Ewing Family


The following EFA members and family members are to be recognized for their honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States, sharing a common bond as military veterans and members of Clan Ewing.



 Darrell F. Ewing   U.S. Air Force   Virginia 
 Dulcie D. Holek   U.S. Air Force   Michigan 
 Nathan. R. Ewing   U.S. Air Force   North Carolina 
 Eric T. Ewing  U.S. Army  Michigan
 Samuel W. Ewing  U.S. Army  Germany
 Walter E. Ewing  U.S. Army  Michigan
 Walter L. Ewing  U.S. Air Force  Michigan
 George R. Ewing  U.S. Air Force  ***
 Frankie K. Ewing  U.S. Air Force  ***
 Daniel C. Ewing  U.S. Navy  Indiana
 David N. Ewing  U.S. Army  New Mexico
 Wallace K. Ewing  U.S. Marines  Michigan
 John E. Ewin  U.S. Air Force  Colorado
 Darren E. Ewing  U.S. Air Force  Colorado
 Timothy E. Ewing  U.S. Air Force  Colorado
 Raymond C. Ewing  U.S. Navy  Indiana
 Robert D. Ewing  U.S. Air Force  ***
 John C. Greer  U.S. Army  ***
 John F. Gerding  U.S. Army  Kentucky
 William Ewing  U.S. Army  Michigan
 David B. Frobes  U.S. Air Force  Arizona
 Darrell F. Ewing  U.S. Air Force  Virginia
 Eugene A. Ewing  US Army Air Corp  Michigan
 Thomas E. Schulz  U.S. Army  Michigan
 Robert Y. Avery  U.S. Navy  Virginia
 DG Ewing (Sr)  U.S. Army  Alabama
 Donald Sedgewick  U.S. Air Force  Virginia
 Jeffrey Sedgewick  U.S. Air Force  Virginia
 Brian Ewing  U.S. Army  Illinois
 Ray Ewing  U.S. Navy  Virginia
 Terry Holden  U.S. Army  Texas
 Robert Patterson III  U.S. Air Force  New Jersey
 Bonnie Ewing  U.S. Air Force  Tennessee
 Christopher Ewing  U.S. Air Force  North Carolina
 Donald Hansen  U.S. Army  Florida
 Dustin Ewing  U.S. Army  Kentucky


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