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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-James

          With the regularity in which their children had been arriving, William and Mary were not particularly surprised when a sixth Ewing came into the cabin on Swago Creek less than two years after his brother James, on 9 September 1895. This son was given the name of William's brother John.

          Like his brother James, John's life was a short one and he did not leave us much to say about him. James was 30 years old when he died in 1824, and John was 32 when he died in 1827.

          John was 14 years old when the move was made from the mountains of Western Virginia to the Raccoon Creek area in Huntington Township, Gallia County in Ohio and he too had a hand in getting the new farm going.

          The sixth in order of birth, he was also the sixth in order of marriage. John was married on 7 April 1818, 12 days after William Ewings Jr.'s marriage on 26 of March. John was married in Gallia County by John R OBINSON, J.P.

          John's bride was Rebecca C OLLINS, very sure to have been a cousin. She was the daughter of John and Hannah (EWING) C OLLINS, Hannah being the daughter of Joshua EWI NG, the Locust Creek Joshua Ewing who entered our Ewing story way back in Book I. It is believed that Joshua was closely related to our James, possibly a nephew, therefore a first cousin to our William EWI NG Sr., meaning Rebecca would have been a second cousin, once removed, to John.

          John was the first of William and Mary's children to leave "Ewingville" - Section 11 on the Raccoon Creek. John and Rebecca, who was born in 1799 in Virginia, made their home in Milton Township, Jackson County, according to the 1820 census, where John was a farmer and a wheelwright.

          For the same reason as the other older brothers, John was not mentioned in his father's 1820 will as he was comfortably established.

          John and Rebecca had two sons, Henry and John, born in 1819 and 1824, but that was all John could give to posterity, for he died soon after the birth of the youngest, in 1827. As he is not buried in Huntington Township, it is assumed he is buried in Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

          Rebecca was only 28 at the time of his death and with two young sons it was only natural that she would want to marry again. Rebecca married about a year later. Edward SIM MONS was also of Milton Township and was eight years younger than Rebecca, being born in 1807 in Maryland.

          The two were married at least 22 years and had six known children, Sarah, Joshua, Nathan, Nancy, Benjamin and Lovina SIM MONS. In the 1850 census, they were Milton Township farmers, he worth $600, With them were the six Simmons children and Rebecca's youngest Ewing, John Albert, then 25 years old.

          In 1879 the only Simmons in all of Milton Township was Esterling SIMM ONS, whom we judged from earlier circumstances to be Edward's brother. Apparently Edward and Rebecca and their family had moved elsewhere. Nothing more was found of them.

          John did not leave much family, and most of what he did has been lost to time.


16-1                 1.    Henry Duke EW ING, b. 12 Jan 1819, Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

16-2                 2.    John Albert E WING, b. 28 Jan 1824, Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

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16-1         HENRY DUKE EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-William-James

          It has always been a mystery where the name of John and Rebecca's first child came from. Henry was not a prominent name on either side of the family then, and the middle name Duke was certainly not common at that time. Henry Duke was born 12 January 1819.

          In 1819 the Ewings were in Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio and this particular native of the county spent most of his life there and in neighboring Washington Township, going forth only briefly after the Civil War to Indiana - for just three years, 1865 to 1868.

          That was some 20 years after his marriage on 29 June 1843 in Jackson County by Thomas LE ACH, J.P. to Sarah S ULLIVAN.

          Sarah was born on 3 September 1826 in either Ohio or Virginia, depending on which census you are reading. Her father was Irish and her mother a Virginian.

          After their marriage Henry acquired 76 acres in Section 26 of Washington Township. The farm is listed in his name in the 1875 JACKSON COUNTY ATLAS. Henry was down as a Washington Township citizen through all the censuses - 1850 to 1880, and his widow in 1900.

          In the mid-1860's Henry and his wife for some reason sought greener pastures in Lafayette, Indiana. They were there three years, but returned to their farm in Washington Township to live out their lives.

          Their home in the midst of those 76 acres, was a mile or so west of Wellston, a town which is actually in Milton Township. It is unknown when Henry built his home, but in 1982 the house was still standing, though not in possession of the family.

