Ewing Family


Myrtle Roe Research Materials

(Compiled and collected by Myrtle Armstrong Roe, Sterling, Colorado)


Lineage of Myrtle Armstrong Roe:

Daughter of Margaret Elizabeth Blye Armstrong 1839-1914

Granddaughter of Sarah Miller Hillis Blye 1819-1897

Great-granddaughter of Abraham Hillis 1777-1848
& Mary Miller 1790-1863

Second Great-granddaughter of Abraham Hillis 1740-1826
& Ann Ewing 1744-1837

Third Great-grandaughter of Samuel Ewing 1719-1807
& Margaret McMichael b. ca 1725; d. after 1773

Notebook 1: McAfee Genealogy and History
Notebook 2: Ewing, Crawford and Hopkins Families
Notebook 3: Walter, Ewing Families
Notebook 4: Ann Ewing Hillis and Carr, Donau, Dickinson, Dragoo and Ewing Families
Notebook 5: Records of Ewings from Winchester, VA, and Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY; Mrs. Ault, Redding, CT; Oscar C. Ewing, Louisville, KY; Judge Ben. J. Ewing, Louisville, KY
Notebook 6: Ewing, Jameson, Hillis, McAfee and Menaugh Families
Notebook 7: Bly, Ewing, Hillis Families
Notebook 8: Bly/Blythe, Ewing, Hillis, Hinkston, Huston, Jamiston, Miller and Wrights Families
Notebook 9: Armstrong, Ewing and Hillis Families
Notebook 10: Various Documents and Research Reports from Others
Notebook 11: Brookhouser, Dorsey, Hornbeck, Tack and Van der Mark Families
Notebook 12: Miscellaneous Families
Notebook 13: Ancestors of Frederick Dorsey Walter and Allied Lines
Envelopes: Twelve Envelopes (Numbered 14 Through 25) Containing Various Documents


This material consists of a series of notebooks on which I have placed a numbered square, for identification, and made a summary of the contents of each. Some summaries will be briefer than others because some are organized in a manner which encourages summarizing and others contain many hand-written research notes. There is some duplication of information in the notebooks. However, there are bits of information that can be found only in certain of these notebooks. These do contain valuable information. An attempt has been made to keep all papers, in notebooks and brown manila envelopes, in the order in which the material was when the inventory was started.


Notebook 1:

This notebook was compiled by Charles H. Hilt (NSSAR72297). His obituary, on page 67, states that he also lived, at one time, in Sterling, CO. The material deals with the McAfee Genealogy and History and also includes allied families. Charles H. Hilt's lineage is on page 42. There is a large loose notebook-sized picture in this notebook of the James McFee Home, built 1790 about 8 miles from Harrodsburg, original sight of McAfee Station, established in 1773, in Kentucky. McFee Station changed to Talmadge RR. Station, according to the note on the back of the picture, along with the note that James McAfee Jr. married Agnes Clark.

Page 1 -- Dedication of the book.

Page 2 -- Lists documented sources of Charles H. Hilt's information.

Pages 3-8: give clan histories and origins.

Clan: Mac Fie ( McAfee); Septs: MacDuffie, MacHaffie, MacGuffie, MacPhee, MacPhie

MacDonald Hutchison

Cameron of Lochiel MacGilloney, Clark (e)

Stewarts of Appin Carmichael, Combish, Livingstone (e), MacCombish, Maclae,

Macclay, MacMichael

MacLachan Ewing, Ewan, Ewen, Gilchrist, Lachlan, MacGilchrist,

MacLachlan, Laclaghlan, Maclauchlan, Maclaughlan

Page 9-excerpt from resume of Life of Leander Forsythe, descendant of George McAfee

Pages 10-21 -- Land records, war records, and other records of James McAfee and McAfee brothers. Is excellent information, well documented for source.

Page 22 -- copy of will of James McAfee, Mercer Co, KY, January 1809

Page 23 -- Inventory and appraisement of personal estate and slaves of James McAfee

Page 24, 25 -- The McAfee Company in Kentucky from the published records of J.J. McAfee of Louisville, KY.

Page 26 -- Excerpts from History of Jackson County, Illinois.

Pages 27,28 -- Excerpts from Annals of Southwest Virginia by Summers, related to Samuel Ewing.

Pages 29, 20 -- Inventory of Samuel Ewing, Mercer Co, KY.

Page 31 -- Excerpt from Ewing Genealogy by Pressley Kitterage Ewing and Mary Ellen (Williams) Ewing, published 1919.

Page 32 -- Family Record in Family Bible of John McAfee.

Two pages, not numbered -- 1) the progeny of James & Ann McAfee who were m. April 19, 1822

2) copy of flyleaf, recording family, in J.L. McAfee's Book

Page33 -- Record copied from the family Bible of James Berry Guthrie, father of Mrs. Emma (Lee P) Miller

Page 34 -- Record copied from Bible of Sarah Isabelle Jones.

Page 35 -- Record from Family Bible of Peter Clemensen

Page 36 -- Record from Family Bible of Theodore Thomas Taylor.

Page 37 -- Family records in "Hitchcock's Analysis of the Bible"; includes Taylors and allied families.

Page38 -- Record from Family Bible of Andrew Wallace Clemensen.

Page 39 -- Record from Family Bible of Charles H. Hilt and Lulu Celestis Clemensen.

Page 40 -- Copy of the family record in personal Bible of James L. McAfee, b. April 3, 1838.

Page 41 -- Copy of the family records of James and Ann McAfee, parents of James L. McAfee, in "New Catechism",

Three pages, not numbered --

1) Records in family Bible of Robert and Eva Moore.

2) Records in family Bible of Thomas and Mahala Jane Moore.

3) Records in family Bible of Isaac W. and Deborah Welsh.

