Ewing Family


There are a number of Association activities you may participate in:

  • EFA Gatherings - The entire Association (and all friends) are invited to assemble at "Gatherings".  Normally held every second year, these meetings are held at U.S. locations that have particular "Ewing" associations.

  • EFA Warrior Regiment - EFA members having military service backgrounds are invited to join the Warrior Regiment for honor, fellowship and recognition.

The Association also sponsors several historical and genealogical projects:

  • Ewing Genealogy Documentation Project - Collecting well-researched genealogies for branches of the greater Ewing family and related lines.

  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Ewings Project - Studying the history and genealogy of about a dozen Ewings who settled in southwestern Pennsylvania in the early 1770s.

  • Y-DNA Project - Ewing men may join this active project and contribute a DNA sample to further the genetic understanding of family relationships going back centuries.  Many or most participating members are found to be related genetically, even when conventional genealogical records are incomplete.