy, "I will not tell all. Bill would be too embarrassed if we said too much about the innumerable contributions and accomplishments of this sensitive, perceptive, honest, loving, able and faithful husband, father, grandfather, colleague and treasured friend. I will not tell all -but "This I'm Gaun to Tell."

          And this I have told.

          William died at Riverside Hospital - still teaching even at the age of 76 - and is buried at Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Ohio.

          A sketch about him and his picture appear in the GALLIA COUNTY 1980 "People in History," thanks to his daughter Lorita.

          Thelma wrote a sketch for the history on her family, the Lewises. In 1984 Thelma lived at 102 Acton Road, Columbus, Ohio.


                        1.    (only). Lorita Ann EWING, b. 6 April 1932. Married: 24 June 1967, Richard David BEERY, b. 16 Feb 1927. Lorita has her Masters in French from Ohio State University, and taught near Columbus (Upper Arlington), Ohio, until the family came along; much interested in family history and it was she who supplied much of the material on the Jordan Ewing. Richard is a teacher of Spanish. 1984: resided Columbus, Ohio.

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14-5         ELIZABETH EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-James

          Four sons for William and Sarah Ewing - and then Elizabeth. She was not the only daughter though. Two more came after Joshua to make it five and three in the Ewing household in Huntington Township's Section 11.

          Elizabeth was born 14 December 1828. Apparently she and her husband, Joseph Jehiel STRONG, led their lives in quiet contentment on their Meigs County, Ohio farm, for nothing has come down about either of them. The only time Elizabeth appears in records is when she signed off, along with her siblings, to brother Jordan on her rights to her father's land. That was 12 March 1849, and she received $30 for doing so.

          Elizabeth was still Miss Elizabeth Ewing then, but she did not remain that for long. Exactly five months later - on the 12th of August 1849, she and Joseph were married in Gallia County by Andrew EDMISTON, J.P.

          Joseph was the son of Meigs County farmers Ozias and Annis (GREGORY) STRONG, who were born in Massachusetts and New York respectively, he in 1787 and she in 1789. Joseph was born in Ohio on 7 July 1828.

          The newlyweds made their home with Ozias and Annis in Meigs' Salem Township. They were with his parents in both the 1850 and 1860 census. They were not located in the 1870 or 1880 census, but it is known that Salem Township is where they lived, and where Elizabeth died 14 April 1891 at the age of 62 years.

          By 1900 Joseph had moved into Wilkesville, Gallia County, Ohio to be with his daughter, Sophia PHETTIPLACE. He was 72 years old at the time of the 1900 census. He died four years later on 5 February 1904 at Wilkesville.


14-5-1             1.    Sophia STRONG, b. 17 Aug 1850 Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio.

14-5-2             2.    Horatio Benton STRONG, b. 13 Nov 1851, Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio.

                        3.    Sarah STRONG, b. 14 June 1950, Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio, d. 22 May 1875, age 21 years.

                        4.    Ozias Gregory STRONG, b. 27 Jan 1855, Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio, d. 8 Jan 1871, not listed with family in the 1860 census.

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14-5-1      SOPHIA STRONG


Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-William-James

          Sophia arrived at the Strong farm in Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio 17 August 1850. In the 1860 census Sophia was 10 years old and living with the family. Listed next to the Strongs were Job and Martha PHETTIPLACE, who had a son Anson J. And, as so frequently happened back then, Sophia married the boy next door. The date of the wedding was 23 January 1868 when Sohpia was 17 years old.

          Anson was born in Ohio on 26 April 1846. His father was a native of Massachusetts and his mother from Ohio.

          At first the two continued to live in Salem Township, but they eventually moved to Wilkesville in Gallia County where Anson died 20 July 1897. In the 1900 census, Sophia was the head of the household, her father, Joseph, living with her. According to A.E.'s record Sophia died in 1901 at the age of 51 years.

          Anson was in the cavalry and infantry during and after the Civil War. He was a private in Co. C, 4th Ohio Battalion of the U.S. Cavalry from 23 June 1863 to 22 February 1864, and in the 194th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 20 January 1965 to 24 October 1865.


                        1.    George S. PHETTIPLACE, b. 14 May 1869, Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio. Married: 12 Oct 1890, Ida M. OILER, b. Feb 1870. 1910 census: lived in the Village of Wilkesville, Gallia County, Ohio. George a coal miner, Ida down having had two and two.


