Ewing Family


File 3: Pennsylvania Tax Records

Adams Co. Pa.
Hamilton Township
Tyrone Township
Chester Co. Pa.
Bethel/Chichester Township
Upper Chichester Township
Londonderry Township
Middletown Township
East Nottingham Township
West Nottingham Township
Ridley Township
Oxford Township
Cumberland Co. Pa.
Carlisle Township
Middleton Township
East Pennsborough Township
West Pennsborough Township
Dauphin Co., Lebanon Co., and Lancaster Co. Pa.
Heidelberg Township
Donegal Township
Delaware Co. Pa.
Newton Township
Franklin Co. Pa.
Antrim Township 1751-1753
Lurgan Township 1768-1770
Peters Township 1751-1763
Monroe Co. Pa.
Allen Township
York Co., Pa.
Hopewell Township
Note: Not all counties were marked so township may need to be checked in other counties as sometimes they had the same name.

Also in file 3 are family group sheets and family histories. The Ewing histories are filed in alphabetical order with the first name in this file such as Ewing, Alexander. The others are filed also alphabetically with their last name in another file.