Ewing Family


Format: Surname, Given Name, Spouse, Location, Date, Document Type
Brannen John Grace Chester Co. Pa. Jan. 1769 will
Brown Isaac Lydia Chester Co. Pa. Mar. 178l will & estate
Caldwell Elizabeth Henry Chester Co. Pa. Aug 1759 will
Caldwell Henry Elizabeth Chester Co. Pa. Nov. 1758 will
Conley Constantine Lancaster Co. Pa. 1743/44 administration
Connolly Susannah John deceased Lancaster Co. Pa. July 1753 will
Connolly John Susannah Lancaster Co. Pa. Mar. 1747 will
Cowden Mary Lancaster Co. Pa. 1743 Administration
Cowden Matthew Martha Lancaster Co. Pa. Oct. 1792 Will
Cowden William Mary (sister) Lancaster Co. Pa. Feb. 1782 will
Davidson William Sarah Prince Edward Co. Virginia April 1805 will
Ewing Alexander Jean Washington Co. Pa. 1798 will
Ewing Alexander wit. Rachel Ewing Cecil Co. Maryland Mar.1730 will
Ewing Alexander Mary Campbell Lancaster Co. Pa. Dec. 1847 will
Ewing Alexander Administrators Nottingham, Pa. July 1752 Adm.
Ewing Alexander Sally Davidson Co. Tennessee June 1822 will
Ewing Anne Mary Steele Cecil Co. Maryland Sept. 1872 will
Ewing Barbara Jasper Ewing Perry Co. Pa. Jan. 1844 will
Ewing George R. John Ewing, et al Cecil Co. Maryland May 1846 will
Ewing George V. Mahala Ewing Clinton Co. Indiana Aug. 1839 will
Ewing James Margaret Ewing L. Providence Chester Co. Pa. Dec. 1739 will
Ewing James unknown Inv.
Ewing James Administrator. Lancaster Co. Pa. Sept. 1825 Adm.
Ewing James Phebe Ewing Cecil Co. Maryland Feb. 1821 will
Ewing James Bro. Samuel Ewing Montgomery Co. Va. 1780/1741 will
Ewing James Cumberland Co. Pa. July 1791 Appraisal
Ewing James Patience Wright dec. Hellam Twp. York Co. Pa. May 1806 will
Ewing James Margaret Ewing
Ewing James Ruth deceased Perry Co. Pa. June 1849 appraisal
Ewing James Mary McGown Allegheny Co. Pa. Sept 1814 will
Ewing James Mary Shallenberger Lancaster Co. Pa. Nov. 1774 will
Ewing James Alexander et al Lancaster Co. Pa/ Sept 1824 administration
Ewing Jean Cecil Co. Maryland Oct 1815 will
Ewing John Fairfield Co. Ohio May 1806 will
Ewing John July 1730 inventory No. 38l
Ewing (Erwin) John Martha Cecil Co. Maryland Dec.1759 will
Ewing John, Sr. Adams Co. Pa. Oct. 174l will
Ewing John Adm. Elizabeth Queen Annes Co. Maryland Dec. 1752 Administration
Ewing Joseph Cecil Co. Maryland Sept 1827 will and estate papers
Ewing Margaret Fairfield Co. Ohio Feb. 1845 will
Ewing Mary M. Feb. 176l will
Ewing Mary Cecil Co. Maryland May 182l
Ewing Nathaniel Cecil Co. Md. Octoro Hundred May 1821 will
Ewing Patrick Elizabeth Lancaster, Co. Pa. Dec. 1785 will
Ewing Robert Sarah Westmoreland Co. Pa. Dec. 1848 will
Ewing Robert Baltimore, Maryland Dec. 1830 Inventory
Ewing (Erwin) Robert Chester Co., Pa. Dec. 1802 inventory
Ewing Robert Chester Co. Pa. Oct. 1826 Adm. & inventory
Ewing Samuel Westmoreland Co. Pa. Oct. 1867 will
Ewing Samuel Margaret Prince Edward Co. Virginia Sept. 1758 will