                                      1.    Bessie E. PHETTIPLACE, b. 7 July 1893. May have died pre-1900 as she was not in census - although Ida was recorded as having had two children, both still living.

                                      2.    Lehla B. PHETTIPLACE, b. 12 May 1895.

                        2.    Adell PHETTIPLACE, b. 4 May 1872, Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio. Married: 23 Dec 1894, Estella PETERS.


                                      1.    Pauline PHETTIPLACE, b. 13 Oct 1895.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Elizabeth-William-William-James

          Horatio was born 13 November 1851 in Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio and after marriage moved into the town of Wilkesville, Gallia County, Ohio. His first wife was Kathryn MILLER, whom he married 21 December 1876. Kathryn was born on 30 March 1853 in Ohio, her parents were from Pennsylvania. She a had two children, one of whom died at birth. Kathryn died 8 March 1891, when she was almost 39 years old.

          Horatio's second wife was Almira FOSTER, born in 1869 in Ohio. They were married 4 February 1894 and they had three more Strongs.

          In 1880 Horatio and Kathryn were living in Wilkesville, and had two older women living with them who, coincidentally, turned out to be Edmistons - aunts of someone else in this book, George W. BROWN, back in Chapter 5.

          Horatio died in Wilkesville 19 May 1923.

          ISSUE by Kathryn:

                               1.    Harry M. STRONG, b. 26 June 1879, Wilkesville, Gallia County, Ohio.

                               2.    Son STRONG, b&d 28 June 1884, Wilkesville, Gallia County, Ohio.

          ISSUE by Almira:

14-5-2-3                 3.    Joseph Ewing STRONG, 21 Dec 1895, Wilkesville, Gallia County, Ohio.

                               4.    Fred F. STRONG, b. 19 Oct 1898, Wilkesville, Gallia County, Ohio.

                               5.    Francis H. STRONG, b. 26 mar 1901, Wilkesville, Gallia County, Ohio.

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14-5-2-3          JOSEPH EWING STRONG


Ewing Family Lineage:      Horatio-Elizabeth-William-William-James

          With a name like that, Joseph would be special to me. We talked on the telephone once, back in February of 1978 and I wrote him right away after "finding him." Joseph was 82 years old then and he died soon after, shortly before his 83rd birthday, 14 December 1978 at Wilkesville, Ohio.

          Joseph was born in Wilkesville 21 December 1895 and was a soldier in World War I. He enlisted in Vinton County, 14 June 1918 and served as a private in Battery C of the 10th Battalion until his discharge 10 January 1919.

           Joseph had a funeral home in Wilkesville, and was the Vinton County coroner. He and his wife Letha had two children.


                        1.    Kathryn STRONG

                        2.    Harley Eugene STRONG

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14-7         LYDIA JANE EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-James

          Lydia joined a sister and five brothers when she came into the Ewing cabin in Huntington Township's Section 11 in 1831.

          She was 18 years old when she and John Louis THOMPSON were married 16 July 1849 in Gallia County by J. BUSSARD, J.P. Four months later on 24 November 1849 they received $26 from Lydia's brother Jordan for giving up their rights to Lydia's inheritance, her late father's land in Huntington Township.

          John was born in 1821 in Massachusetts and was, no doubt, some relation to the Ruth THOMPSON who married Lydia's brother Joshua.

          In the first census after their marriage, in 1850, they were in Wilkesville Township, John a farmer worth $150. But by 1860 they had moved to Salem Township in Meigs County where John was listed as a miller worth $200/$150. In that census they were right next to Lydia's sister, Elizabeth and family, the Joseph STRONGS, and the PETTIPLACES, soon to be in-laws.

          The Thompsons were not recearched in the 1870 and 1880 censuses. Lydia died in January 1897. John did not appear in the 1900 Ohio census index.

          Descendance in this line were not found and A.E. Ewing's records, census records and the obituary in the McArthur Tribune for son, William THOMPSON, were informational sources for Lydia Jane.


