Ewing Family


Larry on Parade!

From our cousin Larry Ewing:

As the volunteer Captain of the Clan Ewing tent I feel honored to have served and below is a summary of our presents at the 150th Scottish Gathering and Games in Pleasanton California September 5-6, 2015.

I arrived early Saturday morning at Pleasanton with my son Jeff and brother Tom. It was still dark but we found our space 201 and set up in time for the public admission at 8 am. The weather was very nice, clear and sunny in the mid 80's Saturday and plus 5 degrees on Sunday. We had a nice location on the lawn as most did but the traffic from the entrance seem to run behind us. This may explain why we had most visitors in the afternoon on their way out.

At 10:30 on both days there was a march of tartans to the center stage where we were introduced by clan as we arrived. I marched Saturday and son Jeffery dressed up and marched Sunday. There was also a meeting of the chiefs mid-Sunday and again with Ewing tartan banner I met a half a dozen important leaders. (sorry I did not remember who they were but let's call them the Brass!)

Jeff Ewing, Terry Ewing, Linda Ewing, Mary Ewing, Beverly and Roger Settlemire

Visitors at our booth were;

  • Gail and Ted Fairfield from Pleasanton California. (current members I believe)
  • Roger Settlemire and his friend Beverly from Northern California.
  • Richard and Rebecca McBride.
  • Jessica Ewing and her sister from Southern California. She is first-generation Scot in America.
  • Heather Cooper, her daughter married a Ewing.
  • David Ewing McCullough, mother is a Ewing. He is from Redmond Oregon and Walnut Creek, California part time.
  • Tom McDermott and wife. He is in the DNA project and knows Thor Ewing from Facebook.
  • John McEuen, a young man looking for his connection and link to the Ewing's.
  • Samuel Postum, Ewing family from Ohio in the 1800s.
  • Carolyn Jackson Mc Culla. Indian John decendant.
  • Kerry and Mary Ewing, past EFA members that introduced me to Clan Ewing in America back many years ago.
  • Marilyn Edwards Ewing, a descendent of  Indian John, from Bend, Oregon. She also happens to be my sister.

And a special thanks to Tom Ewing brother, Jeffrey Ewing, son, Linda Ewing, wife, all Clan Ewing tent helpers.

Some visitors just grabbed a few flyers and said they knew a Ewing at work or other distant connections.

We gave out

  • Ewing Family Association and Clan Ewing marketing trifold with membership directions.
  • Ewing and EFA folders explaining clan history, Ewing Family Association history and a price list for the tartan items.
  • We also gave out two copies of the EFA Journal.
  • My personal Ewings in America information in 2 charts and the Pioneer James trifold.
  • We had more that a dozen Tam o' Shanters, 5 ties and 4 ladies sashes to sell. We had these displayed on our front table and had lots of complements on the tartan design but no sales.
  • We had a Ewing Clan stamp that Beth Toscos sent that was well used through out the day as young children with a goal to collect had us apply.

Conclusion;  These Scottish gatherings have an emphasis on Scotland heritage for those tracing descendants from there.

We at EFA are focused on our Ewings in America and looking for a cousins here. That seems to be the major difference between EFA and our new Clan connection. [Webmaster's note: The relationship between EFA and Clan Ewing is an issue we continue to work on.  Steve gives one point of view, but there may be others!]


With Thor's help we can be more informative back to our beginning with Ewen of Otter in the 1300s and merge our family history with more accuracy.


Larry Ewing