Ewing Family


(The Ewing Reading Room)

Articles and Reports are drawn from the pages of the Ewing Family Journal (formerly Journal of the Clan Ewing) and other sources.  Some are provided as documents on this site, some are links to other sites, and some (alas) are only known to exist in hardcopy form.

Surname Origins

The Ewing surname originated in ancient Scotland.  Many modern-day Ewings identify as Scots-Irish, descendants of the Protestant Scots who emigrated to northern Ireland in the 1600's and then emigrated to America in the 1700's.

Ewing Families

Many articles published in the Ewing Family Journal concern the ancestry and and history of specific branches of the Ewing family.

Genealogy Data

One of the main directions of the Association is to understand and publish the genealogical relationships among the greater Ewing family.  Conventional genealogy focuses on vital records, cemetery research, and family histories.  Our Y-DNA study is looking to understand genetic relationships between individuals and groupings of Ewings over longer time scales.

Research in Scotland and Ireland

If your interests take you back to ancient times across the sea, you may want to consult these tips.

Research Tools and Advice

Journal authors share their experience and suggestions for historical and genealogical work.