Page 42 -- Lineage of Charles H. Hilt, with specific information on the page:

Charles Henry Hilt m. 1st Bertie Elizabeth Phillips m. 2nd Gertrude Taylor Land

Lulu Celestis Clemensen m. Charles Henry Hilt

Sarah Ann McAfee m. Peter Clemensen

James McAfee m. Ann Hutchison

John McAfee m. Margaret Ewing

James McAfee m. Agnes Clark

James McAfee m. Jane McMichael

John McAfee m. Mary Rogers

John McAfee m. Elizabeth Montgomery

Page 43 -- Proof of lineage, previous page, and Revolutionary War Record of James McAfee, m. Agnes Clark.

Page 44 -- Information on 1st and 2nd Mac Afee generations in Scotland and the coming to America.

Page 45-103 -- Generations 2 through 12 of MacAfee Family. (Charles H. Hilt obituary, page 67)

Page 104 -- Essay on Peter Clemensen (Senior, born Denmark) b.1796, d. 1855.

Page 105 -- Copy of letter from Peter Clemensen (Junior), New Albany, Floyd Co., IN, to James Clemensen (his brother), April 30, 1866.

Page 106 -- Copy of letter from Peter Clemensen to James Clemensen, May6, 1866

Page 107, 108 -- Copy of letter from James Clemensen to Peter Clemensen, May 7, 1866. Letter is headed from "White Cloud"; body of the letter indicates this is White Cloud, Kansas; he states that is in Foniphant County (is really Doniphan County, KS). Also mentions Hoult County, MO (is Holt). A very interesting letter of frontier life and his being two years in the army during the Civil War.

Page 108 -- Copy of letter from James F. Clemensen, White Cloud, to Peter Clemensen, May 14, 1866

Page 110 -- Margaret (Laurence), wife of James Clemensen, wrote a letter on May 15

to Peter Clemensen and wife and sent the letter with James's letter. Pages 108-110 are very interesting.

Page 111 -- Letter headed New Albany, IN, to Peter Clemensen, Aug 23 1900, regarding his long service in the Volunteer Firemen's Association.

Page 112 -- Peter Clemensen's (Senior) Family information taken from family Bible, letters, and records from the Essex Institute, Salem, Massachusetts.

Page 113 -- James F. Clemensen Family information (from his letters)

Page 114 -- Peter Clemensen (Junior), m. Sarah Ann McAfee, Family information.

Page 115-144 -- Family lineage of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants, compiled by Mrs. Viola E. Taylor, San Francisco, CA, and Charles H. Hilt, Atlanta, GA

Generations 1 through 6 from: Library of Cape Cod, Town Clerk of Warren, CT, CT State Library, and family Bibles. Generations 7 through 13 from family Bibles, Bureaus of Vital Statistics, and members of various families.

Page 116 -- of the above has three loose sheets. Two have "not typed" written at the top; first sheet has 7th written and is the family of Sue Clark McAfee married John Owens. Next sheet has 8th at the top and is the family of Lela Owens married Dr. Harry Sanders. Third sheet is half sheet, probably compiled by Charles Hilt--has signature "Charles".

Pages 145-165 -- Complete copy "The Life and Times of Robert B. Mc Afee and His Family and Connections, written by himself, commenced Apr 13, 1845". Gives an excellent account of the McAfees' experiences in establishing (Page 145) McAfee Station in Kentucky. Page 146 gives a description of James McAfee and of his wife Jane McMichael, grandparents of Robert B. McAfee.. Robert B. McAfee states on p. 148 that he obtained information on his father's and mother's family from the journal of his Uncle James McAfee, the oldest branch of his family, and from Ann Hillis, daughter of Samuel Ewing, "who was in the 84th year of her age in 1831, when I conversed with her." (Her tombstone, another source indicates, ,may have been misread and should be 87th instead of 84th )

Page 159 -- Robert and Baker Ewing, and some other men, stayed at James McAfee's cabin during the extreme winter of 1779. This essay contains so much history of Kentucky in addition to the family account.

Page 159 -- "My Grandfather McAfee (James) declined moving with them to this country on account of his age and the difficulty of the roads. His family made ample provision for him in the family of Mr. Montgomery, a relative, and a Mr. McDonald, where he remained until his death in 1785, cheerful and contented. My grandmother (Jane McMichael McAfee) would not be separated from her children and came with them to Kentucky. She died in 1783 and lies buried with her son-in-law, Thomas Grant (Gaunt?), on a hill on the south east side of Salt River about a half mile a little south of west of the mouth of Dry Fork, now in the farm of Archibald Adams and a half mile north west of the new meeting house…It is the only high ground near and the Salt river runs around it west and north…It is about three miles southwest of Harrodsburg."

Page 164 -- gives an account of Robert F. McAfee's father taking clothing and supplies, the children had provided, back to Botetourt County, VA, for Grandfather James McAfee in the spring of 1783 and he returned in the summer.


Notebook 2:

This notebook is an adjunct to Notebook 1. The notebook is also compiled by Charles H. Hilt for the families connected to McAfee, namely:




Pages 1-14 -- Ewing History and Genealogy: Starts with John Ewing b. 1648, d. at age 97, Sept 23,1745 Gives date of 1st marriage, name of second wife and date of marriage, and names of children. Lineage given is chiefly for sons William's (m. Elizabeth Thorpe) Family and for son Samuel (m. Margaret McMichael).

Page 15 -- Record of the family of Hiram Jackson Brookhouser of Missouri Valley, IA, copied from the family Bible.

Page 16 -- Copy of the records in the family Bible of John McAfee; includes families of:

John McAfee m. Peggy Ewing March 6, 1798

James McAfee m. Ann Hutchinson April 19th , 1822

Page 17 -- Copy of record in family Bible of James Berry Guthrie, father of Mrs. Emma (Lee F) Miller

Page 18 -- Copy of records in Bible of Sarah Isabelle Jones

Page 19 -- Copy of records in family Bible of Peter Clemensen, Jr.