          Henry and Sarah had 11 children, but none of them were very prolific and except in one instance the Ewing name has died out and most of the others are lost to us.

          There were eight sons and three daughters. The eldest daughter, Nancy married and moved away, but the other two, Mary and Margaret, lived with Henry and Sarah. Mary remained a spinster for several years.

          In 1891 Margaret married a miner, John W. A NTHONY and they lived with her parents. She died in 1899, possibly in childbirth. A.E. EWING gives her a daughter, Elma, deceased by 1899. It is possible that A.E. confused her with Mary's Elma.

          Henry died May 13/14, 1900, soon after Margaret. Sarah, Mary and John remained on at the homestead in Section 26. They were listed there in the 1900 census, taken soon after Henry's death. It is assumed that Sarah died there also. Sarah's name is on the stone with Henry's at Hamden Cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio - but there is no date engraved to reveal her death date.


16-1-1             1.    Nancy F. EW ING, b. 2 Sept 1846, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    John L. EWI NG, b. 24 Jan 1849, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: 16 Dec 1885, Charity , b. July 1850, Indiana. (A.E. who entered the marriage date, gave his wife's name as Allie MI LLER, but in the 1900 census his wife's name is down as Charity) 1900 census: John and Charity were in Union Township, Ross County, Ohio - Frankfort. No issue:

                        3.     Madison EWI NG, b. 15 Jan 1851 d. 13 Oct 1853, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

16-1-4             4.     Albert L. E WING, b. 3. Dec 1852, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        5.    William A. EWING, 1854, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio, apparently died young (A.E. had in his list " Ewing, son, died in infancy".

16-1-6             6.    Nathan G. E WING, b. 13 Feb 1855, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

16-1-7             7.    Milton F. E WING, b. 27 March 1857, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

16-1-8             8.    Mary C. EWI NG, b. 16 April 1860, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

16-1-9             9.    Smith H. EW ING, b. 18 Mar 1863, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

16-1-10           10.  Howard J. E WING, b. 10 Jan 1866, Lafayette, Indiana.

                        11.  Margaret EW ING, b. 4 Oct 1868, Lafayette, Indiana., d. 29 May 1899, Buried: Hamdem Cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: 30 June 1891, Jackson County, John W. ANT HONY, b. 10 Sept 1867. After Margaret's death, John married her sister Mary.

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16-1-1      NANCY F. EW ING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-John-William-James

          Nancy was born 2 September 1846 on the farm near Wellston, but she did not stay around Jackson County, Ohio. After her marriage 12 May 1866 to Albert H. ST EELE, she and Albert moved to Indiana and that is where she and her family of 11 Steeles lived. Albert was born in March of 1844 in Ohio. In the 1900 census, Nancy and Albert were listed in South Bend, Portage Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana.

          A.E. EWING gave their 1904 address as Klondike, Indiana, which is in Tippecanoe County. Nancy died about 1904. This Steele family have resisted all efforts to be located.


                        1.    Homer O. STE ELE, b. 8 July 1869, Indiana. Married: Lucy , b. Jan 1871, Ohio. 1900 census: South Bend, Indiana. 1912: Logansport, Cass County, Indiana.

                               Known issue:

                                      1.    Herman E. S TEELE, b. May 1900 no listing in 1979 in Logansport or South Bend.

                                      2.    Milton A. STEE LE, b. March 1871, Indiana. Married: Bessie , b. 1876, Indiana. 1900: 1408 S. Michigan, South Bend, Indiana, also of Logansport..

                                      3.    Finley STE ELE, b. Sept 1880. Lived in Stockwell, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

                                      4.    Frank E. S TEELE, b. Oct 1882. Lived in Stockwell, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

                                      5.    Ethel STEE LE, b. Mar 1887. Married: Paul ALLEN. 1900: 13, at home. Resided: 2001 N. Seventh St., Terre Haute, Indiana.

                                      6.    Della S TEELE, b. Oct 1888. Married: PAGE. Resided: Boone, Boone County, Iowa - near Ames (the next five children are not necessarily in proper order, could not locate birth dates).

