Ewing Family


Prior to Issue 4 of Volume 14, the Journal of the Ewing Family Association was titled Journal of Clan Ewing. As of Issue 4 of Volume 14, however, the Association's Journal is titled Ewing Family Journal.

Online versions of Volume One (1994/95) through Volume Six (2000) of the Journal of Clan Ewing are available through the links listed below. Some of the Volumes contain a large number of pages and we have tried to make it as easy as possible to move around the documents. Hopefully, what has been done will allow you to use the articles with success without getting lost within the document.

The online pages provided below are the result of an early transcription project.  They are in an HTML format in the style of the old web site.  We hope to provide improved coverage and format for archival access in the future.

Consecutive page numbers have been assigned from the first volume through the last volume that has been posted to date. This should make it easier for the viewer to navigate through the different volumes. In particular, it should help the viewer use the indices provided for each volume. The indices cite the pages on which people have been mentioned. If a page citation is xx, then you can go to the page that shows the articles of the volume and search for "Page xx".

Note that you can use the Find on this Page capability in the drop-down menu for the Edit button on the tool bar to search for some text of interest - for example, Cecil County - within a page you are viewing. Alternatively, you can use the ability to search the web site (by clicking on the Search link at the top of this page) to search all of the posted Volumes (as well as the rest of the web site) for some text of interest.

Volume Year(s) Pages
One 1994-95 1 - 64
Two 1996 70 - 114
Three 1997 115 - 178
Four 1998 180 - 266
Five 1999 280 - 372
Six 2000 400 - 485