Ewing Family


These web sites contain information about Scottish culture and history. Many contain numerous links to other sites that you may find interesting and useful in your research. Visit them and take advantage of the many comprehensive and fascinating connections to the Ewing Scottish heritage.

Clan Ewing: History

A section of the Clan Ewing site maintained by Thor Ewing, Commander of Clan Ewing.

The Lordship and Barony of Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, Scotland

A Scottish historical site which features an area of Ayrshire with an incomparable history.

Web Site maintained by David Ayre of Kilmarnock.

Noble Society of Celts

From the society's web site: "The Noble Society of Celts, founded October 1993, is a private hereditary society for persons of Celtic roots and interests, who are of noble title or gentle birth, who have come together in search and celebration of the Celtic Heritage."

Web Site maintained by the Society.

Ulster-Scots Society of America

An educational and social organization committed to the promotion of the Ulster-Scots history and heritage.

Web Site maintained by the Society.

The Scottish District Families Association

A home for all the Scottish descendants who have no connections to a recognized highland clan.

Web Site maintained by the Association.

Cyndi's List of Scottish Links

The Scotland-focused section within Cyndi's List.

Web Site maintained by Cyndi Howells.

Rampant Scotland

An informative and well-organized web site with links to many sites providing information about Scotland and its people.

Web Site Hosted by Colloquium.

Scottish Gaelic Conversational Phrases

Learn just enough Scottish Gaelic to become dangerous.

William Wallace - The Truth

"Do you want to know about William Wallace? Then look no further, these pages will not only inform you of the truth but also give you some surprises."

Web Site provided by Highlander Web Magazine.

Clan MacLachlan Association of North America, Inc.

"Clan MacLachlan is one of the oldest of all Scottish Clans. According to Irish manuscripts, the Clan is descended from the same line as the O'Neills, High Kings of Ireland. The name MacLachlan means 'son of Lachlan', and Lachlan itself is from the older Gaelic name Lachlann which literally means 'land of lochs'. It was a common Christian name in the family tree of the High Kings." This site also has McEwen and Clan Ewen material and links.

Web Site maintained by the Association.