Page 20 -- Copy of records in family Bible of Theodore Thomas Taylor

Page 21 -- Copy of records in "Hitchcocks Analysis of the Bible", Taylor Family

Page 22 -- Copy of records in family Bible of Andrew Wallace Clemensen.

Page 23 -- Copy of records on flyleaf of J.L. McAfee's Bible presented by his mother June 6, 1865

Page 24 -- Copy of records in "The Larger Catechism", giving progeny of James and Ann Hutchison McAfee, married April 19, 1822.

Page 25 -- Copy of records in family Bible of Charles H. Hilt and Lulu Celestis Clemenser

Page 26 -- Copy of record taken from family Bible and sent to Washington, D.C., when Thomas Crawford applied for a pension; the Bible pages are retained there. Gives birth dates of children of Thomas Crawford b. 11--1783 and Mary Ewing Crawford b. April 11, 1763, as well and names of their children's' spouses and marriage dates.

Page 27 -- Article titled "The Clan McEwing", taken from "Scottish Clans and Their Tartans".

Pages 28-30 -- Notes on John Ewing of County Donegal, Ireland: Notes from John Gillespie Ewing. Also, an excerpt from the History of Epler, Oldweiler, Huckleberry, Carr and Ewing Families. On page 29 is a copy (material states "is an exact copy of a family record written by Aunt Sallie Jamieson May 26, 1875 and sent by her in a letter to her niece, Mrs. Catherine Reily Jamieson) (Correction. Catherine Jamieson Reily was a sister of Sallie Ewing Jamieson. Catherine Jamieson Reily had a daughter Catherine who married 1st ____Edmondson, 2nd ______Cockran. Sally Ewing Jamieson sent the letter to her niece Catherine Reily Cockran. Proof is in book "Jamiesons in America" -- See Notebook 3, 7th tab)

.The letter states, in regard to the murder of John Ewing, son of John Ewing of Carnshanagh: "Uncle's wife married a man named Mathews and raised a respectable family. Grandfather's family and they used to visit. Mother thought a great deal of the girls."--Mathews is incorrect because research has shown that the name is "Mather".

Page 31 -- Concerns research on Hillis and Ewing lines found in a typewritten scrapbook of Gilbert Cope, Genealogist of West Chester Co., PA. Scrapbook is in Philadelphia Historical Society Library.

A number of research items are given on the page; much refers to Samuel Ewing and continues on page 32.

Page 33 -- Gives references for Samuel Ewing Line.

Pages 34-37 -- Public documents in Mercer Co., KY, and Jackson Co., IN

Page 38 -- Marriages recorded in Marriage Book, County Clerk's Office, Mercer Co., KY.

Thirty-eight pages follow which are an exact carbon of the previous thirty-eight.

Another thirty-eight pages follow which are an exact carbon of the previous two sections.

Next eleven pages are a well-delineated genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Crawford (born April 21, 1754 died June 30, 1833; married February 28, 1783 Mary Ewing (born April 11, 1763 died January 17, 1841) through their second child Catherine Crawford m. William McElroy.

Next eleven pages are a carbon of the previous eleven pages of Crawford/McElroy descendants.

Next twelve pages are correspondence and carbons of Myrtle Roe correspondence.

Next four pages are genealogy of descendants of Thomas Crawford m. Mary Ewing, including carbons.

Next six pages are genealogy of the Hopkins lineage, beginning with Stephen Hopkins, 14th signer of the Mayflower Pact, all taken from the Compendium of American Genealogy.

There is a loose picture, taken March 1960 of several people, in the Crawford pages; perhaps one is Myrtle Roe???


Notebook 3

This notebook has, on the front, "Walter-Ewing" and is made up of sections of material, identified by named tabs. There are a few loose papers in the front re.: Samuel Ewing, John Hillis, Bly, Miller.

First Tab: F.D. Walter (of Denver)

-- Hand-written lineage in detail, by Myrtle Roe of F.D. Walter's Family. The following is the direct lineage, not listing the siblings in each generation which are in her account:

William Ewing married Elizabeth Tharpe Samuel Ewing m Margaret McMichael

3rd child Robert m. 3 Mar 1790 Margaret Ewing Carr 8th child Margaret m. 1st John Carr

3rd child Margaret m. 27 May 1827 Wm. Bullitt Walter m. 2nd Robert Ewing

2nd child Dorsey Walter m. Dec 18 1867 Annie Rodeffer

2nd child Edgar Dorsey Walter m 16 Nov 11892 Julia Augusta Penniman

1st child Frederick Dorsey Walter (of Denver; corresponded with Myrtle Roe)

-- July 1, 1946 letter from Frederick Dorsey Walter to Myrtle Roe indicated he had the "The Presbyterian Confession of Faith printed in 1700", brought to America by John Ewing of Carnshanagh, and that it was in a safe deposit box. This came down to him via Margaret Ewing Carr Ewing, daughter of Samuel and Margaret McMichael (and younger sister of Ann Ewing Hillis, his gr.gr.grandmother). Later in this section, there is a hand-written copy by Myrtle Roe of the F.D. Walter material, with a note on the outside regarding William Ewing and notes on the family lineage to this effect: "Robert Ewing, m. Margaret Ewing Carr Ewing, probably received the book when William died in 1781. Robert's daughter Margaret was single and living at home when Robert died in 1825. On May 27, 1827, Margaret married, at age 31, Wm. Bullitt Walter".

