Ewing Family


I have become acquainted with my Ewing cousins through a variety of media, including the Internet.  Most often the Web meetings come about because of the other person’s inquiry about Ewing genealogy, and occasionally the two of us discover that we share common ancestors.

Another way of becoming acquainted is when close relatives pop up unexpectedly to ask questions about their ancestry.  I am glad to respond to their questions, hopeful that I also will learn something new.  In the process, I introduce my new-found cousin to the Ewing Family Association and all it has to offer.  One such chance meeting occurred this summer, when Rebecca Ewing Maxey emailed me and said, “Let’s have lunch.”  We did.

Arriving with my cousin was her husband, Mark, and their two mid-teen boys, J.D. and Scott.  We gathered at one of Grand Haven’s favorite restaurants, set on the Lake Michigan shoreline, where each of us enjoyed blue Lake Michigan in front of us and the wooded dunes behind us.

Becki recalled that she and I previously had met in Grand Haven, perhaps 18 or 20 years ago.  I didn’t remember that occasion, so for me this was like an inaugural meeting that allowed us to become acquainted personally and to share family memories.  Her father, David Ewing, was my first cousin.  I had a collection of photographs of him and a few of his family, as well as a quantity of ephemeral items that were pertinent to her grandfather, my uncle Walkley Ewing.  Several of the candid snapshots were new to her.  I offered to email her copies of the photos and letters she wanted.  Becki and I vowed to keep up our communication and to continue sharing information.  She concluded her thank-you note by writing, “I will be much better educated on Ewing history when you see me next!”

As a way of learning more about her Ewing ancestors, Becki has agreed to join the Ewing Family Association.  I hope that means she will return to Michigan next summer and be part of our Gathering in Saline on July 8 and 9.  Then you could meet her, too.

Wally Ewing, Chancellor