                        1.    Anthony THOMPSON, b. May 1851, Wilkesville, Ohio. Married: about 1874, Jane W. , b. Feb 1852, Vermont. Lived in Wilkesville, Ohio


                                      1.    John L. THOMPSON, b. June 1875, Ohio. Is he the John THOMPSON who married Martha Ellen FINK (14-3-2-4)?

                                      2.    Nellie M. THOMPSON, b. June 1877, Ohio.

                                      3.    Joseph E. THOMPSON, b. Dec 1880, Ohio.

                                      4.    Harrald THOMPSON (male) b. Mar 1894.

14-7-2             2.    William Henry THOMPSON, b. Jan 1853, Wilkesville, OH.

                        3.    Lucy THOMPSON, b 1855, Wilkesville, Ohio, d. prior to 1919, not in 1900 index, single.

                        4.    Joseph THOMPSON, b. Aug 1859, Meigs Co., Ohio. 1919: not in brother's obituary, nor in A.E's records.

                        5.    Elizabeth Viola THOMPSON, b. Mar 1863, Meigs County, Ohio. Married: 1882, John O. CASSON, b. Feb 1862, Indiana. John Casson's parents, born in Indiana. 1900: resided Lebannon, Center Township, Boone County, Indiana. 1919 & 1933: John a salesman. Resided Lebanan, Indiana


                                      1.    (only) Bulie M. CASSON, b. April 1882, Indiana. 1900 census: single, at school.

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Ewing Family Lineage:      Lydia-William-William-James

          William put in his appearance in January of 1853, when John and Lydia were still in Wilkesville, and Wilkesville is where he spent most of his adult life - until 1899. In 1899 William and his wife, Fanny Lulu BISHOP, moved to the town of Vinton, Vinton County, Ohio. Fanny was born in September 1860 in Ohio. Fanny's parents were also born in Ohio. William and Fanny were married 9 December 1878.

          In the 1900 census they were living in Vinton, William was a tinner. They were renting their home and had three children, all living. In the 1910 census it was pretty much the same. He was a Vinton tinner in his own shop, but this time they owned their home. According to an item in the Vinton Leader in 1912, Fanny's mother, Mrs. Mary BISHOP, who was 95 years old, was visiting them.

          William's obituary was found in the McArthur Tribune. He died 25 January 1919 in Vinton and is buried at Wilkesville, Ohio.


                        1.    Pearl THOMPSON, b. about 1879. Married pre-1900, Lafayette HORTON. Tthey apparently lived in Wilkesville, Ohio.

                               They adopted:

                                      1.    George HORTON, born pre-1919

                        2.    Hiram Stanley THOMPSON, b. June 1881. 1906: item in Vinton Leaser, he was home for a few days visit with his parent in Vinton, and was then an employee on the Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo Railroad. 1919: lived in Hocking County, Ohio.


                                      1.    Robert THOMPSON, b. pre-1919

                        3.    Arthur C. THOMPSON, b. Oct 1888. 1919: resided Nelsonville, Ohio.


                                      1.    Mary Luela THOMPSON, b. pre-1919

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14-8         LETHA EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      William-William-James

          Last but not least of William and Sarah's eight was Letha. Normally not enough is known about the single members of the Ewing family to give them a spot of their own in this book, but Letha has a bit of a story to tell, and we have a picture of her, too, which is rare.

          Letha was born 29 March 1835 in Huntington Township's Section 11 in Gallia County, Ohio. She never got around to marrying, to busy raising nieces and nephews, and being a willing companion to her widowed mother.

          In 1850 those two, mother and daughter, were living in the McCarley household in Huntington Township, along with her brother, William and his family. In 1860, Letha and Sarah were in Wilkesville, and her occupation was given as a servant. About 1865 the two of them either went with or joined her brother, Enoch, Civil War veteran, when he and his second or third family went out to Gilead, Lewis County, Missouri. By the 1870 census they were all in Pilot Grove Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

          In the 1900 census, Letha was in Pontoosuc, living with her niece and nephew, Ida and Frank EWING, Enoch's children. Later she lived in Burlington, Iowa and that is where she died between 1912 and 1917.

          Letha has a spot in history, for it was she who recalled for posterity the day her grandmother Mary McNeill EWING, departed Wilkesville for the West (Iowa) in 1853, and it was she who described that "greatest little great-grandmother" as she looked then.

          And it was Letha who was called on to give testimony as to her brother Enoch's condition after the war. From that we were able to know a little about her.

          NO ISSUE.

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