                                      7.    Mary STEE LE. Married: CR OWE - farmer, Logansport, Cass County, Indiana.

                                      8.    Minnie STEE LE. Married: Calvin H. W ASSON. (A.E. lists 6934 Eggleston, Chicago, but not in 1900 Illinois or Indiana index - a Calvin WASSON, who might be his father, in Henry County, Indiana.)

                                      9.    Lathana STEE LE. Married: Richard L. EU BANKS. Resided: 3654 N. Capital Ae., Indianapolis, Indiana.

                                       10.  Rose STEE LE Married: MYERS Resided: South Bend, Indiana.

                                      11.  Henry E. STEE LE Resided: Logansport, Cass County, Indiana.

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16-1-4      ALBERT L. EWI NG


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-John-William-James

          Albert was born 3 December 1852 on the Ewing farm west of Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio and did not venture very far from there all his life. Albert's address through the years was RFD 3, Wellston, Ohio. He was a carpenter by trade.

          Albert was married in Jackson County on 1 June 1881 to Laura TRIPP who was born 24 September 1860.

          Albert was very interested in Ewing family history, and attended or wrote letters to the early reunions all over. He was at the 1904 reunion at Ewington and read a sketch on the life of his father, Henry, who had died only four years before.

          Albert died 7 March 1923. Laura lived on for almost 19 years, until 1 March 1942.


16-1-4-1          1.    Myrtie Estelle EWING, b. 16 May 1882, near Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    Bessie Marie EW ING, b. 18 Sept 1890, near Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. Single, lived at home with widowed mother, after her death in 1942, Bessie left Wellston and went to Gillespie (1948) to make her home with her niece, Berdena. She went into a nursing home in Gillespie, Ohio in 1968 at the age of 78 years.

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16-1-4-1          MYRTIE ESTELLA E WING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Albert-Henry-John-William-James

          Myrtie was born 16 May 1882 near Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. She was married on 23 August 1905 to Pearl Edward C HATFIELD. Pearl was born on the 23rd of April 1878. At some time after their marriage and before 1921, the Chatfields left Ohio in favor of the coal country of southwestern Illinois, where Pearl could get work. They settled in Gillespie, which is in Macoupin County, Ohio, near East St. Louis.

          In 1948, Myrtie's sister Bessie left Wellston and joined her only family in Gillespie, making her home with Myrtie's youngest, Berdena F OLKERS.

          Pearl died in Gillespie 2 March 1952 and Myrtie on 25 March 1968.


                 1.    Lola Beatrice C HATFIELD, b. 11 July 1906, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: Richard A. K NIGHT. 1968: resided Sarasota, Florida. No issue.

                 2.    Maurice Ewing CHATFI ELD, b. 10 Jan 1910, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio or Gillespie, Macoupin County, Illinois. 1968: rsesided Kansas City, Kansas.

                 3.    Berdena Mae CHATFI ELD, b. 4 Oct 1921, Gillespie, Macoupin County, Illinois.

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16-1-4-1-3       BERDENA MAE CHATFIELD


Ewing Family Lineage:      Myrtie-Albert-Henry-John-William-James

          Berdena was born in Gillespie, as was her husband, Arthur and in 1968, 63 years later, still lived there.

Berdena was born 4 October 1921 and her husband, Arthur J. FOLKERS on 6 February 1917. They were married 27 June 1946.

          Berdena was the family member who supplied much of the information about the Albert Ewings.

          In 1948, soon after Berdena and Arthur were married, her Aunt Bessie E WING went out to Gillespie, Macoupin County, Illinois to make her home with them, and she was a source of information on the family for Berdena.

          Berdena wrote: "I suppose you could call me a career girl, I have been a State Civil Service employee for the past 25 years. I work for the Division of Unemployment Compensation in the Litchfield, Illinois office. Litchfield is just nine miles from Gillespie, and I drive back and forth each day. I started up in the northern part of the state, but have been here in this office since my marriage.

          "My husband has lived in Gillespie all his life with the exception of the time he was in the service. He is employed by the Laclede Steel Company at Alton, Illinois, which is about 30 miles from Gillespie. We do not have much industry around here now. It was primarily a coal mining town and at one time we had five mines in operation. They have all closed but one, so we have a lot of men who have found work elsewhere but do commute each day. There is a lot of work in the Alton area and we have buses to the different plants that run just for the workers."


