Ewing Family


Southwestern Pennsylvania Ewings

About a dozen Ewings settled southwestern Pennsylvania in the early 1770s. They established homesteads in what are today Allegheny, Fayette and Washington Counties. Ewing trappers and traders may have "worked" this region prior to and during the French and Indian War (1755-1762). Squire James Ewing (1733-1825), his brother Moses (1725/26-1798/1814) and at least one cousin (Samuel Ewing, 1750/51-1805) settled the Allegheny County area in the early-1770s. Descendants of these settlers eventually moved north to what are today known as Beaver and Armstrong Counties. Other, related Ewings followed these settlers to the area. Yet other, possibly-related Ewings concurrently settled Fayette and Washington Counties.

This activity was initiated by the late William E. Riddle.

Ewing Settlers

A primary intent of this activity is to create a Collection of Articles that provide genealogical information about the Ewings who settled southwestern Pennsylvania and sociological information about their lives and lifestyles. In addition, the intent is to develop and find Other Information about the southwestern Pennsylvania Ewing settlers.