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The Ewing Reading Room and
The Ewing Family Archive at ACPL, Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Allen County Public Library (ACPL) at Fort Wayne, Indiana has accepted the bulk of the records previously kept by the Ewing Family Association at the Cecil County (Md) Historical Society. ACPL makes this material available online through its Genealogy Center Family Files and Resources area.  You may explore the Ewing area at http://www.genealogycenter.info/search_ewing.php.  ACPL will welcome researchers in person who would like to view the original documents including those that may not yet have been indexed or made available on line.

The site links below have been collected by EFA.  They concern the Ewings who emigrated to America and, in some cases, their ancestors. The cited birth/death dates are those appearing in the linked-to material; these may be different from proven or generally-accepted dates. The links will take you to the Home Page for the Web Site containing information about the ancestor. These Web Sites are organized in a variety of ways. Some provide specific links to the cited ancestor. Others provide general links to genealogical information, e.g. "Genealogy," within which you'll find the cited ancestor. Still others provide links to more-recent generations and you have to use indices or work your way "backwards" to reach the information about the cited ancestor. Bottom line: you may need to creatively surf through the Web Site to find information about the cited ancestor.

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General Sites

Ewing History [site http://maceoghainn.celticradio.us/Ewing.htm inoperative as checked 10-2018]

A short clan history prepared by Stephen Robert Ewing. "For an alternate history of the Ewing name (MacEwen) check out the Clan MacLachlan Web Site."

Prepared by Stephen Robert Ewing.

Social Security Death Index

Search this important 20th century database and view our Ewing-specific extracts.

Clan Ewing

Clan Ewing Website

In 2014, the ancient Scottish Clan Ewing was revived by formal action of the Lord Lyon Court, with Thor Ewing as Commander.  The Clan and the Ewing Family Association enjoy a close relationship.

Ancestor-specific Sites

James Ewing of Pocahontas (1720-1800) [site link http://home.netcom.com/~eoghan/EWINGfamily.html inoperative as checked 10-2018]

"Very little is known of the earliest Ewings, although it is clear that James Ewing emigrated to America from northern Ireland in about 1740, probably at the age of 18 or 20. Possibly he was born in northern Ireland, or ..." This Web Site also provides extensive information on "Swago Bill" William Ewing (1745-1822) son of James Ewing of Pocahontas.

Web Site maintained by Richard D. Ewing.

For additional information on James Ewing of Pocahontas, click here.

John Ewing (1732-1802)

A short synopsis of the life of John Ewing, a Professor (1758-1778), Trustee (1779-1802) and Provost (1780-1802) of the University of Pennsylvania.

Provided by the University of Pennsylvania.

Thomas Ewing Sr. (1690-1747/48)

"A website devoted to the descendants of Thomas Ewing Sr. ... who immigrated from Northern Ireland to Southampton, Long Island in 1718."

Web Site maintained by Marilyn Price-Mitchell.

William Ewing

"Nathaniel Ewing ... was a farmer who settled in Cecil county, Md., and reared a family of eight sons, one of whom was George Ewing. William Ewing, a son of George, came to Fayette county, Penn., toward the close of the last century. He was married to a Miss Nancy Conwell who bore him children as follows ..."

Provided by the "Beer's Biographical Project".