                        1     (only). Edward Michael F OLKERS, b. 13 May 1948. In the hospital, Litchfield, Illinois. Graduated from high school in June 1966. Attended Brown's Business College, Springfield, IL completed a course in Junior Accounting. 1968: resided, Springfield, Illinois, working for the State under Civil Service for the Department of Mental Health..

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16-1-6      NATHAN G. EW ING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-John-William-James

          Into the farm home of Henry and Sarah near Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio on 13 February 1855 came Nathan G, their sixth child.

          Ross County, Ohio plays an important part in the lives of Nathan and his family. Ross County abuts Jackson County, a part of it being tucked into Jackson's northwest corner. It's principal metropolis is Chillicothe in the center of the county. North of town, about 10 miles, is a village called Anderson or Andersonville, and west a few miles is Frankfort.

          Nathan may have moved to Anderson prior to his marriage, for his wife was a native of Frankfort, and lived there at the time of their marriage, when Nathan was 37 years old. Nathan and Lillie RIL EY were married on 27 March 1892. She had formerly been married to a C OZAD, by whom she had a daughter, Mary, born December 1886.

          Nathan and Lillie lived on his farm at Anderson, and had an RFD Chillicothe, address, according to A.E. EWING's 1913 list.

          Nathan was almost 81 years old when he died 22 January 1936. Lillie's death is not known.


                        1.    Henry Orin E WING, b. Jan 1893, Anderson, Ross County, Ohio.


                                      1.    Eugenia EWING, b. 1913. Married: Richard L. M YERS, d. by 1982, Eugenia living at 70 Zander Drive, Chillicothe, Ohio. No issue.

                                      2.    Della Odessa EWI NG, b. Sept 1897, Anderson, Ross County, Ohio. Married: Frank C RUSE. Della committed suicide soon after marriage. No issue.

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16-1-7      MILTON F. EWI NG


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-John-

          A sixth son for Henry and Sarah. That was Milton, born 27 March 1857, near Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. Like all but one of his brother, he too was destined not to have sons and grandsons to carry on the Ewing name.

          Milton was 21 years old when he and Rebecca NICH OLS were married 14 November 1878. Rebecca was born in April 1858 in Ohio. They lived at first right there in Washington Township, Jackson County. In the 1880 census Milton was down as a victim of typhoid.

          By 1899 Milton and the family had moved to Frankfort, Ohio, near his brothers Nathan and John, but a year later they were on Mirabean Street in Greenfield, Madison Township, Highland County, Ohio. A.E.'s address for him in 1913 was 13 N. Main Street, Dayton, Ohio.

          Milton and Rebecca had two sets of twins, twin sons, Roscoe and Meita or Merta, and twin daughters, Chloe and Irena. Three of the four at least died young. Their births were found in Jackson County records. A fifth child, Florence, was with them in the 1900 census. In A.E.'s list there are only Chloe, Florence and a Nellie. It is possible that Nellie was born about 1882, and married by the time of the 1900 census, or perhaps she was born after the 1900 census.

          KNOWN ISSUE:

                        1.    Roscoe EW ING - TWIN, b. 27 Oct 1879, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 28 Oct 1880 of diphtheria, age 1 year and 1 day.

                        2.    Meita or Merta (son) EW ING - TWIN, 27 Oct 1879, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio, died young, not in A.E.'s records, nor 1900 census.

                        3.    Chloe Rienna EWI NG - TWIN, b. 14 Aug 1881, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        4.    Irena EW ING - TWIN, b. 14 Aug 1881 d. 7 Oct 1881, croup, age 1 month, 24 days.

                        5.    Florence M. E WING, b. Mar 1892. Married: Jacob S HERER of Dayton, Ohio.

                        6.    Nellie EW ING

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16-1-8      MARY C. E WING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-John-William-James

          Mary joined one sister and six brothers when she entered the household at Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio on 16 April 1860.