-- This is followed by a letter from F.D. Walter to Myrtle, accompanied by typed pages: of

1) his lineage

2) John Ewing b. 1648. States emigrated in 1729 in ship "Grey Eagle", settled in Lancaster County, PA, where he lived for a few years then moved to near Winchester, Frederick Co., PA. Lists children and states James, youngest child, married Sarah Mays OR Sarah Edwards.

3) William Ewing and children

4 ) Samuel Ewing and children

5) Robert Ewing, son of William, and children

6) Three pages of the Walter lineage

-- letters to Myrtle Roe, including a letter to Myrtle Roe July 1, 1946 from F.D. Walter stating his father, Edgar Dorsey Walter compiled the family information and the papers were in Chattanooga, TN. A letter from him Dec. 15, 1948, stated his mother suddenly died 23 Oct 1948. He had all the family records sent out from Chattanooga to Denver.

-- Description of book, The Confession of Faith, and its size. States there are scattered, handwritten, records in the book; some records on the fly leaf and some on page 6 cannot be deciphered. Records that can be deciphered are:

p. 94 -- John Ewing departed this life Sept. 23, 1745 in the 97th year of his age; Joshua Ewing departed this life July 24th, 1824

p. 96 -- Samuel Ewing departed this life Aug. 26, 1798

p. 210 -- John Ewing, his Book

William Ewing, his Book

______ (Aug [?] 15, 1757

John Ewing, his land and per(?)

Joshua Ewing died July 24, 1824

p. 212 -- Margaret Ewing departed this life the 18th of June, 1815

p. 324 -- _______?________?________

William Ewing

Mrs. Margaret Ewing departed this life the 18th of June, 1815


-- The children of John and Margaret Ewing Carr are listed; also the children of their daughter Ann Carr Huckleberry with family dates and information. There is a copy of an Eliza Jane Epler letter--leaves off James, the youngest child of John Ewing of Carnshanagh. Also, various Huckleberry records and letters.

Note about Ewing genealogy in Louisville Courier stating the genealogy was probably included because the Editor Henry Watterson married one of the Ewings of Nashville.

-- Letter from W.F. Shipe, Middletown, VA

-- Hand-printed chart of descendants of John Ewing, 1729 immigrant. Also, chart for Wm. Ewing m. Elizabeth Tharp and Margaret Ewing m. John Carr.

-- copies of various letters in the late 1800's, involving Epler, Walter, Huckleberry, McAfee, Ewing, Donaldson.

Second tab -- Carroll B. Walter , retired justice of NY Supreme Court -- parents were Ann Rodefer Walter and Dorsey Walter. Two-page letter of family data.

Third tab -- Nancy Irene Douglas. Myrtle Roe made a copy of Nancy Irene's records as a descendant of John Ewing of Carnshanagh through William Ewing m. Elizabeth Tharp, son Robert m. Margaret Ewing Carr Ewing, son Thomas (b. 3 Feb 1773)m. Jeretta Stevens, daughter Hannah Jeretta Ewing m. James Casper Chambers. This material includes some notes on some Frederick County, VA, cemeteries by W.F. Shipe. Also includes reference Deed Book 9, page 327,bond given on William Ewing's estate by son John Ewing of County of Greenbrier, State of VA.

-- Followed by five pages, copied by Myrtle Roe, of children of John Ewing of Carnshanagh by Janet McElvaney. Last page states son William fell heir to "The Book" because his father John, the immigrant, probably lived near or in the same home at the time of his death. Also states: "Samuel (1719-1807) had a younger brother James (1721-1801) but no one seems to be able to contact any of the descendants of this family".

-- A page on Thomas and Zebulon Tharp.

Fourth tab -- licenses, VA -- a page of Frederick County marriages related to Ewing plus book references.

Fifth tab -- References -- List of reference books for research.

Sixth tab -- Louisville, KY -- Copies of some genealogical columns, stated 19 May 1895 and closed Sunday, 27 Feb 1898 in Louisville Courier Journal. #188-Sunday, 10 Nov 1895, states Henry (son of William Ewing of Rockingham) m. Jane Rodgers in Philadelphia.

-- Records of Oscar Ewing of Louisville, KY and extension down through Samuel Ewing m. Margaret McMeekin/McMichael.

-- Chart of records of S.S. Jamieson, grandson of Elizabeth Ewing Jamieson; gives only the sons of John Ewing of Carnshanagh by second marriage, beginning with son John.. States James born 1721 died 1801 in VA, age 81 years of age. His son William born 1756 died 1822.

-- Several pages of Kentucky records.

-- Samuel Ewing, m. Margaret McMichael page followed by page on their son Thomas married Margaret Tilford and their children.

-- A number of pages of miscellaneous Kentucky records.

Seventh tab -- Winchester, VA

-- copy of 1810 census of Frederick Co, VA, re: Ewing, Carr, Crawford

-- several pages of Frederick County records.

-- copy from "Jamesons in America", p. 50: children of James Jameson and Elizabeth Ewing Jameson, including Sarah ("Sallie"); also children of their daughter Catherine Jameson m. James Reily.

-- copy of Mary Ewing Crawford's Revolutionary War pension record filed in KY (widow of Thomas Crawford, served in PA.), including a list of their children in son William's Family Bible -- gives their children's' b.d. and marriages. Also gives the family of daughter Ann Crawford who married Nathan Huston Hall (He m. 2nd Elizabeth (Pope) Trotter). (Mary Ewing Crawford was the youngest daughter of Samuel Ewing and Margaret McMichael).

-- 21 pages of a small book: "Hall, Bird, and Allied Families" by Josephine Bird Hall

-- 5 small pages delineating the descendants of Thomas and Mary Ewing Crawford.

