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Ewing Family Lineage:      William-James

          Sarah's story is a very short one. Sarah and Elizabeth were the only two daughters in a family of 10 sons, and she was the seventh in order of birth. That birth occurred on 23 May 1797, in what was at the time Bath County, Virginia.

          Sarah's brother George passed down the story that after the Ewings' arrival in Huntington Township, Sarah and her sister did their part when it came time to raise the Ewing cabin in Section 11, 1810 to 1812. While the men did the physical labor, Elizabeth and Sarah kept watch with rifles ready - for Indians on the prowl!

          Sarah was probably called a spinster in her day. She did not marry until she was 26 years old. He was John WALLACE, of the Wallaces prevalent in early Huntington Township. Tamor/Tamer being the head of the family. The wedding took place 22 June 1823, before Peter ALESHIRE, J.P.

          Four years later Sarah was gone, apparently in childbirth. Her burial is not noted in Huntington Township cemeteries. Sarah was only 30 years old.

          John married again, his second wife being Marha, and they had five children.

          John died 2 September 1854 and is buried in what is called Indian John Cemetery at Vinton, Ohio.

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