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Please note that the migration of people in the 1700s played a big part in how counties were formed. In some cases, a person could live on the same tract of land and be in four or five counties during the time he lived in that one location. Also, West Virginia did not become a state until 1863 a number of years after James and his sons had moved on to Ohio. Today, Pocahontas and Greenbrier counties are in West Virginia; but, they were in the state of Virginia during the first two or three generations of this family.

James Ewing - Pioneer


Nancy Hanks Ewing

( 1922-1987)

Is Presented in Three Volumes



Barbara Ewing Powell


Edited for the Internet by James R. McMichael

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To Volume 1   Table of Contents      James Ewing -Pioneer

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Children of James Ewing


Children of John and Ann Smith Ewing

Children of William and Mary Mc Neill Ewing

Informational Sources


              JAMES EWING - PIONEER, this book I is the story of James and his family. JAMES EWING - PIONEER, the second book comprises 22 chapters and is the continuation of this book I. Each chapter in Book II highlights one of John and William's combined 22 children and traces their descendancy as far into the present as possible, based upon the information derived from family member's correspondence and records, researching census, county courthouse records and state archives.

              Just a little background history of my involvement with Nancy Hanks Ewing and how I became an instrument in Nancy's dream of JAMES EWING - PIONEER becoming a reality.

              Nancy and I met in the 1960s when she placed a call to Gustine, California. Nancy was living in Muskegon, Michigan. Nancy had found a letter that my great Grandmother, Letitia C. Tinnin Ewing had written to her Grandfather, Alvin Enoch (A.E.) Ewing in the 1940s. The first Ewing the telephone operator connected Nancy with, in my area of California that morning was a woman who remembered me - because of my asking about her Ewing connections many years before. Nancy was given my phone number.........and another missing Ewing link was placed into the pieces of an unending puzzle. My direct descendancy had eluded A.E. because they had immigrated to California in the 1870s and Nancy had searched for several years before coming upon the "letter" and decided to call to see if any Ewings were still in the area. Nancy and I corresponded and shared information until her death in 1987.

              In the spring of 1985, while my husband and I were on a visit to Southern California, we made a special trip to Del Mar to visit with Nancy. We spent the afternoon getting to know each other and after years of corresponding - we truly felt like family. It was a marvelous afternoon and I am so thankful that I had the brief opportunity to know Nancy as a person, not just her marvelous words on paper.

              It was in a Christmas card in 1987 sent by Nancy's daughter, Barbara Sager, that I learned of Nancy's death. Nancy's Surfcomber, Del Mar Potpourri article - which was written by Barbara for it's last appearance, told of Nancy's memorial service. You will find that record of Nancy's memorial service included in this work.

              As the years passed, I often wondered who was carrying on Nancy's beloved work, James Ewing - Pioneer. Genealogy, collecting and recording family histories has been of interest to me for many years - even prior to my "meeting" Nancy. In 1991 I answered a query from John Burris of Woodlake, California looking for a descendant of "Indian" John Ewing. In sharing information we found that we are second cousins, four times removed. At one point in a telephone conversation, Nancy's name was mentioned. He knew Nancy and her daughter, Barbara Sager. He had visited with them several times and had been given conservatorship of Nancy's boxes containing binders, research papers and drafts of her JAMES EWING - PIONEER. What a thrill it was for me to know that all Nancy's work had been preserved. John was searching for someone to assist him in putting Nancy's genealogical information on the Personal Ancestral Files (PAF) Program. "Would I be willing to help him?" Of course the answer was YES!

              Between John and I, over 16,000 entries were submitted to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1992. These entries may be researched in any Family History Library. Some errors have been detected and corrections are being made, but the basic information is now available to people researching Ewings and their collateral families.

              With the submission of the PAF files to the Family History Library, phase one was completed and phase two began. Phase two was the compiling of Nancy's outlines, drafts and stories on the computer to be published in book form. This took several years on a "time-available" basis, but in October of 1994 the work was completed.

              As you read JAMES EWING - PIONEER, Book I and Book II, remember that this is Nancy's book. Nancy put many years into researching records, and many more years and a lot of her energy into combining her research into a book form that would be easy for a researcher to use, as well as a novice to follow. As I typed page after page of her book, many times it was as if Nancy was looking over my shoulder and assisting me with deciphering her work.

              A note of explanation: The book draft on the last four chapters in Book II, Jacob, Abram, George and Andrew were in outline form, so had to be composed into readable text. Nancy was familiar with many of the places the Ewing families settled in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, etc., this compiler is not. Nancy's drafts had many abbreviations, some in her own "code". Some towns and counties did not have a state listed with them, hopefully the right towns and counties were put with the proper states.