-- genealogy of the family of Thomas and Mary Ewing Crawford from Judge Ben F. Ewing, 1957, Louisville, KY

-- also, pages of children of Thomas Ewing m. Margaret Tilford

-- 6 more pages related to Thomas Crawford and Mary Ewing Crawford

-- miscellaneous notes on Todd, Hillis, Ewing, Carr, etc. and some records of Mercer and Lincoln Co., KY, as well as Chester Co., PA


Notebook 4

Daniel Ewing, Mattoon, IL. There are loose papers in the front, including much on Ann Ewing Hillis. Give correction to 87, from 84, as her age in 1831, stated by Robert B. McAfee. States numeral must have been misread because her tombstone states: "Ann Hillis died May 27, 1837 in the 93rd year of her age". One sheet lists names and dates on Pope Cemetery stones in Cecil Co., MD, not far from Octoraro Creek, near Rock Springs.

1st tab -- Carr

-- copy of information on Michael McMichael and children from Register of Kentucky Historical Society, V.25#73, Jan. 1927.

-- information compiled by Emma Luella Epler Knudson, including her Epler, Samuel and William Ewing, William's son William m. Louisa Villars Williams (Coles Co., IL) and some of the children of their children, Huckleberry and Knudson (including genealogy on Matthias Hester m. Susannah Huckleberry), Carr ancestry and children of John and Margaret Ewing Carr and dates

-- notes on Finis Ewing. Emma Epler Knudson states were cousins.

-- informational letter on Robert A. Todd genealogy, son of Samuel and Margaret Jamison Todd (daughter of James and Elizabeth Ewing Jamison). Robert A. Todd stated Aunt Sallie Jamison (died March 23, 1877, age 84) dictated the celebrated May 26, 1875 letter sent to her niece Mrs. Catherine Reily Cockran (daughter of Catherine Jamison and James Reily)

-- Sallie Jamison lineage and her brothers and sisters; Robert A. Todd lineage

2nd tab -- Ella L. Donau

-- Descendant of John Ewing and Isabella McCombs; gives children and spouses, their son John Ewing Jr and wife Mary Ellen Essary, as well as children of John W. Ewing and wife Ella C.

3rd tab -- Ewing by Mrs. F.H. Dickinson

-- Mrs. Dickinson a descendant of William Ewing, son of Samuel and Margaret McMichael Ewing -- there is a loose chart

-- A listing of the children of Elizabeth Ewing and James Jameson and of James Jameson and Catherine Cowden Jameson.

-- material states that the Robert Ewing who received the family history from Elizabeth Ewing Jamison July 12, 1820, was the son of Robert, the son of William (son of John Ewing of Carnshanagh).

4th tab -- Ruth Morgan Dragoo

-- records from Ruth Morgan Dragoo include her genealogy: gives children of Elizabeth Ewing (sister of Ann Ewing Hillis) m. James Jamieson (another of the spelling variations), son of Samuel and Catherine Cowden Jameson, daughter of James Cowden (Couden) and Esther Ewing Cowden m. June 16, 1724. Esther Ewing Cowden had a brother named Henry who was called "Pious Uncle Henry" because of his strong religious beliefs.

-- conjecture was made that pious Uncle Henry was the son of William Ewing of Rockingham m. Susannah Shannon and that this William was a brother of John Ewing of Carnshanagh

-- gives children of Malcolm McMichael and children of Jane McMichael m. James McAfee

-- children of Mary McAfee m. 1st John Poulson

-- 2nd Thomas Gaunt

-- children of Margaret Poulson and William Ewing

-- loose sheet lists John Ewing m. Janet McElvaney; their sons Samuel and William and their families; at the bottom, gives name James as 5th child, 4th son, b. 1721 d. 1801 in VA.

5th tab -- Davis Ewing

-- 2 pages; lists children of Samuel Ewing m. Margaret McMichael and William Ewing II m. Louisa Villars Williams

6th tab -- Mrs. Henry Ewing, Tacoma Park, MD

-- various records and genealogy on Ewing and Jameson (much), Carr, Hall. Includes a drawing of the pot trammels James Jameson made for use during the siege of Londonderry; "Sally" (Sarah) Jameson inherited these. James Jameson's coat of arms was stolen by the Pirate Blackbeard during the voyage over because it had a metal resembling gold in appearance.

-- some research of records in the PA Archives and other public records

-- sheet on Samuel Ewing (m. Mary Houston), son of Jane Porter and Patrick Ewing, son of Joshua Ewing; Samuel Ewing died in Lee County, VA


Notebook 5

Writing on front of notebook states: Records of Ewings from Winchester, VA, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY, Louisville -- Mrs. Ault, Redding, CT; Oscar C. Ewing, Louisville, KY; Judge Ben. J. Ewing, Louisville, KY -- Some references

-- pasted to the inside of the front cover is an envelope with penciled note: "clippings received from Mrs. Jennie Latimer, October 1945, Ewings of Perry Co., IN

-- First section has no tab; contains research relative to correspondence and work with Helen B. Ault, Mille Roches Farm, Redding CT, P.O. Bethel, CT.

-- 2 pamphlets on DAR; sheets of miscellaneous research notes for KY and VA and MD

-- One page gives information on Bertha M. Tyson and her siblings, children of Samuel and Jane Janney Tyson.

Following, on the same page are Bertha Tyson's grandparents Thomas and Rachael Miriam Blake,

daughter of Solomon and Mary Ewing Blake

Mary Ewing Blake was the daughter of Amos and Mary Steel Ewing.

Amos Ewing was the son of Amos and Deborough Coulsen Ewing.

The latter Amos Ewing was the son of Samuel and Rebecca George Ewing.

That Samuel Ewing was the son of William Ewing and a half brother of Alexander Ewing.

