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Ewing Genealogy Documentation Project

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The purpose of the  Ewing Genealogy Documentation (EGD) Project  is to collect, analyze, validate and disseminate documentation regarding the lives of our Ewing ancestors, to foster discussion and cooperation among Ewing genealogists, and to promote a high standard of excellence in Ewing genealogical research.

The EGD is managed by the EGD Committee, formerly chaired by the late William E. Riddle. Queries regarding the EGD Project or its content can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Collect, organize and make accessible to all Ewing researchers as broad a range of documentary sources as possible.
  • Collect, validate and post on the Association's web site well-documented genealogies of the first five generations of descendants from each of the currently known Ewing  Immigrants  to America. These genealogies will collectively be known as the Ewing Genealogy.
  • Create a forum and a focus for discussion and cooperation among Ewing genealogists.

Ewing Genealogy

The Ewing Genealogy currently includes family group and descendant information (for at least five generations) for the following individuals:


The Ewing Genealogy is and will continue to be a work in progress. It will be updated regularly as new information and documentation is received. The EGD Committee is seeking volunteers to assume responsibility for preparing five-plus-generation genealogies for each of the Ewing immigrant lines as well as other Ewing lines.

The committee will evaluate all contributions for quality and the completeness of supporting evidence. Potential contributions passing the scrutiny of the committee will be added to the Ewing Genealogy. 

In addition, we seek:

  • Association members who are willing to serve on the EGD Committee.
  • Individuals willing to donate primary source documents to our collection. (What will happen to your document collection when you pass away?)
  • Genealogists willing to prepare completely documented genealogies for submission to the EGD Committee.
  • Individuals willing to enter genealogies and documentation submitted by others into the Ewing Genealogy database.
  • Individuals willing to transcribe documents for posting on theEwing Family Associationweb site.
  • Authors of Ewing genealogy books who are willing to donate or will their copyrights to theAssociation, as was, for example, done by Margaret Ewing Fife.
  • Comments, corrections and contributions to the genealogies included in the Ewing Genealogy  Documentation.
  • Special gifts of funds dedicated to research projects that the EGD Committee may organize.