Ewing Family


Membership in the Ewing Family Association is open to all persons with the Ewing (or similar) surname, to Ewing spouses, to anyone descended from a Ewing, or to anyone who supports the Association's purposes.

New Membership: If you would like to join the Association, please submit the Membership Form on-line. You will be asked for the $35 dues payment by credit card. If you'd rather not join through the on-line process, you can print and submit a paper form (PDF) and mail along with a check for $35 dues.

Renewals:  Please submit the Membership Form on-line, and check the "renewal" box.  You may also return the paper renewal form you should have received by postal mail along with a check for the dues.

For full information on the benefits of membership and other details, please consult our Membership page.  There are also options for Institutional (Library) Memberships, and charitable donations.