Ewing Family


Dear Clansfolk and Cousins,

It was a real pleasure to join so many Ewings for the Gathering in July. This year’s event took place at Saline Celtic Festival in Michigan, which made quite a change from previous Gatherings, and it was great fun with lots going on at the festival itself, as well as a full Ewing schedule. It was also great to see so many of us in tartan.

My thanks and congratulations, in particular, to Walter (Major) Ewing and his family who did so much to organise this event for us all. Thank you, also, goes out to Terry Ewing Schulz, whose hard work made the Gathering such a success. Authentic Scottish fare was prepared by members of Major’s family on Friday evening, and standard American fare was prepared at the festival on Saturday by David Neal Ewing. A job well done all!

An essential part of the Gathering is the election of officers, and this year saw the election of Beth Ewing Toscos as our new Chancellor. Beth has taken a leading role in Ewing matters recently, and it’s great to have her in this role. We extend our sincerest appreciation to our departing Chancellor, Wallace K. (Wally) Ewing who presided over our official recognition as a clan in 2014.

I am delighted to announce that the first UK Gathering took place at Strathleven House, Dumbarton, on Saturday 6th August. We began with a talk about the history of the clan, before moving on to consider what sort of organisation might best meet the needs of the clan over here. Chancellor Beth Ewing Toscos wrote a letter of welcome on behalf of the EFA, with which we opened the second session of our meeting.

Strathleven House was bought by Glasgow merchant James Ewing in 1830, after which it stayed in the Ewing family until purchased by the Board of Trade in 1947. The Strathleven area was once called Kirkmichael (because there was a chapel to St Michael there in medieval times) and Ewing links with Kirkmichael-Strathleven go back to the early 1600’s, when it was home to John Ewing and to John Ewing Elder in Heiddykis of Kirkmichael. It is the Testament of John Ewing Elder (d. 1609) which refers to his plaid of ‘sax ellis of reid & blak cullerit claith’ (‘six ells of red & black coloured cloth’).

I’d also like to mention another event on the horizon, which is the Pleasanton Highland Games in California (September 3 - 4, 2016), where Larry Ewing will once again be hosting the Ewing clan tent.

Best wishes,

John Thor Ewing