18 June 2009: A major update to incorporate information provided, over the past four-to-five months, by Eric Ewing, Sandra Ewing, John Salter, James David Ewing Jr, Karen Avery and Don French (via Janeane Luby). Information from the Lineages for participants in the Ewing Surname Y-DNA Project has also been added.

3 Dec 2008: Corrected and updated data about Guy Munson Talcot and his descendants based on information received from Dennis A. Ring. This includes correcting the surname 'King' to 'Ring', adding some middle names and updating birth/death dates for several descendants. Dennis Ring, and his lineage, was added to the discussion of sources available via the Sources page. 

1 Nov 2008: Added updated versions of summary information from my presentation at the 2008 Gathering in Winchester, Virginia. This includes information about the coverage of the genealogy (on the main page) and information about the sources of the data (on a page reachable from the Sources page).