Ewing Family


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Ewing, David Neal, Ewing Surname Y-DNA Project Reports 

The Ewing Surname Y-DNA Project is identifying unique genetic profiles for different branches of the Ewing family. Genetic genealogy will never replace conventional genealogy, but it is a useful tool for determining what line to focus on for conventional research, and it will sometimes help a genealogist break through a maddeningly tenacious genealogic brick wall. The project's results are discussed in a series of articles by David N. Ewing (Project Administrator). In addition, the project has commissioned and identified several articles related to Y-DNA testing in support of genealogical studies.

Ewing, David Neal, Ewing in the Census (PDF)
Ewing Family J., Vol. 14, No. 2 (May 2008), pp. 42-46.

This article analyzes data from the U.S. Federal Census and several census-related accounts of the presence of Ewing-surnamed people in the UK. It considers a wide variety of variants of the Ewing surname, for example, 'Ewen', 'McEwan' and 'Hewins'.

Ewing, Jeff Scott, Ewing-related Historical Data (PDF)
J. Clan Ewing, Vol. 13, No. 2 (May 2007), pp. 42-46.

This article indicates the value of collecting, organizing and reporting information about the geographical, geological, political, philosophical, scientific, religious, etc. context in which our ancestors lived - collectively, our ancestors' sociological context. The online version updates the list of sources appearing in the printed version and provides numerous links to source information regarding the Ewing heritage.

various sources, Bible Records

Information from various Ewing Bibles is provided compilation of data from various sources.

various sources, Ewing Cemetery Information

This compilation provides a summary of several records from various Ewing Cemeteries.