              Anyone researching written records knows that compiling data from another's written notes is difficult, and even trying to correct information depends upon how well the compiler deciphers the written word. Nancy's records were transcribed as correct as possible. Some errors are unavoidable, and this compiler apologies for those found by the reader.

              Nancy's books should be as complete and correct as possible, therefore please address all errors to my attention for correction in future print outs. If, in reading these books, you find your family and their history is not complete it would be wonderful if you would send me an updated family history listing the missing names, birth dates, death dates, marriages and any information needed to complete your families records.

              With the completion of JAMES EWING - PIONEER, Books I and II, the dream Nancy had for so many years has been achieved.

              The researcher will find an every name index at the end of each book.

              All material found in these two books can be copied and used at the readers discretion. An important part of genealogy is the sharing of family information with others - by sharing research findings with interested family members, you are keeping your heritage alive for future generations.



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              JAMES EWING - PIONEER, Volume I, II and III, begins with what is known of James Ewing of Augusta and Bath Counties, Virginia and later, with the change of county and state lines, Pocahontas County, West Virginia. The books continue with the stories of James' sons, John (Indian John) and William (Swago Bill), their families and collateral families.

              The gathering of material and the collecting of family genealogy and histories for her book consumed many years of NANCY HANKS EWING's life. From the time Nancy inherited her grandfather's archives, upon his death in 1945, her dream was to see the family history in print. Nancy took over the challenge of being the JAMES EWING FAMILY HISTORIAN upon the death of Alvin Enoch EWING - who was always called A.E. He is mentioned as a source through-out each volume.

              A.E. was an attorney and member of the Michigan Legislation and lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was the son of Henry Mc Kendree EWING, who was the son of Enoch EWING, who was the son of William (Swago Bill) EWING. A.E. documented stories of individual families and collected family genealogies. A.E.'s grandfather, Enoch, was a great source of information for him. A.E. wrote many family histories. Some were published in historical books and in newspapers articles. He and Mr. Calvin W. Price, Editor of the Pocahontas Times in Marlinton, West Virginia, corresponded for many years. A.E. was a contributor on local history as well as Ewing history for Mr. Price's newspaper. As the years passed, and more legal documentation became available - not just family traditions passed from one generation to another, A.E. found that some of the histories he had gathered, and that were printed, were inaccurate. He tried to correct the inaccuracies where he could, but it was not possible to change history books and articles printed and read years before.

              A.E.'s legacy to Nancy was a roomful of archival material. Soon, Nancy had her own room devoted to Ewing history - shelves and filing cabinets full of correspondence with Ewing family members, pictures of Ewing families, family history books and research materials. The book on James Ewing began to evolve as the years passed. Like many genealogist, vacations were taken where research could be done, family homesteads and cemeteries could be visited and personal contact could be made with "cousins" - all great sources for "James Ewing - Pioneer". In the 1980s, Nancy Hanks Ewing and her precious "James Ewing - Pioneer" moved to Del Mar, California from Muskegon, Michigan. In Del Mar, Nancy was editor of the Del Mar's newspaper, Surfcomber's, society section, "Del Mar Potpourri." Del Mar's Centennial year was in 1985 and Nancy took on the job of researching and writing the history of the Del Mar area. To that end, "DEL MAR - LOOKING BACK" was published and available for distribution in the spring of 1988.

              Just as Nancy did not live to see JAMES EWING - PIONEER in print, she did not get to see DEL MAR - LOOKING BACK published. Nancy Hanks Ewing died November 10, 1987.

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1.           Jeanet Ann EWING

              Born: about 1742

              Died: 1817, Greenbrier County, West Virginia


              1st about 1757,

              Archibald CLENDENNIN 

Died: 15 July 1763

              2nd 1767

               John ROGERS


2.           John EWING

Born: 27 Dec 1747, Orange County, North Carolina

              Died: 23 Dec 1824, Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio

              Buried: Vinton, Ohio

              Married: 22 Apr 1774, Pocahontas Co., West Virginia

              Ann SMITH

              Born: Aug 1754, Tyrone, Kington of Ireland

Died: 11 May 1809, Addison Township, Gallia Co., Ohio


3.           Elizabeth EWING

Born: about 1750

Married: George DAUGHERTY

Moved to Kentucky, no further information found


4.           Jane EWING (Susan Jane)

Born: about 1753

Married: 11 Apr 1786,


by: Rev. Samuel SHANNON

                            "from whom she soon parted" 

Marriage Bond filed at Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia

Some records state: Wrm Springs, Bath Co., Virginia


5.           William EWING

Born: 24 Dec 1756, Bath County, Virginia

Died: 7 Oct 1822, Ewington, Gallia County, Ohio

Married: 16 Nov 1785


daughter of: Thomas MC NEILL, Greenbrier, Pocahontas Co., West Virginia

Born: 25 Dec 1771,South Branch, Hardy County, Virginia

Died: June 1858, Summersett Township, Mercer Co., Missouri

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Among Nancy's pages of documentation and drafts, is a partial list was found of those who had contributed EWING information over the many years of her researching the descendants of JAMES EWING. It is important that recognition, and thanks, be given to those family members who so graciously and willingly shared their EWING genealogy and stories.



