Ewing Family


This year continues to be busy as we ease forward with both ongoing and meaningful genealogical research and the growth and nurturing of the newly re-constituted Clan Ewing.

After our inaugural Clan Ewing tent at the Loch Norman Games in North Carolina, we are supporting another opportunity for the Scottish community to welcome our clan into the pantheon.  Larry E. Ewing will captain a Clan Ewing tent at Pleasanton, CA, this September.

Next year’s biennial EFA Gathering will support yet another Clan Tent at the Saline Celtic Festival near Ann Arbor, MI.  It is my greatest hope that every Ewing who identifies with the new clan makes a trip to one of these upcoming events.

Further work has been forth-coming on Clan Ewen of Otter.  In upcoming issues of the Journal, we’ll look forward to some additional information pointing us to the old clan on Loch Fyne.

Some energetic new members have shared their family lineages with our Genealogist, Karen Avery.  These will, likewise, appear in future versions of the Journal. 

Lastly, take a look at the Clan Ewing Facebook page.  You’ll meet some of our Ewing kin in Scotland and England.  To all I say – Audaciter!

Beth Ewing Toscos,
Board Chair
Ewing Family Association