Ewing Family


Time, conventional research and DNA studies have subsequently proved that there are many Ewing lines and many Ewing stories. In September 2008, we changed our name to the Ewing Family Association, hoping to encourage broader participation from Ewing families everywhere.

David Neal Ewing has written a more complete description of the origins of the Clan Ewing in America and the Ewing Family Association in his article "Notes Toward a History of the Ewing Family Association" (pdf), published in the Ewing Family Journal, vol. 17, no. 3 (August 2011), pp 22-32.


The purposes of the Association shall be educational and accomplished by:

  • Fostering interest in the Ewing Family and a spirit of fellowship among the members of the Association
  • Promoting gatherings of the Association;
  • Encouraging genealogical research and sharing the finds with others;
  • Collecting and preserving historical and genealogical records of Ewing families around the world; and
  • Publishing a family newsletter or journal periodically with information that is of a biographical, genealogical and historical nature.


The Association is led by its Officers and Board of Directors. Its activities are managed by several Activity Coordinators. See our Leadership page for full information.

Since our founding in 1993, we have been led by six Chancellors.


The Association is governed by its Bylaws. Current bylaws (dated 7/20/2014) may be viewed by clicking here.  (pdf)