          She spent most of her years right there in that house, staying on with her mother after the death of Henry in 1900.

          In 1891, Mary's younger sister had married a miner, John W. AN THONY, and they too lived in the farm home with the Ewings. When Margaret died in 1899, John remained on with Sarah and Mary. He was listed with them in the 1900 census as a boarder. That year Mary was down as a schoolteacher.

          Not long after that census was taken, John and Mary were married. Theirs was a very special wedding date, the first day of the brand new 20th Century, January 1, 1901.

          They made their home with Sarah, and after her death Mary apparently became the owner of the house. They had one daughter, Elma Gail, who may have been named for the deceased child of Mary's sister and John's first wife, Margaret.

          John was born 10 September 1867 in Jackson County, Ohio and was the son of Samuel and Mary (WINFOUGH) A NTHONY. Something in his life caused him enough grief or pain to want to take that life and in the late 20s or early 30s, he shot himself.

          The widow, Mary, remained on at Henry's old home in Washington Township, her daughter and husband, Russell S MITH, with her. Russell would be gone a lot. One day he left and did not come back, leaving Elma and five children.

    Mary sold her father's old farm and she, Elma and the children moved to a smaller house next to the new Washington Township School, where Elma taught.

          Mary died in the late 1930s about 70 years of age.


                        1.    (only). Elma Gail ANTHO NY, b. 29 Jan 1902, Washington Township, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: about 1922, Russell SM ITH lived with her parents, Russell left her and children. Elma, teacher at Washington Township School. Died of cancer in late 1930s .


                                      1.    Florence S MITH, b. about 1925/1926. Married: about 1943, husband killed during World War II; with insurance money, she went to the University at Athens and got a BS in Education; taught awhile in Mt. Vernon, New York. Returned to Ohio and got her Master's and taught at Ohio University until her death about 1980. Remarried: about 1977/1978.


                                                            1.    Ann

                                                            2.    daughter

                                      2.    Helen S MITH, Married, lived in Dayton, Ohio

                                      3.    William S MITH

                                      4.    Russell S MITH JR., called Buddy

                                      5.    Thomas SM ITH

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16-1-9      SMITH H. EWIN G


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-John-William-James

          With Smith we have the only one of Henry's sons who produced a son to have a son! Thus, a Ewing for posterity, in fact two, for Thomas D. EWI NG has two sons, Samuel and Brad. Tom and his father, Kenneth, are two of the only Ewings of our family in the Columbus, Ohio directory.

          Smith was born 18 march 1863. According to his obituary, "He spent his youth on the home farm except for a period of three years during which the family lived near Lafayette, Indiana. he received his early education in the public schools and later attended Ohio Northern and Lebanon Universities."

          Smith was married on 9 September 1885 to Addie Viola HE NSON of Camba, which is in Franklin Township, Jackson County, Ohio. No doubt her father was the James A. HEN SON who owned 98 acres in Franklin's Section 23, a mile east of Camba, according to the 1875 atlas. Addie was born in March of 1863.

          Smith and Addie had a daughter who died in infancy, and two sons, Leroy and Francis.

          In 1899, Smith was a merchant in Frankfort, near his brothers, and he was there in Concord Township in the 1900 census. His address in 1913 was 740 W. Pleasant Street, Springfield, Ohio.

          Smith lost his wife of 32 years when Addie died at Springfield on 29 January 1918.

          As the obituary said, "With both sons serving in the army overseas, Mr. Ewing lived alone for some time, continuing his business activities."

          On 24 December 1918, when Smith was 55 years old, he was married to 36 year old Katherine S TOYLE, who was born 20 November 1882, in Shawnee, Ohio. In Smith's 56th year, along came Kenneth Stoyle EWI NG!

          A few years later, Smith became afflicted with paralysis agitans, which very gradually grew worse until it culminated in his death at 4:50 p.m. on 5 November 1929, age 66 years.

          Smith had become a member of the Methodist Church when a boy of 16 and remained an active member until his death. He was also a member of the Knights of Pythias Lodge of Frankfort, Ohio.

          At the time of Smith's death, her stepsons Leroy and Willard were in St. Petersburg, Florida and Fanwood, New Jersey, respectively, and all Widow Katherine had was her 9 year old son, Kenneth.

