Ewing Family


"The Ewing Reading Room"

This section contains many resources that can support your family research and help you understand the Ewing family story and make your own contributions to our work as the EFA.

Articles and Reports

We have collected many articles and reports, from the pages of the Ewing Family Journal and other sources.  They are presented here as an annotated bibliography, but with most articles available for reading on line.


Many books are available that are relevant to Ewing family studies.  Some are available at the Ewing Family Archives in hardcopy form, but many are available for on line reading.


A number of dedicated researchers have made their research notes available in the Ewing Family Archives, previously maintained at The Historical Society of Cecil County, Elkton, Maryland, but now in transition to the Allen County Public LIbrary, Ft Wayne, Indiana.  Indexes are available on line.

Ewing Web Sites

We have gathered and annotated a number of links to web resources of interest to Ewing researchers.