-- Lengthy sheet on family of Thomas Ewing of NJ, mostly related to son George, father of Thomas Ewing of Lancaster, OH, and Philemon Beecher

-- one sheet gives genealogy of the Sherman Family, William Tecumseh Sherman's (reared by Thomas Ewing)

-- two long sheets of data and burial places related to the Samuel Ewing m. Rebecca George lineage above. Interesting that there is a Clendennin in the lineage -- Meriam Ewing m. Daniel Clendenin.

-- Loose sheet giving some lineage of Thomas Ewing (m. 3rd Sarah Vickers) of Greenwich, NJ, through George Ewing, father of Thomas Ewing of Lancaster, OH

-- page on Thomas Thorp and son Zebulon Thorp

-- four pages related to Samuel and William Ewing and Revolutionary War records.

Tab John Ewing Descendants -- as given by C. Oscar Ewing, Louisville, KY, DH Ewing's Sons, 981 Third Street; correspondence of Judge Benjamin Franklin Ewing, Louisville.

-- Much on John Gillespie Ewing's research. States Finley Ewing lived in Parish of Fahan (Old Fanghan) in Inisowen, a parish just north of Inch in Lough Swilly. The parish in 1660-1720 was a part of the parish of Templemore, or the parish of Londonderry as it was sometimes called. States Thomas Ewing, son of Finley Ewing and wife Jane, was baptized Oct 19, 1690 (old Burt records); married Mary Maskell.

-- sheet on ancestry of Judge Benj. F. Ewing

-- pages with miscellaneous notes on Samuel Ewing, McMichaels, and much on McGee genealogy and history (Anne McCowan's sister Mary m. John McGee)

-- six pages of research notes related to the Shenandoah Valley, PA, KY

-- two pages about Alexander Ewing (m. Sallie Smith) of Davidson Co, TN; names children, giving dates of birth and death.


Notebook 6

1st tab -- McAfee

-- Index to The Register of the KY State Historical Society, Volume 25, 1927, related to Ewings

-- Loose sheet of Robert B. McAffee genealogy

-- A number of pages with notes on McAfee history and genealogy

-- one sheet of the Bible records of Robert Buchanan married Mary Jamison, with the names and b.d. of their children

-- two hand-written charts of McMichael and McAfee Families

-- Correspondence with Chas O. Ewing, Louisville, KY -- also notes regarding Samuel Ewing and family information

-- envelope containing information about the land Samuel Ewing Sr released to his son-in-law Abraham Hillis and the sale by Abraham to Ephraim Blackburn on Octoraro Creek; are two pictures of the house on the estate

-- a loose letter from Katherine W. Ewing to Myrtle Roe re. William Ewing m. Ann Shannon and some marriages

-- description of lands of James McAfee and Malcomb McMichael in Little Britain

-- letters from C. Oscar Ewing to Myrtle Roe giving his family lineage with much on the children of John Ewing of Carnshanagh, his children, and their children

2nd tab -- Marie Menaugh, Harrodsburgh, KY, 1943

-- contains pages of research regarding Samuel Ewing, d. in KY, and the McAfees. One page is an appraisement of the estate of Samuel Ewing, Nov. 13, 1809. There are many hand-written copies of original records from Mercer Co., KY, and Chester Co, PA

3rd tab -- Ensign Ewing Pension

-- miscellaneous pages on McAfee, Jameson, Hillis, etc.

-- the very last page in the section deals with the Ensign Samuel Ewing pension

4th tab -- Finley Ewing, Oscar R. Ewing, Samuel and Amos Ewing, Ludy L. Ewing

-- 2 sheets giving ancestor of Mrs. Jennie Latimer Clark: George Ewing (of Thomas of NJ) m. Rachael Harris and their children and descendants.

-- sheet giving children of Nathaniel Ewing of Cecil Co., MD and children of Dr. John Ewing, b. 1732, m. Hannah Sargeant

-- envelope pasted inside the back cover of the notebook contains four pages, torn from a book, of maps of Ireland, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.


Notebook 7

Explanation on notebook front: Records obtained in 1929 -- Hillis, Ewing, Bly -- Also 4 bs (?) Duffey's records of John Miller.

First Section has one page of Chester Co. history and six pages of research notes there.

1st tab -- Chester County Map 1739 2-page hand-drawn map of Chester County

2nd tab -- History Map of Chester Co, PA, Tax List Hillis and Ewings

Tax lists researched by Gilbert Cope and lists also from 3rd Pa Archives; also additional tax lists of East and West Nottingham.

3rd tab -- Chester Co, PA Records regarding John Miller -- one page

4th tab -- Release Ewing to Hillis; Will of William Hillis several pages

5th tab -- Cecil Co, MD a few pages on Ewing and Hillis

6th tab -- U.S. Census, Congressional Library, Marriages only gives sections in which to research

7th tab -- Maysville, KY

Gives information about John Scott, Commissary General of the Pa lines and his burial in Little Britain Cemetery; also lists others buried there. Miscellaneous information on Ewing from various research sources. A loose newspaper clipping (9/14/52) concerns a Catherine Fay Ewing who came to Marietta, Ohio, in 1833 from Massachusetts and went into the wilderness to teach the Indians. Returned to Marietta to do social work and built a children's home for orphans.


Notebook 8 -- Bly

Book is titled Bly and the first section is mainly devoted to Bly/Blythe. Notebook also contains information on John Miller, Joseph Huston, Hillis, Hinkston, Wrights, Jamiston, Ewing and related names. There is much Kentucky research, also some Chester Co, PA, and Virginia, regarding land grants and other public records. It is difficult to inventory this by tabs because there is such a mixture of information -- best gone through page by page.


Notebook 9

A loose envelope contains a hand-done Armstrong chart. The first part of the notebook deals mainly with Hillis, although there is also more at the back part of the notebook. There is some additional information on Hillis families, not observed in previous notebooks. The book also has Ewing information but is, again, a notebook that needs to be gone through page by page for information because there is such a mixture of information.