          The two were close companions for many years. They went first to Lancaster, Ohio and finally to Columbus, Ohio. In later years, Katherine went into the Patterson Nursing Home in Columbus, Ohio where she died in 1970 at the age of 88 years. She was a widow for 40 years.

          ISSUE by Addie:

                        1.    Leroy Henson EW ING, b. June 1887, Hamden, Vinton County, Ohio. Leroy enlisted in World War I, 2 June 1917, from 740 W. Pleasant Street, Springfield, Ohio. He was in Co. C, 6th Engineers, to his discharge 13 May 1919. He became PFC on 4 July 1917, made corporal September 18 that year, reduced to private the next month, and upped to Private First Class 15 November 1918. He served in the AEF 4 Dec 1917 to discharge. Issue if any, not known.

16-1-19-2        2.    Francis Willard E WING, b. 3 Feb 1896, Frankfort, Ohio.

                        3.    Daughter EWING, died in infancy.

          ISSUE by Katherine:

16-1-9-4          4.    Kenneth Stoyle E WING, b. 27 May 1920, Springfield, Ohio.

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16-1-9-2          FRANCIS WILLARD EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Smith-Henry-John-William-James

          Francis came along nine years after his brother Leroy. The two of them were followed many years later by a half brother, Kenneth, born in 1920 when Leroy was 33 and Francis was 24!

          Francis was born 3 February 1896 in Frankfort, Ohio and moved with his parents, Smith and Addie, to Springfield, Ohio where his father was a merchant. He enlisted in Springfield 28 June 1918, at which time, according to Army records, he was living at 740 W. Pleasant Street. Francis was in the 158th Deport Brigade to 19 August 1918 and in the 309 F. Signal Battalion from then until his discharge as a private 26 May 1919. He was in the AEF from 9 September 1918 to 8 May 1919.

          Both sons were in France when news reached them that their mother had died, 29 January 1918. They both were able to go home in May.

          Francis may have by that time been married. His wife was Myra . In 1929 when his father died he was living in Fanwood, New Jersey. By 1982, his wife had died and he was living at 21010 Coral Sea Road, Miami, Florida 33189. He was 86 years old at that time.

          Issue if any, not known

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16-1-9-4          KENNETH STOYLE EWING


Ewing Family Lineage:      Smith-Henry-John-William-James

          Kenneth was found in Columbus, Ohio after researching in Springfield and Frankfort.

          Kenneth was born in Springfield 27 May 1920. He is only four generations away from William and Mary EWING, and was a product of his father's second marriage to Katherine STO YLE and came along when his father, Smith, was 56 years old.

          He did not know his father very well. Smith died of a stroke in 1929, when Kenneth was 9 years old.

          Kenneth wrote: "After my father died, my mother and I moved to Lancaster, Ohio where I went to high school, graduating in June of 1938. Mother and I moved to Columbus, Ohio when I went to college at Capital University and Ohio. College was interrupted during the war, and when living in New York City, I married Barbara RALS TON of New Concord, Ohio on December of 1945. Barbara was born 28 May 1919.

          "We returned to Columbus and I went back to Ohio State and graduated in June of 1947.

          "Our only child, Tom, was born 1 September 1946.

          "I have had a business career since 1947 and have been with Motorist Mutual Insurance Company since July of 1954, working in the office in administration."

          Kenneth's address in 1984 was 148 E. North Street, Worthington, Ohio 43085.

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16-1-10           HOWARD J. EWI NG


Ewing Family Lineage:      Henry-John-William-James

          By the time Howard entered the picture on 10 January 1866, Henry and Sarah were in Lafayette, Indiana. They were back in Wellston, Ohio by the time Howard was 2 years old and that is where he grew up, and apparently lived the rest of his life.

          Howard was married in Jackson County, Ohio on 24 July 1891 to Mary Louetta MUSGR OVE, daughter of Caleb and Martha (HUNTER) MUSG ROVE. Mary was born in January, 1865.

