The Ewings of Frederick County, Virginia has been produced for the future. The research and compilation of the Ewing genealogy was undertaken so that our children, their children, and all future generations might have a written record of their ancestry.

Through the years requests for information have come from relatives in the western states who are descendants of the early Frederick Ewings. It is hoped that the wills, deeds, maps and charts in this compilation will be helpful to them as their data was to us. Especially significant were the genealogical records shared by Gerald Ewing of Barrington, Illinois.

We owe our sincere appreciation to many persons for their assistance in gathering and compiling this family history. Miss Mildred Lee Grove of Stephens City shared the most important information that The Fairfax Proprietary included data on William Ewing, the first Ewing settler in Frederick County. Mrs. Frank Ewing shared family data and photos from the Ewing Family Bible.

Ray and Bill Ewing arranged for our visit to the Ewing Family Cemetery. Our daughter, Beverly Dugger, greatly assisted us with the publication of the book. We also deeply appreciate all those family members who provided photos and current family statistics. We have endeavored to include all known descendants through September 1986.

The descendants of John Ewing, the immigrant ancestor, are numbered to assist the reader in following the lineage. The son of John is William (John1). The complete Ewing genealogy is provided in chart form following the footnotes at the rear of the book.

Researching the Ewing genealogy has been enlightening and thoroughly satisfying. It is hoped that the future generations will appreciate their ancestors and take pride in their accomplishments.

Evelyn and Jim Ewing

115 Walnut Circle

Emporia, Virginia 23847

October 18, 1986


Editor’s notes from James R. McMichael:

The names presented in this version of this book does not include the generations that include the current generations. Due to what is happening with identity theft, we did not want to give any information that would possibly be used by someone.

Also, in the early years of researching this family, correspondence was received from a number tof people that included their genealogy. Based on the documentation that was presented at the time, some family connections appeared to be valid.

In the 1980s, Gerald Ewing provided information that connected his family, William3 Ewing son of William2 and grandson of John1 Ewing. Since the time, Gerald Ewing furnished the information that is included in this book, he has determined that his family is not part of the William3 Ewing as originally thought. Therefore, if anyone reading this book and connects to the family of Gerald Ewing should take into consideration the information for this particular line has changed.

Also, a good discussion of William3 Ewing is given in the booklet William Ewing of Frederick County by Shirley Tharp Dye that is posted on this web site.


Chapter 1 - The Ewings of Frederick County, Virginia

Chapter 2 - William Ewing

Chapter 3 - Samuel Ewing



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