Ewing Family


Local Area Points of Interest

The map to the right identifies regions and points related to the settlement of Robinson and Collier Townships, west of Pittsburgh, by Squire James Ewing (1733-1825). The yellow regions identify (to the north) Squire James' first (300 acre) settlement at the mouth of Montours Run and (to the south) his subsequent settlement of a larger (1200 acre) area at the confluence of Robinson Run and Chartiers Creek. The pin identifies the location of Fort Ewing.         

Additional regions and locations are identified on a larger map accessible by clicking on the small map above. You may use the larger map to browse around the area and get brief information about various regions and locations.

The larger map groups regions and locations into three sets: 1) Settlers, 2) Forts and Blockhouses, and 3) Towns, Churches, Roads, Rivers, etc. Colors are used to distinguish among these three sets. You may view one or more of these sets by checking the boxes to the left of their names. You can use the list at the left in the larger map to re-focus it to various groups of regions and locations or individual regions or locations. Further, you can click on the regions and pins to get brief information about them. In summary, the larger maps help you see where the regions and locations are and clicking on the region and pin icons provides you with information about them.

Montour Cemetery Ewing Map

A schematic diagram showing the Ewing-related plots in the Montours Presbyterian Church Cemetery may be viewed by clicking here (PDF). This report provides additional support with respect to the information in Article #3 (PDF).