Ewing Family


At a recent derbfine, the Court of the Lord Lyon in Scotland considered the status of Clan Ewing.  Thanks largely to the leadership of Thor Ewing in the UK, along with major support from the Ewing Family Association (based in the US), the Court has indicated that will (most likely - it's not quite official yet!) officially recognize Clan Ewing and Thor Ewing as its Commander.   After a certain length of time, a Chief of the Clan will be appointed, and Clan Ewing will be fully (re-)established as a Scottish Clan

Thor has already established a Clan Ewing Website.  Please check that site for the latest Clan developments!

While EFA fully supports the newly recognized Clan, we must understand that a "Clan" is not a membership organization like the EFA.  It has no officers other than its Commander or Chief, and generally few specific activities.  Anyone may adhere to the Clan just by saying "I'm in Clan Ewing!"  There may be one or more membership organizations that support the Clan.  Perhaps there will be a Clan Ewing Organization or Society in the UK, for example.

The Ewing Family Organization (EFA) has strongly supported the Clan's re-emergence, and EFA will surely continue a close relationship.  However, EFA is a completely independent organization with its own goals and activities.  We focus on research and fellowship among Ewings (and allied surnames).  To date, most of our work has focused on the experience of the Scots-Irish immigrations to America since the early 18th century.  In addition, we have some major projects like the Y-DNA genetic genealogy work.

It is quite possible to be a happy member of the EFA and a proud adherent to Clan Ewing.  Many will choose to do that.  But there are some good members of EFA who may not have an ancient Scottish identity.  That's fine too!

(See also David Ewing on Clan Ewing and EFA.)

-- Martin Ewing, webmaster and member of EFA Board