Notebook 10

-- The first 30 pages contain correspondence, dated in 1943, with Marie Menaugh, Walnut Hill, Harrodsburg, KY, with a note: Now Mrs. Frank Sandusky. Marie Menaugh stated she is a descendant from Jane McMichael McAfee through her son Capt. James McAfee who married Agnes Clarke (Clark). She stated Agnes Clarke was a cousin ("first, I think") of George Rogers Clark. Marie Menaugh sent her Ewing Genealogy, Kentucky research.

-- The second 29 pages are a carbon copy of the first 30 pages.

-- Pages 31-94 have: Gilbert Cope research -- copies of letters from C. Oscar Ewing -- copies of correspondence with Robert Todd, including an exact copy of the letter by Aunt Sallie Jamieson, May 26, 1875 to Catherine Reilly Jamieson. (Correction. Catherine Jamieson Reilly was a sister of Sallie Jamieson. Catherine Jamieson Reilly's daughter, Sallie's niece, was Catherine Reilly Cochran -- see correction made on page 4, in notebook 2, pages 28-30.)

Aunt Sallie Jamieson gave no dates in her letter. John Ewing's wife Margaret's surname was written Margaret McElvania. (At this point, Robert Todd inserted, in parenthesis, "Miss Jamieson must be wrong here. The name in all other sources is Janet or Jane and the last name is variously spelled Mickelvenny and McElvany). On page 48, Sallie Jamieson did not give the name of the wife of John Ewing who was "assassinated by a servant" but did say the ”wife married a man named Mathews and raised a respectable family. Grandfather's family and they used to visit. Mother thought a great deal of the girls." Note: Research has proved Mathews is incorrect and the surname is Mather.

Page 44 (number in corner) gives references for Samuel Ewing line.

Page 47 begins Frederick Dorsey Walter

Page 52 gives copied material from Frederick Co, VA, Superior Court Record Book 3.

Page 53 gives Thomas and Mary Ewing Crawford history and genealogy.

Page 55 gives Hall, Bird, and allied families, inserted in the Crawford material.

Page 57-62 -- letter to Ruth Morgan Dragoo from War Department; also Huckelberry and Carr information; two family charts from Ruth Morgan Dragoo.

Page 63 copies of old letters:

From To

Margaret Ewing, Oct 26, 1799 to her mother Mary McAfee Gaunt, Mercer Co., KY

Joseph B. Jamison, July 10, 1832, Perry Co, IN, to cousin Mrs. Mary Morgan Spencer Co, IN

Margaret Jeffries, July 6, 1851, Coles Co, IL to sister Mary Morgan, Rockport, "

On same page, a letter from William Ewing, Coles Co, IL, Sept 20, 1852, to "Sister" (Mary?)

William Ewing, May 20, 1825, Grayson Co, KY to daughter Mary Morgan, Rockport, IN

Note states: William Ewing, son of Samuel Ewing and Margaret McMichael

Page 67, Ella Essayer genealogy

`Page 68, miscellaneous Kentucky notes on Samuel Ewing

Page 69-71, hand done Ewing chart and information by C. Oscar Ewing

Pages 72-77, Jameson research and lineage

Page 78, information from Kentucky Historical Society Register, Vol. 25, on McAfee

Page 79-85, genealogical records from Clan Ewing by Elbert William R. Ewing

Pages 86-92, list of research references

Page 93, genealogical terms in English, German, and Spanish


Notebook 11

-- A loose paper in the front is a loose copy of the genealogy of Ruth Dorsey.

-- A copy of the John Van der Mark, Tobias Hornbeck, Pietersen Tack, and Warner Hornback genealogy; also contains some Brookhouser and allied families.


Notebook 12

-- 3 small loose sheets in front of notebook:

Chart names Malcolm McMichael's children and children of daughter Jane m. James McAfee

Chart names children of Samuel and Janet Keen Jameson m. 1745; other side of sheet lists

James and Elizabeth Ewing Jamieson's son Samuel Jamieson m. Catherine Cowden

Short Chester Co. tax list

-- Loose sheet, numbered 2, lists children 6 to 11 of James McAfee and Jane MacMichael; also children of John McAfee and Margaret Ewing, daughter of Samuel Ewing Jr. and __________Crawford.

-- Nine hand-written pages of McAfee history and genealogy. First page contains a sketch about Hon. J.J. McAfee by Ben. S. Robbins.

-- Eleven pages of genealogy of the Peter Clemenson Family, collected from the Family Bible of Peter Clemenson and information from the Essex Institute in Salem, MA.

-- Five hand-written pages about James McAfee, Ewings, and also gives ancestry of Charles H. Hilt.


Notebook 13

This is an extensive genealogy of the ancestors of Frederick Dorsey Walter and allied lines, reaching back into the 1500's.


Brown Manila Envelopes

(Numbering continues in sequence)

Envelope 14

-- A two-page letter from Charles H. Hilt; second page shows his genealogical connections.

-- Copies of 12 pages of correspondence with Marie Menaugh (later Mrs. Frank Sandusky), descendant of Jane McMichael McAfee through son James McAfee m. Agnes Clark.

-- Two small loose pages of children of John Ewing of Carnshanagh, not complete.

-- Seventeen pages of Ewing genealogy, beginning with John Ewing, b. 1658, of Carnshanagh, Parish of Fahan, County of Donegal. Information is mostly on sons William and Samuel lineage. Son James b. 1721 d. 1801 gives marriage and states "no further record".

Envelope 15

3 collections of loose sheets

-- 80 pages of lineage of Charles Henry Hilt IV

-- 24 pages of the McAfee Family History by C.H. Hilt; much Kentucky history

-- pages 25-37, continuation of the McAfee History.