Ewing Samuel Letitia McCurdy Allegheny Co. Pa. Aug. 1822 will
Ewing Samuel Jean Allegheny Co. Pa. Oct. 1804 will
Ewing Samuel Mary Montgomery Co. Va. June 1783 will
Ewing Samuel Ellenor & Scott Co. Kentucky July 1808 will
Ewing Samuel Butler Co. Ohio May 1804 Inventory
Ewing Samuel Mary executor Allegheny Co. Pa. May 1862 will
Ewing Samuel John & Wm. Adm. York, South Carolina 1806 Administration
Ewing Sarah Capt. John Adm. Philadelphia, Pa. April 1756 administration
Ewing Thomas Marianne Leeper Hamilton Co. Ohio Feb. 1812 will
Ewing Thomas Jane Eliza Fairfield Co. Ohio Jan. 1845 will cross reference
Ewing Thomas Jane Adams Co. Pa. Sept. 1807 will
Ewing Thomas children named Laurens Co., South Carolina July 1800 will
Ewing Thomas Pennsylvania Mar. 18l3 will
Ewing William Cumberland Co. N. J. April 1749 will
Ewing William Cumberland Co. Pa. Dec. 1774` will
Ewing William Westmoreland Co. Pa. Jan. 1835 will
Ewing William Catherine Prince Edward Co. Va. April 1882 will
Ewing William Chester Co. Pa. Aug. 1815 will
Erwin William Chester Co. Pa. May 1717 will
Ewing (Irwin?) April 1793 will
Ewing (Irwin?) William Chester Co. Pa. Sept. 1743 will
Gardner William son William Cumberland Co. Pa. April 1798 will
Howard Gordon Rachel Donegal Twp. Nov. 1754 Inventory
Husbands William son Thomas Cecil Co. Maryland Jan 1767 will
Leeper Allen Elizabeth Cumberland Co. Pa. Oct. 1788 will
Leeper Isabella Gavin deceased Aug./ 1745 will
Lindsay William Chester Co. Pa. June 1776 Inventory
Logan Alexander sons John & Alex. Cumberland Co. Pa. Dec. 18l9 Administration
Logan James Ann Chester Co. Pa. L774 will
McClelland Robert Anne Ewing Oct. 1741 Inventory
McClure John Jen/June Cumberland Co. Pa. Oct. 1757 will
McGress Samuel Elizabeth Cumberland Co. Pa. Jan 1747 will
Mills Thomas Chester Co. Pa. Nov 1773 Inventory
Patterson James Margaret Lancaster Co. Pa. Mar. 1733 will & administration; this also had petition division of estate
Patterson James son James Lancaster Co. Pa. Oct. 1755 will
Patterson James son William Cumberland Co. Pa. June 1771 will
Patterson James Mary Lancaster Co. Pa.. Sept. 1740 will
Porter James Elnor Lancaster Co. Pa. Jan. 1775 will
Porter James Mary Lancaster Co. Pa. Jan. 1780 will
Porter William Mary Price Chester Co. Pa. Aug. 1749 will
Robertson Matthew Margaret Smith Chester Co. Pa. Nov.1794 will
Rogers Thomas sister Anna Brown Cecil Co. Maryland July l884 will & codicil
Shannan Robert son John Philadelphia, Pa. Mar. 1746 will
Shannon William Mary Lancaster Co. Pa. May 1741 will
Smith Joseph sons Robt. & John Chester Co. Pa. June 1760 will
Williamson John Mary Cumberland Co. Pa. Mar. 1757 will
Wilson James Mary Lancaster Co. Pa. June1753 will
Wilson Thomas dau. Mary Cecil Co. Maryland June 1865 will
Van Horn Robert Miami Co. Ohio Mar 1826 will
Van Horn William Rebecca Butler Co. Ohio Mar. 1835 will
Venbales Mary Prince Edward Co. Va. June 1816 will l