Ewing Family


Every other year, usually in the Fall, the Ewing Family Association hosts a gathering of its members at some location in the U.S. These gatherings' locations are chosen to provide access to local sites of high interest to Ewing genealogists, for example, graveyards with many Ewing burials, libraries with extensive Ewing research resources, towns founded with the leadership or extensive help of Ewings, etc. The gatherings provide the opportunity to interact, face-to-face, with cousins and other Ewing genealogists. They also provide access to the Archives maintained by the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as well as other research materials brought to the gathering by attendees. In addition, they provide seminars and workshops on topics of current interest - for example, the use of Y-DNA testing to confirm the conclusions of traditional genealogical research - and presentations about the status of the Association's activities - for example, the Ewing Genealogy Documentation (EGD) Project.

Upcoming Gathering 2024

The 18th Gathering will be held September 19-22, 2024, at St. Louis, Missouri.  See 2024 Gathering at St Louis.

Previous Gatherings