Envelope 16

-- 38 pages by Charles H. Hilt of Ewing genealogy with emphasis on descendants of William and Samuel Ewing

-- 38 pages by Charles H. Hilt of descendants of Thomas and Mary Ewing Crawford

Envelope 17

-- 4 loose letters from Myrtle Roe to Charles H. Hilt

-- 14 hand-written pages on descendants of John Ewing of Carnshanagh, copied from Epler, Oldwiler, Huckleberry, etc book

-- Huge hand-written chart on Ewing, McAfee, and allied names -- much information -- paper brittle

-- A series of letters to and from Myrtle Roe and Charles H. Hilt

Myrtle Roe called her cabin or summer home in the Rockies "Roe Manse".

Envelope 18

-- 9 letters from Charles H. Hilt to Myrtle Roe regarding research done, giving information

Envelope 19

All loose papers, hand-written

-- sheet with children of Samuel Ewing (1759-1817), son of Samuel and Margaret McMichael Ewing

-- note about a deed signing in Mercer Co., KY, DB12 page 6; deed gives residences of various Ewing, Crawford, McAfee, Durham, Phillipps, etc.

-- loose letters and research

-- extensive genealogical charts of Hillis lineage

-- much on Ewing research in papers with some duplication of material in notebooks

Envelope 20

-- some loose papers with some duplication of previous notebooks

-- typed genealogy of McAfee Family from published records of Hon. J.J. McAfee of Louisville, KY

Includes family Bibles of John and Margaret Ewing McAfee and Peter and Sarah Ann McAfee Clemenson.

-- 3 typed copies of descendants of John Ewing of Carnshanagh

-- 13 typed pages from Marie Menaugh (later Mrs. Frank Sandusky), descended from Jane McMichael McAfee through son James McAfee who married Agnes Clark (1st cousin of George Rogers Clark) -- includes Ewing and McAfee research by Marie Menaugh.

Envelope 21

-- 4 collections: numbered 2,3,7, and 8 of the descendants of Thomas and Mary Ewing Crawford

Envelope 22

These were all loose papers in the box so these papers were put in this envelope.

-- several loose papers

-- Myrtle Roe DAR application

-- hand-written notepaper pages, held together with brad -- miscellany of KY, PA, etc. research

-- hand-written notepaper pages, held together with brad -- miscellany of research, mainly PA

-- hand-written notepaper pages, held together with brad -- miscellany of research

-- 2 snapshots, both include Myrtle Roe in the pictures

-- big miscellany of various papers

-- genealogical bibliography of Institute of Genealogical Research

-- copy of genealogical information, including Ewing, in Louisville Courier and Journal

-- 2 snapshots of a log house, from different angles, identified on the back: "The house where Indian John lived". Does not state where. Was it on Stamping Creek, Pocahontas Co., WV or Georges Creek in Ohio or where?????

-- another set of notebook sheets, held with a brad, of mainly PA research

-- another set of notebook sheets, held with a brad of various records

-- 3 loose papers on Ewing and Hillis

-- 1840 census abstract concerning families in Perry Co., IN, and Courtland, N.Y.

-- notebook sheets, with brad, on Londonderry, Samuel Ewing, and PA research

-- medium-size brown vanilla envelope with 2 sets of long yellow hand-written notes: one with notes from "Ewing Clan" by Elbert Wm R. Ewing; the other, a set of 6 pages on John Ewing of Carnshangh

-- 4 personal letters and cards

-- 4 small notebook sheets re" Patents to Thomas and William Ewing, PA Archives, Third Series

-- pamphlet "Chester Co. Collections" number 13, Jan 1939, page 419 gives those taking Oaths of Allegiance 13 June 1777, Chester Co., PA

-- letter from Edward E. Adams re: his g.g.grandmother Jane Ewing died near Chambersburg, PA. Myrtle Roe has 2 research notes copied on the back from Genealogy and History.

-- 13 hand-written pages from original record research for mostly Hillis, Samuel Ewing Family -- includes chart on Abram Hillis descendants. Also, a large hand-written chart (8 pages, taped together) of descendants of John Ewing of Carnshanagh.

-- Time Magazine article, Jan 12, 1931, about Dr. James Ewing of Cornell who taught there and wrote a prime textbook on cancer.

-- one page from History of Howard and Cooper Co., MO (1883) on J.H. Ewing, son of Reuben A. Ewing

-- application for DAR membership by Clara Belle Hillis Temple

-- a studio portrait -- must be Myrtle Roe (one surmises, in going through this material, that she taught at one time

-- hand-written pages -- perhaps a talk she gave at one time

-- folio containing: Daughter of American Colonists membership certificate for Myrtle Roe

DAR membership certificate for Myrtle Roe

Envelope 23

These pamphlets were loose in the box so were put in this envelope:

-- Historical Scrapbook of Bourbon Co., KY, Sept 3,4,5,6, 1939, Paris, KY

-- book, Tracing Your Ancestors by Anthony J. Camp

-- Genealogists Handbook

-- Chester Co. Collections: # 9, Jan 1938

#10, April 1938

#11, July 1938

#12, Oct 1938

#13, Jan 1939 is listed in envelope 22

#14, April 1939

-- Pioneer Days by Clyde D. Hollingsworth -- History of Early Days, Screven Co., GA

-- Happiness Digest

Envelope 24

-- material on Ewing, copied by Sharon Hillis, from the Myrtle Roe material William Steele ("Bill") Ewing had given her (which was mostly on Hillis).

Plastic Envelope 25

Fragile typewritten material put together like a legal brief. Typed and compiled by John Gillespie Ewing, N.Y. and Washington, D.C. on Descendants of John Ewing of Carnshanagh. Because this was fragile, did not go through the material which could be better handled by an archivist. Instead, inserted the material in an archives type plastic envelope to protect it and placed it on the top of the other material in the box.