              CHILDREN:                                    CONTRIBUTORS:

              1. WILLIAM

              2. SUSANNAH                               HOLCOMB BOOK

                                                                        BILL SWINNEY

                                                                        RUTH MARGESON

                                                                        MAYOR W.R.HOLCOMB

                                                                        ROGER EWING TODD

              3. JOHN SMITH                              BARBARA EWING POWELL

                                                                        HUBERT SPADE

              4. JEANET                                       CORA GAPIN

                                                                        VERNE BOWEN

                                                                        WEED BOOK

                                                                        LOIS LUANN HOWELL

              5. SARAH                                        HOLCOMB BOOK

                                                                        EVERYBODY IN GALLIA CO., OHIO

                                                                        ROGER EWING TODD


              6. NANCY ANN                             RUTH MILLER MASTERS

                                                                        WILLIAM REYNOLDS NELSON

              7. ANDREW                                    CHANNING

              8. ELIZABETH


              9. LYDIA                                         JOHN BURRIS

                                                                        RALPH AND FRED DAILY

              10. SAMUEL                                   FABER K. AMES

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              CHILDREN:                                    CONTRIBUTORS:

              1. ELIZABETH                               DODRILL BORK, PEARL TWYMAN

              2. THOMAS                                    GENEVA LEWIS

                                                                        JAMES M. EWING-BLUMHAGEN

                                                                        BETTY BENSON

                                                                        RAYMOND EWING

              3. JONATHAN                                ELIZABETH WESSON


              4. WILLIAM                                   LORETA BEERY

                                                                        JOSEPH STRONG

                                                                        DONALD STRONG

                                                                        CLARICE COFFMAN

                                                                        HOWARD O. EWING

              5. JAMES                                         VIVIAN B. HULL

                                                                        CLARICE COFFMAN

              6. JOHN                                           BERDENA FOLKERS

              7. SARAH                                        NO ISSUE

              8. ENOCH                                       NANCY HANKS EWING

              9. JACOB                                         KATHRYN DE HAVEN

              10. ABRAM                                     RAYMOND KITCHEN

                                                                        THE GOOCHES

              11. GEORGE                                   DONALD EWING'S BOOK

                                                                        BEATRICE CLARK

                                                                        "COUSIN BESS"

              12. ANDREW                                  RUSSELL ALDREICH

                                                                        IRENE NILES MICHAEL

                                                                        GRACE PEEP

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              1.          A.E. Ewing Collection

              2.          William Ewing Bible

              3.          John Ewing Record Book

              4.          United States Census Records

              5.          Helen Blumhazen Collection

              6.          Ina Redenbaugh Collection

              7.          Cora Gapen Collection

              8.          Personal Knowlege of Nancy Hanks Ewing

              9.          "Our Ewings in America" by Donald Brown Ewing

              10.         "The Holcombs, Nation Builders" by Mc Pherson

              11.         "Heritage of a Pioneer" by Dodrill, Published 1966

              12.         Gallia County, Ohio Records

              13.         Jackson County, Ohio Records

              14.         Fitzsimmons Family Records

              15.         Geneva Lewis Records

              16.         Nicholas County, West Virginia Records

               17.         Van Wert County, Ohio Records

              18.         Pocahontas County, West Virginia Records

              19.         Logan County, Ohio Records

               20.         Hardesty's "History of Gallia County"

              21.         Hardesty's "History of Meigs County"

              22.         Kathryn De Haven Famiy Records

              23.         Cemetery Monuments

              24.         The Weed Genealogy

              25.         Hanna of Castle Sorbie, Scotland and Descendants

                                           by Rev. James Arthur McClannahan Hann of Oak Hill

              26.         Betty Benson Family Records

               27.         James Monroe Ewing Family Records

              28.         Virginia Tietsort Family Records

              29.         Ruth Stover Family Records

              30.         Henny Cherrington Evans' Help

              31.         Loreeta Beery Records

              32.         Mabel Barber

              33.         Irene Michael

              34.         Richard Sheppard

              35.         Elizabeth Wesson

              36.         The Auldriches

              37.         Ralph Macomber

              38.         Ellen Tyler Thomas

              39.         Virginia Carson

              40.         Ann Dater

              41.         Kent County Records

              42.         Ralph Dailey

              43.         Mrs. Paul J. Gooch

              44.         Gallia County, Ohio, Historical Society Publications

              45.         The Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

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