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No special effort has been made to collect cemetery information. After receiving some information, it was decided to present the information to viewers for research purposes.

Initially, we are setting some boundaries for information. We will start with putting information from old cemeteries, family cemeteries, and cemeteries that not are used anymore. If a person was born in the twentieth century, the information will not be included.


Two indexes are provided to aid the viewer with bringing the information to the screen. An index by name and dates is provided as well as an index by State and County.


In most cases the birth year and death are shown on the markers. In some cases, the death date is given with the age of the person that sometimes includes the year, month, and days the person lived. In some cases, we have calculated a birth date. The birth date calculated is enclosed in [ ] and displayed in a different color.


Index of Names
Cemeteries Index by State & County:

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Information added on April 22, 2017


Cemetery information can be submitted to

Ewing Family Association, 1330 Vaughn Court, Aurora, IL 60504 USA

or you can e-mail the information to:

Since it is expected that we will receive information for locations that will be hard to find, we would like for you to give us specific information as to how to drive to the location where the burial sites are located. In some cases, two or three people might be buried in the yard around a house that people are continuing to live in.


If you find in any errors in the information that is presented, please advise us of the problem at the above e-mail address or mailing address.

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