Ewing Family


At the Saline Celtic Festival, Beth Ewing Toscos was newly-elected as Chancellor of the Ewing Family Association, succeeding Wallace K. (Wally) Ewing, who had served for the past four years. In addition, Larry Ewing was elected as a member of the Board. The Board of Directors meeting held on July 9 th produced the following officers and activity coordinators:

Beth Ewing Toscos: Chancellor

Wallace K. (Wally) Ewing: Past-Chancellor

Terry Ewing Schulz: Vice-Chancellor & Membership Chairwoman

Karen Avery: Board Member & Association Genealogist

Larry Ewing: Board Member

Daniel C. Ewing: Board Member & Archivist

Jane Ewing Weippert: Board Member & Secretary

Martin S. Ewing: Board Member & EFA Webmaster

Linda Ewing Coughlin: Board Member & Treasurer

Walter E. (Major) Ewing: Board Member & Clanship Committee Chairman

David N. Ewing: Y-DNA Project Chairman