          At first, after their marriage, Howard and Mary lived at Wellston, where he was a farmer. A.E. had them there in 1899 and 1913 and he was found there in the 1900 census, Mary down as 5 and 3. But in the 1910 census they were on First Street, in Wellston and Howard was a carpenter. Mary went by the name of Etta.

          Mary died 5 March 1925 at Wellston, Jackson County and Howard on 23 January 1935 at Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. Both are buried at Hamden Cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio.


                        1.    Mable C. EW ING, b. 19 July 1892, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio, d. 14 Feb 1980, Wellston, Ohio - age 87 years. She was an LPN, never married. Buried: Hamden Cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        2.    Roberta Myrl E WING, b. 3 Sept 1894, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio, d. September 1967/1968, Hallendale, Florida. Married: Toledo, Ohio, Harry KEN DALL to Hallendale in early 30s. No issue.

                        3.    Mildred E WING - TWIN, b&d 1899, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        4.    Marie EWI NG - TWIN, b&d 1899, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio.

                        5.    Dorothy Louetta E WING, b. 13 Mar 1900, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: 9 Nov 1920, Wellston, Lowry Benton STROTH son of John and Wilhelmena (FEHRMAN) STR OTH, b. 16 Dec 1895, Wellston d. 25 Oct 1968, Wellston. Buried: Ridgewood Cemetery, Jackson County, Ohio. 1982: 224 S. Illinois, Wellston, Ohio.


                                      1.     (only). Mary Donise ST ROTH, b. 14 Mar 1922, Wellston, Jackson County, Ohio. Married: 18 May 1946, Wellston, Thomas A. RA DER, retired Colonel, U.S. Air Force, in Guam 1967 and 1968. Mary attended Ohio State about 1949. 1982: resided Wellston, Ohio.


                                                     1.    Linda L. R ADER, b. 13 Sept 1947, Panama Canal Zone. Married: 24 Mar 1973, Belleview, Nebraska, James M. BRANSON.


                                                                   1.    Jamie D. B RANSON, daughter, b. 16 May 1976, Erie, Pennsylvania.

                                                                   2.    John Thomas RA DER/BRANSON, b. 18 Jan 1949, Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.

                                                                   3.    Steven Douglas R ADER/BRANSON, b. 21 Feb 1954, El Paso, Texas. Married: 18 Oct 1980, Fort Morgan, CO.

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16-2         JOHN ALBERT EWIN G


Ewing Family Lineage:      John-William-James

          John was born 28 January 1824 and was 3 years old when his father died, so his stepfather Edward SIMMONS was the only dad he knew.

          While his mother and her second husband and their family may have left Ohio, John appears to have spent most of his life right there in Jackson County, Ohio. He was there in the 1850 census, in Milton Township, 25, a brickman, with Rebecca and Edward. He was married there 3 May 1852, to Lydia C AHOON who went by the name Betta. She was born in 1828 in Ohio.

          They were not found in the 1860 census, but in 1870 they were in Milton Township, and he was still a brickman, worth $1,000/$350.

          By 1900, when John was 56, they were divorced, so the census tells us, and John was living with the widow of his cousin, Andrew Avery DODR ILL, at Berlin, Milton Township, and he was down as a brick mason. The widow as Mary (MACOMBER) DODDRILL.

          John died the following year on 8 April 1881, age 57.


                        1.    Eva EWI NG, b. 1856. Married: 1st George M. W ALTON. Resided: Carnegie, Pennsylvania, they were divorced and her maiden name was restored. Married: 2nd HARM ON, lived on Howard Street, Crafton, Pittsburgh, PA. Issue if any, not known.

                        2.    Sarah EWING, b. 1858, d. 10 Sept 1904, Brooklyn, New York. Married: G OETZ.

                        3.    Timothy Hollis EWI NG, b. 15 June 1861,     Single. 1880: he was listed with James and Nancy Mc KEEVER, Berlin, Milton Township, Jackson County, Ohio. Relation to the head of the household? Bachelor, Occupation? Keeping store; later was a merchant of Fayette, West Virginia. No issue.

                        4.    Millard Fillmore E WING, b. 1863 d. 1885. Killed: age 22 years, in a railroad wreck

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